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Breaking: EVEN MORE Charges Against Trump

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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July 28, 2023 1:11 pm

Breaking: EVEN MORE Charges Against Trump

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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July 28, 2023 1:11 pm

Special Counsel Jack Smith levied a superseding indictment against former President Donald Trump that centers on Trump's supposed removal of surveillance footage from his Mar-a-Lago home concerning the classified documents scandal. Trump's property manager allegedly deleted the security footage and informed another co-worker that "the boss" wanted the server wiped clean. Trump has been outspoken that this indictment is "election interference at the highest level" as he remains the frontrunner for the GOP nomination for the 2024 presidential election. The Sekulow team analyzes the political fallout of this superseding indictment and the Deep State's ongoing attacks on Trump. They are also joined by special guest Tristan Leavitt, President of Empower Oversight, to discuss the Hunter Biden plea deal fiasco and the false accusations surrounding the IRS whistleblowers.


This is Jay Sekulow breaking news. Even more charges filed against Donald Trump from the special counsel. Keeping you informed and engaged, now more than ever, this is Sekulow. We want to hear from you.

Share and post your comments or call 1-800-684-3110. And now your host, Jay Sekulow. Well, another day, another indictment. And that is a superseding indictment has been issued by the special counsel Jack Smith's office against the former President of the United States, adding to the charges that already exist. And this goes to the document retention issues in Mar-a-Lago. So this is what has happened here.

There's been a superseding indictment, by the way. Let me show you what it looks like. It's up on the screen right now. I'm holding it.

I'll tell our radio audience. This is about a hundred and what, 118 pages? No, this one's only 65. This is the superseding.

It's about a half inch thick. Superceding indictment. What that means is that they've added charges and allegations. The revised indictment adds three charges against Donald Trump and under the title of attempting to alter, destroy, mutilate or conceal evidence, inducing someone else to do so. And a new count under the Espionage Act related to a classified national security document that he allegedly showed to visitors in Ben Minster at his golf club. I want to clarify though, for people who are just tuning in, this is not the charges that has kind of been highly suggested were coming. So if you're thinking about this and you're hearing Mar-a-Lago, you're hearing all these references, this is not a repeat. We are live right now, but it is not really what the news had anticipated.

Correct. The news was anticipating that the, an indictment was going to come out of a grand jury impaneled in Washington, DC. And that would have been related to the events of January 6th. That was what was anticipated to come out yesterday. All the news release saying it's coming at two o'clock, it's coming at five o'clock, something big is coming. Everybody thought that meant something big was coming out of the grand jury.

That did not happen. By the way, there's rumors today because barricades went up in Atlanta at the Fulton County Courthouse, Logan, that there's going to be an indictment coming down today from Fulton County. Yeah. So I mean, we don't even know, we put on the title, even more charges against Trump. That also could be a dot, dot, dot, because we know there could be even more coming, but we know last night this broke. We didn't have time to cover it yesterday during the show. We kept waiting and waiting and finally stuff happened last night, but we think there's even more to be anticipating potentially even later today. Yeah. I mean, it could happen while we're on the air live. I mean, there is a sense that the Fulton County grand jury has met, been meeting for about 10 days now, and that they made what they call return an indictment.

That means vote out an indictment. Does it not feel, and maybe you could give me a legal opinion or you can not feel suspicious though that they all, but these all seem to come in batches. It feels like, this is where you do feel like the narrative is there because it's like, it came yesterday and then today over the course of years, they just happened to come out within two days of each other. Yeah. I mean, it's well, I mean, and looking at the rumors, you couldn't even, there were so many investigations going on.

You couldn't determine where the particular movement was going to come from, from what entity that was investigating. So look, I mean, it's starting to look like, clearly look like a pile on. I mean, I think it's having a political backfire in that sense, but here's what it does do. Guess what you're not talking about today? Hunter Biden. Well, look, I think there's good and bad to that. I'm happy to not talk. I say this, I don't want to go a week without a big Hunter Biden news story, but we can't.

It doesn't happen. Every week there's something new, whether he's being a horrible deadbeat father or whether he is getting away with some sort of other plea deal or whether he's a full-time painter. You know, it's a lot of full-time painter.

He sells his paintings for 50 and 60, $70,000. He's beautiful. You know, no guns. How are they?

I honestly haven't seen them. Okay. I mean, it'd be a heck of something to have in your house, but I'd rather get it at like, you know, when it goes to the foreclosure auctions, when it's like, well, like when the, when they have to like sell off the goods of the prisoners. So hopefully one day that's how I'll pick up a Hunter Biden original. It'd be like, oh, it's at the reclaimed auction that in a, you know, a burnout school bus.

This is the two things that like they have. All right. Give us a call. We want to take your phone calls right now.

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So thank you. We're short of our goal, but with your help, you could be the one that pushed us over. I also want to take this opportunity to let you know that we've got something new coming next month, something big. We're very excited about this. We know what's important to you and your family because we read literally thousands of comments every single day, and we take your calls on air.

So we know what you're interested in. Trust me, we have got an effort coming that's going to focus our efforts on the issues that matter most to you and your family. And you're going to be able to join us in this fight at Hey, welcome back to the broadcast, everyone. We're taking your calls at 800-684-3110. Obviously, more charges against Donald Trump.

