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"Jesus and the Prostitute"

So What? / Lon Solomon
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August 8, 2021 5:00 am

"Jesus and the Prostitute"

So What? / Lon Solomon

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Hi there this is on Solomon and I'd like to welcome you to our program today. You know it's a tremendous honor that God is given us to be on stations all around the nation bringing the truths of God's word as it is uncompromising and straightforward and I'm so glad you tuned in to listen and be part of that.

Thanks again for your support and your generosity that keeps us on the radio and now let's get to the word of God, tell one of the Pharisees invited Jesus to have dinner with him, so he went to the Pharisees house and he reclined at the table that you all know that the Pharisees were the religious leaders of Israel, they were very self-righteous but they were very self contented bunch. They believe that they could work your way into God's good graces that 613 rules that they believe that they kept all the 613 rules that they could earn their way into heaven and into God's acceptance and this sense of being able to handle it themselves made them not only a very conceited bunch, but also bonds that did not really have much use for Jesus Christ or anything. He was offering. So why is it then that this Pharisee invites Jesus to come to dinner while we don't know.

It certainly wasn't because he believed anymore he honored every wanted to follow him maybe was because he wanted to trap him and embarrass him or find some way to badmouth him. I don't know. But Jesus went, and suddenly an uninvited guest shows up verse 37 when a woman would live a simple life in that town learned that Jesus was eating at the Pharisees house.

She brought an alabaster jar of perfume and so she entered his house. There for just a second. It's interesting to note if you knew that this was a woman. The entire town knew about the Bible is very discreet in saying that it was a woman who would live the simple life in that town, but all commentators are agreed and I agree with them that it's a very polite way of saying that the woman was a prostitute. Everybody in the town knew about the sin she'd been involved in.

She heard Jesus was there and she came to see him now verse 38 says that when she first came into the room. She stood behind at his feet, weeping. She didn't immediately go to touching him or doing anything. She stood there weeping and the reason was because she wasn't sure how Jesus was going to respond to work with someone like Jesus but someone like her touching when someone like Jesus allow someone like her to even approach and be near him and she wasn't sure so she hesitated for a minute. But when Jesus made no move to object to press store and the Bible says that she stood there and then she began to wet his feet with her tears. She wiped them with her hair cast them and poured perfume all over that what is seen, while the Pharisee didn't like this, verse 39 the Pharisee would invited Jesus saw this, he said to himself. If this man were really a prophet. If I'm writing this man's really a prospect. If you really understood who God is, if he really understood what is money as if he really understood holiness. If you really understood what it meant to be a man of God, he would know who is touching. He would now account woman. This is, he would now that she's a singer. He would now that she's already and she's unclean and she's on to be around a holy man of God.

How can you let a woman like this touching. I would let her talk to me. I would like to get me. I'll do this Pharisee has a problem in his problem is found writing this verse is problem is that he was able to say very easily. She is a sinner but he was not able to say I am soon.

She's probably she's a sinner she's terrible. How could somebody who knows God even let her close to him what he wasn't able to see is that he was a sinner in the sight of God. Just like she was conceived.

Jesus should've been just as concerned about letting this man get near them is this woman. There was no difference. But the man was so hypocritical he was so judgmental he may Jesus really said and he said to the man. He said you know I got little story I need to tell look verse 40 Jesus said to him, Simon. I got something I need to tell you now this is the first time we find out the man's name is say all really always thought this was Simon Peter that he was talking to God to do for years and years and years. I thought this was Simon Peter, and I thought this is great. Good to get the right thought is the only time Simon Peter ever got anything right to Jesus asking this is great, but it isn't Simon Peter it's Simon the Pharisee okay and Simon says okay tell me Jesus said well you know there were two men and they both owed money to a moneylender one uploading 500 bucks and the other one owning 50 books but neither one had enough money to pay and so the moneylender just out of the goodness of his heart is graciousness. He forgave both of them and canceled their debts now. He said Simon which of them. Do you think would love that moneylender more Simon said hedging is best. He says will I suppose I mean I'm not going to commit myself here, but I suppose that it would be the one who had the bigger debt canceled. And Jesus said you're right. You're absolutely right.

