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The Lying Prophets of America

So What? / Lon Solomon
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July 5, 2020 11:00 am

The Lying Prophets of America

So What? / Lon Solomon

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July 5, 2020 11:00 am

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Not like to begin the day by telling your story story right out of the Bible first Kings chapter 22 is about. It's about a wicked king named Ahab a who was the ruler of the northern kingdom of Israel after Israel limited to about a godly king named Jehoshaphat, who was the ruler of the southern kingdom and Ahab the wicked king of the North invited Josip out to go with him to attack a town in the northern kingdom called Ray Moss Gilead and that's where we pick up the story. Verse five but Jehoshaphat said the Ahab.

Please inquire first for the word of the Lord on this. Then Ahab gathered all of his prophets together about 400 men and said to them, shall we go up against Graham of Delia to babble or show we were friendly and all of his prophets said go for the Lord will give the city into the hand of the king. Now Jehoshaphat wasn't stupid. He understood these were just the yes-men that the king employed so Jehoshaphat said the Ahab. Isn't there a true prophet of the Lord around that we may inquire of him and I love this.

Ahab said well there is one man by whom we may inquire of the Lord, but I hated him because he never prophesies good concerning me always evil. His name is Michalak, but it Jehoshaphat's insistence they summon this profit Michalak when McKay arrived, they have said to him, shall we go up against frame of Delia the battle, or shall we refrain and Michalak said go up and succeed for the Lord will give you the city, mocking the yes-men obviously being sarcastic and Ahab said to him, because he figured this out. How many times must I sure you Michalak to tell me nothing but the truth in the name of the Lord. Then Michalak said okay I saw all Israel scattered on the hills like sheep without a shepherd. And the Lord said, these people have no king now let each of them go home in peace. You understand what Michalak say he saying Ahab if you go do this, you're gonna die.

Verse 18 then Ahab turned to Josip.

That said, see, did not tell you he never prophesies anything good about me you think that's funny hysterical. I mean that laugh out loud funny don't you didn't get okay so they're sitting there. These two kings and Jehoshaphat says I want to hear Michalak and Ahab says no he never tells me anything good.

I don't want to hear it, and when he comes in and tells him he's going to go get killed and he turns Josip that says you see that is what I call Joe, you don't think that's funny maybe had to be there.

I don't know. Okay so you say lawn funny or not. What this have anything to do with anything Willie does listen, then Michalak said I saw the Lord sitting on his throne with all the host of heaven around and the Lord said, who will go and entice Ahab to attack cream of Delia to meet his death. There in one spirit said this and another one said that the spirit came forward and said I will entice them and the Lord said, how will you do it and he said I will go and be a lying. In the mouth of all Ahab's prophets now just so you know the end of the story, Ahab listened up to his line prophets.

He went to frame of Delia and just the way Michalak said he died there. Now the reason I bring all this up though is because all of this reminds me of what's going on in America today America today is filled with lying prophets who are trying to entice us as a nation into societal suicide into societal Armageddon. And this is what I want us to talk about this this weekend. As we look forward to Independence Day. I want us to talk about 3D live is the that these lying prophets are trying to pin out on America and entice us to believe. And then after we've exposed to these three lives for what they are. I want us to talk about what we as followers of Christ can do to combat and counteract these lies go ready to go yes timeline number one that these line prophets are telling us is that it's okay to have a society where there is no absolute standard of right and wrong. No absolute standard of morality that stands above and apart and separate from the were prevailing winds of human opinion. I love what Harry S Truman said he said I wonder how far Moses would've gotten if he taken an opinion poll in Egypt. What would Jesus Christ have three needs to be taken up holding Israel.

