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BREAKING: Supreme Court Decision on Trump Ballot Challenge Imminent

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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December 7, 2023 1:10 pm

BREAKING: Supreme Court Decision on Trump Ballot Challenge Imminent

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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December 7, 2023 1:10 pm

The Colorado Supreme Court sounds unconvinced of the radical Left’s arguments to ban President Donald Trump from the state’s primary ballot by invoking the 14th Amendment. The Sekulow team discusses the ACLJ’s ongoing legal efforts to preserve election integrity, President Joe Biden’s immigration failures at the southern border, and last night’s GOP Presidential debate between former Gov. Nikki Haley, Gov. Ron DeSantis, former Gov. Chris Christie, and Vivek Ramaswamy. Senator Marsha Blackburn (TN) discusses reports that a U.N. agency official detained an Israeli hostage, and comedian Jim Breuer also joins the show to discuss the ACLJ’s hit new Christmas movie Jingle Smells.

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Sekulow Radio Show
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Breaking news today on Sekulow as the Supreme Court decision on the Trump ballot challenge is imminent. Keeping you informed and engaged, now more than ever, this is Sekulow.

We want to hear from you. Share and post your comments or call 1-800-684-3110. And now your host, Jordan Sekulow. Alright folks, welcome to Sekulow. We are taking your phone calls to 1-800-684-3110.

That's 1-800-684-3110. The Colorado Supreme Court heard the 14th Amendment challenge yesterday. We'll play some sound from that a bit later in the broadcast. This again, we've won this every stage moving up in the state courts in Colorado, which were some of the more difficult courts actually for this Trump challenge. But the courts understood under our argument that we were correct under the Constitution and the 14th Amendment. And it appears the Colorado Supreme Court, just based on the oral argument today, is leaning that way. You never know until they write their opinion.

Can't judge it all from that. But then you're going to get a Supreme Court decision out of Colorado. And Dad, we've intervened in this case. We're party to this case. I would imagine it's likely that the side we're fighting, which is crew along with individuals, is going to lose. But they will be able to take that appeal direct to? The United States Supreme Court.

Let me tell you what I expect exactly is going to happen here. So, as Jordan said, we intervened on behalf of the Colorado State Republican Party. Excuse me. That intervention was granted. And we participated in the hearing. In trial, we had our special counsel, Jane Raskin. Ben Sisney was out there.

Nathan. A whole team of ACLJ lawyers were out there trying the case. And we did not think we were going to win that case just because of the judge's previous ruling. But lo and behold, the case came out successfully.

And we did carry the day, which was great. So we won the case. The other side has appealed it.

It goes directly from the trial court to the state Supreme Court. That argument was expedited. It was heard yesterday. We briefed it.

I'm sorry. And then what happened was the Colorado Supreme Court indicated that they're going to get a quick decision. They have to because, evidently, for the ballots to be printed for the – when is their primary? Is it Super Tuesday? Is this – yeah, it's a Super Tuesday statement. You've got to get the military ballots out. You've got people overseas. So I think the deadline was like – is it – it's like mid-January they had to have it out.

What is it, Will? Early January. Yeah, they've got to have it out by early January. So that means we – I think it's conceivable we're at the Supreme Court in the United States by the end of this month. Yeah, I mean, so, folks, this is huge because this was a case, again, where you had multiple swamp creatures getting involved. You had the left, but you also had Republicans, the swamp, the anti-Trump crowd in D.C., working alongside them, really believing and selling to these organizations like CREW that they had found some miracle to keep Donald Trump off the ballot by utilizing a provision of the 14th Amendment Section 3 there to disqualify him, even though he was never adjudicated to done any of the things in the 14th Amendment. But what's been interesting, Dad, in precedent-setting here long-term, even if it goes to the Supreme Court as just a quick decision if they don't have oral argument, is that they're going to say that 14th Amendment Section doesn't even apply ever to the President of the United States.

Which it doesn't. And most of the scholars are now coming out and saying that. But here's the key thing for everybody to understand. As far as election integrity goes and your ability to vote for the candidate of your choice, because they could do this to Donald Trump, they could do it to anybody. And having the sole arbiter of this being a state attorney general is ridiculous. So this becomes all of a sudden the most important election case maybe in U.S. history. And we're front and center in it.

So it's not at the U.S. Supreme Court yet, but let me tell you, as soon as we get the Colorado decision, we're going to be preparing for the Supreme Court of the United States. They'll take it. If we win, they're going to take it up. If we lose, we're taking it up.

So one way or another, that case is going up top. And folks, we represent 16 state Republican parties in this challenge, the ACLJ, directly. And we've also filed on behalf of you in Minnesota. So we're active in 17 different states and representing 17 different states. We're doing this and we're able to do it because of your financial support to the ACLJ.

Yes, and we talk about this. So those cases domestically and, of course, tonight is Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights is this evening. The holiday dates back over 2,000 years ago when the practice of Judaism was again under attack by the Romans.

