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Live with Lon-God's Plan of Salvation - Part 3: The Blood Covering

So What? / Lon Solomon
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April 19, 2020 7:00 am

Live with Lon-God's Plan of Salvation - Part 3: The Blood Covering

So What? / Lon Solomon

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April 19, 2020 7:00 am

The covering of the blood of Jesus.

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Hello everybody and welcome to live with him on a couple weeks ago I played a version of it is well with my soul a cappella by this love singing group and so many people loved it that I thought I should played again so here you go is well with my soul and I hope you enjoy it news. He and her Libyans will I see in an so will and I will and then hello hello my name is my name and in wall what we him and what a sweet rendition of that great and so were to talk about something today, the blood covering of the Lord Jesus Christ that makes it well with our soul and were going to Delvin and I hope all expositor some great truth out of the word of God that will make it even better with your soul. As a result of your having been in the word of God today you and me together so let's begin by praying let's take a moment to say Lord.

Maybe it hasn't been so well with my soul this past week. Maybe I've been angry or feeling bitter at someone or something or maybe I've been afraid that I've taken my eyes off of you and put them on the wind and the waves around me and I started to fret and worry, Lord, whatever it is. Help us come today and lay those things at your feet and let you make it well with our soul. Let's pray Lord you know how easy it is for us to be like Peter, who while he was walking on the water of the Sea of Galilee.

Everything was great as long as he hired his eyes on you and then he got distracted and he took his eyes off of you.

And immediately the Bible says he began to sink and when you rescued and you said to him, Peter O why did you doubt you were doing great. Why did you take your eyes off me and you know Lord, the answer is because were all human and it's something we so easily do with all the commotion and the distraction around us. The news reports and everything that's going on, Lord Jesus, forgive us this week for all of us. I'm sure it taken our eyes off you at some point during the week and put them on things around us which bring us down, cause us to sink emotionally, spiritually in every way. So Jesus restore our focus today on the living risen Christ who said which one of you Luke chapter 12. I worry can add a single cubit to your client. If you can even do this simple thing you said, Lord, then why do you fret about everything. Lord help us to take that to heart and to trust you and keep our eyes on you as our one and only provision for our lives for the lives of the people we love for our well-being for our defense against others who would do mean and cruel things to us if they could, Lord Jesus, you be our focus now as we get ready to open the word of God, Lord Jesus, I pray that you would rebuke the enemy from the state that Lord you would give him no access on the blood of Jesus. We resist him, and we claim your word. It is written, resist the devil and all of his evil beings and they will flee from.

So it gives us great joy to pray back to you today. Your promises, knowing that this gives great happiness to your heart to hear your promises.

Pray back to you from your children, so God as I seek to expositor the word today. Fill me with your spirit illuminate the hearts and spirits of people listing and increase how well it is with our soul because of the truth of your work today and we pray this in Jesus name. And everybody said a man all right now on we are going to the Gospels, but were in a little tiny miniseries growing out of the life of John the Baptist, where we talk about were talking about God's plan of salvation and couple weeks ago we talked about how God is part of the plan of salvation created two races the second race a race with a federal head, not Adam, but the Lord Jesus Christ. And when we come to Christ part of the plan of salvation is God transfers us from the race of Adam to the race of Christ first Corinthians 15 and then we talked about substitutionary atonement how God allows us to atone for our sins through the death of an innocent substitute Lord Jesus Christ being the ultimate substitutionary layout.

This is why John the Baptist said, behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.

Today we want to talk about this comment that John made that the Lamb of God takes away the sin of the world and what that really means and how that really works in the plan of salvation, and it all centers around not substitutionary atonement that that is an important component of the plan of salvation, but another important component of the plan of salvation. The blood covering provided for us by the Lord Jesus Christ's blood shed on the cross. Now I want you to put your thinking Because I'm Going to Lead Us in a in a Trip to the Scripture Where We're Going to See This Wonderful Principle Played out for Us in the Word of God. Now Romans Chapter 4, I Want You to Look at That Romans Chapter 4 Verse Five Says This and of Course Were Using Our New King James Bible, so the Translation Here Is What Romans Four Verse Five Says with Me, but to Him, Meaning That the Man or Woman Who Does Not Work for Their Salvation but Believes on Him Who Justifies the Ungodly, God of Course Look His Faith Is Accounted for Righteousness Is Credited to Him As Righteousness.

