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BREAKING: U.S. Troops Killed by Iran Backed Drone Attack in Jordan

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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January 29, 2024 1:23 pm

BREAKING: U.S. Troops Killed by Iran Backed Drone Attack in Jordan

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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January 29, 2024 1:23 pm

How will President Biden respond after Iran’s proxy drone strike killed three U.S. service members at a military base in Jordan? The Sekulow team discusses the deadly drone strike on U.S. troops, the ACLJ’s Houthi FOIA lawsuit, other news in the Middle East, the cutting of U.S. funding to UNRWA – and much more. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo joins the show to comment on U.S. foreign policy.

Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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Breaking news today on Sekulow.

US troops killed by an Iran-backed drone attack in Jordan. Keeping you informed and engaged. Now more than ever, this is Sekulow. We want to hear from you. Share and post your comments or call 1-800-684-3110.

And now your host, Jordan Sekulow. Escalation continues in the Middle East, as over the weekend the US government and the US State Department, US Department of Defense, has announced that three members of the US Army soldiers were killed by a drone attack from an Iranian proxy group. We now know that group is named the Islamic Resistance in Iraq. We believe the drone was a drone that's produced by Iran. A one-way drone called the Shaheed 131 has a range of about 600 miles, can carry a 30-pound warhead. So these are those suicide drones.

They don't return in a way. They are like targeted missiles and they targeted the base, which again might be a reminder to many Americans that we've got soldiers in these bases all over the world, including right on that base in Jordan is right on the border of Jordan and only about 12 miles away from another smaller US base inside Syria to this day. The base that was hit has about 350 US personnel on it, 35 were, 34 injured, eight of them injured enough to where they were flown out of Jordan for follow-up care and three so far who have lost their life serving their country. We know Iran immediately says, well, it wasn't us, but here's the thing. The drones are manufactured by Iran. The group would not have the drones, but for Iran giving it to them. They couldn't afford these drones from Iran. They didn't buy these drones from Iran. Iran gave them these drones and they also give the green light as we know to their proxies to attack, especially if the attack is on the United States. So while the Iran is trying to say the blood is not on our hands, Iran's hands, it's saying, listen, this is the United States. You're fighting resistance groups in the Middle East and they're fighting back again. It's not us, but they are arming these groups. They are the reason why three US troops are dead and 30 plus more are seriously injured enough. Some of them have enough where they need to be flown out of Jordan to get the care they need. It is a reminder of the danger of how many of our men and women who serve our country still serve under when we don't necessarily focus on these outposts that continue to operate in places like Syria, like Jordan on the border with Syria, with very bad actors knowing that these outposts are public. They exist.

You can look them up online. We have images of them. We can put the image up now of this outpost. This is called Tower 22. You can put the outpost if you're watching the broadcast right now.

There it is. There's the location. It's right on the border between Iraq and Syria. And then there's another base right across the border in Syria. That's where US soldiers are based. There are, again, just to go through some numbers for you, 2,500 US soldiers still in Iraq, 900 in Syria.

That's approximate. That's probably not including special forces that are not necessarily always listed. And there's 3,000 in Jordan. That's not including our major military bases in places like Qatar where we've got US sitcom and a big Marine base and air base. So folks, I want to take your calls on this, 1-800-684-3110. Do you think this administration, 1, is telling you the truth about really what's going on around the world and the dangers that we face, that our men and women face, that we still have this many men and women deployed in places that are conflict zones? And now Americans have been killed.

And we've talked about the whole time. What happens when Americans get killed by one of these Iranian drones? What will the response be? Biden says he will respond.

The question is, what is the response? Now, what do we have for you today on the broadcast? Two great team members at the ACLJ. Rick Grenell is joining us next.

He was a former acting director of national security. And then we've got Mike Pompeo from our team, senior counsel, former CIA and secretary of state to help us break this all down and figure out what happens next. Support the ACLJ. We need your support at slash champions.

Become a recurring donor. All right, welcome back to Secula. I do want to take your calls on this too, 1-800-684-3110, because you likely woke up to this news over the weekend that three US army soldiers were killed by an Iranian-made drone at a base, Tower 22, inside Jordan, right on the border with Syria, and of course also tied very close to Iraq. This drone, which is manufactured by Iran, is claimed to have been fired now by a group that has taken responsibility for the Islamic resistance in Iraq. That is an Iranian-backed Shia insurgency group in Iraq, and that we believe the drone now was fired from Iraq.

I'm bringing in Rick Grenell, former acting director of national intelligence, ambassador to Germany. I mean, Rick, we have talked about over and over through these conflicts that have gotten, that have been kind of these offshoot conflicts of what occurred in Israel on October 7th with Hamas, and then started out with the Houthis in the Red Sea, and we saw Iran getting more involved, not just with Hamas, but with attacking shipping routes and US vessels getting involved. And now we've got, and we've talked the whole time about what happens if Americans get killed, especially American troops get killed. What happens next? Now we know three Americans have been killed by an Iranian-made drone that was fired by an Iranian proxy group.

