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The Ram and the Goat - Daniel - Part 8

So What? / Lon Solomon
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August 2, 2020 7:00 am

The Ram and the Goat - Daniel - Part 8

So What? / Lon Solomon

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August 2, 2020 7:00 am

A study of the book of Daniel. 

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You know this is a tough time for conquerors. It's not a very popular time these days to be a conqueror. I was reading in time magazine that many of you may not realize the next year is the 500th year anniversary of Columbus discovered America, you know, in 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue.

So that's 500 years ago and you would think that the event is turning out to be what would be a gala celebration, but it really is not turning out that way. And the reason is Columbus is not looked upon these days as having been a very popular or very politically correct character Indian rights groups, along with even the national Council of churches if you can believe this, have denounced all celebration of Columbus discovering America. They accuse Columbus of being a rapist of plunder or a slave trader, a murderer and a genocidal maniac who wiped out the Indian cultures of the United states and they decry his discovery of America as the worst single event I'm quoting now to ever take place in the Western Hemisphere. You believe this. I know if it was so ridiculous. It's almost funny to see his conquistador mentality is considered to be barbaric and repugnant as Prof. Jack Weatherford about McAllister college said and I quote he Columbus represents the worst of his era." In this world where everything has to be PC politically correct. It's just not a good time to be a conqueror. That's all there is to it. As we look back through history.

However, we find a great many conquerors we find Napoleon we find a great Arabic copper conqueror Saul Ledeen we find the great Ottoman Turks. Suleyman the magnet magnificent who conquered most of what we think of today as the Middle East. We always celebrated in English history. William V. Conqueror don't look at me like Eldon take you straight in the ability just reading what I think everyone who are all these people just go when they make you take history so I know these people are all you do and it was Julius Caesar. We talk some about Nebuchadnezzar and hello frankly even King David of Israel has to be called a conqueror what he did and our chapter in Daniel this evening brings us face-to-face with another one of the greatest conquerors in all of the history of mankind. A man name Alexander the great and also takes us onto a man who was yet to come.

Who will be a great conqueror. The Antichrist himself and so in Daniel chapter 8, we have a marvelous piece of both history and of prophecy. A piece of prophecy that predicted world events that were yet future. When Daniel predicted them that we look back on now and call history and also a prophecy that predicts things that are still future for us. But one day will look back on it: history and it will happen just the way God said and so we want to look at Daniel chapter 8, without a doubt one of the most significant prophecies in all of the word of God regarding the end time.

So let's begin in verse one, you be just a tiny bit of background in chapter 7.

If you remember begin the second major section of the book of Daniel chapters 1 to 6 of the book of Daniel is essentially historical. We have the story of Daniel in the lion's den and the three boys in the fiery furnace in Daniel being taken to Babylon in the fall of the city under Belshazzar.

Basically historical events in the second half of the book, beginning with chapter 7 the book becomes primarily prophetic, primarily prophecy in chapter 7 was the first of those chapters and it gives us a political picture of the world. At the end of the age with the Antichrist arises and what we saw is that in the end of this age there will be four kingdoms that will exist that will all be Middle East earn kingdoms. The Antichrist was called in chapter 7 the little horn will arise from the fourth of these kingdoms, I believe, based on chapter 2, a kingdom that will be based in Babylon, he will dominate the world for time and then he will be personally destroyed by Jesus Christ at his return. And from chapter 7 we got some lessons number one we said keep your eyes on the Middle East because it is going to be the focal point of the end of the age, number two, we set the Western powers, the United States, Britain, France, and the far eastern powers China, Japan, do not seem to fit into this prophecy, and therefore I'm predicting based upon the word of God are going to fade in importance as the end of the age begins to happen. Now I know after we just went over there and crushed Iraq that it sounds hard to believe that this could happen.

But who would believe what could happen in Eastern Europe was happening. Who could believe that what's happening in Russia's happening. There are many ways that I can see for the United States, which is essentially broke we were essentially broke there many ways in which our fortunes could be reversed very quickly due to some kind of financial reversal in our world. I don't think it's at all possible.

But most of the industrialized nations could trade from being world powers because of economic forces and the only people in the world who have money the Middle East could become the center of the world politically and economically.

Third, we saw, and, finally, that Islam will likely be the religious system of the Antichrist and his kingdom because he's coming out of Avalon is arising from the Middle East where Islam is the dominant religion.

