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Are You a Brick or a Stone, Part 2

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy
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March 23, 2022 8:00 am

Are You a Brick or a Stone, Part 2

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy

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March 23, 2022 8:00 am

God forbade His altars and Temple to be made of bricks. His altars were made of unhewn stone, so no tool of man could pollute them. The spirit of Nimrod is still in the world today rebelling against God and conforming billions into its mold.

Man makes bricks, but God makes stones, and He has called His people to be "living stones built up unto a holy habitation" for His Spirit to dwell in. Are you a worldly brick or a holy stone?

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Greetings friends and new listeners.

Welcome to the sound of faith. I'm sure not thanking you for tuning in today because we know Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. I believe you will be intrigued by today's message. Are you a brick or a stone. When I asked this question of Christians I know in preparation for preaching this message. I was surprised by how many said brick sounds reasonable. I guess since bricks are used to build strong buildings, but find out what God says about it in.

Are you a brick or a stone, and so we see also Exodus the 20th chapter verse 2125 and altar of earth shall not make under me, and shall sacrifice their own by burnt offerings in all places where I record my name. This means, for now, even when you going to the promise land anywhere when the name my name is recorded. You make an Alltel of earth and I will comment in the I will bless the and if you make an altar of stone.

Thou shall not build it out of human stone. For if thou lift up thy tooling, thou hast polluted it. Did you know God was that particular did you know that that was not picky about holiness. Yeah, God, for God has really got some ideas about what holiness is to him and he said you will make me an offer of stone out of stone and you will not one toll upon it because when you do, it's polluted and it's not worthy to be a part of my altar now this was before they went in and now they're moving into the holy land in Joshua now has taken over.

Moses has died is with God. Joshua, now is the one you the Lord is chosen to take the children says in Joshua chapter 8 verses 30 and 31 Joshua built an altar unto the Lord God of Israel in mount evil as them, as Moses the servant of the Lord commanded the children of Israel, and as it is written, and altar of whole stones over which no man has lift up any iron and they offered it under the Lord and they sacrificed offerings. So Joshua was careful that when they went into the land. Any they built the altar that he obeyed the commandment that God had given Moses.

Now let's speed ahead to the time of Solomon now happened this time. Up to this point God's house was a big tent.

How many know that when you read about the tabernacle. Don't think about Faith Tabernacle of building.

You gotta think about a 10 because God's house was a tent but in the time of David. David said he desired to build God a house, a permanent dwelling place. And God said, I will let your son build it because David you been a man of war, the man of blood see how God is about anything that pertains to him. He doesn't want anything of man's pollution upon it, he said, but your son Solomon will be a man of peace and there will be no wars in all of his ratings want you talk about a miracle back in that time that's all we read about his war, they went to war with this with this fight. In that light in the other rights but he said no wars in Solomon's time and Solomon rain for 40 years and no cars. He said will be a man of peace. Now, let him build my house now will listen when he tells them about building that this is the first King 67. He said that it's to be built of stone so that there was neither a hammer nor act nor any toll of iron heard in the house where it was building now, here's the problem with building this huge huge temple. How many on the news have at least seen the Wailing Wall or the Western Wall. That's all that is left of Solomon's Temple. How many notice the stones of that wall are huge.

There huge stones and many notice that there are about the same size there squared off a rectangle and they're all about the same size and that they fit nice and neatly one on top of the other. So this great temple that Solomon built it would've been built out of these stones now here's the thing about it would be impossible to build that magnificent temple out of random stones that you go out there and find and try to move because they would not fit nicely. So God allowed them to use the hammer to use the acts to use the iron tools to take those big stones and shape them to the right and the right shape but some where else. They didn't even want this sound of the hammer anywhere near where the house of God was to be built so we said you're going to do that somewhere else and then Lord help us move those stones to the house of God, and that's what they did. That's how they built Solomon's temple so God was so particular. Amen. Now having told you all that I do want you to turn with me in Isaiah 65 Isaiah chapter 65 based on what we just read about the house of God and about the temple of God and about happy to be stones in whole stones.

