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May 20, 2021 9:00 am


Summit Life / J.D. Greear

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May 20, 2021 9:00 am

What’s the best present you’ve ever gotten? Pastor J.D. reminds us that, as believers, we’ve all been given a spiritual gift. But what does that mean exactly?

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JD Greer special gift simply is Jesus pursuing his mission through the members of his church to requite you what what is the mission of Jesus. What was a mission of Jesus it was to glorify God. It was to bless, and heal the world was to save sinners and want to build up the church when God does that for you.

When Jesus does that to you. That's what we call a spiritual gift the Bible teaching ministry author and theologian JD Greer. As always, I'm your host Molly made a batch okay. Think back with me for a second tier childhood.

What was the best present you ever got maybe it was a Christmas present you are waiting for the puppy that dad said would never come then appeared. Or maybe you were one of the lucky kids who got a car for their 16th birthday will today.

Pastor JD reminds us that as believers we've all been given an even greater guest spiritual cast mean exactly what look like and what do we do with it is working to find out today as we continue our rushing wind series with a message titled Bible Bible first review shop 12. If you do, we are going to look at spiritual gifts of told you before that one of the many things that I love about the summit church is how diverse we all are in our backgrounds. We have people here listening to me right now who come from all manner of religious backgrounds. We have those of you who grew up Baptist like I did. There were those of you who grew up Presbyterian. There are those of you who grew up Catholic brothers who brought Pentecostals to the ones you're always yelling during church and I love them there's 123 I can witness some we have we have we have charismatics we have nine charismatics we got. I'm not really sure what any of this means addicts. We got just for just plain addicts, former addicts that are part of our church. So you say what is all that mean for our church. Well first of all it means we have some really interesting small group discussions never been one of the summit small groups you know it's like what what in your church. There's all kinds of things I hear coming out about but mine says that because we are have so many bad to somebody. Presbyterian facility Pentecostals altogether. He feels like we are predestined to speak in tongues a potluck dinner. That's all he put all that together, but I believe that the diversity in our church is a very healthy thing is one that I'm very grateful for because we bring different experiences to the table and we end up teaching one another because there are things that God has allowed some of you to experience that I have experienced and by understanding these diverse backgrounds. We have a much richer experience of who Jesus is, what is doing in his church now specifically regarding the charismatic issue I would say that our official stance on this is that we are what I would call charismatics with a seatbelt. Okay charismatics with a seatbelt which means we believe it's their right.

Will we know it's there and so so so so so we honor it. We want to receive it.

But then we also understand that there is a place to have some caution as we go forward in this okay first ring is 12 in the second week of the series I explained you that the power that Jesus drew upon to do all that he did a ministry did not come out of his own God. Yes, but the power that Jesus access the ministry was the power of the spirit. Luke writer about Luke and acts goes out of his way to show you that the reason that he does that is because Jesus did all that he did in ministry out of his own godliness, then that leaves you with me at a significant disadvantage right because I'm not the son of God, born of God like Jesus was born of God. He could do what he did his son got a mic on the son of Linda Carol Greer, their awesome parents with Gov. not God, so I can never do it. Jesus there but Jesus limited his access to his own God knows and drew upon the power of the spirit that means. Luke says that you and I have access to the same spirit that he had access to. That's why Luke goes out of his way to show you parallels when what Luke is what Jesus is doing what the apostles were doing and acts with that in mind. First Corinthians 12 one now concerning pneumatic on is the word in Greek. It is translated in your Bible spiritual gifts. That's an okay translation it's really really the most literal translation will be spirituals just spiritual manifestations. The essence of the spirit now concerning spiritual brothers, I do not want you to be uninformed, but for now there are varieties of gifts, careers, multi-terraces, regular grace from my thighs were. Yeah, that the idea a gift so there are variety of grace gifts and graces you might say but the same spirit.

There are varieties of the alchemy which is where we get our word deacon.

It just means servant hoods are varieties of service, but the same Lord. There are varieties of in game and or gamma will begin award energy from it means energies activities right but it is the same God who empowers them all for everyone to receive his doings, stumbling through trying to describe what these are is whether they did it the right manifestations are spirituals there energies that are serving, but it's the same God doing all been to each is given the manifestation of the Spirit for the common good. To whom, so to each.

