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The Bible Doctrine of Hope, Part 1

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy
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April 26, 2022 8:00 am

The Bible Doctrine of Hope, Part 1

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy

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April 26, 2022 8:00 am

Praying the prayer of faith begins the process once you have laid claim to a promise in God's Word. But when there is a delay, as there often is, you can cast away your confidence and fail to receive the reward of your faith. This is where hope comes into play: that patient, confident expectation of the fulfillment of the promise. Hope is the anchor of the soul that makes a believer's faith in God's promises unsinkable. It is so rich that the rapture of the church is called the Blessed Hope, and every believer knows this is not a wish or an uncertain expectation!

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Friends and welcome to the sound I'm sharing, not thanking you for joining us today because we know Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Today's message by my father, brother Hardy is a word of encouragement to all who may feel you are in a waiting period of your faith, during which time you can feel unsure your prayers are being answered.

This is actually the second stage of faith which is hope, but not the watered-down kind of hope that is actually more like wishing that believing. So what is true biblical hope. Find out in today's message.

The Bible doctrine of hope who I will however more about for all, not really meeting of the Greek word LP every aspect of the Greek word that we translate complement in our modern day comedown usually by fire like I bring today. They do it. My ship comes with a lot of people that you have everything you need a new happily ever, but the Greek word please me patient patient that have believed God is going to the second plate and not have your prayers answer. We believe we would have in the word of God with begotten new creation.

I will of God right now we all find our life back with Jesus Late patiently expecting Jesus to come complement every time I am today. I want to, I am going to be pretty. On the day on sometime soon and I'm not trying. I am not doing my that he will call you going to come with one amount of the sensor by an every creature and and that he was given an hour would be energizing them commission Daisy, a crowdpleasing and receive Jesus into heaven and on her mouth open.

He said why you hear Daisy saying well, and like wine manner going to come because God promise that he will see the coming all daily. The time is coming. The world patient on my I am not my. I'm still going on doing what he said that one will now click on competence patients expectation. I a good definition of the patient complement expectation filament which has believe God word for patient expectation for local word that has believe God for Emily, so you have to have been stolen. What things now is the substance of things usually think of you really talk about some of the four talking about things for pain. That's the Greek substances who mean the foundation and have to have something foundation foundation and the basic thing bases of the things hoped for, bases and a foundation you see my own. Lee foundation upon you something to believe in foundation is the word of God and not danger when you're playing doubting and not having your prayers answered. What I mean from God, I checked out his word for God is obligated to confirm his word, not the people God who could hear. I checked out the Scriptures to try defying my knee if I do not have a specific script. It means my needs.

Maybe I need an automobile, automobiles. But I have to give the Scripture that will cover that all will be and I find as I read John's Gospel 1415 16 chapters in their Jesus said what so ever you asked the father in my name he will give it to you. Then Jesus said what so ever you asked me, that will I do that the probably be good and you ask anything in my name, I will do it. In fact, I'm choosing this automobile is an example because nothing in my life even just early in the ministry. I didn't have an automobile is not like today where everybody will be like of you will have to agree to underprivileged and that I am there mobiles we had to use the public transfer to the buses and streetcars. They had back in my day actually And when I would go to church or to alleviate I take a streetcar bus or taxi cab integrity check for too much or all library, like when Thursday here.

I had gotten off the boss that wanted to go to my house when I go allow them to walking up that road and it was hot. I happened to come by the house that had an old mobile for sale in the order and I'm not right here and I was sweating it out you nice to have a meal and when you go home real. So I finished my I got home and I refresh myself with more comfortable close got something to drink and sat down because we did have air conditioning back you were blessed to have me again if it did not tell you when you get home real trying to spiritually find out you try me if you get them to so I wanted to do everything that I asked God for I least recently three will be established Scriptures father, my name given to you as a father I ask in the name of Jesus. Mobile banking because I thank you.

You should because you would do with the out of you give me the name and I'm not paying you not paying job because I God cannot lie that why I'm not into the second, which is that I would see what they believe in God's word and I were in operation. Patient there.

They began to get back anything in and save hear your prayer. God is not going to move the seed of doubt and unbelief and try foundation in the word of God for God to work things out something she can do right now.