The Jewish people are once again under attack, as we know. At the ACLJ, we are praying and fighting each and every day. Rejoin us and we encourage you to join us at

This is our biggest month of the year. We're in a challenge in the sense that any amount you donate, we're getting a matching gift for. That's Support the work today. Welcome back to Sech Hill. We are taking your phone calls to 1-800-684-3110. In the next segment of the broadcast, Senator Marsha Blackburn will also be joining us, so you don't want to miss that.

I want to play a little bit of sound. This is from the Colorado Supreme Court yesterday. This, again, was the case that these liberal swamp groups like CREW, which are very leftist and basically spend all their time going after Republicans, this time it was to disqualify you from being able to vote for Donald Trump. So even if you voted for him, if you wrote him in, your vote would be thrown out. They thought this was the best place to go.

They've lost all the way up so far. And this was from the oral argument yesterday at the Colorado Supreme Court, a question from Justice Seymour Jr. to the representatives of CREW. If it was so important that the President be included, I come back to the question, why not spell it out? Why not include President and vice President the way you spell out, they spelled out senator or representative?

Well, and I guess I go back to the kitchen sink approach, right? They used a really broad phrase, any office under, and then they wanted to include the handful of things that may not fall in that catchall. I think they all, everybody knew that the presidency was an office under. Nobody knows that the President is not an office under, okay? So it's a different oath of office.

So every court that's heard this has got it right, that the 14th amendment section three cannot be used against the President of the United States. And let me say what they're trying to do here. I want you to understand this from your perspective as an elector, as a voter. They're trying to take away your right to vote. That's what's at stake here. It's your right to vote. That's what they're trying to eliminate.

And whether you're for Trump or against Trump, it almost doesn't matter. They want to eliminate your right to have a choice. And we are fighting this in multiple states representing 15 state parties, and we won successfully in all of the cases so far, including Colorado. Now it goes to the Colorado Supreme Court was argued yesterday. We've already briefed it up there. I expect a decision.

Ben Sisney from our office was there. He said our decision could come down today. And then I think in the next week it goes to the Supreme Court and we will be ready, our teams will be ready to handle at the end of the year. How many times have I, you remember this when you were a kid, how many times did we have cases pending at the Supreme Court of the United States filing briefs on Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve where the court would say they won a brief December 24th?

Especially because of these cases that are very time sensitive. Time matters here because ballots have to be printed, not just in Colorado, but all over the country. You've got to get military ballots out the door.

You've got to get all of that information. So it's going to happen quick, but what we've seen is great success so far. And folks, that is because of you. We didn't just take it to one state. We, again, are representing 16 state Republican parties in the United States.

16 of those. And in a separate lawsuit we represent you in Minnesota where we filed an amicus brief. So we're active in states all across the country.

Bottom line is, whether you're a Donald Trump supporter or support someone else, this would be a horrible precedent to set to allow your Secretary of State to tell you, a Republican primary voter, who you can or can't vote for, for the highest office in the land. We said, no, this is unconstitutional. We're winning it in court. And we were able to, we had to expand our legal team, Dad, but we had the financial resources to do it because of our donors. We had to expand the legal team because the trial work was going to get extensive. We had so many other cases going on at the same time. So we brought in my colleague, our colleague, from the Trump years, one of President Trump's former lawyers also, Jane Raskin, who I practiced law with for four years representing the former President. So to Jordan, she is now special counsel to the ACLJ. She's done a great job in that case, handling a lot of other cases as well. And up we go. I was just with Jane. She was helping us on the Israel issue.

She was up in our offices for a few days. And I'll tell you this, folks, this case, when we say fast track to the Supreme Court, let me tell you what we're talking about. You can have a Supreme Court decision by the middle of January. This thing could be over with by January 15th. So, you know, for our team and our team already knows this, it's going to be a lot of work in a very short period of time. So we're going to get everything ready to go. And I think then you get an answer from the Supreme Court probably before the end of January at the latest. Yeah, because they know those ballots have to be printed.

Exactly. So they're going to move exponentially, maybe a per curiam opinion, which means a short order. But we've got a year end Supreme Court case.

And folks, I want to take a moment and discuss what this means for us at the ACLJ when we have this. The amount of resources that goes into the preparation of a Supreme Court case is vast. If you go to a private law firm for a Supreme Court case, it is not going to be handled for less than a million dollars in most cases. One million dollars. Business cases are more than that. These are complex constitutional law cases.

You'd be paying millions of dollars. Now, we don't have to charge any of these clients anything because of our support of our donors. That's people like you. So I want to encourage you right now to join with us here at the end of the month, the end of the year. We are at the, you know, what is it, December 7th? We're at the first week of December is coming to an end.

We have three more weeks to go. This is our biggest month of the year. And it's the biggest month of the year because about 30 or 40 percent of our revenue comes in this month.

I'm always going to give it to you exactly straight. We are $6,000 ahead of where we were last year. We just got a little bit ahead of last year for the month of December. We want it, but we have a gap of about a million 250, so we're trying to close that gap. So this is where you come in. Supporting our work really makes a big difference right now.

