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8 Reasons Some Are Not Saved, Part 4

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy
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March 30, 2022 8:00 am

8 Reasons Some Are Not Saved, Part 4

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy

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March 30, 2022 8:00 am

In this ground-breaking message, discover 8 strategies that he uses to keep people from getting saved and the specific tools you can use to counteract his lies.

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Greetings friend the new listeners.

Thank you for to the Archie Hardy ministries program because we know that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Sharon knots and am excited to tell you that today's message is exactly the tools you need to be an effectual witness of the gospel to unbelievers, sinners, and backsliders. The Holy Spirit downloaded this message into my spirit fast and furiously over a two day. And I believe it holds great truths to how we can reach the unsaved. Even the most skeptical.

It's entitled eight reasons. Some are not saved all right brings us to number seven a lot of people are blinded to get saved and go to church because of not ever heard that there are so many hypocrites in charts they know them all your right you're absolutely right. There are hypocrites in church. I am here today. I bet you there. Some here today.

I can't go because of hypocrites. They been turned off. They been turned off by preachers that are going bad.

All you here.

Therefore, while a few months ago we were here every week a new one make you feel like climbing a rock somewhere a menu this Wednesday folder around this one's got a boyfriend. This was not a guy friend in this one got a girlfriend. Yes there are hypocrites and always will be.

They were printed in Jesus day, going to synagogue and are hypocrites going to church and Peter did say in second Peter to do by reason of the wedding of truth shall be evil spoken of, they put a stumbling block in front of others, they don't go when they stop others from going in. Jesus said you want to hear how Jesus told about hypocrites. I don't have time to.

You can read it, you read Matthew 23 and your hair will stand up he ever said anything mean to a sinner but boy Rick when he was talking to the hypocrites. He called them everything but nice people. Paul said there would be wolves in sheep's clothing charts in the world you expect the devil to be in the world wants in sheep's clothing will come in the charts. I'm telling you now get ready. There will always be hypocrites. But remember this is impossible have a counterfeit list.

You have a genuine, not all that for 25 bucks. But the real deal calls. Now the month. Real design. There's got to be something that somebody created that was so beautiful, so lovely woman once that you can afford what you go by the hope that nobody knows she'll put it on her shoulder and struck her, and she knows he only paid $25 you think it's real leather.

But it's not just polyurethane but not all, something something a lot the good stuff you had hypocrites, you got have the real thing. They would know how to play the part they had to learn the part by looking at somebody godly and right knee. Certainly the Scriptures where cross around my neck will not study the real thing. No hypocrite. Jesus was that's what he said hypocrite that was some of his harshest words always were then now when asking if you got a problem that you don't want to say I didn't say because of all them hypocrites in church, here United States citizens have and if you pay taxes to Uncle Sam Gov. O'Malley never met and now let's be honest, we all know good and well that not all of our hard earned tax dollars that we pay and send over there to Washington DC are being spent on one of these flights that we had one we you know $10,000 so everybody could fly to a meeting which really they were having a good time in Hawaii called it a meeting for year whatever to make that blowing on we know good and well that there's a lot of fraud there's a lot of this manipulation every time that they put in a new program is supposed to help people they know up front that a lot of that money is going to get siphoned off will get all the money for Katrina and how many fraudulent people and gotten to stop and get my always manipulating and wasting our tax dollars and it makes us so that the ballot asking does it make us quit paying our taxes just because we know some politicians are manipulating dishonestly using the money in the wrong way.

No know why we be honest I don't even want to get audited.

Much as go to jail.

We don't want to go to jail for tax evasion. So we know we know now that a lot of our money is being fraudulently used.

So, on what to say to you is if you're not willing to go to jail for not paying taxes just because of the use of some official why would you want to go to hell because of some hypocrites you you Jesus did give a parable in Matthew 13 Turner 2430 I'll tell you because I'm running out of time. He said hypocrites are like tears like poisonous weeds.

They grow up and they grow amongst the good grain and somebody said what Lord you want to go out pull Moloch pull up all the tears and the boys this week is let them grow together because when you go to pull up the tears and you might accidentally pull up a gentle, tender wheat plan. You might pull up something good and then take the chance of turning a young, tender, gentle Christian that you pull up this hypocrite have a nice enough to nontender newborn Christians I own my God, I thought all Christians.