That's right, usually to hear everybody's in the right look at the person on your right leg.

The person on your left. That's in each. There's an each year and each everyone eats each word is all each okay so to each is given a manifestation of the Spirit for the common good. Okay, that's our tax and I've got pastors always seem to do things in threes Trinity three so therefore all of our sermons and have three points right at 630 this morning so I number one on a spiritual gift. Very simply, is Jesus pursuing his mission to the members of his church spiritual gift.

Very simply, is Jesus pursuing his mission through the members of his church. This is what Jesus was talking about in John 1412, when he said truly, truly, I say to you whoever believes in me will also do the works that I do greater works than these will he do because I am going to the father because I am going to the father is a code reference for the sending of the spirit, because that's what Jesus said he would do when he went to the father greater works than Jesus did. Would we do because the Holy Spirit would be upon us a few weeks ago I told you about just kind of the on the surface.

The absurdity of that statement. Greater works than Jesus does greater works than Jesus anybody in here raise the dead. Anybody walk on water. Anybody fed 5000 with five loaves and two fish. You know anybody in it. Anybody have perfect insight in the mind of What pray know exactly what to say anybody speak on a level that people write down Scripture better happen to said that the Scripture for manager know nobody could do a greater work.

Jesus did what Jesus means there is not any one of us individually would be greater than him. But when the spirit of God was resting on the church. The individual members of the church as opposed to just one person. The collective impact of the spirit would be greater. Jesus himself at state the summit church had to choose between Jesus as its pastor or the spirit upon every member Jesus would say no question you choose the spirit upon you, because what we have. This morning is 7000 people who have the potential to carry the same power missing spirit that Jesus access out into the community and he said so that's why it's greater. This is how I'm going to pursue my mission is instead of located want to spread it out to everybody everywhere that you go the power that Jesus used the ministry could go with you to requite you. What is the mission of Jesus. What was missing Jesus. It was to glorify God. It was to bless, and heal the world.

It was to save sinners and it was the build up the church when God does that through you. When Jesus does that to you. That's what we call a spiritual gift number two. Every believer has one. Every believer has one verse 72 eats each one of you that is a believer in Jesus to each is given number three is a sure point. That's it sure was. I started up 10 minutes in my study, I cannot think of a single thing to say and I was like well I guess at that number three. The gifts are given for the common good of the church gifts are given for the common good of the church. One of the many problems of the Corinthians had is that they thought that their spiritual gifts made them like spiritual superheroes manifestations of their own personal awesomeness and so they were proud about their spiritual gifts and they boasted in their spiritual gifts.

They seem to look at spiritual gifts, almost like spiritual X-Men powers you know where you can identify your cell but is also a gift you have like you get zapped with spiritual Spider-Man powers not all what you got. I got tone you know I got prompted spicy as I can see right in your heart you know and what gift you got you got administration that is so lame it's like a superhero. Imagine on the Marvel comic it would has like the superhero strength of speed typing your debts, lame on that's all that's all the Corinthians, look at this as they thought that their spiritual gifts gave them an elevated status above above everybody else and positive and tell them that that not only does that show that they are unbelievably immature. It shows that they neither understand the gospel or the purpose of the gifts and orders of the gospel for the purpose of the gifts the gospel is that you have the absolute approval of God in Christ Christ righteousness has been given to you as a gift. And now God sees you in Christ that is the highest recognition by the loftiest person.

What else could you possibly hope to lift yourself up with in the righteousness of Christ and who else is opinion.

Are you actually obsessed with the God of the universe easier that way. In God you have the lofty God, the creator of the universe who esteems you and cherishes you and he sees you, according to the righteousness of Christ. There is no greater treasure. There is no greater identity. There is no loftier privilege and there is no higher person and so when you're trying to elevate yourself above others by anything, including spiritual gifts as usual understand the gospel for your spiritual gift to produce pride in you means that you can't understand that when God saved you, he saved you from wrath. That's what you deserve.

If God gave you what you deserve.

You were spiritually dead, deserve help and God put you out of the burning it was. It was the grace that God gave you.

So when your gift leads to pride when it causes division when it sets you apart. It just shows you have no concept of the gospel because you either don't understand your wickedness God saved you from, or the value of the gift that God gave you in Christ and giving you his righteousness. She fallen human nature.