So what does happen next? Well, first of all, let's be very clear that the Biden administration has paid for this war. They are the ones who have been funding Iran. They have done sanctions relief, they've done credit, and they've done cash.

All totaled more than a hundred billion dollars has been given to the Iranians. And how does the Iranians respond? Well, they certainly continue to go get their nuclear weapon.

They're on that road. They've launched a war throughout the Middle East in a variety of ways. Let's not forget Lebanon with Hezbollah, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Yemen. I mean, the whole region now has become funded with Iranian proxies, and we've just seen them put a satellite into space, two satellites into space. So let's be clear, they're flush with cash thanks to Joe Biden, and now they're up to their old ways.

I hope that the Biden team has decided not to pursue a nuclear program deal with them because the JCPOA, as we call it, has been something that the Biden team has told all Republicans that were crazy for opposing and that we should trust the Iranians and we should get into a deal with them. Look, it's been day 114 since Americans have been held hostage by Hamas in Gaza, 114 days. We haven't seen any diplomatic solutions whatsoever. And so now, sadly, as a diplomat, we have to say that the Pentagon has to come in and try to clean this up because the State Department has been shoved aside for 114 days and nothing has happened.

Diplomacy is dead. And we're, of course, very concerned that the State Department, who's even running that? I mean, the fact that the White House didn't even know that the Secretary of Defense was not available over a week period of time and then started running things from serious things, didn't delegate anyone to act when he was in his capacity, which would be the normal way of doing things.

If you had to have a surgery, that'd been no big deal. But of course, they had to hide it from the American people, even see if they hid it from the White House. But it's also kind of, Rick, it means the White House wasn't even trying to call the Secretary of Defense. And I play this now because when you listen to Carine Jean-Pierre try to talk about what happened with these troops, I mean, usually she's up at the White House podium. This time she was on a television interview.

You think this is fairly simple. You say, of course, we pray for the families of these troops who have served our country. We're going to get to the bottom of this. You heard from President Biden.

We're going to strike back. And I mean, as a press secretary, you don't have to say a lot more than that. She was so tongue tied over like what to even say.

It was, I usually wouldn't play it for people just to like, I'm not trying to make fun of her. I just think it's how out of touch the whole, they're like not working together in the Biden administration. Take a listen to Carine Jean-Pierre this morning. What I will say, our deepest, obviously our deepest condolences go out and our heartfelt condolences go out to the families who lost three, three brave, three brave, three brave of three folks who are, who are military folks who are brave, who are always fighting, who are fighting on behalf and of this administration of the American people, obviously, more so, more importantly, we lost those souls. I mean, there's so many things there that it's like, she didn't want to say what they do is they, you know, fighting for not the administration. She tried to cover it up by saying the country, but they don't fight for political administrations.

They fight for the United States of America. And again, it's just, that's usually, I mean, it's difficult to announce the death of US troops, but it shouldn't be for a professional who's the White House press secretary, difficult to be able to get two sentences out on it. Yeah, look, this is, this is really ridiculous. She's a buffoon and she shouldn't be speaking for the White House from the American people's house. It is to me indicative of exactly what this administration is, which is very unclear about who they are. They play to their base. Their base is woke lefties who hate the military and who want to see the military really do things that are not in their purview. We have a recruiting problem, for instance, right now. We cannot recruit at the level that we have normally recruited. And so you look at all of the military branches and they're suffering. People are not signing up. And I don't think it's too much to say that all of these videos, these woke videos, trying to talk about DEI programs in the military, that's one of the main reasons. People are not going to sign up and risk their lives if it's about something other than American national security.

Yeah, and I think it doesn't get reported enough. I mean, there's been 160 plus attacks on US soldiers in the Middle East since the October 7th attack by Hamas inside Israel. This is the first deadly attack on US troops in the Middle East since the Israel-Hamas war started, but there have been 160 plus attacks.

And we don't hear much about those until now that we've seen three Americans get killed, 34 injured, that were injured to the point and then others that had to be airlifted out of Jordan for additional medical care. I actually want to take a phone call coming in. Darren in Ohio online, too.

Hey, Darren, welcome to secular. You're on the air with Jordan and Rick Renell. Hi, I just got a question. I was wondering, how do we respond to Iran? When I see a lot of people warning that Russia and China is not going to sit back and watch us, you know, go to war with Iran or retaliate against Iran. I know we killed one of their generals.

But I don't, I just want to know. I know that they're getting a nuclear bomb. And I'm just worried because the politics is mixed with religion. Sure, sure. And they believe that they are.

