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From One Man God Made Every Nation - Life of Paul Part 50

So What? / Lon Solomon
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October 28, 2020 3:00 pm

From One Man God Made Every Nation - Life of Paul Part 50

So What? / Lon Solomon

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October 28, 2020 3:00 pm

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Grab the Bible and opening it together to act. Chapter 17 you know where to study the life of the great man.

The apostle Paul and we left him last week he was in Athens and we were partway through the sermon that he preached up on Mars Hill.

So let's pick up their acts chapter 17 and last week we stopped at verse 24 in verse 24. Paul made this comment he said God made the world and everything in it and we said last week, well what that proves is that the apostle Paul believed the Bible's account of how the universe came into being, and so we spent all of last week talking about. Does the Bible's account make any sense. Will it will release a square with the facts in a way that's reasonable and if you missed last week we got Tates we got CDs pick one up about.

I don't have time to review but today what I want to do is I want us to keep going on in Paul's message until we find some other places worth stopping. So let's do that I'm going back now to verse 24. Paul said the God who made the world and everything in it is the Lord of heaven and earth, and he does not live in temples built by hands and he is not served by human hands as if he needed anything because he himself gives all men life and breath and everything else from one man. Verse 26, he made every nation of men not stop there for second. It's clear from verse 26, where Paul says from one man God made every nation of men that not only did Paul believe the Bible's account of how the universe came into being.

But Paul also believe the Bible's account of how life came into being human life, and every other, life on this planet and I want to stop there will pick up again next week and keep moving on, but I want us to take of the rest of our time now to talk about that issue or when to put a little more simply to talk about Darwin versus the Bible. Let's do that not all hope you never had a truly profound thought in your life is ever hit you, all I had one back in 1965 I might have more than one sense, but I have one in 1965 in 1965 I was a 16-year-old Jewish high school student. I'll save you the trouble that makes me 54 today and I was at the Virginia Tech spending the summer there. I've been chosen by the National Science Foundation to attend the summer seminar to six weeks. Virginia Tech, along with high school students from all over the United States and in the afternoon we all did individual research projects, but in the morning we all took a class together and the subject for the class that particular summer was enzymes not on okay know much about enzymes in your body, but enzymes are tiny little protein molecules that cruise around in your body, making chemical reactions go much faster than they would ordinarily without enzymes. Life on this earth would be impossible without enzymes. We couldn't talk we could walk we could eat or digest food. We couldn't see or hear and there are literally thousands of these enzymes write as you sit here this morning cruising around in your body, making stuff happen and if even one of them is defective. It even one of them is missing or broken.

You would be a very sick person this morning or you are likely to be a very dead person this morning because you couldn't exist now.

I also learned the most amazing piece of information that I learned about enzymes that summer is been enzymes every one of them is code specific. What we mean by that is that every enzyme in your body is coded to do only one chemical reaction.

It won't do any other reaction, and so therefore been enzymes missing an enzyme is broken no other enzyme comes along and picks up its duties that reaction just goes on and on and you know they don't say what you know George enzyme in here today.

He's out sick. We need to do his job. That's not how they were is it sounds to me like enzymes of a union contract. What they might but anyway the point of all this is this is what they were teaching up and as I walked across campus there in July 1965. Back to my dorm after learning some of this that morning I'll never forget thinking about the incredible complexity of justice.

One bodily system and I got to the steps it went up to my dorm and I stop there on the steps and I remember saying out loud. There hasn't got to be a God the friend that would be six years before out as Jesus Christ in my life. Nobody had ever taken me to church. I never read the Bible in my life.

