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Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy
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December 20, 2021 7:00 am


Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy

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December 20, 2021 7:00 am

Forget the hurts of the Past... Reach for the blessings of the Present...Press toward the prize of the Future... the rapture-resurrection! Many Christians live in depression and regret over their unhappy pasts. Only when you let go of the past, can you embrace the present and reach for daily victory in Christ. As citizens of Heaven we keep our eyes on the goal line for the prize of the calling up on high!

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Arrangement of listeners and welcome to the sound. I'm sure not thanking you for joining us today because we know Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. I'm excited to bring you today's message yet press from Roman prison.

The agent apostle Paul penned his most joyful and hopeful epistle to the Philippians. After decades of ministry had learned the secret to a fruitful and enduring faith. Forget the past, reach for the present and press toward the future when we get to the fourth piece did you see anything beast was. He doesn't like any based on the planet doesn't because there is no animal like it on the planet. He didn't know what to call it because it didn't look like anybody ever saying all it will not. What showed you how what many remember that now how the Roman Empire came to power in late consume the earth a and with its army stamped its way through the regions of that world in that day and it rose up to be the greatest empire that had been up into that time, a man, but now we see that it had 10 horns, and then speaks to a future time that the original area of the Roman Empire is going to be split up and attend major powers and I don't know exactly how that is. And I don't know anybody that knows exactly how it is because just about when they think they've got it figured out you know it.

That one time they said oh it was the United Nations while they hung on way past 10. By now another treaty that was going on. They said was that while they went past 10. By now, so if it is, then it's not going back down the 10 I don't know what the breakup in the biz and that's really not my point. Right now, so we won't go there. I want you to see the future time. It speaks of the last day and we see all the rumbling going on in your it's lightning what's happening over there. But these 10 horns on rises one danger Warnick and we know by reading all Daniel would have to continue to read. We know that is the antichrist.

How many follow me so far. Okay I told you all that I don't want you to get there because here's the point I'm trying to make. He was not able to describe what this beast look like because it was so different from the other three and there was no other beast on the earth that he could liken it to. So we was not able to describe it, and we read in verse seven it said it was diverse from all the other beast. If we drop down the verse 19 it says, then I would know the truth of the fourth beast. I wanted to know about the fourth beast, which was diverse from all the authors and we drop down to 24 it says, and the 10 horns out of this kingdom are 10 kings that shall arise. He tells what happened 10 powers are going to rise and another shall rise after a single that's the horn, and he shall be diverse from the first and he shall subdue the others. So here's the point that I hope you see.

Let's look at the word diverse. What does the word diverse mean different. How many agreed means different but we need to go to the original language.

Don't we.

We can't just go by the English, we need to know what it is in the original language and it was written in Aramaic. Daniel wrote this in Aramaic and when you go to the Aramaic you find the word is should not should not and it does not only mean to be different. It means to be altered. Dealers are you listening how many are felony. You see something can be different on man is different from a woman.

Amen. But then we can get this transgender person whose altered their not just different. Their author and they follow me. It needs to be third, and so pointing to is this particular civilization and culture are with the with the creation and things the way and ordered it and created it there going to be there. The natural order of things I do that which goes against nature.

And so it will produce a civilization and a culture of confusion.

Amen. How many see that when I came upon this.

It just struck me in my spirit because this last status antichrist. We don't know who he is and and you know there's a lot of speculation, but there's a lot that's about him. You can read a lot more about with the rest of Daniel and we find out that this man will magnify himself above all… And amen and it said that he will not glorify a strange God and he will… Of his father's, nor the desire of women. Wow, what a man is he going to be. We know he's going to be antichrist but on a human level. What kind of person is going to be this culture that working right now. This culture of confusion. The spirit of error is going to produce that person that antichrist person. Amen. And we see it ramping up and so child of God. If you are a Christian, you're not. You're not hearing their voice reading the message you are hearing the truth. Amen. You said I will necessary to write unto you about the common I was going to write a nice little letter about the common faith then I found an urgency in my spirit I had to exhort you to earnestly contact the faith that was once delivered unto the saints that was once delivered under the truth.

Amen. Contact me you drive against you before you go in contention with the culture of confusion all night with no you are you content you will that I had gotten my letter to exhort you to earnestly contend for the faith that was once delivered unto the saints. And I want you to know that once delivered, you need to underline that in your Bible, once delivered what it means an original language of the altering, you can change it to fit with the culture, people are trying to start the Bible's teaching preacher you reach this generation we got all things to reach them now. There are a lot of things we can do in this generation we couldn't do in my growing up. I mean, we've got the Internet with Facebook. We've got Snapchat me got goes on and on and on.

And of course up-and-coming churches need to use all of these things.

To reach this generation absolutely. But you can't alter the message. You can learn the truth change it.

It was once delivered to the same it will never be should not be should not third if there be damnable heresies that had creepy seeping into the church. It's because those who should oppose it are silent or he couldn't get a stronghold couldn't get in deep people are silent, don't bother me become the church on Sunday morning, just missing one acquire, let me be the leader of my special song don't bother me that that stuff, or worse, or worse their own, acquire any sing their songs and they go out and collude with the culture they talked her Christian knees around the saints. Amen. And then when they're out of church the right in the thick of the lifestyles of what the culture is doing listen to their music. You all know that Satan was the choir director in heaven you all do know that right. How many knew that and that when he was created with instruments in his being. He has the percussion. He has the strings. Yes, the reeds were all in him. He was the choir director.

