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Philip and the Samaritans, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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March 25, 2021 9:00 am

Philip and the Samaritans, Part 2

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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March 25, 2021 9:00 am

Is your life a reflection of your own desires or God’s? Renew your perspective as we study the life of a guy named Simon the Magician.

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JD Greer is you that are thinking about one in the ministry for really understand what's in the power of God and money's power over you always are two different opposite ends and if you have one, you gotta get rid of the college yet, everything about their life seems to be a reflection of their game not furthering God's kingdom today on Summit life pastor JD Greer continues our study in the book of acts is rediscover what it means to be focused on Jesus's plan rather than our own.

Part of our series title the life of a guy named Simon the magician pastor JD is teaching from the book of acts chapter 8, so grab your Bible in a pen and let's get started. This passage gives us a pattern for reaching our city. If you are taking notes. Jot down this definition because this is how we see our mission to our city evangelism in the New Testament is basically a group of ordinary Christians living intentionally in the city to bring joy to it through word and deed. The very first time the gospel expands beyond Jerusalem. It was carried in the mouths of normal people not apostles.

This I believe is the Holy Spirit's side to us for how the great commission would be accomplished. See, I'm afraid to make this point so often in the series that you're going to get absolutely sick of hearing it, but it is the theme of the book of acts the church grows not by the preaching of a few anointed apostles, the church grows when every believer is filled with the spirit and testifies of the gospel mistreats that's what we do as a church because the greatest advances for the gospel are not common for me up here, there, and when you are going into this places naturally I told you you start speaking and it's just it's almost as weird the way the Holy Spirit will start working in your mouth and making you say stuff Jesus prophesies that the hour that you need help with the words in your mouth ordinary people through word and deed. This passage tells us that those ministry was both word and deed. They heard him, and they saw the signs that he did.

Verse seven explains to us that the lame were healed and the demons were cast out which points to a physical deliverance.

The way being healed and a spiritual deliverance the demons being cast out because a true witness here.

This always involves both elements, the true gospel witness always involves both word and deed. It has to involve word because the gospel is in its essence and announcement about what Jesus has accomplished you can't communicate that without a verbal witness told you the statement you preach the gospel if necessary use words is cute but completely wrong because there's no possible way to preach the gospel out words got got bored gospel was not a religious word for gospel is met and announcement of good news agreed general would use it if we want to battle which gave great general won a battle about agrees he would send out gospel announcing that he won the battle nave is not inviting other people come help him with the battle is not teaching people to do battle images, and I already won the battle to be afraid anymore to see them even vanquished. That's the word that was chosen to describe our message. It's an announcement not about how people should live, not an example that they should emulate. It's an announcement about what Jesus accomplished on our behalf. When the went to the cross pay for said resurrected in victory, and we believe in him and have eternal life. That's the gospel I do it's it's important has to be at work, but it was also always done. Indeed, not what you see and ask is that sometimes the signs I cannot say or supernatural. Other times there more lights and natural way that they lived was a demonstration of the gospel. For example, acts chapter 9 there's a story in there of a disciple by the name of Tabatha and it says that she made so many clothes for widows and when she died. The community gathered at her bedside and wept because of what she had done for them.

Her cloak for a demonstration of the gospel.

The generosity of the gospel. The fact that the gospel creates this kind of attitude and people that they show to their community.

First Peter calls at adorning the gospel. It's always done in word. Indeed, the result is an actual phrase in our definition. It brought joy it brings joy to the city. So here's my very simple question for you. Are you involved in that because that's not because of a charismatic preacher. It's because of people like Philip carrying out the gospel in word and deed in our city will how to get involved will start small.

Does ask this question. What can I do to rejoin my workplace. What can I do do do to bring joy to my campus to my neighborhood. Ask God to show you.

Do you need that you could meet.

Not one more thing in this tremendous for the store before I go to the site have a story there is some good immature than the first half is that one of the primary sources of joy in the city go if you got this was the reconciliation of races. Most people long for this kind of unity, but we seem powerless to accomplish it.

It's easier than theory that it is actually in practice here so you know you're in a multicultural church at some point you become uncomfortable because when people do stuff outside your culture you hunt, was about. That is not how we grew up. You know, but see, that's what happens in a multicultural church is the different cultures are influencing and the unity that we find in Christ outweighs any of the things that divide us.