We'll get back into that in a moment. Joining us right now is Tristan Levitt. He's the President of Empower Oversight. You've seen him on Capitol Hill. A classmate of Jordan's also at Georgetown Law.

Put that in there. And Tristan is doing a great work helping whistleblowers go through the process because the whistleblowers, when they come out and blow the whistle, so to speak, they are taking huge personal risk. And it's not supposed to be that way, but unfortunately, it has been. Tristan heads up Empower, which is an organization that's doing great work. We encourage you to support their efforts. And Tristan also has a lot of experience on Capitol Hill, knowing from his work there.

Tristan, thanks for being on with us. I want to talk about the fact that what you're trying to do in protecting these whistleblowers, because I think people need to understand the immense stress that these individuals are put under. Absolutely, they are. And they knew this would be the case. Gary Shapley spent a lot of time before coming forward. Certainly, there's a lot of different whistleblowers we've represented, right? And with some of the FBI whistleblowers and others, they've received scrutiny.

But the IRS whistleblowers are receiving the most attention right now. And Gary debated for months and months, right? He couldn't sleep, didn't decide what to do. But ultimately, he knew this was the right thing to do, even though as Chris Clark, one of Hunter Biden's attorneys, had told prosecutors last fall that if they prosecuted his client, it would be career suicide for them.

So Gary knew he was walking into the same thing, but he knew it was the right thing to do. So that said, it doesn't take away the human toll and the personal costs for them. What you just said. I mean, you got one of Hunter Biden's lawyers, Chris Clark, telling the IRS agent involved in the case that if you don't knock this off, basically, this is not going to be good for your career. I want you to say that again, so people understand. This is absurd that this would happen, but unfortunately, it has.

Yeah. So it wasn't directly to the IRS folks, because they were cut out of communicating with the defense counsel, which is highly unusual. Prosecutors were having regular meetings with defense counsel and none of the cases that either of these IRS whistleblowers have been on before cut out the investigators, the subject matter experts. But the IRS investigators learned, Gary and Joe learned last summer in August as they were getting ready to bring these charges that Chris Clark had told the prosecutors in Delaware, if you bring these charges against my client, you will be committing career suicide.

And that's all the more significant because those years they were talking about charging at that time were 2014 and 2015, including the felonies for 2014 for failing to report barisma income. So as more has emerged over these past months, I can't help but wonder if this wasn't just your typical retaliation threat of committing suicide, but digging into the money where there are allegations that Joe Biden was involved as well. The irony, of course, of all of this is that they were in court on this plea deal. While your clients have been in the news, they're in court on this plea deal. The judge says, I've never seen a plea like this in my career. I mean, is there any precedent for this?

And they say, no, there isn't. There's no precedent. No one's ever done a plea deal like this. And then yet, like the day after, I mean, or within short periods of time, you've now got these allegations going against your client about taxpayer information.

That's right. In fact, Axios reported on Thursday that the Hunter Biden legal team was fuming Wednesday night after the plea hearing. And that's when they decided to file this new motion that specifically accuses, you know, the information, you know, it accuses Jason Smith of releasing information that had this. But it pointed directly to just the information provided by our client, Gary Shapley, and by Joe Ziegler, saying that was protected by grand jury secrecy laws, which is absolutely ridiculous. Those protect the proceedings, the deliberations of grand juries, not just a fact that happens to be out there. If grand jury talks about the fact that the sun is yellow, you're not prohibited from saying somewhere that the sun is yellow.

And so these are the sorts of you know, there was a lot of information that was provided to the Ways and Means Committee, but none of it tied to the grant to any grand jury proceedings. And then, of course, Hunter's attorneys also accused Jason Smith of releasing taxpayer confidential information. But in both of these instances, that's a direct shot across the bow of the IRS whistleblowers, because those are the sorts of things that the IRS could investigate.

Again, in this case, we believe they're clearly in the right as they provided it in the right way for the right reasons to the committee that has the means of releasing it. But, you know, DOJ could launch a criminal investigation of grand jury, of 6E grand jury material being released. And that's what we've learned from New York Times reporting, Hunter Biden's legal team asked DOJ to do a month ago. So they're doubling down on their efforts, and our clients are going to be in the crosshairs.

You have a tremendous amount of experience in all of this with your work within government as an appointee and also on Capitol Hill. The idea with the whistleblower statute was to protect whistleblowers so that if there is something being done that they believe needs oversight by Congress, in this particular case, that Congress can then have information to do with this. It seems that the activities that are going on have reduced, because of the retaliation aspect, have reduced the whistleblower protections to a nullity. Is that a statement? It's very concerning.

It is, it is. And it's challenging because the, you know, the law is only protect against government action. So whatever Hunter Biden's attorneys do isn't contemplated by the law. But even within the IRS, right, Hunter, the folks that worked on the Hunter investigation, including the case agent, including Gary, were all taken off from the IRS at the request of DOJ. Gary's supervisor, who he spoke with multiple times a day prior to his disclosures, now hasn't spoken to him or returned his calls since June 1st.

It's been even longer for his second level supervisor. And so, you know, we had an extensive meeting yesterday with the Office of Special Counsel, my former agency, not the Mueller Special Counsel, but the one that investigates retaliation because they're looking at these and they're looking at how there is a pattern of taking away Gary's job responsibilities and cutting him out of his role. And again, that is exactly what was contemplated by the anti-retaliation statutes that have been in place for a very long time, you know, going back to 1978. You know, Tristan, that's what I was going to ask you next is the retaliation aspect of this, which has put a tremendous toll on these IRS officials. Same thing to the FBI officials, too. They put them in this kind of in a box almost where, you know, suspend their pay.