This is very important.

Listen to this fallen human nature searches for something about itself that is unique. Something about itself that makes you special something you can boast in so that sets you apart from everybody else. I'm prettier not talk about me but I'm the same as an example, I'm prettier, I'm more athletic. I'm smarter, I got a better body. I make more money. I did better in school got a higher IQ. I live in a better neighborhood are more moral. I'm a better parents right and set you apart and they make you worthy because of these things make you special spiritual gifts can even be used to that if I got this I can do this.

Therefore, I am special Christ righteousness.

Paul says, is to be our most giving example Luke chapter 10 the disciples are going out on a preaching tour. One of the first ones preaching to miracles they come back together man. They are jazzed up because the it was a great lot converts an analog that you are what you believe this said this this demon and the demon.

I took off and we all available why God IQ limit was blindness and I Jesus was listening to him is listening with them to your level of approval is he's excited about what they've experienced, but evidently he starts to perceive that they are now boasting and how much power they have and knowing a group of guys to get together like this. I been another group doesn't exactly happen people listening image on one of the other would hear Peterbilt all you cast out the demons. I Felt like a horny hunting Satan himself as a member that I cast out on the sale of timber garbage and I'm sure it was you know and enter boasting in the Jesus he discusses. He says don't rejoice, don't rejoice in the demons are subject to, you rejoice in your name is written down.

The Lamb's book of life usually means by that. What what he meant by that is your bow should not be the powers that you have spiritually your bow should not be your talents are both sought to be the righteousness of Christ is given to you as a gift. That's the greatest poet you could ever have, so wanted to boast their your gifts your ability, spiritual or natural are not to be where you base your identity that leads to pride in division. Your identity is to come from the gifts righteousness of Christ given to you is great. That is to be your identity, which is why just off the cuff. I will tell you I'm not a big fan of children's curriculum. That's all built around us like you are special your unique your snowflake there's nobody like you. Narcissist is, what their what what what what they're teaching kids.

Yeah, I know my kids are special.

I understand that but you know what the greatest possessor they have is not some unique abilities they have is that God loves them and God has a plan for them. And God has given them. Christ so don't rejoice.

He tells them in in in this kit because I got David to yes what did you Christ.

Spiritual deals are not given for personal were a dramatization. Whatever personal exultation is given to you to be able to serve the body but don't let yourself get lifted up in pride by what you can do that I'm going to possessing that mentality. That's a lot more easily said than done. Same in minute will admit that freebie my fallen heart, mind is constantly gravitating to ways to distinguish myself in your eyes. You just ways that I think you think you give me a sense of importance, for example somebody at the church, the medial pastor that was a great sermon. I mean seriously. I mean like another great sermon every week. You do this it was phenomenal. I don't know how you do it every week you read my mail. You are truly a great preacher is a sincere compliment. I'm encouraged by I go home. Another conversation takes place, and I say like to Veronica my Qubec how many truly great preachers are there. Do you think of the world and her responses usually like one less, than you think this is what I do is I grabbed a I debated telling you this put into that output is about putting it out. I think it's all right now.

But it okay for about three weeks ago was coming home I spoke at this conference, Austin Davis, I spoke to this conference and it was a big conference in the priest. All these pastors, whatever. Then I got on the plane and fly back to Raleigh-Durham and laid I was tired, bad mood, but the person sitting next to me in the plane that just faithfully share Christ with that person and told him for a few minutes and after I was finished I had a setback in the stall it to my head. I wonder how many people there are. That's, you know, had the ability to preach to the big conference, but that would have the faithfulness to turn and talk to just the one person that God sure is glad that he has a guy like me on his team. I kid you not.

I went to my head.

What's wrong with my heart will wrong with my heart that I would think that you idiot you know what it cost God to have you on his team to cause the death of his son. I don't think you sit there and have a good one so lucky.

Thank you for JD I think you saying that because the death of my son to pull you out or help. I'm not looking at you was a great investment right when you understand the gospel.

Put your spiritual gift in perspective because no longer is it something given to you to elevate yourself about others. The gospel is that you are perpetually low, but he has made you high in Christ leads you to humility and then to take your gifts to serve others hold mentality. Therefore, scrimmage 12 people keep moving your number four without two honest was it was uncomfortable to make you feel weird usually talk like having these problems, would that make you respect me more is your pastor okay good, some not doing it before number four no believer has them all.