It isn't polls or public opinion of the moment that counts, it's right and wrong." And yes, our courts have removed all absolute definitions of right and wrong when it comes to morality and the impurity. For example, our courts tell us that no one can absolutely define pornography as wrong and therefore we can outlaw it and because of this, what could once be gotten only in the back room of dusty barbershops can now be gotten in bookstores and on magazine racks and even our little children can get them on television and get this stuff on their computers and this is all under the guise of protected speech. Everybody look here. Listen to me. Our founding fathers never intended. This kind of feel to be considered protected speech.

Never. And it ought to be outlawed in every Indian America. It ought to be outlawed it in every every web right in America. It ought to be outlawed on every cable channel in America, but we can't do it because the line prophets of America have robbed us of an absolute standard of right and wrong in our court and how about our public school system. Our public school system teaches our children from the time that their barely older than toddlers that right and wrong are relative concepts that nothing can be called right for every body or wrong for every body.

Is it any wonder that we need metal detectors and armed police officers in our schools these days and how about our politician who make moral decisions based on public opinion polls and reelections ratted Jesus. They marched in gay pride parades because they need to get a vote. They support abortion because they need the women's vote they avoid the tough issues involving racial justice and immigration reform and fiscal responsibility and restraint because they're afraid that their position will lose them votes in November. But what ever happened to politicians standing for a position because it is simply inherently right and opposing a position because it is simply inherently wrong.

Well they can't do it anymore because the line prophets of America have robbed us of definitions that say things are absolutely right and wrong you say so long where RR judges and RG legislate tors and our politicians and our educators go to go to get this standard of absolute right and wrong, you're talking about, that it stood the test of the ages would you know what I'm gonna tell you they need to go to the BIBLE friends.

That's where they need to go the Bible. Psalm 19 verse seven says the law of the Lord is what perfect birthdate the precepts of the Lord are what verse nine, the ordinances of the Lord are what true Jesus said by word, the Bible is true and here's the really insidious thing. These lying prophets of America keep telling us that a society based on the absolutes of the Bible is a prehistoric society and unsophisticated society, a restrictive society a repressive society, a backwards society and on liberated society and an intolerant society when the truth is, my friends, that any society that is not based on the absolutes of the Bible is a society that is destined without exception to decline to decay and to self-destruct. Just give it enough time and it will happen. This is a lie that a society does not need absolute standards of right and wrong. Now line number two line number two that are lying.

Prophets are telling us is that it's okay to have a society were God's apps from every area of that society, and utterly secular society, and you know the lying prophets of America are already pushing for this in the public arena of American society and you mark my words, if they succeed in the public arena. The private arena your private life and my private life is coming next and and I think all of us know what the European Union is and I think we all know that they're in trouble. Not just financial trouble all kinds of trouble, which you may not know is it back in 2004 when the Constitution of the European Union was being drawn up. There was a huge controversy that erupted some of the delegates wanted to write in the Constitution some information about the Christian heritage of Europe and there were other delegates who were adamantly opposed the leader of the opposition was then French Pres. Valerie just started to say and he said this and I quote he said Europeans live in a purely secular political system where religion does not play any important role well look now and you see what happens when you build a society like that European Union is suffering with it. But they're not the first ones to triumph the USSR tried to drive God out of every part of society. Nazi Germany tried to drive God out of every part of society. The French Revolution tried to drive God out of every part of society and in every case, the result absolute disaster. Now I'm not saying that the EU is going to become Nazi Germany or the USSR. But I am saying that they are in the process of finding out that just like Hitler and just like Stalin and just like Robespierre and many others have also found out that removing God from society is like pulling the pin on a hand grenade.

It never ends well.

Nice. There was always have to do America will in his 19 2001 book the death of the West Patrick Buchanan said and I quote he said a European-style D Christianized nation of America is the goal of many liberals and they are succeeded in.

