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Biden Announces 2024 Run to “Finish Job” He Never Started

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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April 25, 2023 1:08 pm

Biden Announces 2024 Run to “Finish Job” He Never Started

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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April 25, 2023 1:08 pm

President Joe Biden just announced he's running for re-election in 2024. Jay, Jordan, and the Sekulow team break down his announcement and the "job" Biden has done thus far in the White House. This and more today on Sekulow.

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Today on Sekulow, Joe Biden announces a 2024 run to, quote, finish the job, a job he never started. We'll talk about that and more today on Sekulow. Keeping you informed and engaged. Now more than ever, this is Sekulow.

We want to hear from you. Share and post your comments or call 1-800-684-3110. And now your host, Jordan Sekulow. Hey, welcome to Sekulow. We are taking your calls to 1-800-684-3110.

That's 1-800-684-3110. So we have the official announcement. Joe Biden, Harris, they have announced they are running for office. Did they do a live event? Absolutely not. Did they do a rally? No way.

Was it totally pre-taped with a lot of b-roll? Yes. You want to play it for everybody right off the top? Now if you're listening, there's a lot of quiet moments in this one, so just get through it with us. But you'll be the judge of what they think voters care about and what they totally ignore. See if you pick up on it. I did right away.

Take a listen or watch. Freedom. Personal freedom is fundamental to who we are as Americans.

There's nothing more important, nothing more sacred. That's been the work of my first term, to fight for our democracy. This shouldn't be a red or blue issue. To protect our rights, to make sure that everyone in this country is treated equally and that everyone is given a fair shot at making it. But you know, around the country, MAGA extremists are lining up to take on those bedrock freedoms. Cutting social security that you've paid for your entire life while cutting taxes from the very wealthy. Dictating what healthcare decisions women can make. Banning books and telling people who they can love. All while making it more difficult for you to be able to vote.

Okay. What did he not cover there? Well, record inflation. Under Joe Biden, it's at 5%.

Gas is, by the way, almost at $5 a gallon here. Under President Trump, it was at 1.4% inflation. Biden, 87,000 new IRS agents. Trump, zero new IRS agents. The Biden tax hikes on 111 Americans.

Under Trump, there were $3.2 trillion in tax cuts. He did not talk about the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. The border crisis. No foreign policy, which we're seeing play out in Sudan as we speak.

And in the Middle East as we speak now that Saudi Arabia has aligned itself with Iran. Again, loss of energy independence in the United States and having to rely on bad actors around the world to provide much dirtier energy to our process. Surging crime throughout cities and states around the country. Horrible drug usage, including the fentanyl scourge on our country.

The baby formula shortage. The infrastructure issues. Even with the Infrastructure Reduction Act that had nothing to do with infrastructure. But what he's doing that is he is ignoring the world.

Well, he's ignoring the reality that we all live in. Which is like, we're worried day to day about the economy and about, there's a foreign war between European countries ongoing right now. Yeah, what's interesting is this was a strategy, this is the first time, this is not the first time this strategy has been done. So this idea that you would focus on domestic, it was a George W. Bush strategy and then of course 9-11.

The problem you got here is this is the second term. Now as Domestic Policy Advisor Susan Rice announced that she's leaving on May 24th. Now I suspect that what you heard in his announcement today was crafted by Susan Rice. Who now is Domestic Policy Advisor.

Who's probably going to go over to the campaign is my guess. That's what I would imagine takes her out of the congressional oversight and just puts her in the political role to do the straight up politics. Their strategy is obviously we're going to ignore the bad issues happening around the world. We're going to lie about Republicans, we're going to say they want to push grandma off the cliff even though no Republicans support cutting any of those programs. Like Medicare and Social Security, in fact they're trying to figure out how do we keep those programs alive for my generation. Because there's less of us than there are baby boomers. So that's again trying to reform the system, not trying to cut back anybody's, that they deserve.

Any of those things they've been paying taxes in that they automatically do deserve to get those benefits. But again those threats like they want to take it away from the elderly people. Which we hear all the time from Democrats. The question is can you run a campaign from the basement of the White House? Like this time it was his last time it was his house. This time it would be the basement of the White House.

Basically a rose garden campaign is what they're calling it. And it looks like you can well see a rematch of Biden versus Trump. How do you feel about that folks by the way? It could be Biden versus Trump again. 1-800-684-3110, we'd love to hear what you have to think about it.

800-684-3110. We're starting to see this 2024 really shape up. And while Ron DeSantis is doing the international trip abroad, which you do if you're preparing a Presidential run, to show that you've got the kind of knowledge to not only understand domestic issues but international issues. So he's meeting allies like the Japanese. The problem is he's doing that and he ripped the head off a reporter kind of. When he was asked like when are you going to announce your campaign?

