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The Forgotten God?

Summit Life / J.D. Greear
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May 4, 2021 9:00 am

The Forgotten God?

Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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May 4, 2021 9:00 am

Of the three members of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit is often the most difficult for us to relate to. In our new series called, Rushing Wind, Pastor J.D. explains who the Holy Spirit is, what he does, and how he’s working in our world today.

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JD Greer, the spirit is God just like Jesus is God, which is of course a reference to what we call the holy Trinity, the God who sits on the highest road is God the father God that we saw with our eyes was God the son, the God revealed in our spirit of God spirit you got understand it is not for you to be able to dissect the Godhead which would not equate to the point is for you to experience and behold God revealed himself to God the father sitting on a throne in heaven and we try to picture Jesus, we imagine that bearded carpenter may be holding a lamp right but the Holy Spirit give me a little bit harder for us to picture today on Summit life with pastor JD Greer were kicking off a brand-new teaching series called rushing wind what the Bible tells us about the Holy Spirit really is what he does and how he's working in our world today. So let's jump in pastor JD Greer titled this first message nursing the forgotten guy Bible. Think about seeing Judge of the 14 we are beginning a series this week on the holy spirit Holy Spirit.

I have found that Christians generally fall into two different categories or camps as a relates to the Holy Spirit. On the one side you have this Christians that the ministry pejorative but on the hyper charismatic side so that everything that happens in the churches is really spirit this spirit that the people that if I brought my Bible off of the table this morning they would know under their breath. You mutter something about casting out the demon of Bible following us out of this place are people there somebody on your row that is looking drowsy back to your muttering casting up edema, drowsiness out of her church is that everything is a Scott I mean is not used to this window place. I guess it seems pretty pretty freaking it's it's kind of scary told you before that a friend working recording studio and he recorded CD slot, a Christian artist and he said was this one girl. She was new on the scene.

She was really really good and she came in to record a CD and he said you know it is they start their first song in it about halfway through her first song he thinks minutes out a good when all of a sudden she just throws up alarms says it's useless. He is not here and my friends. I will not hear what was going on inside the Holy Spirit is not here so she brings in her prayer team and they come in later hands on various pieces of equipment, casting demons out of this and she started again.

She said I thought it sounded great. You know whatever she did but the work is about halfway through she did it again. She's like it's useful.

He's not here so repeated that process that we went four times that will process the fifth time she starts in that song. I was a little irritating as upward as wasting time.

Your about halfway through the first sentence of the song on the fifth time that I looked down and noticed that the reverb on her monitor was not on Eliezer reached out and I turned it up and immediately her hands will be here just didn't have the courage to tell her that was the reverb. Mama always rose the Holy Spirit. There are Christians that operate this way it where they almost like they confuse, they confuse the preacher yelling a little bit or the crescendo of electric guitars is that being the spirit of God on the other side are or what I like to refer to as doctrine. Only Christians. These are Christians that believe in the Holy Spirit, but is more of a theory to abandon anything else. He helps things at all.

P explains a few things, but they have no interaction with him. Nothing about his presence. No communion with him. Now don't get me wrong.

Some of these Christians can watch the elephants about the doctrine of the Holy Spirit tell you who use Windows where he is but it's more the theory he's more of a force to them.

It's not a person that they commune with and that they interact with. Just out of curiosity this morning how many you believe that the gifts of the spirit are in full operation in the church today. All of Ranger Candace curiosity okay.

How many of you believe that certain ones of the gifts have ceased release died down during this day want what you raise her head.

How many of you are waiting to see what I say about ministers before you commit either side. I Lord, give us courage to believe and be bold about what we say we believe it's a little irony here.

Churches that the Holy Spirit was given to the church to unite the church and how ironic that one of the things that most divides believers one another. Discussions about the Holy Spirit. We have a very diverse church year of the summer church in terms of people of the different backgrounds that are represented here in our church and I'm very grateful for that because I believe that there is a lot that we have to learn from one another and I hope in the next several weeks that all of us will be a little uncomfortable as God challenges some of the things that we believe that we open our hearts humbly to the word of God that we will be courageous enough to experience all that God has for us to experience. I believe that there are dimensions of the Christian experience that some of you have never tasted of and that God I believe once you to experience in the next several weeks. The title of the series is rushing wind because that is how the Holy Spirit first came into the church in acts two, became and is a rushing wind as a recurring picture of the Holy Spirit, you should think about it in terms of the sailor in the days before they had ships that were powered by internal engines sailors depended on the win for everything. I am in the wind was blowing and you're not going anywhere. That is the relationship you were supposed to have the Holy Spirit you realize how desperate you are to move anywhere.

