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5 Ways to Teach the Word, Part 2

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy
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November 18, 2021 7:00 am

5 Ways to Teach the Word, Part 2

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy

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November 18, 2021 7:00 am

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Greetings friends, new listeners and welcome to this Archie Harding program.

I'm sure not that I'm happy you're listening today because we know Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. If you are a lover of God's word and you know how important it is to not only hide in our own hearts, to get the word into the hearts of our children and our grandchildren. Today's message is just what we need to succeed. Five ways to teach the word of God.

I love the teaching have a natural propensity for teaching but God has given five specific tools in Deuteronomy 6 for his people to use to get his word into the hearts of our children. I have subtitled them, teach, talk, walk right and recite.

They are five ways to teach the word of God. Now we get ugly while we already does in this generation we already talked about that for us. We can limit what happened when our in this way, we live in because when I lie down when I get up and when I sit down and when I walk I'm talking about and rehearsing the word of God.

How many say amen and so this is how it's going to because I'm taking my energy on focusing on the word of God. And I'm keeping God's word.

Back when I was over there in verse 12 of chapter 10 verse 13, in which I'm going to go ahead and get back go to that, he said to keep the commandments of the Lord and his statutes which I command thee this day, and everybody that's already there with me.

And in verse 13. Read the last three words with me for thy good on this town enough to do and we heard now in these three times.

It all boils down to this. It's for your good that you might have a life of heaven on earth. Now you want I want anything I want to do anything good for me.

I mean, not bad stuff that happens you know it just happens.

We live in a fallen world we live in a world where trouble comes, but I want to do whatever is going to bring going my way. I want to obey the word of God. What I need to do is I need to go back and find out how I can practically I can do this every day bases its mind to sit in church and say amen what can I do when I go home tomorrow then I apply this to my life. What can I do with my become rebellious against the word of God to get rebellious. It's the nature of the beast around 12 years old 13 years old, something to get a ship and all of a sudden their map.

This is due their shoulders funny and they had money to get this big boulder. I think this affliction right now 12 years old for about five or six years. George and others, but some other one, always doing his and you realize because when you were a teenager you did to see through it, but you don't get against the word of God. See when you get the word of God in amen because if you are afflicted state. The fear of God on the inside may not be many needs too much verbally but you can be sure that the fear of God is upon men and women things that the fear of God is going to come so we need to get that word to work because of the word of God. If you pedal menu mistreated and you slap them around and you tell him.

The Bible says the Bible and I can figure that out and tell the whole world reproached the name of Jesus. Amen. What we doing this the way God wants us to do it now while we were reading this week, God gave them practical ways.

Now before we talk about the way don't go to work for us today, but that doesn't mean we can't find other ways to do it. We read a couple times about putting frontlets on your head and a sign on your hand. So now if you've ever seen a picture of the Orthodox Jewish men using they had this little brown leather box right here on the strap with the belt around and some on their hands and winds all the way up there on inside that little boxer scriptures specifically what we just read here is from the Lord thy God is one God and shall love the Lord my God with all my heart and all my soul and all my might. Which means I strengthen my body scriptures right there not you want if you walk around with this thing between your eyes and thing on your hand you will be thinking about you don't think that when you go home don't do when you go out and store anything to work but just try getting something tied around her head rested this day and see if you're not aware of not being up there in that box on your head and you're going to say, because thou shalt love the Lord thy God. Now we are not going to do that today, but there are ways that we can get the word of God. I mean, are ways that we can talk about putting on the doorpost of their house and even the Jewish people do that what they call the mezuzah and I have one to bring to show you and the mezuzah is is just a little little box in its tall and thing like this because it's… When the doorjamb of your on your door the person you don't want to close the door on it so it's got a go when the door closes you wanted right there so that it's right next to that little strip of molding and inside of it inside.

In the back are scriptures in here on this when I put my own scriptures and there I got Psalm 91, one that abides in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty and I've got another another Scripture there.