Here's the fascinating thing fascinating thing is that America just doesn't have a Christian heritage in Concord like like Europe says they have no no much more than that, folks. America was conceived in a Christian womb. These he did the very soul of America was shaped by Christian architects. There were the pilgrims in the Puritans and George Whitfield in the great awakening and Ben Franklin's famous call for prayer with the constitutional convention was hopelessly deadlocked. There was a second great awakening in the circuit riding preachers of the 1800s. Our court system is based on biblical jurisprudence and every college and university that was started in the United States before 1776, was started by Christians and for the training of Christian leaders harbor. Her 1676 rules and student precepts 1646 figure here's what the student handbook for and I quote everyone shall consider the main end of his life and studies at Harvard to know God and Jesus Christ.

Everyone should also exercise himself in reading the Scriptures two times a day that he shall be ready to give an account of his proficiency there in upon graduation."

Sounds as I Harvard today. Yeah you'll public education in America started with a Christian base. The McGuffey reader which formed the backbone of American education, public education, for 100 years is nothing but the stories of the Bible that are planned for different age levels is just the Bible being read by children in elementary school but we don't have to go back 100 years to see the influence of the Christian faith on our public education. All we have to do is go back to the time when I was in high school is a lawn that was 100 years know it was in 100 years. There was 40. I went to Woodrow Wilson high school, Portsmouth, Virginia. We sat there every morning and homeroom. Somebody came over the loudspeaker and read a portion out of the Bible and then somebody came over the loudspeaker and we all bowed our heads and they led us in prayer and they closed it in Jesus name, amen. You say will lawn you you as a young, says a young Jewish kid. What did you think all friends. When my high school career was going. I was happy for anybody cell. I was like Jesus. Whoever Autocare does help me Lord, help me somebody help me I'm not a problem with that, but in the last 40 years. Folks led by the lying prophets in the film industry and our courts in our public schools and in our universities and in our legislatures and at every level of the media, there has been an unapologetic attempt.

As Patrick Buchanan said to D Christianized America. If a Martian landed in America today and spent a month watching our most popular television shows, listening to our most popular radio stations sitting in our public school classrooms and attending our sporting events that Martian would never even realized that the concept of God existed in America unless he happened to hear not a sermon, just a thought that be the only way you would know now is a lie for us to believe that any society can take God out. And as Abraham Lincoln said, can long endure. That is a lie third lie that are lying prophets were telling us is that it's okay to have a society where we seek to maintain morality by outward legislation, rules, regulations instead of by in word religious conviction Arthur Levitt, former chairman of the security and exchange commission said and I quote the article was what's wrong with corporate America. He said what we have is an erosion in corporate ethics, no matter how many rules the SCEs the passes he says people without ethics will still find a way to get around them.

In other words, no government, no government can write laws so tight that a dishonest person can't find a way to abuse them and this my friends is the critical mistake that the lying prophets of America want us to buy into.

They want us to believe that inter-religious conviction is unnecessary in society. They want us to believe that if the government and the regulatory agencies of America can just pass enough rules. Passing off regulations make enough laws put enough punishments on them and then hire enough enforcement agents.

The moral behavior of America can be maintained.

Folks, that is such a law. The fact is, right now.

Already there so many rules and regulations in this country you will hardly even sneeze without breaking a federal statute of some kind. Stupid the whole thing is stupid and yet the jails are filled to overflowing in this country. Ponzi schemes abound. Both corporate fraud is everywhere, banks failed to give full disclosure for IPOs and millions of people lose millions of dollars. Etc. etc. etc. it a work in your whining working. I'll tell you the Bible says is whining, working Jeremiah 79 the heart of man is this people above all things and desperately wicked. The reason it in working is because man's moral problem is internal and no amount of external rules, no amount of external regulations or BeneFIX man's problem or even control man's problem. Now the founders of our nation understood this, they were smart people. John Adams the second president of America said and I quote no government you see that no government can contend with human passions that are unbridled by morality and what's the next word religion.