They can't take outside income, so they can't live. I mean, it's so that you've got whistleblower protections, but they're meaningless. I mean, you've dedicated your career to standing up for whistleblowers, and that's what you do at Empower. The situation seems to be getting day by day more intense.

Is that a fair reading of the situation right now? There are more whistleblowers coming forward? There are.

There's a lot. And, you know, I will say, in the interest of fairness, that there have always been a lot of, you know, there's always been problems in government. So, there's always been a need to protect whistleblowers. And people have asked me in months before if there's more of a war on whistleblowers.

And I've been hesitant to, you know, say yes, because, again, people have never liked when to hear inconvenient information. But especially in the past few months, IRS whistleblowers before the FBI whistleblowers getting attention. And one of the challenges is that on Capitol Hill, there used to be a bipartisan consensus. So, when I worked for Senator Chuck Grassley, the godfather of modern whistleblower protections, I proposed and we created a Senate Whistleblower Protection Caucus when I worked on the House Oversight Committee. This was something that I had very close interactions with the Democratic staff on.

Everyone understood that regardless of this matter or that matter, protecting whistleblowers as a policy was critical. But now, staff on certain committees, particularly the House Judiciary Committee, which has gone after these IRS whistleblowers, and especially these ones who've had their clearances suspended, can't do outside work, and can't even make a living right now. It seems like the House Judiciary Democrats have made it their personal mission to ruin these guys' lives. And so, I would say there is a war on whistleblowers coming from some quarters of Capitol Hill, and that's extremely concerning. It's all part of why we've stood up this new fund. There's a website,, that your watchers and listeners can go to. And it's to further protect whistleblowers like Gary, whistleblowers like these FBI whistleblowers, because we continue to see people coming out of the woodwork. And I don't think there's gonna be any change in that.

I think they're going to be continuing to be a lot of whistleblowers who recognize problems in the government and wanna see them fixed. Let me give a couple of website addresses here first. To get information about EmPOWERED, Tristan's organization, what's the best one for that? Is that?, just clarifying that because it just dropped out slightly audio. No, we got it. We got it.

I think that was it. Okay. And that's We encourage you to go there, support the work that they're doing. They're doing a great job. Also, Tristan mentioned defending these whistleblowers.

There's a fund up. You go to as well. That's another resource to get information.

And those are the best places to go, correct, Tristan? Yeah, That's right.

And that's separate from the general fund. That is for whistleblowers like Gary, like these FBI folks, these law enforcement whistleblowers who have such critical information because of the investigations they've done. We need to make sure they're not silenced or chilled. We appreciate you joining us, Tristan. Again, heads up. Empower, great organization. Encourage you to support the work. Tristan, thanks for being with us.

Look forward to having you on again. Very good. You know, all of this ties in. You've got whistleblowers that are getting a tremendous amount of retaliation. You've got two-tiered systems of justice going on. And all of this takes place. And you wonder what's in it for the American people.

Where is the fundamental freedom? And that's one of the things we're working so aggressively on at the ACLJ. Yeah. And we are starting to wrap up this July matching challenge.

So I encourage you to go to But we have some really great stuff coming. We have been listening to you.

We've been reading the thousands of comments that come in each and every day. And we are going to have something very cool, something new coming next week. Just stay tuned.

You'll see what happens. We are going to focus on the efforts that you have said are the most concerned to you and your family. So stay tuned for that opportunity to join us in the fight. And for now, you can go to because we are wrapping up our matching challenge right now for the month of July. We could use your support.

Go to All donations effectively doubled. So just give a donation. Give $10.

It becomes $20 of value for us because it unlocks. So we appreciate it. Welcome back to Secula.

We are taking your calls at 1-800-684-3110. Yeah. I think let's reset a little bit here. We just talked about the whistleblowers and that's created quite a stir on Capitol Hill and it's also causing retaliation against them. We talked about in the first segment, new charges against the President.

As Logan, as you pointed out, these were not the charges that were... It was teased all day that there was going to be this big announcement. And it is a big announcement, don't get me wrong. Everybody thought it was going to be the January 6th grand jury. It ends up not being the January 6th grand jury at all. Ends up being a superseding indictment.

Here it is. That is a indictment adding three additional charges against the former President. And that gets filed in the Florida documents case. We don't have the grand jury indictment yet out of the January 6th investigation in Washington DC. And in Fulton County, they've put up barriers around the Fulton County Courthouse indicating that it's imminent. There it is. If you can see it, those that are watching are seeing the barriers up. It's just orange barricades in front of the Fulton County Courthouse for a radio audience. I mean, so all of this is happening. And then you ask yourself, what's next? And the truth is, nobody knows. Is it looking like a pylon?

It sure is looking like a pylon, but this is the nature of what we got. All right. We're taking your calls as well at 1-800-684-3110, 800-684-3110. Let's go ahead and take a call. Let's go to Bill who's calling in Wyoming on line one. Bill, welcome to secular.

You're on the air. I'd like for your opinion on what I've come up because I'm believing that what we'll be going through for the next 18 months is going to make the 49 blizzard look like a small snowstorm. I mean, we've got all the whistleblowers coming out of the work. Now we've got talk of indicting President Trump, maybe even for buying Mario Largo at the wrong time. Then there's talk of impeaching the President, which means we'll have the vice President to cover.