It does. You go to, you double the impact of your donation during our Faith and Freedom Year-End Drive. And again, folks, you've seen what we've been doing. Tomorrow on the broadcast, we've got a team all over the world right now focusing on the EU. And they've been sending us back images, pictures with hostage families there working with EU leaders to, again, still push for, as we saw. The first major release of hostages followed Israel going on the offense against Gaza, into Gaza. So we expect that if there are hostages still alive, and that's one of those questions we're still asking and want for our clients that we represent, that just because there is full-scale conflict now does not mean that there will never be another hostage release. But remember, no hostages were released until Israel struck back very hard. So there's no debate about that, how our team is working.

We were able to utilize our European team to really take it to the next level there. And I think they've done a great job. They're still at work. And it is becoming, I mean, they were just explaining to us there's extreme hostility to the work that they are doing, not inside the European Union itself, but by protesters. Yeah, protesters. And then there was a group at the prayer breakfast that spoke out against Israel. Our clients almost walked out of the proceedings at the European prayer breakfast.

Can you imagine this? And they were asked then to come back in, and they did, and they got a standing ovation, and people were in tears. But it's been very aggressive. Our team has done a great job. Let me tell you how it's set up. Our European Center for Law and Justice set the entire agenda up through our offices in Strasbourg, because we do a lot of work in Strasbourg. We're also in Brussels and all of the EU. Kalev Myers is a lawyer we've known for, I don't know, what, 30 years in Israel, and we've worked with on various projects over the years. He was the coordinator on site in Israel working directly with the families. And we were setting up, so we worked together.

And in fact, there's a shot of our team in Europe right now. There it is. You'll recognize the two brothers and the other client we have who has hostages, families. They were in D.C.

Yes, they were. And then Gregor Popinić on the right side there, in beard, is Kalev Myers, a lawyer from Israel that we're coordinating with. So this is a big effort. I'm just telling you, this is a very big effort as to what we're doing right now. And it could be overwhelming at times, because there's Gregor at the – I'm explaining this to our radio audience, for those that are watching, you're seeing it. This is at the – this is the European Parliament, and he is addressing the group.

And these were photos that we just got in in the last 24, 48 hours. There's at the ECR group, and that's one of the political parties. And they were addressing the political parties, and you see our people are designated up on the dais there.

I mean, this is very impressive work going on by our teams in Europe. So when you're supporting the work of the ACLJ, let me tell you something. You're supporting on-ground work at the ACLJ. We had a donor the other day said she was reporting for duty.

And I mean, that's exactly what we're asking you to do. Now look, tonight is the first night of Hanukkah. It's the Jewish Festival of Light. It begins this evening.

The holiday dates back 2,000 years. It became a holiday when the practice of Judaism was under attack by the Romans. The Jewish people are once again under attack, unfortunately.

I hate ending the year on this note. At the ACLJ, we will be praying, of course, but we're also fighting each and every day for Israel. And we want you to join the ACLJ at

This is our biggest month of the year. It sets our budget for the entire next year, and we want to expand our efforts in a big way. To do that, we need you, and we need your support. As a caller on the broadcast recently said, I just mentioned this, she said she's reporting for duty when she stands with the ACLJ. Stand with her and thousands of others who report for duty in this fight.

Have your tax-deductible gift doubled through the end of the year drive. Donate now at This is how you can be engaged in this fight.

We encourage you to do it. Now, on top of the Israel fight, we are going to be prepared for a Supreme Court case on election law involving the former President, but really it could be anybody, in the next couple of days. Yeah, I mean, it's the leading candidate for the Republican Party by far, as every poll indicates, and this is an attempt to say, oh, we don't care, we're going to do anything we can, it's never been done before, to take him off the ballot. Or keep him on the ballot, but if you voted that way, your vote won't count. And we said, no, this is unconstitutional.

It's unconstitutional for voters who want to vote for Donald Trump, it's unconstitutional for future voters as well. We do all this work combined in Europe and all over the world, and all over the country in courts, federal, state, local. Because of your financial support to the ACLJ, this is the most important month of the year to donate to the ACLJ. We have a faith and freedom drive, whatever you donate.

$100, that's the equivalent of $200 to the ACLJ. You donate today at We'll be right back with Senator Marsha Blackburn.

All right, welcome back to Secula. We're joined right now by a great friend of the broadcast, Senator Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, who is always hard at work for her constituents in Tennessee, and of course the voters there, but also for all of you out there who care about these big important issues. And right now Senator Blackburn is calling for an investigation. This one was shocking, we discussed it on the air, that a UN agency employee was actually detained an Israeli hostage.

And we're hearing more and more about how mistreated that Israeli hostage was as they've been released. And that again was a UN employee. Senator Marsha Blackburn is joining us. And Senator Blackburn, it's that time again where I believe the United States, we did it under President Trump, has to look at stop funding the UN relief and works agency.

