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The Inclusive Exclusivity, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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March 17, 2021 9:00 am

The Inclusive Exclusivity, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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March 17, 2021 9:00 am

Most of us have no problem telling others about our favorite movie or the latest TV show we’ve seen. So why is sharing the gospel so difficult?

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JD Greer to the question you had answers Jesus rising that you have to rise from the dead, as if he did he was doing for you.

You can do for yourself, because you can't rate yourself from the dead. Jesus actually rose from the dead he gets to make the rules about salvation. Do you believe Jesus rose from the dead.

Do you believe that is so are you willing to let him make the rules about salvation about our favorite movie or the TV show that we in a way where they had to lightning about the wonders of the office or Star Wars right.

And certainly there's better things to spend our energy on so why and is sharing the gospel story ever often so difficult today on Senate life pastor JD Greer takes us to the book of acts to show us how to speak boldly about Jesus. Even in the most difficult situations. It's part of our series, taking a serious look at the great commission.

Grab your pen and Bible and let's go to pastor JD and his message title, inclusive exclusivity for the Bible you open it up your worst image is your supercool return to buy one right now. Verse one as they were speaking to the people they view the apostles miracle explained to them.

A large group of people. This miracle gives them a picture of the salvation that Jesus can bring to solely raise lane and given the ability to walk like Jesus ability to save you from your said, when they were when they were doing this, the priests and the captain of the temple of the temple. The Sadducees came upon them greatly annoyed because they were teaching the people and proclaiming in Jesus the resurrection from the dead, so they arrested them and they put them in custody until the next day because it was already evening, but many of those who heard the word believed in the number of men came to be about 5000 in those days that all the household were talking nearly half the city becomes followers of Jesus.

Verse five on the next day the rulers and elders, and scribes gathered together in Jerusalem with Amos, the high priest name and Caiaphas and John Alexander, and when they had set them in their midst. They inquired about what name did you do this, then Peter, filled with the Holy Spirit, said to them, rulers of the P1 elders if we are being examined today concerning the good deed done to a crippled man, by what means this management field. In other words, if we are actually on trial for healing the guy let it be known to all of you and all the people of Israel, that by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, you crucified but God raised from the dead, by him this man is standing before you well. This Jesus is the stone that was rejected by you, the builders is now become the cornerstone of course is a very important concept in this passage. I'll come back to that here in a minute. I've been the conclusion of the whole message. You see, there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved. Peter's explanation deals with two of the biggest objections that people make today they are objectionable.

One object in the morning claiming that Jesus is the only way to God is arrogant. People say what you think Jesus is the only way you must think that God prefers you people who believe like you just asked that question. Is Peter claiming to be smarter know is that the text goes out of his way to point out that they want that smart to Peter's claimant our claim that salvation is only found in Jesus has nothing to do with believing that were intellectually or morally superior say will I just don't like anything that is exclusive and puts people on the outside was all religious claims. All moral claims are exclusive.

For example, this may, I believe that all good people of every religion goes avid that's a pretty inclusive I just excluded all good people of every religion usually bad people and I guess you had to define what bad and I'm assuming that racist rapist child molesters terrorist are on that list right well you depending on your viewpoint, maybe, would put sexually immoral people on that list. The point is you got a lesson. Some people brought in some art you see, I would say that even your attempted inclusivity actually turned out to be quite exclusive use it well.

That's why I'm not religious at all. I just don't salute anybody for any reason, you still have a standard for what constitutes a good person and their life for you. Everybody has a line for who's in and who's out and I'm just telling you gotta be intellectually consistent with that see the gospel of Jesus is a different kind of exclusivity is a different kind of exclusivity, because the gospel teaches that our acceptance with God is not based on anything about us is not based on on the superiority of our moral record. It's not based on the viewpoint given us far education. It's certainly not based on our race or sociopolitical status. God gives salvation is a gift all you will repent and receive it that way see that laymen stores a picture of you and me as you know them according to Jewish law. Lane people could not go into the temple.