Rick, I think the question is pretty simple. I understand it from many Americans. How do you respond directly to Iran with enough force without putting us into a world war? Look, Jordan, I'm a 12-year State Department veteran, and I'm a diplomat. And I get very uncomfortable when diplomats start talking about war because diplomats are supposed to be the tough individuals that are trying to avoid war. And we have seen the diplomats in this Biden administration at the State Department under Anthony Blinken really become scared.

They've withdrawn. They've been the first ones to withdraw in some of these crisis situations. We don't have tough diplomats at the forefront. We're not trying to solve problems peacefully.

Again, 114 days with American hostages and Anthony Blinken, who has his own plane, is not in the region trying to demand that we get these people home. It's like the State Department has just given up on diplomacy. So then what happens is the Pentagon comes in. They have military options for the President. No one is blunting the military options or giving them other options like tough diplomacy. And so the President of the United States is only looking at military options. The Pentagon doesn't negotiate.

So I fear that the only thing left is military options simply because Anthony Blinken is so weak. And again, that's what happens when diplomacy fails and you're left only with these options and now Americans who are dead and seriously injured. And again, just Rick, it feels like we're at the start of something that if it's not handled really correctly, really fast, that we know that they've got these drones all over the place.

They're cheap to manufacture. And they know now that they can be successful in killing US troops. And again, we have to respond, but we also have to prepare our country for what we're responding to because I think most people right now would not understand yet even that these troops were there.

And so why are they there? And then second, why would we feel like we need to expand the war? I mean, the President hasn't come to us and given us that speech. Over months, he's never really explained to us what would be the need or what would be the red line to respond. We need to go to that level of military action. I think that's the problem is most Americans wake up to this and go, oh no, what next?

Jordan, it's getting worse and there's no question about it. We need options. Other than just simply war and military action, where is Anthony Blinken? Again, he's got his own plane.

He could get on it immediately and get to the region and start trying to come up with solutions, not only in the Middle East, but in Ukraine too. Folks, we want you to support the work of the ACLJ, become an ACLJ champion. Welcome back to Seco. We're joined by former secretary of state and senior counsel for global affairs, Mike Pompeo. And folks here at the ACLJ, you know, we are able to bring you these experts, not as just a guest on our broadcast, but as team members at the ACLJ.

So over the weekend, while this news is coming in, we're able to work with these experts to really understand these issues, like the attack on our troops in this base in Jordan, right on the border with Syria. And it's because we've got people like Mike Pompeo on our team and Rick Grenell on our team, Tulsi Gabbard on our team that we can go to directly. They're not just guests on the show, they're members of the ACLJ team. And that's because we've got ACLJ champions like you who donate monthly. You choose to make a recurring donation to the ACLJ and amount you're comfortable with.

And we are able then to know that that amount is coming in each month and we're able to plan for the known and the unknown. And so to go to slash champions today and become a champion for liberty. And as secretary Pompeo, I can't think of a better time, it's another one of these incidents that we wake up to and we've been talking about so much hypothetically, which is what happens when one of these Iranian backed groups does something that leads to the death of American servicemen or women. And now a group they call themselves, I think it's based, this group is called the Islamic resistance in Iraq. So it was fired from Iraq, but it was an Iranian suicide drone. So one way drone that's killed three US service members and sent more to the hospital and even others that have had to be airlifted out. So Jordan, this is simply a result of a set of failed policies that now extends back three years.

Your point is right. And I think ambassador Grinnell spoke to this. This is about tone, tenor and policy over the last three years, not just something we woke up to. President Biden has never spoken to the American people about why it is we have deep interests in the Middle East. He needs to explain what it is we're doing, why we're doing it.

I think there's a great case to be made, but he needs to make it. And in the absence of doing that, imagine, imagine you're the Iranians and you're watching. President Biden says, we're going to fund UNRRA, the UN organization. We're going to tell the Israelis, hey, you may not get any funding if you don't reduce your firepower in Gaza. And then he attacks the United States of America 150 times, our soldiers 150 times, and we do nearly nothing. The end result is the tragedy of these three soldiers lost.

I pray for them, for their families. We shouldn't forget we had two Navy seals that perished as a result of the activities in the region. When you, when you don't get the right end of the stick, when your state department is negotiating with the Iranians, while the Iranians are firing missiles at you, you have an imbalance that creates enormous escalation. And the end result is where we see ourselves today at Iran that clearly believes themselves at war with the United States. So, I mean, if this ultimately becomes a conflict with the Islamic Republic of Iran and not just its proxies, are we ready as a nation? I mean, as you serve as secretary of state, it seems like with these kinds of, you know, what happened with our secretary of defense the last couple of weeks, there was miscommunications there about whether they were even cognizant and should have been in the position, the White House even making phone calls to even know their status of the secretary of defense and how bizarre that was, that situation, that this country really, I mean, we haven't been given the speech by President Biden certainly about why we would need to be prepared for such a massive conflict that that could be.

