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Five Conditions of Answered Prayer, Part 1

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy
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June 30, 2021 8:00 am

Five Conditions of Answered Prayer, Part 1

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy

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June 30, 2021 8:00 am

Elisha the prophet is the best illustration of the extraordinary power of one praying man. One of the more humorous O.T. figures, this prophet of God takes us on a journey of miracles and dominion through prayer.

And let’s not overlook the Power of One Praying Woman. In Jesus’ motivational account of the widow and the unjust judge (Luke 18), we are further enlightened to the undeniable success of persistent, overcoming prayer.

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Greetings friends, new listeners and welcome to this program and the Archie hiking ministry I'm sharing not thanking you for joining us today because we know that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Today's message by my father, brother Hardy is five conditions of answered prayer.

This is a subject suited for and needed by every Christian. We have all experienced times we found our prayers were not working or that her answers were being hindered. I believe you will find some answers about your unanswered prayers in today's message five conditions of answered prayer will start flowing all sing the figure for floaters of Bridgewater K but that the struggle through the lever versus Jesus would ask a new show will receive seek and you shall find not of it shall be opened unto you to see in this verse to the scope receive and sink of find of the show. The two long Asko you shall receive.

First of all let me there is no limitation on who can ask.

Second of all you please that there was a viable way that everyone that as shell receive. These are positive statements you didn't say he might receive good service to everyone. Alaska is going to receive what I find out to receive from prayer we have to meet five commission verse five conditions to get our prayers answered.

She does a viable way that everyone every time they ask God, they shall receive.

That's what is really saying Jesus in this Matthew 77 that if you ask the Bible way every time you asked about you will receive.

If you seek the Bible away. Every time you seek. You will find God, if you will. The Bible says to knock every time you not God's mercy and grace will be to you back K. S.*Not God is encumbered to the ass. But we must meet five conditions.

A prayer to get our prayers answered. First of all, we must ask in Jesus name Jesus told his disciples heretofore another time you've asked the father. Nothing in my name, he said, what now what so ever US. The father in my name, he might give it to you know he will give it to you. We must ask in the name of Jesus. That's the key that opens the door to receive them from God. The reason why we must ask in the name of Jesus is that the father has approved everything the son of God. Now I have asked God Jesus sees the error of God and we are joint heirs with him all things are deposited in his name in the account of heaven. But Jesus has given us the permission is given us a signed check, as it were, on paddle of his blessings as wealth and riches deposited in the bank of heaven, and he's allowed off to use his name in the countersigned ticket for the father was at work is the custodian and when we pick the check sign with Jesus name.

And we countersigned it.

Whatever we asked the father and his name.

God is going to give it to us. So you just can't pray some people play, but that's not always a prayer man in it and I get letters all over the place is implanted. Nothing's happening, not playing the Bible way because mapping said to everyone in the place of P shall we see God is not a respectable person. God doesn't give them something to be because I'm so good-looking.

Got some pretty good use of the culture so good-looking, but he's going to give it to you because you come the Bible way, you know everything the dogs he has a plan about the God does everything decently and in order. God has a there's a there's a plan on how to ask and receive God. The first step of the plaintiff.

You must ask in the name of Jesus. He said Jesus all power and all, but everything is good. Namibian heaven and in the job of reporting.

Also the problem of the Senate have given all things and so we must ask in the name of Jesus, then the second condition of answered prayer, as we must not ask amiss first love, John said to some you have not because you best not much natural if you don't ask nicely you're not going to receive. But then he said that some as in the ask amiss or they miss it because they ask that they might consume it or waste it on their loss. You must not ask amiss through amiss prayer I get a letter once per month will man it's been coming for you. I building up the look servicing the envelope and see his main effect on those in writing by now voting that you don't see his name on the who it is by his handwriting, and I know what is going to ask before the lever and not only does he ask when he gets graphic. He cuts out pictures because of magazines and newspapers and he tells me pretty good. I get a Mercedes show Mercedes play go to get a Cadillac and graduated multiple voicemail and investment for about five or six cars. Pray that I get $100 million and the judge right.

And when he gets done both sides of the paper. Let's go over some effort for me to get what you see that's missing that means five or six cars, especially Mercedes Cadillacs jaguars committee say reports, pictures of the stereo vision pipeline. God wants us the things that we, God promised that he will supply all of our need and he will also supply the things that are long-standing of 11 you know Sam is a necessity in this day and time you happen and if the marriage is a necessity for two cars and what God wants us to be specific, but not enough memory in the world is God will answer give you five cars you don't like it when I get that little operate. God is heart of understanding, that he might know the true family say you man bringing the knowledge that understanding and the blessings and the covenant of asking and receive not ask of this, not as foolish and absurd thing supply, my God, and the station that you place me in life, you will simply preplan the grain elevator and well you see God didn't necessarily promise us well over grain elevator so I said what are you talking about I'm talking about the little widow in the day of the profitable lines when God called the prophet to clarify the famine in the land, and when he played. He shut the heavens and in the case of a live shot.

It was three years. It didn't rain and the consequential beds route was that food was very precious.