Oh my God they don't know enough word. They don't have enough experience to process it so just send my angels that hypocrite want to get sick because the hypocrites that was really one that now or down the number eight everybody they don't believe Satan has blinded their minds to make them think that even if I wanted to get saved.

I do not see how I could possibly live the Christian life. I just just couldn't do it.

I could not live that way you know what they are half right. They can't nor can anyone live the Christian life. One is what what they don't understand is that Satan wants to keep them from knowing how will anything outside right. John one.

Let's turn their John one verse 12 St. John one verse 12.

But as many as received him, to then gave he power to become the sons of God that believe on his name. Which were born, meaning born again not applied nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but all God want you to see that the gospel comes with its own power bill did that allows you to live right allows you to live as a child of God, and you cannot receive that power by birth and there's two ways to look at this. Your parents put in the greatest Christians walking around doesn't mean that you're going to be able to live a Christian life just because they are good Christians or to be some of the worst hall prostitutes.

The worst of the worst.

Amen. It doesn't matter.

It cannot prevent you from rising above that and living a godly Christian life. But it's not like you know that this transfer is not by the will of man, the gospel Peter second Peter one, three and 49 power was all things pertaining to our life and godliness whereby are given to us exceeding great and precious promises that by these ye might be partakers of the divine nature. The corruption that is in the world through lust CV for this are trying to imagine living a godly life while you're still in the middle of corruption escape the corruption of the world you got morning you got receiving the buying power and you can live the Christian life. Amen. That's how it works. That's why Jesus said more will not you. You must be born. That's why Paul said the life that I now live in the flesh I live by myself but I live by faith in the lobby and gave himself for me is Christ lives in me not I that's relations to 20 Jesus said in John 834 whosoever we already talk. Whosoever is carte blanche, but now it would get a look at it another way, whosoever commits sin is the servant of sin.

Now that's the bad news. And believe me there's plenty of evidence to support it. When you look around the world.

Sinners said amen.

Jesus said a moment ago a giant €44. Your father the devil and his lust. You will do and he was a liar and a murderer from the beginning, but the good news is Jesus said in John 836 therefore shall make you free from sin, you may gospel not just talking what we think they said that all God is all the time and the time God and this transformation comes up on the new birth. We already discussed that you got to be born again and then after your born again that we can like super you grow you grow in grace and knowledge you learn how to walk and talk. You go from faith to faith. And as you continue in the spirit and continue, you will begin just like a child grows up looking and acting more and more like their parents. So were looking more and acting more and more like our Lord.


Nothing makes a parent feel prouder and someone said she just like you, or just like his father, you certainly don't want anybody say he looks just like your mailman people walking around that say I'm a child of God, but they look like because he's their father. Amen we begin to look more and more like Jesus, we grow born again. You'll get all the other the rest will come, which is either blowing there looking at you mature Christian like you got altogether. You look so holy and righteous to them. We all know that that not how it really is.

We all know we make mistakes to. I could never ever in a million years lived like that since we can say because I would be have Christopher get in the double-blind mind because they don't understand the power of the gospel and Paul put it very specifically in second printing 317. He says where the spirit of the Lord, there is liberty.

Okay, the spirit of God brings its own liberty and that he says we all were all looking into a mirror and will be holding in that mirror the image of Jesus Christ. And I like because in the Greek it means it's a continue at the present tense which simply means it's habitual action is not a 1 Miracle Way you continue look in the mirror and continue to look in the mirror like something you would see in the movies when they do that more stuff when they more things and you're looking in there and it's the image of Jesus Christ. He still he so holy is so righteous he's so good and loving and kind and merciful and gracious and forgiving and something is happening something there's a morphine going on there, it's me.

Breathe from glory to glory more process will be embarked. Amen. You know how they do that well this is what you look like when you're 25 and your beautiful and young and if you age.

This is what you're going to look like it 65 now all but I like the way the Lord doesn't turn that around is what you look like right now in your body and humiliation by body to be just like you see, not the transformation in their see human beings are good at Reformation. They put you in reform school. They put you in prison and try to reform you go to Alcoholics Anonymous to reform you. And if you go through the program, you'll stand up and you'll testify. I am an alcoholic and I've been sober for 10 months, two years or 10 years.

Whatever it is when Jesus gets a hold you stand up and say I'm a child of God that will alcoholic.

