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Women in The Pulpit, Part 3

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy
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April 7, 2022 8:00 am

Women in The Pulpit, Part 3

Sound of Faith / Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy

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April 7, 2022 8:00 am

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Great expense to new listeners and welcome to the sound of faith shower not thanking you for joining us today because we know that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Our message today is women in the pulpit. This controversy in the body of Christ refuses to go away and after sound of faith was canceled on a network of 19 stations because I'm a woman for the first time in my 40 years of ministry. I was forced to teach on this subject.

Women in the pulpit to argue that no other. The Greek word is hetero gasoline and all I want to show you with hetero neighborhood hetero you know like hetero sexual what's it mean it means.

It means the opposite. The opposite sex as straight as a modern word okay but hetero means the opposite. It means different. If you're in a heterosexual relationship you're different from your partner, your male he's female he's our vice versa. So here are other doctrine. It is doctrine different doctrine that what we had been teaching anyone stay there and confront these people and we know from reading acts 2020 that also was made up of many house churches and I say this because in acts 2020.

Paul said I taught you daily house to house. We visited all those different houses. That's a lot of churches got started somebody's house and then he grew amen and so he's urging Timothy to do this the best interpretation of this passage is we do not understand he was addressing a specific situation at Ephesus and somehow it was involving the women he may be speaking of a particular woman a particular woman who was propagating this other doctrine because if we look in first Timothy two verse nine.

In like manner, also that women may see women floral adorn themselves in modest apparel with shamefaced business sobriety, not with voided hair or gold or pearls or costly array but which become is women professing godliness and good works.

I am not going to get on this again. You gotta understand the key to this verse is the word modest. That's the key. What is modest is what we should wear. Amen.

It doesn't mean you can braid your hair. It doesn't mean you can put Rex in your hair. It doesn't mean any of that. It means you have to be modest and not rest like the world and modestly.

Amen to that on this thing about that but I want you to see in verse nine he says when you see that and so it carries over in verse 10 that he's talking about when then we see women professing godliness when we get the first 11 which we have read the changes he changes from women to not Wallman and verse 12 he talks about a woman. Why did he change why did he go from plural to Cingular.


So it's like he's doing a switcheroo here so we instead because he went to Cingular the woman and not a woman. Remember, the same Greek words do nagging on our right. So he went from plural meeting. All the women in the church should dress modestly, and now he's talking about teaching and he goes down to a singular women, so why don't we just take the Greek word that means the same thing and read, wife and husband let the wife learn in silence with all subjection that matches what we just read in first Corinthians doesn't not but I suffer not a woman. I suffer not a wife to teach nor usurp authority over the husband but to be in silence. Are you taking this in. If you put husband-and-wife there. It's the only way that he can make sense without contradicting the other scriptures that women can prophesy in the work prophesy does not mean you safe, thus saith the Lord, coming down from heaven's judgment if you don't straighten up the work prophesy means the flow for you to be prophesying, you could be preaching teaching. You can even be Elisha used to call for them to come and play music that he would prophesy to.

Amen. So we have to understand that. Now let's look at the word silence because it is hard if you talk about all women is not talk about why that we have to be silent in the church was appointed common. I can stay home and listen to CDs.

I can sing and worship at home vacuum to come to church to be silent was the word silence mean it's a Greek word, of course you knew that. Has Sue G and I want you to just look up in verse two. Look at verse two were here for first Timothy verse two of chapter 2 he say we should pray for kings and for all that are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.

The Lord peaceable.

There see it. Same Greek word has tequila is that we should we should lead a quiet and silent life. Oh, I know you think the word quiet would be the one.

But it's not folks get out your lexicon. Peaceable is has tequila quiet is another is another word altogether. So, don't you see here he's saying and he's talking to all the saints. He wants all the saints in the church to have the peaceable life you see that and that means he wants and have a life it's free from turmoil and a life of tranquility which we don't have to day in the world. We've got just the opposite. We got so much division and unrest will you.

I don't even have to describe it so he and praying that you will not going on. Amen. So we cannot means silence in the natural mute. It means that you had a peaceable call environment not picture silent and you cannot speak because it's the same word as peaceable. In verse two. Now he says or usurp authority. Okay, I'm to throw this out with an answer I get what is the Greek word for authority. I hear ecstasy. How many are in agreement as ecstasy. Behold, I give you power but he said the word is not tolerated, ecstasy, and it means authority. Okay, so we would expect reason we don't want the wife to usurp authority were good we would all assume that's going to be ecstasy, because ecstasy is used over 100 times in the New Testament, and that's what it means. It means a normal exercise of authority. It actually means delegated authority. Another word someone who has the authority to give you authority gives it to you.

