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Marked for a Miracle, Part 2

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy
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June 11, 2021 8:00 am

Marked for a Miracle, Part 2

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy

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June 11, 2021 8:00 am

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Greetings friends and new listeners. Welcome to the Archie Harding ministries program.

I'm sure not thanking you for joining us today because we know Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God and you especially want to hear today's powerful message by my father, brother Hardy Mark for a miracle. You will see that there is much more to be marked for miracle than financial blessing, but in a time of dangerous trouble and peril, security and safety belongs to those who had been marked for a miracle. We've got to do something because God's judgment judgment totally all was drooling for Jerusalem. It was too late for Solomon. It was July day in the Bible said so shall it be coming up the sun. It was July say no it was July, Solomon was July, the same ones I could say were those that were marked all because they did something about against the winter – backsliding. All I could. I'm sure you will find yourself showing someone with your finances if you want to be my judgment, you got to do something you got to try out all the way God doesn't doesn't will not pay your bills and mutually God's house God's work to build a house of God might be used for all that God can use it again. Straight and to be against the power because judgment has not spread children being eaten up sex. I just read a little article in the paper that the young people of this last 10 years more sex than they were 10 years before committing such sex worshiping shack in the gods of silver and gold looking for a free no going to crack cocaine all hard drugs. No wonder God said you should first UK school afraid that you're going to get to because you got a pair of Air Jordan shoes on afraid to send their children to school, they might not come back because the screenshots on chapter when you send your child to come back and beaten up generation's and not many because something is God's house and grievance coming to God's house and all that were so don't even care about their children anymore are like seeds of starving children. People that they might have sex Jesus and so that's what I'm preaching I'm not good with C condition and C that I may shed some judgment. See young people around judgment. We need to see that demon powers demons taken control with the same high blood sugars are captured on young people are dragging them down into the pits of hell. I say to you, please read again this week all people in prison than any other nation were all it's time for the cycle.

Blessings and peace and forgiving God getting ready and raising up everything said judgment cycle God through people began the and I raised up a salvation it's not too late, so it's not too late and Jesus straightened out so well on our young people have mercy on generation should you have for God's you've got to do something to be marked parents. It's not enough to give them the best in the natural best.

That's close best convenience of life for wonderful that comes up short when you haven't given them the bread of life you have been taught. Your problem about sweet thank God for my mother, God seeks didn't know what God God revealed himself and even though my father was in the synagogue.

We could not open my house because of my father would find it to pieces. Demon range. I want to turn the Bible and Jesus throw it out the window and sweep what was left up. I see him going to demon fits when my mother would try to tell us about the Bible and pray.

I've seen him knock down close doors to get done.

But all thanked my mother gave me the greatest should life and she gave me her knowledge of the son of God Jesus, something she would tell us about Jesus save up every time she had a chance to help teachers train up a child should know what it's all part of what I see him. Yes, I was a sinner. I got sick but I'll tell you what my mother's prayers followed my mother's training will not God's pleasure, and I found my clusters of strength and hope that mama's prayers came through the word of God" from as long as I can remember you because my mother gave me something to eat well anything because my father did allow Christmas treat for gifts. Nothing about Jesus knew what Jesus was really in the spirit that it wasn't Christmas trees and it wasn't a bunch of junk that would be in the call before the day was over. What I found out that Christ was a no go straight closer. The first strike killed all ways even and all jobs and all because I did not obey the mother probably in dejection and despair look like for good old scriptures would begin the come trickling back.

My mother got in about hard focus.

Jesus cast out tears would break my blog because you said no cast out Jesus reached down and picked me up about this from me to say I don't have.

They don't have the witness of God. All they have in the last generation presidents being impeached.

Senators and congressmen being taken out of their office and put in jail, nurse state supposed to be the highest representatives of the people in shale then when you look in the church world. Those that were supposedly about to repair holes in walls worshiping every violent unclean thing, committing every soon enough. I will other tabernacles of this breakdown will I see you then let your truth come out and lift up in some staying those ones that will not come from outbound lines. Try out against the Obama nations conflict – that's me in the church world and in the world in general finance they might go on the radio and television that they might be on give this generation chance to do some to be marked for doing something because God to look down. Send the writer in court and I believe that was the Lord Jesus Christ. I believe God is marking his people.

I don't think it is his not very very long strengthen under the reign of the Antichrist, because the Lord is already set this you say there's a forerunner that's where there are places coming out of the Iran-Iraq to Syrian area doormat time and price causes people to receive a mark of the ring. Therefore, if they will not do it, they will not be able to buy or sell food or take care of yourself. You see your trust in God we are gods of silver in your gods of gold over deliverance is going to crumble you the Bible said to Dacia, Bishop Castro Silver Street cursor because it will be a burden. I want to do something to be marked for a memorable. I'm not going to fail this generation. I'm not going to call up in the commercialism I get caught up in the selfishness I see is me myself and I I'm going to get out of the spirit of prayer and let me see you feel like the harvest multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision and that the fields are white, but the laborers are few prairie job settling personal harvest seven laborers and raised up members raised up laborers and reap the cripes the harvest you not only to what I'm trying to apricot where God has commissioned us to go will not go to fail. These young people I'm going to tell them you better pray you will not stay God/silver and gold. No sex return to God righteousness God God… Kinship free. Got to do something to be marked for. I'm reminded of Elijah having Jezebel in the Bible cycle of sin had went so many times and every time a big nonslip they were worse than the generation before finally they came for the writing of a happen. Jezebel, that wicked woman the wicked king. The Bible said that Ahab did more wickedly than any other king before him.