He went on to say our Constitution was made only for a moral and allots religious people. It is holy in adequate for the governing of any other kind of people. This is why contrary to the propaganda of today's lying prophets. Our founding fathers built America on a religious foundation, not on a secular foundation. They could've noted on a secular foundation the French Revolution was in full swing when they were shaping America the quality fraternity and liberty, totally secular, but they rejected that and instead they said no we are going to build a society on a religious foundation of foundation of the Bible and a foundation of in God we trust. Why because they were smart people and they understood the problem of man friends if we ever hope to preserve and revitalize our nation we must ignore the lying prophets of America telling us that man can be made to build a moral society. From the outside in its ally, and we must listen to the words of the Bible and to John Adams when he said no government can contend with human passions that are unbridled by morality and religion. Our Constitution was made only for moral and religious people. It just won't work for any other, people so to summarize America's lying prophets want to believe want us to believe three things number one it's okay to have a society where there is no absolute standard of right and wrong. It's okay to have a society number two were God is absent from every area of society and it's okay. Number three to have a society where we try to maintain morality by outward legislation instead of in word religious conviction and you know really scary thing is that these profits are succeeding in America with a lemminglike results there leading millions of Americans right behind him right over the class like lemmings now all of that brings us to our most important question of the day.

Y'all know what our most important question is, so are you ready okay are you ready Loudoun and Prince William and in Bethesda and around the world. The Internet and the edges is a July 4. So what which means it's got have some fireworks in it. Yeah I are here we go. Now come on Juan show a sale on someone say I see what you're saying.

And even if I agree with all of what can we do about it. Well I got for suggestions for sprints here we go number one we can lead as many Americans as possible to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Second Timothy four verse five Paul said to Timothy, but you Timothy do the work of an evangelist everywhere you go.

Everyone you meet. You tell them about Jesus Christ to say what how in the world.

Does that help America friends. It helps America because born-again people have discernment born again people study the word of God. Born-again people know through born again people don't want to build the, society that these lying prophets want to build and are not going to be taken in by them. They know the word of God.

Number two.

The second thing we can do to help America is we can. Second of all, keep declaring biblical truth to American society second Timothy chapter 4 verse one. I solemnly charge you.

Paul said to Timothy, I charge you in the presence of God in Jesus Christ preach the word, folks.

What's the greatest enemy of ally.

Truth exactly which means as the church of Christ. The greatest service that we can perform for America is to preach truth to teach truth to stand for truth.

The best way we can help protect America from the lies of its lying prophets is to give out truth and here in Washington DC from the pulpit on the radio on the Internet every time a claim Bible church opens its mouth.

What needs to come out of our mouth is God's truth.

God's whole truth and nothing but God's truth so help us God, no waffling, no water in it down, no compromising it.

We can be kind and we can be respectful, but we've got to tell it the way it is a myth toward Whitfield, leader of the great awakening said and I quote the reason we have so many dead congregations because they have dead men preaching to them and did man cannot begin at living children wonder why they did letting preaching church. Why had to preach outside in the open air say stuff like this in church that I will have you back on the ideas look friends. Everything starts with the pulpits of America.

You cannot build a strong church on an anemic pulpit and you cannot build a strong nation on a collection of anemic pulpit. We are the bastion of God's truth and sadly we are the last bastion of God's truth in America now and I can control what other churches do, but I can tell you this as long as I'm the pastor here claim Bible church every time we open our mouth.

I pray I promise you what's coming out is the word of God.

God's truth. God's whole truth and nothing but God's truth so help me God.

Number three I got 1/3 digestion. How can we do to help America will third week and help train up young people in the knowledge of the word of God. Second Timothy 314 but you, Timothy. Paul says, continuing what you learn. For from a child you have known the holy Scriptures. How did he know the holy Scriptures from a job you think at age 1 1/2. He crawled and unrolled the Bible and start reading it.

No. His parents started to his grandparents started to friends a person who is been taught and immersed in the word of God as a child is far less likely to be led astray by the lying prophets of America than a child who wasn't immersed in the word of God. Not this is the job of parents to do this, and grandparents, but we as a church want to partner with you. We want to encourage you.