In fact, it was a famine in the land, but God remembered a little better check the message of God and the messenger of God alive and in the time of this testing famine you remember and he was going to bless and supply me because she kept the message of the Messenger alive so that the ravens said Elijah when they could find no more food and then when the Angels gave him the supernatural beagle until he won 40 days didn't have to eat another meal God thing for the proppant settlements and benefits are about for the women down there that I want to give them all this miracle I've been taking care of your Elijah biomedical. You know sometimes when you prophesy, you bring yourself into the setting of the prophecy she Elijah was in that setting to where he was. She didn't have a private cloud rainy morning you had to suffer the effects of this prophecy, which mix away for the righteous and obedient because God is going to keep this message and messenger alive and if he has to do it supernaturally could do it in one man and supply believe he can still command the ravens vegetation was going down below M God good to high up in the mountains where there was still some vegetation because of the snow that was nothing happening so your man and they could find that he didn't food companies out there and then when I ran out, God gave them up special supernatural mule that he could go 40 days on the remember the little wooden woman that had given him to keep the prophet and the word of God alive and when you do sacrifice to keep God more than the time of fire minimum the time of judgment is going to remember you I'm supply door leave and get you with the miracle that was see God was applying the need for buyer miracle companies go to lately see that's American legal Angel breakfast. You see, this was a miracle manual because God will keep his messenger, and since July and the miracle that will give the keep the message and the messenger alive and going safe and I pass judgment.

You keep the message of the message alive. If you have sought, first the kingdom of God and his righteousness. Things to you when God is doing a miracle to keep his message messenger will include you in the biblical subject that the king left his palace and became left. Find a pharmacist that was left, God came to a larger deficit was very commendable of the women to sustain and that's a keyword search thing something means to keep you alive to maintain you and he went on that journey God and when he got to the date of that city here was that little bit of movement Stubble and the Pentagon spotter and he said woman get me to eat and which is about the McDougall pics one from one myself, and then I would sit down and I'm really like the calm we don't have to met with just a little kick the man of God and no I see that God is going to give you a miracle that that that was going to get a miracle because the word of God came to him and said I have commanded to sit stay, I miss living with not enough ships they sell. So the man of God movie. He knew that God was about to do all we have a said anything them silently said by the word of God screws shall not drive for another job but it and he said you should not waste genital regatta measured limited to small cakes. He said God more to follow biblical he's been supplied by me from a miracle God is faithful. He remembers your sacrifice to keep God message and the messenger.

I'm going to include you with time to get the keep the message and the messenger on times God prophesies and preaches to you. It's not what you stand God because God is going to give you see any sign and he said I that's old what the agreement shall not to the judgment and until I judgment and until there was a way to move again from the ground miracle, not just one miracle that it was a continuous miracle of life until she could do or need supply on the way that it didn't take them.

I will call God has more to remember that God is going to continually give you a miracle until you can maintain an substage or so without the miracle you to see God did not give a grain elevator did not do well God didn't say I'm not so that less famine here. I'm going to fill the sport for the grade that will last for the what he said that that wouldn't fail that that measure meal would I'll live every time you use the drop it will still be a problem. And every time you pick a measure meal there still be a mere mention of the mill left. Some people think we Have an X number of dollars like To make a dollars and upon my community to and then your one short, I need when I that's an God didn't put any limitation but it was an active thing she had a manifest to mimic the cruise the last drop last measure meal and then given to the prophet and that you think that when she picked up the cruise and the meal again, that would be that measure again and you the man inside. God said no make those tanks like you said one for you and what your son said what you make me a cake first because if you will act in faith God demands a manifestation of faith in an act of obedience to in you will believe it. To me that you connect one for your strong one for you and she had a big family and servants and one for your servants, not only good day until the firemen and you see it.

I imagine it was Richard Thorpe then said he that's a slick prophet. You only got too little.

Thanks and send give me a cake first but that's it shall be given to you soon. With every promise there is something you do this because God demands obedience of faith and then die boo-boo I asked and then you will receive seek and then usual five not very shortly for you and that it shall be given to you to administer heaped up there running over with a man given to your voice of God will make them do it, they say see those conditions in prayer you just don't go out there like shoot an arrow. That's what the range of mass is the people in a personal mission will give me an old well. Give me a grain elevator gently around choice Mercedes went to the Cadillac Jaguar you're missing a brother you're missing at sister. New domestic supply minding a genuine wine bona fide heat comes in your life then you come to the place the password is Jesus Christ them (and certain of the likely God who is the character of all the things that he's given to Jesus.

And when you asked him. And so it countersigned by Jesus freely gives you what you can come out for that you might receive likely God wants you praying for a name but insightful message by God serving brother Hardy five conditions of answer prayer.

Prayer is the most vital component in the church's invincible arsenal of spiritual weaponry and is why Satan fights our prayer life so relentlessly, both individually and corporately, because he knows very well what many Christians may lose sight of God does hear and answer prayer.

When God wants to move in the earth. He sets men to praying. Yet there are times when we perceive that our prayers are not being answered. Now this could be a matter of spiritual warfare, like Daniel experienced where it may be our failure to meet one or more of the conditions God has set forth in his word in this message by the Hardy discusses five and by no means all but five principles that govern getting our prayers answered Scripture clearly teaches that there are certain factors that can hinder our prayers. Find out what they are and how you can overcome these pitfalls to answer prayer. Five conditions of answer prayer is available on CD and when you order five conditions of answered prayer.

We will send you the bonus message by brother Hardy, the power of one praying man. This exam is the dynamic operative power that prayer releases the prevailing prayer that James 516 defines the effectual fervent prayer of the righteous of Dallas much but the Greek text is actually more powerful and means it prevails it overrides and overrules the opposition of enemy forces you will receive both CD message messages for a lot get the $15 for the radio ministry request offer 158 now to Archie Hardy ministries PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 21203 order once again, you will receive both messages.

Five conditions of answered prayer and the power of one praying man offer 150 882 CD set from minimum lot get the $15 mail to PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 2123.

Until next time, Mrs. Sharon Aisen and

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