Oh, absolutely. And I have legislation filed that actually would remove funding for UNRWA until Iran is expelled from the UN. And this UN relief and works agency is decades old. And what we do know about this agency is that they have begun hiring people that are affiliated with Hamas. Thus, President Trump stopped funding them.

Joe Biden goes back and over the last three years he has given this agency about a billion U.S. taxpayer dollars. Now, we also know that Hamas has stolen money, fuel, food, medical supplies from UNRWA. We know that these UN schools, these UNRWA schools, have graduated about a hundred people who are terrorists.

And that Hamas has used these schools to support their weaponry, to store their weaponry and their ammo. Now, when we heard and read this reporter's blog that one of the children that was detained, that he was held in the attic of a home of an UNRWA teacher and that he was mistreated, what I did was to say this just adds to the list of wrongs. So, let's have our UN ambassador, Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield, to investigate this.

She should investigate it immediately and find out, first of all, if it is true or not, find out if the person is a current or former UN employee, and then begin to look at what kind of access they had and what participation they had. So, I filed that letter this week. We are waiting for a response from them. We have not had any information from them where they've either affirmed or denied this.

And, of course, we're going to stay on this. It is unseemly that US taxpayer dollars would be used to fund an agency who has someone who is holding an Israeli hostage from the October 7th attack and massacre. You know, Senator, the idea that the UN employee, an UNRWA employee, was holding this individual as a hostage is outrageous.

But what's also outrageous, and you've pointed this out, is the hundreds of millions of dollars, billions of dollars, that the United States has given to UNRWA, and how much of that money has gone into Gaza. Gaza should look like Miami Beach instead of looking like the horror that it now looks like. Before the war, it didn't look good.

It was awful. And afterwards, it's going to look worse. Well, you're right about that. I mean, they've got that Mediterranean coastline. Israel walked away from there in 2005.

They had the opportunity to go develop that. They didn't do it. They didn't take the aid and the money that was put in there to lift the lives of the impoverished. They have put it into terrorism, and Hamas has built that city underground with all of those tunnels. But there has been no development on that coastline. There's been no jobs and economic growth for those individuals.

They're still considered to be refugees. You know, Senator Blackburn, when it comes down to it, I mean, we see every single day, I saw this message put out by Israel today about telling their citizens across the world, and to Jews across the world, to stay away from a lot of the large events. And I think what they're talking about is the menorah linings that we're going to see happening and are already happening around the world. Because we know protests are planned there. Even in our hometown in Nashville, we know that there are pro-Palestinian protest plans for the menorah lining tonight, and people are worried that those could turn violent. We have these university professors testifying in Congress. I think it's time, really, as well.

We talked about this before. We've really got to get that bipartisan bill for the financial and the military support that Israel needs to Israel, just to show the world and even remind Americans that about 95% of our members of Congress are strong supporters of Israel, and that 5% is very vocal but is not the majority and is not the leading voice. But I know so far the votes have been difficult because they haven't been just straight-up funding for Israel. Do you think with the other bill now having trouble in the Senate that we could get there?

I do think that we're going to be able to get there. We have made it very clear, first of all, that Israel funding has to be done separately. The House has said they cannot pass Israel funding as a part of this package. Secondly, we have said, you know, we've got to secure our own border first before we worry about the borders of other people. And this goes to the issue of Ukraine's funding. And as you all know, after President Reagan got Ukraine to agree to give up their nuclear weapons, there was a process that was entered into.

It went through the administration of George Bush, and finally, as the Clinton administration started, they signed what is called the Budapest Memo. And it is the obligation of the U.S. to defend Ukraine after they give up their nukes and go through denuclearization. So we have that obligation. But what we have to do is have transparency around these three buckets, as I call it, of funding that is going into Ukraine. One is humanitarian support. Much of that has gone through the U.N. We've got a lot of questions about where that money is. The other is governmental support.

We've got questions about how that's going to be used. And people like me think the NATO countries ought to be stepping up and helping Ukraine with that. And the third is military support.

So instead of doing cash, let's send them, sell them, work with them on the military aid that they need, and make certain that Vladimir Putin does not come out of this with a win. Senator, we appreciate your insight, appreciate your representation, and thank you for working, especially on that Israel bill and the UNRWA bill. This is very, very important. Thank you, Senator Blackburn. We really appreciate it. Folks, this gives you the sense of what we can accomplish at the ACLJ, because we have a full Office of Government Affairs in Washington with senior people that have worked inside of government that know how to get things done. And they know how to get things done because they've dedicated their life to learning that process, to making those connections, and we hire the best people to do it and to get it done. And so folks, we're able to do that. And we've been expanding that work as well significantly in Washington because of your financial support to the ACLJ. So we can go into the end of the year in December and know that we've got the resources to go the next step.

