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The 4 P's of Perfect Faith, Part 1

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy
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May 14, 2021 8:00 am

The 4 P's of Perfect Faith, Part 1

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy

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May 14, 2021 8:00 am

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Arrangements to new listeners and welcome to the sound of St. I'm Sharon I thank you for tuning in today because we know Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.

Today's message the 4P's of perfect faith is illustrated in the crises faced by G.I. risk of ruler of the Jewish synagogue. His 12-year-old daughter was dying when he found Jesus and asked him to come lay hands on her, and she shall live. Jesus followed them home without hesitation, but a game changing problem presented on the way and JR's got a crash course in the 4P's of perfect face. Thank the Lord for his marvelous he said in John 1427, my peace I leave with you my peace.

You get by unto you. Amen only supernatural peace that comes from heaven can assist you in a time when all you hear are bad reports bad news things come into your life. Amen. They just would turn you upside down and yet you have this cushion P you know I read one time that the oceans you know they are so powerful. Water is so powerful really hydropower of water is really probably the greatest power on earth.

And we know how powerful the oceans are, but do you know with a very very very low was death is something called the cushion of the sea and in that that place, things are undisturbed. There is no current. There is no upheaval. There is no movement there is nothing as powerful as all those waves and currents and times are down there at the cushion of the sea. It's just serene and placid and motionless and see that is the picture of our soul when our trust is in God this stuff is happening all around is the one thing after another Academy you can clone but yet deep down in your soul. There is a push and a peace that is undescribable, that is part of all. Amen. And that can only come from the Lord were due to begin in Psalm 138 and read two verses there before we go into the New Testament and these are some of my favorite verses in in one in the Psalms. And Psalms 138 in verse seven, though I walk in the midst of trouble, thou wilt revive me. Thou shalt stretch forth thine hand against the wrath of mine enemies, and thy right hand shall save me. Verse eight the Lord will perfect that which concerns me for thy mercy. The Lord endures forever. For sake, not the work of thine hand. Amen. Let me tell you something if you haven't already found out probably had sometimes you're going to walk in the midst of trouble. Amen. You're going to walk in the midst of trouble. David said many are the afflictions on the right says the Lord delivered them all of the righteous but that when you're walking in the midst of those troubles, the Lord will revive you and actually that word means to remain alive to recover from sickness from weakness connected to the word in Hebrew for life hi which is life for kayaking, which is plural it's connected to that word, and so it means do we convert from sickness to recover from something that is been to take your life and we know that it can be on two planes. It can be literally in the natural, the physical or it could be in the spiritual realm as well. Amen. But he said if I placed the Lord's daughter revive me literally what you say it is the Lord is going to keep me alive.

He's going to keep me alive and is going to preserve me these notices me, but not perfect that which concerns me.

You know, usually we don't see the word perfect used as a verb. I mean, it's mostly used as an adjective right we speak of something being perfect.

Amen. Oh, that is the perfect picture all that you address fits you perfectly. We make it an adverb, but we don't see it as a verb, generally speaking, we do not use it as a verb, amen. But here it's been used as a fire remains should so you have an action word, then that means there's gotten the subject or a noun or a person or something that's performing the action. Amen. And so here in this case it's the Lord God who is performing the action anything very special action because he is perfect. D is child is working on someone through the midst of their troubles walking in the triable in action and he is walking and perfecting someone to bring them to a place of completion and fulfillment and victory. Amen. So God uses all those troubles and hindrances and obstacles and things that come against and they don't shake they don't alter his plan. They don't make the thing now what am I going to do about this just puts it all together, and like we know when the New Testament and Paul said in Romans eight when he ate and all things work together for good to them that love God, that are called according to his purpose. Amen. So, all things are working together for God is walking them together for good, God is doing that. Amen what Paul said in Philippians 16 and he said that he had begun a good work in you, he shall perform it. He's going to perfect everything.

Amen. So I'm here to tell you the truth. Sometimes you're going to walk in trouble.

Sometimes you're going to be in the midst of many troubles, but don't become weary in the midst of it. Amen.

Don't doubt in your heart you know you're competent because in trouble for things thing in your life. Amen. But you see, the devil tries to get us to focus on were surrounded by troubles once said that he had so many troubles. They were surrounding him like a green bay tree and I'm not exactly sure what a green bay tree is but I have to assume that it's one of those trees that's just so bold you almost stand under it like it's an umbrella. Amen. And Naftali Saul the enemy coming against him. Amen.