But the thing of it is, is nobody's ever mentioned the fact that at the 2024 election, guess who gets to certify all the votes that come in? It's going to be the vice President. Then I think Hunter Biden, in my opinion, Hunter Biden is going to get pardoned because I believe that if the President gets the next four years, he's going to suddenly, I think at night, he's going to have a sudden pardon, right, written up. Or before he leaves the office, there's going to be a pardon written up just responding. The President has unlimited pardon power. I mean, it's a plenary power under the constitution. The President certainly could punish.

I think they made a statement yesterday that that wasn't likely, but you're, listen, Bill, you're right. On all counts, is it look chaotic? Yeah, because it is chaotic. You've got, and let's, let's go through what you just said. You've got an indictment in Florida that's now been superseded with additional counts, like 40 counts almost against the former President. You've got a trial going on in New York that starts in October, brought by a civil trial by the attorney general, New York against the Trump organization.

That's going on. You've got a grand jury impaneled in D.C. that is looking at the January 6th issue and might well issue, I think, indictments likely. I have no idea when. Everybody thought it was going to be yesterday, but it's probably in the next couple of weeks. Fulton County's got barricades up. They're looking at an indictment coming down.

People were telling us even today it could happen. So does it look chaotic? Yeah. And you're right about the vice President. It's a ceremonial role. I mean, all they do is count the ballots. I mean, they open the envelope and count it.

That's the role of the vice President during an election. Yeah, I think, but mainly what we talked about is it does feel like that pie a lot is happening and it feels like it's happening in real time and it feels like it's happening coordinated, whether it is or not. I mean, it just feels that way because how can, after multiple years, it just happens to be, again, that on the same week, you're going to get, not the same week, potentially within 24 hours, you could get these multiple indictments.

Like you said, they've put up barricades around the court in Georgia and it's just wild. We could have taken your phone calls right now at 1-800-684-3110, 1-800-684-3110. Let's go to Phil who's calling about the whistleblower situation in California here on the air. Hey, Phil.

Yes. I wanted to comment about the four ways that our country protects whistleblowers. Two in particular I'll bring to your attention. The Snowden, I think it was Obama administration, but he got in so much trouble for blowing the whistle that he ended up, first, his life going to Russia. And from what I hear, life was not too good with him there.

The other is Hunter Boden's laptop. I don't know the guy's name who turned that over, but he is now living in England because it's not a good place for him to live in this country under those circumstances. Well, we just had Tristan, I mean, Tristan Levitt knows more about whistleblowers, I think, than any lawyer in the country. I mean, he was the deputy counsel for the office that had that up. He began his investigative career with Senator Grassley, who we've known has been a friend of ours for years.

He was on Jason Chaffetz's staff and then was the provincial deputy special counsel for the Office of Special Counsel overseeing whistleblower investigations. So there's a good team that's being assembled. They're being overwhelmed as you can imagine, because it's a hostile environment right now, Logan, because of retaliation issues. You've got to engage this battle at this level.

You've got to have tremendously deep resources. Yeah, absolutely. And look, we have a lot going on here at the ACLJ. I look forward to sharing one of our new things coming up just in just a few days.

So stay tuned for that. But I do, as we're in the middle of this segment, want to tell you still that we are in the middle of our, not middle, we're at the very end of our matching challenge for the month of July. And we try to not just give you hard sells here and just we try to give you all the information, all the news, but we can't do it without you.

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So do that right now through this matching challenge in July. One of the things we do is we get thousands of comments a day. I mean, literally, there's a few organizations that get literally from their listeners, viewers, and members, thousands of comments every day. We read them. People on our staff are reading them. I read them often.

Logan does. I'm looking at them right now as they're coming in. People are reading them in real time and people go back later on and see if there's a general theme of, hey, we'll look at, did you enjoy the guest we had on? There's those kinds of things that we are making sure we're producing the best possible, not just broadcast, but also covering the issues that matter to people.

And that's something that we can do that a lot of people can't. Because if you go, sure, you can monitor Twitter if you're on Fox News, but you're not on there on a live chat and discussing it on Facebook or on Rumble or on YouTube where we have thousands of people on each platform each and every day reading it. So it's very interesting to always watch. Plus we obviously get tons of emails.

We do get tons of tweets, tons of posts about the show we do. So we're monitoring everything. And it's a really, it really is an interesting time as an organization, an interesting time as a country to see what matters to people. Well, we're also trying to explain to people very complex legal matters. And these are complex when you're dealing with the espionage acts and these things.

It's complex. We're trying to break it down so that American citizens, people in this country understand what their government is doing or not doing. And part of what we do in addition to going a quarter working on Capitol Hill is put this broadcast together so we can educate you five days a week. And then sometimes over the weekend with special broadcasts that we send out as well.

Yeah. And we were doing that right now. It's not just like two of us in this room or the one that's a large room. And then we're looking over there and I'm looking at seven or eight people who are just in the studio, just whether that's someone taking the phones, whether that's the guys doing the graphics on the screen, whether that's audio, whether it's a video, making sure the stream goes out.

And of course, all of the people who listen, the millions of people that listen on radio. So we have to make sure we hit all of these things. It's not just a turnkey. It just happens. It happens because of your support. So we appreciate that.