That will be because of you. And this is a great time to donate because your donation is effectively doubled. It's our faith and freedom drive at the end of the year this month. Whatever you donate online, whether it's $50, $100, $200, we've got donors that will match that. So $200 is like $400 to the ACLJ. Donate today. Keeping you informed and engaged, now more than ever, this is Sekulow. And now your host, Jordan Sekulow. Welcome back to Sekulow, folks. And next time on the broadcast, Jim Brewer. Surprise, surprise. We go from Santa Barbara to Blackbird. He's going to be joining us to talk about the movie Jingle Smells, which we hope you are checking out from ACLJ Films, co-produced by my brother and Sean Hannity.

And you can check that out at, and you can purchase the movie there through Rumble. So Jim Brewer is going to be joining us as well. He's also got a new comedy special. And I really think it's so important, too, because sometimes people listen to this broadcast more for news and less about ACLJ, even though we're kind of a part of everything we talk about. That's kind of the point of the ACLJ and the broadcast is that we are not just commentators. We are living and fighting the battles that you see and hear about and want to know more information about. So I'd love for you to call in right now, 1-800-684-3110, and in the final segment of the broadcast, we'll take your calls about why you support the ACLJ. Have you been a long-term supporter?

Is it something new that we're working on? Is it because you stumbled upon something we did years ago or that you saw on television or you heard on a broadcast or saw on an email or social media? But why you support the work of the ACLJ?

Because we want other people to hear it as well. And I think there's no wrong answer there. We know there's a lot of people that it's, for them, almost solely the life issue. Israel's big. The election integrity is huge. Even making sure they're getting the truth, like you said, in the news and reporting it each day.

I think, again, we've doubled down on that as well. So what we'd like you to do, we're opening up our phone lines at 1-800-684-3110. That's 800-684-3110. And we want you to tell us, so our audience can hear, why you support the work of the American Center for Law and Justice. Again, you call us at 800-684-3110.

Phone lines are open right now. And all we want to hear from you is just tell us, hey, I support the ACLJ and here's the reasons I do it. That's what we'd like to hear. It's important for people to know.

I want to play this. We'll get into it a little bit more tomorrow. But just to show you the breadth of our work, because you know what we did in Washington, D.C., with those hostage families, we met with all the leadership in Congress, bipartisan, and set that up, got them onto the media that we needed, like Sean Hannity's broadcast got it set up.

And we've seen some good results here. Families that have gotten reunited, some unfortunately that lost their lives. But again, we knew that it was going to be tough when you represent hostages of a terror group. This is Gregor Pupinich. He is our director of the ECLJ, the European Center for Law and Justice, based in Strasbourg, France. He is with some of those hostage families that we were with in Washington, D.C. At the EU, he speaks, he's bilingual, but in this he is speaking in English.

I just want you to hear from Gregor so you understand the scope of how much work is going on, even while you're not awake. This side of the world is going on for these issues that you care about. For this instance, the issue of Israel and these hostages by 13. There is also the issue, of course, of Qatar. The European Union, the parliament, don't really ask to Qatar which way they want to go.

We are witnessing a kind of double speech. On one hand, they want to invest in Western countries, to be close with us, to look like Western countries. But in the meantime, they finance Hamas. They host the leaders of Hamas. So we shall ask them what do they really want. I mean, it's bold, too, because the Qataris are there. They're not part of the EU, but they have representatives there.

And we were working with members of the European parliament there, and one of the Greek members there said, you know, we need to put a delegation of EU members to go to Qatar to put that pressure so that the pressure doesn't stop while the conflict is ongoing until we know the status of every one of those remaining hostages. This is a good example of why supporting the work of the ACLJ is important. Today is the first night of Hanukkah, the Festival of Light.

You just saw light. The light that the team at the European Center for Law and Justice was able to put on a dark situation, but we were able to shine the light on it, support the work of the ACLJ with our faith and freedom year-end drive, which means any amount you donate, it's going to be doubled. So that's very, very important for us., that's A-C-L-J dot O-R-G, and become a member of our team. Support the work of the ACLJ at We'll be back with more in just a moment. All right, welcome back to Secula. Folks, keep your calls coming the next time in the broadcast, why you support the ACLJ.

There's no wrong answer, 1-800-684-3110. But, Logan, we've got a special guest joining us now, people that have, I know our team on Rumble, they've allowed them to purchase and have watched Jingle Smells many times, but it's starting to be in more places as well, and we're getting, again, closer to Christmas once again. Yeah, well, we are getting close to Christmas, and I'm excited to have on our guest today. He came on, was a part of our movie. He also got a new comedy special, we're going to talk about it today. Jim Brewer, you know him, you love him. Jordan, I think the two of us spent, I don't know how much time, doing Goat Boy during our teen years.

Probably too much. But, Jim, thanks for coming in. We're actually on the set that you shot the movie on, so it's fun to talk to you again. Yeah, I recognize it.