Do you think America is actually ready for a conflict directly with Iran? George, my experience was that the American people can handle hard information. They deeply care about this country. And they're prepared to support a President who articulates a vision for winning. And whether it was Afghanistan or Ukraine, Europe, or now the Middle East, President Biden hasn't explained, here's what winning looks like. Here's how we're going to win.

And let's go do this together. Were he able to do that? Were you able to articulate that? I'm convinced the American people would appreciate it, understand it, and be fully supportive across a broad political spectrum. But instead, he says, no, the departure from Afghanistan was a strategic success. He says that a minor invasion in Ukraine, well, that might just be okay.

A Chinese spy balloon over America, don't worry, they weren't collecting intelligence. And now the horrible atrocity of October 7th, and he tells the Israelis, no, you are the problem. You need to make sure you comply with international law and make sure you don't kill many civilians.

That's not winning, Jordan. And the American people can see that. And so when you see the polling data that suggests somehow the Americans aren't in support of these efforts is because the President has failed to demonstrate the rationale and the path to victory. It seems to me that as long as the administration is going to accept these Iranian excuses that this wasn't really us. This was, you know, these were groups that are angry at you, the United States, for what you're doing in their region. And we'll ignore the fact that they wouldn't have had these drones to fire at you and to fire at your base to kill your soldiers without us.

But it wasn't us. And it's like they're buying time. And I mean, I think, you know, we've got even callers asking, and people have asked about that. Is it, are they trying to benefit to buy time to continue to, like, get closer to having a nuclear weapon, getting closer to building up their own military assets?

I don't think there's any doubt about that, Jordan. They are testing, call it buying time. They are trying to push. I, for one, don't buy the proxy theory. They use the term proxy. I view these as Iranian. We use terms like proxy and Iranian backed.

This is of a piece. This is not just, this is not just Iran either. You should know that the entire axis of resistance, the Russians, the Chinese, they are all acting in ways that facilitate this very risk to the United States of America. Don't think for a moment that Chinese are going to come save American lives in the Middle East, as the Biden administration has suggested.

This is Iran. It is going to require costs being posed on Iran. Doesn't necessarily mean striking in Tehran. I don't want to get into the details, but we have a legion of options ranging from enormous diplomatic and economic leverage all the way up to clandestine activity, right?

The broad range of tools that President Biden has in his arsenal is deep and capable of deterring. It takes leadership and will, and to date, the administration has not shown that because, frankly, they're still trying to figure out how to get back into a silly nuclear deal that we should have long ago abandoned as folly. Yeah, I mean, I think you laid out right that there's all these options on the table, but if you're dead set on this one option, which is a nuclear deal, you have to ignore all these other incidents because you can't get to the nuclear deal if you're really blaming them for these attacks and these deaths of these Americans. I want to ask you about the UNRWA funding too, the UN Refugee Works Agency, which funds the Palestinians billions of dollars. And now, as we've all expected, but we now have evidence of, that UNRWA, US funding, along with funding from other Western countries, the UK as well, Australia has been temporarily paused because of so many, there were enough UNRWA staff that were working for Hamas, including one Hamas leader, and I think five or six who actually participated in the brutal attacks, ISIS-like attacks, on Israel on October 7th. Among the most unsurprising things I've seen in the last few weeks, Jordan, is the fact that there were UN representatives in Gaza working on behalf of Hamas. The very reason now, five years ago, six years ago, when the Trump administration cut off funding to UNRWA, it was a direct result of the inability of UNRWA to separate itself from these terror organizations. They were providing succor, they were providing support, they're providing sympathy. The money that they were delivering was ending up being diverted. US taxpayer dollars should never have gone to UNRWA. I'm glad the administration has paused.

It just seems like way too late. And we've seen now three Americans killed as a result of this cumulative set of policies that fundamentally misunderstands the evil that lays in the hearts of these Hamas warriors and their Iranian back and their Iranian sponsors. And they're everywhere, folks. They're inside these aid agencies.

The US started to fund again under the Biden administration until now, when evidence comes out, they were involved in October 7th attacks on Israel. We'll be right back. Keeping you informed and engaged, now more than ever, this is Sekulow. And now your host, Jordan Sekulow. All right, welcome back to Sekulow.

And we are taking your phone calls to 1-800-684-3110. Two main issues that we have been talking about so far. One is, of course, the hypothetical logo we've been talking about a lot since October 7th, really, when we saw the Hamas attack on Israel. And then we saw some escalated attacks on US vessels in the Red Sea, some drone attacks that were able to be shot down on US places that we've got bases, forward operating bases. Do we have the map that actually shows how many of these forward operating... Is this the map of how many attacks there's been on the US forces?