Go to and support the work. Hey, this is the end of the first half hour. Sekula, we got a whole nother half hour coming up. I'm going to encourage you. Give us a call right now. 1-800-684-3110.

1-800-684-3110. We'd love to hear from you on the air. I have a question for people.

Can I do that? Yeah, of course. How does this last indictment impact your voting? We talked about that before the break, right, Logan?

What's it doing to you on your voting for Trump, against Trump, whatever you're thinking? 1-800-684-3110. That's right. 1-800-684-3110. Give us a call. A second half hour coming up. If you lose us on your local station, you can find us broadcasting live at, Rumble, YouTube, Facebook, and other podcast apps.

Wherever you get your podcasts, we're there archived later on, pretty much immediately following the broadcast. We'll be right back. Keeping you informed and engaged. Now more than ever, this is Sekula. And now your host, Jay Sekula. Hey, welcome back to the second half hour of the broadcast, everyone.

If you're just joining us, we've had a very interesting conversation. We had Tristan Levin on talking about the whistleblower situation, the retaliation that these individuals by shining a light on what's going on in government are getting, and it's serious and significant, and it's all-encompassing. We talked about the indictment that was superseded yesterday against President Trump as it relates to Mar-a-Lago. We do not have yet an indictment out of the January 6th, uh, hearings.

We don't have an indictment yet out of Fulton County, although the barricades are up around the courthouse in Fulton County. So they're expecting that any day. We're also asking you a question, all of these indictments, Logan, you said this earlier, seems like it's a pile on.

I'm wondering how it's impacting people in their voting, how they're thinking about this. I mean, we're, we're just less than a month out from the first Republican debate. Yeah. And they've got, you know, the leading candidate has got, you know, four indictments pending. Yeah.

But also like 60% of the polling votes. So, you know, I don't know. And who knows if he even shows up for the debates. So we'll, we'll see what happens. I do want people's comments though.

I do. I, I'm encouraged by hearing all of your comments. So give us a call 1-800-684-3110. Let me also, we're going to get more into the individual charges that have been raised against the President.

We're going to take your calls at 800-684-3110. We want to know where you are on this issue, but let me also say this. We've had a victory on a case involving a senior living center that banned a Bible study. Now you think to yourself, really?

In 2023, this is an issue where somebody would do this? So an individual, our client organized a Bible study for residents of the complex. The facility offered a community space to a variety of purposes. And there was a community calendar where you simply reviewed it, reserved it. Our client went through the proper channels only to find out, even though he was initially approved, that the Bible study would be a violation.

Why? Because they received federal funding of some type. And as if you get federal funding, now the first amendment to the constitution doesn't apply to you or your facility. The good news is the ACLJ was able to get that resolved very quickly, expeditiously for our client.

That Bible study is flourishing in the company and the management company informed our client that the Bible study could now move forward, which it is, which is what the law requires. I only say that in light of all these national issues we're talking about, and they're big. We're also there for the person in the senior center that needs help getting their Bible study approved or the student that gets reprimanded for wearing a cross, even though we're also dealing with cases involving former Presidents and huge indictments. Yeah, absolutely. And I think that's very important here at the ACLJ. I think it's very important for you to understand the scope and the work. That's why I encourage you not just to support the work, but just go to our website, go to, look at all of the free resources we provide, which by the way, are most of the resources we provide are absolutely no cost.

Sure, you can donate. Sure, you can support, but regardless, look at the incredible, whether that is the documents we provide, whether that is the FOIAs we do, whether that is the articles, the blogs, the incredible video content. We've had thousands of new people join us on video platforms in the last couple of days, whether that's on YouTube or rumble, places that you specifically don't think that our voice would be heard. And I think that's always important with what we do here. I never want to put us where we are exclusively behind a paywall.

I never want to put us where you only can hear us in an echo chamber. The ACLJ, where we've made our biggest impact is we can reach people. We can change hearts.

We can change minds to these topics because a lot of these topics are, they sure, they're conservative Christian topics at their core, but they are universal human topics and they really are. And if you really break it down, you go to the next level, you really can do that. And you can't do that if you put yourself behind, exclusively behind a paywall. That's why our website has all of this incredible resources for you to take and talk to your friends or for you to just send people. And whether again, that's at, the news content, whether that is the blogs we put up, the video content, and we are everywhere. There's a reason that thousands of people just subscribed to our YouTube channel two days ago.

That was impressive. But that is because you have to be there. You got to be in the conversation. The only place we aren't is TikTok for obvious reasons. But other than that, we are everywhere.

Yeah. We have maybe been advised by certain people who have had certain security clearances over the years that maybe not the best place for us to be. But other than that, we are available just about everywhere because we need to make sure our voices are heard. And look, I think your voices need to be heard on these platforms because coming up in a year as an election and be honest, the other side does a whole lot better than we do. So we got to make sure you are actually a part of that conversation, not just in your own echo chamber. And support the work of the ACLJ. We got more coming up very soon that will really expand that reach.