The altars happen to be whole stones look at Isaiah 65 verse two I have spread out my hands all the day unto a rebellious people, which walk in a way that was not good, and here's the definition of walking in a way that's not good, after their own thoughts. A people that provoke me to anger continually to my face that sacrificing gardens and burn incense upon altars of brick, which remain along the grays and lodge in the monuments which it swine/and broth of abominable things in their vessels, which say standby by self come not near to me for I am holier than thou.

These are a smoke in my nose in a fire.

The birth all the day.

So God said by the time of the prophet Isaiah in their day. Right now they're getting ready to go into captivity, but God said, I stretch forth my hand to a rebellious people, and what was the thing that they did.

They went after their own thoughts.

Just like Nimrod convince the people of his day to go away from the truth and away from the light God space to subjugate people and make them slaves make bricks to build a tower, they could have a name so that they wouldn't be so bad across the which God specifically said exactly what he wanted.

He said I want the three with population, but they said no were going to stay here. We are going to be the name and were going to do what we want and all were also going to make these people be our slate and God says in Isaiah that the people are rebellious, walking after their own thoughts and you see all the things that they did in the thing that jumps out to me you offer me up incense yes you do come to tabernacle yeah you do come to church on Sunday yet you do for me up and said that I had told you to make altars of stone and there are a lot of people today a lot of churches today that the name Christ.

Somewhere in the name of their church. Somewhere over the door. Amen. And they've got all kinds of programs, not all think kinds of things going on but God is to be in my stop thing goes up here at the top but not hierarchy going on with the incense and all.

And God did not know what brick I want the living stones. The holy stones. Amen. So what happened here is he said these people are provoking me to my face because they walk after their own thoughts.

Let me tell you something. When people start walking after their own thoughts they had become bricks instead of stones. Amen. When people start becoming enmeshed in the world.

They begin to act like the world they take on the world's perspective, they begin to talk like the world. Amen. They begin to dress like the world, they began to be come a part of the world's form because the Scripture says that there is a something that wants to conform you and make you one of one like everybody else.

Not one of the time like.McHugh but he wants to make you identical to everyone else. Amen people that began to lean on the world and they begin to look to the world and they began to think that that is okay with all of that what you're on only what they bricks I'm looking for a home only God created amen back to Nimrod. He said let us build us a city and a tower whose top may reach to heaven and let us make a name next LEST nest we be scattered abroad so they were saying God we don't want your plan.

We don't wondered what you said you were doing our own thing were going to do it our way.

Amen. And they rebelled against God, and to the point that God had to come down. He said look, God had said one to another look at them. People have become as one, and they are so united in what they are striving to do that if we don't do something. If we don't come down and compound their languages so they can communicate. He said that there will be no stopping them. There will be no restraining them now. Some people think amen that everything that's going on, that God is behind it all, but I'm telling you that a lot of things are going on in the art. The devil is behind it and for his purpose and his reason and his timing. God has not intervened. But a lot of people blame God for things he doesn't have anything to do with amen the wickedness of man, it's the spirit of Nimrod. It's this antichrist that's in the land. Amen.

It's the spirit of worldliness, but when God gets enough and when it starts his planning, his purpose, he said let us go down and cut down their languages and you know this is really a great illustration to show you the power of unity in the detrimental sense. Amen. Because you know when they came to Jesus and they said to him when he was casting out devils, but you cast out devils by Beelzebub when, which is the means the devil, the king.the Prince of the devils.

What he said to them, he said, can Satan cast out Satan's kingdom on his kingdom collapse if he goes around casting out demons and devils. Amen.

You're saying not cast them out by Catherine demons out by the present demons make house the body cannot kingdom the body cannot stand.

Amen. Many see the point. There so we see here that they were in rebellion and God said that there is no stopping them. When men are bent on doing things that we see it in the world that we see in our nation today we see it everywhere we keep getting away with it. How are they getting away with it because they're all coming under the Nimrod. In some cases against the barn doors open and the forces out and there's no getting back in. There are some things that happen in this nation. In the last few years that we talked about it. We said it could happen. We warned about it but I don't think anybody really believed it. Amen. And now we have judges that are overturning the notes of people in their own states. When the majority vote for something.

This is the people we are supposed to be for the people by the people of the people and states where the majority of the people went to move about it and said it state as per the state.

We don't want same-sex marriage judges are overturning it overturning the will of the people is not happen once or twice it happened over and over and over.