He said you know Simon may be a you and this woman here you to the people of the two people on talking about in this parable, and maybe the woman outwardly looks like she owes God a whole lot more than you do.

Maybe she's the one that owed $500 and you're the one who outwardly only owes 50 but that's not the point of the parable. Simon, the point of the story is not who owed more the point of the story is that both people older debt and neither one of them could pay time and that's the point, and at the moneylender by the way is God agreed to forgive them both. Now it's obvious.

The prostitute understands her condition. She was the one standing there weeping washing his feet with her hair crying over him and kissing him out of gratitude to the fact that God had forgiven her sin. But the point of the parable was to make Simon understand that he was just as needy and just as bankrupt in the eyes of God, as this woman was, but the difference is even have the sense to realize that he was too stupid to realize it. Jesus is the immuno Simon. The reason you don't love me very much is because you haven't been forgiven very much. The reason you haven't been forgiven very much is because you haven't asked for the reason you have an answer for resume believe you needed that scratch, look what he said. Verse 44. Then he turned towards the woman, and he said to Simon, he pointed to the woman he suggested this woman over here. Simon I came to your house and you didn't give me any water to wash my feet which was a common courtesy in that day, but this woman has wet my feet with her tears and wiped them with her hair and Simon. You see this woman.

You didn't give me a kiss, but this woman since I entered your house is not stopped kissing my feet, and Simon. You see this woman. You didn't put any oil on my head when I got here, but she has perfume all over my feet.

Therefore Simon I tell you, her many sins he been forgiven for. She is love much but he was been forgiven, loves little. And in your case, Simon.

He would on love me at all has been forgiven of anything dear friends, I want to say something to you and that is this doing business with God means that you have to do it according to a formula it's very simple formula, but you gotta do. According to the formula. And here's the formula formulas.

This we have all the need. God has all the supply connectivity again. We have all the need.

God has all the supply there a lot of people who wanted to visit God, but they don't want to keep the formula still like the first day we have all the need still say things to you like I will have all that need that sinner stuff somewhere else token you're talking about all the sinner stuff to the people needed on a pretty good person.

I give money to the church.

I do nice things for people I like about it is in jail. I don't break the law, that sinner stuff where it belongs down in the gutter. Take that sinner somewhere below, but not to me. I was tell people when you're sharing the gospel with somebody one of the first questions to ask them is how you feel about your life right now you satisfied with your life right now and somebody was just you. I'm satisfied with my life. I love the way it's going. Everything is hunky-dory and things are perfect with me. They are not a candidate for coming to know Christ. At that moment because they don't believe they have a need. Simon was that way.

Would Simon say Simon said she is a sinner.

She is a sinner but Simon did believe he was. Simon also messed up the second half, the second half is we have all the need. God has all supply. There are people who say look, maybe I got a little need when it comes to God. All right is not perfect so maybe I've done a few things wrong, but is not that I can handle myself. I'll go do a few religious good works, I'll sing in the choir.

Obviously money to the church. I hope some old ladies across the street under some nice little religious things and you know what, as a result of that, I'll work it out with me and God, I'll be as good as everybody else was. And I can work my way into heaven and solve this problem. Thank you very much that's what Simon thought he had 613 little ways in which he was going to solve the problem all by himself. May I say to you that the foundation of every false religion in the world and I'm categorizing every religion is false except for true biblical Christianity. Every one of them is false because every one of them messes up the second half of the formula. The second half of the formula is God alone has the supply not you and me. And no matter what you try to work your way to heaven. In some ritualistic way to Eastern religions or to some kind of Protestant religion court to some kind of Jewish religion or through some, New Age movement or to Mormonism or to Jehovah's Witnesses in a manner if you think you can supply what you're missing in the sight of God, that you messed up the formula because did you hear the parable, neither one of them could pay the debt and you can either nobody.

Simon thought he could but he could friends only people who keep both sides of the formula to do business with God. I have all the need. God has all the supply that's how the prostitute saw her life and that's how fierce he didn't know when it comes to salvation when it comes to eternal life when it comes to your relationship with God.

You are either going to see yourself one of these two ways. There is no middle ground here either a Pharisee thinker or your prostitute thinker. I mean, that's pretty much weight is a Pharisee thinker says I don't really have that much need.