Of course he's going to use music. Of course he's going to be successful in using music but when you began the lesson to the larynx of the world talking about, isn't she beautiful isn't she wonderful. I'm not talking about you know you light up my life.

When Betty and I got married we had somebody sing that you light up my life. You give me hope, talking about their sweet love song is nothing wrong with love song when you're in love when you and love you want to hear a song out there black and white, still waiting on homosexuality. That makes my larynx that even promote murder somehow you have sex with your mother murdered her mother why would you want to listen to that kind of stuff. Why would you join in with that kind of stuff because you like the beat because you like the rhythm because you like the melody that Satan's way of infecting you in thank you because you like the baby and you the singer I like her voice. I like his voice well when they start singing songs that are ungodly when they start singing words that are filthy. Amen. I don't care how well they sing and how much you like all the sad truth is most people don't even dance in church anymore. I told you I didn't know which way was going to go Christian should be at our best when the world is at its worst Christian we have to interact with the world. When we go to work and school and our families, etc. nobody is telling you to be a hermit that would be anti-Bible to go into all the world, but when you go with joy to see nothing wrong with drinking alcohol.

You don't know your Bible very well. Amen. My question is are you a steppingstone to Christ were stumbling block to hell because you can't be both. You can't be both. And when people are justifying these behaviors, it's because they are infected with the spirit of the world.

I don't care how much you love them. I don't care how dear they are to your heart. You need to recognize if you got the spirit of truth and not the spirit of our thing. No longer can you just sit in the pew and think as long as I'm doing okay and I go to church not pay my tithes and I'm okay. I'm not worried about the rest. We got to earnestly contend we got a contend for the faith in the word contend is it sounds tough.

You know why because it is the what is add-on add-on in the Greek add-on and we bring it over in English agonize in some inane it's not easy. Amen. Stand up for the truth is not in all righteousness, when it seemed like more against you. But the truth, righteousness do you know you are protested because the more you deliver your soul. You gotta deliver the truth. Amen. You gotta make a decision when we stand before the Lord Jesus said we are going to give an account for every idle word every fruitless word and I believe were going to give an account for the silence in the words we didn't speak when we needed to speak up on behalf of the truth. Amen this world is rushing rushing to the kingdom of the Antichrist and America is turning all the time we see what's going on in Europe and but for the grace of God. It's coming here but the church. Those who are regal. We've got to stand up for righteousness and I am like Paul said, I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, because God on the brain, the power of God would not preach this message. I would reach but Jeremiah said now close with this thought you everybody uses the Scripture of Jeremiah and we use it to talk about when we got so much joy and so much glory, and so much good stuff going on that we just can't contain at least safe is like fire shut up in my bones but that's not the context. The context is not Jeremiah make your face like a window out there and tell them what I said anything you're going to do it. He said no one not either.

I'm not going out there on the what those people do to meet the Lord, but he said it was like fire shut up in my bones and I click hold it back.

I couldn't stay silent. I could amen every head bowed there something you that you need to make a decision you need to decide how you want to serve God. Are you.are you going have one in the truck and 1 foot in the world.

As I'm telling you it's not going to work soon to Masters. He's got a lot on the other you don't mind arguing collusion with the world. If you are opening yourself up to a spirit of confusion. Are you going to be in contention for the faith, because if you will the Holy Ghost will give you the boldness and the anointing and the wisdom what to say for him, you love your family but if they are not like you would have to tell it like it is.


You love people that you know what you tell it like it is. I don't want to stand before the throne of God and have somebody point their finger at me and say you never amen father God, I ask you today, that the same spirit of urgency that you put upon me and put in my spirit. Lord, that you will put on these people God that you would start out that we would realize we've got to stand for righteousness.

We cannot be wishy-washy getting out. We got all we've got to be real father I pray that you will put a new sense of urgency upon us, and I pray for Holy Ghost conviction to come upon any and all that are in and out and up and down there trying to serve you and hold the world to that Holy Ghost conviction come on them this day Lord, because you love their soul because their soul is in the balance because there so then the handwriting is on the wall and there still was in the band. What will you do when you take the holy vessels of God like Delta shadows or did you take those holy vessels and use them to put in the wine of the world are you going to take that which was to be God's tabernacle, and behold, thank you for righteousness.

Time to be sober time to be vigilant. It's time to intercede.

It's time to read now hearts and not we have a burden that we will wait between the pillar and the porch and we will wait to when we come we are clean or clean the inside out more clean and well… On every individual shall be of excellent monitor behind the Masters you were the après and I hope you're being encouraged by our message. Forget reach press in his letter to the Philippians written from a Roman prison Paul wrote of his great joy in Christ and his secret to a successful ministry. I forget those things that lie behind.

I have known scores of Christians who get stuck in depression and failure because they keep looking back and lamenting about the past.

Only when you let go of the past can you embrace the present and reach out for daily victory in Christ as citizens of heaven.

Paul said we are pressing towards the mark of the calling up on high, the rapture resurrection.

We should be pressing for the goal line with our eyes on the prize. Heaven is interview and the saints who've already crossed over our calling out don't think, don't look back. Forget reach press is available on CD for love gift of $10 or more for the radio ministry request SK 196 mailed to sound the safe PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 21203 four shop for MP3s are also available to order by mail send the minimum love gift of $10 request SK 196 to PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 21203 saints airtime is costly. So with the Lord lives on your heart. Please consider setting the special love gift to help us whether or not you wish to place an order. Until next time, Sharon Nazi

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