Now Watch Just As David Also Describes the Blessedness of the Man to Whom God Imputes This Word Means the Credit to Someone's Account to Whom God Credits Righteousness to Their Account Apart from Works. This Is Salvation by Faith. Now Watch and Then He Quotes the Old Testament Paul.Psalm 32. Blessed Are Those Whose Lawless Deeds Are Forgiven, and Whose Sins Are Covered. That Is, They Are Not Visible to the Holiness of God. They Are Covered over from the Wrath of God Blessed Is the Man to Whom the Lord Shall Not Impugn or Credit to His or Her Account Sin. Now This Quote. Of Course from Psalm 32. Blessed Is He Verse One Whose Transgression Is Forgiven, Whose Sin Is Covered. Blessed Is the Man to Whom the Lord Does Not Impugn Charts to His or Her Account. Iniquity of This Word in Hebrew the Word Here Used in Psalm 32 Verse One Is Covered Is the Work I Stop Sign Hebrew Means to Be Hidden for to Hide Something, but This Is Not the Active Voice. I Hit Something of This Is the Passive Voice. The Passive Participle Is Used Here Something Is Covered and in Hebrew Tidily Hebrew Lesson the Account Passive Participle, Which Is What This Is Is Similar to the Perfect Passive Participle in Greek and Both of Them Represent an Existing State of Being a a Permanent State of Being That Has Come upon Someone and Is Never Going to Change so I Would Let Me Illustrate It by Saying That the Same Form Dispatch Account Passive Participle Is Used for the Word Blessed by Will the Same Same Word from the World by Rock to Bless. So If It Were Active. Bless You If It's Passive. You Are Blessed You Are in a Blessed Condition and This Is What Used in the Bible Again and Again. Blessed Are You, Oh Lord Our God, This Is Barbara.Todd Annoy Some of Us Have Heard the Word by Welcoming Someone Who's in a Blessed State and If Used of God throughout the Old Testament God Is in a Blessed State That Is Permanent. That Is Existing and Will Never Change.

Also, the Same Form of the Caliper Are Passive Participle Is Used for the Word in the Bible, Written It Is Written. Remember When Jesus Quoted Scripture to Satan Three Times in Matthew Chapter 4, He Said It Is Written, It Is Written, It Is Written.

This Is the Work Todd in Hebrew, Which Means to Write in the Active, but in the Passive Voice. It Is Written It Means Something That Is Permanently Written Something That Is Unchangeable E Written and of Course That's Exactly What the Scripture Is the Scripture Is Written and It's Never Going to Change My Words Will Never Pass Away. Jesus Heaven and Earth May Pass Away, but Not My Word. Why, for It Is Written, and Meaning. It Is in a Permanent State of Existence and Nothing Is Ever Going to Change It, Not the Blessedness of God, Not Written This of God's Word and in the Same Way.

Nothing Is Ever Going to Change the Fact That Our Sin Is in a Covered State a Permanent Eternal Covered State in the Site of Almighty God. You Understand What I'm Saying Here. Okay, Now in the New Testament in Romans Chapter 4 When Paul Quotes a Psalm 32 He Uses the Verb That the Greek Verb and Become Little.

The Only Time This Word Ever Appears in the New Testament at the Calypso, Which Means to Cover Epi Means upon Her over to Cover over Blessed Is the Man Whose Sins Are Covered over Maintaining the Theory Same Emphasis That the Hebrew in in Psalm 32 Have so There Is a Blessedness about a Believer Whose Sin Is Covered over All of Eternity. It Is an Eternal Permanent State in Which We Exist Where Our Sin Is Covered over in the Sight of a Holy God and God Does Not Impute God Does Not Add to Our Account Sin Because Our Sin Is Hidden from His Site Covered over from His Site Is Judicial Holy Son.

