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The Whisperer, Part 1

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy
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January 5, 2022 7:00 am

The Whisperer, Part 1

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy

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January 5, 2022 7:00 am

Paul dealt with whisperers in the church, especially Corinth. Twice he had written to them about backbiting, slander, and whisperings that led to disorder and confusion. For the third time, he rebuked them, saying that he feared that they had been corrupted and deceived, just as Satan had deceived Eve. Whisperers can tear up a church, maligning leadership and wounding members.

When Satan whispers fallacious thoughts to a person’s mind, they must be taken captive immediately when they are just a thought, a notion or suggestion. If not, they can become strongholds of deception that must be pulled down. It is easier to take a thought captive, and bring it into the obedience of Christ, then to have to pull down a stronghold.

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Greetings friends and new listeners and welcome to the sound of faith.

I'm sure not thanking you for joining us today because we know Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Today's message is a true eye-opener and your arrestor the whisper in Genesis and Revelation. Satan is called a serpent. The Hebrew word is not clash, and it verb form means to with birdlike that his of the snake from the moment he beguiled Eve in the garden, Satan has been whispering his cunning lies in accusations against God and his true people because he is the whisper you know where in these and especially this month of October. It's like a season of a dichotomy in that on one hand, it's the high holy days of the Jewish people there in their holiest season of all during the time they had Rosh Hashanah was just last week and another in the 10 days of all and these 10 days or between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur coming up during these 10 days they search their hearts and they really you know go before God to see if there's something that's occurred in the last year that they need to get taken care of. They need to ask God for forgiveness, or go to people and then they have Yom Kippur when we know is when the day of atonement, when the high priest offers up where they don't do that anymore because they don't have a temple they don't have a priest and so it's because they missed the fact that Jesus is their Lamb now but nevertheless they still have that service and that we come up on the feast of Tabernacles which is the time of joy and celebration. And that's the one feast that will continue to be celebrated even in the millennial reign they will celebrate the feast of Tabernacles. So this is a really holy time for God's chosen people, but at the same time. It's a time of increased demonic activity this month as we go through in progressing this month demonic activity will increase be a lot more demonic chatter and Satan. He always tries to conflict with an counteract what God is doing so it doesn't make us nervous or anything. It doesn't make us fearful, but it means we have to be on guard. Amen on guard and so if the Lord allows me throughout this month I will try to be preachy messages to get this effect to answer this increased demonic activity, you know, because I thought about it, an issue that he come up in my life. Not me personally but against me. I should say and when I realize that at least the inception of that was during the same time of year and when the enemy begins his chatter and were going to kinda look at that today so this morning we are going to begin in second Corinthians 11th chapter and reading one verse second Corinthians 11 three and Paul writing says but I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his ductility so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ, but I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtlety, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ, so working a look at five words in this verse that are very important. First, we look at the word serpent.

Remember, were in the New Testament to work in a look at the Greek idea. It meant a snake literally a snake but metaphorically it meant someone that is sly, Connie malicious, a malicious enemy and being more specific. It referred to Satan so and the Greeks thought the serpent metaphorically referred to Satan. And so now this serpent is the same one that started in the garden in Eden and he beguiled the key and the word beguiled means to seduce someone to deceive them and he did it was subtlety, and this word is often translated in your King James Bible as craftiness it means to be very clever, but in a treacherous way.

It is possible for it times for it to be used in a good sense and someone who is subtle means that someone who is very prudent and someone that has good ideas and wisdom, but most of the time you're going to see it used in the negative sense in your Bible, and it's talking about being clever, but in a treacherous way with false wisdom and then the next word we want to look at is corrupted. He has corrupted and this word means defiled, or it can even mean to be destroyed, something can be defiled, but still operational but if it's destroyed then you can even use it. So there is a subtle difference. Amen. And then last of all simplicity.

The simplicity that is in Christ, and this refers to mental honesty to be free from high hypocrisy. You know people you like to say this. Were they pepper their language and dialogue all the time.

Well to be honest, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Times are not being honest but they use it to make you think they're being honest, how many know what I'm trying to say here, but you see the simplicity in Christ means I'm there to be honest with myself. Okay I'm going to be honest about being honest with myself because sometimes people say they're being honest with themselves, but they're not because as soon as they hit that little thing that in their spirit. They back off or gloss over it. Move on to something else. That's not being honest about being honest, it's when the Holy Spirit convicts you on something and you don't gloss over it.

You faith. It you own up to it and then you say Lord forgive me of this and help me going forward. That's the simplicity that's in Christ.

So were talking here about the fact that Paul is concerned that just like Satan was able to beguile and deceive Eve through his subtlety, his clever craftiness. He is concerned that their minds, their minds could be corrupted that they could be defiled or even destroyed from the simple honesty that is in Christ, so we know that he's talking about Satan, the serpent, let's turn to Genesis 3 in verse one now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made.