It's very likely that Islam will be the religious of the religious system that he presses all over the world to get people to ascribe to the next chapter 7 and the little horn of chapter 7 the antichrist shows up in chapter 8. Let's look at verse one in the third year of King Belshazzar's reign I Daniel had a vision after the lawn would art that already appeared to me. Chapter 7 in my vision, I saw myself in the suitable also saw in the province of your mom in the vision. I was beside people who live canal exhibition opens up. Daniel is carried away to the city of suicide analysis saw at the time of Daniel roughly 551 BC is when this prophecy comes the third year of King Belshazzar.

Suicide is just a sleepy little village about 150 miles north of the head of the Persian Gulf, Susa.

However, would later go on to become one of the main residences of the kings of Persia and would become the summer capital of the Persian Empire at Sue saw is where Esther went in before the king of Persia and saved her people at Sue saw is where Nehemiah was serving the king of Persia when he went to him and asked for permission to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the walls of the city because this was the summer capital of the entire Persian Empire, but the Persian Empire has not yet arisen or consolidated and at this time. The city is just a sleepy little village and in this vision, Daniel is carried away to Sue saw and there he sees his vision, but it makes sense that he would've gone there because the beginning of the vision is all about the beginning of the Persian Empire.

So what better place to go and Susa. What is he see here verse three I looked up and there before me was a ram with two horns standing beside the canal and the horns were long.

One of the horns was longer than the other and I watched the ram as he charged towards the West and he charged towards the north and he charged towards itself. No animal could stand against him, and none could rescue from his power, but he did as he pleased to and became great.

The rail was the national emblem of the Persian Empire for Guardian animal of the Persian King was the ram as a matter of fact the Persian king when he stood at the head of his army and let them in the battle did not wear a crown like most Kings war. He actually wore the head of the rail. In fact, if you go to outback and you look you'll find in ancient Persian coins all bear rams heads on one side so it was very appropriate that he should be as representative of the Persian Empire, a real coming up in Susa and the ram in Daniel's vision stands for the Medo Persian Empire which we know from history was an amalgamation of two people. The Medes and the first and yet in the ram. There was one horn that was much bigger than the other horn because we also know from history that the Persians for outnumbered and far outweighed the Medes in terms of relative rank in this alliance and so the ram and what Daniel sees historically is very theory accurate. Now this guy identification as Persia is confirmed by verse 20. If you skip down to verse 20 we read this. It says that you horn right now that you saw this is the angel interpreting for him now is the king of media and Persia represents the kings of media and Persia, so we know that's a confirmed identification of what this ram is in verse four, Daniel tells us that this Empire would expand enormously to the north to the south and to the east that its power would seem to be unstoppable and this happened exactly the way God predicted the Persian Empire conquered Babylon in 536 BC and from there Persia proceeded to conquer as far south as Egypt as far north as Afghanistan and southern Russia and as far west as Greece itself, but the Persian Empire never expanded to the east, which is exactly what God said.

Verse five. Suddenly a new animal appears on the scene as I was thinking about this, suddenly, a ghost with one prominent horn between the thighs came from the West crossing the whole earth without touching the ground. He came towards the two horn ram I've seen any beside the canal and he charged at him in great Ray, I saw him attack the ram furiously's liking the ram and shattering his two horns. The ram was powerless to stand against him go knocking to the ground, and trampled him and nobody could rescue the ram from his power. The goat became very great but at the height of his power, his horn the large horn between his eyes was broken off and in its place. For prominent horns grew up towards the four winds of heaven here goat arises. Notice would you say the goat would you notice the goat arises in the West of the Persian Empire and this code is unusual in that most goats have two more disco didn't have to horns. The one horn right in the middle of his head. The Bible says and the goat comes from the West crosses the earth.

Verse five says so aptly that his feet don't even touch the ground. That's how swiftly he moved in verse six until seven tell us that he plots against the ram plots against the ramparts against the ram the ramp club not with Andy not stopping until he finally knocks the ram to the ground and tramples him.

The goat went on verse 82 says to become very great.

But at the height of his power.

The king God the bighorn in the middle of his head, thighs, in its place.