It's got to be him moving inside of you in moving through you in this series we are going to cover the following topics were to first discuss the Holy Spirit is and what he does the natural to look at how Jesus operated in the power of the spirit. What about that that the misconception people have about Jesus is that Jesus is able to do all that Jesus did, because he displayed the God Cardinal Dobbs. I Got a but Luke Got Out Of His Way to Show You That Jesus Did What He Did in the Power of the Spirit.

That's Good News for You Because You're Not Virgin Born Son Son of God, like He Was the Daughter of God the Way That Jesus Was the Son of God, You Got Access to the Same Spirit He Had and What Will the New Testament Try to Show You Is the Way That He Had Power. The Way He Moved in the Spirit You Have Access to the Next Week and Then Look at What It Needs to Be Filled with the Spirit and What Role Prayer Plays in All of That. Then after That Were to Look at How the Spirit Guides Us in Various Decisions. Many of You Are a Place for You to Make Some Decision.

You Know What Should You Do Next Year.

Should You Date This Person Should You Homeschool Your Kids Where Should You Send Them to School Some Decision about Job Holy Spirit Guide You. How Does He Speak to You in Various Things like That and Finally Take a Look at the Gifts of the Spirit Speaking in Tongues, Prophecy, Interpretation of Tongues Interpreting the Magic Eight Ball and Understood about the Last Real Look at What Role the Gifts of the Spirit Are to Play in Your Life and What Role They Are to Play in the Church Cemetery Would Say There's Something That I Really Want for You Out Of the Series Mentality by Means of a Story Here Some Years Ago I Read the Story of the Southern Plantation Owner Who Left a $50,000 Inheritance to a Former Slave of His Hundred 50 Years Ago. That's the Equivalent Today about Half $1 Million to Slave and Serve Him Faithfully. All His Life and He Wanted to Leave That to the Slave Be a State Law You're Notified. But Now, Old Man and Told Him That the Money Had Been Deposited at the Local Bank in His Name. Several Weeks Went by and the Former Slave Never Called to Ask for Any of His Inheritance to Be Several Years on Several Weeks. After Several Years the Banker Finally Called This Former Slave and Said Look You Got This $50,000 Give the Equivalent of Half $1 Million to Us Today. You Got This in Your Name.

You Control Audit at Any Time.

Slave Responded Back Civil Servant. Might You Be Able to Spare Me $0.50 for a Sack of Cornmeal My Family and I Haven't Eaten for over a Week. I Think This Illustrates the Statement. Many Christians Live in Today. Still Thinking like a Slave with No Grass at All on What Is Available to You the Goodness the Fellowship. The Power It's All There.

It's All There Is Yours for the Taking. It's As If Each of Us Have Been Left Half $1 Million Available in the Gospel.

Most of Us Are Hoping We Can Squeeze out about $0.50 Worth Out Of God. God Has so Much for Some of You That You've Never Experienced the Abundant Life Is Not the Religiously Busy Life Will Make the Abundant Life the Abundant Life Is Because It's Live with Jesus Full Presence in the Power of Jesus in My Prayers. That Bit of His Next Several Weeks. Some of You Will Move Out Of Religion Interrelationship Where You Quit.

Just Think about. It's about Give a Little More Money and Learn A Few More Bible Verses and Give a Little More Religious Stuff on Your Calendar You Will Start to Understand the Presence and the Power, the Fullness of Joy. I Just Know We Can Walk to Be Filled by Jesus Christ in His Spirit That Is My Prayer for You over the Next Several Weeks.

So If You Are Ready to Get Started on the Say Amen.

All Right, John 14, Was Taking the Place Where Jesus First Described His Disciples, the Spirit Filled Life.

John Chapter 14 Begin Number 16 on the Night before Jesus Died to His Disciples.

Jesus Said, and I Will Ask the Father and He Will Give You Another Helper to Be with You Forever. Even the Spirit of Truth, Whom the World Cannot Receive, Because It Neither Sees Him nor Knows Him. You Know I'm for He Dwells with You and Will Be in You Not Stop Her a Quick Well What Tense Verb Is That Present Tense. Who Is Jesus Talking about Right There. He Dwells with You Present Tense Is Talking about Himself.

He's What You Know Him Because He Already Dwells with You and Will Be with You What, That's Future Tense. That's a Reference to the Spirit and That's a Little Bit Confusing Minutes, the Whole Point Will Will Get to That Rights Verse 18.