Okay Now Paul Uses That in Romans Chapter 4 to Describe a Man Who Say to Describe a Person Who Knows Christ to Describe a Person Who Born Again and Goes on to Talk about Abraham and How He Was in This Blessed State, but Not Just Abraham, Everyone of Us Who Knows Christ Is in This Blessed State of Having Our Sin Permanently Covered over from the Holiness and the Judgment of Almighty God. The Question Is What Covers Us so That the Holiness and Righteousness of God. Doesn't CRC What Is It That Covers Us Is That Our Good Works Is in Our Religious Activity Is and Are Trying to Be a Good Person Is in Us Are Doing the Best That We Can No No No No No No No No, None of Those Things Is the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ Shed on the Cross That Covers Us in the Site of Almighty God and Let Me Show You That Out Of the Old Testament We Have a Beautiful Picture of This Being Covered over by the Blood in the Feast of Passover, Which, since We're in April You're the Feast of Passover. In Fact, Is Still Going on on This Week and Input in the Feast of Passover.

Let Me Read You in Case.

Perhaps You're Not Familiar with V That the Most Important Part of That Festival. The Fact That When the Template That Moses Announced the Pharaoh Was Carried out. The Death of Every Firstborn Male in Egypt, from the Pharaoh, Even to the Animals, the Firstborn of the Hebrews Were Spare Let Me Show You Why.

Let's Go Give Her Go to Exodus Chapter 12. Follow with God Tells the Hebrews and on the 10th of This Month, the Month of Nissan Every Man Shall Take for Himself a Lamb, According to the House of His Father, a Lamb for Household. Your Land Shall Be without Blemish, a Male of the First Year Notice without Blemish.

Now You Shall Keep That Lamb until the 14th Day of the Same Month Civil Why, Why Do They Keep It for Four Days. Well, to Use a Very Contemporary Word. They Quarantined That out for Four Days to Make Sure That If There Was a Blemish That Wasn't Initially a Visible, That It Had Time to Show up Because Only a Blemish Was Lamb Was Acceptable. Now after They Quarantined.

Look after the 14th Day Arrived and the Whole Assembly of the Congregation of Israel Shall Kill Their Lamb at Twilight and They Shall Take Some of the Blood and Put It on the Two Side Doorpost of the House and on the Lintel. The Top of the House Where They Eat It. I Should Point out That the Two Sides and the Top Form across Will Just Make That Observation That Later in the Chapter Is What God Says, for I Will Pass through the Land of Egypt on That Night and I Will Strike All the Firstborn in the Land of Egypt, Both Man and Beast, and against All the Gods of Egypt I Will Execute Judgment.

I Am the Lord, However, Look the Blood Shall Be a Sign for You on the Houses Where You Are Now Watch and When I See the Blood, and You in That House. Heidi behind the Blood of That Lamb.

I Will Pass over There Is the Name of the Fees I Will Passover You and the Plague Shall Not Be on You to Destroy You When I Strike the Land of Egypt. So Here We Have the Blood of the Lamb Put on the Door of This House, Use It. Hebrews Homes and God Says When I See the Blood on Your Door and I See You Hiding inside behind That Blood.

I Will Passover You and Not Execute Judgment against You. I Should Point out That If Any Jewish Person Was outside of a Whole That Had the Blood on the Door. They Lost Their Firstborn and Because It Didn't Have Anything to Do with Whether They Were Jewish or Not. It Had Nothing to Do with Nationality.

It Had Nothing to Do with Greed or Religion or Birth. It Was All about the Blood, Not When I See Your Jewish Not When I See That You Were Born from Abraham's Seed, None of That Has Anything to Do with This. It's When I See the Blood That You Hiding behind the Blood of That Lamb That I Will Passover You and I Would Passover You and I Will Point out If There Were Any Objections and I'm Not Sure Whether There Were Not. But I Think There Might've Been A Few Who Joined the Hebrews and Hid behind the Blood That Mike, Their Sons Were Spare Because It Had Nothing to Do with Them Being Egyptian or Hebrew. It Had to Do with the Blood Covering on That Door.

Now We Understand That and and It Was Meant to Be a Picture of the Ministry of the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ Who Would Be the Ultimate Passover Lamb. We Talked about That Last Week the Lamb of God, or Who Takes Away the Sin of the World He Would Be the Ultimate Passover Lamb. But Folks Listen His Blood Also Be Ultimate Blood Covering, Listen First Corinthians Chapter 5 Verse 714. He Paul Writes Christ Look at This Hour Passover, Was Sacrificed for Us.

