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How Our Salvation Works - Genesis Part 27

So What? / Lon Solomon
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March 17, 2022 7:00 am

How Our Salvation Works - Genesis Part 27

So What? / Lon Solomon

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You know my message today. I sat in front of a laptop computer and I type my message and and then I hit a button and it printed out exactly what I typed in one amazing machine. I love this machine. Now if you were to ask me how it works.

I will have the slightest idea in the world, how it works but it works and I'm happy for that.

And isn't that true of so many things in our world. I mean we flicked on light switches, but if someone were to ask you will how exactly is electricity made in how to travel through the wire to get inside your house. Most of us couldn't answer that question. My point is that the many of the things in life that bring us great benefit. We use them.

We enjoy them. But honestly when it comes down to how they really were there mechanism for working we really don't have the foggiest idea how they were when I bring that up because I have learned that the same thing is true so often with us as followers of Jesus Christ when it comes to our salvation in Christ we know we have it.

We enjoy it will hopefully were telling other people about it everywhere we go, but when it comes down to the actual mechanics of why it works and how it works. We really don't understand that. To put it another way, how does believing in Jesus Christ as my Savior make me righteous in God's sight. How does that enable God to blot out my sin. How does it allow him to take me a sinner in the have well this is what we want to talk about today we are going to resume our study. As I said of the book of Genesis. In chapter 15 in writing here in this chapter, God explains to us the actual mechanism that makes our salvation in Christ work and this is one of the most exciting truths of all of the Bible is so exciting that when I got into what I said you know what one weeks not enough. So I'm going to do a four-part miniseries entitled our salvation in Jesus Christ and today is part one, entitled how are salvation works so are you ready ready okay here we go little bit of review. Remember Genesis 14 that Abraham went and rescued Lot, his nephew, and all the people of Sodom and Gomorrah from an invading army and now here.

Genesis 15 Abraham's return home to the city of Hebron on in Canaan in the promised land. So let's pick up go.

Genesis 15 verse one after these things the word of the Lord came to Abraham in a vision, saying, do not be afraid Abraham I am your shield and your very great reward. And Abraham settled Lord God. What will you give me since I remain childless, and the error of my house is Eliezer of Damascus. Since you have given me no children. My household servants is currently serving as my air now. Hopefully you remember back in Genesis chapter 12 when Abraham was 75 years old, God said to him, verse one.

Leave your country and go to the land.

I'll show you the land of Canaan and I will make you into a great nation. Later in that same chapter verse seven and the Lord appeared to Abraham and said you're all praying up I will give this land so twice God has already promised Abraham that he's not going to be childless, but now we moved to Genesis 15, 10 years later, Abraham is now 85 years old and still don't have time now.

I think we can all relate to Abraham's dilemma right I mean 85-year-old man in father children, but it's not something you see every day.

In fact, you know the definition of an optimist right in optimist is a 92-year-old male who marries a 26-year-old woman and buys a seven bedroom house right next to an elementary school that is in optimist I thought that was hysterical myself. What are Abraham's 85 cotton 15 years old so it's totally understandable that here in Genesis 15 he asks God for some clarification for some reassurance and God says verse four. Then the whole the word of the Lord came to Abraham, saying, this man Eliezer your household servant will not be your heir, but a son who comes forth from your own body. He shall be your heir.

God says Abraham promised you a natural born heir and I'm going to give you a natural born heir that we need to stop right here and take a look at some archaeological findings because they bring in warmest corroboration of the veracity of the Bible. Right at this point between the years 1925 1941. Archaeologists excavated in a city in northern Mesopotamia modern-day Iraq may newsy in here newsy. They found thousands of clay tablets detailing all of the social customs of the day. At the time when the Bible says Abraham live around 2000 BC and one of those customs that we discovered was this that if a married couple was childless, they could adopt one of their household servants to be there heir and that is precisely what we see Abraham and there were dated right here in Genesis 15 with this man. Eliezer now someone writing a thousand years later, in the thousand BC or 500 BC and making up mythical stories about a mythical man named Abraham the way critics of the Bible say happen folks they would never have written this information down about Eliezer because they never would have even known this custom existed in 2000 BC. Only someone writing Abraham's true history in the time of Abraham would've had any idea about this adoption.