I Will Not Leave You As Orphans, I Will Come to You What a Great Verse Then Jesus Seems to Confuse Them to Intentionally Confuse Them a Little Bit What Seems to Be One of His Favorite Things to Do. Verse 19, yet a Little While the World Will See Me No More, but You Will See Me Because I Live, You Also Will Live in That Day You Will Know That I'm in.

The Father in You and Me and I in You, Whoever Has My Commandments and Keeps Them Heat As You Love Me He Loves Me Will Be Loved by My Father and I Will Love Him and Manifest Myself to Him.

Verse 22 Then Judas Iscariot, I Had to Throw That in There Because There Were Two of Them. By the Way, How Much of a Bummer Would Not Be Enough to Have a Name Is Judas like You Is Not the Dirt Bag. The Other Guy the First Century Always like It When Jesus Disciples When Judah Is Not That That I Judas Got Be a Southern Baptist Pastor Today and Having the Name Reporter Unite As I Came out That When Everyone Judas Iscariot Choose Not Iscariot Said to Him, Lord, How Is It That You Will Manifest Yourself to Us and onto the World. Verse 23 Jesus Answered Him, If Anybody Loves Me Will Keep My Word and My Father Will Love Him and We Will Come to Him and We Will Make Our Home with Him.

Verse 25 These Things I've Spoken to You While I Am Still with You, but the Helper, the Holy Spirit and the Father Will Send in My Name, He Will Teach You All Things, and Bring to Your Remembrance All That I Said to You. Now I See Two Major Things in That Passage. First of All I See Jesus Tells Us Who the Holy Spirit Is Number One in the Number Two What the Holy Spirit Does Talk about Number One Who the Holy Spirit Is You Notice in Verse 16 He Is Described As Another Helper. Now They're Two Different Words in Greek for Another One Is the Word Allah's Which Means Another of the Same Kind. The Other Is the Word Hello Ross, Which Means Another of a Different Kind.

Jesus Here Uses the Word for Another Loss Which Meant I Will Give You Another Helper, Another of the Same Kind. Specifically, Another of the Same Kind Is Jesus, Which Met God. This Is a Reference to the Fact That the Spirit Is God Just like Jesus Is God, Which Is of Course a Reference to What We Call the Holy Trinity. Now I Realize That the Trinity Is an Exceptionally Difficult Doctrine to Understand in College. I Obsessed about This Doctrine, I Am Just a Little. I Obsessed about It and Then One Night in the Middle the Night. I Woke about 3 AM and Total Will Make Sense.

I Understood How There Could Be One God Who Existed Eternally in Three Persons, It Made Total Sense to Me but Unfortunately I Did Not Write It down and so Now I Can't Remember What I Always Great Thoughts and so It's the Little Fog. Not That I Never Really Felt like I Totally Had a Great Grasp on This Doctrine, I Have a PhD in Theology out. That Doesn't Mess You up the Fact That I Still Get Seem to Really Understand It, but There Are Just Some Things That That That That Are True about God but You and I Don't Necessarily Believe Because We Understand and We Believe Because That's What God Revealed about Himself. Is He Essentially the Doctrine of the Trinity Is That There Is One God Is Existed Eternally in Three Persons, One God, Who Is Existed Eternally in Three-Person.

It's It Is Not Three Gods. Little God Family up before the Mormons Believe Polytheism Little God Tried to Bear God Got Sons and Daughters and I Got on the Dollars Is Little God Family, Not Three Different Gods.

It's Not One God in Three Different Modes You Know When God Keeps Changing Costumes on the Old Testament like a Him. The Judge Guided like a I Want to Be a Baby Swiss Aluminum Diapers and Come to Jesus It's Not One God in Three Different Modes.

It Is One God, Who Is Existed Always in Three Persons Always on the Idea That God Exist in Different Modes Is a Heresy in the Church Told Localism Course the Rebellion Is Him. The Holy Spirit Is Not Just the God Force That's a Heresy in the Church Closer. Simeon Is Asked What A Lot Of Liberal Protestants Today Believe It's Not One Person of the Godhead. It Is like a God for Sure.Feeling the Trinity Is That There Is One God Only One God Who Is Existed Eternally in Three Persons Look at the Various Ways That Jesus Talked about the Holy Spirit in This One Passage Was Contradictory. I Tried to Point That out You Little Bit As We Went through but Look Verse 17 Jesus Said I'm Going Away When I Go Away.