I'm pretty much okay I'm a pretty good person and a little bit of need. I have I can handle it myself prostitute thinker says I owe God a debt I can never pay I can handle it myself.

My only alternative is to admit, my utter helplessness and trust God to do for me what I cannot do for myself. That's it. And you one of the other when it comes to how you see yourself and how you see God on the cross. Jesus Christ did something for you that you can't do for yourself. He paid for your sins and he'll forgive your sins and the sins of anyone else in this world who's willing to approach it like a prostitute. But those are the only people that he does business with me ask you this morning. Are you a prostitute thinker or Pharisee thinker. It's pretty important which one your because look with the rest of the chapter 6 verse 48 then Jesus said to her, your sins are forgiven. I let's go back and read that again. Then Jesus said to who did he say to him. He said it only to one of then Jesus said to her, your sins are forgiven and wanted to say to her.

She's the only one who came according to the formula. The other guy wouldn't do it and the other guests began to say among themselves will and can even forgive sin.

Jesus said don't worry about them doing what they're saying. Trust me, your sins are forgiven, your faith is delivered.

You go your way going peace, my dear friend, the hardest part in coming of Jesus Christ in a real and personal way and the hardest part of living as a Christian every day and letting him operate in your life is being willing to accept the fact that you have all the need and he has all the supply that's our passage, but it still leaves us with a real important question and that is thank you all right now you know I want given you. There's a great message, even one of our to share with you because another great messaging here that I want you to see and that is a message about the way God would you notice the way the Pharisees saw this prostitute he saw her for what she had been and what had she been in a hooker right and he saw her for what she was and what was she she's a looker, but how did Jesus either. Jesus did not see this woman for what she had and he didn't see her for what she was.

Jesus saw this woman for what she could. What she could be with the healing love of Jesus Christ operating in her life.

You know, there's a new book out one of the title of its real book the snow like the title the book is I'm dysfunctional your dysfunction is a great book and a great title is a great Bocchino at the theme of the book is the theme of the book is all screwed up every body screwed up. You may be screwed up differently than on screwed up. That's the way it really is. And it's true you know what the world system out there loves to take people's weaknesses and we all have them in the world system love to cast those weaknesses in some men's world system love to make people prisoners of their faults for the rest of their lives. The world system love to condemn people to being the victims of their problems forever and putting people in a box and think this is what you have been.

This is what you are. And this is what you always will will be but you know what Jesus Christ do that is different. He knows you messed up. But that doesn't bother the dozen upsetting because he also knows that his love changes people. This is how Jesus looked at the prostitute friends.

He looked beyond her fault. Did she have a fault. Yes. But Jesus looked beyond her fault and he saw which could be God which she could be if she'd embraced Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior what she could be if she would turn his healing love loose in her life what she could be if she would let God begin from the inside out to supernaturally change her the way he can do in the way he wanted to do. He knew that she could become a different transform human being.

And that's how he looked at that woman.

That's how Jesus Christ looks to tell. He looks at me and that's how he looks at everybody in this world we all have aspirations we all have goals we all have dreams, but sin is a big blocker. It gets in the way and we can't get to those dreams. We can't be what God made us to be. We end up being what we are what we have been Jesus comes along and says I can help make you which could be what I created you to be. If you let me can't do it yourself. You done the best you cannot tell you ended up here, but you give it to me and I can get you there.

I'll make you what you can pay is a great verse I want to show you in the New Testament in second Corinthians chapter 5. If you're not copy the Bible at page 819, which in turn there with me.

Second Corinthians chapter 5, 819 in our coffee first. 17 this is kind of like the story of my life. This verse and I think if you know Christ it's probably store your life. Here's what the verse says second Corinthians chapter 5 verse 17 therefore Paul says, if anyone is in Christ, a soccer second what it is.

Say if what anyone is in Christ God, is anyone mean anyone you bet it does. Does anyone mean a guy worth $500 to get doesn't mean a lady was born at all addresses and drives a Mercedes. Yes to the mean people to sleep on a heating grade. Yes, doesn't mean prostitute yes does it mean drug addicts. Yes it does mean everyday, run-of-the-mill people, like most of us are just doing the best we can to get by.

