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4 Reasons God Allows Prolonged Testing, Part 2

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy
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April 22, 2022 8:00 am

4 Reasons God Allows Prolonged Testing, Part 2

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy

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April 22, 2022 8:00 am

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Greetings mentor new listeners and welcomed at the sound of faith. I'm not thanking you for being with us today because we now faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. If you've ever been in a time of prolonged testing. Today's message is perfect for you.

For reasons God allows prolonged testing.

God has promised that he is faithful and will not allow us to be tested above what we are able to endure. Find out why he sometimes allows our test to become protracted and for reasons God allows prolonged testing number two reason why God allows us to go through prolonged trials and temptations to manifest to the angelic beings both the good ones and the evil ones St. didn't utter defeat. Remember when the disciples came back to Jesus.

He'd sent them out to buy two said now you go into the cities and towns you heal the sick, you cleanse the leper you cast out demons you preach the gospel. You tell them this is the kingdom of God and they came back they were so joyful they were just common that running all the success they had such great victory. They couldn't wait to get back and states she demons are subject to like that was news to him. He would sent them out and told him to do it if you didn't expect them to succeed and they were grateful and delighted about it and here's what Jesus said, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven. We just told you the demons are subject to us in your name. You think I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.

So what Jesus was saying. It is, I expect this I was there I was there and I watched as he did not know his rebellious angels with him. Amen. And not only did Jesus see but all faithful angels. The two angels that start truth to God. They were standing there marching with his one third of apples before the throne of Haiti started one of the throne, you even get a pop-up mist around the word of God. Amen. One of God spake Mark angels Michael Taylor shoes on lightning those faithful angels feet spectacular and you state impression on them.

I mean they were probably some of the mother angels that went along with Lucifer.

Before that, and they get well.

We because we know God and we trust and love and I didn't get tricked and join them written. I'm so glad I did. Let's say did the same. Amen.

He lost his position in heaven when he was the anointed cherub when he was the leader of the worship and the praise to God Almighty, he lost all of that and he did not like being without authority never get back in the position in heaven. So he was decided guess the next best thing is try to get authority over this earth that God has re-created and given now to some creature that he's made in his likeness and his image, and I cannot bear that I cannot bear that some that looks like is going to be bossing me around. I want to do something about that and we know how he seduced Eve and deceived her and Adam joined in.

Amen. Any usurped authority over the earth.

When Adam and Eve disobeyed God in the garden and the Bible says in Adam's fall we all fall. Romans 512 says by one man's disobedience and by one man sin sin and death entered the world and death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned. We were born in the family. Adam every one of us was born in the family of Adam and we were born slaves to sin. And that means slaves to Satan because we were born with the sin nature. Amen. But thank God for the second Adam, the son of God highly and saying the first 2015. As we have borne the image of the earthly. We now bear the image of the heavenly Adam we been born again to see God. The bull seed of the word of God. So Jesus said no dies. I was there when Satan got kicked out and I saw him fall. That's Luke 1018 now he says in Luke 1019 behold, I give you the charge, the born again but Dean was already over all the power of the enemy and nothing by any means shall hurt you. So Jesus was saying, basically, don't be amazed that the demons are subject to you in my name, I saw Lucifer himself fall from heaven, and let me say to you and to all of us every time we cast out demons in Jesus name.

Satan experiences his fall all over again every time you pick the devil out of your life every time you stop in under your Holy Ghost feet. Satan experiences his fall all over again. Amen.

Every time we enjoy the temptation and the trial patiently. We show those good angels. Those faithful angels. Those ministering spirits that God sends forth to minister to us and we shall angels. No one already Satan service we show them that not only is he kicked out of heaven.

But he's kicked out of my life and escaped out of your life. Amen pennies under our feet. We show the angels that are watching Satan's utter defeat. And I always like to have a play on words you know me. Brother Hardy has the message Satan's complete defeat that would be DEF DAT well I want to say Satan's complete defeat DEF DEET amen Michelle you guys over here DEF DAT company's feet and we shot them that he cannot overcome us with the temptation only if we let him because God said up front. I am faithful I will not let you be tried above the measure of my grace and I will make a way out.

Now if you can show me that God is not faithful and he's not a bad track record then you know that maybe I will think all I'll be discouraged.