He, the Holy Spirit Will Come to Dwell with You. Not That's Distinction Right I'm Going Away. He's Coming to You, but Then He Turns Right in Verse 18 It Says I Will Come to You Talk about the Coming of the Holy Spirit. So It's It's Not Him That's Coming but It Is Him or Her about This in Verse 23.

If Anyone Loves Me and Keeps My Word.

Jesus Says the Father and I Will Come and Make Our Home with Him in the Spirit.

You Also Get the Father in the Sun, the Father the Son and the Spirit Are Distinct Persons so You Can Talk about Them All Separately, but the Role God, so That in Having One of Them You Got the Presence of All Three Had Heart. It Should You Have Are You Not Listen to What I'm Saying Yes You Are One of the Most Helpful Things I've Heard on This Was from a 19th-Century Oxford Professor Wrote This Book Will Flatlands His Name Was Edwin Abbott Kids Movie out but Edwin Abbott Postulated He Said Okay What If the World That God Had Created Was Only a Two Dimensional World so That You Know All That Existed Were Two Dimensional Creatures Are Moved around His Two-Dimensional Plane like Dots on Page but the God Who Created Them Was a Three Dimensional God. He Was a Sphere like a Basketball, and so This Three Dimensional Sphere. God Wants to Reveal Himself to the Two Dimensional Creatures. He Is Created to House You Do That. What You Can't Really Describe You Know, the Third Dimension Is They Have No Capacity to Understand It. She Said Let's Say That the Three Dimensional Sphere, God Decides to Pass through the Playing of the Two Dimensional Creatures. What Second Look like You. You Mathematicians Start of the.Expanse of a Circle, Then Shrink Back to a.He Said Imagine the Poor Little Two-Dimensional Dots Trying to Explain What Just Happened Is Got a Circle or Is Got a.We Can Be Both and Then Edwin Abbott Asked This Question so What You Think Is Greater.

The Gap between the Two Dimensional.and a Three Dimensional Sphere Where the Gap between You a Finite Creature in the Almighty Infinite God. We Don't Believe in the Trinity Because We Are Able to Explain It. We Don't Believe It Because We Have Invented It. We Believe Because That's What God Is Revealed about Himself in Total Honesty.

The Word Trinity Is Not Ever Found in the Bible Because Because What God Did You Just Revealed Himself. He Thinks He Is One God. That Is Very Clear in the Bible There Is Only One God. There Are the Different Persons and so the Trinity Is the Best Way That We Can Explain It. Christianity Listen Is Not a Invented Religion Is Not a Drained up Religion.

It's Not a Discovered Religion. This Unity Is a Revealed Religion Christianity Wore and Invented Religion, You Would Certainly Not Invent Things in It like This and Hope I Can Explain. We Believe This Because of Some God Showed Himself to Us and so Were Always in Rent Demanding! God Gives Us His Revelation to My Encouragement to You Is Not Sit around and Get Hung up on Things That You Probably Don't Have the Capacity to Understand Anyway.

My Encouragement to You Is to Behold and Experience God As He Revealed Himself to God Who Sits on the Highest Throne As God the Father. The God That We Saw with Our Eyes Was God the Son. The God We Feel Moving in Our Spirit Is God the Spirit Three and 11831, the Middle, Die for Me, One of Me and Was inside Me. I Have You Got Understand If the Point Is Not for You to Be Able to Dissect the Godhead. The Way That You Would Not Equation the Point Is for You to Experience and Behold God Is, He Revealed Himself. That's Really like Number Two. What He Does What He Does, I Will List Five or Six Things Here for You Were That Several Minutes and How Much Time We All Who Enter Boys.

I Will Do All These Rather We Got Time for Not Number One. Anyone He Inspires and He Illuminates Us in Verse 26 He Inspires and He Illuminates Verse 26 He Will Teach You All Things, and Bring All Things. You Remember That I Have Said to You Now That Is Two Different Promises There to Two Different Groups of People to the Apostles Who Were Hearing This Live.

This Is a Promise of Inspiration. Everybody Say Inspiration.

Inspiration. Jesus Was Promising That the Holy Spirit Would Bring Back to the Minds of the Apostles. Everything That Jesus Had Said Flawlessly and Help Them Record It so That Future Generations Could Have a Record a Reliable Record of the Things Jesus Said Thought It Did. Not Only That Jesus Said He Will Also Teach You All Things, Which Means He'll Help You Understand It He Will Clarify It for You. The Reason That's Important Is Because One of the Questions That People Have about the Bible Is How We Can Trust What Nimrod Right in the Books of the Bible, Written by Man, a Mentor, Fallible Me.