Nobody ever shared Jesus Christ with me at 16 years old. What convinced me there was a God was that as a scientist I took a hard look at the complexity of human life. The little bit I understood it and I said to myself this is statistically impossible to explain. Apart from an intelligent, purposeful creator. Now this is exactly what the Bible claims the Bible claims that we have an intelligent, purposeful creator in this universe and today we want to look at the Bible's claim and that we want to look at the evidence and we want to say what what you think does not match up. Could that be possible is the Bible's explanation at least reasonable for how life got here. So let's begin by looking at what does the Bible say first. Well, Genesis chapter 1 tells us how life got here Genesis 1 verse 21 so the Bible says God created every living thing. According to its kind, and every winged bird according to its kind. Then God made the wild animals on land, according to their kind in the domesticated livestock according to their kind, and all the other creatures that move along the ground according to their kinds, did you notice five times God repeats the same phrase here. According to it, or their kind that's really important for us to understand because the foundation of Darwinian evolution is that there was transition between the kinds between species. Not that the Bible says that God made every unique specie as its own time. Darwinian evolution says that as the years passed as cosmic radiation struck jeans and cause those genes to mutates as the survival of the fittest dominated that that there was this movement. This transition from one kind of animal to another kind of animal to another kind of animal, eventually culminating in human life. In other words, amoebas between fish fish became reptiles reptiles became amphibian amphibians became mammals and mammals became monkeys and monkeys became now in direct contrast to that. The Bible says here in Genesis 1 that God created every creature according to its own kind genus, species, Genesis 1 declares that God placed absolute and insurmountable boundaries at the edge of every species of plant every specie available on the face of this earth and that no amount of lightning, no amount, cosmic radiation, no amount of gene mutation has ever will ever work can ever cross that boundary successfully. In other words, dogs produce dogs and cats produce cats.

Cats don't produce alligators. Dogs don't turn into sheep and lastly did not come from Miss Piggy if you understand what I'm saying now how to human life get here. Well, the Bible explains that to us as well. Genesis chapter 1 verse 26 then God said, let us make man in our image, and, in our likeness, and let mankind rule over every other creature on the earth, so God made man in his image in the image of God he created mankind male and female he created them. In the course. The Bible tells us the name of the first male and female. Adam and Eve and the Bible declares that Adam and Eve were not just highly evolved forms of lower life here on earth but rather that they were the crowning apex of God's creation. They were unique and different from every other form of life on this earth because they were created in the image of God himself. So let's summarize here we have the Bible is clear and unambiguous, absolutely definitive explanation of how life got on this planet that life here is not the result of evolution, mutation, natural selection, random chance for any other earthly process, but that an Almighty life possessing life creating God directly, personally, uniquely and deliberately created all the life that you and I see on this planet, including human life for as the apostle Paul put it on Mars Hill from one man, God made every nation of men they silk a lot. Okay, I hear what you saying here that's what the Bible says, but you know you got something to really bother me about this I mean I got somewhat about like I had last week. I will ask Amar Lalonde is my first one. What about the fossil record. I mean there's an awful lot animals there that we don't see around the day I what about all of this will that's true. I mean there a lot of species that were seem to be around back then that we don't have today, woolly mammoths and sabertooth tigers and all our friends from Jurassic Park.

You know but but that's not the issue.

The issue is when we look at the fossil record do we find any of these transitional animals do we find any of these half-and-half animals you don't have to burden half reptile, half amphibian and half mammal if Darwinian evolution is right. These half-and-half animals had to exist. They had to do we see any of will, Dr. Luther D. Sutherland in a book entitled Darwin's enigma tells about how he went to the five greatest fossil museums in the world looking for transitional animals, and I quote, none of the museum officials, he says, could offer a single example of a transitional series of box allows organisms that would document a transformation of even one on different kind of animal to another what he saying is there ought to be thousands of these transitions from one animal to another. We couldn't even find one Dr. Colin Patterson, senior paleontologist at the British Museum, and I quote no one has ever produced a species by the mechanisms of evolution or natural selection. No one has ever gotten near it met with Dr. Sutherland with Dr. Patterson are saying. I hope you hear it there saying that the mechanism that is supposed to be responsible for the 6 million species of animals and plants we see today that when you go to the fossil record looking for an evidence of that mechanism. There is no evidence of it anywhere in the fossil record. No place is a way of allowing hello hello hello I read an article about this dinosaur bird thing they found a couple years ago you know that was supposed to be the perfect example of a transition between birds and dinosaurs. What happened that what you're right that the animals they was art director. Let's show you picture that little guy. There is any supposed to be the perfect example is part dinosaur new sport bird but listen to what Ms. Nancy Piercy said in an article entitled the missing link that wasn't and I quote when National Geographic published the first picture of a fossil creature that look like a bird dinosaur.