And you kind of got another taste of Ron DeSantis like he wasn't prepared for that question. Like hello they're going to ask you that because what are you doing in Japan? He was on Hannity last night. And Sean asked him and he said, he was from Japan, and he said he's going to finish the legislative session before he makes any announcements. Which is I think about, I think it's the middle of May maybe. End of June.

No end of June so it's a while yet. We're taking your calls at 800-684-3110 talking about this matchup politically which could well be Joe Biden and. If he held the Republican primary today it's 100% it would be Joe Biden versus Donald Trump.

Donald Trump. I mean RFK you know he's trying to make that kind of move to take a dent into Biden but that's in the primary and they're not going to have debates in the Democrat side. So Joe Biden's the nominee unless there's some health issue and right now Donald Trump would be the nominee barring some major shift in polling. I mean most pollsters are looking and saying you know when you get to 40% you're not beatable. You know it's the interesting. That makes it much tougher for DeSantis to say do I want to put my family through this war.

He's going to run, Ron DeSantis is going to announce I'm hearing pretty clearly. Well I mean he's got a lot of pressure on him from a lot of people have given him a lot of money. How big of a factor does that become? It's tough to tell those people no after they've you know.

Hundreds of millions of dollars. Hundreds of millions of dollars in checks and tried to make you out to be I mean the most powerful leader in the world. And they believe in you and they believe that you could beat the former President, President Trump but what President Trump's team has done is really just double and triple down. Also the indictment really underscoring that hey as wild as you thought President Trump and that administration was he really was under a witch hunt.

I think the New York indictment clearly bolstered his support because you saw what political nonsense that was. It's like to live under that people I think gave a little more pass on the attitude. Because if you're living through that and trying to lead the country you know that better than us.

It's not easy. Then the Fulton County DA announces by the way I'm not going to have because everybody expected it in April. I'm not going to have it in April, I'm not going to have it in May. I'm going to probably do so whatever I do I'll announce it in the July term which in the Superior Courts in Fulton County in Georgia that goes from about July 11th to I think September 1st. So you get July, August and when they'll make an announcement in Fulton County it's going to be something you're not going to understand. That's going to bolster him again and then I don't know what happens on the federal level.

I think we still don't know that's the great unknown. We are taking your calls at 800-684-3110 that's 1-800-684-3110 because it looks like if it was today it would be a matchup. And clearly if DeSantis does engage and decides to run you have DeSantis, Nikki Haley, Tim Scott and a couple others that have declared a couple saying no. Pence has said he's going to run, he's pulling about 6-8%. And it becomes tougher for Ron to get that number because there's enough of those people still running, the Tim Scott's and Nikki Haley's and Mike Pence's who are getting 4-5-6% right off the bat. So Donald Trump doesn't need their numbers, Ron DeSantis does.

So again we'll take your calls at 800-684-3110 that's 1-800-684-3110. But I think it's interesting that Joe Biden decided to do it again in a way where, again, not a live event, not a rally, you know, not something, just video. But it's interesting to me that there was all this talk, it was abortion which was going to be very big for them, and then January 6th and chaos.

Which will be the theme that they run with, I don't think there's any doubt on that. Yeah, MAGA extremist. He said MAGA extremist is the exact phrase he used. What's interesting to me is, as this matures now into a real political season, there was all this talk that others were going to be vying for the Democratic slot. And that included Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has announced, but others that they were saying Gavin Newsom went on his red state tour, remember that? There was talk about Michelle Obama. The fact is that you had a situation where it looks like, I mean Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s in there, but I don't know if that's going to be a significant factor.

Yeah, let's go to the calls. Oh, we did check out the history too. There are rematches dating as far back as John Adams who defeated Thomas Jefferson in 1796 then lost to him four years later. Yeah, so this is not, it's right in the founding of our country.

I thought that was the case. So you had Adams versus Jefferson in 1796 right after... Closest parallel may be the 1892 race between Cleveland and Benjamin Harrison.

Cleveland served one term as President before being unseated by Harrison, then he tried to get his old job back and ultimately did succeed. So we have that history too, so this is not unprecedented. It's a little bit rare. It's a little bit rare. It's kind of in our lifetime we haven't seen that, except now we're seeing it. Yeah, we're seeing it now.

Absolutely. So 1-800-684-3110. Let's go back to the phones. We'll go to Leigh Ann first in Maine online too. Hey Leigh Ann. Hey, how are you? Thanks for taking my call.

Love you guys. And I've actually lived 12 years in Fulton County, Georgia. Escaped it because I'm personally involved in an internal affairs investigation against police officer corruption there.

And I'm a gaslighting narcissist expert, and here's your deal. You're not going to get Biden. You're going to get Michelle Obama with Gavin Newsom.

They're already setting you up for it, and they're going to parade, you know, Freaky Joe around until he is too incapacitated. So, you know, Leigh Ann, I want to talk to you for a minute about this, because I was of the same view that at the end of the day it was not going to be Joe Biden. It was going to be Newsom and Obama, or Obama and Newsom more likely, which would have been a very tough ticket to beat politically, let's just be honest.