You see these people. It it it it shows no evidence that they sat down about the history books went back and resolved everything in their history. They chose to put away mistrust and suspicion inside of it all magically decided to listen the same radio station they chose to put aside cultural preference, and they found a unity in Christ that overcame the things that divide them do you want back because if you want it. It's not come naturally is coming naturally are not doing it right is to become because we choose to let the gospel be away your reality in our church than any of our cultural preferences. Was he going because her a couple of really important warnings for us that he includes in amended you put on your theological seatbelts because verse nine but it was many. Simon previously practiced magic in the city and the amazing people.

Samaria say I love this but he himself a somebody great self-proclaimed awesome guy. Verse 10 may all be paid attention to him from elites of the greatest will this man is the power of God is called great cold rate by whom will by himself, but it is and it is that they pay attention to him because for a long time.

He amazed them with his magic now the magic is this what something like card tricks base color say this was a mixture of genuine education, mathematics, science, astronomy mixture between bats and end in superstition, use of amulets and charms and dreams or scopes and I gotta stop and then sleight-of-hand in our modern era you looking for an equivalent disability equivalent of somebody who reads horoscopes or uses crystals or claims they saw the Virgin Mary crying and got her tears together in a bottle and also you need to sprinkle it on whatever to middle take care of it or they saw the Virgin Mary in a grilled cheese sandwich right about Jesus in a grilled cheese demo today was an grilled Jesus is not what they call it in the facility for $10,000 of the buyout price on eBay. I was architecture, but that is is what Simon was he was basically that Batman he had probably genuine demonic power this what acts 13 says about these magicians covers 12 but when they believed Philip as he preached the good news about the kingdom of God in the name of Jesus Christ that were baptized, both men and women even Simon himself believed after being baptized he continued on with Phil and seen signs of great miracles performed.

He was amazed to see their miracles were not like his magic tricks. They were genuine miracles and they didn't disappoint how awesome the apostles were filled work a point beyond themselves to a crucified Savior who had brought come back from the dead to get forgiveness of sins are 14 now the apostles in Jerusalem heard that Samaria had received the word of God. They send them to Peter and John came down pray for them that they might receive the Holy Spirit. Not yet fallen any of them, they'd only been baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus when they laid their hands on them. They received the Holy Spirit will quick question why was the Holy Spirit not given to them immediately when they believed could everywhere else and ask the Holy Spirit comes immediately except racks to. Here's why there been such hostility between the Jews and the Samaritans for so many years that God was seeking to validate the Samaritans inclusion into the new covenant that he sent a little ceremony to come to signify that was happening at the way out of the knowledge I've given you is is on when running water for steam in New York City back in the turn of the 20th century, when running water when into the barrier. Five boroughs of New York City at the water would would would the summer would make its way to each borough on the mayor would go out and have a little ribbon cutting ceremony celebrating Waters now comes a man had not come to the Bronx didn't do that for every single house with in the borough really did it for the unit on the first one. So what you see in acts as you see occasional ceremonies like this.

Sometimes it's company by the speaking in tongues because it's basically a ribbon cutting ceremony showing that the gospel has come into a place nestled Holy Spirit is is now including them, but you'll see that various people after that they don't have that same ceremony and so for the believers from thence forth in Samaritans were to get the got to get always better when they believe in verse 18. Now, when Simon saw that the spirit was given to the laying on the apostles hands. We offer the money to will give me this power also so that anyone on whom I lay my hands may receive the Holy Spirit is in those days magicians would get a bite of the secrets and stop verse 20, but here said to him, may your silver perish with you because you thought you could obtain the gift of God with money you made a partner lot in this matter. For your heart is not right before God. Repent therefore of this wickedness of yours and pray the Lord that if possible. The intent of your heart may be forgiven.

You pricing you are in. The goal of bitterness in the bond of iniquity. Be blessed and encouraged. Verse 24. Simon answered once you pray for me. The Lord that nothing of what you said may come upon me, I believe, listen, that the story is included in your because it is giving a warning to growing churches reduction to warnings in their that are very important for us to eat so I want to take the time even though it's it's kinda adding this on because I think it's really important warning in here for you as a congregation member and there's one in here for me as the pastor so which one you want first when my notes. Your first so Simon the magician is a warning to you. Here's a warning, not everyone who believes and is baptized as a genuine disciple. Not everybody who believes and is baptized as a genuine disciple even with the best preaching builds preaching you get a guy like Simon who believes is baptized by the way even continues on in a discipleship relationship with Philip to get involved until small groups as he traveled with him.