Or Maybe They Corrupted It Maybe to Have Their Own Agenda.

Maybe They Didn't Understand Certain Things. But the Promise That Jesus Gives in Verse 26 Is That He Would Supernaturally Guide Their Minds and Their Opinions As They Wrote so That It Would Be Reliable for You and Me so That We Could Know What Jesus Said Point and Did the Bible You See Is Simultaneously the Work of Man and the Work of God. That Means That Each Book Reflects the Distinctive Personality of Its Author so the Books Are Written by Peter Semi Peter Books of Them up. Also Let Paul I Have Been Selected to Write a Bible Book. It Would've Been Filled with Dumb Humor and Waffle House Stories. I but I Wasn't That If I Have That's What It Would Sound like. Each Book Is Simultaneously the Work of Man, but It Is Also the Word of God. So How Could That Be. How Could Be the Word of Man and the Word of God. Here's an Analogy I Use for Kids, As Many of You Know, and My Youngest OR First Son. I Just Turn to Recently and I'm Has Been Slow on Everything Including Learning to Walk and I Think It's Because His Sisters Carry Him around Everywhere but He's Just in the Place Where He Can Start Walking You Know Kids on the Wall Me an Awkward Toddle Thing with a Regular Little Gangly Legs or Walk around the Girl Was Falling, I Would Have Him Walk on the Stage from Point A to Point B. There Is No Way That I Would Just Let Him Do It Because the Tear over Him to Fall beside so What I Would Do Is I Would Hold His Hand and We Would Walk Together and His You Know Goofy Little Legs. We Walking like This and It Would Be Him That Are Taking the Steps I Said Whose Feet Are the Ones That Russia Taken the Steps Is but Who Determines Where Exactly He Goes Me Because I'm Holding His Hand. The Holy Spirit Promise That While It Was the Words of Men That Were Being Written down. He Was Guiding the Destination That There's Words Got to the Bottom Line Is What You Holding Your Hands Is a Reliable Record of What Jesus Said, That's Very Important to Understand Because You See It Would've Done Us No Good. Jesus Will Come to Earth and Die for Us and Raising the Dead. If We Did Not Have a Reliable Be Able to Face Our Lives Promise the Disciples Would Remind Him What He Had Been Time As Well As Bring Clarity to Your Listening to Pastor Judy Greer on Senate Life and the First Message in Our New Teaching Series Called Rushing Wind Okay Jenny, Something That We've Noticed Is That While Most Christians Believe the Bible Is True. So Many People Don't Really Spend Time Studying on Their Own. We Prefer to Have a Pastor Walking Us through It and Then Telling Us What It Means Right but Our Goal Is to Help Our Listeners Learn How to Read and Understand the Bible for Themselves.

Now That's a Personal Confession Is Amalia That I Feel like You Are in the Bible All the Time so I Want to Take That As You're Asking for a Friend. As I Write This, We Don't Want You Just Taking My Word for It When It Comes to the Bible We Want to Equip You to Study and Then Dig in for Yourself Because the Best Things You Learn Are with Your Bible Open When You Are before the Holy Spirit. This Listening and Speaking to You. That's Why We Created This Devotional Book to Accompany the Series. It Allows Us a Way for You to Go Deeper into the Things Your Hearing so That You're Not Just a Curious but It's Saturating Your Soul Devotionals Give You a Chance to Go Deeper in Scripture and Maybe Most Importantly, Pray to the Scripture and Pray What Your Your Learning This Particular Devotional Goes along with Our Current Teaching Series on the Holy Spirit That Leave You Hanging on How to Process What You're Learning. It's Just One or Two Questions per Day. That'll Help Your Flight and Pray about What You've Heard and Seen in the Scripture Were Praying That This Devotional Will Help You Feel More Confident and More Joyful in Reading Your Bible so I Am Very Happy to Be Able to Offer to You, and I Think It Will Be a Help in You a Copy of That My Pastor Jade Today to Help You Build a Better Deeper Understanding of the Holy Spirit. This Devotional Resource Is Saying Thanks for Your Financial Support.

Make Senate Life. When You Get to This Ministry Were Helping Us Stay on Your Radio Station and Other Stations around the Country, You Know That Your Online Archive Possible Free of Charge around the World Every Day You like to Join the Team to Make Senate Life, Copy Online Only Benefits Senate

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