But he said in Psalm 27 this is what I do in those situations to steps he said in Psalm 2713 I had fainted.

I like the say the way we would say I would have fainted unless I had believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living what you do when you're walking in the midst of trouble you got believe I am going to see the goodness of the Lord because one thing I am totally convinced of, and the devil will not persuade me otherwise and time and will and all the time.your heart in your mind that God is on our summer sometime and tried to stay well why didn't God do this or how come God is not that amen and you may not have the answer and you don't mean to you because I'm God is going, but I believe I will eventually see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. I don't know when it's coming up that I don't know how it's coming about, but I believe because God is good.

I will eventually see his goodness in my life. So I believe the report on the lower and then he said in the next verse he said so wait on the Lord and be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart way I say on the Lord. So first step to victory is to believe that God is good and second step, the victory is to say I'm gonna wait on God's goodness to be manifest because though I'm walking in trouble right now he's going to use this thing and he's going to perfect the things concerning me. Now that is a very broad broad subject and you can fill in the blank according to your need, whatever it may be you committed and submitted to God and he's going to perfect the outcome and perfecting you in the process. Amen. So now let's turn to Mark the fifth chapter of very very common story. One of Jesus miracles actually 32 miracles in the story and we know it well, but I would like to go through it today if you just don't mind because I'm prepared myself victory as well. Amen. And faith comes by hearing the word of God and so I can hear my own self preaching. And while I'm here.

It's faith is being processed in my spirit, amen. So in Mark five. Let's look at verse 21 and when Jesus was passed over again by ship on the other side much people much people gathered unto him, and he was neither. He was nearing to the sea, and behold, there cometh one of the rulers of the synagogue, JR is by name and when he saw him, he fell at his feet G he fell at Jesus feet and be sought very strong word and be sought greatly intensifying the word setting my little daughter lie at the point of death, I prayed the calm and laid my hands on her that she may be healed and she shall live very positive and she shall live.

And you know what and Jesus went with him, but so did a whole lot of other people and much people followed him and wronged him. So now we have a we have of urgent crises, a distraught father has come. Seek Jesus out personally and ask him to come and pray for his little daughter specifically lay hands on her and heal her and she shall live. Now we find that he was the ruler of the synagogue. He was a very important person.

Amen. He held a high position in the synagogue of the Jews by heated and assisted secretary Aiden to go to Jesus can personally drop everything and he possibly can because don't daughter was dying and he was in a desperate place. Now we can only assume that he had already had the doctors in.

We must assume shortly that whatever he could have done in the natural had already been done, but she only got worse and now she was at the point of death, and he besought him greatly, saying, I prayed the name your hands on her, and she shall live networking a look at what I call the 4PP's of perfect face.

And here is P number one the first P a perfect faith is not prayer of faith. Amen.

Come with me come home with me on her and she shall be healed and she shall live on very specific request. Amen. And he was his faith was geared to receive the answer.

He didn't say she might live. I hope that she will live. She's Shaolin.

She shall live. Amen. Now all these people are thronging Jesus. They also want to be healed.

Jesus had just sent his word and healed her like he did. The centurion's servant putting audit done that, not just sent his word like he did for this definition woman whose daughter was previously vexed of the devil. And in those two cases he sent his word because that's where the level of faith those people had that centurion had so much faith in Jesus. Both word of authority. You don't need to come to my house you know actually it's not a good idea for you to come to my house. I am a Roman and you are a Jew and I understand the Jewish customs, you should not do that. I don't need you to do that. I was somewhat late and Jesus and I have never seen things like this, not in all of Israel now hate going up done the same thing here JI was go home your daughter lives fighting Harris at the point of his faith and his faith was new come home with me and nation hands on her, she shall live and raise into a specific request and at the point of his faith and he started along with him and was going to his house, but now having met the first P of faith, having prayed the prayer of faith hadn't touched the Lord God made contact and now Jesus is on the way to answer his prayer enters a big problem.

All of these people around them. Let's look at verse 25 and a certain woman, which had an issue of blood 12 years and had suffered many things of many physicians and it spent all that she had and was nothing battered but rather grew worse when she had heard of Jesus came in the press behind meeting the press of all the people and untouched his garment, forcing it to find a touch, but his close eyes shall behold, and straightway immediately the fountain of her blood.