How are you? I talked to Victoria yesterday. Yeah, those were some fun scenes we did with Jingle Smells. And I was saying, you know, I'd even see, you know, he sent a link list, and I got kids, I got a wife, madness going on every day, I'm on a new mission. But my neighbors came over, and they said, we didn't know you were in a movie. And they're a little bit, I don't know, you saw it happen. They're like, no, no, no, Jingle Smells. I'm like, oh, you saw Jingle Smells? They're like, we loved it.

This is my neighbor right next door. I'm like, really, get out of here. That's such like, oh my God, we're telling all our friends. So I thought that was pretty cool that word of mouth enjoys the movie. And I didn't pump them up for it or nothing.

They didn't have to do that. That's awesome. They would have been like, hey, what's going on? Well, what we've liked with this movie, and Jim was awesome to bring you in, and we were able to bring you in, honestly, through our mutual friend with John Rich. I texted John one night. I was like, I got this part, and I would love to connect with Jim. And he connected us. And that's kind of the cool part about this, is we were able to do it without sort of a big Hollywood system.

We were able to break away from that. And that's really what you've been doing as well, really the last 20 plus years in creating your specials. Like I said, a brand new one just came out, Country Boy Will Survive, that is available, again, on platforms that are independent. You're not having to go through major studios. You're not having to be reliant on it. And it's the new world. And I want, especially like people like your neighbors, that's why we did deal originally with Rumble, is to try to educate a little bit too. We don't have to just take whatever is given us.

No, no, no, not at all. As a matter of fact, I even, it's funny, I was just talking with my wife where someone's offered me to give me all this money for a commercial. And I went, ah, I appreciate the money, but then I'm tied into the, I'm okay.

I'm past the stage of I need money or I want money. I'm all about let's just try to put out as much good, as much truth, as much, just as much as good line and material as we can do and just be ourselves and put it out there. I think those days of just selling out in Hollywood and all that jazz, I think they're dead.

They're just dead. Like what you said, this was very organic. John Rich goes, hey, I want you two to meet. And then you're like, hey, come do. And that was it. It was bing bang, went in, filmed the scene. You said, do it your way.

Here's the lines. And it was simple. It was easy. It was no egos. Well, at least not when we were there. Yeah, exactly. I think we were okay.

But that is the truth. And I really love this right now. And we're able to operate in really a uniquely different way. Like we did our original deal with Rumble, which is awesome. Movies available on Rumble. And now that we're heading into, Jordan said like into Christmas season, we're able to come up with new ways for people to get the movie. And we are actually excited to announce that there are now three ways to get the movies. You can get it on through, has all three options right now.

It is on Rumble and is on Voodoo, V-U-D-U. So that's available almost every television and smart device you have. And again, completely done still independently.

No corporate overlord controlling anything. We provided them the movie. They put it up on their system. It's so easy to release this way now if you really don't have to worry about the red tape of Hollywood, which is awesome. And it's also available through John Schneider Studios on DVD.

So if you're still someone who wants a hard copy, I know a lot of you are out there, or maybe you want John to sign one for you, he's got them available on And we discounted it this week. We started this week throughout the Christmas season.

It was 1999, and we dropped it to 1499 just to try to give a little Christmas spirit, try to push everyone there. And it was a lot of fun making the movie, Jim. I know you were in here. And like you said, there is a different style to making movies when it's a bit more calm. We just enjoyed ourselves, had fun, shot for a few hours.

You obviously had been in some major, major Hollywood movies. You know what it takes. There's a lot of waste happening, and we don't need that. It's such a waste. I'm a father.

I'm married 30 years. I'm done with the ego. I'm done with the fluffing of the feathers like a peacock coming in, and I demand this in here, and I need to be there when I need my title.

My name needs to be third. Oh, my gosh, yes. Well, that's not how we do it here. And I did want to say, we obviously promote the movie. Go see the movie. We're excited for all of you to see it. They just go to

You'll see the three options, or if you have Voodoo or Rumble, it's available there. Just go watch it right now. But I did want to spend a few minutes and talk about your new special, which has just come out a couple weeks ago.

It is available, and it's available on some free platforms so people can watch this. And hundreds of thousands, if not close to, or over a million people have watched this special already. Yeah, it smacked a million, which really... That's awesome. I didn't... And here again, we're in a different world where I film most of my shows, and there's one particular place I play in Long Island, Huntington, New York, called The Paramount.

And I'm playing it every couple months. Didn't film it with the intention of a special, but the crowds are always that electric at my shows, and that particular show, when we left, we went, wow, you know, my whole team's like, you should release this as a special. Well, it's not really filmed like a special. Like, I'm telling you, release this as a special.

And I didn't want to, so I give my team a lot of credit. It's always like a 30-year-old geek in classes. He's on the computers like I'm telling you right now because you talk about a turkey, and it's Thanksgiving, and some of the topics, and it's just, I think it's a good move according to the analytics. And I'm like, I don't know what you're talking about. Put it out there. And it's pretty wild when you have the people from True Social and all these other areas that you'd even, I don't reach out.

They reach out to me like, I got to tell you, this is the funniest thing. Are you on this platform? No.