So go to We'll be right back. Hey, welcome back to the broadcast, everyone. Boy, there's never a shortage of news on a Friday, it appears, because the world is in chaos. But it used to not be this way because we had a great person that was our secretary of state and the head of the CIA. And that is our friend and senior counsel for global affairs, Mike Pompeo. And Mike, we've talked about this before, and I'm glad you're on today because I'm trying to get some sanity into what is otherwise an unbelievably chaotic, as one of our callers said, world we're living in right now. The Senate has a version of the National Defense Authorization Act, and it looks like now we're going to have a fight between the Senate, not shockingly, you've been a member of the House, and the House of Representatives, which stripped some of the funding for what's been deemed to be more of a woke or liberal agenda. In a national defense bill, it seems like we're fighting for the soul of the military here, the greatest military force in the world.

Jay, it's good to be with you. It is quite a week to watch, and I am confident too that the world is watching how America responds to these challenges too. This National Defense Authorization Act, for those listening and watching, that provides the core outlines for how our civilian and military leadership operate our military. The House of Representatives simply tried to get back sanity, right?

Promoting people based on merit, not taking taxpayer money to underwrite abortions. These are core things that have been at the center of our military for an awfully long time, and I'm very happy that the House of Representatives has taken this on seriously. I hope they will continue to stand on this ground. It can't be the case that you hear people saying, we have to get the politics out of the NDAA. Well, the politics were inserted into our military by the Biden administration, right?

Every vehicle being climate neutral. This is about a lethal fighting force, and the House has done a really nice job of presenting their NDAA, protecting those young sailors, airmen, marines, folks in the space force. These are the people that this is about.

This isn't a big policy fight in an abstract sense. This is about the reality of our men and women who are sacrificing their lives to serve our country. The thing I always worry about is we're always just one event away from, you know, engaging our military. That's just in our history as a country for over 250 years.

I mean, it's just the way it happens. And events take place, and you've served at the highest levels of government, Secretary of State, Director of the CIA, Member of Congress. I get concerned when I talk to members of the military that our readiness might be affected here. When you were in office, our military was probably at its apex, I think, of preparedness. And now you've got the Ukraine-Russia conflict that's, I know, stretched resources, especially our ammunition and so forth. Where do you see, how are we positioned right now as far as your view of our military strength and capacity to engage if necessary? Yeah, I remain convinced that we have the greatest military in the world, the most capable leaders, the greatest young men and women who are serving.

We have a technological advantage that is maintained. But frankly, that gap is closing. I'm worried about six months or a year or five years from now. You've watched, Jay, the data coming out of our military suggesting they're missing their recruiting targets by huge numbers, tens of thousands of people. That will filter through our service. We won't have the young sergeants and the young privates and the young lieutenants out there two years from now, four years from now. There'll be this gap. And we know why.

We know that they tried to use the political process to insert a bunch of crazy social ideas into the greatest meritocratic institution that has raised people up throughout our society for decades. And that's a real risk. And our adversaries are certainly watching that as well. We have to make sure that we protect these young people so that they can continue to say, yep, I want to go be a Marine.

I want to go be a soldier. And when we drive our military away from its intended mission, its real purpose, young people will choose to go do something else with their lives. I want to return to, it's more of a domestic issue, although obviously international implications. And you've been raising the alarm about the influence the Chinese Communist Party has had with these Confucius centers and institutes all over the college campuses.

We've seen it firsthand. We've dealt with some of these issues. Now, as parents are preparing their kids to go back to school, they probably aren't thinking about national defense in the classroom.

You have a new piece up at It's titled The Chinese Communist Party Has No Place in Her Children's Classrooms. That's an alarming title for parents. What are we concerned with here? Jay, what we're watching, and we talked about this when we were in office as a practitioner, the Chinese Communist Party has a massive propaganda arm. They call it the United Front, but suffice it to say it shows up in our school systems, including not just our universities, but our high schools. It shows up as, hey, here's a check for $5,000 or $10,000 to build a new jungle gym or a new library for your school.

All good. Schools need the resources. But make no mistake, there comes with a tie to that. There comes with a cost to that. And that cost is the political influence that brings alongside of that money. And so I would just tell parents, watch how our high schools are having their curriculum impacted by this money. Watch how this money is beginning to impact how superintendents and principals and school board members are thinking about resources for their country.

We make sure that all of the resources of money that come into our schools are aimed at the singular thing, which is to make sure our kids are prepared to lead successful lives. And you should note too, the teachers unions themselves are not outside of the purview of what the Chinese Communist Party is approaching. The Chinese Communist Party talks about American decline. They're not just observers, Jay.

You know this at the ACLJ. You guys have been working on this. They are actively trying to undermine our historic Judeo-Christian understanding of who we are as Americans. And we can't let that happen. And we shouldn't let the Chinese Communist Party drive that either.

Now, I wanna talk one more point on this, and that is when you were in office, this was a centerpiece of dealing with this curtailing of the influence of these Confucius Centers and these other, I call them points of influence that we had. Parents organizations that are starting to see this in their local, you mentioned like the gym, I mean the jungle gym or the resources for the playground areas, and it seems so innocuous. But when you've got the, with the funding comes something.

I mean, we all know that. We've been around the block here. Funding comes with something, and that something is influence. And how important is it then for the school boards? This week, we're talking about national security issues are now right down on the school boards. To the school boards to be transparent about where they're getting their funds from as these quote improvements are being made. No, you've got it exactly right.