That's why he's outside of it. You might think, my friend, your terribly bad center but you're more lame than any of the rest of us. But you know what God has salvation and the ability to forgive and make new for anybody who will repent and believe anybody on the other hand, you might think that you're not that bad of a center you might think that on the holder.

Pretty good. God's verdict on you is still lame, blind, wicked important dead and it got your point is probably can have a hard time salvation, because in order for you to be able to receive that healing you got acknowledge there's no way you're given the presence of God on your own.

See Christianity is a different kind of exclusivity. LOL Tim Keller says it all religions are exclusive but Christianity is the most inclusive exclusivity. There has ever been. See, when you believe this lesson, far from making you arrogant and judgmental. It makes you loving and gracious and accepting. You want to know what a Christian looks like you got a look at the cornerstone really believing the gospel changes the shape of who we are were not arrogant or least we shouldn't be if we understand the gospel because we realize that were not accepted because of our good works were not were not were not Christians because we figured out truth and we were smarter than everybody else.

God healed us when we were laying God saved us when we were outside of his presence. He say I was blind me. Maybe see I was guilty and was under condemnation and he took it.

I was dead and he made me alive. My sins like scarlet, and he made them as white as snow. I was headed for destruction child of Ralph and God change my heart, healed it and he forgave my sin and there's just no other word that can capture and when you believe that it transforms you into a gracious, forgiving person because that's what God was to you. So when you see people who are arrogant with the claims of Christianity. And I admit there are a lot of them right. But when you see people who are arrogant with the claims of Christianity that is not because they believe the message to fervently it's because they don't understand the message at all, because anyone who understands the gospel does not speak that way. They begin to speak with humility and a graciousness of boldness, yes, but a humility that understands that I'm lame person and I don't speak to you as a righteous superior person. I speak as one who's been healed and plucked from the burning and is trying to tell you what I seen and heard.

Ronnie recited people to speak with arrogance about the claims of Christ have theological bad breath.

The words come out amount might be the correct one, but they say can you still want to talk to my I'm saying all this to show you that claiming Jesus is the only way is not necessarily arrogant to our skeptical friends this weekend. I would just be intellectually consistent. Everybody's view of truth and morality is exclusive including your own. This message is the most humble, inclusive exclusivity, because it declares that our understanding of truth and that her acceptance before God is not based on our goodness or righteousness or our intelligence is based on a gift of grace objectionable to religion just a matter of personal preference really just a matter of personal preference. People say we want you free to choose whatever religion works for you to religion works for you. Who am I to say that it's wrong like I have been waffle house you're wrong but you know what I want to criticize you have a good time to go to a rock concert about your friends and younger head off great, yet you choose to love Logan would buy yourself. Whatever works for you to say what superior people think of religion.

That way, here's a question most people in our society think of religion outweigh the here's the question you've got to ask.

Should religion go into that category. People put religion.

Following can't be said religion goes in the subject of category.

Our societies follow along since then, but our our our our beliefs about God are they really subjective is the experience of salvation subjective is faith in Jesus. True because it works for us because it makes us more moral good. Moral compass is true because it brings us comfort in dark times your lockers and thought about you think that's why was true but little was being taught by this miracle this man is allaying and he can't walk. He needed a real power to heal and lead stories about Jesus and other people walking that made him feel warm and fuzzy on dark nights the parables that persuaded him to be nice to people and encourage them to share his life. He needed real power to give strength to his dead legs dear says our soul. Salvation is like that our salvation was accomplished by the resurrection of Jesus. Jesus did not get out of a grave because of her subjective preference he had for life, the grave, because God's objective deliverance over death. We simply didn't leave for bad people and even slave become better people.

We need something to give us warmth and groovy vibes were more lonely we needed objective forgiveness for our sins, which is going to be accomplished by someone dying in Our Pl. in Jesus did that and we needed our dead souls. We may live again. Jesus come out of the grave to give life to all who believe, according to Jesus and the apostles are salvation here. This is not about a new philosophy. It's not about feelings of comfort. It's about a Cendant week one day like this lame man that kept us from the presence of God.

It's about our being dead in sin chained to our depravity. Unable to break our addictions to the lust of the flesh able to walk in righteousness God did for us we could not do for ourselves. We paid our sin debt by living the life that we were supposed to live in the dying to death.

