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The Ripple Effect of David's Sin, Part 4

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy
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February 17, 2022 7:00 am

The Ripple Effect of David's Sin, Part 4

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy

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February 17, 2022 7:00 am

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Greetings friends and new listeners and welcome to the sound of thing. I'm sure not thanking you for joining us today because we know faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. If you've been listening to our message. The ripple effect of David's sin. You know it is a real page turner and today we will continue with the second part of the story that deals with the third judgment, David's sin and cover-up brought upon his family.

The sword will never depart from your house today in the ripple effect of David's sin part two were going to go to second Samuel the 12th chapter and looking at verses nine and 10 and we read these verses last week but were going to look at them this morning and then were going to move on from there. Chapter 12 the second Samuel verse nine and this is the prophet Nathan speaking to King David wherefore had you despised the commandment of the Lord to do evil in his sight, you have killed Uriah the Hittite with the sword and taken his wife to be your wife and you have slain him with the sword of the children of Amnon now therefore the sword shall never depart from your house because you have despised me and have taken the wife of Uriah the Hittite to be your wife know, last week we studied this in depth. We went through it incident by incident and we found out that David's original sin of adultery when he saw Bathsheba baby naked on the rooftop and lusted for her in his heart and then after knowing that she was a married woman and the wife of one of his captains that was serving in the Army were David should had been, but instead was hanging around the palace that he and we learned that after he sinned with her by taking her and having sex with her and she got pregnant.

That very first and only time and then he tried to cover up the sin and we saw all the ripple effect and each time we saw a new ripple going out as the word you cast a stone into the water and then the whirlpool goes out ripple by ripple and we saw the ripples that we didn't even think about before I knew I hadn't seemed like none of you had either. First of all we found out he took Bathsheba.

She was innocent and he saw her he desired her. He asked about her found that she was married became reckless and careless knew her husband was off the war had her sent for brought her to the palace, had sex with her and then she went back home, but she sent in word shortly thereafter that she was pregnant and everyone would have known it could not have been her husband. He had been away in war too long and so we know that David then went about to try to cover it up and sent word to his commander-in-chief on the battlefield, Joab, and said, send Uriah into the hottest battle where he will definitely be killed. So we learned out the first ripple was that rate, you might say, in a way Bathsheba because nothing that we read indicated that she was complicit in the whole thing. He was a man of authority was the king and he flexed his muscles of authority the Scriptures as he took her amen and then we know that he had her husband killed. So now Bathsheba is a widow, and now she's grieving for her husband because we saw that Uriah was a righteous man and a good man and not only that the ripple effect went out beyond Bathsheba, and now you're riding a bike show at the commander-in-chief was forced to obey the king so we had to participate in Uriah's murder and then we saw something we had never seen before. When Joab said you're riding in the hottest battle he could send them all by himself. That would obviously been no one would've understood why you would do that.

He said other valiant men with him and they were killed they were killed in the battle so there's another ripple.

All because of David's sin.


And then when it all came out and the prophet came to him and said what you have done. You have done in secret, but now judgment is coming to you and your house and God's going to do stuff in out in the sunshine. What you did in the dark, and he announced three judgments. First of all, this baby is going to die and the baby died and secondly he said you went and told his wife and you lay with her and no one knew who you thought it was all done in secret, but now someone close to you is going to take your wives is going to lay within the sunshine in front of all of Israel, and I even took you to the place out.

I had to make the story all fit. I took you where much later where we will visit today that when his son Absalom revolted against him and he got into Jerusalem and marched into the palace, he thought, okay, here I am, what I do now and he said to his advisor hit fell who was actually David's advisor. What should I do now. He said will go get your father's 10 concubines that he left behind when he fled the palace take him up on the rooftop and have sex with them in the daylight in front of all of Israel. So the ripple effect now went out to those 10 innocent women. They were molested by Absalom in public on the rooftop and when David finally got back home to the palace. He took those 10 women and he secluded them in award and the rest of their lives they lived as widows.

These were the ripple effects of David's sin. Amen.

