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Cleansing Your Home of Spiritual Leprosy, Part 1

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy
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March 2, 2022 7:00 am

Cleansing Your Home of Spiritual Leprosy, Part 1

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy

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March 2, 2022 7:00 am

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Braden spent the new listeners and welcome to the Archie Hardy ministries program I'm sharing, not greeting with Thanksgiving for tuning in today because we know Faith comes by hearing and read by the word of God. I'm very excited for you to hear today's message by myself and my dad brother Hardy.

It is tremendously eye-opening to the cause and effect of demonic harassment, oppression and bondage that many Christians experience and what to do about it. Find out now in today's message. Cleansing your home of spiritual leprosy morning were clear all of spiritual leprosy and were going to lay the foundation to begin the book of Leviticus. You have your Bibles I trust that you do then turn to Leviticus the 14th chapter, I will encourage you that later on when you go home that you read the entire 14th after but we will not read the entire chapter this morning to get a focused film versus 33 through 45. Now, in the beginning of this chapter starting with verse winding going to where we will begin God gives Moses the commandments when how to cleanse a leprosy person. The individual level or the one who is down. Leprosy goes before the priest. The priest says our leper and their ideas. The names of how he is cleanse the portion of this chapter. In Leviticus where God gives Moses payments on how to plan the leper house and had leprosy.

You never you didn't know you better find out morning that you can have mercy, and in the word of God is always in iniquity and evil was in those days, and in some nations of the world today there are still terrible plagues of leprosy we hear in the world are not very acquainted with it and we don't really appreciate possibly we cannot understand how terrible it was someone to be debris cut off from all society.

They were cut off from the loved ones they temple they could not abide with her family until they were cured of the leprosy and now going to deal with what it is leper's house and were in the 14th chapter of Leviticus and starting with verse 33 and the Lord's take on the Moses and Aaron, saying, when you become into the land of Canaan, which I give to you for possession and I'll put the leg leprosy.

How of the land of your possession any house shall come and tell the priest a is that there is were playing in the house then free and that that that they empty house before the priests go in to see the play that all healthy not made unclean. Afterward, the priest shall go with to see the house on the play and behold play the long with all strakes, greenish reddish, which is our love wall. Then the priest shall go to the door of the house and shot all house seven days and the priest shall come again today and she'll look and behold play the spread in the walls of the house.

Then the priest shall command that they take away those in which the plague is and they show that into an unclean place without the city or outside of the city and you shall call us to be right with the roundabout, and they shall pull, and they shall squared off without the city into an unclean place. They shall take other stones and put them in the place of those stones and they shall take other mortar shall plaster the house now. If the plague, again in three out in the house. After that he had taken away the stones and scrape the house and is plastered it.

Then shall the priest, and look, and behold, if the play be spread in the house is a writing leprosy in the house. The house is unclean and he shall write down the house the stones a bed around it and all the mortar of the house and carried them forth out of the city into an on clean place so here we have the instructions what to do about a house in which is, and again we know that this means in which a house in which there is sin and iniquity. An abomination unto God when someone looked in their house and begin a that there were depressions in the wall and they begin feeding you like streaks in the wall and in the Scripture said no more than the wall was coming up from the foundation on the wall. This mildew like saying this, this fungus or this town. The priest and think and the priesthood because the Bible everything in the house. Unclean, so that the priest would come in, he would look this is unclean. This is the plain business leprosy, and when he would do that would shut the housetop, and no rain for seven days, the priests would go in and if Esau still called the stones out of the wall anywhere in the streets with the mortar around right all wall that came off the walls and the stone when and shot up again and when the priest came back again if you be telling me how leprosy was induced new again. You've got to come down and take it out to an unclean place.

What I want you to know about these houses is you might say.