And he said unto the woman, which is Steve yea has God said, you shall not eat of every tree of the garden. So now we have the word serpent in the Old Testament, which means we want to look at the Hebrew idea. The Hebrew word is not cash, not cash, and it means simply a snake. That's the noun form, but when it's used in its verb form, it means to whisper literally it means to us to his like a snake to his like the snake.

And so we get the idea of prayer like a snake this this word and the cost involved to refer to those who practice divination to enchanters and spell casters and fortunetellers. In fact, five times it's translated in your King James version Bible in Chad and and there is a connection to this word, not cash meetings, snake or serpent to the word whisper as this is how those who practiced definition and casting of spells spoke. They spoke in whispers in secret in darkness and so the connection using the snake hisses before it strikes and if you hear that his it's a warning. Amen.

You're getting a warning that you need to watch it now because if you get too close.

He's going to strike. He's going to bite you. Amen. So the snake will his head in Hebrew thought this snake is a symbol of a deceitful enemy and again they Hebrew thought matches that of the Greek thought, specifically Satan or they would say half the time because we could actually give Satan the title amongst many others that he has. We could call him the whisperer. The whisperer amen. You know, this is just popping in my mind like we've heard about the dog whisperer, the horse whisperer but that's all in the good sense they can take animals that are hard to tame and hard to control, and there can be a certain person that just seems to have this gift and they can just talk to that dog and the dog would just immediately become obedient in the same way with the horses wild and nobody can ride on them and they can taming, but the horse whisperer as a way can come up to that horse and and just stroke its face and whisper something to it and that horse will just become docile so that's in a good sense but when we speak of Satan, and we call him the whisperer he may come up and try to stroke your face and whisper in your ear. But he's coming to deceive. He's coming to beguile. He's coming to corrupt. Amen. And we have to be on guard and not fall for it. He works in a subtle crafty way just like a snake hiding in the grass and how many know that some very poisonous snakes that can be deadly.

Often had these very detailed colorations on them, they might have diamond shapes on them are certain stripes on them because it's camouflage for them to blend in with everything but if you see some of these snakes out in the open like the copperhead that can be deadly.

They have a certain stripe pattern with the color going through it and know that this is a deadly snake. I mean, it's not only going to bite you, but you're going to get very sick, and maybe even die. Amen. And that's house. Satan is any always begins with a whisper to the mind. Isn't that what Paul said your mind.

The mind is the place where we've got to win the battle over thoughts that come from Satan. Amen.

It's the mind where he attacks it's the battlefield of the mind that we must get the victory over because if we don't, then he can defile our mind with thoughts of fear and other negative thoughts.


And then they can just invade our whole person. So Satan begins with the whisper in one's mind it may be an accusatory thought or statement like we just read here in Genesis 31. He said an accusatory way EA has God said God said you may not believe that every tree in the garden and so the inference is make God look harsh make God look stingy make God look like he doesn't really care about you think he's withholding something good from you. When he tells you not to do this or not to do that make him look like the meaning. Amen. And that's out there today. That's what spreading. If you don't only say that God is love exclusively God is love and that's all you say you can say that God is a God of justice, God is a God of truth. God is a God of judgment, because in all of the side said that God is amen. So we comes with that thought and he usually doesn't calm real bold and out loud right away because you're going to cast them down, but it comes with that whisper to your mind a suggestion, a notion and if you don't casting down. He will speak a little louder and a little bolder and continue to lie to you.

It could be that whisper of lust that temptation and he may whisper to you, you're not doing anything wrong. There's nothing wrong with what you're doing. Amen. But he's going to escalate it.

It's going to go forward.

If you don't casting down he's going to then come with the next step. Amen. It could be that whisper of anger like they did to you know what they say about you. Amen.

It's very hard to get rid of that anger in those initial stages when someone has done something terrible to you unjustly lied about you unjustly. Anger is so powerful it's palpable anything Satan tries to come to know he is an opportunist. He tries to common build on that.

Amen. You've got to get rid of those whispers when they first come, and they can come in many ways, depending on your situation. What you're going through and are so many things out there in the world that's bombarding us all the time. We cannot let our minds dwell on them were Satan, the opportunist will come in and began to whisper whisper things you know something can happen. One person against another person and it can be for some reason that is very specific Sentinel come and say like you because you're white holiday like you because you I'm talking about just in the world now see him talking about people in the church because Paul was writing to Karin he was writing to a church. Those whispers of racism and don't tell me the devil doesn't bring them to you. I don't believe it because when he brings them to me. I know it's the devil you know like you because you're a woman like you because you're a white woman they don't like white woman that whispers.