If they had time. Yeah, but now with him announcing, I'm not so sure. Well I think they looked at something different. Listen, that could always be the case.

You could always see high jinks being played. It's politics. But I think what the Democrats are looking at is we did much better than midterms. We were supposed to get killed.

We didn't. The Joe Biden strategy worked last time campaigning from his basement. He'll just have to do a little bit more than that this time. Doesn't face any kind of real primary challenge whatsoever. And so he's going to keep telling the American people it's domestic, it's domestic, it's domestic, don't look at Ukraine, don't look over there at China, don't worry about Russia, don't worry about the Middle East or Iran, or your interest rates. We'll keep bailing you out, basically.

And we do have an issue where we have to face that. People know that if economic times are tough, they trust that Democrats are the party that will write them the check. It's interesting because you said this in the midterms when the Republicans barely got the House, that it was because, I remember when you said this, it was because the electors, the people casting votes, the citizens of the United States, were not trusting the Republicans with the economy. As bad as the economy situation was, they didn't trust it.

It wasn't that they don't trust Republicans to get us out, but they think they were so deep in a bad spot that they knew that Democrats were the first ones that would go to the checkbooks while they do. And they send out checks and they bolster the economy and they bolster your bank account. And you worry less about printing too much money at that point, you're just trying to be able to pay your bills and maybe try to take a vacation and keep your job and keep paying your mortgage.

Now some things have changed. I mean the mortgages have gone up considerably. People are paying double what they were paying just years ago for the same house if they had a floating interest rate.

Literally double. They are paying double for gas or more. They are not seeing an end in sight to any of that either. I mean the bank crisis thing kind of started quieting down, but the economy hasn't. There's no stability at all in our economy. And when you have war in Europe plus a fractured Middle East right now and China threatening war in Taiwan, I mean the economy is not going to be stable.

But that ad that Iran doesn't mention any of those things we just talked about on purpose. Take another call or do we want to wait until we get back? Yeah, we can take one more call right now. Teresa in Ohio on Line 1.

Hey Teresa. Hi, I appreciate you guys so much. That is why I support what you do.

Thank you. And what you said is absolutely true. We've seen it for decades now through Obama and now through Biden, which to me is also Obama. My point of the matter is listening to that, the thing that daunted me as a Christian, was that we are fighting for the soul of our country. Now look at all they're doing. They're doing all the negative and evil things. They're fighting for the soul okay, but they're fighting for it for the wrong. Let me play for you.

Let me play. You're talking about the soul of the country. That's what Joe Biden is saying.

Listen. When I ran for President four years ago, I said we were in a battle for the soul of America and we still are. The question we're facing is whether in the years ahead we have more freedom or less freedom. More rights or fewer. I know what I want the answer to be and I think you do too. Is that they're running off this, Theresa it was very good analysis, Jordan they're running off that exact same theme. Right.

The soul of the nation should be pro-abortion. It should be sending you money. It should be printing money as needed. Don't worry about the violence in the streets. Don't worry about the drug problems. Don't worry about the border.

Don't worry about what's going on overseas. They're still blaming that on Republicans. Remember they blamed the Sudanese crisis in Sudan. They said that was the Republican's fault. They said the Afghan withdrawal was Donald Trump's fault. I mean the list goes on, but they think that people will believe it. And I know as conservatives it can be hard to stomach that even anyone would believe that, but they're talking to an audience that's not as informed, that isn't watching news 24-7, that isn't paying as close attention, and that's living paycheck to paycheck.

And if they're living paycheck to paycheck, they're not so much concerned about the stock market as they are a party that they believe will bail them out. Even if you believe like I believe that is just bad policy. Welcome back to SECIO. We are going to get to your calls in just a minute.

We're going to stay on this at 1-800-684-3110. But there's important news to announce with an important ally of the United States of America and a place where we have an office, ACLJ Jerusalem, which is unique because it's an ACLJ office in Jerusalem. It's not a European Center for Law and Justice that's in Strasbourg, France. This is specifically to show that bond between the United States and Israel as our number one ally in the Middle East and one of our best allies in the entire world. It's their 75th anniversary of their independence. I am holding in my hand a pen that is the 50th anniversary pen, actually, that I got 25 years ago when I was with the former President of Israel, former prime minister as well, Shimon Peres.

And this is the actual pen that I got 25 years ago. And our team is very dedicated to the defense of Israel in a hostile environment, and that's the United Nations. And, Cece, we often say that the U.N. passes more resolutions attacking Israel than any other country, sometimes any other countries combined. Yeah, there are absolutely more resolutions against Israel at the U.N. through the different bodies than any other member state.