So for right now for right now before judges and judges are just coming over so white with more than what was about me.

Amen. What does it mean if you can go and have the majority vote, and the judge they well I'm overturning St. you can see that when people get one mind and want court to do evil how people can run away.

Amen. And things that are occurring in things that you can even begin. You don't even begin to know I'm telling you, and that's just one issue and then we look at the world at large.

We have no idea the unity that's in the house of Islam.

Now they have their spats between the different ones you got Hamas and Hezbollah, you got this new Al Qaeda which all know about this new ISIS is really gaining a lot of power and strength and they know they do by getting butt heads because everybody wants to be Nimrod, everybody wants to be the main chief. Amen.

But when it comes down to the matter of the cross in the Bible and Christians and Jews.

Oh wow, they can forget their all their differences, they are united and they have one goal to annihilate Israel off the map, they don't want to annihilate America. They just want their flag flying over the White House and this is what their intent is and we can sit and think. Well that is never going to happen.

All I know that I could never happen old really if God didn't come down intervened. They were building that tower and let me tell you something, God was not threatened by that tower.

He was not upset he wasn't getting worried one bit about that tower. We all know that tower was only going so high.

Bricks are no bricks. Slaves are no slaves.

They were never going to reach God we send rockets up there we've had in 1970 we send Amanda what buddy still get to heaven where God is. If you want to get to work. God is you got a good spirit spiritual why if you want to do. Like Paul said, whether it John God in the spirit of the Lord your penny was all the things that Paul was not allowed to write. John was allowed to write does remember when Paul came backs and some things that are unutterable, but really the word means illegal or that I wasn't allowed.

I was given permission to write because God was going to save that for John to write later. Amen. So if you want to go to the third heaven as you can go there but you gotta get in the spirit, amen. You've gotta seek after God and God wants to in the door will open and I believe I believe that when the rapture does happen and it says they were going to hear the trumpet sound and with the shout of the voice of an archangel, and somebody says what is he going to say I think he's going to say what he said, I like a song we used to sing it back in the old days, I'll be somewhere and listen for my name, amen. Call me somewhere when he said, in a moment. And that's when I left the second is like a thousand of the second and will be caught up to meet him in the air and those who have gone before us. They are going to come out of the graves. The grays are going to open and were going to have a simultaneous meeting in the air simultaneously reading anywhere because they sleep in. The graves shall not premed and the word really means shall not go before us there not to go before us and in God. Second way that he can do things the graves going to open up there going to come out working all join up in my will become my time so because another one we say we amen. So I think that was the point I was supposed to be making was that it was not gonna reach God and God was not mounted six building that was not the point at all. Amen the God so that they were in rebellion against him, but they had refused to obey his commandment. Amen. And that Rod was walking around saying I said down and making slaves of people and making them build his kingdom, his cities and his tower. God said were not going to let that go any further. He wasn't stopping the building of the tower per se. He was coming in intervening and by confounding their languages so they could not communicate anymore Nimrod to be walking around saying I said get down.

I said what he was saying in that furnace what he was saying. Amen, now I'm not making fun of anybody's and ethnicity at all. But you know how difficult it is when you're trying to do something in the other person doesn't speak English and you're trying to tell them what you want done and you can pull your hair. Amen. So come on what you think, was like trying to build that tower and according to studies, it was 70 nations if you count them, if you count the songs in the grandsons and all the bandits listed 70 different tongues and Bible scholars say I just FYI bought Bible scholars say that on the day of Pentecost in the upper room when the Holy Spirit came down and cloven tongues of fire stored over every one I want to understand individually every body in the upper room all hundred and 20 of them individual cloven tongues of fire like down on them and they began to speak with other tongues, and when they spilled out into the streets of Jerusalem and their all talking and here's the good thing about it. They were talking about the wonderful works of God. They were preaching the gospel in other languages and it is Bible scholars say that if you go through all of the nations that were there that it was 70 different nations.