We been condemned to die in our place when we received him, we will be declared righteous, not on the basis of the fact that we're becoming better people on the back of what he accomplished and are placing day to us as a gift.

He raised himself from the dead, so that we could. He could live in on us in the person of the Holy Spirit to use us now with good feelings, but would be actual power new life, which is why Jesus said, I'll be wounded for their transgressions will be punished for their iniquities. The price of their peace be upon me, and in my stripes. They can be healed of their sins are like scarlet, I'll make them as white as snow. And I'll take my blood and I will watch them clean right there. They are dead in their sin if they believe in me, they will be buried with me by baptism into death, just like Christ.

I was raising the Lord about also walk in newness of life for those who believe in me.yet shall they live. That's not a subjective feeling. That's an objective deliverance. My friend listen to me life's most important question is for you to figure out whether not the salvation thing a subjective or objective is a bit subjective and yet he really is whatever you want to believe, but if it's objective and you gotta get it right. If you ever give a subjective answer to an object, the question you and of a disaster. If God has made an objective way of salvation.

You have to understand exactly what he laid out and that is the only door by which you can go to him on through cannot boil down for you. All the various questions about religion. The divide people. Can I just condensing the one question is really simple.

You take every religious descriptor the world you combine condenser down to one question that divides in here it is ready. Who can save us, who can save us. Can we save ourselves, we can save ourselves. There can be multiple ways to God choose a path, do your best to be a good person in the religious way that you chosen to see my friend if God is the only one who can save us.

If God is the only one who could overcome our sin debt and deliver us from death and salvation is only found in the place where he is provided there is salvation. Peter said no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved to keep things in adverse given salvation is giving God to us. Secondly, no other name is salvation is something that God is giving it's only found in the place for God has provided. And that's in the name of Jesus for years here abuse the story about the tell you to illustrate that whenever tell you story for a little sheepish about you order the story with her 1500 of you that check last summer told the story there 1500 of you that are here now that were here when I told this. Whatever amount of time to go right to feel like I want her the story, to the person next you'll be self okay right is not when I was in college was on air line and as soon actual girl who was a I was a student at Campbell University told him, she became University of the time and she happened to be on her way back up to Harvard University. Immediately I felt like we had a connection's cousin Vincent, she was. She was gorgeous in this for is married very important detail.

Never met Rhonda goes much more beautiful, but she was gorgeous. Her name she should Guatemala. Her name was both dark, okay.not Bertha done right and on. So I'm talking And I start telling her about Jesus and I think she's listening to me and she's just in her, and she's like I tell you I have a good conversation. Having the company I'm around the smartest people in the world. Harvard University, I don't think I've ever heard a young guy are age talk with such clarity.

Such conviction such passion such eloquence. She said I find that really attractive yeah well remember I don't like this is she's going to get saved you didn't marry me a great story someday harbors you to be rich. I'm in a businesslike drainage one conversational life so we saw the door to get the partners that I'm like it will Jesus die for you he died to save you trust him as your Savior. She said parents. Each has a gash because I know she's also trying to watch the work for me never to see I'm really glad you found support for you but I just tried some of the stuff is it is for me a flight. Unlike Monica is for you. Jesus said in John 1460 was the way the truth the life.

No one comes by but I am not a way for the life you really want is just that work for me on what works for you, but it's not that you're not reading what Jesus said, I might read reads and shows beaches and are, you have to try to tell me that you think that unless I come through Jesus that I can't connect to God not tell you that she's telling you that she loves me and she says I think you gotta be the most person, passionate, eloquent, attractive conversation. I talk what's next. What I do know and I will heard and I we not publishing us of the story was, catty, but I think Sadie.

She said what is you know, I'm really glad that the power of this airplane. The look of the runway the same way that you do have it, she said what you mean to say that he comes on the intercom and says I'm sick and tired of that dirty little airport.

Tell me when and where and how exactly I got a land that plane I'm coming home schedule and come in my own speed on the land.

