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From Baca to Beracha, Part 3

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy
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April 15, 2022 8:00 am

From Baca to Beracha, Part 3

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy

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April 15, 2022 8:00 am

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Greetings friends, new listeners, welcome to the sound Sharon not thanking you for joining us today because we know Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Our message today is for all who have never experienced the valley of tears, a place where it seems all blessings are cut off or lost its entitled from Baca to baraka. God wants to take you from Baca the valley of tears to baraka the valley of blessing and turn your tears into triumph.

I preach this message by personal experience, so I'm excited to tell you how to get from Baca to baraka, so I'm not worried about was born a man. So there is no fear of the enemy, but were not how and we know that the captain of the Lord is looking out for us.

He will give grace and he will give glory.

I wish I could park here a while, preach about grace Wednesday night you in a task well get that message because God got more than enough grace is great more than sufficient for you, and he told you come boldly to the throne of grace for grace. God is not only going to give you grace so you can come through the valley of tears to bring you out just bring you out hanging on by the skin of your teeth wants to bring you out and give you glory to give you hell COMMIT when God destroyed the spoils and we that works amen they would get all the good portion, and the rest, God said they could keep it there were certain don't keep me all of it, but most of the time department want to just bring Barry knowing what to give you grace to indoor not only want to make a way of escape. You want to get rain over your right around the way I did not give you grace to get through to give you glory is going to give you the blessing is going to give you the spoil when they came in to help David family and all. When they were in the battle lines were born there can everything is gone.

The people were so they all get the Bible. David encouraged the brother so-and-so he was going to stone. Mary was going to snow.

We encourage our due should not pursue that person to get back get back every shoelace you grain of corn God will give us grace, God will give us glory hallelujah. The last verse, verse 12 repeating again. Oh Lord of host is the man that trusted in the you are the captain hallelujah when he appeared on the Joshua. Joshua looked up and saw that great mighty man. He said who are you just tell me one thing for us.

Are you against when you do know on the captain of the Lord host and not come to give you the battery job that's all I needed to know. And God will turn the valley of tears in your Valium triumph, and those who trust in the will be blessed if I was right in the sound right here is Robert a said, blessed is the man that trusted in the state as Amanda trusted the knee say about their amen almost on turn with me to Joshua, seven, versus here to talk to you now about the valley talk about the valley of Baca becoming the valley to baraka the valley of tears become the valley of blessings and trial now and Joshua said when you paraphrase and give you the setting. They just won the great battle of Jericho. Everybody knows about the battle of Jericho out of the wall fell straight down and how today went in and mutterings will they didn't lose one person they went up against the fortified city and they did lose one they utterly burned the city and God had told them up front here's the key upfront God said I'm going to give you the city I'm going to give you the spoils. When you get the spoils. This is the first fruit.

This is the first day of conquest after coming out of the wilderness, indicating the first conquest was Jericho and got the first is mine. God is a one second, third, fourth, the last two months. First he said that you will all the spoils go to my house later on I'll give you your spoils and your glory time, everyone. As it turns wills into the house of God.

They won the battle gloriously collected all the spoils and brought it to the house of God. The next city was a little tiny city called AI. It was so small that when Joshua galloped look everyday thinking compared to Jericho. This is nothing only to take the whole army… But you know what happened when they went up before that little city. Those people in that city change them, and 36 Israelites were killed. They were in total shock with just one formidable Jericho and now little nothing about town whoever heard and every loss we got an end 36 of our networking shop.

Joshua dear Jack, how I flew a farm in Paris to understand… Doing down there with your face on the ground told you what the problem was, but that the problem you went there without asking me.

You got one Jericho just laid on our own understanding and you before you go before you go there send in the camp and before I can give you victory. Somebody didn't obey my commandments, just as greedy and nice all backbone go in the environment by going to Mrs. Mrs. one little rope went to go out to visit and he went into his and nobody stalling down the hole in the ground and put a carpet over God's only got told Peterson in the can and I can bless where their sin and outburst. Joshua said I call 36 men their life just because somebody didn't pray just because somebody go before the Lord inquire of God. 36 men had to die. Amen. So Israel, but he just let them learn a lesson Joshua said what must we do Lord God told him how to bring the tribe chose down the one tribe to bring the families and they got down one family and then bring them before they got down the one man man's name was Aiken Nettle will pick up here in Joshua seven verse 24, and Joshua and all Israel with him, took Aiken is on a raw and the silver and the garment and the wedge of gold and this man's disobedience and only effective and affected his whole family and Don and his daughters and is documented that she is in all that he had and they brought them into the valley of Angkor Wat is the name of the mountain. The value of a coarser value decor and Joshua Bell trouble not the Lord shall trouble this day and all Israel with stone fire stone that was his approach show that God wanted nothing to do with burned bone and when he had burned though they raised over him, a great heap of stones to this day. So the Lord turn from the fierceness of his anger where the name of the place was called the Koran to this day the value decor with the valley of cursing. It was the valley of judgment. It was the valley of God's displeasure with the valley of death.