I'll probably never leave you nor forsake think because when I was going through a very very tough, but that those scriptures were ones that that you know that that really brought comfort to my heart. So that's what I had in my little mezuzah that I put on my door, but this was so that when they would go member.

He said when you lie down when you get up when you sit when you walk about what they look at their CNET resumes and courses right here is the shin which is the Hebrew letter shin and it is.

It's like having abbreviation for the name of God else should I sit when they see, Susan, and when they see that owner it's telling them God is the protector of this house, so any Bohemians want to come in. The devil wants to come in.

He knows the people in this house believe God's house are God's children and he's responsible for he's going to take care of them now have this because I just love you know things like that and and and you know it were not required to have them you know as Christians, but I had to because I like it. But think about it, I betcha some of you got some stuff in your house that you may be on your refrigerator. You might have a magnet like I had this not know my refrigerator is as for me and my house, I will serve the Lord. We will serve the Lord.

When you when I go to the refrigerator. There is the word of God, tell me and how I know you don't refrigerator quite a bit so you want to put a real good one on your refrigerator. Amen.

And you know if you got in trouble with the in that department. There are some scriptures in Proverbs it would help you. There is one in there something about your appetites to great put a knife to your throat. That's a problem for real for you. The Philippians where he said and my God is not my belly. You put that on your refrigerator.

Whatever it takes to get the word just some of you might have the magnets on your refrigerator or maybe around your house.

You might have pretty little plaque. This is a real good one. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Amen. I remember this was given to us by our act was given to Sarah. Heidi gave it to her this once there was an elementary school and she what we were trying to get her in the Christian school and they were there they were saying that you know that that she had be tutored in Canada past a certain test in order to get in and the first time she took the test. She didn't pass it and she was very, very discouraged, but Heidi sent this to her, tell her I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, and she began to work with her tutor when she went back to take that task. She not only passed and she was up in some places beyond the grade level.

Just a short time because the hard time in getting things through Christ, your brain, God, you surely quick and you can remember this stop. She can write it down there and the Lord answers prayer, and this is actually wanted Serge to me for my one.

One time, and it's in the beautiful beautiful chapter from verse 13 what love is.

Love is kind love is patient, love is long-suffering. Everybody needs one of these in their house and every body needs one of these in your house how many same and you probably need a bigger one know I don't real big one and so we all kind bring everything but you know I had this one really like to start bring about a bulky but I know a lot of people you know that I'm known for Maren Nassau. I put it on the back of my legs have been doing it for pipe 12 years or better and you know a lot of people come to me say what is that mean that give me an opportunity to tell them what it means to me knows what it means. It means our Lord cometh, it was the word of greeting the early church when they greeted one another, said Maren Napa stay on the fire line Jesus time stay prayed up stay ready and so I love you and one day I was at a yard sale this way way back, you're not believe in the lady walk around. They Maren I'm the only person I know that that that says it mean you know maybe it is not other people but I went to this yard sale and there was this wooden plaque and it had this gold ribbon with Adele the wooden doll with a bold ribbon and he was told this wooden plaque and on the wooden plaque. It said Maren Napa… Trying to buy wanted so I got on my door me when you when you quit something that's very special to me and I went bang when he goes out of his boat. I don't want him I want to have a Scripture with him so I had this made for his boat.

I just got to put it on there yet. That's why Maren told me when he got his name and now nothing name that the Maren but you see how many people you have many people think the mean and you can save our Lord's coming back so we can get the word of God constantly and when I my really severe trials. I'm not lying to you. I had scriptures all over my bathroom wall. So every time I went in there. I had to look at those scriptures and I had to say them over and over again when I was really struggling at different times which I won't go into your a lot of you most of you know that. So here are five ways that we just read in here that we are to get the Scriptures in the word of God and in our children find ways okay. He said we we we read about some things he told us to do and there's so many ways that you can do even when you're screensaver on your computer when it turns it on mine and had to come up with the Scripture makes amen I know I remember testimony when when our family was the price of their 10-year-old daughter was going to die with the bring in operable no hope. A year or less to live and name went through that struggle, believing God for their daughter to be healed. She got progressively worse and worse and worse off for I was closing and she was give begin really about the problem but she put on her screensaver which you go to work every day he would come up something at 118 six the Lord is for me. I will not fear what can man do to me in a poor state they put scriptures all over the have their own way that you can find the lying devil that comes and sits on your shoulder and you find ways to fight with the word of God.