They are constantly the target. And Israel, like you said, that is our ally, that is a very democratic state, and they're actually the target of U.N. resolutions instead of the countries that really should be the targets of these resolutions. When you think about the Middle East and you look at human rights, for instance, and civil liberties, who's the most giving, who has the most freedoms and liberty of any country in the Middle East? Bar none, it's the state of Israel, yet they're the ones, you know, attacked by the Human Rights Council. And one of the things we do, Jordan, and you've been very strategic on this, is our international teams, we have an office in Strasbourg, France. We are an NGO, non-governmental organization, with the U.N., which means we get to intervene like a state would and actually go to the floor of the United Nations to make our case, and this time a case of supporting Israel.

Yeah, that's right. And in this situation, you know, under COVID you would see us doing a lot of these via video, but the Human Rights Council is back and our team in Europe is back, and I want to just show you what these interventions look like. Now, oftentimes you see these about persecuted Christians that we're talking about, which is very important. In this case, Christoph got before that U.N. Human Rights Council, which is the most anti-Israel body within the U.N., and let him have it on the truth about Israel.

Take a listen or watch. I now give the floor to the representative of the European Center of Law for Law and Justice. Thank you, Mr. Vice President. In June of this year, it will be three decades that the international community had adopted the Vienna Declaration and Program of Action. It was adopted to reaffirm the solemn commitment of all states to fulfill their obligations, among other things, toward human rights, fundamental freedoms, the right to self-determination, which would not impair security and territorial integrity of states, and the observance of international law. Yet one state is singled out in total disregard of these principles, as well as international law, for detrimental treatment. That is, the State of Israel. In the name of self-determination of the Palestinian people, and disregarding the right to self-determination of the Jewish people, innocent Israeli civilians are indiscriminately attacked by Palestinian armed groups. Israel's security and territorial integrity is violated every year. Yet when Israel responds to protect its civilian population, it is Israel that is accused of violating human rights.

When it takes lawful security measures, it is Israel that is accused of racial discrimination. The Vienna Declaration and Program of Action seeks compliance with the Fourth Geneva Convention and all the norms of humanitarian law. Israel's armed responses in self-defense in the face of thousands of indiscriminate rocket attacks are consistent with humanitarian law. Its security measures are permitted under the Geneva Conventions. Yet Israel is maligned for taking those measures. By falsely accusing Israel of wrongdoing, the international community simply disregards not only the express language of the Vienna Declaration, but its object and purpose also. I want to say something right here, and Kristallop did a great job. That's a hostile group.

Look at the people around you right there, okay? This is a hostile group, and he was fearless. And here's the thing about the ACLJ, our European affiliates, there is no one that is engaging like this where these bodies sit, including the most hostile. And in this case, on behalf of Israel, but it could be on, like Jordan said, other issues as well, but our teams are there, so we're not just talking about these issues. And when you talk about the Geneva Convention and the Vienna Convention, these are the legal instruments that govern international law, and our teams are experts. Yeah, and that's what's so great, is we're able to actually give the actual facts and the actual law, because we see how these UN bodies like to spin it to make Israel the bad person. And we actually come and say, no, no, let's look at your Vienna Declaration and the Geneva Declaration, and under those, Israel is not the bad actor here. And so it's great that we, again, are able to be the voice for Israel, giving the facts and giving the actual law.

Yeah, I mean, this is, again, it just shows the amount of unique work we do at the ACLJ because of your financial support. So whether it is the domestic issues and the politics that we're talking about here and the campaign issues and, of course, fighting back on all the failures of the Biden administration, or the international work that, of course, impacts the United States, it impacts our economy right here at home, impacts our national security. We're seeing a rise in Islamic terrorism right now because of failed states that have occurred under the Obama administration. Afghanistan, Sudan, these were the home bases of al-Qaeda, and they are becoming the home bases of al-Qaeda and ISIS once again. We have seen attacks on U.S. service members in Syria by Iran.

That is how bold they feel right now. Iran feels like they can shoot, and they did kill an American contractor, injured other American-amended women who are serving our armed forces, that they're at a point of strength that they can get into a tit-for-tat with the United States of America. We're being ignored, literally, our phone calls by Russia and China. So you cannot separate those issues, as Joe Biden tried to do with his Presidential announcement, from what is happening so badly here in the United States. It affects our gas prices, it affects our supply chains, it affects our standing in the world, and it affects our dollar and our currency.

So all of those issues, when we fail abroad and are weak abroad, lead to a weak America, which means a weak economy, and a really tough place to govern and live in. You know, they had China and Russia, there were reports yesterday talking about trying to gain control. It sounds like a flashback to 1967, or 1956, when you had the wars in Israel by the Arab neighbors that were hostile. And they always would try to get the Suez Canal, which, by the way, was built under Benjamin Disraeli's tenure as Prime Minister of Great Britain. And that's a huge trade route, obviously, and it's a strategic location, the Suez Canal.