A lot of people listen in our church get baptized but a number of them don't actually go on to become actual disciples of Jesus Christ. A lot of people are in that category, and maybe some listening to me right now because baptism ought to be the sign of repentance and faith, but sometimes people do it without ever having generally repented and believe there are some pastors on our staff to that I can think of who got baptized here.

The one with in college and said it was later that I really came to genuine repentance and faith. One of our pastors on staff right now, came to faith in Christ, after he was our staff is I've been baptized. I done at all, but I just never had a personal experience. Why repented and believe in Jesus and say I want to say that you because I need you to make sure that you have not just gotten swept up in a movement like Simon did you got baptized, he went to the ritual, but you have never actually repented. Turned over control of your life to Jesus Christ and received his gift as your own. Is it a personal relationship with you because it is a dire warning, Simon's conversion are kind of fake conversion had this problem right he genuinely believe in Jesus as the Christ. Here was a problem.

This is a common problem I found with most false converts.

He had what we would call a Jesus and gospel. Jesus and his magic in his agenda on his personal platform. A lot of people like that they have a Jesus and me conversion. In other words, they say, I'll follow what Jesus says I'll let Jesus be a big influence on me, but I reserve the right to examine myself and various things that he says that I just find little to no harder objection. So like, what about, it's about outcomes, like circle that can opt out of it like Bible salad bar. Neatly the alfalfa sprouts. We don't want right. We have a lot of people that are in that category and it always amazes me how to people so I really agree with that and what you will get about is not me versus you it's it's is is is is Jesus. Is he Lord and have you acknowledge that is the Lord he makes all the rules. See if your 99% committed to Jesus. That means you're still 100% in control is ultimately you decide which 99%. He gets to be in charge of which 1% you get the yard to hold onto you change in terms at any point. The analogy I have given you the same as having an affair with his wife, but we also save and is having an affair with his wife.

We should be having very having an affair and his wife asked him are you faithful to me recently and I said that's probably true design on women he knows you know he's not having sex with 99 of them but one of them.

He is having sex with so many times and faithful that's not how you would say that he is wholly unfaithful. You either given Jesus full control.

You having given control all for some people it's Jesus and other gods right with Jesus is my way, but not necessarily the way how different it was a Buddhist who was in a church service and the guy gets up. Base gives a Chi gospel presentation at the very end. Get this has the whole audience stand and then says I want to review this after me and he says and repeat like Lord Jesus come in and I live in safety or some like that. Then he says to the whole audience. Congratulations are all non-Christians is a diagram that supports gospel presentation I've ever so but my friend goes home and she said well I guess I'm a Christian now so better figure out what I believe she gets a Bible she got married and she starts to read this. She is a Buddhist. She's a lot of Quicken Jesus on my shelf of God's now I'm you know Jesus following all these other things she's in a very quickly reading the New Testament figured out that Jesus would sit on the shelf a bunch other gods that he came to tear down the shelf and he was either to be the only one he was in anyone at all and she genuinely became a follower of Jesus. There are a lot of people that are in that category that they Jesus.

They added Jesus to their life. These never become their Lord and Savior Jesus in some area of your life. Use them as I get that you Jesus. There is no Jesus and is just Jesus, Simon represents a guy, many of whom I fear in our church. Maybe not with magic but they represent an addition of Jesus to their life without actually full control that should have and it's also nice that I help you jam fantastic, but you have never really just crawled up into his hand and said you're the Lord you make all the rules are the Savior take me to have an III just on yours is a big difference in those two.

I'm afraid of their people here who are like Simon who have added Jesus to their life and never really been again Jesus said if any man comes after me to take up his cross and follow me. Take up his cross means total death, you cannot be partially control because in your heart, there's a throne and across and if you're on the throne. Jesus on the cross but Jesus is on the throne. You gotta be on the cross and his death everything.

Have you yielded yourself Jesus that's a warning for you.

Simon is a warning to me because he represents a religious leader who really enjoys a spotlight being on him and he's a religious leader who believes that he can purchase the power of God with money right so what you see is Simon trying to buy this because Simon is jealous of the focus is not on him. The contrast assignment like this is Simon Peter is one who confronts Simon Peter has a power that is a come from money.

Simon Peter has a power that comes from grace, and the result is that money is powerless over him right is is what is the real gospel say Simon thought he could purchase no power got money and that will come back on him. The real gospel, Ephesians 289 for by grace you have been saved through faith and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God not of works is any man should boast to another were the real gospel is a gift of grace its power given as a gift from the Holy Spirit, its righteousness given as a gift.