Custom that existed in that day so you know what we say, say it with me. The more they dig out of the ground the more the Bible proves to be right.

But there's more in the same tablets from newsy.

We find that if this childless couple later goes on to have a child of their own. The adoptive servant was immediately stripped of his inheritance rights, and they will automatically given to the natural born trial. So here in this chapter.

When God says Eliezer is not going to be your heir. God was not being unfair to Eliezer.

He was not being on ethical to Eliezer.

He was, not being on illegal with Eliezer.

This was standard operating process de jure at the time of Abraham, and everybody knew it. So once again we give you a second chance. The more they dig out of the ground the more the Bible proves to be right verse five that God took Abraham outside and said look up at the stars and count them if you can so shall your offspring be friends here comes next.

One of the most important verses in all the Bible verse six that Abraham believed God, and God credited it to him to Abraham as righteousness. In this verse is so important. Let's dissect it for a moment.

It says Abraham believed God, wouldn't Abraham believe he believed God's promise that he and Sarah were going to have a son, and in response, God credited it was the credited Abraham's willingness to believe what God's to him. That is, to Abraham as righteousness. God at that moment.

Granted, Abraham, a righteous standing in the eyes of Almighty God and all of this happened, though Mrs. now cause simply because what in the verse say Abraham wants believe God. Abraham didn't do anything. Abraham didn't merit anything. Abraham didn't perform any kind of religious rituals. Abraham didn't get baptized. Abraham didn't give up smoking.

Abraham didn't get circumcised. Abraham didn't join a church. Abraham didn't send in his weekly love offering and he didn't eat fish on Friday. Abraham didn't keep the 10 Commandments.

Abraham didn't volunteer to soup kitchen.

Abraham didn't shovel his neighbor's driveway and Abraham did not leave based on carbon footprint.

Wouldn't Abraham do Abraham believed God's promise and God credited it to him as righteousness dwell seasons yes okay now friends. This verse, Genesis 15, six explains to us exactly how the plan of salvation for the human race works you say will long. I mean I see the verse but you know what I don't. I'm not sure I really really get it.

Okay, no problem working to explain it to you little more and you will get it.

I promise. But before we do that we have a very important question we need to ask you did forget the question that you now pay out there allowing Prince William of thousand, and there you you to forget that you know okay so this is my welcome home lawn.

Welcome back.

So what are you ready ready to go come on everybody why so house weeded is all right. You say how long I don't really hundred percent kid. It is not quite Quicken for BRI the foot of the New Testament will help you.

Click here we go. Romans chapter 4 in the New Testament. The apostle Paul here is discussing this very issue. God's plan of salvation, how people get saved how we get our sins forgiven. How we become righteous in God's life how we get admitted into heaven, and he uses this verse. Genesis 15 six to explain it. Watch verse one what then shall we say, Paul says that Abraham discovered about this matter. What matter. Well, about how God's plan of salvation works. Verse two for if Abraham became righteous in God's sight by means of human were he Abraham would've had something to boast about the Paul says that's not the way it were, that's not how it happened. That's not how Abraham did it watch verse three but what does the Scripture say Genesis 15 six about how Abraham became righteous in God's sight.

It says and Abraham believed God, and it was counted, Abraham's faith was credited to him as righteousness in God's sight.

No I said earlier there without a doubt, this verse Genesis 15, six is one of the most massively verses in all the Bible and its massive news is centered around the beautiful word was credited his faith was credited as righteousness.

The new American Standard says was reckoned as righteousness. The King James says was counted to him as righteousness. The new King James says was imputed to him as righteousness. But all these translations are trying to capture for us. The rich meaning of the same Greek word. The Greek word is the Greek word love is a lot and if the key Bible word. It appears 11 times right here in Romans chapter 4 and let me explain it to you because friends when we get what this word means we get. Have a plan of salvation for the human race. Work so because of my is a banking were the bookkeeping word if an economic word but it's not a complicated word that only CPAs and accountants can understand if you have a checkbook you understand the meaning of love gives them alive because will give her my simply means to make a deposit into someone's account soon as it set boast every time you get a paycheck and you endorse it and you fill out a deposit slip and you take that deposit slip to the bank and you deposit that money in your account. You have just will give them my your bank account. You have just made a deposit into your bank account.