So we looked at the baby died and we looked at your wives will be molested publicly, but the third part of the judgment was the sword shall never depart from your house.

Amen. That was the third part and we never looked at that and that's what were going to look at today now because it covers many chapters I will do much paraphrasing and had you look at certain key versus so we are now to be going into chapter 13 and this is word. The first problem arises. David had many sons by now. But one of his sons. The third one that was born to him was Absalom and Absalom was one of his favorites. The Bible tells us this man was exceedingly handsome and he had a sister Taymor, a full-blooded sister and that she was very beautiful.

Apparently their mother may thought was a very beautiful woman.

And these kids were very beautiful people and there was another one of David's sons would have been half brother having a different mother. Then Absalom and Taymor and he was infatuated with Taymor's beauty, and he was so infatuated with her, and he wanted her sexually and so he had become listless and despondent and not acting like himself and so one day one of his cousins David brother's son, Yana Dobb came to him and said what's up with you. What's up with you and then what's the outcome years and you know you're just not yourself you're not acting like yourself what's going on and having confessed to him that he was in love with his half-sister Taymor and Yana dad said well I got a good idea pretend to be very sick and then you know your father the king will come to visit you and see what's wrong and when he comes to see you tell him that it would make you feel better if he would send Taymor your sister to come to your house and bake you a special meal and then of course you know what to do from there. And so, and then said, you know, I think I'll do that and he saying to be sick and David came and he said to his father. Please send my sister here to prepare me a meal and David not ever suspecting anything so evil that was in his heart he sent her there.

Taymor came to prepare these cakes. Now let's take up the story in chapter 13. In verse eight. So Taymor went to her brother Amnon's house and there he was laid down and she took flowering needed it and made cakes in his site and did bake the cake's and she took the pan and poured them out before him, but he refused to eat and Amnon said have all the men put out for me and they went out every man from him and Amnon set on her team are bringing me to bring the food into the chamber into my bedroom that I may eat out of your hand and Taymor took the case which he had made and brought them into the chamber to Amnon, her brother and when she brought them onto him to eat. He took hold of her seat. Just like David took Bathsheba he took hold of her and said under her come live with me. My sister and she answered him day. My brother do not force me for no such thing ought to be done in Israel this filing and I whether shall I cause my sheeting to go and as for you, you shall be as one of the foals in Israel. Now therefore, I pray you speak under the king, for he will not withhold me from you, howbeit he would not hearken under her butt being stronger than she forced her and lay with her. First of all I have to say, will my God, these children had seen their father taking one wife after another, and one can't get behind after another and even free with Bathsheba. They had seen so much of this that they had become jaded by their father's sexual sins until she actually believed that her father would break the law of Moses and let them get married because I know that if you go way back to Abraham. Abraham and Sarah were half-brother and half-sister. However, that was before the law of Moses.

If you read the law of Moses it was, not permitted, it was considered to be incest and so she actually believed that their father would go along with it and let them get married. Amen. And so she pleaded with him and she said not only if you do this to me. Where will I go with my shaky.

How will I ever live this humiliation she would never get a husband, she would never be able to be married, but he was so consumed with lust lost was leaping in his loins and he was so consumed that he didn't care about her, all he wanted to do was have sex with her and it says that he forced her and he lay with her were ever you see in the Old Testament about someone having sex.

If it says, and he knew her KNEW and he knew her. It's always intimate tween a husband and a wife. It always means that Adam knew Eve and she conceived, and bear a son, whenever you see he knew her, it means it's legitimate. It's between husband and wife help when it's ill listed, it will always say and he lay with her letting you know it is ill listed, so he forced her now read verse 15. This is very telling.

Then Amnon her exceedingly so that the hatred wherewith he hated her was greater then the love wherewith he had left her and Amnon said under her eyes and being going. You see, it's because he didn't love her. He lasted for her.

It wasn't law that was last. Amen. And when someone has lost in then and they carried it out and you know maybe that even in the church, a young man is just pressuring a young girl to have sex any pressures are in practice are and she's holding on the zoning because she doesn't want to said she doesn't want to sin against God.