And they're talking about Russia and China, trying to get control of those areas. So we're back to the same thing. But here's the thing with the ACLJ. We are there, front and center, to advocate on behalf of this case, on behalf of Israel, but in other cases, persecuted Christians, whatever the topic may be. These are hostile environments, but we're going there. Absolutely. Every time the Human Rights Council meets, the ACLJ is there, and we are supporting persecuted Christians and the State of Israel. I've got to tell you something, folks. There's a reason right now to support the work of the ACLJ in action.

You just saw it. Yesterday, we uncovered our project, the slash coverup, where we got the information from our Freedom of Information Act litigation on terrorists coming in from the southern border. That's because of the work of the ACLJ. Support our work. We're in a matching challenge campaign.

We are down to the last few days. That's Any amount you donate, we're getting a matching gift for. I encourage you.

Time is, we literally have five days left. Back with the second half hour in a moment. Keeping you informed and engaged, now more than ever, this is Sekulow. And now your host, Jordan Sekulow.

Hey, welcome back to Sekulow. You know, yesterday we launched slash coverup. You may have gotten in your email, you may have seen the videos on social media, but we encourage you to check that out. It walks you through a very important FOIA we filed, and it walks you through exactly how it works. This involved the two terrorists who crossed the southern border, Yemeni terrorists, who the press release went out and was removed the same day because the FBI didn't want it out there, because it hurt the narrative of the Biden administration when we talk about the poorest border. Not only just illegal immigrants coming across, but bad actors, whether that's drug cartels and the flow of fentanyl, so you know that's a fact, but also this confirmed the fact that terrorists were utilizing any kind of chaotic situations. This is one of them at the southern border. I mean, there are 40,000 people right now estimated just waiting for Title 42 to expire in mid-May.

40,000 at the border just waiting, knowing that the federal government has no plans on what to do when that expires. So check out slash coverup. It's very interactive. It kind of walks you through how do you get the FOIA documents. First the filing for FOIA, then having to go to court. We're continuing to go to court.

We got more information yesterday that there's another 400 documents relevant to our request that we should receive, but that the Homeland Security Commission sent over to other government agencies for review. Now we know that then makes it an even tougher process when we go to court. Back to court. Back to court because we now know they didn't name the agencies. We need to know which agencies those are because we might need to file against them directly.

Exactly. So we're in court. The Department of Homeland Security is trying to shift it from there. Yeah, we are in court. We will continue to stay in court. But let me encourage you to go to slash coverup. It's a great way to get information on this and we're going to have more of these coming in the months ahead.

But slash coverup. Let's go ahead and take a phone call on the campaigning. Yeah, I want to go to Glenn in New York on Line 1. Hey, Glenn. Hey, how are you guys doing? Great. Thanks for taking my call. Sure.

I just had a comment. Listen, I voted for Trump and I just what this President, this administration has done to this country in the past two and a half years. My only concern is that there's a lot of people that don't like his demeanor. They don't like his personality, Trump that is. And if Trump doesn't back out and let another Republican like DeSantis run for the primary, it's going to cost us votes and we might very well lose 2024. Look, DeSantis is, nobody's holding DeSantis back other than he wants to get through the legislative session, so he's going to enter and then it'll be who wins the campaign.

But let me tell you what I think the campaign is going to come down to. Yeah, you may not like the tweets, but you probably don't like the war in Russia and Ukraine either. You don't like the tweets, but you don't like paying $5 or $6 a gallon for gas. You're not so thrilled about the tweets, but you don't like the government, our government having complete chaos in the Middle East.

You don't like the tweets, but Iran is saber rattling and now they got Saudi Arabia on their team who was on our team just two and a half years ago. So yeah, I mean, I dealt with the tweets so I can relate, but I'm going to tell you, I think it's going to come down to that. Now, does that get, you bring a very valid point about independence in these, but listen, the economy is going to be a major factor. Normally when the economy is in turmoil, it's a change of Presidential leadership, but you have to be able to convince a message that you can be trusted with the economy. I mean, certainly that's the big factor out here.

It's not the elephant in the room, it's the actual discussion. It's can Donald Trump get back over the line? But I think we also have to deal with reality of politics. He's got a number of supporters who believe he can right now, and it's getting close in this primary where anybody would have to start pulling away his voters. So to win this primary right now, you have to not only beat your other three or four people that are getting 5 and 6%, you've got to take away Donald Trump's supporters. And if you look, his supporters are pretty committed.

They are committed. John Adams, who defeated Thomas Jefferson, only took a loss to him four years later, so the repeats happen. And then, of course, we pointed out that probably the strongest parallel is Grover Cleveland to Benjamin Harrison. This is not unprecedented in U.S. history, where former Presidents and current Presidents go to battle for the nomination. It's part of our history. It's because we live in a constitutional republic, and that's the way it works. And whoever gets the nomination is the party's nominee.