What Is That Me All My Friends Means That Jesus Is the Real Passover Light and That His Blood Is the Real Protective Blood IA and That You Hiding behind His Blood Is the True Eternal Protection from the Judgment of God, the Feast of Passover Was Only a Picture. It Was Only Meant to Be a Painting for Us to See the Principle of Hiding behind the Blood of the Passover Lamb. But the Reality Was the Lamb of God, the Messiah Died on the Cross, Who Shed His Blood to Be the Ultimate Blood Covering and When We Hide behind That Blood.

His Blood, God Says the Very Same Thing When I See the Blood of the Messiah and You Hiding behind the Blood of the Messiah As Your Only Covering for Sin and the Site of a Holy God Is Only Payment for Sin in the Side of a Holy God As Your Only Protection from the Judgment of God. When I See That God Says I Will Passover You in Judgment about How My Cox You See That My Friends and so There Is Several Ways That We Can Describe Salvation As God Has Laid out in the Plan of Salvation, We Can Describe It As Changing Races from Being in Adam to Be in Christ and Therefore Inheriting All the Good That Our Federal Head of Our Race, the Lord Jesus Christ Did for Us. We Can Also Describe As Being Atoned Our Sin Being Atoned for by a Substitute, the Lamb of God Took Away the Sin of the World and God Accepts the Death of That Substitute As Atonement for Us.

We Will Have To Make Our Own Atonement. He Made but Now Do You See There's 1/3 Way We Can Describe the Plan of Salvation. Now We Can Describe It As When You Come to Christ. When I Come to Christ We Give up Every Other Covering Every Other Protection That We Have Ever Hoped for. To Protect Us from the Judgment of a Holy God, and We Instead Come inside That House That Has Blood on the Door We Get behind the Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ and We Hide behind His Blood. And God Agrees, He Will Not See Our Sin through the Blood of Christ Is Okay and As a Result, He Will Pass over Us in Judgment.

Just like Superman Couldn't See through Lead.

God Has Agreed That He Will Not in Judgment and in Holiness See through the Blood of Christ regarding Those of Us Who Hide behind Unbelievable. Now Some of Us I Think You Don't Understand. Perhaps One Amazing Thing This Is Because the Judgment of a Holy God against Sinners Is beyond Our Comprehension. As Someone That I Compared It Wants to Gripping a Drip, a Drop of Water on a Red-Hot Electric Burner and the Minute That One Drop of Water Hits That Burner. It Vaporizes It Just like That Friends the Holiness of God Is like a Red-Hot Burner When It Comes to Sin and When See Any Text That Burner. It Vaporizes and That Is How Massive and How Overwhelming Is the Judgment of a Holy God against Him, but Isn't It Wonderful That Arsenal Never Get That Burner Because between the Two Is the Blood of Jesus That Makes Our Sin Covered.

Psalm 32 Covered over Hidden from That Red-Hot Burner of God's Judgment for All of Eternity. It's a Permanent State in Which We Exist.

We Are Covered by the Blood of Jesus. Now This Is Why the Blood of Jesus Is the Most Precious Commodity in the Universe. Goal Platinum. I Don't Know Whatever You Want. Diamonds These Things Are like Grains of Salt in Terms of Commodities Compared to the Blood of Christ, the Blood of Christ Is the Most Precious Commodity.

The Universe Is Ever No It Comes to Covering Our Sin. Listen to What the Bible Says the Bible Is Full of References to the Blood of Christ, and These Preachers Who Refused to Preach the Bride of Christ.

I Don't Know What the Breach and Because in the Bible Is Nothing Else to Preach When It Comes to the Protection That God Is Provided for Us from His Own Holy Judgment and You Know When There Are Preachers Who, When We Preach the Blood of Christ. They Call This Book the Gospel Goal. You Know They Talk about Us Being Prehistoric by Talking about Blood in All of This Stuff. I'm Sorry That I Am If They Don't like It, but You Can't Take the Blood of Jesus Out Of the New Testament.