It does seem so innocent, right? Right. Here's $600 for a swing set. Here's $2,000 to put some books in your classroom. But parents should ask hard questions about where that's coming from. And when there's a Chinese Communist Party nexus, when there's a outside party providing these resources, you should always ask, what do they think they're getting from this? Just as we are, it is very reasonable to ask, what did the folks who gave 100 Biden money think they were getting in exchange for their money? What services did they believe they were gaining? The Chinese Communist Party providing money to your high school or your middle school or your elementary school, make no mistake about it, they believe they're getting something.

Every parent should have the right to ask their school boards or their principal, hey, what came alongside of these resources? Last question, you mentioned the 100 Biden situation. So the plea bargain, the judge says, I've never seen anything like this in my life. Do you have any precedent for this?

No, we don't. We just based it on the facts and circumstances. So that plea bargain gets blown up. It does seem like, I mean, and then you got the additional charges against the former President.

So now it's like, it starts to, whether it is or isn't, it just starts to looks like a two-tiered system of justice and a pile on. I mean, here, I mean, what's your read on this? I mean, you worked with, you worked as closely with anybody with the former President. So you, you know what he's thinking right now. This is all coming to him and he just kind of deals with it.

But I do, we all know what he's thinking because he continues to talk about it. There's no secret there. Look, your point is actually obstruction in plain sight, right? I mean, give me a break.

Look, your point's exactly right. You ever seen anything like that, Jay? No. You've been around this for 42 years. I think the judge asked the perfect question and frankly, the prosecutor answered it candidly saying, nope, never done anything like this before. When you have the son of the then vice President, now President getting a deal that no one's ever gotten before that is, that is unique, bespoke, sui generis, just unheard of unprecedented was, I think the word that was used, you know, that this wasn't an arm's length plea agreement. This was something different from that.

And that's, that's not good. That's that suggests to the American people properly that the institution is no longer acting in the way that it should. And I'm glad the judge asked those questions. I'm happy that the prosecutor answered it honestly. And now it's time to actually handle this in the way that they would handle this, if this was not the son of the President of the United States. All right, Mr. Secretary, have a great weekend. Thanks for being with us as always. And we appreciate your comments and insights on this and folks, you know, again, you're getting commentary from the former secretary of state.

I mean, you're thinking you're shaking your head there, Logan saying that he's pretty unbelievable when, whenever we have them on it, to me, it's still unbelievable. Two minutes, you know, not for some quick sound bite and out, you're talking about what was a 12 minute conversation, 11 minute conversation about this. And it could go longer if we choose. I mean, that's the thing is we have these guys as part of our team. So if we decide we want to do a hour long sit down about a certain topic, guess what? We can do it. And thanks to your support and thanks to digital media and the way we can release stuff. We can do that anyway. We do that all the time. Go to our website, go to our social media accounts, go to YouTube and rumble.

You'll see all that content there. Phone lines are completely jammed, 100% full, but, but with that being said, we'll take as many calls. We're going to try to get through all of you. If you're on hold right now, stay there, stay on hold. We are going to get to you in the next 10 minutes or so to wrap up the show, stay with us, support the work of the ACLJ at Last days of our matching challenge. And we got a big announcement coming next week. We're really excited about um, like I said, we're unique in that we get to hear from you every day, thousands of comments.

I'm looking at them now as they're coming in on rumble, YouTube, and Facebook, I go between the, the, the three different platforms there. And of course So again, your support critical

Welcome back to secular. We are going to take all your calls and there's a lot Jeanette's calling California line to watch it on YouTube. You're on the air. Hey Jeanette. Hi. Um, I just wanted to make a comment as far as, uh, President Trump, this change is nothing as far as my vote towards him because he's going to change the United States back.

We're going to be back again. And, um, the other thing was, um, I understand that one of the, the new part of the indictment, um, is that President Trump tried to, uh, erase. The allegation is that there was an attempt to erase, which by the way, didn't happen, a video of how the boxes were stored.

You know, it's interesting. They had a hearing last week about when the trial was going to take place and they government wanted it to be in December, which you realize July is already gone. So we're already into almost almost gone into August. So in five months, basically they wanted a trial. Meanwhile, they're still issuing subpoenas, interviewing witnesses and superseding the indictment, but they want to try them in, you know, 16 weeks. I mean, this is where it's not right. And that's where it's a two-tier system of justice. And I won't be surprised by the way, Logan, if there's another one of these, if they supersede it again, and we know there's going to be an indictment.

I suspect out of Georgia, like any day or minute and also, uh, out of the January 6th grand jury in Washington. Yeah. So it's just going to keep piling on, uh, speaking of piling on, we got to get these calls. Let's go to line one. Uh, Vernon's calling, uh, watch it on

So very welcome. Hi Vernon. Hey, how are you doing? Great. Good.

You're on the air. Hey, listen, um, one, it doesn't change my vote on Trump. If anything, it makes it stronger. But, uh, if everybody knows, and I'm just stating in generalities, Clinton, Obama, Biden, or whatever, the deep state, however, um, is caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Then how is it that President Trump or there isn't enough Patriots with logical minds that stand up and say, Hey, and I'm not talking about, you know, calling everybody to arms or something like that. I'm just saying, when does it come to a point that everybody says, Hey, this is all trash.

This is crap. Well, this is exactly what happened in federal court in Delaware. Uh, three days ago, the judge called them out there on the Hunter bind plate.

That's exactly what happened. The judge said, okay, I've never seen anything like this in my life. Do you have any precedent for this?