They set up the gobs of sex and they committed abomination and under every treatment, every grow until God raised up the prophet Elijah said to go to that wicked can you tell my mother cut them off when the white got his name and his dynasty. Not only that you telling I'm calling for a famine in the land, then it's not going to be a rain. Elijah will be gone for a habit. There shall not be, as the Lord my God, there shall be no rain… I speak I am God's reign famine.

Jane no rain crops begin to burn up in the vegetation begin to burn up the rivers begin to try out what God was going to keep this message and Messenger live commanded the ravens to feed him when the ravens ran out of food because the family had become wealthy and so great to the king of the lefty's house.

Ms. Thomas couldn't always twist gobs of pleasure was running around trying to find a few little stubble to feed a few little Left to stay alive. God said to Elijah want to go to 05 marching for a miracle.

Elijah kosher the one crying out against assuming the wickedness of the ungodliness and I want to keep you my messenger my message alive. Remember this when a woman I want you to go down the server about for I have commanded her to some staying be the key word there were some staying known use of space allow you not only one meal but you keep feeding them and keep them alive as long as necessary. You've got to do something to be marked for a miracle.

You gotta cry out in the central you gotta build God's house over to God to bring all the ties of all present in Malachi, he went down the path of 20 came to the gate of the city. Behold this what was there. God works for both in she was gathering a little.

May the God change thing on his journey and said fetch me a little water actually trying to going straight to bring me a little morsel of bread she turned around and said no man of God as the Lord liveth, I have no cake. I'm gathering a few sticks now because I have one measurement meal. Just a few drops of all I'm going to make cakes which would be like to little biscuits.

I want to give one to my son.

I want to eat the other one were to sit down here and wait for death going to die because there's no more in the land and the man of God said all know you do what I tell you, is going to mark you for a miracle. I know that God is doing memorable because he told me back there that you would sustain me. I see in order for you to some staying be God has to do a miracle grocer told me you have an opportunity cakes. You cannot sustain your own self. What I want to say I'm not saying you going do what you said what you make me a cake first and that's the word of God and that it shall be for God's people for a miracle that teachers messenger and his message alive and you must come under God's word and it shall be given not to seek deal. I mean, that's Luke 638 dear then it shall be given good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over will. God calls men to give into your bosom.

For with the same measure you meet with all it shall be measured to you again. He said do as you said, make me a cake first then make one for you and your son. For thus saith the Lord, even though I've called for a famine in the judgments of you will obey me, keep my message messenger crews shall not run dry your meal barrel shall not fail all the days until God sends rain upon the earth or in other words, until God breaks the firemen and you can eat all the Bible said that sealed great job. She went to the one measure a few drops. She made a man of God, a cake first and she got all the work and it shall be given say that it said she made some not one day, but many days she the proper day Sunday per house, a question God's servants, all the days until God the firemen. I want you to see this did not do very well and he did not do these people that are preaching great writers are not on the Bible but what he said was, as long as you stay in to keep my message and message. First, every time you go back to the male crews that measure will be you will do something what God's judgment is signed and try out against wickedness. Remember God's house and his work.

Bring all the ties and offerings to keep God's message messenger will live will mark you a miracle of God you your sons and daughters will and your house will you have to do something to be marked: raise your hands and praise all markets in this time of judgment. Amen. What a powerful message by God's servant. Brother Hardy Mark for a miracle. Have you been marked for miracle. This blessing goes far beyond the popular prosperity message that so many eagerly seek after today to be marked for miracle is to be designated for deliverance protection and even divine intervention from danger, peril and demonic attack. If ever we need to be marked for miracle. It is now when satanic forces are being unleashed in the world and strategically against the real children of God. Yes Satan is marking people for destruction and he has the authority to do so when his kingdom of darkness. But God is marking his people for deliverance and the very thing that causes the adversary to attack certain ones is the very thing that causes God to mark them for deliverance in Ezekiel 9, when the destroyers went forth to destroy man they were forbidden to touch anyone you had a mark upon their foreheads. They were marked by God because they were crying out against the wickedness and abominations that were being done in the house of God from Elijah's blessing of the widow in the time of famine.

Ezekiel's vision in the time of judgment. Find out how you can be marked for miracle to order the CD mark for miracle send a lot gift of $10 or more for the radio ministry and request for 167. That's all for 167 email to Archie Hardy ministries PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 212 and three. Or you may order one you will find many other rich resources when many topics by Brother Hardy and myself like to order my mailbox miracle offer 167 send a minimum love gift of $10 PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 2123. Until next time share. Not saying and

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