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"The Lying Prophets of America"

So What? / Lon Solomon
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July 5, 2020 5:00 am

"The Lying Prophets of America"

So What? / Lon Solomon

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Thanks so much for joining us today for so what radio you know God is giving me the privilege of taking 55 tours to the holy land, and I love leaving people over there and showing them how the archaeology of the history confirms the Bible and encourages our faith and I'd love for you to go with us were planning to go in October 2020, Lord willing. And so all the information is available on long Solomon and if you have a friend please tell them about our trip and invite them to check it out as well long Solomon The phone number is on the sure that's on the website and now let's get to the teaching of God's word in the day five dwelling story true story right out of the Bible right out of first Kings chapter 22 and it's about a wicked king named Ahab who was the ruler of the northern kingdom after the nation of Israel with a godly king named 1/2 fat was the ruler of the southern kingdom. One day Ahab asked Jehoshaphat to go with him to capture a city in the northern kingdom named Ray Mike Delia, and in response to half the fact that the Ahab first Kings 22 verse five. Please inquire first for the word of the Lord on this. Then Ahab gathered all of his prophets together about 400 men said to them, shall we go up against frame of Delia to battle. Or shall we refrain all the prophets said go for the Lord will give the city into the hand of the king now jobs that might've been just a little bit slow but he wasn't due. And he realized that these were just yes-men surrounding Ahab and Zoey said isn't there through profit of the Lord, that we may inquire of him.

I love this verse that and have said, well, there is one man that we may inquire of the Lord, but I hated him because he never prophesies good concerning me, but always evil's name is Michalak, but it's a hot bath insistence they summoned Michalak when McKay arrived.

Ahab said to him, shall we go up against frame of Delia the battle, or shall we refrain and Michalak said go and 60 and the Lord will give you the city.

They have could tell that he was being sarcastic. Michalak wasn't mocking the 400 prophets of Ahab and so he's Ahab said to him, Michalak, how many times must I sure you to tell me nothing but the truth in the name of the Lord and Michalak said I saw all Israel scattered on the hills like sheep without a shepherd. And the Lord said, these people have no king now let each of them go home in peace. You understand what he saying here right he's saying if Ahab goes, he's going to die then Ahab said to Jehoshaphat see their did not tell you he never prophesies anything good about me you think that's funny what's wrong that's hysterical you look.

He comes in because I hate this guy. He never says anything good that Michalak says something and it's terrible and you and he turns to John the Baptist and see that that's why never talk to this guy in okay will maybe had to be there.

I don't know if they were long women are good before you go on. I'm just curious what is the story of anything at all to do with us. Yes, it is the best. Watch then Michalak said I saw the Lord sitting on his throne with the host of heaven around him and the Lord said, who will go and entice Ahab to attack Ray, Mike, Delia and meet his death spirit in one spirit said this and another one said that then the spirit came forward and said I will entice you and the Lord said, how would you do it and he said I will go and be a lying spirit in the mall of all Ahab's prophets now just so you know how the story ended. Ahab listen to his line prophets. He went to battle against frame of Delia and exactly the way Michalak promised Ahab died there now post the reason I bring this story up is because it reminds me of what's happening in America today.

America today is filled with lying prophets who were trying to entice America into societal suicide into societal Armageddon. And this is what I want us to talk about today.

I want us to talk about three lies the that these lying prophets are telling America and after we asked those these three lies for what they are. Then I want us to talk about okay as followers of Christ to love this land.

How can we combat these lies. How can we counteract them in our culture so here we go. You ready line number one is that these line prophets are telling us they are telling us that it's okay to have a society where there is no absolute standard of right and wrong. No absolute standard of morality which stands above and apart and separate from the prevailing winds of human opinion Harry Truman said I wonder how far Moses would've gotten. If you have taken an opinion poll in Egypt. What would Jesus Christ of pre-if he'd of taken a pole in Israel.

It isn't polls or public opinion of the moment that counts, it's right and wrong. Oh to have a Harry Truman back, and yet our courts, for example, have removed all absolute definitions of right and wrong when it comes to morality and decency and purity from American society. For example, according to our courts. Since no one can absolutely define pornography. Therefore, we can't outlaw and because of this friends.

What was once only obtainable in the back room of a dusty barbershop can now be gotten in bookstores on magazine racks and by our children on television and on the Internet and this is all done under the guise of protected speech. Look here. Listen to me. The framers of this nation never intended. This kind of feel to be protected speech and it ought to be outlawed. The strife it ought to be outlawed in every city.