The issue of her blood was dried up and she stepped in her body that she was healed of that play, and Jesus immediately knowing in himself that virtue had gone out of him and virtue is another word for power comes from the Greek do not miss knowing the power had gone out of him about in the press and said hello and his disciples that on him. Did you see the multitude thronging the and you say who touched me, and he looked around back to see her that had done this thing. But the woman fearing and trembling knowing what was done in her came and fell down before him and told him all the truth and he said on to her daughter, thy faith has made the whole. Go in peace, and be whole of thy plague. You say sometimes when you have exercise the first P of faith and you have truly prayed the prayer of faith.

You know that you touched God.

Amen. You may know before you see the manifestation of the request that you made on the God encounter a problem, a huge problem. Amen. Jesus was on his way. But now all these people begin to thronging and it was slowing them down considerably slowing them down as they were trying to make their way to JR's home and time was on the essence because the girl was at the point of death. If you read all three of the Gospels Matthew Mark and Luke. You put them all together and I will paraphrase what is not in Mark for you. So she was at the point of death and were being slow down but they were still making progress ever so slowly, they were still in the way until I figure problem and outright interruption. Stop them altogether altogether.

They came to a stop because this woman had made her way to Jesus and we assume she didn't order hands and knees. The Bible doesn't tell us that we see a picture in our mind of a woman trying to touch the hem of his garment. Amen. And so that meant that she had to press hard way that she came in. The president in order to reach Jesus. Now we read that she had suffered for 12 years and if we read the other guy we find out later that JI was daughter was 12 years old. So this woman had suffered as long as this little girl had lived and not only that she spent all her money on all the doctors she had seen all the specialist and all the experts and not only did she not get better.

She got worse and then add insult to injury, she was broke. So if there was a new medical chore that came on the horizon. Amen.

She didn't have any money. Amen. But she heard see if you can just hear the word of faith. Romans 1017. Faith comes by hearing here this word today, not with your ears only, but with the with your spiritual ears to hear the word of the Lord, because you are hearing is growing in your heart and in your spirit, because it is not created in your mind that your mind is the enemy of faith in your mind is reasoning in your mind is you will be logical when you will get everything in a logical order and the logical order will often almost invariably will counteract and conference faith because the Bible tells us in segment is 413 faith is a spirit I'm not talking about the fruit of faith in Galatians 222. Actually that would be better to be called faithfulness. He said I had the same spirit of faith. I believed therefore I spoke see faith always speaks it always talks I mean sometimes it things okay. Sometimes faith things, but it's vocal it's vocalized. Amen. What she had. If I can touch clouds on the main hall. The glory is in the present tense which denotes continual habitual action which really should have been translated. She kept on saying she Don't say over and over if I can touch his close eyes shall behold see That She Don't Hearing. She Don't Hearing Her Voice Seemed like Human Say She Are Seen on Our Situation from the Victory and She Kept on Saying You Know She's Trying to Get through All These People and She Kept on Saying She Was Focused and She Finally Made Her Way to a Point and a Place in a Position That She Was Able to Reach out and Touch His Close Now Think about This for One Second.

Here JR's Faith Was in Jesus Calming and Touching, Laying His Hands on His Girl. The Woman Faith Was in High Laying Her Hands on Jesus Which Way the Lord Gobbling the Same Reach out and Touch and Touch in Says That She Touched His Close, Amen.

She Touched His Close Now Were Told in Luke That She Touched the Border of His Garment Were Told in Matthew. She Touched the Hem of His Garment, I Have a Message Called the Hem of His Garment Preach Many Years Ago and I Explained That What I Believe and so Do Many Ministers and Bible Scholars That Which He Actually Touched Was the Fringes on His Prayer Shawl. He Was a Rabbi He Would've Worn the Prayer Shawl. Most of You. I Didn't Bring Mind Today, but Most of You Know What a Prayer Shawl Looks like a Jewish Prayer Shawl and Its Why Didn't the Blue Embroidered in Gold Here and Stop the Stripes but Then on the Bottom Are These Fringes That Hang down and Knows Fringes.

If You Want to Know More about You Can Get That Message but Those Fringes Work Tied in Knots and the Knots Were Not Just Any Knots but They Actually Were like out. Sort of like a Code for the Alphabet for the Hebrew Alphabet. So If You Tied the Knot in Certain Ways.