For smaller horns or kings take over and it says that their empires are towards the four compass points towards the four directions northeast now and with of the compass. Now who is this King and who in the world are we talking about. Look at verse 421 verse 21 says the shaggy goat that you saw is the king of Greece and the large horn between his eyes is his first king and the four horns that replace that one. It was broken off, represent four kingdoms that will emerge from his nation, but none of them will have the same power as he had verse 21 tells us that this kingdom represented by the goat is Greece and we also know that the goat was the national emblem of Greece in Daniel's time. However, Greece was just a nothing more than a little collection of feuding city state. You know, we have Athens and there was art there was a few of those other things cool. But God could possibly look ahead and see that one day they would coalesce and they would become an alliance and they would exercise the kind of power that they did know all of the Bible doesn't name it is much we know from history what the name of that one horn in the middle of that goat's head was his name was Alexander the great, the first king of that empire. The prophecy of Daniel eight fits perfectly with the events of history that we know relate to Alexander and to the rise of his empire. Greece was on the West would you notice it says that this animal comes from the West and under Alexander the great the Greek empire attack the Persian Empire and in less than three years. The Greek empire under Alexander the great had completely demolished the Persian Empire and capture the entire Persian Empire now listen, that is is a a more amazing feat than most of us sitting here realize you understand the Persian Empire was the greatest and the most massive Empire that had ever existed in the history of the world up to its time why the Persian Empire controlled from all the way with what is in India today all the way through southern Russia Asia minor.

All of Syria. All of Israel down into Egypt. The Arabian Peninsula, Babylon, in the warmest Empire in three years on foot. No atom bombs. No Scott's no warplanes on thoughts in three years. Alexander the great succeeded in totally capturing the entire Persian Empire.

That's why the Bible says that the goat move so fast is the didn't even touch the ground.

That's how swiftly Alexander the great defeated the Persian Empire after you.

Not all of this, many of you know the story he wanted to go on the India and then to China, but his army had been gone and fighting for more than three years and had not seen home refused, they rebel they would not go any farther. So he turned to drinking and he turned to carousing. He lived in Babylon and as a young man in his early 30s.

In the year 323 BC Alexander the great died of dissipation alcoholism in the city of Babylon.

That's exactly what the Bible says in then what happened was Empire history tells us what happened after he died, Alexander's for chief generals got together and they divided his empire. Each of them taking roughly 1/4 of the Empire and letting it as per the points on the compass and Cassandra was one of his generals got the West.

He took over Macedonia and Greece + customer ruled the North that is Asia minor and the black solutions ruled the East, which was Syria and Babylon and Persia and Ptolemy is for general took the South, which was Egypt, and the split is Empire in four directions of the compass, but is not exactly would Daniel chapter 8 says is going to happen for generals or kings will arise after him and they will divide his empire.

None of them will be as great as he was true, the amazing accuracy of this prophecy is it will mom it was his prophecy written. Again, 550 BC when Alexander died 323 BC so that's over 200 years. I know I know. Can you understand why critics of the Bible work so hard to discredit the book of Daniel. Can you understand why critics of the Bible work so hard to date the book of Daniel, hundred and 65 E. instead of 550 BC because friends if Daniel was written. 165 BC than Daniel Laura or someone who claim to be. Daniel was merely looking back and taking history and rewriting it a pretending like it was prophecy what that doesn't give someone was a critic of the Bible and the problem they just say while the men wrote the Bible work completely intellectually moral or honest and so they took what was history and they wrote his prophecy, but it's thoughts. If this was really written 550 BC. How in the world could Daniel have known what was going to happen to hundred years later, the answer is, he couldn't have.

Unless there really is a living God who told when you want to believe in living God, you got a real problem with Daniel chapter 8 if you want to come to grips with the living God, who says that man is a sinner before a holy God that runs the universe and needs a Savior and you're not interested in that you'd rather run your life yourself Daniel chapter 8, the real problem for you in the understand what the fights about the understand why people work so hard to retake this book. It is positively inconceivable that Daniel could just if this video footage is made a lucky guess. Either God really lives and told us to Daniel or the books of forgery and faith. Well, I'm convinced God really exists told us to then God knew that I was in the great knew about the Persian Empire, and he knew about Cassandra my semicustom solution is Ptolemy you always be any revealed accident that was an interesting point.

I'd like to share with you that we get from a historian Josephus.

Josephus was a Jew who wrote the history of the Jewish people and he tells a incident that records what happened when Alexander the great showed up in Jerusalem in the year 332 BC and 332 BC Alexander was on his way to conquering the Persian Empire had already beaten the Persians in Asia minor.