Maybe you I have been so long. Praying that God will bring them back to me when maybe there in another country like he did pick him up and bring them here but working out you think I'm talking about working out the public. The shipping to be that God will proclaim and then you may not patient so many people God lacked the patient have a little bit afraid of a little bit of pain because the Bible said about the grain of mustard seed measure I could think of this mountain, Jesus pointed out mouth about me that we will be thou To see if I will not doubt in my heart there.

God can make because I didn't think you know, I can hear a message from God this morning only to receive the promises of God promise me. I think my God I rejoicing material. I believe in my unit we can all know we will all be picked up a small man and doesn't happen then we start to get that lying down to our prayer and we are pleased with our paperweight about Hebrews 1035 which is a great recompense of something else on the new that having something else to do. Read this verse are confident for you have need of that there you have done the will of the Lord you might receive the promise that you second thing that God can't lie, I can't fail to form new legal UPS and every day you know it you look at the truck to come don't come here tomorrow you got to be come in. I I am not free to leave God, I received cannot not one jot you'll come and he doesn't come linking you will, God, you can't really do many people feeling the going to get it. I'm going to get real bad, because my faith is not my faith is not what I don't think they think and feel the witness to God. I will pay that I had my believe God, I am going to look at any time, but it will will live. God and the only thing that made I am going God for letting back in the streetlamp perspiring. I desired that car. That was just a desire and a wish or modern-day definition of net.going to pray for that all mobile now finally playing. I according to his word in the name of Jesus, the one that cannot lie and feel true because I believe that I expected that car you know what I did.

I started looking for aliens to take a trip that car and I didn't mean the car until I have all the plans for the trip. Well, in my bags packed and when I have all plans finalized and packed up that I needed the car but I was going to get a good thing and patiently expected it and I just warning loosefitting out there right now who at the time was misleading. I said car evangelist just start now and get an automobile when I could just about food on the pavement. Where you man, and she said you straighten your and he wanted to know all project projects all they like to do is an rubber neck and they are like the opinion they want to hear something new until something new that's nothing new though make it up there and she went through the whole thing. You know that husband of mine now he's here, they hate doing job say God give them a call about the project. All look out the window at that religious well I still stayed in whole patiently affected my all picked out was a pretty car I had to tell you about it.

Surprisingly, most, but it looked like a Cadillac but it was a lot cheaper but it was a big boat and fishtailed.

It was suburban brown walked down the bottom and white top alligator dashboard mean it like now based thousand dollar core. I was just figure out where to drive my new car first in private in the project tool in battle.

I was I was competent, patient, one of my best virtues usually God said he was going to give it to me.

If you give it to me. Then it was in trouble. I like couldn't tell me a lot of things because I was in patient God blessed me with in the main aspect of patients that I God I know God's word.

I know God's voice.

I got down and praying the way the word of God describes and prescribes the pray. I knew that God heard because God hears you, and I knew that the Bible said that if I can get in the here and I ask I know I know you say you visualize that God cannot lie and give me that evening when Encouraging Word by God's servant for the hardy first all the Bible doctrine of hope hope is such a positive word and yet in the English language is often used anemic leaks like a wish. I hope my package comes today is far beneath the New Testament definition of hope, which is comprised of three indispensable elements. Patient confidence and expectation and the reason hope is so powerful is it is grounded in faith, which is founded on the word of God is actually the second stage of faith, praying the prayer of faith begins the process. Once you have laid claim to a promise and the word of God. You know when you've prayed the prayer of faith when you've come boldly to the throne of grace in the name of Jesus. Nothing doubting but when there is a delay is there often is.

You can cast away your confidence and failed to receive the reward of your faith. This is where hope comes into play that patient confident expectation of the fulfillment of God's work for which you have believed these the richly illustrated brother Hardy's message that Bible doctrine of hope available on CD for love gift of $10 or more for the radio ministry. Please request 173 mailto sound faith PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 21203 or you can order online at sound of faith God for that sound you can also order when MP3 but to order by mail send a minimum love gift of $10 to PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 2123 request offer 1734.

The Bible doctrine of hope. Till next time.

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