You Can't Take the Blood of Jesus Out Of the Old Testament and You Can't Take the Blood of Jesus Out Of the Plan of Salvation without Ruining and Canceling the Whole Thing so We Preach I Preach the Blood of Jesus Because That Is Central It at the Core of God's Plan of Salvation for You and Me… What the Bible Says Follow along These Verses.

First John 17 the Blood of Jesus Christ His Son Cleanses Us from All Sin. Romans Chapter 5 Verse Nine Much More Than Having Now Been Justified This Word As a Courtroom Word Means Having Been Pronounced Not Guilty. Look How I Use Blood, We Shall Be Saved from God's Wrath against Sin through Him.

But How Are We Justified by His Blood. How Will We Cleanse by His Blood.

Ephesians 17 in Him We Have Redemption for Our Sins Have Outlook through His Blood, the Forgiveness of Sins.

How Do We Get That through His Blood, According to the Riches of God's Grace.

Colossians Chapter 1 Verse 20 and by Him Jesus, God Decided to Reconcile All Things to Himself, Whether It's Things on Earth, or Things in Heaven. How Did He Do It. He Made Peace. God Did through Look the Blood of His Cross Sold to the Blood. Christ Reconciled the World to Himself, Redeemed Us Gave Us Forgiveness of Sins Pronounced Is Not Guilty Cleanses Us from Sin.

Romans 325 God Set Forth Jesus As a Propitiation Look by His Blood, and We Access This to Think That What Is a Propitiation Look Your Perspective, a Propitiation Means an Offering or against That Appeases the Anger of Another Person, You Know, One of the Famous Famous up Easements in History Is When the the Western Powers Tried to Appease Hitler by Giving Czechoslovakia by Giving Him. You Know, Part of Austria Trying to Appease Him and Making Happy so That He Wouldn't Start a War. That's What I Propitiation Is It's a Gift or Not Something We Present to Someone to to Mollify Their Anger Also to Get Rid of Their Hostility Towards Us and This Is What the Bible Says That Jesus It Is a Mollification. Jesus Is a Propitiation Jesus Is Something That It Is What God Honors to Satisfy His Wrath and Appeases Wrath against Our Sin and How Did Jesus Function As That Appeasement and He Did It by His Blood. First Peter One Chapter 1 Verse 18. Knowing That You Were Not Redeemed with Corruptible Things like Silver or Gold of Friends Don't Show up at the Pearly Gates with Silver and Gold to Try to Buy Your Way Unit Will Work. You Were Not Redeemed from Corruptible Things like Silver or Gold, from Your Aimless Conduct Received by Tradition from Your Fathers Watch, but You Were Redeemed by the Precious Blood of Christ As a Lamb without Blemish or Spot.

Praise God in Here Last One Revelation Chapter 7 Look at This Is Talking to Darnell the Writer and He Said That One of the Elders Answered Same to Me to John. Who Are These Arrayed in White Robe and Where They Come from. John Is Seeing People in Heaven Now and I Said Sir You Know I Don't Know and He Said These Are the Ones Who Come Out Of the Great Tribulation Here on Earth, and Who Washed Their Robes and Made Them White in the Blood of the Lamp of the Lord Jesus Friends Look Here Looking for Second before We Go Back.

Blood Doesn't Make Things White You Take up a Bucket of Blood and Take a White Towel or a White Sheet and Dip It in That Blood.

It Will Not Stay White You Take a Green Sheet and Put It in That Blood and It Will Not Turn White Blood Doesn't Turn Things White Here on This Earth but This Is Not Ordinary Blood. And This Is Not Currently Blood. This Is Supernatural Blood.

This Is Extraordinary Blood. This Is Heavenly Blood.

This Is the Blood of the Messiah. And When You Did Your Idea. My Dirty Filthy Sinful Robes into the Blood of the Messiah, They Come out Sparkling White While I Look and He Goes on and Say to Say. Therefore, These People Who Have Done This before the Throne of God and Serve Him Day and Night in His Temple. This Is in Heaven and He Was Sits on the Throne. God Will Dwell among Them, and They Shall Neither Hunger Anymore. See If This Doesn't Sound like Revelation 22. In Describing Heaven, They Shall Not Hunger Anymore nor Thirst Anymore. The Sun Shall Not Strike Them, nor Any Heat for the Lamb Who Was in the Midst of the Throne Will Shepherd Them and Lead Them to Living Foundations of Water, and God Will Wipe Away Every Tear from Their Eyes.