No believer has them all. You see, number 70.

Each was given something that everybody else needed.

God didn't give all the gifts anybody Jesus at all the gifts Jesus out of all he did but nobody else. After him, got them all down in verse 12 alter the use analogy and metaphor depresses old every member of the body. He says you look on your Bible exceed every member is unique. Every member performs a different function if the I suddenly decides it's more important than the foot you could see how the I would think that right in the eyes are pretty delicate piece of equipment to see your dozen things that no other party body can do the foot not so much stomach real clumsy estimate you think the podiatrist of the diagram later but you I'm saying this is like the sophistication about Ivy produces odor.

The icon takes care of itself a basis you know the I decides it is more important than the foot in the I decides to get it before the pretty amazing things, but without footage can be seen the same thing all the time today to go anywhere and see anything new. Paul says is all the members of the body that end up creating the body.

God designed the church like that so that each member is dependent on the others. You see, one of God's agendas.

Listen one of God's agendas is to go to war against your self-sufficiency.

You spent all your life.

Try and become self-sufficient.

That's what you got. Insurance is what you got savings account if you don't want to have to depend on anybody but God goes to war against your self-sufficiency because if the enemy of the gospel. So he communicates part of himself to one person and part of himself to another without one another. We can never experience the fullness of God always got goes on about when I am assuming loan insurance and savings account under statement when it comes to knowing him. God does not want to self-sufficient Christian distributed knowledge of him, and he distributed how he works in the world into the church but nobody has it all and we depend on each other because at first with knowledge of him. We'll talk about that for a minute there different ones of you have different experiences with God, and different experiences have because you know a different angle on God. But I know from my experience and it is only by listening to your story and hearing how God is working in your life that I can see the part of God for God to not talk about new truths were talking about ways of knowing Jesus was a great analogy for this on cheerfully said that when he was older. He had to really good friends. What was in Charles will St. George and the three of them got together often and basically what you would think of as a small group and out three guys. He says George passed away.

He says not now there's just two of us sitting.

You might think that would help George now I've got more of Charles.

Charles no longer has to divide his attention between George Amiga, just give it all to me. He said that was profoundly mistaken because now the Georgia died. I have less of Charles not more.

Charles because there was some things about Charles that only George could bring out there was some ways that he would relate some humor they would have some insight there was a part of Jordan. Only Charles can bring out George died I got less of Charles not more accents for writing about with my wife how people time sale, we will have kids because I would just enjoy my wife. My wife and I had kids I knew I guiding get less. My wife, I got more of her because suddenly I saw part of my wife that only my children to bring out so there was so much more that which we had this children it's like this is much more the Veronica others. That is just the other beings in our house brought out this part of her the same way. What God does these multiple experiences. He allows different people to understand and taste different parts of his grace and that you come together your picture your fellowship in God is so much richer and so much the beautiful that he does the same thing with his peers in the wood how he works in the world. So I did body know this is an example of used a lot but let me repeat it think it's important.

God wants to work in the world. Hear me on this. Rarely does it directly. When God was to work in the world.

He really doesn't directly. He does it to the members of his body. The whole analogy is for your the way. Always explain it if you if you left elbow inches right and so it sounds a little message out to the brain right and it says I how does your brain fix that. But this ML like magical brain power to blast the agent dissolve. It is what it does. Your brain sends a message over here to your right fingers and say to your right fingers, brother, elbow has a niche you need to fix that and then brother fingers, your brother, right fingers. No self-interest of its own. It's not itching goes over and relieves the brother elbow says that you and everybody's happy. Because the way that the brain resolve the problem.

The elbows of the fingers.

When God wants to work in the church.

He does it through the members of his church, which means that when you separate yourself from intimate connection with your church you separate yourself from access to the power of God. That means you got no right to sit around and ask for God's power you have disconnected yourself from intimate connection with the local church or as we heard it said before everything that comes from heaven, has your name on.

You have a unique gift in the body of Christ for the mission of God and you are expected to using your listening to pastor author and theologian JD Greer on Senate line.

These daily messages continue completely free of charge on the radio and ran free to produce and distribute.

That's where you come in.

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