No matter whether the pastor not witnesses, and I don't think I can stop smoking and drinking with her boyfriend and they're trying so hard to figure how they're going to do that you you cannot focus on that. You gotta preach to them the power of the gospel and you've got to be patient with them. If they don't move out of their girlfriend's house the next day you can tell my your wretched right you gotta work with the Holy Ghost show. You gotta let him move up in the very moment you can explain to them now your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost to join with that person. So even if you're staying there right where you gotta make it very very very very short because you will be tempted and what you open the door going through that you're going to fall back into it. You got to get somewhere right now. Stay prayed up, saying go to sleep in the same do not work. Amen.

And with the Scripture second Peter 29 the Lord knows how to deliver the godly out of temptation.

You just gotta keep telling Dole were the Lord knows how he said in second is 1013 he is faithful will not let you be tempted above that which are able, but with every temptation because you will be tempted again don't hold until the company done but with every patient. He will make the way of escape, that you shall be able to bear it back to where we are in Peter Lord knows how to deliver the godly out of temptation, but I gotta remind you soberly and he knows how to reserve the unjust. Unto the day of judgment to be punished so we got the lead of the Holy Spirit, we gotta be able to show people that are blinded in any of these eight things. How many can say that the word of God is given you some information help to today understand if we understand their line and that if we allow the Holy Ghost to show us what the blind to their maybe more than easy. I'm exhausted, but I'm sure we covered a lot of ground.

You probably come up against a lot of this you will know that your mind is blind. The first thing you do is pray Lord God take away the blinders that the scales fall from their eyes. Let the word and not like a hammer to break the rock of the hard heart a like fire to consume the chat to get you off when all this stuff where you can get his wife. No you, you bring him back to the gospel back to the gospel.


I want the music to calm I went every head bowed as the music comes. There are some of you here today.

The Holy Ghost has spoken to your heart, spoken in a loud voice you yourself had set aside some of these very things. I'm not going to go to church because there's hypocrites. I'm not going to go to church because of the persecution. I'm not going to go to church because I don't really see why you need to get saved. I'm a good person. I don't see where I do stuff that's all that they some of you are sitting here today and some of you.

You think you got all the time in the world and you keep pushing the envelope in pushing the envelope music. Wow, I keep getting by.

I keep getting by. But you know what you're not going to get by.

Because if you don't get right with God. God will reserve you. Some people, the potluck Paul said to Timothy some men's sins go before that in this life in this life, and other men since doing to the dual eternity.

Guess what it's worth for them because then it tonight then it tonight, but it's not too late today. It is not too late today. She said I stand at the door of your heart and I'm knocking we open up and let me in if the Holy Ghost is that you know that you need to get right with God.

You know you're not right with God you want to get right today. I want you to raise your hand while everyone's head is bowed.

I want everyone that needs to be saved and wants to be saying to raise your hand if you say I am not going to be ashamed of Jesus in this building ungodly generation because I don't want to be ashamed of maybe 40 and before God and all the angels when he opened the all my sins are broadcast to everyone.

Everyone you think of man have enough technology that they can literally now follow every person wherever they are.

They have a cell phone they can find you. They can figure out where you go, what you do, don't you think… Details like you wouldn't believe he's got it all written down his and he's able to make everybody see and know and understand it all simultaneously. How shameful that will be if you find yourself before the judgment opens the books of your sins under the blood. If you want to get the blood, right now, everyone is under the blood right now while they play something I want you to get up here. You're not like God. I want you to hit him.

Amen a then surely the Holy Spirit has birthed this word into our hearts so we can be able and effectual witnesses of the New Testament. I believe you can discern the spirit of conviction that was upon the delivery. As these truths penetrated the hearts of the hearers, shedding light and dark places and peeling away calluses of resistance to the truth.

It also serves to an like nonsense how to deal with hard cases when sharing the gospel. Paul said that Satan is the mind blinder and he uses these eight strategies to keep people from getting saved.

I'm a good person number two not ready to give up their sins. Number three no fear of God number four no fear of hell. Number five, I've got plenty of time. Number six, the fear of man number seven there are too many hypocrites. Number eight. I just can't live the Christian life.

Each of these points is scripturally supported and there's enough ammunition in this teaching to prepare you to be a powerful so later so be sure to add this message to your spiritual library for love gift of $10 or more for the radio ministry request offer. SK 151 that's SK as a chair and not 151. Our mailing address is RG Hardy ministries PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 21203 or if you prefer online, RG that's RG Hardy.RG again to receive eight recent some are not saved when CD offer SK 151 send your love gift of $10 or more to PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 21203.

Until next time

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