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VP Harris REVEALS True Disdain for Conservatives

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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March 7, 2023 1:11 pm

VP Harris REVEALS True Disdain for Conservatives

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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March 7, 2023 1:11 pm

VP Harris REVEALS True Disdain for Conservatives.


Today on Sekulow, Vice President Harris reveals her true disdain for Conservatives. Keeping you informed and engaged, now more than ever, this is Sekulow. We want to hear from you. Share and post your comments or call 1-800-684-3110. And now your host, Jordan Sekulow.

So Vice President Harris, she was in Colorado at the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities to discuss the Biden administration's push for clean energy. And she had this to say, a very, and she called it, simple story. As we know, she talks in a very simple and repetitive and repetitive and repetitive way. Way. Way.

Thank you. You're bothering her. They're trying to figure out how to… So take a listen to Vice President Harris with this very simple story about why she has so much disdain for you and me. I'm going to share with you a very simple story, which is that I went home one day and I said, well, why are Conservatives bad, Mommy? Because I thought we were supposed to conserve things. I couldn't reconcile it.

Now I can. So now she knows why she believes that Conservatives are bad. And I love that it was taught by her parents. This is part of a whole thing that I have a problem with too, which is this good and bad in people, not in differences in beliefs. And it means you're teaching your children and your parents taught you that not only is there people who you disagree with and the way that they believe, it's you despise them, that they are the evil people. Somehow not equal to you.

Right. Which is the opposite of how you have to raise children, really. When you're talking about they're going to school, all the different people they're going to interact with. You don't want people just walking around who are like this, who are, again, who have this sort of disdain. It's that same feeling that Hillary Clinton, she just said it more Hillary Clinton kind of terms. Instead of saying, why are Conservatives bad and now I know why they're bad. Just a flashback to Hillary Clinton, what she thought about you in 2016.

You can put half of Trump supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. It's the feeling, Logan, it's the words like disdain, it's the words like why they are bad. And you're telling audiences this, young people, that this group of people because of their political views are people to disdain, to stay away from. I mean, when you tell a kid someone's a bad person, that's someone who breaks the rules and should be stayed away from. Yeah, when they say, why are they bad?

Can't be trusted. Well, it's the opposite of how most people are raised and really how much they were. Especially if you grew up in the Christian Conservative kind of world.

It's the complete opposite of how you're told to treat people and how to respect people and to disagree with them, to push back, of course. But to have relationships with people, to have conversations with people. How are you ever going to win someone to your side even? Say that's your end goal.

Your end goal is to convert, if you will, someone. If you have complete disdain for them to begin with and you say, why are they bad people? You know, why are Conservatives bad?

Mommy, we're just trying to conserve. And, you know, you get that laughter from the audience. You can even tell they're forcing themselves to laugh because they're like, this is not really a joke. But it's the vice President.

I guess we should laugh. It's really sad. I don't like when these things happen on either side of the fence. I don't like when Conservatives do it. I don't like when Liberals do it. It's painting with such a broad brush that there is, I believe that there is right and wrong ways to govern. I believe there are right and wrong ways and positions. I don't believe that we should be painting people this way. I'll be honest.

We come back. Yeah, I've had questions from my daughter, especially because she knew we were connected to Trump. She said, you know, Dad, why, why Biden? So I might be a little guilty of this. Well, I mean, yeah, maybe I'm sure that's true. But I'm not the vice President speaking broadly about half the country. Yeah. I was thinking about Joe Biden. Yeah, just Joe Biden.

That's fine. I'm not saying, by the way, daughter, anyone who considers themselves a Democrat have disdain for it. They're bad. Yeah.

Even though I might believe that. It's funny what they come home with, though, is they do have. Yeah. Yeah.

Some of my kids friends, I feel like it would be a full answer. They're ready to go. They're ready to go. They tell me things. I'm like, I don't know where you heard this, but it's just very funny. It's very funny what they come back with. But maybe we need to take a look what's happening at home also as well.