No, there isn't any precedent for it. And when did then she said, okay, we're not doing this. So go back and go back to square one and figure it out. So Vernon, you work through the legal system. You can get changed. You see that with congressional oversight. We saw that against the IRS as an agency.

I suspect we're going to see it more as these whistleblowers continue to come forward, but that's why you have to be engaged. And that's why you need to join us in this fight. All right, let's continue on. Let's go to Tricia, who is calling in New York, listening on the radio. Tricia welcome. Hi, Tricia. Hi, thank you.

Thank you for all you do. Um, I am a always Trumper. I am a Trump girl through and through my family are Trumpers. Our friends are Trumpers.

Um, the people that I worry about are the people, the Republicans, conservatives that sit and watch the news. And it's like a ping pong ball. Every time something comes out, Oh my God, what's up now? You know? And, um, my thing is this, go to a Trump rally, go to the reawakening tour.

It is a, just the Patriots there, the praying, the energy. Let me tell you what else to do. Tricia, let me tell you what else to do. You can go to the events.

That's great. Vote. I'm always concerned that people go up through the entertainment and then don't vote. You got to vote because at the end of the day, as a citizen of the United States, you have the right to vote, exercise it because the other side certainly does. So the conservatives and the liberals both have the same right to vote. You got to exercise the right to vote. You got to stay engaged in the process and you have to be able to stand up for what's right. We're, listen, we're fact, we're able to do this on this broadcast. We're seeing thousands of comments right now that are being monitored by our team. We know what is on your heart and mind, what your family's concerned about, and the ACLJ is fighting for you.

And we're going to ask you to join us in that fight coming up very soon. Yeah, absolutely. Let's go to Octavia, who's calling in Maryland, listening on WAVO. That's great. Octavia, welcome. Yes. Hi.

Good afternoon. I just wanted to state as it relates to Christians, I believe as Christians that we serve a God of justice and advocating for justice. It's really not just about us as Christians.

It's really not an option. I believe that we must advocate for the sake of future generations. I myself am a recipient of change.

I did nothing to cause change and freedom in my life. And now it may be the time for me to be a precursor of change. God commands us to be strong and courageous as Christians.

And our life is really not just about us. We have to think about future generations who need to pass pay for them injustice and freedom. As we bow down to injustices, I think that we're paving a way for injustice to take a foothold in America. I want to end by remembering a quote by Frederick Augustus Douglass of Maryland. He states, power concedes nothing without a demand.

It never did and it never will. Where there's no struggle, there's no progress. I believe that we must continue to advocate for justices in America, no matter if it's labor, housing, family life, or freedoms, and the court system.

I believe that we as Christians must not be cowards, but stand up for what we believe is right. Yeah, Octavia, I'm gonna tell you, we've got something we're gonna announce next week that is going to be groundbreaking and a big change. A big change. And we know what's important to you and you just said it, and your family, and that is freedom and liberty and things that you've enjoyed and that you need to be involved. And part of what we're gonna be doing, because we do see, we hear from you and we talk to you every day, five days a week at least, we're gonna be focusing our efforts on the issues that do matter most to you and your family. That's an important part of what we do at the ACLJ.

And this is gonna be an opportunity for you to join us in the fight, not just keep us in the fight, for you to join us in this fight, because with these kind of numbers and power and reach of the ACLJ, the impact could be amplified significantly. Yep, and let's wrap up today's calls with Tim is calling in North Carolina. Tim, we got about two minutes till we gotta wrap, but we appreciate it, you're on the air. Hey, Tim.

Hey, how's it going? I appreciate you taking my call. I'm a $25 a month supporter. We appreciate it. It's the best I can do, the best I can do, but I'm gonna tell you it's the best. Well, your $25 this month is 50, so we appreciate that, because we get a matching gift, and every dollar helps. Thanks so much, Tim.

Go ahead. Yeah, that's great. And so on the subject about my vote and how I feel about all these things that are happening, this just re-encourages me that I'm voting for Trump. What you guys are doing, it's great, and I just, it makes me, reminds me of the old days when the Fox got in the henhouse, the Fox has gotten into our halls of government, the Fox has gotten into our schools, the Fox is getting into our churches, but now we've got the Fox on the run, and you guys are the dogs and the men on the horses with the horns going after these people, and we've got to continue this fight to push to get these bad actors out of the Senate and out of the Congress, so our vote upon 2024, we need to really start focusing part of our focus. And we've got to continue to fight in the courts, and that's a big part of what we do at the ACL. Tim, thank you for your support. Thanks for being a member of the ACLJ. It makes a huge difference. Why don't you join Tim and become part of the team here at the ACLJ. We're in the last few days of our matching challenge for this month, and that makes a big difference.

We're a little bit behind our goal. Your support makes a huge difference there. Let me encourage you to go to That's Support the work of the ACLJ. And Logan, coming up next week, we're going to be making a big announcement.

That's right. We will be, so make sure you stay tuned to what we do here at the ACLJ, because as you said, we've listened to you. But we are wrapping up this matching challenge, and right now all donations are effectively doubled. So you give $10, it becomes $20 in value.

I've broken it down before, but you understand. There's other people who have pledged. This unlocks their donation. So do that today. And look at all the incredible resources we provide. Over the weekend, we're going to be posting new content, new videos. We never stop. So look on, follow us on all your favorite social media platforms, and we'll be back on Monday with a brand new broadcast. We'll be back Monday on Sekulow.
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