It was hailed as a stunning clue for Darwinian evolution. National Geographic convened a press conference in October 1999 heralding the fossil as a crucial missing link between dinosaurs and birds. The first truly transitional creature ever substantiated by the fossil record.

Their second would you notice National Geographic even admits that there are no transitional preachers anywhere in the fossil record. This thing would've been the first one okay now this Piercy goes on. She says it turns out that the dinosaur tail was attached by a local Chinese farmer to a bird fossil. Chinese farmers have grown adept at gluing fossils together in ways that increase their black-market value, which is what happened in this case is just hectic new scientist magazine said this missing link was forged by glue, not by evolution.

This Piercy continues and concludes by saying in the months that the fate Heidelberg was proudly on display at National Geographic's Explorers Hall in Washington DC, some 9 million schoolchildren filed by the sea, leaving with their imaginations full of feathered dinosaurs that never existed. This is a disgrace and a powerful reminder that scientists often see what they want to see, especially when it supports a theory like evolution that they cherish friends. The truth is we look carefully at the fossil record, we find it is utterly devoid of any transitional preachers any of these half-and-half preachers now if this is been going on evolution been going on for billions and billions of years, like the Darwinian evolutionists want us to believe there should be scads of these half-and-half preachers spread all over the fossil record. Yet the reality is there's not a single one. Why because maybe God created everything according to its kind. That's why Dr. Michael Denton molecular biologist said, I quote evolution would be established today beyond any reasonable doubt there would he says we could prove evolution is absolutely right.

If below.

Yes, it had been shown that divisions between species could at least theoretically be crossed even by inventing a really convincing series of transitional forms. However, this has never been achieved, and finally Charles Darwin himself in the book, origin of the species and he said this and I quote it species have descended from other species by insensibly find gradation. Why do we not everywhere see innumerable transitional forms. Why is not all nature in confusion instead of the species being as we see them so well defined," well trolls I got an answer for you. Maybe your theory is wrong way. Say wait a minute long wait a minute I got another what about my second what about is what about DNA and all that were learned about the cell and its genetic makeup does not give us some insight into whether evolution happened yet. Sure does. You know, we learned a lot ever since Dr. Watson and Dr. crick unlock the DNA code a few years ago. What we learn is that the genetic makeup of life is so complex that it defies all mathematical laws and happening by chance doctors read Lauren Wegner in scientific American magazine said and I quote the set of genetic instructions for humans is roughly 3 billion letters law. What this means friend if you wanted to spell the word human being using amino acid letters, you would have to spell out a word that was 3 billion letters law now.

What are the odds of something like that happening by chance.

What are the odds of something I like that happening by the random processes of evolution will mathematician Seles intensively small is and how small will listen to mathematician Dr. George how can I quote the chance that a useful DNA molecule would develop without a designer is approximately zero.

Well, okay, that's a that's close to nothing. What you say Cambridge University professor, astronomer, mathematician, Sir Fred Hoyle. Here's what he said about and I quote he said to suppose that the first sale originated by chance is like believing that a tornado could sweep through a junkyard full of airplane parts and form a Boeing 747" and Dr. Eitel: mathematician wrote a book entitled, Darwin was wrong. A study improbabilities and Dr. Cohen is not a follower of Christ. Dr. Cohen, Dr. Cohen with heart Dr. Cohen. Now listen to what mathematician Dr. Cohen says and I quote he says at the moment when the DNA RNA system became understood the debate between evolutionists and creationists should have gone to a screeching halt. Mathematically speaking, and he's a mathematician based on probability concepts. There is no possibility there is no possibility that evolution was the mechanism that created the approximately 6 million species of plants and animals that we recognize today.

You know, Wells recognizes Dr. Francis crick, the guy who unlock the DNA code won the Nobel Prize for doing that he recognize also that the chance of DNA happening by itself is impossible to what I wrote a book entitled life itself, but in this book Dr. crick suggests that the first living cells were actually brought to earth by a spaceship fill with aliens from outside our solar system.

So you see, it wasn't God that started like here on earth.