He Artie taken back Egypt. He was marching through the promised land to buy Jerusalem and he was on his way to the final battle where he would defeat Darius and take over the Persian Empire, and when he got to Jerusalem which don't forget was part of the Persian Empire. He was going to sack the city and burn it like you. Not every other city he took well when he was camped outside of the city. Josephus tells us that the high priest got an idea, and that the high priest took the book of Daniel, and with the flag of the white flag went out to meet Alexander the great and with the book of Daniel. He sat down and showed Alexander the great, that he was in the book of Daniel and God had prophesied that he was going to be the man to take over the Persian Empire and defeated and Alexander the great.

In response, was so impressed that he spare the city of Jerusalem and gave the Jews in the city the right to continue to practice their religion unhindered and something that would be very important.

Would you they didn't have to pay taxes for seven years say that's really in there. Listen, and I'm quoting from antiquities of the Jews book 11, section 5.

Quote and when the book of Daniel was shown to Alexander wherein Daniel declared that one of the Greeks would destroy the Empire of the Persians.

Alexander assumed that he was the person intended and he was glad he dismissed the crowd of Jews that were there for the present and the next day he called them back together and ask what waivers they desire to view whereupon the high priest asked that they might be allowed to enjoy the law of their forefathers without hindrance, and that they might have to pay no taxes for seven here. Alexander granted them all that they desired. And when they also asked him that he would permit the Jews in Babylon and media to also enjoy the laws of their God unhindered Alexander willingly promised to do whatever they desire." Mason, you see, we have ancient tradition from outside of the Bible supports the Bible's claim that this is genuine prophecy we are reading not history. How in the world could the high priest and 332 it wasn't written until hundred and 65 is not right.

I believe the book was there in this prophecy now up to this point the prophecy is fairly easy to follow, but suddenly it takes a sharp turn. Look at verse nine verse nine says, out of one of them out of one of them walked one out of one of them horns that grew up in the place of Alexander member.

We just said for little horns came up to replace him out of one of them horns came another horn. It started little memorable little horn in Daniel seven areas again. It started little but it grew in power to the South into the East and towards the beautiful land. What land would that be Israel sure and it grew until it reached the host of heaven, and it even through some of the starry host down to the earth and trampled on them. If set itself up to be as great as the Prince of the heavens and it took away the daily sacrifice from him and the place of his sanctuary meeting, the Prince of the heaven sanctuary was brought low because of rebellion, the host of the saints, and the daily sacrifice were given over to the school horn. He prospered in everything he did and truth was thrown to the ground and I heard a holy one speaking another holy one said to him, how long will it take for the vision to be fulfill the vision concerning the daily sacrifice.

The rebellion that causes desolation.

The surrender of the sanctuary and of the host and their being trampled underfoot and the other angel said to me, it will take 2300 evenings and mornings and then the sanctuary will be re-consecrated what we have here what we have another horn that appears the Bible says it's a little horn, just like in chapter 7. It grew quite large and quite powerful. When does all this happen. Look at verse 17 verse 17 says that the angel came near me and he said to me, Son of Man understand that this vision concerns the time off of the end and you look down at verse 19 it says I'm going to tell you what will happen later in the time of Rahab because this vision concerns the time up of the end suddenly in this prophecy.

We have jumped we have leapfrog from Alexander the great thousands of years down the corridors of time to the end of the age.

That's what this prophecy has to do with and what we find out is that there is little horn who has to be the Antichrist himself comes up and would you notice he comes up out of one of the four kings territory that arose and split up. Alexander the great's Empire.

You see that that's clear.

Absolutely clear as you look at verse nine that his is the antichrist, it has to be. Although the Bible does not actually calling the antichrist here. Think of what he does verse nine he expands his kingdom and takes over Israel.

The beautiful land. Verse 10 he expands to the point of heaven itself. Verse 11, he sets himself up as God himself. The Prince of the heavens. He opposes verse 11 he cuts off the sacrifices at the temple in Jerusalem. He desecrates the temple verse 12 he exercises power over the saints over the people of God. Verse 12 he throws through throws truth to the ground using lying and deception.