It ought to be outlawed on every web night and it ought to be outlawed on every cable channel in America, but can't do that because nobody will absolutely brand this dog as wrong anymore long. So where can politicians and legislature wars and educators in judges go to find this kind of absolute standard of right and wrong that stood the test of the age is what you know what I'm going to tell you to go to the BRI BLE. That's where they can go Saul 19 verse seven says the law of the Lord is what perfect the precepts of the Lord are what write the ordinances of the Lord are what true that Jesus said thy word of the Lord is true and here's the really insidious thing, my friends.

These lying prophets of America keep telling us that any society built on the absolutes of the Bible is a prehistoric society and unsophisticated society, a restrictive society a repressive society a backward society and intolerant society and on liberated society when in fact the truth is that any society not based on the absolutes of the word of God is destined with out exception to decline to decay and to self-destruct just give it enough time and it will happen is a live to be told that we don't need an absolute standard of right and wrong in this nation. Line number two that these prophets are telling us is that it's okay to have a society where God is absent from every area of that's inside to have an utterly secular society. The line prophets of America are already pushing for that in the public arenas of American society and my friends we can be sure if they win the fight in the public arena. The private arena what you and I do in our personal lives is coming next.

I think all of us know about the European Union. I think we all know that it's in deep trouble. Not just financial trouble is in all kinds of trouble. What you may not know is it back in 2004 when they were finalizing the Constitution for the EU. Some of the delegates wanted to mention in the Constitution, the Christian heritage of Europe and a huge fight broke out and the leader of the opposition was then French Pres. Valerie just started this day who said he said Europeans live in a purely secular political system where religion does not play any important role okay.

Well, how are things going today to start how they go and how they're not doing well and you know the USSR tried to drive God out of every area of society.

Nazi Germany tried to drive God out of every area society. The French Revolution tried to drive God out of every area of society and the result in every case was disaster. Now I'm not saying the EU was going to become the USSR or Nazi Germany, but I am saying that they are finding out right now. Just like Hitler found out just like Stalin found out just like grossly here found out, and many others that removing God from human society is like pulling the pin on a hand grenade. It's not going to end well. They say what is all this have to do with America will much in every way folks in his 2001 book the death of the West Patrick Buchanan said and I quote a European-style deep Christianized nation of America is the goal of many liberals and they are exceeding you know the fascinating thing is that in contrast to Europe. We as Americans don't just have a Christian heritage more than that, folks. America was conceived in a Christian womb, the very soul of America was shaped the by Christian architect.

There were the pilgrims in the Puritans and George Whitfield on the great awakening. There was Ben Franklin's call for prayer when the constitutional convention was hopelessly deadlocked. There was the second great awakening in the circuit riding preachers of the 1800s. Our whole court system is based on the jurisprudence of the Bible and every college and every university established in America before 1776 was established by Christians to train Christian leaders. Every one of Harbor Hall student handbook exceeding 46 listen and I quote everyone shall consider the main end of his life and studies at Harvard to know God and Jesus Christ. Everyone should also exercise himself in reading the Scriptures two times a day that he shall be ready to give an account of his proficiency there in upon graduation sound just like Harvard today done it, but this is how Harvard started in public education in America was started the same way for 100 years. The backbone of public education in America was the McGuffey reader, which if you've ever seen it is nothing but the Bible taken and put in various levels of educational form for elementary school students is just the Bible but you know we don't have to go back 100 years. We can go back. Just when I was in high school. I thought that was 100 years know it wasn't 100 years.

Thank you very much know, was 40 when I was in high school in the 60s, you know, we set in homeroom class and over the loudspeaker in the entire school.

Woodrow Wilson high school, Portsmouth, Virginia. They came on and read out of the Bible and then someone lead in prayer and everybody bowed their heads and got led in prayer that was ended in Jesus name, amen.

You say will lawn as a young Jewish boy, how did you feel about that friends my high school career was in so much trouble. I was happy for any help I can get.

I'm like amen. Whoever's name, amen. Home care yeah that that's that's that one that's not in history that happened in my lifetime, and in many of your lifetimes, but in the last 40 years. The lying prophets in the film industry and in our courts in our public schools and in our universities and our legislatures and in every level of the media, there has been an unapologetic attempt. As Patrick Buchanan said to be Christianized America folks. If a Martian landed on this planet today and spent a month watching our most popular TV shows listening to our most popular radio station sitting in our public school classrooms and attending our sports events at the end of that month. He never even realized that the concept of God existed in the society.