He doesn't want to send against her own body, but eventually she succumbs and he gives in and have sex with him and then he hates her you know why because she represents his sin when he looks at her. He knows his sin, his wickedness, his guilt, he hates her because actually he hates himself for what he is done and may that be something for some of you young women out there know that he'll tell you if you need if you make you want to do this for me. Amen. But he'll tell you that you that you prove that you can by doing this, and if you don't do it you don't find me another girlfriend and then you think what I don't want that to happen and you didn't join and he has his desire when Stan goes and finds another girlfriend. Amen. So this is what I call when lost becomes discussed when lost becomes discussed. Now let me say I picked on the young people to meet, get to the other people you may already be married, but you're having a flirtatious thing somewhere on your job are in your neighborhood or somewhere.

It's just just flirtation you know it's his innocent flirtation he complements you all the time or let me just say end or the woman is always complementing the man and tell them you know you know that Bill Conlon into a good job you do on your job and you really, you're the best secretary I've ever had and you know you're the smartest guy I ever worked for whatever amen but that look flirtation goes from flirtation to lost and if you don't nip it in the bud.

If you don't stop it.

Then you will eventually act on it, which means you gotta go high and seek somewhere, which means you gotta lie to cover up, which means you gotta pretend that you're working over when you're not. All of those other things you gotta go to just support your lost so you can carry out this actual act and so you get caught up in it and after a while you know the sexual fire begins to pull down and now you look at that person with disgust because now you know it's ruined your marriage and destroyed it in your home life and your your whole life. Your children everything now everything that is really important in your life that you really love and care about now you're on the verge of losing it or have lost it and then you look at that person with disgust because you see in them the cause of it all. Amen. Look at how cruel he was out that way. He's just forced her screams that are here.

What did that due to this young girl, her brother has raped her and now he tells her get out of the woods. I can't stand the sight of you get out of here. Verse 16 and she said on the him there is no call evil and sending me away is greater than the other that you wanted me, but he would not hearken unto her, listen to her.

She said you sending me away now is worse then you forcing me to have sex. This wounds me even more.

Then he called his servant that ministered on to him and said point. Now this woman, this woman put this woman out from me, and bolt the door after her and she had a Garmin of diverse or many colors upon her for which such robes were the Kings daughters that were virgins of Harold then his servant brought her out and bolted the door after her and Taymor put ashes on her head and rent or tore her garment of diverse colors that was on her and laid her hand on her head and went on crying and Absalom, her brother set on her.

Has Amnon my brother been with you and apparently she said yes, but now hold your peace. My sister is my brother regard.

Not this thing so Taymor remained desolate, remained desolate in her brother, Absalom's house.

She begged him not to humiliate her. Perhaps she still had hope that maybe David would let them get married, but he didn't want anything to do with her now call her this woman put this woman out here she will have this beautiful robe on that was only what virgin princesses wore and she took that robe and she ripped it she would never be able to wear that robe again putting ashes on her head. He told her to get out and so she goes out crying because her virginity was stolen in her life would never be the same again and she comes upon her brother Absalom that he's the whole brother and he says what happened did Amnon have sex with you and you know yes and he told her don't say anything to anybody.

Just go to my house. Big mistake. Big mistake Taymor sure went running to her father and she should have told her father what happened because David as king and as father would have had to execute some kind of discipline upon Amnon some kind of a penalty. Now Amnon was his firstborn so he would have been next in line for kingship. Amen. And so he probably was very cocky and thought he could get away with anything. And like I said a moment ago. These kids grew up singing all their father sexual. The shenanigans they saw how loosely he lived sexually and so you know what you watch that you think nothing of it. That's why we see a cycle you know today of children being born outside America and they grow up in a have a bunch of kids outside America, and it just keeps perpetuating that cycle, somebody's gotta break the cycle you break the cycle. Somebody comes to Jesus Christ gets born again with God and then start living by the word of God gets married and has children raise them in the house of God, and the cycle gets broken.