Check out slash coverup. Share that with your friends and family. We'll be right back. Welcome back to Secchio. There is some positive movement. Republicans on the House Homeland Security Committee have unveiled a border security package on Monday that would increase border patrol hiring while resuming border wall construction and providing for additional technology. In response to the ongoing crisis at the southern border, we know that there are 40,000 people waiting for Title 42 to expire. Is it May 12th? Or is it May 11th? May 12th, I think, that Title 42 expires.

And so that's gone. The administration has announced no plans for what to do next. We know that they have redone their rules when it comes to not just illegal immigration, but to basically migrants coming from, like, seeking asylum, parole. And so we've had these huge numbers coming in from places like Venezuela, which if our economy was booming and they were having such a tough time living under a communist dictatorship, you could bring more people in that way. When your economy is doing horrible and there's so much uncertainty, that's just another factor that American businesses have to work through and cities have to work through and people are coming who are starting at zero.

That don't speak the language, that don't necessarily have a job ready to go, and all they have to have is an NGO sponsor. This is called the Border Reinforcement Act of 2023, which focuses on border security, funding, and staffing. And Logan, I look at that Biden announcement video, there was not even a mention of our southern border. Americans are being killed because of what's happening at the southern border. It's fentanyl, it is drug cartels, and the violence from drug cartels has spilled over everywhere. They're killing kids, killing babies in the back of cars, and drug-style cartel killings in California.

I mean, we saw that. The fentanyl crisis, the drug crisis, and then we've seen terrorists caught. I mean, with our new campaign on slash cover, I'm walking people through that campaign that the Biden administration doesn't want you to focus on that it's not just a bunch of people coming to work in the fields for cheap labor. It's a lot of bad actors utilizing chaos at the border. Yeah, we're going to show the video that we're running right now to promote this campaign, the cover-up campaign.

It really is that. And I think you're right, it's as clear as it could be the fact that it's not at all mentioned in that video, that it's not at all mentioned in the Biden announcement video. Because not only do they not want you to know about the bad actors coming across, they don't want you to even think about it. They want you not to even be on your mind about the border, just like they do with Islamic terrorism, all the different topics that are on the rise right now. The Biden administration will just ignore it, not talk about how they're going to fight against it, just pretend it's not happening, show us roses and sunshine. And that's what it is always coming from the Biden campaign. You know, finish the job.

Well, first you got to start that job is to get down there, but let's take a look. This is what they're trying to cover up at the border. In 2021, two Yemeni nationals on the FBI terror watch list were caught by US border patrol agents. This was a heroic moment. Deep state officials silenced the heroism of our border agents who put their lives on the line to keep us safe.

The White House doesn't want you to know they've lost all control of the border. If it wasn't for the work of the ACLJ filing a Freedom of Information Act request, you would never have known how close terrorists came to disappearing into the shadows of our city streets. We were able to do this all thanks to you. Keep us in the fight. To learn more, go to slash cover up. Yeah. So there you go. slash cover up. Tell people about it. We just launched yesterday. So if you didn't hear the broadcast yesterday, you might've gotten the email. You might've seen it on social media, the video ad, but it's a full website taking you through the process. Yeah. You can really dive deep on the website.

I love it. You can, you can look at all the, even the documents that we were able to uncover, the documents we were able to send to get the responses back in, not just the photos, obviously in the imagery that comes from the border and the stuff we're able to obtain. But really the FOIA request, you're able to see a full timeline.

It's a full interactive experience. Feels almost like a CSI experience to go and play around on this site and see all the information. I mean, just to be able to actually see the documents, see what they redacted, what they didn't and the fact that it takes time, you know, the timeline starts in April of 2021 and ends right now.

And then we're still working on it March 20th, 2023. So just a few weeks ago when we kind of were able to officially expose this cover up that came from the Biden administration where they said, no, we are not going to showcase the fact that our border patrol agents actually did a good job for once. Because we don't want you to even be thinking about the fact that there are terrorists at the border. Right.

I mean, so it's not only taking away their moment where they did something good. It's the bigger narrative that the FBI at top floor, which we know they play politics with everything and that is wrong, but it is reality right now that we're dealing with. That they don't want that narrative out there that what we've been saying for so long, that when you have a porous border and chaos, it's not just the migrants that get across. And those numbers are overwhelming cities. Just that alone is destroying American cities. It's killing economies of border cities and states. Remember all the shipping people around the country and the chaos around that.

That's bad enough. But you know, in those kinds of bad situations that the real bad actors, they utilize them. They say, hey, this is a great time to get drugs into the US. This is a great time to get terrorists into the US. So let's utilize it.

We'll blend right in. We'll get the fentanyl right over. We'll kill your American kids.

By the way, the Chinese responsible for that, just like with COVID, they're killing Americans using all these different ways to kill Americans, whether it is through and they're utilizing our porous border to do it, whether it's through drugs or terrorists who will come here and then sometimes spin Logan three, four, five years before planning an attack. We know this. We've seen it happen time and time again, but that's why we did create this new campaign. Obviously we want you to support the work of the ACLJ. We're here at the end of a matching challenge, the end of the matching challenge for April.