This Is Revelation 21 and 22 Talking about Our State in Heaven. These People Are in Heaven, and Let Me Tell You Have a Got There They Got There by Washing Their Robes in the Blood of the Lamb and Those Filthy Sinful Robes Came out White Came out White Love Robert Murray McShane Great Scottish Preacher Said Here's What He Said. He Said All of This Company.

We've Just Been Reading about of People Not Want Stands There in Any Other Way Than Having Washed Their Robes in the Blood of the Lamb. You Will Find Not One Person in Heaven Who Gets There Any Other Way.

Indeed, and Then He Said the Rollover of the Blood Loss Center Is Far Wider Than That of Any Angel Now Why Would He Say That That's an Interesting Comment.

The Role of a Floodwater Center Is Wider Than an Angel Who Never Sent. Why Did He Say That Was. He Says the Angels Have on Creature Righteousness. They Were Created in Righteousness from the Beginning, the Redeemed Us. We Could Come by Way of Christ Have on the Righteousness of God and the Righteousness of Christ Is a Million Times More Lovely Than That of the Highest Angel Sweet Sweet Sweet so to Summarize, When It Comes to God's Plan of Salvation. There Are Number Ways That We Can Describe Explained Number One, We Can Explain It As Switching Races from Being in the Race of Adam to the Race across Number Two, We Can Explain It As Our Sins Being Atoned for. Because a Substitute. The Lord Jesus on the Cross Paid for Them and We Didn't Have To Pay for. And Third, We Can Describe Our Salvation As Being Covered by the Blood of Jesus in an Internal Permanent State Just like Blessed Is God Forever and Written Is the Word of God for Ever.

So Convert Our Sins Being Covered Is an Eternal State for Ever. For Those of Us Who Were Redeemed in Christ to Have Taken Our Our Our Our Our Place of Hiding behind the Blood of Christ from the Wrath of God, Oh My Gosh, Friends Redeemed, How I Love to Proclaim Redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb, Redeemed by His Infinite Mercy Is Trial and for Ever.

I Redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb. No One Gets Redeemed Any Other Way but It's Open to Everybody. It's Free for the Taking. Jesus Said: Everyone Wants Come to the Water. It Is Free If Were Willing to Humble Ourselves and Say That the Keel Equation Is Because We Humble Ourselves and Take up Residence behind the Blood of Jesus. We Are Admitting That There Is Nothing We Can Do to Save Ourselves and That We Are Poor Helpless Loss Condemned Her in the Sight of God's Holiness Sinners and Only Hope We've Got Is the Blood Covering of Christ, Help Yourself to Do That Mess Us up with Good Human Beings Are Greater but Friend If You Are Ready. God's Ready Give up Everything Else You Ever Trusted and Take up Residence behind the Blood of Jesus. Now That's As Far As We Want to Go in Our Passage for the Data Next Week. Lord Willing Were to Go on and Look at Another Way in Which the Plan of Salvation Can Be Explained but I Will Get to That Next Week about Hope This Is Helping You Were Taking a Look at the Plan of Salvation from the North from the East from the South and from the West and from Each Direction. We Can Explain It and See It in a Slightly Different Emphasis. But They All Go in the Plan of Salvation. No Wonder Paul Said How Unbelievable It Is God's Which It Richards in His Wisdom and His Mercy Wells Could Create Something As Absolutely Fabulous As the Plan of Salvation That the Bible Offices Were to Go There Next Week but Today It's Time for Us to All Ask Our Most Important Question so Are We Ready Yes We Are and and My Granddaughter Ava Told Me Last Week. She Shouted It out Loud about Her Granddaughter. Her Sister Said I Shouted in My Head. Papa Okay That's All Right Gracie You Can Shout Your Hip but I like All of Us to Shout out. Well Here We Go. Come on, You Know, 1230 and Yeah Baby.

How Sweet It Is. Jackie Gleason Used To Say That All Time and I How Sweet It Is Is a Lawn This Wonderful Man While Unbelievable. Didn't I Think Is You Shaking the Screen.