Whatever the heck that I want to land, try upside down today in the middle of the Greenway. I would personally I'm glad he's not going to want when you select works ramp. I'm glad he's going out on a little nervous critical runway laid out by the airport. She was to me.

She said that's not fair I suggested is best. Campbell 10.

Now assume said that it was catty. I'm much more to her now to never act that way, but you understand the point I'm trying to make. If God is the one that saves if it's true what Revelation says that our song throughout eternity is salvation belongs to God then salvation is only found in the place where you provided it. If you can save yourself and if our song and have it be. I was a good person.

I treated people nicely. That's why I'm here, but there's multiple ways to God but God is the only one who can say is only found a place where he provided to the question you had answers very simple did Jesus rise from the dead, you have to ration the dead. Because if he did he was due as of the for you. You can do for yourself, because you can't rate yourself from the dead. Jesus actually rose from the dead he gets to make the rules about salvation.

Do you believe Jesus rose from the dead. Do you believe that is so are you willing to let him make the rules about salvation, not like that, it means is normally a course or are you bold tenacious sergeant and humble. I'm not saying that if you do those things better gobble except the more I'm saying that if you understand the got Accenture to get the gradual, always things naturally because when he's the cornerstone to shape the whole building changes so I just don't think it's fair. I just don't think it's fair that this is the way of salvation. Listen, God owes no man salvation. The fact that many of us are saved is an act of unspeakable grace, but I can tell you what is unfair what is unfair is that those of us who do know it not do everything we can within our power to help others who do not yet know what some church. What if this is true. One of the world really is completely lame. What if they really are shut up in the presence of God. One of the power of salvation really is only found in the name of Jesus have biblical global implications of the gospel in college, I told you that I would became aware of the weightiness of a junior in college and swear. Let me where I am today doing what I do God's answer for me.

That's how he was use me as a some of the Internet to be the same for you. When you offer yourself to God.

That way he's not to make you a pastor or missionary necessarily so you got equipped to be doctors, lawyers, businessmen, Bakers candlestick maker is whatever you want to put any he's given you the ability to do that but I do know that everyone of you can come up when you see God in the light of what's going on in the world, and offer myself to you God use me to bring other people to Jesus.

Have you ever grappled with the global implications of the gospel you want to know how worldwide movement got birthed. That's how I got burned bold tenacious humble virgin mobile get started in your workplace when you become bold, tenacious, urgent, humble switcher campus. You become bold, tenacious, urgent, humble, or state you just believe the gospel. That's how you become the have you grappled with the global applications of the gospel really grappled with what it means for people around you people in your lives in this message. Work with you they live across the hall from you.

I'm not trying to create a guilt trip and you are not what you look like when somebody looks to assess you know you know salvation only in Jesus just cared too much about your reputation. What I would say that you can say anything you grappled with the global have you believe to be like when it means for Jesus to meaning the way you're listening to Jeannie Greer on Sunday night when a series titled stance to hear that you can to catch up on previous messages in this study. Visit us so JD throughout this whole series.

The running theme is this idea that every believer is called to go on mission and might not look the same for everybody thank can you help us get a better picture of that night going on mission look like them all. Your right, not every believer supposed to become a pastor or to move overseas. Now I want to rush to fast pass that because I think there are a lot of people who are called that way maybe semi-listening to me right now. There's been a stirring in your heart and your sensing God calling you. Maybe it's time for each to lead a church, maybe it's to help carry the gospel on the mission team, but even for those who don't experience that kind of full-time ministry call of us are called to live on mission will say that the questions on if you recall the questions where now we created an in-depth Bible study that will help walk you through the stories of action show you how they apply to you how you can discover the power the Holy Spirit and your personal commissioning. How do you know what God is calling you to and in the people to whom you send this in-depth Bible study that they will show you how to embrace that identity had been sent out And we would love to offer to you right now. JD are so grateful for your support.

As our way of thinking we'd like to send you this new resource that was created by the Senate life team just for you. The personal Bible study to help you process today's message: interactive question commentaries which will help you think the book of acts online when you donate just an amount of $25 335-335-5220 Molly had events inviting you to join us again Thursday you know when the problem is showing as we continue our study Thursday the

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