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Satan's Complete Defeat, Part 1

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy
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August 6, 2021 8:00 am

Satan's Complete Defeat, Part 1

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy

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August 6, 2021 8:00 am

These questions and many other Biblical facts about the anointed cherubLucifer are answered in this in-depth preaching/teaching sermon.

Inspirational, informative, and timeless in subject matter and Christian authority. What Satan does not want you to know about him how he operates through spiritual warfare.

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Greetings friends and radio listeners and welcome to our program today, I'm sharing not thanking you for joining us as we know comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Today's message by my father, brother Hardy is from his classic landmark teaching Satan's complete defeat. Find out what Satan does not want you to know without him and how he operates in the spiritual realm. Who is he, where did he come from. Is he a God possessing omnipotence, how much power does he have on earth so much more in this devil chasing message Satan's complete defeat of Babel from God.

Where do all these very new last question omnipotent existing job experience will that you are God. Why pass God for you. Click complete oversight. Not only does God have completely forward over but also now also the church believers to follow all the power of the enemy is not existing, but here's a great creative God our father will have complete mastery over double the average rate God created him the accounts of his creation.

We go to in figure 28 chapter verse 20 the creation of this creature, Satan's way. God placed his space aside against God was the king property upon the king of the house so you job now. I'm not of God was not okay. I will ask Jasper Safire workmanship about the bow was created so that the holy mountain of God, up and down on fire range created quickly with the speaking of God. God, I'm going to show God that he created him with doing right right right start created place in creation, God created beautiful shining God or the and oversee God's kingdom we find a second job during the second is called the power archon. I think she chapter location that he will not against flesh and blood, but power shifts in the wickedness of power, God created the heaven for the owls worship ship that is over, I will work creation ships subject planet for God, but make me angry power plants MSB #1**God would create anything you think you God the father and son create this. She is great Powers world wide God creation and he created you will, that God had ever seen the beginning God made them angels with you, powerless all all time, you sanctuary God with all Jasper strengths breaking up. She prints all power of God's creation, so wisdom all God's creation and creatures. We worship God place of all the beginning with this will stop parents why creature I create that dazzling right universe. I'm okay. Became dark and to God for Dr. because of his because of this likeness workshop.

Instead of leading worship that should be the plane all my thing all God not only what you even greater higher job create that power that going to creature loving God appreciate the position that God placed them with his cell became likeness.

I came into his heart and thereby see born in reason that God bracing shining should be the one creation to wisdom being polluted by that moment right shining star Mark God that he will exalt himself of God creature you might have God all of God's creation worship team chapter I received back at this picture here. Why creature, God was on my pride regarding all all the chaos, sickness will like this Dr. God so so will of God, creation, now has become dark and polluted by human jealousy. Our action are going to plant God will why we can still hear him going to stop all seven repeating the same time I sold my God I in the amount of congregation. I like reading Isaiah the 14th chapter 12 verse so the morning down with this nation. All my heart I God I tried I well I buy you right will God make our creature will creature being grateful for late to call show checks God's creation, shining on God. Scripture is a priest. The creatures of God will congregation one creature was God protecting the shouting fire by the click the most probable creature out God should be worship creation and creature. I should be like. I fly I call I plant God will be gone for the right leg shining your mortgage all his heart is my try becomes the first rubble of the universe and how he becomes the devil title title, for he was Lucifer shining blinking one point why outside of God. Probable beautiful creature friends, or the powers of ownership powers by now become which title simply means to me by pride, wisdom talked so my I will not be a servant. I will exalt my stars. I will settle my mental congregation. I will be like God I worship God that is amen minor revelatory message on Satan's complete defeat by God servant brother Hardy in this classic teaching brother Hardy has answered by the Scriptures who was Lucifer, who is Satan who is the devil. Where did he come from.

Is he a God in the sense of deity being self existing self maintaining and possessing omnipotence, and just how much power can exert on earth when you realize that Satan is not God but a created being. Then you understand that he is limited. God did not create him to be the devil. He was created as Lucifer, which means light bearer and was the wisest and most beautiful of God's angels. He was the anointed cherub who led the heavenly worship team, but his own self focus on his superlative beauty became distorted with pride and iniquity corrupted his wisdom when he fell, or rather was kicked out of heaven by Michael the Archangel, and his faithful angels. He took one third of the angels with him in his rebellion, and some people think the devil is all-powerful, but he's only a created beginning, God created has has complete mastery over and not only that, but Jesus said to his disciples in Luke 1018, 19, I beheld Satan fall as lightning from heaven. Behold, I give you authority over all the power of the enemy. You need to add this inspirational, informative and timely subject to your spiritual audio library, find out what Satan does not want you to know without him and how he operates to the spiritual realm. This devil chasing message Satan's complete defeat is on a two CD set for love gift of $15 for the radio that his request for 128 mail to Archie Harding ministry, PO Box 1744, Maryland 212-3419 Archie where you can also this message when MP3 again. The offer number is 1281 28 Satan's complete minimum of $15 mailed to PO Box 171, Maryland 212 share not saying that

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