The New Testament says that he will deceive all of those who live on the face of the earth by means of his lying and deception. The antichrist verse 23 reiterates all of his money reading for you. Verse 23 says, in the latter part of their rain. When rebels have become completely wicked, a stern faced King, a master of intrigue will arise. Verse 24 he will become very strong, but not by his own power. The Bible tells us in the New Testament that the antichrist is energized by Satan himself and it is Satan himself who gives him the power to become great. Daniel says he will become great, but not by his own power, he will cause astounding devastation. Verse 24 and he will succeed in whatever he does, he will destroy mighty men, he will destroy the holy people. Verse 25 he will cause deceit to prosper. He will consider himself superior and when they feel secure, he will destroy many and take a stand against the Prince of princes, yet he will be destroy but not by human power. What we know about the antichrist who destroys him. The Bible says Jesus Christ destroys impersonally when he returns to earth at the second coming is not what Daniel says he'll be destroyed but not by human power. Who else could this person with the Antichrist himself and would you notice he arises out of one of the four horns that replaced Alexander Reese a long which one. Well, I believe, based on Daniel chapter 2 and if you are in here and you hear my message on Daniel to you need to get it on tape and listen to it, but I believe based on Daniel chapter 2.

That the antichrist will arise at Babylon that Babylon will be the center of his kingdom and other portions of Scripture. Refer to the antichrist as coming from Babylon. Coming from a serious Isaiah chapter 10 and 11 tell us not to be afraid of the jury and for the shoot that comes from the branch of Jesse, the father of David, meaning Christ will just annoy him in the proper time. I believe the antichrist is going to come from the Eastern branch of Alexander's empire could control by solutions who control Syria or Syria and Babylon. There's no room whatsoever here for the antichrist to be part of some revived Roman Empire this night free parking on that but that such a common view that I feel I need to keep telling you there is no evidence anywhere in the word of God that I can find to indicate role has anything to do with anything.

Alexander never control Rome.

He never got the Rome.

Rome was still you know Romulus and Remus or whoever it was at this point.

Rome is not even in the picture. Alexander never control Rome and yet the antichrist is coming from a part of Alexander's empire did control Babylon as a matter fact that's where Alexander died, was about.

So keep your eyes on Iraq. I don't know if it'll still be Iraq, when the antichrist arises in some ways some shape or some for that area that we know today as Iraq is going to be in my opinion, based on the word of God. Center of the antichrist kingdom and remember, he's not going to come on the scene with a lot of fanfare. He is a little for that arises then rose.

So look for some great look for somebody fairly insignificant that at first you wouldn't even give much thought to arising in that area slowly consolidating power. One of these days he's going to consolidated so significantly that the Bible says he will be a conqueror just like Alexander the great, no one will be able to stop. That is one final part of the prophecy that we haven't covered yet and that is this a conversation and had a goes on between the angel.

If you notice verse 13 are one angel saying that the other, how long is it going to take for all of this to happen for the temple to be desecrated the sanctuary to be trampled underfoot for the abomination of desolation to be set up which Jesus talked about the other angel said it will take 2300 evenings and mornings and then the sanctuary will be re-consecrated, you heard me preach before those of you been around for a while that I believe the temple is going to be rebuilt in Jerusalem in fact, I'm sure of because the antichrist has to cut off the sacrifices the antichrist has to cut off the daily offering, the antichrist has to set himself up in the temple. Second Thessalonians says proclaiming himself to be God.

The antichrist has to desecrated so that it can be re-consecrated to God at the end of the tribulation. Here it says it will be 2300 days that the antichrist will desecrate the temple that you divide two 2300 days by 360 to get the number of years they were naming 363 and 65 days in the year note, not the Jewish year there on a lunar calendar. They go by the moon not the sun is 360 days and they're here if you divided by 360 you come up with just over six years as a matter fact 6.4 years to be exact that we know the tribulation period is seven years and we study Daniel chapter 9 next working to find out that the antichrist will make a covenant with Israel for one week. The last week of that prophecy the 70 weeks prophecy of Daniel so that's why the tribulation period is seven years. That's why it's not five years or eight years or 12 years or 15 years with seven years of the last week of the prophecy is able on some, none seem to be right here it says here is going to desecrate the sanctuary for 6.4 years. You're saying the tribulation period of seven years.

That's right where it is it say that he has to desecrated at the beginning of the tribulation Bible never says he has to desecrated day. The tribulation period starts as a matter fact I think you be rather stupid to do that. It says the antichrist will deceive people and when they think everything is and safety. That's when he'll make his move. Some people have said the reason it's only 6.4 years is because the temple won't actually be finished possibly until a year or half a year into the tribulation. That's possible. It may be the part of the covenant that the antichrist makes with the nation of Israel is the covenant that includes permission to finish their temple and it may be at the beginning of the tribulation. Their temples, not even for it may be that it is finished, but the antichrist being a wily old character that he is waits a while before he makes his move but the Bible says, for 6.4 years. He will desecrate and he will profane the temple, but the good news is when Christ returns at the end of that time he will re-consecrate his temple and make it holy. To himself, once again I like to quote GH Pember great prophetic teacher, a book called the great prophecies and I quote the time you're mentioned is 220 day short of seven years. Now, as we shall see when we consider the revelation of the 77s in Daniel chapter 9, the antichrist is to make a covenant with the majority of the Jewish nation for seven years at the close of which.