Come join us. Put this out there. The boss man watched the first. There's, I think the first half hour really went viral. So there's two or three bits that are going really viral. But it's what people have to hear and see. It's, all I'll say is you go check it out. You can go on YouTube or wherever you want to see it. But I think you get pretty much what it's all about in the first 10, 15 years.

Yeah, I think we talked about this. You kind of front-load a lot of this content, same with our movie, with maybe sort of the more hard-hitting, maybe some of the more political, if you will, or cultural stuff that happens. And then you can kind of settle in and enjoy it, just be like, it's really funny, it's great. And again, if you're a watcher or viewer of this broadcast, you're going to line up with a lot of what Jim has to say, whether, but again, that's not the heart of it. The heart of it is you're going to laugh. It's very funny. It has, sure, it has moments of, I guess you had to say culture and politics, but that's not the core of it. The core of it is to laugh. The first thing, yeah.

First of all, the whole thing is meant to laugh. And again, it's a long common sense. And I say right out of the gate, it's beyond politics. And the big bit on there is some people label it as Trump derangement bit.

Have you seen Jim Brew's Trump derangement bit? Where, label it as you may, I'm not emotionally tied to any political party. So I'm able to sit in the sidelines and go, I don't know what happened to this section of people, but I'm telling you right now, I've never seen anything like that. You just say the word and they're like, ah! And to me, I try to explain to them how dangerous those emotions are because love, you know the saying, love is blind? Well, so is hate. And if you hate an individual and you can't really explain why, except for what the bullet points of what the mainstream media has sold you, then maybe you should take a couple of steps back. And I compare it to, even if you hate that individual, you can't look at what's going on now and go, oh God, yeah, this is the greatest.

You know what? I'm so happy. I love paying the taxes. I love paying the gases. I love the situation we have where immigrants are, you know, I love that we're in the middle of maybe two wars now. We have to pick sides, not only Ukraine, Israel, but we're picking sides all over the world now.

And you know what? How much money do you need? You need more tax money to go that way? Should we help Ohio out? Nah. Should we help Maui out? Nah.

Listen, even if you hate Donald Trump, you have to sit back and go, something's wrong here. And if you're not, then you're emotionally tied to something that I can't help you with. I don't know what to tell you. That hits a lot on the Comedy Special.

It also hits in our movie. I'll encourage you guys to both get both. And Jim's going to join us. We're going to do Hannity tomorrow. We're hosting Hannity. Jim's going to join us on there as well. That'd be great.

So Jim's also on the road. Go to You can find the special.

You can find the special on YouTube and Rumble. And of course, the movie is available right now. Just go to It's Christmas time, three platforms.

We've discounted the streams down to $14.99 for the rest of the Christmas season. We want you to watch this. Enjoy this with your family. You'll recognize, obviously, Jim. You'll recognize Victoria. So many great people. Some real comedy, heavy hitters.

It's a big family comedy with a big heart, big message. And we want to encourage you to do that today. Oh, Jim.

You got... You ever said, this is a feel-good movie? There you go. Later. See you, bud. Talk to you tomorrow. We'll be right back, though.

Welcome back to Sekio. We ask you, and you have, to call in and say why you support the American Civil Law and Justice and one issue is multiple issues. And I just want to go, and we're going to hear from you in this segment of the broadcast, and we appreciate you calling in. So we'll go to Marie first in Illinois on Line 1. Hey, Marie.

Hi. I support ACLJ because you guys fight for justice. You have the means and the ability to uphold and fight for the law for all the American people, and I very much appreciate that you hold God's laws above man's crazy, woke culture. We appreciate that. Thank you, Maria, for calling in. We really appreciate your support. Let's go ahead to Garrett in Virginia on Line 2. Garrett?

Yes. Yeah, I've been a member of the champions since back in the late 80s, basically almost when you started, Jay. We've been on for that long. I believe it was the Clintons were in office. Well, you were talking about the early 90s. So, Garrett, what is it about the ACLJ that was put on your heart for you to say, I want to support the work, and you have so many ears? Yeah, as a Christian, I started listening on WAVA back then, and I heard what you were doing. If I remember right, you used to follow Dave Ramsey on the WAVA channel.

I think that's right. And I found myself fascinated, and I started supporting you back then, especially when it came to Obama's 1,800-page sign-it-before-you-read-it type health triad. We appreciate that, Garrett. We appreciate the support, and thanks for standing with us so long. Let's go to the next one, Jordan.

Yeah, absolutely. We'll go to Laverne in Maryland on Line 6. Hey, Laverne. Hi. I'm a long-time listener and donor, not as long as your last guest, but I do contribute monthly.

Thank you. And the reason I do is because you guys can do things that I can't do by myself, and I know in order for you guys to do what you do, you need lots of people like me contributing my little bit a month to help support what you do. So let me tell you where you're so right on this is that together we can accomplish a lot, but without the support of our donors, this doesn't happen. We've deployed teams, as you know, to Washington, because we have offices there. Our Strasburg office has been in Europe all week. We had a team. This is all yesterday.