It was about a stony. It was a valley where they burned her bone. How many see that all right. I want you to turn Isaiah 65th chapter I'm going to read you one little verse but it's one of my favorite verses in all the Bible I'm going to end with this person you're going to like Isaiah 6510. We just read. They called it the doweling of core where sin because Israel flee before their enemy call 36 men die then called Aiken an entire family sons and daughters in every let me get near the value decor. I was far from valley medical does not get maybe verse 10 Isaiah 65 and Sharon shall be a full flocks core, a place where the heart to lie down in for my people thought knee there for me all know that Sharon is the name of a rail and Lily on the God, the prompt he was cursing where approach where they were stone and bar because they had lost the battle because the obedient, but the Lord God will forgive your disobedience obedient to the polls, the water core instead of being a place where they burned a bunch about obedient people become a pastor, a place of rest for the flocks to lie down, make me lie down in green pastor. Maybe this water and heal the broken and God will take your valleys the baraka and God will take your decor and make them the valley of Sharon not not, but the conditions are you going to appear before God in Zion, and those who had sought me. He said me while I maybe call me while I'm not well I'm here in the year. If you seek the Lord will surely be entreated of the if you seek the Lord, shortly answered me and I'll bring you out of box and I'll bring you in the baraka review and is Sharon and I'll bring you to a place you take my time not the wrong thing did Jesus is easy and my burden is light and shall you shall find rest for your soul.

My know you and the people of Israel he said. No longer will you be called for sake, but you shall be called Beulah.

I landed, I landed beautiful unmarried wife. No longer will you be put aside, put away for me.

No longer will you be as a divorced woman but you will come back to me and you will be Beulah and I will be your bridegroom and I will be your God loved you with an everlasting love the Lord and I have drawn you with my loving kindness and there are people here this morning, God loves you with an everlasting love and he is not that your heart again and again and he's knocking the day. Maybe you've never come to the Lord maybe are far from him.

Maybe doing a low place and you just had forsaken the devil is preached to you that old same old lie. He's only got one song he only got one song that on a different course is the one song I may say amen. But if you know that today the Lord and I can take that doweling of vodka. I can take your tears yes I can take your phone around your messed up stuff all the times you messed up in your shaman.

You feel bad and feel rejected, give it to me and I can redeem it. The Lord God of redemption, God cares, I will strive along with you, Lord. Amen.

You say, but you just don't know I messed up so much missing you here this morning. God's grace is here speaking to your heart, because he loves you if you don't know the Lord this morning.

You can know him and if you're far from God this morning you can come home and if you been a little leaning coating your soul when you have not been coming to the house of God, you got that other things become priorities don't do that you get knocked down late to some trouble comes knocking on your door and try to get a hold of the Lord. If you continue in the Lord you go from strength to strength to strength to strength. The Lord wants to strengthen you this morning the Lord was to strengthen your heart, your body wants to hear your home your marriage. God wants to deliver.

Amen. Would you let your hands to the Lord. Father, we ask your blessings upon the people of God, Lord, right now, that you would give peace to your people Lord you reach out and touch that one that you're drawn to yourself. If you if you are not saying this morning when everyone is staying attitude of prayer. If you're not say this morning and you want to come to the Lord. If you're away from God and you want to come back to him. I want you to come up. You're right now right now love the spirit of God is moving come forth right now.

Don't wait. Don't wait. Come on now, what the Lord is moving on your heart just come right out. Whatever you are aware watch it up here right now. Right now, if your back if you're calling from the law. Right now I want you in my loving kindness. I probably knew this large this morning. Amen.

And if you got a burning that you feel like too weak to carry God the burden on you or you're not getting strength from the Lord will never bear to spread the news this morning. Do you need a little bit more grace. Come on up here right now right now with the spirit of God is moving. Don't you think the more it came up.

I don't care where you like you are here because God loves you. Jesus loves you. All he can redeem all the failures all the bad stuff all the children given to the Lord. He can redeem all yes you can. You can change the path. I can change my past and change the past. The past there yesterday ended last night at midnight the day the Lord said, I am drawing you. I will bless you, I will lift you up. I will give you everything that you need if you if you need a mother can you father if you need a husband. If you need a life if you need a friend. Jesus said that's what I'll be to you. Are you ready to receive the Lord now are you close your eyes and repeat this rapidly say father God, I come to you in the name of Jesus I pray you must and must failures bring you my burden and my cares and I thank you for taking them for me and bearing into your cross and covering it with your blood. I ask you to forgive me now all my sin and all my failures wash them in your blood and I was in Jesus.

Amen. What an uplifting word from the Lord from Baca to baraka. If you've ever experienced an extended time in the valley of tears.

You know how painful it can be, but our tears are precious to God. Actually, David, the beloved psalmist prayed in Psalm 56 put my tears in your tier bottle and we learned in the book of Revelation that the prayers and tears of the Saints are gathered in the bowls before God's throne as sweet incense, the valley of Baca was one of Israel's lowest points where they lifted up their voices want to cry and lament over the judgment. Their disobedience had brought on the nation. It became known as the Valley of both team or tears, but centuries later, the writer of Psalm 84 declared that those who appear before God at his altars in the house of God go from strength to strength and when they pass through the valley of Baca the valley of tears. They make it into a well where the rain fills the pools, it becomes a valley of blessings. They turn their tears into trying out another Valley of testing for Israel was the valley of a core where sin in the camp committed by Aiken caused them to lose a battle and it became known then as the valley of a core of cursing and reproach were Aiken and his family died in their bones were burned, but centuries later. Isaiah called that very same Valley Sharon a place where the flocks and God's people who saw him lay down and rest.

Would you like to rest in the fields of Sharon to go from strength to strength to turn your tears and the triumph and into rainbows for your soul. The keys to appear in God's house and make your delight in place of safety at his altars, just as the sparrow builds a nest for her young. So God's altars are the place of blessing for his people.

God never wastes our pain, and he will redeem our tears when we seek his presence in his house for one day in God's house is better than a thousand elsewhere to order from Baca to baraka send a love gift of $10 or more for the radio ministry to sound the faith PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 21203 request SEK 1024 order where it's also available on MP3 but to order SEK 102 from Baca to baraka by mail send your minimum love gift of $10 to PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 21203 if the Lord directs you. Please consider sending a larger gift towards the expenses of this station. Thank you and God bless you.

Until next time Sharon not saying

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