Would you make these kind of statements? Hey, phone lines are open 1-800-684-3110. What do you think about that? From your vice President.

I triggered a bunch of people right there. 1-800-684-3110. All right, welcome back to Sec Hill.

We are taking your phone calls to 1-800-684-3110. What do you have to think about the fact that the vice President's talking at a climate event and she brings up this story? I'm going to play it for you again if you're just joining us because she brings up a story about when she was a kid and asking her mom, why are conservatives bad, mom? I just don't understand it, but I know that you tell us they're bad. Why are they so bad? Take a listen. I'm going to share with you a very simple story, which is that I went home one day and I said, well, why are conservatives bad, mommy?

Because I thought we were supposed to conserve things. I couldn't reconcile it, now I can. First of all, thank you, Kathleen. But I also question these stories.

They seem so made from the moment. Let's say she was 10. So that would be 1974.

Are you really talking about conservation the way you were talking about it maybe even 10, 15 years later? Also in 1974, was it Nixon? Or was it Carter? It was Nixon.

It was headed towards Carter. So maybe that's why she was hearing Republicans were bad. Okay, yeah, you could say that.

But maybe some context. Yeah, if you said why are Republicans are bad because of Nixon, that's different than saying because we were supposed to conserve and I know about conservation. Now I understand why I don't like Republicans and hate them, but it would be one thing if she said, well, because of all the Nixon stuff, but that's not how she's heard. Her big conclusion was, and I finally realized in life, why my parents are right. Yeah, Republicans are so bad.

So we're taking your calls on that, 1-800-684-31. This is not new, we played Hillary Clinton, we played this before, the clinging to your Bibles and guns, we've heard that. This is a new statement from Kamala. Right, but they still believe this. They still double down on this, that there's that group in America, ignore them, hopefully we beat them in all the elections, and again, yes. And by the way, as Will did point out, people like Teddy Roosevelt, who are Republicans, were huge in starting the conservation movement, the reason why we have national parks. National parks, Teddy Roosevelt. Republicans.

You can find that on our children's video, Paul Beagle, you can find the information about Teddy Roosevelt. Those are Republicans. Yeah, the land was protected and all of that.

Absolutely, it still is. I'd say conservation is still being run pretty significantly by conservative outlets, not necessarily what you're thinking of, sort of green energy type of conservation, but traditional conservation, animal protection, those kind of things. A lot of that is happening, the population of animals and those kind of things is happening from largely conservative groups, however I'm aware.

We are taking your phone calls, as Jordan said, 1-800-684-3110, that's 1-800-684-3110. When you hear this kind of rhetoric coming out of your vice President, someone a heartbeat away from being the President, you do start to really question, because again, it's painting with such a broad brush of... Half that country is bad. Bad. I would never even say, Jordan, maybe you'd go hard on me, I would not say that about people, I would disagree with their beliefs, I'd disagree with what they stand for. There's only a handful of people that are actually bad.

Yeah. In the political realm. I mean, I think there are some bad actors in the political realm, but for the most part, I just strongly disagree with some people. Yeah, they believe they're doing what is...

They put themselves out there. Yeah, and they believe they're doing what's right, and the people who support them believe they're doing what's right, even if we vehemently disagree with them. But I would never go on and tell my kids, everyone who voted for Joe Biden is evil, or is wrong, or vice versa. Anyone who voted for Donald Trump is amazing and is a hero. That's not how it works in America.

Especially if you only have a two-party system and we're dealing with you having to pick one of two different options. You can't paint with that broad of a brush, and if you do, it's just gross and it's sad. I don't think that's where our listenership is. I don't think that's where our viewers are. I don't think that's where you are watching right now. Again, you vehemently disagree, a lot of you, with the policies and who doesn't, of the Biden administration.

And you may not like the guy specifically, but that doesn't mean 50% of the country you're not willing to even deal with. Right. She kept going on in these comments. You're going to have a little fun with this. Talking about, you know, she was at this conservationist event, climate change, she had to talk about water.