Yeah, sometimes it still happens but it's not like a cycle that he's going and going and so that was a big mistake that she did not go to her father and say anything, and no one said anything and Amnon thought boy I got away with that which would've only made him cockier and can you imagine that when Absalom had to come into his presence and be around him all what do you think was brewing in his heart and in his mind that's drop down to verse 21 it came back to David because, be sure your sins will find you out.

But when David heard of all these things. He was very angry and Absalom spake unto his brother Amnon neither good nor bad for Absalom Amnon because he forced his sister Taymor and it came to pass after two full years that Absalom had sheepish years in AL Hayes door which is beside every M and Absalom invited all the king's sons. Okay, let me tell you what's going and going on here.

This is now two years later and Absalom has never even confronted Amnon about what he did to his sister and David heard about it was great did nothing.

So Taymor no one has done anything for this girl and they had the lead Amnon get away with this wicked deed.

Two years later. Now all this time hatred and vengeance is brewing in Absalom's heart and he came up with the plot he wanted Amnon dead.

He wanted to kill them. Want just a slap on the wrist. So he decided to come up with the plot and he went to his father, King David and he asked him what you come and join me in my man is we go out into the fields to share our sheep. Remember, David was a shepherd at one time and he no doubt loved that he grew up doing so.

This would been a good father-son outing and he said would you come out with me and my man David said no I'm sorry son I can't come.

Absalom knew his father would say no. He knew that he would say no. He wanted him to say no other. If you can't calm non-my brother, and when he said that David must have felt pain in his spirit, he should have felt a pang in his spirit. Red alert, because he knew the city between the two brothers and when he had this hesitation, Absalom deserved his father's hesitation of allowing Amnon to calm any quickly followed up and said all my brothers come all my brothers come to the hearing and so David even though he had that in his heart even though he knew that there was a possibility that stuck between the brothers.

He did not follow through. He said okay fine all can come and he allowed them all to go to this shearing event and whenever they would hear sheep afterwards they would have a big celebration. You know big dinner. Let's celebrate you with a big job sharing all them people, and afterwards they would all have celebration and there would be food in all this going to be like a party, and so they all came all the king's sons and Absalom told his own servants.

He said watch Amnon and when he is happy with the wine when drinking and getting drunk Callahan. He said slight Amnon and this is what he told don't be afraid, be courageous and and you know what, that's exactly what they did at the celebration. The party was going on, Amnon, who would've been probably the cocky guy anyway and he was good and drunk and the servants obeyed Absalom's command, and they killed him well when they killed him all brothers like we are out here. They all cleared jumped on their talent back to Jerusalem, they didn't know if it was a lot of them are going to get killed. They didn't see it coming. Two years had elapsed, but someone ran ahead and got to David and told David Ho said all of your sons are dead said they all are killed. Absalom has killed all of your sons.

This was their words and there is not one left.

You can't even imagine. You can try but you can imagine how that must've hit David oh yeah, he had lost the baby one time and that almost devastated him, but now I have all of his sons dad all he was absolutely grief stricken.

He was in shock. He ripped off his robes and even with this and along comes, his nephew Yana Don that same one that advised Amnon to do what he did to Taymor he came along and said okay okay it's not that bad know it's not true all your sons are not dead. Only Amnon is dead and Absalom killed him because of what he did. Eight. Nine. What a comprehensive look at the life and influence of one of God's choice servants, King David, whom God had said, is a man after my known heart in part one of the ripple effect of David's sin.

We sell that the cover-up he concocted was worse than his original sin of adultery and its collateral damage was widespread and tragic. Likewise, his judgment was swift and terrible. The child born of adultery died 10 of his concubines were publicly molested by his own son who tried to steal his throne and today in part two we are following the trail of death in the final part of this judgment the sword will never depart from your house. This is a multifaceted story rich with nuances and nuggets so to order on CD request SK 207 and send a minimum love gift of $10 for a radio ministry to sound of faith PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 21203 or order from our where you can also order one MP3 but to order the ripple effect of David's sin part two by mail send your minimum love gift of $10 to PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 21203 and request SK 207 if you would like to order part one as well add $10 and request SK 206.

That's $20 for both SK 206, part one and SK 207 part two. Till next time. The shower not saying

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