So that shows you, some are US embassies, some are diplomatic center, but there's Tower 22, that's where three were killed, if you look on that map. That's right on the border with Syria and Iraq inside Jordan. But see, just over the border, we have another smaller garrison in Syria, but we're still inside Syria. And people, I think, forget that, that we have troops inside Assad's Syria right now. I think that was even the discussion with Afghanistan, pulling out of Afghanistan, with the thought process of, we've never really left anywhere. Usually if the US gets involved, we usually have... We're in Germany still.

We have presence all over the world. So to just pull out completely is not very American in that sense. Traditionally, not to say war shouldn't end or anything like that. I'm not even necessarily saying that's a good thing. I'm just saying it's just fact, it's just truth. But a lot of this has happened.

And really, hopefully there's... Honestly, the only positives that come out of this is little wake-up calls. And that's even what I think what's going on in the UN with the UNRWA workers that we could talk about. Because if you have these, it reminds people that, oh, this stuff is still happening.

And now it's even escalating. But we're able to... As Americans, we're able to move on pretty quick from what's happening around the world. And sometimes you need a little bit of a wake-up call to understand that this is still real threats that are happening, and now our servicemen are in trouble.

Right. And they've come together under Iran, this heading under Iran, which is, again, different than ISIS, though some of these groups were still there because they're remnants of ISIS. But these are all groups that are somehow related to the Shias in Iran, who had a common enemy in ISIS, and are now saying, okay, we've got the US, these targets with the US. We have these drones. Can we play the video quickly about what one of these drones can do? I mean, because I think we talk drones. Sometimes people think our drones, which are giant, these are very simply made drones.

They cost about $10,000. They're one-way drones. They're suicide drones, but they can carry a 600-pound payload explosion.

So let's see what they could do. So you fire them off. If you're watching online, yeah.

And if you're watching with us, and then what happens when they hit a target? Yeah. Explode. I mean...

Massive explosion. That's one. Yeah. So that's one of those drones. So you see how three kill... And they're just like budget drones, if you will. These are budget drones.

Yeah. They also have ways to shoot the... And we now know what happened. Unfortunately, Logan, was that because a lot of these drones fly under radar, we had a drone coming back to that base. And so this drone... There's an assumption that it was... It was the assumption that it was part of... It was that drone.

And so it didn't get picked up by... As a potential need to shoot down. Well, things are gonna amp up, and we have to make sure that we're there also as the ACLJ. That's right.

Because there are gonna be legal cases that are gonna come from all of this. Yeah. Yeah.

I mean, there are. I mean, we're gonna see... We saw it at the ICJ. We'll get into more of that at the International Court of Justice, what they have finally held with Israel.

I think, again, the anti-Israel folks at South Africa who brought this case didn't really get what they wanted, but it certainly shows you where they would like to go if they could. But now, since then, you've got US troops dead. And the decision by the Biden administration who say they're gonna do something, what is that going to look like?

And do you really want Joe Biden to be in charge of it? And a Secretary of Defense who disappeared for a week and a half? But no one in the White House even knew because they don't even really care about him. They didn't even try to call him.

No calls went across. And yet now we're gonna be doing military strikes. And we were already doing that in the Red Sea. We need your support. You know, Logan, we need these, again, recurring donors.

We call them ACLJ champions. And this is one of those moments where you know things are about to heat up, not with just the election season, but with national security of our country. Look, you've heard from experts already in this show. You've heard from Rick Grenell, from Mike Pompeo, and a lot of these shows you'll hear from Tulsi Gabbard. These are people we can add to our team, whether that's our broadcast team or in terms of Rick and Mike, people that do work at the ACLJ and do a lot of great work within the organization. You can make sure you'll be a part of that as well. Become a champion of life, liberty, freedom. Go to champions.

Become a champion today. We'll be right back. As we've talked about what has happened to our U.S. troops, we have to talk about as well what's happened with one of the largest U.S. aid agency to the Palestinians, both in the Gaza Strip and in the U.S. Bank. This is a multi-billion dollar a year operation run by the U.N., funded by most of the U.N. nation's billions of dollars a year. And usually in the past we talked about wrongdoing by UNRWA. We were talking about grifting and taking the money and leaders enriching themselves, like the Palestinian Authority. How do these guys become billionaires off of this? Why are they still living in refugee camps when they have billions of dollars a year coming in? Why aren't they building better places for their own people, better education, but yet they're becoming billionaire autocrats? That was one thing, but then when you find out that that UNRWA funding is not just going to bad actors to enrich themselves, but bad actors to carry out military attacks on children and civilians. You heard me right. We now know that 12 UNRWA employees were involved in the October 7th planning and attacks on Israel, including one high-ranking Hamas official who also worked and was paid by UNRWA while planning the attack, and that some of these 12 individuals were inside Israel committing the atrocities.