But if you can't show me that God is a liar and you can't show me that God has failed. Those who trusted in him, either by giving them a way of escape, like he did Daniel in the lion's den and the three Hebrew boys in the furnace or measurable ranks.

What she did to 11 of his disciples to die a martyr's death, so that even beyond them. Apostle Paul who he said was born late in the season, but nevertheless got born. Amen. I am now to be offered up my time is not ready.

Amen. I'm ready now for me to live is Christ and to die is gain.

God requires anyone to die for the on behalf of Jesus which we see now, maybe not here but all around the world. In China, and many of those Islamic countries. God gives you grace to live by to give you grace to die by. He's never going to let you be in a position where they got a gun to your head or some other terrible thing and he's not going to give you the grace to go through it. Sometimes I read some of them stories and I think all.all.I think I only got to do it. Oh Lord, I don't think I could watch my loved one be shot in the head if I don't deny you exactly what I know I couldn't do it. But you see, if it ever came to that, he would give me the grace he would give you the grace.


So the Angels are watching their watching us and they are seeing God's great plan of redemption and that Satan is utterly defeated. You know I just have to read it because I want the devil no one but not proven with the Scripture. Revelation 12 tells us what I just paraphrased Revelation 12 and verse seven and there was war in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon and the dragon fought and his angels, and there's another versa tells us that the Dragon is the devil, and prevailed not neither was their place found any more in heaven or he was kicked out and the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the devil and Satan, which deceives the whole world was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. Amen and behold I heard a voice saying now is come salvation, and strength in the kingdom of our God and the power of this price, the accuser brethren is cast down, which accused them before God day and night. So here we have what took place and may I say this, there's going to be a sequel in the future. There's going to be a sequel after the tribulation and after the millennial reign of Christ. This is going to happen again but this time he's going to be cast in the lake of fire and the smoke of his torment will rise up forever and ever.

He's not getting out again. Amen. Now Peter said in second Peter 24 God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment and Jude said the same exact thing in June 6 so the word here that says cast them into hell. The great work is Tartar room Tartar room TAR TAR 00 and I want to bring your attention to it because when you will be held in the English there's several words that are interpreted hell that had different meanings with your in the Old Testament, even there Hebrew has several words for help and the Greek does to suggest read English doesn't always give you the full picture. So what is Tartar room. It's a compartment hell that is total, total darkness is not fire its total darkness. It's a prison. That's what the word means a present, a compartment, its total darkness and first Peter 319 tells us that in the three days between the crucifixion and the resurrection.

Jesus went down Tartar room there in that place of darkness and preach to the spirits that change so you see some of these fallen Angels because they were disobedient even after the time of Lucifer in your Bible in the book of Genesis we are told that some angels came and had sex with Adams daughters and produced an evil race of giants and angels who come after the fall of Satan are now in Tartar room and Jesus went down to preach to them. Let me throw this out there. When you hear certain ministries say that Jesus went to hell to be tormented on the devil and tormenting up demons and he had to go through that for us on our behalf, so he had to go through and suffer that way, and there are some that teach that and they act like it was down there being beat up by demons and taunted and tortured until finally the third day… But that's not what happened. He went down there and said take me to those angels and chains paraphrased them a price to pay any told them the plan of God that you tried to thwart the plan that you try to corrupt you know I just came from the wounds it will get what we did not rise to went down and he went to another compartment were told about it in Luke the 16th chapter right just names of God when they died. They went there and it was a place of comfort yet because the price was not paid.

So everyone that died from righteous able all the way up to the last one that died on the cross Jesus when anyone ripped the gate so and were told in Ephesians the fourth chapter that he went down and he told captivity. Another words, all of those godly righteous men and women die coming up beside it went down that path on how to God in paradise to your father pending their visit be present with second Corinthians 5 nobly verse eight. Amen. So all of these angels have seen this. They have seen that the plan of redemption has prevailed over the plot of Satan to derail it were told in revelations 118. He took the keys keys mean authority whenever you see keys in the Bible it means authority.

He took the keys of death and hell off of Satan when he went to unlock that door. He said come on, you're coming with me. Amen. He'd already told the thief on the cross, when he said, Lord, remember me when you come into your kingdom. Jesus said today. Today you're going with me. You're going to be in paradise. Amen. So that was number two. Let's go to number three why God allows us to go, sometimes through extended trials. We learn here.