What we basically we sell all these places that we read these five things to each talk walk right and recite you guy teach talk, walk right and recite now. First of all, he said, we gotta teach them diligently, you know why God chose Abraham out of all of the people that were on the earth at that time. At that time Don was not speaking to men.

This was submitted and become so wicked and evil. But the Bible says in Genesis 18, 19. The reason why God chose Abraham he said I know he will command his children and his household after him and they shall keep the way of the Lord to do justice and judgment.

That's why he chose him and Psalm 3411 says children and on to me.

I will teach you the fear of the Lord is something we have to teach our children and I don't have time to going to just get out your Bible and get out a concordance and begin to look at all the verses about the fear of the Lord, and you will the Holy Ghost will show you how to teach your children.

Psalm 145 41 generation shall praise thy works to another generation and declared I might ask, Psalm 71 through seven what our fathers told us we will hide from our children to the generation to come. We will tell them the praises of the Lord. He goes on to say in the verses following 78 the first verse eight verses we will teach them the Lord's strength and his wonderful works. We will teach them and we will make known to our children that they should declare them to children that they might open not to give our children grow up in your home with the hope in God because you have instilled in them the word of God that we want that we want to keep his commandments, that they might not be like our fathers were stubborn and rebellious. Now here is a beautiful verse I want you to say you can turn to meet with me for one second Timothy 15 somebody's a little hurry through and if you just take notes.

You cannot look at a later but this is beautiful Paul is writing to Timothy and second chapter 1 verse five and he says when I call to remembrance the on feigned faith that is in the another word. When Paul thought about Timothy. I mean, Paul's heart was just with joy and gratitude. When I think about Timothy. I think about a man you stop your faith Damone is real, there's no share minute you got on a laptop or seeing you. Your faith is the real deal when he says when I think about the on faith that is in the first mother's mother's purse see grandmother who knew the word of God and instilled in him taught in the word of God. We goes on any tell them a second Timothy verse three and verse chapter 3 verse 14 and he said, but continue in the things which thou hast learned and been assured Wayne hello and grandmother and his mother, Eunice assured and they think that you have been taught a child shop on the holy Scriptures would be why to patient through Christ Jesus inspired of God is profitable for doctrine reproved correction instruction in righteousness. God does not work in our children doctrine, why do you believe what you believe and I'm not going into any detail but if you want, you believe what you believe enough today just to believe were getting to be bombarded with the dimension film that's going to be coming out and people that don't know the Bible be convinced because it is saying that the certain things in the Bible are not true and that the only saying certain things are true, true not only in the Bible, but in history people on your job stop in at you because they don't know what you know and believe what you believe in doctrine and reproof and correction instruction in righteousness. You got to be well-balanced in all those areas because you reproved one way and you know there's a difference between correcting and reproving even though they all dovetail so he says I am persuaded that you have got this in you and you from your grandmother to your mother and going down that you can be perfect and that word means mature and developed doesn't mean that you don't you know your walk around the halo Thanksgiving.

Why just mine now a major tour from where you are because the word worse than somebody that's been saved for a while there still so shallow to learn when they should be on the same men so that you get the word of God in you, and then the second thing is that we got to teach them.

Okay we'll just say this because I said so because it pushes a button in their that they've got this but what you say because I said so here because God's word says so let me show you why. Let me show you where back up a few pages because all of that is for what thy good that you might have a life had been on so you can tell a whole lot nicer when somebody tells it to you like that because said no. How many same so that you can tell this is why God gave these commandments not make your life miserable and take all your party. Enjoy and find a way know if we can spare you the whole under their that you know until it gets you hot how many same men that were to teach them number two were top of that, when we sit down. That's why it's so important.