Well now what's going on here that these I went into the description that we read in verse 34 God said when you land of Canaan which you must apply leprosy and giving you ain't got one. Why such a thing. Why does fungus why would you we got six chapter we've already got the rights and staple big on all you got to do is to do was think about this one. The Canaanites, the Amorites, the Amalekites and all the nice houses and what you know West expired that the children of Bill Israel wandered in the wilderness 40 years, that stupid another child was born years. They know that's a long time only taken about a week to the point I want you to see how much you read this because I'm Raising a lot for the sake of time that we should read this letter to Joshua the second chapter. Years later, okay Joshua was the leader goddesses jostle. It's time to take the people in you know the story that first job was sent in the Jericho Avenue. Remember, remember when the spot and there they went all the hard and she then remember that what this woman said to the spies when they came in Joshua 29.

She said the men I know that the Lord had given you the land and that you're calling upon you was upon the people of Jericho and because of you are the law of the Red Sea you when you came out of Egypt. What did those two kings of the Amorites on Zion that the Lord just utterly loud sound in front of you utterly destroy verse 11 and as soon as we heard these things hearts. Now, neither did that remaining work in any name because of the Lord your God.

God in heaven above and beneath, so what is for me a week later a month later Jericho were still struggling in their boots that the lights were on the way I bought but staple stories that will not looking over their shoulder and for 40 years. They were ready to get their suitcases and fling every time you will be in might be those children of the most high God. She said we are because of you now see business now time to time our nation was going to invade America but you are common and when did you were not going to be able to withstand Kansas on your bags packed an emergency bag can have emergency supplies. Maybe your basement or something to go somewhere safe and stable rights-of-way because they are coming but they did an environment, in the middle of the night was, I think they were expecting nine. There's nothing we can do when they come in their going to take the land going to take our houses are going to take our vineyards want to take on property but you know what I want to keep something not going to get my silver they will get my goal somewhere common unexpectedly hidden and start recording which is the Jewish commentaries in the Jewish record history that those people in those cities took their silver and gold items bearing them in the walls and the foundation of the stones and under the floor so that when the Israelites came have to flee their home that that silver and gold in their idols would be hidden away and maybe sometime they might recovery and this is what they did and God knew that the in the wall and God knew that those abominable idols were in the floors of those home and God knew where they were hidden from anything that might not know, but God knows what goes on behind closed doors when God put it there acting in the foundation of those homes walls of the unclean house when I because whenever there is an idol worship Thursday God's people in those times of houses on the wall stones on the wall while not abomination you wanted I wanted destroyed and cut down in history that would be good. Like Don said just leave their twin unclean place.

When they begin to dismantle those places God in the walls under the foundation God one iniquity and the evil exposed. He wanted it exposed he wanted to be rid off and that's where were going today. God wants us to expose the iniquity and the abominations that be in our houses. Some things we know something we don't know, but we hope to get education. What form it may be time ignorant of somebody's things. Now some willfully doing these things, but the Holy Ghost is going to convict you today Sharon noted that Brother Hardy said the holy today will you will be any different will be unchanged, but you are going to go out of your transformed difference in your home. So now you can read it later saw this evil the end of the story that had to go to find the whole thing all person was a drawn out procedure because he had to be cleansed with the blood he had to be cleansed with clean running water with the oil. Now we are going to tell you how you can do this or think you we don't need to go kill a bird can take on the blood of Jesus across after the cross, and the blood of Jesus and the blood of Jesus is not the first of all, our sins, but Christians need to use the name of Jesus in the name of Jesus into you get horse if you don't have the black Jesus on your life won't do any good but you might arrive at times so you got to do, you must expose any date look at somebody and say fast. You know God bless the house and study the evil. First, you understand that my description of the Harding is going to tell you how you can actually bless and sanctify your home.

He's going to give you this. I will begin given a handout with the wheel so that when you go home and you safe with all that it was so much to refer to and you get all your home but the first thing you must do not go home and start to house clean. That's number one.

You were greasy close that you been working on some car with your suit without taking a bath.