It was the Klingons who started life here on earth you say well I will hold on a minute, what this guy won the Nobel Prize, yet he did use it. What did he start smoking something after he won the Nobel Prizealiens. Now we didn't start smoking anything he recognizes mathematically, it is impossible, but DNA developed by Phil. He is unwilling to say God did it. So the only joy that God is the Klingons friends if they are long wait a minute you know in science you never say never, I mean anything could possibly happen right now. All not in this case. Can you say that what I got a thing called the second law of thermodynamics on my side. Let me tell you what it says it says and I quote in a closed system, things will always go from being more orderly to being less orderly unless there is directive energy put into the system to maintain orderliness you say what did you just say I had no clue what you just said.

I will let science fiction writer Isaac Asimov try to explain it to. He says and I quote, we have to work hard to straighten the room but left to itself.

It becomes a mess again very quickly. All we have to do is do nothing and everything deteriorates, collapses, breaks down and wears out all by itself. This is what the second law of thermodynamics is all about friends you want to know why your teenager's room always looks the way it does. The second law of thermodynamics is living in your house that's exactly why he's not put any energy to clean it out so it falls apart. That is the second law of thermodynamics and it lives believing.

Now the problem is that evolution Darwinian evolution demands the very opposite of the second law of thermodynamics. Think about it, get demands that a random system left completely on its own in utter chaos that that system without any directive energy being put in by God by the Klingons or anybody else that that system went from complete chaos to all of the organization that we see around us in the world today so will I but I mean could not happen in the possible there's gotta be someplace where the second law of thermodynamics is violated well physicist Dr. GN hospitalist says there isn't. He says and I quote there is no recorded experiment in the history of science that contradicts the second law of thermodynamics, or its corollary, so think about you going to believe Darwinian evolution which you say you believe is that you believe that a law of physics that we don't have a single example of it ever being violated in the history of science that not only was it violated wants but it was violated. Thousands of times to create the systems that we see around us today, and it's the only example about law of physics ever being violated in the history of man. That's what you say you believe as I make sense is that intelligent.

I don't think so.

Darwin himself on the problem with this.

Listen to what he said.

Charles Darwin, the origin of species, to suppose that the eye, with its ability to adjust its focus, admits different amounts of light and correct for chromatic operations.

To think that it could have been formed by natural selection, seems I freely confess, absurd in the highest degree."

In it he goes on in the book to say that he believes in any way.

In spite of how absurd it is that I say that's absurd to say that that's ridiculous. Biochemist Dr. Michael Beatty Lehigh University. The book entitled Darwin's Black box got two more quotes were done with this.

Here's what he says. In conclusion, he says, life on earth is the product of intelligent activity.

This conclusion of intelligent design flows from the data itself, not from sacred books for sectarian beliefs out there. Second, nobody say anything. I believe there was a designer to the human cell and it's not because of the Bible is not because I'm a Christian believe anything about religion I'm saying this because as a biochemist. I looked at the data and that's what the data says he goes on to say, the result of investigating the cell biochemically is a loud, clear, piercing cry of design. Somebody made this and find links to Fred Hoyle are Cambridge University astronomer, mathematician and tornado integrated in the adult door thing ever you are, he says and I quote once we see that the probability of life originating at random is so utterly minuscule as to make it absurd. It becomes sensible to think that the favorable properties of physics on which life depends.

Are deliberate somebody deliberately did all of this now friends these people I've been quoting from are not insignificant, biased activists from the Christian right, I've been quoting to you from some of the most imminent and astute scientists in the world and what they are saying is that Darwinian evolution makes no sense.

It makes no sense biochemically. It makes no sense. Biologically, it makes no sense mathematically. It makes no sense. A lot of the chemical and physical laws of the universe. It makes no sense.cannot prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, the Genesis 1 is right that this is really how life came here know I can. I was there. You weren't there. Nobody else was there.

I can't prove it when I can prove to you is that their awful lot good scientist to say it could not of been Darwinian evolution is not Darwinian evolution is not the Klingons and who else is around the could of done this thing, I say you know what takes a whole lot less faith to believe the way God tells me of God, given the believe some of the Solomon Islands that brings us to the end where we want to go today on that subject and are you still awake about here heart I mean I know you know this feels like high school biology class. All three of my boys slept through that. So I'm just assuming that you guys were sleeping through this too.

But I hope you still await leave the store really important question and you know what the question is somebody ready are here we go. 123 right salon. So what is a talk about this again next week. Are you know I'm not this is it no more, no more, no more no more.