Had a team up in the Colorado Supreme Court. This is just yesterday. And then, of course, we produce this broadcast five days a week. We're going to get a camera.

Next year, we're putting a camera in the studio back there. I'm counting. What is there, seven people back there right now, Will?

Yeah, seven folks back there working right now to make sure this broadcast is put on all of these different platforms. So thank you, Laverne, for saying that. Thank you for being with us.

You want to talk to us about this and why you support the ACLJ, 1-800-684-3110. Let's go to Patty, who's calling on Line 4. Hi, Patty.

Hi. Listen, we haven't supported you for a few years because I've been listening to The Truth Station, and you guys are on there. And I think back of Rush Limbaugh and how he proclaimed the truth and how you guys now are taking that up in hand and doing the wonderful things that you are doing.

And I want to support you to keep our country to waken to the truth. I think, you know, again, something that's huge to us on this broadcast, too, and it's unique because we fight these battles. We don't sugarcoat things. So when we tell you a battle is going to be tough, we're being honest. If we think something is going to be tough to win, we're going to be honest. If we think someone's doing something wrong, regardless of what party they're with, we're going to be honest about it. If we think it's a bad strategy or a good strategy, so, again, like the impeachment moving forward right now of Joe Biden, I'm not sure if that strategically is the best move right before an election because I thought we saw, you know, Donald Trump last night with Sean Hannity do a special. Yeah, two nights could do that special, and it kind of, again, posts what's happened in Israel, talking about serious issues. And when you go into impeachment mode and not actually governing mode, and I get, again, it just gets too close to the election, and it starts looking like, hey, Congress, how about get some things to the desk of Joe Biden, see if he'll sign it or not, and instead of, you know, like, and funding to Israel, instead of impeachment.

Now, that's just because of our own experience with impeachment where when you try to rush it, it's very tough for the side trying to bring the impeachment. It sure is. Let me say this also. We're taking your calls at 800-684-3110.

Again, why you support the work of the ACLJ. Let's go to, Gwen's got a question. Go ahead, Gwen.

Thank you for taking my call. Sure. I'm just wondering if the Colorado case goes to the Supreme Court and they take it up. Yes. Will, and they decide in favor of Trump.

Yes. Will that apply to all the other states that are trying to keep him off? Yes, it will be a national precedent. It will be it. So, yes, the U.S. Supreme Court case would be determinative.

Let me tell you a couple things, though. So far, we've won all the cases. If we continue to win all the cases and Colorado decides, the crew who is the plaintiff in the case, we represent the party defendant. If they decide to go and take it to the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court may say, you know what, there's no conflict in the circuits here. Every court has said, no, we don't need to intervene. I would urge the court to stay out of it and just say we won. We're done and finished.

But we're going to be prepared either way, so that's going on right now. Let's go to Fred who's calling from Tennessee. I understand, Fred, you're a long time ACLJ donor. Yes, quite a while.

And we started because of the abortion issue. Yes, sir. And I barely can't hear you. Go ahead, Fred. I'm sorry, we didn't mean to cut you off.

Oh, okay. Yeah, my wife and I have been donating for quite a few years, and we give monthly. And when circumstances are favorable, we give more, and when we can, we increase the amount that we give monthly.

We appreciate that. You know, we started this, we started this ACLJ Champions campaign back in October, which are the people like you who donate each and every month. And we've added, I think, what is it, about 2,700? That's up to seven, yeah, about 17,700 ACLJ Champions. We started the campaign off and we were at 15,000. Our goal is by next year, I want to be able to say the end of next year, we're somewhere in the 30,000 range, like north of 30,000, or that ballpark.

People come in, people come out, and we understand that because of the economy. But again, we appreciate all of your support, whether it's monthly support as a champion, whether it's a year-end gift of any amount. We got three large gifts yesterday at the ACLJ and we appreciate that.

Two things I want to tell you as we close this out. Number one, go to And now on that page, you can look at the three ways you can acquire the movie.

It's on Rumble, it's on Vudu, which is Fandango, it's on a DVD, you get that through John Schneider Studios, but all you do is press, any way you want it, you can get it there. We encourage you to do that because a portion of those proceeds are going back to the ACLJ. So that's one way you help us. You could help us twice this month. Buy the movie and then support, make a donation to the work of the American Center for Law and Justice.

This is the most important month of the year for us financially. We want you to be part of our faith and freedom drive. You've heard just today the breadth of our work in making movies, working with Senator Blackburn, getting that funding to Israel, making sure, again, that you have the ability to vote for the candidate of your choice in this election but in future elections as well so that people are not going to decide willy-nilly, oh, we're not going to let that person run in our state even though they met all the other qualifications constitutionally and they got all the other things done through their state party. We fight all those battles for you, but we're able to fight them because you support the work of the ACLJ. Donate today at and you will double the impact of your donation. It's a matching month this December. Donate today. Talk to you tomorrow.
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