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The Christian's Adoption, Part 2

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy
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July 30, 2021 8:00 am

The Christian's Adoption, Part 2

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy

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July 30, 2021 8:00 am

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Greetings friends and new listeners and welcome to this program at the Archie Hardy ministries I'm Sharon not thanking you for joining us today because we know that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Today's message by my father, brother Hardy is the Christian adoption as the children of God we had been begotten again by the incorruptible seed of the word of God.

But do you know that we have also been adopted into the family of God adoption in Bible times was an ironclad legal process by which the adopted child became heirs to the wealth and privileges of the father's family. Find out what this means to us as children of God in the Christian adoption show talking about God's transfer from double bowling ball goes so powerful, shot all my file. My all you say 99 I say so just to live in the mouth since he is my song is going to show all Bob all know how all you want to maybe God nothing only way that you won't get you to become a well okay well well well know, the only way you will walk away from. How about you I'm not going to go back to the stay on all like a job. I give you my power bill. I got now give you everything you all got that's how complete I would family of God's courts on the say looks on Jesus, the actual son of God, you know, in the sense of having so Jesus is really only the father's real song because that's why he's called me because often so he is the legal of Almighty God.

All things of God will buy a greater role than all the greater virtual doctrine. We have been meant she talk to you. You have been the merits by the precious price price. This was the price of the son of God.

30 pieces of silver by how much more trouble, you were not so now. Just it was brought out of the slave market because we were in the slave market shopping soon discarded office double.

I tripled us and made us their servants further time news that way treat them like no more than all like they would say no, and just give them enough to keep them alive and that's where God said only Jesus Christ, not 30 pieces of silver that wouldn't do it all up so he put all that I couldn't purchase a scale. All the angels since all of the eternal world will never know there and that didn't fly like God found the price he reached up and looked out right in the MorningStar son of righteousness and Jesus on the scale that my brother and my life go that was sent Jesus price from all sin. Calibrate some gaming for in the beginning before you called us as peers and joint heirs with Jesus all my father suffering enjoying it, enjoying my status in God and Christ is creature things now that mean something more than just use to old things passed away that old life that I don't like to see him. That's certain all but we got bad news son ship for the same witness of God. You see seven and chance adoption was lost only one witness called witness that he was there and sold the adoption. Well I got news for you. Nobody can ever destroy the records and all we got more sure word witness we got the witness of the Spirit Great day Abba, father, father and the family. You said you you righteousness like God.

All all my one clerk of the court records that doctrine several witness by the seven witnesses immediately. Not in the suite by-and-by immediately. He had all rights in excess everything that his father possessed his holy kiss. Well, his riches. This power is was his, and after a moment… Only in the recording Angel recorded that all of God's all God's riches, all of God's benefits and is immediately child of God at our this so that's why Paul could say in first 316, all things are you think I like to read like every got your Bible first let somebody think I'm sitting in my own thoughts. First is the third chapter 21st. Therefore, let no man glory in man for all things are yours you need if you underline your Bible red or yellow highlighted whether Paul or Apollo or CP works over the world. How life everything in life mine or things present, or things that come all you errors you price and Christ is God's. Everything is ours.

Do you begin to grasp that. No need for us to run around in poverty and have not been supplied not only to be fearful not to be said no, that is God's dollars is God, though Jesus became poor, that we might become reach this enabled it to happen. Microsoft dollars everything you know most people preach and about going to be know most of the Christian world is they have faith, but that always got the faith used to be used. Then we got another group God's going to God used to supply his people sleeps on as in the old covenant God used to heal and then God's going to supply the gods going but what about right now.

My father said God is the same Jesus Christ the same yesterday today and forever.

You can say God use to UK say God will say God is he that come up that God must believe that he gave us and we have at our disposal right now at this present time, all of God's riches and God's power.

Double power to overcome sin in the flesh and the world, have all of our meat supply power to be healed and to be delivered. All things are good, some not so excited I was the most exciting vocation on the face of the earth.

I believe gospel is the most exciting book on the face of their slice my God is the most exciting life on the face of the you know some people have just enough religion to be miserable. They know they shouldn't do and they don't have power so what they should have all things God. Since I found out that there's my trip cost phase sin does not rule over me in the devil can't rollover me know. Part of my life been wiped out, new father standing beside all the courts of heaven and God is my father and I and all that is here is mine. Now all I need I can come boldly. Now you understand that there's say I don't what you adopted, but you made me your son but you maybe you and you said that right now you have not spoken so and you will find a safe place to leave the presence of Almighty father with what you have me all God my life nonchalantly trouble life can get some of the calls on the side of the calls.

That's a big old family and I don't like this passed away. I got a new father, I got a I got a new position. I got dressed and that's happened suite my I want to know more about them now now now that I can for you have not received this bondage again to fear, which you have received the spirit that she was a son that's what the Greek word really means adoption makes you take your place as a son, you know, God is waiting for you to take your place as a son. He's already done it legally transfer to over witness spirit bears witness with our spirit

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