It's too shows both good and bad angels. The plan of God. Now three to reveal his plan of man's redemption to his angels, and to show them God's power to keep us, let's turn to first Corinthians chapter 4 let a man so what town of us, as of the ministers of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God. Moreover it is required in stewards that a man be found faithful.

So where ministers I would tell you about this Greek word in it first, you're probably not going to like it very much. When we think of minister think of someone who has a title and a position they might even have a particular way they dress, let everybody know I'm a minister, but I would tell you what this Greek word here means now and other places in your English Bible you will see the word minister that is actually from the word Viacom, which we bring it over Deacon, but that's not the word here. The word here is hopeful Ray takes hoopoe rate case two words help, though means under under and address so which is what rate case comes from means to row and I'm literally talking about. You have yours on the boat and your rowing but not just anyone rowing on the boat. Don't think of a little canoe were something. Think of those ships back in that time. In the Roman times that would've had Dowling below the deck. There was the galley and they would have had up to 110 sitting on a little hard bench like this and on each side and their rowing and that is what the ship moving and these guys were not treated always in the best way they were overworked work too long and sometimes I hate to tell you this, they would let somebody wrote to the point of exhaustion and sometimes they would keel over that now God doesn't do that because he's not like the devil. But I want to show you that this particular word what it meant. It was the lowest Greek word for servant, the lowest one.

There's another one for due loss which means servant, but this servant even though he was, not free to come and go. He was still treated a lot better by the master, but this is the lowest of the low, and he says that's what we are. We are the ministers of Christ, and he said were stewards of the mysteries of God. Now it seems like a dichotomy here because one the one hand we got this lowest form of servant, and now we've got Stewart you know what a steward was a manager, a superintendent, someone to whom the owner or the proprietor entrusted to manage and oversee his affairs. His house even his finances. We could say he was the Masters Deputy so another words he did not own the house. He didn't own any of the treasures in the house he did know many of the money in the bank account not but he was given this trust, the master had so much trust in him. I can turn over to you. The running of my house.

The overseeing of my finances. I trust you the number one you are competent and capable to do a good job so that you know it's not destroyed, and I lose everything I can trust you that you are not going to be dishonest. See that's what the word steward is, and Paul was saying that we were given the stewardship over God's mysteries. Another words over the revelation of the gospel, the word of God. Both the Gospels of Jesus and then the epistles to the church. Paul said it was his main concern that he had to preserve and protect these revelations and dispense them. He had to get him out. He had to get the truth out to God, it entrusted to him to do and sometimes he was beaten for jail for many things that he suffered. You can read the catalog of the things that he suffered beat with Ron and many stripes.

He said sometimes with many stripes. He was in shipwrecks. One time you spent a whole day and 1/2 in the sea, but he says God is entrusted me to get this truth out in this word of God out in whatever the cost is I'm going to do it because he said the first requirement is that we be found faithful now. Keeping that in mind, keeping in mind that our first requirement, no matter if God called you to say if he is called you to be a soloist acquire director of choir member and instrumentalist teach Sunday school. Whatever God gives you to do comments in this house of God pay your time whatever God you do not want be faithful and dropping down to verse nine, you're going to see another good reason why because first of all let me just interject that Jesus said one day he's going to say well done, thou good and faithful servant. You been faithful in the lease now on that you will. Moreover, most so that's self-serving enough for your benefit in my benefit. Amen.

What an insightful word of the Lord, for reasons God allows prolonged testing God is on record that he is faithful and that he won't allow us to be tested above that which we are able.

When we feel that we are at our breaking point. He will make a way of escape and exit plan or give us the commensurate grace to stand. I have found for reasons in scripture that explain why it sometimes test are harder and longer to teach a spiritual warfare to manifest to angels, Satan's utter defeat to reveal to the faithful angels. His plan of redemption and to teach us to never give up. We will look back to the pre-creation account at the fall of Lucifer to the coming of the Redeemer and his delegated big victorious authority to his church to the coming seek will of Satan's fall and the believers eternal glory for reasons God allows prolonged testing can be ordered on CD for love gift of $10 or more for the radio ministry. Please consider adding extra to help us with mounting postal costs request SK 218. That's SK 218 and send your love gift of $10 or more to sound of faith PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 21203 or you can order where MP3s are available, but to order by mail send your minimum love gift of $10 request SK 2182, PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 21203 and we would appreciate your letting us know the call letters of this radio station till next time. This is shower not saying that

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