We take off the matching challenge for a few months. So this is really the best time to support the work of the ACLJ. And if you want to have real tangible proof of the work that we're doing, this is a great place to go and discover a lot of what was going on, not only at the border, but the work of our ACLJ team. So I encourage you to go to slash cover up and while you're there to make a donation because right now it's matched. So again, it's a great place to support the work to keep us in the fight. That is the slogan we're going with with the slash cover up.

Keep us in the fight. That fight just on this cover up is ongoing as we speak. We announced yesterday on the show, CBP came back to us with, they have 400 additional documents. We've gotten about 400 documents. They have additional 400 documents, but they've sent them to other government agencies, Homeland Security, to review. So now we need to know what other government agencies have them under their review. And do we need to push those separately with the judge to get the documents to us? They're saying they're relevant to our request. Another 400 documents just on this matter of a press release.

Which shows you, Logan, too, how much politics there were. If there's 800 documents out there over putting up and then removing a press release that happened within eight hours, it tells you that we have only at the tip of the iceberg on the political players. We have one, Marcia Espinosa, but they always throw out a lowest learner.

One person cannot be responsible for all of this. Someone that a committee can call for to testify. I believe if we get those 400 additional documents, so keep us in the fight, donate, support the work of the ACLJ, there will be more Marcia Espinosa's who will then, as we speak, we've got Republicans in charge of the House. If we get them enough info, they will call a committee hearing on this and they will bring those people forward and expose to the American people that they are trying to keep from you the fact, the fact that terrorists are crossing our southern border to kill us. They know that and yet they are not willing to secure, take any steps to secure our southern border.

How sick is that when you think about it? They know that the drug cartels are sending across Fentanyl to kill our kids. They know that terrorists are crossing the southern border because it is in crisis to kill Americans. And yet they have no plan for when Title 42 expires on May 12th.

Nothing. There are 40,000 people right now at the border. I guarantee you not all of those 40,000 are just people coming to America because they want a better life.

Probably most are, but the bad actors are right in between them to kill more Americans, whether it's through terrorism or through drugs. And you would think when Joe Biden announces his Presidential campaign, he would at least acknowledge that there's work that we need to do to save American lives here at home. So keep us in the fight.

Be part of our magic challenge. Donate today at Yeah, but tomorrow Senator Hagerty will be joining us to discuss this and discuss his legislation, which is the Stop Fentanyl Border Crossings Act. So that's going to be, we're going to continue this conversation tomorrow.

It doesn't just end today. And of course, a lot of that will end up on our website at Or again, you can go directly to the campaign, slash cover up. I encourage you right now, if you're on social media, tweet that link out, post it on Truth, post it on Facebook, just slash cover up and tell your friends they need to do that right now as well. They need to take a look at what's going on. So much of this is just about awareness.

You can obviously donate directly from that website to the ACLJ, but it's not just about that. It's about finding out and showcasing you the work that our team is doing that is really vital, especially as we are heading into a time where President Biden makes his announcement today that he is seeking reelection. Even though it seems like polling is saying the majority of even Democrats are like, ah, I don't know if that's what we want. But again, presumptive nominee. They're going to run that sleeper campaign again.

Yeah, exactly. We're going to talk to the ACLJ. We're going to talk more on the debt ceiling coming up next. Welcome back to Sekio. So Joe Biden makes the announcement today. I do want to take another call on that.

We've got the Sekio Brothers podcast coming up too. It was an interesting announcement, let's put it that way. I think it showed you how he's going to campaign, which is from the Rose Garden, not a lot of big rallies, not a lot of huge events.

And that worked for him the first time, and they're going to see if it works for him the second time with at least having the surroundings and trappings of the White House behind him instead of just his basement in Delaware next to his classified documents and his Corvette. But let's go to Danny in North Carolina first on Line 1. Hey, Danny. Hey, guys. Thanks for taking my call today.

Sure. I just wanted to share a comment that has really bothered me. Do you guys remember or have you ever read in our history that we have had a vice President that has done the least amount of work as Vice President Harris has? Well, it's interesting because you have to kind of go to modern history because, Harry, I think it's important to point out we've not always had vice Presidents that were from the same party. So early on in our founding, the vice President was the person who came in second place in the Presidential election. So I would imagine those Presidents didn't rely on those vice Presidents a lot for anything, but what they figured out very quickly was that that won't work because of that very reason. So, yes, in our history, we actually have had to correct that. Now, but I think, Harry, looking to modern history, usually vice Presidents have been utilized for specific policy roles.

They get a kind of a portfolio. With President Trump and Pitts, Pitts did a lot of religious liberty, a lot of foreign policy, but he played a secondary but very important role when it also came to the structure of the government. He was seen as like the guy who could, he'd been a governor to kind of run, keep things running on track while President Trump was working on big policies and traveling the world with big plans. So I think in modern history, Harris has been, usually at best, they're just not important.