So, what God had to do with the tower of Babel to con found man on the day of Pentecost. He about the gospel to go forth. Amen in the same languages so we see that they were rebelling against God and so God intervened and that was the end of the tower of Babel you know if I'd known I was going to say this, I do probably try to bring something to prove it. But you people how to Google you know how many of her. The European Union union okay just make it real quick. It's nations of Europe that have come together and they had made themselves the unity they have now all the same money now. They don't all speak the same language because you got French people speaking French and English people speaking English in the Swiss and Dutch, and all these other people speak the languages but they all have the same money. The euro they had a I want to say a capital letter.

That's the right word, but I'll use it because it it's right.

Meaning I capital building and if you go and googled what that building looks like you will be amazed. It looks very similar to the drawings that you have seen of the Tower of Babel very similar the architecture because it that's not normal architecture for today. How many seen drawings of the Tower of Babel.

Amen. So I just gotta bring that out to spirit the missing God intervened. He stopped that tower from being built.

He dismantled the kingdom of Nimrod, but the spirit of Nimrod is still in the land. The spirit of Nimrod is still in the earth. Amen.

It's the spirit of Christ. It's not about a person. It's about an ideology that do not still know God, the God care and I don't need a so we want to do what we want to do without God, they know that's the spirit of the age. It's a spirit of godlessness and it's a spirit of self-promotion.

Amen. It's a spirit of self-promotion.

My God, I don't know every 10 years.

They name the decade I guess. I think the auditing this one. The age of the selfie slate you have ever seen. So people take themselves is that we really see your picture 20 times the day. Sorry, but it just amazes me coming on the age of the healthy celebrity honest-to-goodness last night on one of the news channels and she actually said and she said it so nonchalantly because to her that it was perfectly respectable. She said I am self-possessed that she was beautiful, very beautiful and I forgot what what she did but anyway she was very beautiful and she says I am self possessed so another words, that is, it makes it okay for her to take endless selfies of herself and plaster them all over social media for everybody and that's fine and we got all these young girls coming up and that's what they see that the spirit of the agents out there. Amen. And that's all there is not even see it. Honestly, I received an little ones little girls three and four years old.

You will see pictures of them not want her to say no that's really cute she's cute okay out and she really is cute yes she's cute. Okay, this is about the 10th picture today. How may times. Mother say she and the little girl she came from an associate which is and I don't think I'm thinking my God, what is she going to be like but he's 13. Does this child ever get dirty this you just play this you ever just play something and get dirty. I don't know but we're living in the age of the selfie and send you not to be careful that you do not let the world make you one of its bricks. God said he made you to be a living stone, not worldly break. Amen. And that's what we've got to be on guard against what we gotta fight against and I know you know the Scriptures and not going to say him anyway.

Romans 12 chapter verse one into this stage you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a what by me is not the God which is your reasonable service.

And be not con to this world but be smart by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is that good and perfect will of God. Amen. What intriguing and eye-opening message. Are you a brick or a stone. Perhaps you think a brick because they are used to build strong buildings. The first brick maker in recorded history was Nimrod great grandson of Noah, his name meant. I said get down and he was the brick bully of Babel in rebellion against God. He hunted men to be his slaves to make bricks to build his kingdom, and the infamous Tower of Babel to reach into the heavens until God intervened and disunited the people by confounding their languages and thereby scattering them abroad on the earth no later God delivered the seed of Abraham out of Egypt bondage where Pharaoh had enslaved them to make bricks to build his monuments, but when God gave Moses his blueprint for worship in the wilderness he commanded that his altars were not to be of man-made bricks, but of unhewn stones you see man makes bricks but God makes stones unique and unspoiled by the world bricks are all alike cast into the same mode and today the world is casting people in the mode and spirit of Nimrod, a spirit of rebellion against God and his word. Nimrod was the first prototype of what the antichrist will be and we see his spirit already at work, John said in his epistle, the apostle Paul declared in Romans 12 to be not conformed to this world. Don't let the world put you in it smoke and make you one of its bricks and apostle Peter said you were living stones built up as a holy habitation for God. Ask yourself, am I a worldly break or a holy stone. If you would like to receive this message on CD. Send a love gift of $10 or more to help us with the cost of airtime to sound the faith PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 21203 and request SK 171 that's SK 171, you may go online to RG you can also order when MP3 like to receive are you a brick or stone by mail center minimum love gift of $10 to PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 21203. Till next time. This is Sharon not saying Marinette

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