Now, I want to go to C.C. Halloween does a lot of our international work. C.C., the good thing here is, I'd say the good thing here is that finally the Western world has woken up to what UNRWA really is, which was a funding source for bad actors, and they can't deny this. And so funding has been paused by these nine or 12 countries now, nine countries, including the United States, who started to refund UNRWA only under the Biden administration. The Trump administration stopped funding them.

Right. So the Trump administration recognized this. This has been a concern that some of the countries have been worried about UNRWA and their nefarious ties to Hamas. There have been Hamas rockets that have been found in UNRWA buildings. There's UNRWA schools that teach, literally teach curriculum that's anti-Semitic, pro-jihadist. And so now that we have found out that there are UNRWA officials that have participated in the horrific events of October 7th, it's brought this back to the world stage. And thankfully, the U.S. has stopped the funding and several countries with it. But, you know, Germany, they did their own investigation and found these things happening, that Hamas is teaching this anti-Semitic rhetoric in their schools and that rockets are being held. And so, again, I'm glad that it's being brought to the world's attention and that there are actors that are funding UNRWA that are stopping. Yeah.

I mean, you know, Logan, we've talked about it over and over and over again. We filed a FOIA on why the Biden administration so quickly decided to reverse course from the Trump administration and start funding UNRWA again after all the problems that they saw back then. That was before the attacks on October 7th. We actually just filed our lawsuit on that FOIA because they didn't respond on Friday. And now an atrocity occurs and they've stopped the funding because they had to, because it was now clear that there were UNRWA officials carrying out atrocities in Israel. That's what it took for the Biden administration to wake up and say, maybe this isn't a group, we should be funding billions of dollars. And this should be the number one story that people are talking about right now.

I think that I was talking with my wife because the breaking news alert came in late last night and I was telling her, explaining it. And if you're not paying attention to really the hardcore details of what's going on in this act of war and you're American, this one's going to just breeze by because you're seeing obviously the drone attacks, all these other things are happening. But when you see, and using UNRWA, I think is a confusing thing to even say because most people don't know that term. They don't even know what it stands for. But if you were just to say that there are UN workers, like let's just say that people working for the UN aid workers who were actually committing murder and were also a part of the payroll of the UN and were a part of murdering Jews during the October 7th. It's absurd that that could happen.

Right. So when those things are awoken inside people, there is this level of disgust because you go, well, let's say you don't have a general idea or a general distaste for the UN. Maybe you're actually someone who thinks of the UN as they've marketed themselves to be as this sort of humanitarian organization throughout the world, which I'd say probably is the majority of people. They don't probably have a feeling one way or the other towards the UN.

They just think, oh, the UN, they do aid work. And then you find out that they have people involved, not only pitching propaganda, which is bad, but are deeply involved and are members of Hamas. Hopefully this is the wake-up call that a lot of people need. But the problem is, it's certainly not going to be the number one story on the news. There's too much to be, too much happening, whether that is in pop culture or whether that is in what's happening in things that are important, like the drone attack that killed many of our servicemen. I understand why it's not the number one story, but I think we have to break that down.

We have to tell people why it's important. Why a term like UNRWA, which most people have never heard before, just stripped down the few other letters. It's UN relief workers, UN relief workers who are actually infiltrated members of Hamas.

Yes. And so, I mean, the idea is the Trump administration knew they were bad actors and said, we're not going to fund them anymore. And when the US stops funding them, that's significant. But this time around, it took evidence that these workers participated in atrocities and that one of them was a leader of the atrocities for not just the US, but for Germany and the UK and Finland, Australia, Canada, Italy, and the Netherlands, and Switzerland to finally say no. But you know what?

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, she said, you know what? Cutting off the support to UNRWA, which is the primary source of humanitarian aid to two million Gazans is unacceptable. I mean, they've got 13,000 UN aid workers there. And just because they're grave allegations of 12, that's indefensible. Grave allegations of 12.

I mean, you've got a serious rot in your organization if your humanitarian staff will go and kill and rape children. That's right. And it's 12 that we know of. Yes.

I think it's way larger than just 12. And we brought this to the attention of the UN back in December when these allegations first came about. We sent a letter to the Secretary General and to the Commission of Inquiry that looks into these things, literally asking them to end the mandate for UNRWA, which means stop them completely.

Because they're too embedded with Hamas and the terrorist organization and everything bad that is going on in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip targeted against Israel and innocent Israelis. And the funding needs to stop and really the UNRWA mandate needs to be rescinded. And that's what we've asked for. So it's great, I think, that several other countries have now come aboard because if you pull the funding, that's where it's always the money that hurts them the most. And that's what we need to keep doing. And Logan, that's what we're doing at the ACLJ is we are not letting go on this issue.