And hey, if somebody else that you didn't even know got a hold of wanting your deposit slips and anonymously deposited $10,000 into your checking account. They would have jaws little gizmo my your bank account. Still a lot I gotta say what I don't know much Greek, but I just learned nothing here today, the norm learn to pray. Dear Lord Jesus, send somebody by just about like tell a live I will. The good news of the Bible. My friends visited you've trusted Christ as your Savior, God already has little gizmo my your account and mine would explain the Bible says that we all have a spiritual bank account in heaven. The Bible also says that we all start life without account reading zero empty unrighteous Romans three verse 10 for there is none righteous, no not want.

Romans 323 for all of us as soon and fallen short of the glory of God. What's worse is that the Bible tells us there's no way that any of us can make a deposit into that account by our own human actions or effort. Isaiah 64 verse six says that all our righteous acts are best human words are like filthy rags in God's holy site friends put it another way is not just that you and I don't have any deposits with four our heavenly bank account.

If that even if we did, we don't have anything that deposit anyway, that's bad because Bible says that anyone who goes out into eternity with their account reading empty will experience God's full wrath against their sin and will be separated from God for ever and he'll wait a minute to some good news coming good news, and the good news of the Bible is God is made, you and me a promise member.

He made a promise to Abraham about a song that will God has made a promise to you and me about a son he's made a promise to you and me about heaven and eternal life and forgiveness of sin and salvation listen to his promise. Romans 1013 everyone who calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. Listen to was promise.

John 336 whoever believes in the song. That means the Lord Jesus and will have eternal life.

Listen to his promise asked 631 believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be say now on to say the most important thing that I'm in a say in this whole message. If you don't get anything else you make sure you get the next 30 seconds. What I'm going to say. Listen now when we believe God's promise about our salvation. And when we are willing to believe in Jesus Christ, just like Abraham believed God's promise about us on God credits our faith to us as righteousness. God imputes our faith to us as righteousness. God accounts our faith as righteousness in his side, just like he did for Abraham is a lawn you sure that's correct will. I'm positive. Listen to Romans 423 these words Genesis 15 six.

It was counted to him as righteousness were not written for Abraham only say the next four words with me, but also for what tool God will also credit righteousness if we believe in Jesus, whom God raised from the dead, you got it. Got it. Now think what this means. This means that the day I committed my life to Jesus Christ. God took out his big ledger book in heaven, and he started going down the essence.

He went you know us.

Ms. Snyder of Sobel Stokowski Solomon. Solomon Solomon there is lawn Neil born August 24, 1948, 64 patent are in Portsmouth, Virginia, Jewish male blue eyes talks a lot that's him and gobbled next to my name and that ledger and guess what it really empty. Empty zero, but because I had just trusted Jesus the way God told me to God, took out a little slip of paper with the word righteous in God put that piece of paper right next to my name overtop of the word empty.

Let me tell you two great things about that piece of paper number one, it's opaque, meaning God has agreed never, ever to see through that piece of paper for all of eternity in detail. The great thing about that piece of paper.

God puts it all with superglue so that nobody or nothing could ever remove that slip of paper not my sin.

Not my failures, not my stupidity. Not even the Devil of Hell else can ever remove that slip of paper from next to my name praise Lord Park and friends, you have believed in Christ as your Lord and Savior God has done this very same thing next to your name in his ledger book so let's summarize what we learned today we learned to God's plan of salvation for the human race operates on the principle of imputed righteousness and how does imputed righteousness work.

What's that mean it means that you and I don't become righteous.

We are still sinners throwing throw it means instead that God has credited our account.

God has imputed to us righteousness, not a righteousness that you and I earned in any way with our own effort our own human activity. No no, but I'll righteousness the Jesus purchased for you and me on the cross and a righteousness that God by his grace deposited in our account as of three gifts. And now since next to our name. It reads righteous, God declares that all of his judgments against our sin are over. Satisfied and you and I are paid in full.