They usually aren't a drag. What I think is different, what I think he's getting to is that she seems like a drag on the presidency. I think that's correct, and I think the missing ingredient in Vice President Kamala Harris's tenure as vice President is something called competence. She has proved herself, in my opinion, incompetent with respect to, for instance, the border.

She, after all, was named the border czar, but she doesn't have time to actually visit the border. They had also given her other specific tasks, and essentially she has made a word salad out of her tenure as vice President, and I think Vice President Biden has sidelined her, in part because of her incompetence. I want to go to the debt ceiling because we're quickly going to that vote. It's always a tough vote for Republicans, especially when you've got a narrow Republican majority in the House and no friends in the Senate and a White House hearing that is refusing to even meet. Absolutely, and I think this is a predetermined strategy by the Biden administration. They believe they have the votes in the Senate.

There is no evidence that Mitch McConnell, John Thune, or any of the other Republicans are prepared to raise a fight against the Biden administration. House Speaker McCarthy has a very slim majority in the House, so he has a narrow window, and I think he possibly can delay this debt ceiling vote, but I'm not necessarily sure he can do anything substantively. I think also we should keep in mind that the debt ceiling vote, in large part, is kabuki theater. In my life, I don't just get to raise my debt ceiling. I don't get to just say, I need to spend another $200,000, so I'll just raise my debt by fiat. They have to go and try to get loans to do something like that, which is even more difficult to do right now.

I think that's correct. Technically, the debt ceiling vote allows the Treasury to go out and borrow more money that the federal government doesn't have. Both the Republicans and the Democrats have engaged in a spending spree over the last decade or so, and now some of these chickens are coming home to roost. But with respect to raising the debt ceiling, it's far from clear when and if we need to raise the debt ceiling because the Treasury Secretary can engage in extraordinary measures designed to put off the day of reckoning. Listeners should note that we really don't have a debt ceiling crisis. We have a spending crisis, and both Republicans and Democrats have contributed to that. House Speaker McCarthy is trying to do something to rein in spending, but a lot of the spending is already baked into the cake. But most Presidents, getting back to President Biden, they are willing to at least negotiate around the edges, around the fringes.

And they could do that, but the Biden administration doesn't want to upset its base, and so the Biden administration is signaling that any substantial cut or even a small cut in spending is simply cruel. You know, I think, Harry, what our audience would like to know is should they be upset with Kevin McCarthy, or is he doing everything he can? I mean, what can he really do as Speaker to prevent just having to go down this route? I mean, he could try to get meetings, he could try to negotiate, but he can't force the President or Senate Democrats to go along with it either.

So I want people to be fair in their criticism, you know? I think that's a fair point. It's important to note that Kevin McCarthy has some tools at his disposal. Number one, he can pass a bill which would allow the debt ceiling to rise in exchange for spending cuts. The problem with that, of course, is he doesn't have a lot of leverage, and the Senate is unlikely to go along. So that's the first thing that he can do, and the second thing he can do, and he's indicated a willingness to do this, is to actually negotiate with President Biden, who seems unwilling to do so. Yeah, I mean, here he is, he says, I will go, I will negotiate, I will try to do what's best for the American people, and Biden is just ignoring the House Republicans. It's an interesting strategy from someone who said he wanted to work across aisles, Logan, and he won't even take a meeting. He won't even take a meeting with McCarthy on this issue. Yeah, I think the American people may have had enough of that. He wants to force McCarthy, the Republican, to have to raise the debt ceiling and have the Conservatives turn on McCarthy.

It's a disaster strategy, it's a chaos strategy that Biden is trying to unleash on Republicans. And there's the realization in the NBC News poll today that 70% of Americans total said he shouldn't run again for President. 70%, not just Republicans. But he has a 50% chance of winning. At least. Accumbents hard to beat. It'll be pretty interesting to see how things are going to shake out, but when you have those kind of numbers coming in, you can tell these people are unhappy.

The problem is people vote for their party, and if it's Donald Trump, we'll have to see what happens. We have a lot of great stuff coming up this week, too. We've got Senator Hagerty joining us tomorrow.

The newest member of our team on Thursday, Tulsi Gabbard, of our broadcast team, will be back on the air with us as she makes her weekly appearance, as well as Rick Renell. So a lot, a busy week here at the ACLJ, and we launched slash coverup. We want you to check that out. And if you want to get to a little more of the fun side of this announcement, check out the Secular Brothers podcast this afternoon, Logan.

Yeah, we'll have more this afternoon. Join us. Go to, where you can subscribe. We really rumble as our primary source. If you want to find us, you can watch us, hear us. We're on all your favorite podcast players as well. Just search up Secular Brothers. You'll find us there. Always a more lighthearted look at what's going on in media and the world of politics. We'll talk to you tomorrow.
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