He will be is destroyed by the appearing of the Lord and the sanctuary will be clan. It would seem then that the antichrist will not tamper with the sanctuary until the 221st day from the commencement of his covenant.

Indeed, it is even possible that the Temple may not be completed until that day." Well, I don't know exactly what's right. All I know is if God says it's going to be 2300 days. It will be 2300 days and the reason doesn't matter, but that's the reality of what happened and this is the prophecy then that God gives Daniel in chapter 8. The historical accuracy of the parts of this we been able to check out our astounding the historical accuracy of the Persian Empire in the though the Persians being greater than the Medes and the Persian Empire and the direction in which you unbelievable the historical accuracy of Alexander the great in his Empire and its breakup and the four kings that replace the unbelievable may I suggest to you, if two thirds of the prophecy has been confirmed historically with unbelievable accuracy. We would be quite wise to read the last part that still future to us and expect that it is going to be fulfilled with the same incredible accuracy, the first two thirds have been fulfilled. That leads me to conclude by asking the question so what an answer that I would say to you, God didn't put this information about Persian, Greek, and Alexander the great in the Bible for no reason, no.

Instead, I believe that these events have great significance for the prophetic future of the world. God wants us to understand the antichrist will rise from one of Alexander's the great branch kingdoms. That's why he told us about Alexander the great.

That's why he told us about his Empire why he told us about his Empire's division. God doesn't tell us things in the Bible. We don't even know he didn't talk to us about Napoleon because Napoleon doesn't figure in the second coming of Christ. He didn't talk to us about Romulus and Remus and Julius Caesar because they don't figure in the second coming of Christ. But Alexander the great and the split out of his Empire.

The control Babylon do. That's why God told us about God wants us to train our eyes on the Middle East. He wants us to know where to put our eyes is the end of the age approaches, and God keeps telling us over and over and over in the book of Daniel where look at the Middle East look at Babylon look at Iraq, we should be looking as I've already said for little horn to arise. There inconspicuous is first at first just like Alexander was, but his power will multiply quickly. Just like Alexanders did, and his kingdom will expand to enormous size, just like Alexanders did, and once he gets going. There will be no stopping him.

Just as there was no stopping Alexander, he will be a mighty conqueror, just as Alexander was, but at the height of his power will be destroyed and cut off quick justice Alexander. Who knows, maybe God even put this in your because he wants us to understand the great similarities between these two great conquerors. The antichrist will control Israel. The Bible teaches us he will desecrate the temple for a while but Christ's coming back when he does the antichrist goblet all by himself. You won't do it.

I won't do with the Angels won't do it. God will handle that job person will see to it. It's online won't be like operation Desert Shield where we stopped short of where I think we should go.

That's another issue. No God when he comes back, he's not gonna stop short around the perimeter. He's going take the antichrist. He's going to solve him. Satan himself once and for all. So in these last days friends keep your eyes on the Middle East every day in the newspaper. You look in the Middle East forget what happens in Poland.

The matter what. I was in Russia matter what happens in Japan doesn't matter. As prophetic students we were to keep our eyes on the Middle East.

That's what's going to make a difference. I believe in the greatest human conqueror of all time is on his way is going to be greater.

Napoleon will be greater than Alexander is going be greater than Julius Caesar.

We have not yet the greatest conqueror that the world is ever to know the antichrist himself will be the greatest conqueror this world has ever experienced. To make Hitler look like an amateur.

Thank God. However that is not the greatest conqueror that will ever live Jesus Christ is coming back and he will conquer the antichrist will destroy him to establish his kingdom and those of us who know Christ will rule and reign with him for all eternity. So that's Daniel chapter 8, I trust drive to the newspaper you read the section on the Middle East.

Keep your eyes open for that little horn, thank God, at least as I understand Scripture we won't be here to experience his wrath, but as we see the events of the end of the age take place would be amazing to watch how the prophecies of Daniel eight Phil exactly as God promised

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