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The Creative Word - The Living Word, Part 1

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy
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May 24, 2022 8:00 am

The Creative Word - The Living Word, Part 1

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy

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May 24, 2022 8:00 am

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Grading spent the new listeners shower not welcoming you to the sound because we know Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Today's message as part of an in-depth study entitled the spoken word series, which includes teaching on the creative word of God because everything that's created, visible and invisible God spoke into being. Also, the living word. The revelation of the two mouths sword of the Spirit which is the spoken word of God.

When we speak what God has quickened to our spirits. This teaching is the culmination of my own personal journey from a place of deep despair to an authorized and dynamite is Deputy of the spoken word of God.

There's a beautiful anointing here this morning. Amen. And I'm excited to bring the word of the Lord, you know, I first taught this series is almost 7 years. I didn't realize that it been that long spoken word series and I was going to put it in a prepared it to go on the radio and I just felt like there was so much more insight that I have now been seven years ago and I felt there was room for improvement even in the delivery and places so I thought what you know I don't want to put it on the radio like it is. I feel that if I could do better and so I thought what is only one way to do that next to redo it.

Amen. And so this morning we're going to begin with the foundation and that is literal and even metaphorically, the foundation, which is the creative word of God. My favorite part of the message will actually come next week when we get into the active living word of God and where we really get to participate. However, in order to truly grasp the understanding and the truth of how powerful and alive God's word is we have to go back and see God's word and action in the beginning. Now I know you think we should start in Genesis 11.

However, we will get there, but we're going to start in John the gospel of John 11.

So if you want to follow with me. Turn your Bibles to John 11 will read the first three verses in the beginning was the word and the Word was with God and the Word was God the same was in the beginning with God all things were made by hand, and without him was not anything made that was made. I'm going to take the liberty to reread that and this time were ever I see the pronoun him or he I'm going to go ahead and substitute the word because how many know the pronoun he and him stands for the noun or the subject, which is the word and when we do this we will see that it will make a greater impact on our spirit in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. The word was in the beginning with God all things were made by the word and without the word was not anything made that was made.

How many see how it is more powerful. Now let's clear something up right away. The beginning here does not refer to the beginning of God or the beginning of the word because they have no beginning, God is God, from everlasting to everlasting the beginning here is creation were talking about God created by the word, so the beginning is creation so our first principle of creation is all things, whether they're seen or unseen, whether earthly or heavenly were created by the word of God. Now creation was a one time event and I like to say it this way, we when we read Genesis 1 we find out in six days God created everything and some people want to say well was a 24 hour days or was it a thousand years and you know a lot of speculation. I don't know.

I tell you this in six God days in six God days whether it was 24 hours over thousands of years, or millions of years God created everything, let me help you a little bit how many know for instance, we had 10 meeting in August and we refer to that time as camp meeting now. Meeting is more than one day it's at least five days. We have already had. It is much as 10 days and we even had as much as 14 days, but we refer to all of that as camp meeting. It's an event that spans more than one day. Amen.

And so that's kinda how it is with creation.

Creation was one event. Whatever the time span was. It was one event. Now let's drop down to verse 10. While were here and I would've taken the liberty now to where ever I see the pronoun he I'm going to make the word because we already found in verse one that were talking about the word of God. Verse 10 the word was in the world and the world was made by the word and the world knew the word not let's look at verse 14 and the Word was made flesh and dwelt amongst us, and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the father full of grace and truth. And now let's read one more verse, verse 17 for the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.

So now we put all the pieces together we find out that the world everything seen and unseen was made by the word of God we find out that something marvelous took place. The word of God became flesh he told on humanity.

Amen. And we find out that out of him came grace and truth. Did we not see that in verse 14 and then verse 17 names him who is this person that took on humanity what is his human name Jesus Christ. So it's out of Jesus Christ. They came grace and truth. So Jesus then is the word of God made flesh, and you know we won't go there. But will we get to the end of the story in Revelation way see that he is returning on a white horse and the saints of God, or with him that would be me. How about you and it says he has a name written on his thigh and without going into detail, it refers to this prayer shawl Little League that has a knotted fringes and the numbers that if you put them together and it was the word of God isn't that marvelous when he comes back when he comes back to the earth. He's coming back as the word of God because that's who he is. Jesus was only in the form of humanity that he took on let me say this, he was not made flesh, that the improper translation. He wasn't made anything he made everything you understand the difference. He became flesh in the womb of Mary. He took on a human body. Amen.