We've filed the FOIA, but now we filed the lawsuit to get to the bottom of what were you thinking by the administration starting the funding again? Like why we even do it. And we kind of know why. It's because they want deals with Iran.

You want deals with Iran, you want to cut anything that had to do with the Trump label on it. That's true, too. Even if it was working.

It was working. They wanted to change. We kind of know this.

This is what happened. This is what happened in the Middle East in general. We see more death in the Middle East. We see more war in the Middle East under Joe Biden.

It seems like he's not doing anything. And that's when we've got Ukraine war with Russia. We've got war in the Red Sea. We've got three Americans killed today. We had 13 killed when we left Afghanistan and gave away a huge air base, which you don't usually do even when you end a conflict like that. I mean, this has all happened under Joe Biden.

Yeah, absolutely. And look, we're here at the ACLJ. We're going to try to handle Donald Trump's tweets, but we got people dying because of Joe Biden's ineffectiveness. And honestly, what's sad about it is like I said, it doesn't matter if it had that Trump label on it, that stamp on it, they were going to go back on it. At least there's countries that are now standing up to this.

Hopefully we can be involved in that as well. You had AOC, she tweeted, cutting off support to UNRRA as a primary source of humanitarian aid to 2 million Gazans is unacceptable. Pretty much saying a few bad actors risking the starvation of millions over grave allegations of 12 is indefensible. At least they were grave allegations.

Allegations. They know that one of them was the lead organizer and that others actually were actual just participants. They were just like Hamas supporters, but they were participating. They crossed the border that day and they attacked.

They killed Jewish children and families. And one of them actually is on camera taking a hostage. Yeah. And that's what I want to make sure people understand that it's not just people who are preaching anti-Israeli rhetoric. We see that every day here in America.

That is nothing new. You're talking about killers. These are the killers. These are the killers making their money through money that you work hard to make, that your government donates to this UN agency to try and help these Palestinians. And what do they do with your help from your US money? They kill your allies in Israel. And a lot of, for US Americans who have friends and family who are Israelis, they kill your family members. And we are the number one funders of UNRRA in the US. Yeah. We shouldn't give them another dime ever again. And see what happens to Hamas and those groups so they don't have that kind of money to give out.

A lot harder to recruit hardcore terrorists when you can't give any food or money. Yep. We'll be taking your calls as well coming up the next segment 1-800-684-3110. But I want to encourage you here to become an ACLJ Champion. Support the work right now.

We're going to have legal fights all year long related to this, and we need your monthly recurring gifts to keep it all going. So you need to go to slash champions now. Become an ACLJ Champion today. Again, slash champions. We'll be right back with your phone calls.

And welcome back to sec. You'll wear to your costume 1-800-684-3110. That's 1-800-684-3110. Before we get to our final issue of the day, the ICJ ruling that came out, Logan, let's take a couple of these calls so they've come in and people don't hold. Let's go to Bob first in Michigan online too. Hey, Bob.

Hey, thanks. I want to quote a tweet that represents the feelings of many people. It said, I believe in the 23 state solution. The Arabs get 22 states. The Jews get one.

The Arabs would get Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Somalia, Djibouti, Yemen, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan. And you get the idea. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I think that's again, like most of the world, it's just, how are you dealing? It's how to deal with this one area.

Yeah. These two strips. One is a strip, the Gaza strip.

The other is a bank. Well, I think that causes these issues and those countries have tried in the past to take them in and say, come in, become Jordanians, become Egyptians. And it didn't work. I think the thing also that people don't understand is the reason Israel is under attack, obviously because it's the Jewish homeland, but also because it is really the truly only Western feeling state in the area. Look, it still has its own unique style. I don't want to say it just feels like a little America. It certainly does not. But it is the closest thing that you have to an American type society in the middle East. And that's not something well liked by all of its neighbors. So sure you can list out and go, well, there's 22 Arab States and one Jewish state. That is true, but there's really also just one Western state.

There's one state that feels free. And that is really the crux of all of it. It has to do with not just the fact that these are Jewish people.

Of course, that's a huge part of it, but it's also people that allow freedom of speech, allow freedom to really do anything about American laws, very similar, very similar in terms of your rights. And that is just not the case in all of the surrounding countries. And there's just a little star of hope happening in the middle of this area, which sure has big cities. I don't want people to, you kind of picture it differently. You picture in Egypt as you would historically, you picture Israel as you would historically.

I think it's harder for people also if they'd have been there to understand that, sure, there are some of those things. There's those things that you think of, the classic areas of Jordan and those countries, but these are also big cities with lots of people and some of them under really bad laws. Some of them, like Israel, you could tell Aviv, it feels like a New York.