You sit down with the family at the dinner table. I mean sometimes things come up and you can all sit down but that's the way your family operates.

You got a big problem. You should be sitting together at that table should be running and you grab damage and she runs it as you grab this or he's one of the Mac Donald now even if you are behind McDonald's for supper and I hope you're not. But even if you are, you should be said that table eating a big Mac because the Bible says when you said about when you when you have time family begins to chew to gather when you go to bed at night, especially when there let you give them a Bible story you give birth to give them a Scripture, you should be speaking to me when I come home from really my thing all over their cases.

Somebody's really well you see your child is hurting, you should be a minister to them from the word of God when there is some problem they should hear you talking about the Lord in the word of God when you're in the car taken him to their their soccer practice their football game all the shop you should be talking about the word of God. When you hear this morning on the way home.

On the way to the restaurant you should be rehearsing the word of God not talk about sisters and brother job so you talking about the preacher preaching. We should be talking about our conversations because by hearing by the word of God.

So first we teach and then we talk and then we walk and walk is talk. It's a broader sense than just talking you know how we say you walk the talk, you know, a lot of people can talk it, but they can't walk it. So do you do your children see you doing in living what you preach to the people on your job for you when you get enough in a place where you're put in a position where it the natural man wants to get ugly and retaliate and get even. But instead you smile and you pray for them that despitefully use you, and you blessed you don't curse that's walking the talk and not dabble. I hope he calls and breaks his leg were Christian like when James and John got upset like Jesus out we call fire down like your message Jesus said brother you don't know what spirit your income to destroy men's lot when people talk like the tall black man supposed to talk like your father. So do you want to see you upon your everyday life in your finances.

See that you are discipline they see you pay your time and see the blessing of God in your life. Do they seem to before you go out and make a major purchase. It's going to be thousands of dollars, maybe for years on what you pay some back you did you bring in prayer and say Lord and God help us to get the right car at the right price that we don't get somebody's junker that we don't get bamboozled by some sharp talking salesman largest data sing.give us favor before we get there. Give us favor with the bank give us a favor when you do find a car will not want to think about what kind of car how much we can buy one pain and later then you can make the payments and then you got bad credit. How many same and you will problem 356. In all my ways acknowledge him and he will direct you by God to give you your life. How many same if they see that you're walking out.

Amen. What a helpful and insightful message. Five ways to teach the word of God which are teach talk, walk right and recite God is going to hold us responsible for getting his word into our children's hearts to train them in the way they should go the way of the Lord. It is amazing to me that when God chose one man on the face of the earth to bless and entrust his plan of redemption to he chose Abraham said because I know he will command his children, and they shall keep the ways of the Lord. The Jewish people exist today.

In spite of satanic attacks to destroy them because they are the people of the book, the Bible and the Bible teaches that since the time of Noah iniquity has increased in the earth and with every generation, iniquity gets worse. This is an evil law that compels unsaved people to do worse than their parents and is why we have come to our day when men call good evil and evil good when sin and deceivers and evil workers shall wax worse and worse. And Jesus set up these last days, and because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. This is why it is imperative that we teach our children the wisdom and precepts that scriptures teach and plant the seeds of God's word in their hearts while they are young, they are not going to get it in public schools, and by the time they get to college and universities, they are bombarded with humanism and atheism, evolution, and a blatant disdain for the Bible, we have to teach and preach to them, but then we have to walk the talk and let them see the reality of God's truth in our lives and not just when we go to church. I hope you will order this CD. Five ways to teach the word of God for love gift of $10 or more for the radio ministry request offer SKU 128. That's as is in Sharon case and not 128. Our mailing address is brother Hardy, PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 21203 go Sergey again to order five ways to teach the word of God.

Request offer SKU 128 send a love gift of at least $10 to PO Box 17, Baltimore, MD 2120. Until next time. Sharon not

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