Because the Greek word for the verb. There, the days put was made. It means to be, but it's in the imperfect tense and when they translated it was, it makes it sound like it's past tense.

When you say was, it means in the past and it was then and it's it remains was it's not the way it is in Greek and Greek it's from the verb to be anything imperfect tense, let me simply tell you what that means. It means continuous existence. He was then he is now. He was then years now and he will be. Do you understand it's very important to see that. So he became flesh.

In fact even said repeating a birth that comes out of the sounds and he was. It tells us that he said that when he came into the world. He said it is written of me in the volume of the book allow anybody now has prepared for me and what was that body. It was what we are getting ready to celebrate. Pretty soon the baby Jesus. Amen.

So he became flesh the word of God. And another important thing to make you understand this if he was named then that means it would've been a brand-new's theses, but because he became he still the word of God and II think that's important. You're going to find out even more as we go along and really, next week you will really find out why that's important if he was made via brand-new species, but he became the word of God just took on humanity underneath the humanity. Still, the word of God. Amen. And then we find out that everything was created by him. Now let's go to Colossians 116 and 17 and this dovetails with what we just read in John, and I am going to take the liberty right up front and tell you that wherever I see he or him. I'm going to substitute the word Colossians 116, 17 for by the word, were all things created that are in heaven that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers. All things were created by the word and for the word and the word is before all things, and by the word. All things consist. This is powerful. The word of God became flesh and blood. Jesus Christ created everything in the universe whether it's visible or invisible, including all the authorities in the thrones and the dominions that we cannot be there ruling in the heavenly amen. All these things were created by and for him. Now we know that there was a rebellion and we know that Lucifer valid took one third of the angelic host with him. Amen.

But they were created by and for the word of God and because he created all these things these unseen realms in the second heavens where we have principalities and powers and and Paul said in Ephesians 6 chapter where we had the rulers of the darkness of this world and the spiritual wickedness in the heavenly because he created man. You know what that means, he has authority over them.

Amen. By reason of creation. Jesus has authority over all these things and he delegated that authority to somebody else.

Amen. We'll talk about that next week won't wait the lower class is.

Let's look at Colossians the second chapter, verses 14 and 15 now were speaking of Jesus and his human form. What did he do for us on the cross blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us and took it out of the way, nailing it to the cross and had been spoiled principalities and powers.

He made a show of them openly and try moving over them in it or in the cross. I only brought this out because I want you to see something we've already discovered that Jesus has authority over all these principalities and powers in the rulers of the darkness because he created them.

But he went across to take back what the devil had stolen from us because of the sin of Adam. Amen. Any publicly I like that he publicly strips painted on the day that he gained through a public place script from him the right to remain under the bed came because of amen powerful. Galatians 313 says that Jesus became a curse for us that we could be delivered from the curse because it is he that hang it on the tree. Amen. Then we find out that also here in Colossae is in verse one and 13 says he delivered us from the power of darkness, but the word therefore power in the Greek is not doing this it's excusing what does that mean authority, he delivered us from the writing of darkness. Now here's what I want you to understand is Jesus did not go to the cross to win authority over the devil authority over the devil because he created all things you want creation on he has authority over all things. In fact he said he told his disciples in Luke 1018 he said, I beheld Satan fall from as lightning from heaven.


He has authority over him but he went to the cross so that we could have authority over Satan came, he went to the powers of darkness, and the rulers of the darkness of this because he created them 80s the word of God are subject to him and he strips Satan will receive and believe in Jesus on the cross for the forgiveness of any gave us authority over the powers of darkness, and Satan is subject to us. What did he tell the disciples when he sent them forth, and he said, behold, I give you power excusing up, behold, I give you authority over all the powers of the enemy, and we know by diverse right there that authority trumps power. It doesn't matter how powerful the enemy is that comes against you. Authority trumps power when the enemy attacks you, your physical body will react in the attack, your knees will start shaking your start quivering.