To do this next week but you say it is interesting. When I walked out of my house on Monday morning. Difference is any of this make all who would make a lot of because you see friends. The Bible teaches us that the God of this universe is a personal being that the God of this universe builds personal relationships and if Genesis 1 is right.

If you and I were created in the image of this personal God than what this means is that you and I were designed to be creatures of personal relationship to that we were designed to build personal relationships in a way that no other creature on the face of this earth was designed. I mean worms don't do personal relationships, snakes don't do personal relationships.

You can't build a personal relationship with a pig as many of you ladies have discovered all right now, like that but no but is true.

Now of all of all the personal relationship that a human being can have a personal relationship with the God of the universe is the most pivotal and friends with the Bible teaches is that there is a God shaped hole in every human heart and that no amount of stuff that Madison Avenue dangles in front of us know amount of stuff can fill that hole with the God shaped hole. Only a relationship with God can fill it. Money won't fill a powerboat fillet prestige won't fill in education will fill it. Religion will fill it. Recognition won't fill it. Material goods won't fill it. The food won't fill it.

Alcohol won't fillet sex won't fill it.

Marriage won't fillet drugs won't fill it and I tried all those by age 21 and also walked around saying I'm empty and lonely on the inside, something is wrong block.

Tell you what's wrong what was wrong was that I was not just a highly evolved dog was wrong was not that I was just on an exceptionally smart monkey what's wrong was that God created me uniquely as a human being to have a relationship with him my creator and my God. And until I came in about relationship. There was a piece of my soul that was missing in my life just wouldn't work right. That's what was wrong and I met a man on the street in Chapel Hill North Carolina when I was 21% on the how to fix your problem should you do these as yet on how to fix your problem. You come into a relationship with Jesus Christ and that hole in your heart will be fixed.

I gotta tell you friends.

I was pretty skeptical. I didn't enter into this with great expectations. It was going to work but I figure well what the heck I tried everything else on the nose work on. I give it a shot and I'm not miserable. The way I am 32 years ago that peace in my heart that was missing was put back in the place by the Lord Jesus himself, and I had ups and downs since them in good times and hard times.

Instead, I've never had a hole in my heart since you're here today know exactly what I'm talking about you try to put everything in their world system tells you're supposed to work and you still empty and is still that gnawing feeling in there that something is just not there. So it's just not right. I'm here to tell you what that man told me on the street. 32 years ago we fixed the problem. I can't fix it but I can tell you how to get it fixed. You come in relationship with the Lord Jesus, and who put that peace back in your heart and suddenly life will start working the way it was designed to work member you not you, not a highly evolved dog from you, not an exceptionally smart monkey your unique piece of God's creation and he designed you to be in relationship with him.

You'll never work right until your butts up our heads together, showing close our eyes and if you're here today and you're willing to take that chance that I took 32 years ago of opening your heart up to Jesus Christ and just given them a chance to put that peace back in your life that I'm going to lead us in a very short prayer.

What I want you to do is pray along with you, pray silently. I'll pray out loud one little phrase at a time. Let's invite Jesus to come into your life, but that missing piece in the will see what have so if you want to you pray with me silently.

Here we go for Jesus, I come to you today because I'm hurt and on the inside.

I feel empty I feel lonely, I can't figure out how to fix and so I'm willing today to give you a chance in my life. I invite you to come into my life to be my personal Lord and Savior and to put that peace in my heart that you say. Only you can do I trust what you did on the cross to be the payment for my wrongdoing and the basis on which you and I can have a personal relationship to change my life and my heart today. I surrender to you. In Jesus name. Father, I want to pray for the folks pray that prayer that you would confirm writing their hearts as they sit here this morning that a great transaction has taken place that they have passed.

As the Bible says from death to eternal life, and also that they passed into a relationship with you, Lord, may they feel and sense even as they sit here that that piece has been put in place and the things are never going to be the same again.

I can be better for those of us here have already done this. Thanks for reminding us today but you came and died on the cross so that we can have a relationship with you, so that our lives could work the way they were designed to work.

Lord help us cherish that relationship help us nourish that relationship and help us exploit that relationship into an intimate and genuine walk with the living God for. Thanks for loving us enough that you came so that we could be everything you designed us to be and we pray these things in Jesus name, amen

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