I have authority over Satan because Jesus gave me authority to use his name.

It's delegated by Jesus himself crush the head of the serpent under his heel and now he could not give you authority over all the power of the enemy, but in this verse. It's not ecstasy it's another word altogether and that word is often teen often teen.

And guess what, it's only found in this one verse in the entire New Testament where we would expect to see ecstasy we see often teen and what does it mean it speaks of someone who's acting on their own, their own authority in such a way that they are trying to get the upper hand and control a good word, this English synonym would be to domineer to domineer in ancient literature. Because remember, was only used one time in the Bible. So when something is only used one time in the Bible with Bible scholars do is they go outside of the Bible and they look at the writings of day and see how words are used in secular literature gives them an idea what maybe was meant because it's only used one time in the Scripture.

Scripture interprets Scripture when you wait to start working you read many many many scriptures you get the whole meaning, but it's only there one time. So what they do is take a look outside of the Bible in Greek literature and it means somebody who's trying to gain control and can even go. Not always, but in extreme cases, to the point of violence we see the word often teen. We see auto right in their auto and we all know that means self right auto autobiography is the story of your own life you wrote it yourself. So what is being said here is this person is acting in their own authority they're trying to usurp authority. Now let's look at this two ways.

Number one was will go quickly to husband-and-wife team. God does not like wives who try to usurp authority and control their husbands in a domineering way.

Now before you get your feathers ruffled women. Remember, he said. Husbands, love your wives as Christ loved the church and gave a florid you know, God never told wives love their husbands will never find it in the Bible never Feinberg women have to love their husbands because we just know where just as we just love love, but he tells the husbands people say can you command people a lot God does. He told his Old Testament church, Israel love the Lord thy God with all thy heart with all the might, with all my strength.

He commanded them to love him because love is not a fuzzy feeling. Amen when you love somebody when the fuzzy feelings are going because the honeymoon is over and even married so many years now you decide every day that I love that person. I want to be with them because I love them for who they are, not only what they could do for me. So getting back to her point. God does not like women control their husbands out of methane husbands which we understand that right save husbands. Of course when a telnet center. Husbands beat you up. Drink all your money blow doing drugs and run around with other women. We talked about them, kind husbands. They don't love Christ. They're not under submission to Christ, so that means that their wives don't have to be under submission to them and that's a whole another message on the preaching today. We also need to understand that because he went to the singular.

Let's just look at the word woman in the singular, we have to understand that there very well may had been a warning teacher in that church that was teaching this other doctrine element type briefly something about Ephesus. I know I'm winding down. How many are still with me.

The city of Ephesus was the center of worship for the female God is Diana also known as Artemis. So if you go to Google it later if you know you might Google Artemis and get more information if you just do Diana but we know in acts 19, we know how that that they work for two hours. They said great is the goddess Diana and they believed that her image fell down from heaven and said they worshiped. And she had many, many breast she was a sexual goddess.

No surprise there. And of course we know it was the silversmiths that made up that myth so that they could sell lots of idols. And we know a riot broke out in the city because Paul had come preaching the gospel and they said great is the goddess of Diane and these people comment trying to tell it turns away from that worship and we know it ended up that they brought all of their books and their cultic things and think they did bells with and they had a big bonfire and they burned it all up, as they really got born again. Amen. But you got understand that this goddess worship dominated the Ephesian culture nesters and the things that they said and only give you a couple are you still with me. They said that she could have a baby without a man. What does that sound like the pollution of are you following me and that she gave birth all on her own without a man and archaeologists with dogs. These areas I found evidence that these stories about Diana and Artemis were being mingled with the Bible stories, especially the book of Genesis on the part of the Gnostic Gospels okay will they found a lot of evidence that in the Gnostic account did not make it into our Bible because their fall that they look at the creation in Genesis, and they make their mitts about their gods and goddesses in with the Genesis account so they say that he was Adam's teacher. She was the one who gave him life that she was a virgin without a husband, and she gave him life. Now this is a horrible distortion of Genesis. Is it not, but this was what was pervasive in Ephesus, so Paul is apparently combating all of these false doctrines. These other things and so it is very possible that here that Paul is speaking about the woman I or not one that and she was very bold because she usurp the authority she control people and she took over authority this and she was just a modern-day Jezebel. I know you think Jezebel you think of eyeshadow and eyeliner. No, no, no, she had her poor husband jumping every time she said from her husband Ahab was the king, she got him to murder somebody to take his vineyard IQ.

A man unto the king, he will give you the better you will sell it to you just take it and that the spirit so we talked about the spirit of Jezebel.

I'm talking about your eyelashes with eyeliner.