I'm Sorry This Is Live, You Get What You Get Is That It Is Wonderful. I Tell You, but Monday Morning Practical. You Know, California Got It for You.

I Go I Want to Turn with Me to Hebrews Chapter 10 and If You Read the Book of Hebrews and You Should Read the Book of Hebrews Is an Incredible Book, You'll Find the Blood of Jesus Everywhere in That Book Because It Isn't like I Said It's at the Core of Our Plan of Salvation, but I Want You to Read Beginning in Chapter 10 with Me and Look at This Now and Here I'm Not Going to Use the King James Version Because I Don't like the Translation Is Much the Same Text but I Think the RSV, the Revised Standard Version Does a Better Job of Translating It into English.

In This One Case. So This Is from the RSV, so Just Watch the Screen Ready. Hebrews Timbers 19.

Therefore, Therefore What. Therefore, since the Blood of Christ Covers Us and Therefore We Got Things We Got This Kind of Eternal Covering Therefore Brother since We Have Confidence to Enter the Sanctuary by the Blood of Jesus Not Stop Stop Stop. There Are Two Weeks Ago We Talked about the Fact That There Is a Tabernacle in Heaven.

Go Back and Listen If You Didn't Listen to That One at That's the Message of Sufficient Atonement and We Said There's a Sanctuary in Heaven.

The One on Earth at the Temple and Then at the First, the Tabernacle Were Just a Copy of the Morning Heaven.

We Don't Understand That. But This Is What It's Talking about. We Have Confidence to Enter Right into This Heavenly Sanctuary Were God Himself Dwells Okay and How We Get in There, Let's Go Back to the Verse We Get in There by Your Good Works, No None Now We Get in There by Your Singing in the Choir. No None, No, We Get in There by Your Keeping the Template. No No No No No, We Have Confidence to Enter the Sanctuary by the Blood of Jesus. We Are Covered with the Blood of Jesus As Hell Were Safe to Walk into God's Presence by the New and Living Way Which He Opened for Us through the Curtain, What Curtain What Was a Curtain in the Earthly Tabernacle between the Holy Place and the Holy of Holies in the Day Jesus Died on the Cross. There Were That Curtain Was Split Indicating We Could Go Right into the Presence of God. That's What This Is Talking about. He Opened the Curtain for Us into the Very Presence of God. Since We Have a Great Priest over the House of God Hears the so What Led Strong near with a Heart True Heart in Full Assurance of Faith, with the Bible Is Saying Here Is Because of Our Blood Covering in the Lord Jesus Because the Curtain between the Holy Place in the Holy of Holies in Heaven Has Been Open for Us to Go into the Presence of God by the Blood of Jesus. The Covering That We Have over Us. We Have Confidence. The Bible Says Confidence That Allows Us to Draw near to God with a True Heart in Full Assurance of Faith, We Don't Have To Tiptoe in Their Trepidation, Sleep, We Don't Have To Worry That the Shoes Going to Fall on a Cell from up above the Boots Coming down on Us. We Don't Have To Worry That God Is Going to Throw Us out or or Judges.

No, No, No, We Come in Full Assurance of Faith Covered by the Blood of Jesus We Have the Confidence to Come Right up to the Living God of the Universe Safely Safely Know I Was in College I Went Universe North Carolina in Chapel Hill.

I Tarry You and You Know I'm Tar Heel Morning Tar Heel Bread, and When I Dialed the Tar Heel Bill Will Be More Important Will Be Covered by the Blood of Jesus.

But Anyway and When I Was a Freshman. There in Chapel Hill and Even a Sophomore I Was Chemistry Major, and It Was His Girl in My Chemistry Classes Because She Was Chemistry Major to so Every Chemistry Class. I Had She Presented an Baby She Was Beautiful. Oh My Gosh I Meet This Girl Was like Oh Study. I Don't Know You Know Sometimes You Just See Somebody and You Go Whole Baby and They Just Appeal to You, I Would See Her and and I Would Just Melt Them to Just like a Big Ole Local Party Time You Contact. I Just Couldn't Do It. I Would Stay in There and I Would Want to Talk to. I Just Could Not. I Couldn't I Just like I Had No Confidence Whatsoever to Approach Her. She Was so Beautiful That I Just I Don't Know.