You'll feel like you're gonna bang you may not be able to find your voice that your physical body reacted to the presence of evil in your spirit man you already and you don't even have to yell it like I just amen. Because authority trumps power and Satan knows it.

He knows it, but he's not going to do anything until you tell him amen. So we see that the word of God is created all things. Because of that he has authority over them and we will see more next week. What it means because we have authority but let's look at this verse 17 that we just read in Colossians 117 and by the word. All things consist. This work consist is very interesting to me.

The Greek word means with or together, something that stands together holds together is stuck together coheres because it has the prefix SYN on the front of it and and when we bring this into our English words we do have some English words we bring it over from the Greek.

For instance, the word Symphony. It means with sound. It means together many many sounds. Amen.

You can have a symphony with one instrument.

You have to have an orchestra to play a symphony.

Amen. So here in the Greek this word means with to hold together to cohere, and so what it says is the word of God holds everything together so you see, not only did he speak everything into existence creation. But here we are millennia later.

I don't know how many millennia just I know it's many millennia later, all the things that he created by a spoken word are still weather supposed to be. Amen. See his work. Now he created them.

But his work continues to keep them in their proper orders and functions and positions and places there's no chaos. The sun hasn't moved.

Let's be glad the sun hasn't moved even 1° when either me and I saw a fireball but this is where it's supposed to be some 19, said that the heavens declare the glory of God in the form and that showing forth his power and day on the speech and not in the night shows knowledge and there is no speech nor language where their voice is not hard whose voice, the voice of all these stars and planets were in. Then he made a tabernacle for the sun. The sun is exactly where it's supposed to be in our solar system if it moves one way or the other would either going to turn in the isomer going to turn in the fire wise and fair.

He made a tabernacle for it. He said this is where you are.

And this is where you stay, and it still obey in his voice. Amen.

Here's the principle of creation and he's the principle of cohesion. His work was the instrument that created everything and he is one instrument that keeps it all holding together where it belongs.

Everything in the universe that we see God has created.

It by his word and continues to hold it together by his word. Let's turn in Hebrews the 11th chapter and verse three is just one verse I want you to read but I like the way it goes along with this Colossae and so now we see in Colossae and that he created everything and after he created it. He continues to hold it together by his word and Hebrews 11 three tells us through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear were being told a lot here. First of all, were being told that through faith, God had faith in his own work God had enough faith in his own words that he thought if I speak it, it shall be if I say it, it will come into being.

All I do is say I'm getting ahead of myself… Do is say I've got that if I speak it. It will come into existence. So, through faith in the word of God framed everything that we see what we don't see and hear the word of God is our age DNA in the Greek, which is Rhema we've been reading the word of God. In John, but there was lot. Thus, the written word of God. But here now we've got the spoken word of God, God said, I've got enough faith in my mouth.

I got enough faith in my tongue.

I got enough faith in my words, that if I speak then I will create whatever I say here we have the introduction of the spoken word of God and the word framed is very interesting because it means to put things together in an appropriate position it means to establish something set it up arrange and put it in order framed how many know that if you want to build up a brand-new house.

They start off with the foundation and what's the next thing they do they start framing the outer walls they start framing, whatever that diagram says that those walls are going to be. They have to frame it first.

You cannot put kitchen cabinets on thin air yet.I have walls that are framed so that now you can make it orderly and beautiful and handsome cabinets on it. Amen. To put up some walls you getting some pictures on the walls, but it all started with the framework and the word of God put every particle in this entire grandiose universe in its perfect position and precise order saints. How can anyone believe that this universe and this earth with all of its myriad beautiful creation on the plants and the flowers and the animals and all the laws of his happenstance Getting all just be random. I mean if I told you that I got this wristwatch because someone gave me a paper bag and it had some springs and had a dial in his hands at all times. A little pieces and and P supports and Aaron was all just about 100 parts or something and they gave me this brownbag. I just shook it up and shook up and shook it up near the big bang bang bang shake shake shake shake and voilà I've had this once I got this one for my 50th birthday so it's almost 13 years old this month and it's still running and it keeps perfect timing. It's more the best watches I've ever had in my in my whole life case you want to know what it is. It's a pulse, or BU LSA arc is one of my good watch. I'm telling you you now you just get tired of watching you want a new one because you're tired of looking at the old one.