And you know, if at first I get really put off by like I know they don't like me, you know now dip. I wish this was that after while, I have to think a possible way to minute I volunteered to do this. God put me here.

He enabled median doubt maybe anointed me and I want to do it and I want to speak and people that think those things think that something in whispering and there listening to them. You need to shut the devil down whenever he brings those racist thoughts to you. The world is permeated with those thoughts. Great news thing that happens is not a slant to it and they always bring racism into everything dark, surprised it's what he does and he found out it works good, but we can't let the devil whisper that to our minds. Amen those whispers of jealousy and envy. Amen. Oh, that is, a powerful spirit, a powerful spirit when someone comes under attack by those spirits. It's really strong and it can cause them to imagine all kinds of things that aren't even true.

Sometimes they can imagine things against their own mate and the devils convince them that your mate is unfaithful and it is not bread of truth in it, but he can take little innocent actions and Stacy see their and you think that's what they are doing that her I tell you the devil what he does.

He's good at, but we gotta be wiser. This Scripture just popped in my head I don't even have it in my notes be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.

Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. Another words we need to have some Christian subtlety.

We need to know how to counteract the devil at his own game, but we are wise as serpents were clever in a godly righteous way but were harmless as doves because we got the right attitude. We've got the Holy Spirit. Amen. He whisper sphere.

I think everyone is powerful than the other. Now I'm going along here. Fear is so powerful it can cripple people they can cripple people today can even hardly function. It can cripple them so they cannot enjoy the blessings God has in their lives.

They are so afraid of everything, and I'm not surprised because it was the first negative emotion that mankind ever felt when you know the story goes on to tell us and then they went ahead and came walking in the day.

Where are you at any said well I did because I was tell you things I don't know how many times through the years that people have come to me and their prayer request is a spirit of fear, and I can identify with it I understand it, because I was on direct I came under it very strongly and I told those testimonies before how I got delivered so I won't do it today, but I understand how strong a spirit of the year is I had it from a child as a little child I had and that as I grew up acting overconfident and I didn't have it for many many many years and then it hit me again hard when I had the back issue so I understand the fear the things that the devil says to you, sometimes ill tell you, you would die and he can become so real to you that you start having symptoms in your body, you never even had before. I know that that is true. I know it so slander whispers of slander and this is blasphemy and you know people always think that blasphemy can only be done against God, they always connect blasphemy against God. When you read the New Testament, you reap all he said you can blaspheme against other people and a lot of times they are outright lies in the thing about his he has so clever and crafty.

He has the ability to make sound, true to make it seem so plausible to make it seem true. We look to Greeks and now we see the Hebrew word for subtle it means to be shrewd, crafty, cunning and sly again. The word here in the Hebrew.

The idea is that it's hard to distinguish between two things. The difference is so subtle that it's hard to differentiate between the two of them, the distinction between them is not obvious immediately.

A subtle difference and you know it happens a lot of times in a good way you know you're going to paint your bedroom a new color okay were going to make it a blue bedroom now and so now you have bought your bedding and so now you gotta go to the store, get paid, you want to make sure that blends so you know you're pretty sure you know what color you want, or vice versa. You've already painted the room. Now you're going to go look for Betty. Whichever way and you go into the paint store and you think okay were going to get a light blue. Therefore million 235 swatches of light blue and you're like, this is just blue put it next to your bedding and decor one after another, one after another, you know, you think that it is the same color but when you get home next to each other. There is a subtle difference. Amen. It's that subtle difference.

See, sometimes saying it's not a matter of discerning between right and wrong that's not guarding between right and almost right. Amen. That's where the devil get in with in your ear. Amen. He uses words of reasoning that camouflages amen. What a bondage breaking word of the Lord the whisper. One of Satan's most dangerous and effective tactics is not just a lie against God, but to subtly whisper his accusations, like the hiss of the deadly serpent. He is called the serpent and the accuser of the brethren. He could also be called the whisper. Paul wrote to the church of Corinth, I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his ductility so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ, there are five significant Greek words in this verse that tell the story of Satan, the whisper, and reveal how he whispers thoughts to the mind that accuse God and godly members of the body of Christ. If they are not taken captive when just a thought, a notion or suggestion they can become mental strongholds of deception.

Whisperers, can tear up a church with jealousy, slander, suspicion, and lies maligning leadership and wounding members learn how to discern the whispers of the enemy and take captive every thought. Make sure not to allow the hedge of protection around your life to be broken down because proverb says where the hedge is broken. The serpent bites order the whisper on CD for love gift of $10 or more for the radio ministry request SDK 208 mailto sound of faith PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 21203 order on where MP3s are available to order by mail send your minimum love gift of $10 to PO Box 174, Baltimore, MD 21203 request SDK 208 till next time.

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