She Was so Intimidating I Couldn't Do. Sometimes You Girls Don't Understand How Intimidating You Are to Us Guys You Go Intimidating When You Talk about You Guys Understand What I'm Talking about and I Never Did Ask Her out. You Believe That the Two Years I Was in Her Classes and Her Labs and Then Honor. I Never Could Get up the Confidence to Extra Friends When We Will Have Confidence. However, to Be Received by Somebody. I Was Worried She Was Going to Just Look at Me in Life Just Go Are You Kidding You Know Go out You Are You Kidding and Embarrass Me and Reject Me and Make Me Feel like a Stupid Fool so That I Didn't Take the Risk.

Listen, If We Don't Have the Confidence How Somebody's Going to Receive Us. We're Talking Approaching We're Going to Shrink Back and See Us Be Scared or When I Can Take the Risk. Hey Baby, What Is This Verse Just Say That We Just Read Hebrews It Says Limit Repeated Therefore, Rather, since We Have Confidence That to Enter the Sanctuary Work Audience with a True Heart in Full Assurance of Faith, We Can Draw near to God and Not Be Afraid. And Where Do We Get That Confidence.

Look at the Verse It Says We Get It by Blood of Jesus and the New and Living Way That He Opened for Us. This Is a by His Blood, Folks, Because We Are Covered by the Blood.

God Says I Want You to Have Confidence and Approach Me. I Don't Want You to Shrink Back from Being Your Prayer Life.

I Don't Want You to Shrink Back for Me and in and Be Willing to Ask Me for Anything That You Need USA Have Not Because You Ask Not.

James Chapter 4, I Want You to Come Boldly to the Throne of Grace. Hebrews Chapter 4, so That You May Receive Grace and Mercy and the Time of Need. I Want You to Boldly Approach Me Not in Arrogance but in Confidence That You Are Covered by the Blood of Jesus and You Are My Child and You Are Safe and You Are Protected and That I Will Receive You with Open Arms and There Is No Danger Here. I Will Not Reject You. I Will Not Embarrass You, I Will Not Judge You.

I Will Not Take Wrath on You Know You Are Safe Because You Are behind the Blood of the Messiah. While My Gosh, Friends, Confidence, Confidence to Preach the Living God. We Get It When We Know That We Are Covered by the Blood Covered by the Blood. So Don't You Dare Be Afraid to Approach the God and Asking Whatever You Need and Pour Your Heart out to Me and Never Be Afraid of Him Because When You're Covered by the Blood of Jesus. You Are Safe You Are Safe Even in the Presence of the All Holy God of the Universe. You Are Safe Forever More Be That Change the Way We React to the Living God of the Universe, but Heavenly Father. Many People Here Understand What I Said about This Young Lady and and Just Not Being Able to Get up Confidence to Draw near to Her More Jesus, I'm so Glad We Don't Have That Problem with the Living God Was Far More Intimidating Than This Girl, but More Jesus Even As Sinners, We Can Approach You in All of Your Holiness without a Fear without Trepidation, without the Slightest Concern That You Will Reject Us or Hurt Us Because We Are Covered by the Blood of Jesus. And so God, May We Approach You Now with Arrogance but with Confidence As Your Children Covered by the Blood of the Messiah, All Precious Is the Flow That Washes Me Why Snow No Other Found. I Know Nothing but the Blood of Jesus. A Man and a Man Well Thanks Again for Being with Us More Pleasure and I'll Close with My Prayer That Was Prayed by Aaron over the People of Israel. You've Already Caught Annoyed by Use Maresca.

May the Lord Bless You and Keep You This Week. Diagonally, They Left, David Hudak, May the Lord Causes Face to Shine on You This Week and May He Be Gracious to You Is Sought. Annoyed, They Look Obvious Aimless Shalom. May the Lord Turn His Face to You Not As Back This Week.

In May He Give You Peace, My Peace I Give You Jesus in John the World Gives My Peace I Give Give Us Such Peace. Lord This Week. In Jesus Name I Blessed the Next Week

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