We want to train you. We want to double-team your kid for Christ. But this is serious because if we can raise children who know the word of God and are immersed in the word of God when they become adults they are not following the lying prophets of America.

It's just not going to have. Finally, number four what can we do to help America. My fourth suggestion is we can support political candidates that stand for the absolute truth of the Bible folks. Nothing is more helpful in our struggle to preserve America than to have allies in the political arena and yet it is scandalous how poorly we as Christians mobilize ourselves.

To get these people into office. Every lying prophet in America and every follower they have. They do not have enough votes put the gather to control the politics of America.

If we as Christians mobilize and concentrated our votes, but it is scandalous that we allow these other people to exercise a political power away beyond their actual numbers. Because we are just too lazy and laws a fair and cavalier to get out there and vote for the right people. It is scandalous. I had an elect lady come up after the last services and election off Fairfax County. She's got 3000 registered voters and reprising she's I want to tell you something, she said, let me just tell you for a local election recently we had 12 people come and go out of 3000 she said for the U.S. House and Senate. We had 71 people come and vote. Out of 3000 she said the most we've ever had. Vote on anything out of 3000 was 545 and when that happened.

We were the second-highest precinct in all of Fairfax County with the number of voters that came out what is wrong with us what is wrong with us we could want an election with 18 votes or want to send it.

Want to precinct with 72 votes was with us now friends as a church we can't be involved in this directly. It's illegal, but you and I as followers of Christ we can and we must we must go out and vote and we must vote for candidates in summer you are not going to like what I'm about to say we preach truth here friends. We need to go out and vote for candidates based not on their party based not on their gender based not on their race, or anything else we need to vote for people based on where they stand on the absolute right and wrongs of the Bible. Everything else the second is a long does not apply to you in the I'll vote for a Democrat if he or she stands for the word of God, I'll vote for Republican all vote for an independent, although for a woman I'll vote for a man I'll vote for person of any race. I don't care what I care about is that they stand for the truth of the word of God, and that's what you want to care about everything else is secondary. My friends secondary. I notice on not get much plausible that I listen I'm done with our friends. I told you what needs to be told and heal the problem in this town is everything is political in the sale. Even if you don't want to be political idiots. We got in trouble once for say no comment in this town. Washington Post quoted us and and criticizes for say no, you can't even say nothing in this town and not get. I know some of you are going to sit out there and say all you know what that was. That was a partisan political speech noted. You believe that you don't know me if you believe that I'm telling you is not true.

I don't do partisan politics on talk about the Bible today I want to do biblical politics. I want to vote for biblical truth. That's what I care about and that's what you are care about so don't you walk out of here and write me a note and say something about my partisan politics. Don't waste your time, though, send it to me not answering it, and I want to read it is not what this is about, not with his valve about us getting out here and be in the men and women of God were supposed to be in this nation and I hope we will but summarize what can we do we can lead as many Americans to saving faith in Christ possible. Number two, we can faithfully proclaim the truth of God to America number three we can help parents train up people in the knowledge of the word of God and number four we can support political candidates stand biblical truth, may God help us help America spring heavenly father we are treading on very sensitive ground. When we talk about subjects like this, particularly in Washington, the Lord Jesus I pray that you would give people in their spirits, a confirmation that I'm not I don't care about partisan politics never have never will I care about America. I care about this land. Staying strong free and I care about this land living in a way that your blessing is not endangered and so, Lord Jesus, help us to take to heart what we talked about today and I pray that you would buy your own Devine's. Welch the lying prophets of America frustrate their attempts nullify their activity to turn this nation into self-destruction and bring revival to this land by your spirit that will turn our people limning like back to the living Christ.

Lord help us to be as much help your in Washington as we can possibly be. As a church family.

We thank you for the opportunity to talk about the land we love today. In Jesus name we pray. What a God's people say amen

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