Whatever mascara I'm talking about that's and that's what we had here in Ephesians and so he was addressing this other doctrine that was being propagated by women at this Ephesus church and I just had to throw this and this is just my opinion but if you got houses cake not just one big congregation.

The church is that all these different houses all my God you got women in all these different houses, going from house to house. That's why he said in another place is you need to stop these women from going house to house, with all their tall tales and their gossip in the busybodies, only women pain and you know it's true, you and I'm sure nothing me, but we know how women are you getting the bonds away before you now.

We will talk about anything now if we are sanctified through the Holy Spirit. Whatever we get on it will be for a remedial reason.

It'll be good. Amen we will get all this when we see our conversations derailing getting over here wheezing to cut it off change the subject. Know the devil is trying to get in the mix. I want you to see what was going on here. Let's look at verse 13 for Adam was first formed, then Eve and Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression. The fact the pull through this in right here and that is in talking about the church in Ephesus where they had this doctrine of worshiping this goddess who claims that she is the one who gave birth to Adam and taught him that right there points to that. How many see what I'm saying. It points to it. So he is talking about this false doctrine being propagated by this woman at the church of Ephesus we was referring to women in general.

Was he referring to wives and husbands. In either case, it does not mean that women cannot speak in church where he would contradict other scriptures that says they can. I'm out of time so I'll just reference you. It's too much to read.

Anyway, he read it later. Romans the 16th chapter in his final chapter in this letter, and he is thanking everybody. It's a thank you and he's naming all these wonderful saints of God that have helped him in the ministry.

He specifically name about 16 people of the 16 people that helped him in ministry. 10 of them were women.

I'm just saying. And we see in the church today and I'm not trying to insult men, but we see that the women basically are the ones that do a lot of the things that go on in the church and when he name the 16 women some he didn't Amy just referred to as women are a sister.

The two that he did name though that jump out.

One was Phoebe. She was a Deaconess that meant she had authority.

Amen. She had authority and I don't think she was a Deaconess just women. He said she served with hand and helped him, then another one that is very curious. Is he talks about apostles that helped him and he named then and one of them is named Julia Jane. You and I a and Junie the ending I a is a feminine ending and only feminine ending. It is never used for a man if you want to name the counterpart of Junie off for a man you would name him Mia.

How they follow me.

Just like we have some names like that. There are some you know, we might say on you know will take men's names say the father does has a bunch of girls you can't name Junior so. Case in point, your dad's name is John what your name Chinese okay so they named her Johnny. And when we see that all the time they take Albert Nick Alberta Robert Mick Roberta and I went help me Michael Michelle even Michaela Thomasine Josephine make it the point. Junie is a woman's name, never a man's name never and he called her an apostle, but that cold chills just he called an apostle that work with him and he said salute her honor her. I know this was not a message that preached to you to edify you personally understand that, but how many know sometimes we need to know why we believe what we believe and perhaps some of you know you will have a single problem maybe on your job when my name comes up and they say all you got a woman preacher you got a woman pastor. Oh, and you feel like you're on the defensive. You don't know what to say now you have some ammunition. Amen.

As it happens it happens my daughter sterile in her job.

She says when you know when she mentions her mother's a preacher, then it she's a woman and she's a preacher so we need to know why we know what we believe and apply.

Never preach this against the first time I preached this and I've been preaching 45 years anyway so I it also helps me to get my cannot convince me that I'm doing God's will when I have to answer these people who throw out all of these you know these field theologians letters and words and he was like oh well you can understand what were saying here and I feel to that too many people just take what's been handed down to them and they don't look at what Scripture says obviously not that hard is especially pungent fixed rate women and why right that's going down a man so let's give the Lord and I hope you're being encouraged by our message. Forget reach press in his letter to the Philippians written from a Roman prison Paul wrote of his great joy in Christ and his secret to a successful ministry. I forget those things that lie behind. I have known scores of Christians who get stuck in depression and failure because they keep looking back and lamenting about the past. Only when you let go of the past can you embrace the present and reach out for daily victory in Christ as citizens of heaven. Paul said we are pressing towards the mark of the calling up on high, the rapture resurrection. We should be pressing for the goal line with our eyes on the prize. Heaven is interview and the saints who've already crossed over her calling out old St. don't look back. Forget reach press is available on CD for love gift of $10 or more for the radio ministry request SK 196 mail to sell the safe PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 21203 were shopworn where MP3s are also available to order by mail send a minimum love gift of $10 request SK 196 to PO Box 1744, Baltimore, MD 21203 saints airtime is costly to with the Lord lives on your heart. Please consider setting this show love gift to help us whether or not you wish to place an order. Until next time, Mr. Sharon on

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