Yes, what is it mean anyone means anyone right if anyone gives their life to Jesus Christ and is in Christ, watch that person becomes a new creature all things start to pass away new things start to come and they don't start to come because you and I are able to conjure them up or walk them up in our own energy. They come because the new forces entered our life. Jesus Christ is in our life and the healing love of God begins to operate in our life and begins from the inside out to transform us and enable us to become the people God created us to be from the beginning but that we could never get to buyers. I want to tell you something is not a person I know of who really knows Jesus Christ in a personal way won't stand up and testify to the truth of this verse, they will say I may not be everything I'll be but thanks to God I'm not what I used to be. I may not be what I will be. But thanks to God. I am not what I used to. The world sees people to the eyes of the fierce and how did the Pharisees see this woman, he said to Jesus, get her. She's a lost cause she's hopeless. She's trash thrown our way. Jesus don't want anything to do with a woman like this. We've thrown her away. You should, but not God known as God sees people to the eyes of this verse, God sees people, not for what they are, but what he knows he can make my dear friend. God doesn't care how you and I look when he first gets in care because he knows he's not going to leave us the way funds he's going to transform our lives. And that's the I think the best part about knowing Jesus Christ is here and leave you with frontage different. I don't know what your backgrounders are your situation is, but I can tell you no matter what you've been what you are.

Jesus Christ sees you for what he can make you if you let and I think that's come special.

Years ago someone gave me a little poet, really like poetry. In fact, almost in graduate from high school because of poetry to be related to that, I'd 11th grade English teacher was said to me missed following you will learn poetry or you will never graduate from Woodrow Wilson high school and she made me her personal project.

I learned some poetry I still like it, but I learned so. But I love this: and I filed it away. It's kind old and yellow.

Can you see that, but I've always wanted to use this: and this seems like a great time. The title of it is the touch of the Masters. It goes like this was battered and scarred in the auctioneer thought is scarcely worth his while to waste much time on that old violin, but he held it up with a smile. What I live the good folks he cried. The bidding for me a dollar a dollar now to only 22 dollars and will make it 33 dollars once three dollars twice going for three but now from the room for back a gray-haired man came forward and picked up the bow, then wiping the dust from the old violin and tightening up all of the strings.

He played a melody, pure and sweet sweet as the Angels say the music ceased and the auctioneer with a voice that was why low said now what am I bid for this old violin, and he held it up with the boat thousand dollars and will make it to 2000 and will make it three 3001 3000 twice and going and God said he the people cheered, some of them cried. We don't quite understand what changed.

It's worth and the man replied, was the touch of the Masters I need is a lot of Christians who determined that they can work it all out themselves and be everything God wants them to be by their own energy in their own effort. You can it's the touch of the Masters with your Christian, are you not that's a solution. May God help you reach out this morning and grab it dear heavenly father.

I'm so grateful in a world that steps on all violins and sells all violins, cheap frozen on the trash pile since the cattle for New Year's. Some of us know what it's like to be treated like one of those old violin. I'm so glad toward the tissue. I'm so glad that there's the touch of your hand. For there is no violin anywhere in this world matter how battered and beaten that your hands can't take and that you can't play a great song from that violin for your glory, or Jesus I pray today that you speak to the hearts of people who were here many of whom, I think, feel like an old violin speak to the people here who never trusted you in a real and personal way as their Savior and Lord Ford show them that their dreams and their aspirations. They can achieve them in their own energy soon is too powerful in their lives but you can make them everything they were created to be is to just give you chance and for those of us who are Christians. I prayed your father that you would remind us that even his Christian it's still the touch of the Masters hand. It makes us the people that she wants to pay. Forgive us for our self-sufficiency, even as Christians being so sure we can hack it out ourselves teach us what it means to be like the prostitute who simply confess she was helpless and turn to you for the supply if you're here this morning and you feel like things that you need to tell God that you need to humble yourself and ask for his touch by many to be just a minute of silence you can pray to him is father I ask you to take the prayers that you've heard this people humbling themselves before you and asking for help, and I pray you would be swift to help. Thank you that in the world. It throws all violins way there. Still, the touch of the Masters. Thank you for giving us the privilege of not only experiencing it, telling other people about make us faithful to do so.

We pray in Jesus name.

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