We go to heaven because were painful. We can be reconciled to God as were painful God to be our heavenly father we can be his children where paid in full to receive this. Does this get even on a man or clap or something. That's how God I am salvation of the human race by preference. It's all about that slip of paper going on next to your name. Now one final thing. And that is please notice this offer of imputed righteousness is open to Romans four verse five says that God offers to justify to declare righteous feet on godly, how awesome is this God doesn't say to want to go get godly and then I'll put righteousness in your account. No, no, God finds us standing there in our filthy rags and he doesn't say to is a go see if Taylor would you know. He says hey standing there and all those filthy rags. I will cover you with the rulebook of the righteousness of Christ for free. If you'll just let me know the really sad thing is that so many people will lead and I have a theory as to why it's because in order to let them do that. You and I have to be willing to admit that our account re-exempting and I think that our world is full of people who are prepared to admit that I mean they are sure that there must be something in their account. I mean with all of their baptism and all other church membership in all of their teeth in the sacraments and their Jewish ancestry and their philanthropy and their hearts to back up and their good life and all their good deeds there. Sure, there must be something in their account.

Sorry there isn't and it is until we get to the point that were willing to admit our account is him. He that were open to God's offer today the greatest day of my life was the day I admitted that my account read empty and the site of a holy God, and that there was no hope there was nothing I could do to ever fill it and I took God at his word that he would fill it for me if I would just believe on the Lord Jesus Christ today.

That happened in March 1971.

Praise the Lord. 40 years later my account still reads righteous. It still reads full and it's going to read for all and it's going to read and write just for all of eternity.

That is the deal God made with me. Praise God for that, a myth that is the one I just have one final question and that is why would God do this for me. Well, I can only give you the answer. The Bible gives and that is because he loved. That is because he cares about. That is because he's totally committed to you and intensely compassionate about you. You know the summer I was having my devotions in Psalm 41 day I came across a verse on straw seen it before but it never hit me like it hit me this summer. Here's what it says, Psalm 40 verse 17 it says. As for me I am for a needy but the Lord takes thought for me. Unbelievable for the universe takes thought for me, folks, I can't tell you why he does this, I will have an answer for that, but I'm sure glad he doesn't and I want to tell you how to care what circumstance. I don't care how tough the times are I don't care how bad you struggling. I don't care how difficult your times are right now my friends, the Lord takes thought for you every moment of every day. He proved it proved by sending Jesus to the cross so he could create this plan of salvation for you, but you ever doubt God's law is no reason to felony Savior here today. You've never trusted Christ as your personal savior friend what you hear me clearly you dare not go out into eternity with your account reading empty. The result of doing that would be so catastrophic that you can't even imagine. And you know friends it so unnecessary God standing with open arms. Then I'll fill your account if you just let me got humble yourself and admit exempting and you got humble yourself and admit you can fill it yourself. You got humble yourself, throw yourself on the mercy of God and asked him to fill in for you but if you're willing to do that goddesses have to go to favor him filter for Solomon filter for thousands and millions of other people through the centuries and I'll fill it for you were to give you a chance to do that right now for what I have found in our eyes closed on to lead us in a very short were just going to tell God the very things we talked so I'm gonna pray out loud you pray silently, and if you want to change systems for how you're planning to fill your bank account. Here's your moment. But still you pray silently, Lord Jesus, come to you today to admit that my bank account reads empty in your sight, and to admit that all my good deeds to try to fill it up are like filthy rags in your holy site and so today I give up that approach and instead I do what Abraham did, I believe your promise that if I'm willing to trust Jesus. What he did for me on the cross. You will feel my account to overflowing for me. So today I invite Christ in the my life is my personal safe. I surrender my heart and my life to him and I give up all attempts to become righteous on my own. Instead, I trust you to put that slip of paper next Monday. In Jesus name I pray phot I want to pray for the folks to pray that prayer that even as they sit here today, you would confirm to them that when you make a promise to keep it and that if they were sincere. You just went down to their name superglue that label right next to or for those of us here who know Christ encourage our hearts that you take thought about people like us every day thank you for creating a plan of salvation that we could mess up if we try one that works because you do not us and help us revel in imputed righteousness every day of our life. We pray these things in Jesus name.

What are God's people say amen

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