Do you know you take a bath and then you put on your clothes and you God for your house up before you anointed now you know what to look for and will not be telling you what in the future. How to keep evil from coming back.

How to keep the plague from returning to your home you a lot of information, some things I will be able take as much time as I'd like to, but I think you get the idea and you will begin your mind will begin to your own home that need to be taken care off after your house cleansed you what all these things in mind. The first thing I want to talk about is this doing ring worldly ungodly things into your home. That's a generous thing. Let me tell you what the wise man said why the wise man said Solomon. That is to hold it says in the King James let us take but it's much more powerful than the call box.

The little foxes spoil the vine a lot of times the trouble starts with the little things the little things that the little nuances that are going on in your home when he gets a foothold word docs come against the vine before you know what the vine is dying, the vine is dead and your parents spiritually. So everything I'm going to say Barbara called on the little foxes spoil the vine bringing unclean music books, videos, television into your home.

I want to turn with me to someone who one very powerful powerful Psalm David said in verse two. I will behave myself wisely. In a perfect way will now come unto me now inviting the holy presence to come to him. Listen to this I will walk with the house church, the temple, he said within my house with a perfect heart. Verse three I know we get things for mine eyes is speaking to you today is saying myself wisely. The word means I will exercise discernment when you are deserting person you make wise choices about what you will and will not do about that. What you will and will not accept and tolerate some people swallow everything. Some people reject everything God want you to be a discerning purpose person he wants you to have. That is, led by the spirit of God based on the word of God behave any way perfect. Do not think yourself.

The English ideal perfect. Perfect is someone who was without fault. But this is not what the word means the work would be interpreted translated integrity will walk with walking with the heart of integrity means that you are a person of character that you did not conduct ourselves in the house of God, where godly standard is something you stand by what comes over your television, you have a very good chance of not making the television be your standard, you have a good chance of backsliding but said I for mine eyes that's a strong statement. I will no before my ninth job. I made a covenant with cognitive lust, television and watch a bunch of garbage. All of these videos that have adultery and homosexuality and all of this poison, I told you that the Jesus you you think that he said it's better for you to go ahead, missing one of the members of your body going to hell with two lines and if you television will you and if you will poison your children shall homosexuality become tolerant to all the world because now there is nothing that is hard not you will not God. God is not anything special you all the times when all the jokes of the homosexuals and all the jokes and sexual immorality. Because if you make shall be it's all right with the devil.

Once you think once you become wanting to become the time you want to become normal income. The normal thing a man I trust you are being spiritually awakened by this hard-hitting but vital message. Cleansing your home of spiritual leprosy.

Have you ever given thought to the ways that you may be opening the doors of your home and exposing yourself and your family to the demonic realm.

It could be through Music Television videos, books, jewelry, home decor and even your children's toys with the rise of New Age and a cultic influences in America you would be amazed how the enemy is found open doors into Christian homes through seemingly harmless products and practices that are rooted in darkness and satanic inspiration. It's time to shut the door and evict her home of the evil because before you can consecrate them bless your home and to God and his protection.

You must first clean house and evict the evil influences since the Lord gave us this message.

It is been one of our most popular teachings because it brings deliverance and God's shalom to your home. This two CD set is a doubleheader. It includes my teaching, followed by preaching and a powerful prophecy given by my father, brother Hardy when you order this two CD set cleansing your home of spiritual leprosy for a lot gift of $15 or more for the radio ministry. We will include instructions how to identify and cleanse your home of evil as well as a vial of anointing oil to consecrate your spiritually cleansed home to God gift of $15 or more for the radio ministry and request offer 300 that offer 300 mailing address is brother Hardy, PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 21203 if you prefer go that's Archie again order cleansing your home, virtual leprosy, and send your love gift of $15 or more to PO Box 17, Baltimore, MD 21203.

Until next time, this is Sharon not saying Maranatha

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