The result of Wyatt's boast will have the boast of my salvation is a gift of grace I not say because I'm morally better than you.

I don't have power with God because I got talent to give these things my gift of grace, so the last thing if I understand that that I would want to do is boast what you looking at me that I can help you. I'm just one beggar told him about all the beggars where they can find bread rather than you adorning your pastor, you should adore your Savior because it is the grace that is in him. Peter had learned that the hard way. Did he not appear like the biggest driver of all of everybody else denies you, Lord, I will do it.

He denies Jesus got a supporting flat on his face but beers and want to get in an argument with the other disciples about the city Jesus right and left-hand ominous. It is right" are most important to Jesus maxing down twice on that. Finally, peters learned listen that the real gospel is about grace and when you have been gripped by grace. Listen, the sign is that money loses its power over you see. Here's not like oh that's how much God not show you a few tricks now is that my parents were you do not realize of the real power in come from money that comes from comes from God.

That is you that are thinking about going in the ministry or really any of you have to understand, listen the power of God and money's power over you are always at two different opposite ends and if you have one, you gotta get rid of the other. See, I know a lot of you can pray for me because I know a lot of pastors really jealous from the limelight is no longer on them just like Simon.

I don't know a lot of pastors who have been overwhelmed by the power of money and the result is that they lose their power with God and I don't want to lose that because you don't need me what you need is grace and I want to be saturated with grace and the order for that to happen. See you gotta pray that God will help me hate to steal the limelight from Jesus. You gotta pray that money will lose any power over me. Just Charles Spurgeon Rockwood appear a lot, you know, Charles Spurgeon, PT Barnum was a valuable service guy in the late 19th century. PT Barnum was building the circus circuit and basically he heard about this young preacher in London who could gather a crowd like nobody's business.

Charles Spurgeon.

He wires him a telegram and says to him, I want you to come preach for my circus.

I'll pay you any amount of money that you ask will charge admission you got of the crowd is a be a great venture Charles Spurgeon wire him back. A telegram from London with no words just one verse reference. Ask a 20 your money perish with you because you thought the gift of God to be purchased by money. That's how you can pray for me because it's a warning to me. It's a warning that if I want power with God. God has to liberate me see from the idols of self and the idol of money and he does that through the overwhelming story of the grace of God which is where we bring all this back to a close this whole thing is about the gospel going into a city. The gospel going into a leader the gospel going into you as the gospel taken over you and you believe that you actually believe the gospel personally have you believe. I know that you got a story that we are baptized but have you trust in Christ as your Lord and Savior Izzy fully in control yielded yourself miracle power.

The currents all current packs in the gospel message. You're listening to Summit life Virginia career series titled things if you joined Slate you can listen again online or download the free unedited message so when we talk about being on mission. I think a lot of us here that and just sort of a stamp that it's for someone else we'll think of ourselves as being spiritual enough to be a missionary pastor Jenny about that recently.

This is what he had to say that's one of the greatest misconceptions in the church is that the spirit of God is a gift for some of the more prominent leaders. If Jesus promised anything about the Holy Spirit. It would be that his power would come upon ordinary people and empower them to do extraordinary things.

Whether it's you and your relationship to your children, whether it's in sharing Christ with your friends and if it's a deal with a parent vicious fighting against the sand that's in your heart that same spirit is available to you. Ask 18 says you will receive power you that promises is true for you and for me as it was for Peter and Paul listen we want to help you go deeper in this Bible study that we are offering that comes in two parts. Part one is available now.

Part two will be available in June. It it it shows you how to live a simple life.

That's the most common word that Jesus uses in the gospel of John is your sent. How do you how do you embrace that that Mansell that opportunity of living said whether you're a mother or father or a friend, son or daughter who ever God is put you in relationship with you need to live said maybe God is going to call some of you to go and cross cultural boundaries. Maybe it's the other side the city and maybe it's in unreached people group around the world.

But God's going to send you in this Bible study will help show you how to discover that power and authority and responsibility opportunity got well after JD said we got a great new companion study guide for you, since the book of acts, volume 1 work that will help you gain a personal understanding of your part in the great commission and the role of the Holy Spirit in your life. Even the mission of the church.

Don't miss out on getting your copy request this Bible study devotional donate to Senate the suggested amount of $25 or more helps to fuel this ministry into the gospel getting in the way I 335 24.

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