Unless you happen to hear not a sermon, just a thought on the radio and it is a lot for us to believe that a society so can see without God in it. To quote Abraham Lincoln, Kim Long endure line number three.

The line prophets of America want us to believe that it's okay to have a society we seek to maintain morality by outward legislation instead of by in word religious conviction Arthur Levitt, former chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission said in an article what's wrong with corporate America. He said what we have is an erosion in corporate ethics.

He said listen, no matter how many rules the SEC passes people without ethics will still find a way to get around them. In other words, friends, what he saying is that no government can write laws so tight that a dishonest person can't figure out a way to abuse them and this is the critical mistake that the line prophets of America want us to buy into. They want us to believe that inner religious conviction is unnecessary in society. They want us to believe that if government and regulatory agencies can just past enough rules and enough regulations with enough penalties and then just hire enough enforcement agents that moral behavior will reign in our culture. The fact is that a lot. My gosh were already so many rules and regulations in this country you came hardly sneeze without breaking some federal statute about something in this land is ridiculous, but in spite of that, our jails are full to overflowing Ponzi schemes abound. Corporate fraud is everywhere, banks failed to give full disclosure about IPOs and millions of people lose millions of dollars. Etc. etc. etc. folks it a work and you know why they working, God tells us why they work.

Jeremiah 17 nine.

He said the heart of man is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked man has a moral problem that's internal and it cannot be fixed and it cannot even be controlled by external rules and regulations. Now the founders of America understood this, they were smart people. John Adams said second president of the United States. He said no government may repeat no government can contend with human passions that are unbridled by morality and what's the next word religion.

Our Constitution, he said, was made only for a moral and what religious people. It is wholly inadequate for the governing of any other kind of people and this is why contrary to the propaganda of the line prophets of America. Our founding fathers built America on a religious foundation, not on a secular foundation.

They rejected the secular foundation of the French Revolution which was going on at the very same time America was being formed. Liberty and equality, fraternity. They rejected that and instead in their wisdom they chose a religious foundation. The foundation of the Bible in God we trust to build this nation on and if we are ever going to revitalize and preserve this nation. We need to ignore the lying prophets of America and listen to our founding father. No government can contend with human passions that are unbridled by morality and religion and our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It won't work for any other kind of people listen to me all the line prophets in America and all their followers put together do not have enough votes to control the politics of America.

If we as Christians mobilize the and concentrated our votes, but it is embarrassing how poorly we do that these line prophets know how to do it there shameless about doing it. They exercise a much greater power over this country than their numbers reflect because we are so bad about it now as a church we can't be involved in political actions against the law. However, as individual followers of Christ. This is something we all can do and something we all must do friends we must vote and we must vote so you're not alike were about to say but told the truth as well. Mattel you we must vote for candidates based not on their party based not on their gender based not on their race. We need to vote for people based first and foremost on where they stand with the truth of the word of God all the rest of that is secondary. We got a big election coming up and I'm here to challenge you, get out there and vote for the candidates that believe what you say you believe by coming to this church so now I'm going let me just say in closing, as followers of Christ. Our duty is to do everything we can to support the moral and spiritual well-being of this land that we love and how can we help for things number one can lead as many Americans as we can to a saving knowledge of Christ. Number two, we can faithfully proclaim the truth of the word of God here in our nations capital and everywhere else in America number three we can train young people along with parents in the knowledge of the word of God and number four we can support political candidates. It's fan for biblical truths were committed this church to do it.

All these and so my prayer all the time is that God will help us as a church family help us help America whispered dear heavenly father, as you know, everything in Washington is political even when it is not intended to be. My message today was not intended to be political it was intended to be biblical and I hope people understand that and take it for what it's meant to be. Lord I pray that you would give us the courage is the church family to be an impact center here in this town for Christ to do everything we can to preserve this nation that we love Lord help us help America. We pray for our nation and we ask you heavenly father from the depths of our heart to show mercy to our nation and to bring revival to our nation and to help us see through the lies of the lying prophets of this nation turn this nation back will walk with God that is conspicuous and widespread. Only the Holy Spirit can do that father would we pray and bake for that and were willing to do our part.

But Lord you have to be willing to do what we can't, so do that, we pray and bring revival that sweeps this land and we pray this in Jesus name.

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Lon Solomon Thank you for your support. If you would like to contact us, please visit our website or call us at 866788777 we had. You will join us next time in line to answer one of life question

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