It Said Something the Name of God. It Said the Name of God, Jehovah, the Name of God the Word of God so We Can Use That Metaphor and Say We Can Bring It over to Say That When She Touched Those Fringes. She Was Touching the Word of God. She Didn't Have the Written New Testament. Of Course He Was Going to Be Part of It. Amen. But We Had the Gospels and We Have the Word of God. Amen. She Reached out and Touched the Word of God.

Amen. And That's What We Knew. Amen and Lay Shopping.

Straightway She Felt That Issue.

That Flow of Blood in Her Body Just Stopped Just like That and We Know She Said She Found It in Her Body That That Plague Was Going. She Felt the Power of God Come into Her Body and We Read That Jesus Shape Was a Couple Touched Me and Thinking with the Logical Natural Mind and We Can Only Assume That He Was Thinking to Himself When He Said It Whenever Disciple It Was. I Don't Know They Don't Tell Us What Disciple It Was Do They Have Any Wedges Take a Guess Who It Might've Been Probably Peter Yeah I Think You're Right.

Probably Peter Amen Impetuous Peter That the PET Right There in His Name.


Our People Bumping into You, Pushing up against You and You Know Who Touched You, but He Said I Felt Power Go out to Me. I Felt the Anointing Go Out Of Me to Go out and Made Me Close and Because Her Mind and Spirit in That Election. She Could Not and Not Let All the Wrong People from Doing It. She Got an Order for Hart to Be Healed. She Had to Do Exactly What She Said She Could No She Said I Got a Touch His Close I Got a Reach out and Touch Him. He Doesn't Even Know I Don't Have To Talk to Him. I Don't Have To Explain My History. I Don't Tell My Benders Doctors and Nationalists for 12 Years I Liked up to Now Disappointment You Been through in Their Heading You Anytime You Try to Figure This out There Appointment You Misdiagnosed You Something Make It Worse Than You Were before You. The More You Rehearse That the More Turmoil Will Be in Your Spirit, and It Will Prevent Your Faith from Operating without Hindrance. Amen. And so She Knew That It Was Wrong for Her to Touch Him Because What Does It Say She Came, Fearing and Trembling Fearing and Trembling Because She Knew What the Law of Moses Said the Law of Moses Said That When a Woman Had an Active Flow of Blood That She Was Not to Touch Anyone and Is Solely by Vacillating a Man of God, so She Knew What She Was Doing Was Breaking the Commandment of Moses, but I Have To Believe That the Holy Spirit Had Put It in Her Heart That I Got to Touch Him. So When She Thought She Could Touch Him and Nobody Would Be the Wiser. They Know That She Touched Him They Wouldn't Know Her Condition. She Would Just Come in You. Now She Would Come in under the Radar and Reach out and Touch Him, Get Her Miracle and Go Home and Live Happily Ever after. She Jesus Was Going to Stop a Touch of Faith, the Power Leave My Body That Had That Faith to Do That.

So She Came Fearing and Trembling and She Told Him All about Her History, You Know, Technically Hard Touch Would've Made Jesus Unclean, but Instead Her Touch Made Her Clean Made an Unclean Woman Clean. Amen Mainly How What If I Can Call It like You What You All a Bad Way All the All the Other More. Amen. I Pray Your Faith Is Being Divinely Inspired by This Word. The 4P's of Perfect Faith. This Story Is Actually Two Stories Overlapping One Another and It Burst to Miracles. Jr's Ruler of the Synagogue Besought Jesus to Come and Pray for His Dying Daughter and His First P of Petition Was Immediately Granted but Enter a Problem in Interruption by a Suffering Woman Who Too, Was Desperate. She Did Not Plan on Being Seen or Heard. She Just Wanted to Touch Jesus Close and She Would Be Made Whole. After 12 Years of Misery. But When She Touched Jesus. She Made a Supernatural Connection Immediately Jesus Felt the Power Go out and She Felt to Come in. It Was in This Interim As Jesus Conversed with the Woman That Jr's Exercise to Second P of Patients He Uttered No Protest of the Delay She Caused.

But Then Servants Came Stating It Was Too Late. The Girl Was Dead and That Cliff Hanging Moment Jesus Commanded. Do Not Fear Only Believe.

Discover How Jr's Exhibited the Third P of Perseverance, Even When Things Got Worse. When They Arrived at the House until His Faith Was Rewarded with a Final P of the Promise. The 4P's Estate Is an Excellent Resource for Anyone Who Is Facing Catastrophic Illness Such As Cancer. I Share about My Own Diagnosis of Breast Cancer in This Message.

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