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The Tight Spots of a Christian, Part 1

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy
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February 25, 2022 7:00 am

The Tight Spots of a Christian, Part 1

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy

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February 25, 2022 7:00 am

If you’ve ever felt pressed above measure with no way out, you can trust God’s promise that He delivers out of them ALL!

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Welcome to this program at the Archie Harding ministry. I'm not thanking you for being with us today because we know comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Today's message by my father for the heartiest certain to uplift you, especially if you're in a tight place.

In fact, the title today's message that tight spots of a Christian.

So, or if you are in need of encouragement you are in tune with the right station to hear a timely word that tight spots of a Christian number 11 so God reported that what you will.

John, Jesus way you know that people will all have a misconception.

They believe that one day that the more battle conflict quietly.

A lot of people have been on the market. What I you know about all lot between I found no magic carpet magic carpet magic carpet you got that what you see a lot of people think that when I did say that situation anymore. More anymore. Why not show. I remember a lot of people what that was about the Greek meaning of the word affliction: the Bible. The Greek word which means please really I'm now finding place just about to make our you just through the 20th century fixed by this means that you just talk not to follow the pairings course but you'll never learn this Scripture because the loading will be long, come on right now I hundred thousand mile may only see what you trust is that one spot between. We all like one, all gone.

All, But what we would go to hell you call my father when I got my job all you made your bed now. I bet it was far better say a man, people thought about capital call mom and my mom knowing the beginning. Now little spots, but as I got older, my Why mom couldn't do it all the trouble I will make nobody to help me. That's what the Bible Osama said David so not going that I got in trouble. The difference between a sinner and the same God No I when I get Gotta get me out now how you know about how the Mozart job.

I'm going to get better. Not now. Scripture What time of trouble. Call me now. I will keep your mouth call on you to small format.

I'm glad I'm saying that God would would be the center Lord help me change my one would be living in Baltimore should of all troubles. There should or should not barricade myself in a room and I wouldn't go out. Emily said you know what you know something I would rather be the most Christian and vulnerable center because I know I'm in a tight spot Give me a gotta get me out to check out because number one I'm righteous on this job number two get me out Right now I'm not sure how you got to do all the no problem will come. Trouble comes time to meet Mr. Jeff. I raptor knows what it will take to be raptor and all, so that when the big challenge of playing drums. We won't have to worry your pretty sure you get all around. Maybe I'll go maybe America might try to make keys on And all you know my portal. You know the church. The church of the apostles, free reading the story of finding everyone one out some marker began to read all you sell thorium our life by me my life I meet Paul the apostle wrote itself. When you write it like a up like charge before the Lord Jesus Christ with all doctrine, probably like fight fight fight fight fight fight the good fight of faith Flight. You don't know how you Lord you know circumstance. I'm at work. Thomas ordered and we find out the word we find out that wherever we are all God. There should I you all all God wherever you are, whatever circumstance your a.m. job fair God don't know anything about their order choose their number change in and really get to political capital Boulevard. Whatever your whatever you choose their right chest. That's a mind that's obeying God that's not disobedient that my not living in sin that somebody that's not limited that some might answer broken any law to be killed. They are like the steps of a righteous matter what all got older. Just wherever you are, not for you to get right in that tight spot, God said that March, you better hope Megan me human capital were Jesus not compromise a tight spot, you ever read where God Osama said I will lead you into a large place about me.

You know what happens when you righteous and you will know what happened that welcome you in a tight spot will capture you will obey the Lord's righteous now jump ship made sure to discharge spot is John let you in a tight spot cottage that which should give up. Did you place tight spot right spot. Does she know where you got there way to large place. I will put them in a tight spot.

She will talk about brother God. Wednesday help me preach shout. Pray for the sick line.

Aren't you glad should.

I'm ready to put God Wednesday. Why?

He stuck a daughter named what was it Thursday or today Wednesday after church for Sunday stock dynamic money to watch the same in a tight spot. Having Swatch could tell what time it was starting to praise the Lord actually praise God pulled a trigger Lord, do got use in a tight spot watching what time it was then have his money, but the brothers given to the Lord. He's been sacrificing cops all devilish at best, Robbie will take years watching his money and you know what God saw him given and you know what God did made him please get your boys take his watch back in his money back, they say a man I asked God I would show stay at the house story just like this just a little while ago about somebody run. The car got back to the car they went so fortunate as when a man threw the gun on him. He shot it right in the heart as he did know Jesus that was a difference. The Lord was in the car with you brother. That gun get lockjaw and figure trigger finger get paralyzed, you know that you are lots of triggers.

The Lord is one of them do it imaginable. I didn't smoke. This is the sweetest piece of meat is get some stick and devilish righteous stop man. This is a good clean should you like the shut up locks all smell that I want to start preaching. A hearty anyhow I'm preaching to myself and about to quit I'm like my Jacob. Jacob. Jacob was we call them a congressman now living there.

You think darkness is super fly down there flimflam at all times catch. That's what he did about the city was supplanted. He got about being a consummate got his mother. She worked with a mother goddess and Jacobson are names right supplanted consummate trickery you will get the passion. What I don't blame Jacob the blessing of God's a good talk is not even use conference tactics to get it to what it takes.

Just brash me so was father's father said, what the blessing of God care what it takes to get tight spots client spot to put your nose like Jacob okay good tight spot. Did you do it for brother's Bob stories birthright with his mother, his father Vicki was somebody else sheepskin goatskin on brothers close on smell like his brother father was black that I can see that you talk like Jacob to put your feel like he saw and his father passed everything to get everything what do you believe that all of a sudden he heard that Esau was killing was fullbore hopeful Randy. Everywhere looks. He knew his brother was a well man. His brother said I will kill it now our morning. But as soon as we get our father to some poker to get all the mourners at say a man Jacob knew he was in a tight spot, you know what he did. He left that lesson left on patient that his father gave him and I said you was in a tight spot talking.

He said he could give it a blessing to you come in the same here rat did they do it on his running videos tight spot. He ran in the God is a good one to Penn medicine man.

He didn't have anything that's when God finds us on the goblin going to help us.

Why does she wait till we got nothing whatever fights against us family statement Esau is going to kill us and the only thing Jacob Sold Tom Selman total along this was a stone for his heart and my head on that stone God. Amen. What an inspiring word of encouragement by God serving brother Hardy tight spots of the Christian Scripture says, many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers them out of them all. Now the term afflictions does not refer to his sickness but rather to a narrow confining place as though you are being squeezed with apostle Paul described being pressed in the spirit and even pressed out of measure. In other words a tight spot. Many are the tight spots of the Christian God's promise to deliver us out of everyone. First Corinthians 10 for states there is no temptation taken you but such as is common to man, but God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted above that which you are able, but with the temptation will also make a way to escape, that you may be able to endure child of God your tight spot will not destroy you because God is faithful to bring you out and James reminded us that we had the examples of the Old Testament saints who also suffer great afflictions and they did so with patients and Peter stated that the same afflictions the very same tight spots are accomplished in our brethren around the world. We believe this message is one you might need to hear again you may know someone who is in a tight spot.

You want to share it with. It can be a CD for a lot $10 more for the radio ministry request to offer 127 and mail to Archie Harding ministries PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 212 and three or go online to Archie Harding got Archie friends. Even if you do not wish to order they want to hear from you and we need your financial support to continue station received a tight Christian request number 127 mailed to PO Box 171, Maryland 212 till next time share. Not saying

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