Yeah, and you have a Miami, New York mixture. And then of course, though, not far away in Jerusalem, which has got this heavy feeling of the world's three major religions coming together, it's a very different feeling than Tel Aviv. And then if you go to Northern Israel, it's a different feeling than that, just different kinds of, it's different climates, different, even though it's not far apart. You go to Southern Israel, there's beaches on the Red Sea, it looks like other parts of the world. It's just, again, we kind of sometimes put these things in a box and it's not always like that, but you do it, you are right.

These are some major cities that we are talking about with histories that go back significantly. Now, I want to tell you about the ICJ because you know, what we did was we got this to all the countries because at the International Court of Justice, it's country versus country, so we don't get to like file there, but what we did was we filed a brief in support of Israel and got it out to every single country at the UN and on the Security Council. Interesting, Logan, their order from the ICJ refused to actually go along with what South Africa wanted on two points. One, they did not say that Israel was committing genocide, and two, they did not say that Israel needed to start a ceasefire, so to stop their actions against Hamas, which means for this group, people did not expect that. It was so bad, what was done on October 7th and what these judges heard that even though they don't love Israel, they could not ultimately in this order say that at this point Israel needed to start a ceasefire.

Yeah, and I think that was pretty surprising for a lot of us to pay attention to what goes on at the International Court. Could have had much worse. It should have.

I mean, it really should have. So, what you're saying is that if people were actually allowed to see the footage and were actually allowed to see what's happening now, and when people have come back and seen it, everyone's answer is pretty much the same. Yes. It's been, listen, I know Israel has responded very strongly to this.

It's tough, and of course, we knew they were going to do that. That means that there will be Palestinians that get killed. And when there's terrorists in the UN, humanitarian things, what do you... That even makes it worse for this order, which I think is why they had to say, listen, we can't tell Israel ceasefire, and we're not going to tell them after what happened on October 7th that by fighting back, they're committing a genocide against Arabs.

Yeah. Let's go ahead and... A lot more Arabs in the Middle East, they're Jews. So, I mean, to say that they're committing a genocide, even against Palestinians, which is millions of... This is located to one area. It's where Hamas is. It's not in the West Bank.

It's in the Gaza Strip. Let's take a phone call. Let's go. Steve is calling in Pennsylvania on line three.

You're on the air, Steve. Yeah. I just wanted to make a comment. I think that everything the Biden administration is really doing over there has been a disgrace, and having these service men and women coming back in coffins is... It's tragic.

I think it's going to be the tip of the iceberg unless we put some kind of comprehensive plan together over there. I mean, we're sitting ducks. I don't know what's really... You know what? I do feel...

I feel it, Steve, and I feel it for these Americans because I feel like I'm somebody... I have a whole team keeping me up to speed on what's going on in the world. And we see these stories and we're still like, really?

How did this happen? And why don't we know more about it? And maybe sometimes that's for security purposes of our own troops that we don't want to know more about it, but we looked at... Can we put on the map up there how many US bases are still operating right now in this region of the world? I mean, just look. If you're watching the show right now, it's over 160.

Over 160. Now, some are huge bases where you can be very secure, but others... I mean, we're talking about 300 people, a couple dozen. I mean, pretty exposed, like you said. And then when they know where you are, so if this map is public, which it is, and they've got a drone and all that drone has to do is put in a location and you're not trying to fly the drone back and it's basically a missile in itself and Iran keeps giving them to you.

They cost about 10 grand. That's an easy way to kill Americans. You don't have to go to the United States.

You can kill American soldiers. So I think, again, we deserve a commander in chief who will address the nation, not just say, we're going to do something in response, but is going to explain to us the bigger strategy here. We have all these bases.

Why? What are we using them for? Tell us the good that they're doing. Explain why it's worth putting these Americans at risk. We need to hear that. We need to be reminded of that. Americans need that reminder. We move on quickly from crises. I think about COVID, we move on quickly. And again, that's a good thing about America. I haven't pointed to 9-11, how we move on. We don't harbor this kind of ability like, oh, we can't move forward for decades. But there are points where you need to say, hey, this is why we're doing it.

This is why it's worth it. Sometimes this is why we don't talk about it as much. And unfortunately, this has happened. So this is what we're going to do to correct that problem. But it's tough to imagine getting that out of the Biden administration when Karine Jean-Pierre couldn't just say prayers for those families who served our country so honorably, who gave their life for liberty and freedom and the United States of America.

She couldn't just get that out because what, she didn't have it on a teleprompter? I mean, that was one of the most uncomfortable statements I've seen. There have been a lot from the Biden administration with just no explanation. You know, folks, we need our ACLJ champions. It's why today, you know, over the week I could say I need Mike and I need Rick and I need him on Monday to be able to talk to our audience, to walk them through these complicated issues with UNRWA, these complicated issues with U.S. troops being killed by an Iran proxy now. That hasn't happened. It's now happened. And they were on and we were with them. And that's because of your financial support of the ACLJ. Those ACLJ champions who donate automatically monthly at slash champions do it today.
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