This thing won't quit now have an excuse suggestive selling. But I like it because it's easy to read and when you get a certain point I'm just going to say when you get advanced age doesn't matter how pretty that watches if you can't read the face but if I told you that you would say that's ridiculous.

Well, how can we think that this entire universe with its complexity with its variety with all of the laws that that are perfect that it that if you circumvent that we would have chaos just remove the law of gravity and see what happens. Amen. And you think all of that was just accidental. Of course not.

If we wouldn't believe that this watch was made by accident. We know it has a design.

It has a purpose that is a function, somebody had to design it with a purpose and a function and it's the same way when God created us. Most of us the average person has over 60 trillion cells in their body and there was a time that scientists thought that the cell was the smallest thing that that was it.

But now they realize it was inside one sellers a little factory in their in one sellers a little factory and they're working in, and whatever it's designed to do with its if you could see if you to put on some super microscopic thing like Superman eyesight and look in their you would see a little factory and you got over 60 trillion of them, amen. So when you consider that you know it cannot be accidental know it was framed by the word of God. That's why David said in Psalm 139. I am fearfully and wonderfully made myself this was not what I was curiously wrong in the bowels of the earth. And you heard me tell this before. Love the word curious curious to me whenever I hear that word.

Now I automatically think of DNA and using pictures of DNA will you know you see renditions of DNA and it looks almost like a court and it it's twisted but it's on on the DNA are all the little chromosomes that determine how tall you're going to be what color eyes you're going to had been etc. all that is in your DNA. Everything about whether to be a male or female. All that is in your DNA. Amen.

And the word curious that used in Psalm 139. It also is used in the hopes of Moses were. He described the tabernacle and he described them creating the clothing for the high priest described making the veil for the temple and they had had people that were expert at embroidery. How many know embroidery is very beautiful.

You don't see it much because people forgotten how to embroider everything is pretty knowing stamp donor machines do it, but when you by hand make all those beautiful little flowers and delicate things in different colors that are and that's the same word that when God created us when we were in our mother's womb.

Amen. So we see God framed the world and the universe and everything around by the Raima spoken word of God. Amen. I really hope you're being blessed and spiritually enlightened by this teaching the spoken word series.

This revelation was forged in my spirit during a time of prolonged suffering in my body, which triggered emotional and mental anguish. I had always had a strong spirit of faith.

But after being homebound and bedridden.

I despaired and in my distress I begged God for a word to hold onto and he gave me. John 15 seven if you abide in me and my words abide in you, you will ask what you will and it shall be done.

Honestly, I was disappointed I wanted something more dramatic, but then I began to get this revelation of God spoken word and gradually as I put it in the practice. I overcame the attacks of the adversary. The foundation is the creative word. The word of God literally spoke everything into existence. He framed the worlds and he upholds all things by the word of his power.

The revelation is the authority that Jesus the word of God made flesh and dwelt amongst us had himself and gave to us to speak the word as a sharp two-edged sword against the enemy. The literal Greek says to mouth sword.

One mouth is God's. And the second is mine or yours. When we speak forth the word that God quickens to our spirits. This creates the one weapon against which Satan has no defense.

Raima is not a magical formula is the active living word of God.

A word from the word that comes out of our mouth. The application is the illumination of Jesus own ministry by which he demonstrated faith in his own spoken word and its unlimited authority over time and distance when he sent his word and he healed them friends, I urge you to order the spoken word series.

The complete set is a 3D set off for SK 136 that SK 136. Please send a minimum gift of $15 to the sound of faith PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 21203 or order You may also order one MP3 but to order the spoken word series by mail send your minimum love gift of $15 to PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 21203 request for SK 136. Till next time Sharon not saying marinara

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