Well, Logan, she also had to give us a little lesson, as she often does, about how water works and how water moves. Which, go ahead, no. I said, which, those are questions sometimes my kids ask and I'm like, I'll answer that tomorrow. Well, I'll tell you this, her answer will not give you enough to satisfy your children. Your children will not be satisfied by this answer.

They will only ask more questions. Take a listen. I think about water policy through the context also of another seemingly unrelated issue, but space. So, I am the head of the Space Council. I love space.

So does Ed Perlmutter. Right, right, exactly. And so, think about it, right? So, there is now technology, in fact we just recently launched it, satellite technology that is now mapping, now mapping water around the globe. So we can now see where it is and where it's flowing. Talking about our globe, right? Water's flowing all around.

Is this really new science? What, the water flows around the globe? We can monitor it through satellites? I feel like that's what we've been able to do. Yeah, I don't think that's, that's nothing breaking news. And it flows based off like pretty mappable charts, like the jet streams and the different. I think that's right.

This is. I'm not going to pretend to be a scientist and know these things. Well, she does. My wife is weather forecaster, so I let her. We don't have enough water to space so that we can look at water. It feels like she just wanted to say space and that she's the head of the Space Council. She just wanted to say that her and their magic school buses are, you know, all the way in the stars. We do have a lot of calls coming in. We're going to take some at 1-800-684-3110. We're also going to talk about coming up. We got a lot, a lot of topics to cover today and we're going to hit more than just, I know this is fun stuff and we're going to talk about that. We also have a secular brothers later on today that will be doing a podcast. We can hear more, more fun, but we do some, some more serious things that are happening and we're going to hit those a little bit later and talk about some of the work that we're doing right now in the middle of our matching challenge.

Yeah, that's right. If you go to right now, it's a great time to donate to the ACLJ because we have a matching challenge program and what that means is very simple. Through the month of March, whatever donation you make, if you go online to, you'll see it right on the homepage. It takes a couple minutes or less to make that donation. If you make a $25 donation, we have a donor group that is ready to match those donations. They've agreed to match your donations for this month. So if you donate $25, we have a donor that will then donate an additional $25. So because of your $25 donation, we've received $50 at the ACLJ. You can do the math. If it's $10 or $50 or $100 donation, you're doubling the impact.

There's no funny math there. It's just straight up doubling the impact, your donation. These are really critical months for us. The ACLJ, it's how we plan for the next months ahead, whether it's events, hiring, cases, the broadcast of work that we do, all of that, and what we're working on behind the scenes and some that we're talking about on the air with you so that we're able to plan and expand.

The goal is always to be able to expand the work that we're capable of doing. So support the work at When we come back, we come back, we're going to get to talk about our favorite Harry Potter musician, former czar of disinformation for a very brief period of time, threatening to file lawsuits against Fox News, but she now has been subpoenaed. Yeah, Nina Jankowicz, we're going to talk about this. We talked about it yesterday with a GoFundMe, and now she's back with actually being subpoenaed. Jim Jordan, the chair, has a lot to say.

So we're going to talk about that coming up, as you said, and we'll have Andy O'Connell joining us later with Wes Smith. We have a lot of experts coming in to weigh in, and we do have one more clip from Kamala Harris. I think if you want to feel like you're being talked down to even more so, let's hear sort of this statement is more about the whole point, national security and how there's a connection between all of her favorite topics. So take a listen. The Congress member mentioned the point about national security and the interconnection between extreme climate, water policy, and national security.

Just think about it. Human beings need to eat food to live. Okay, so if a community or a particular geographic location is experiencing extreme drought over years and years, they cannot grow food. They will then leave that place to go somewhere where they can grow food. Uh-huh. Yeah, you can grow food.

I mean, it feels always like your kid at preschool, like in the preschool story time. By the way, like pull yourself up by those bootstraps if people figure out how to grow food in this spotable place. Yeah. So if you're going to have plants, you're going to have, oh yeah, yeah, you're talking about that, how we can farm the desert. Yeah, if you can farm the desert, what is she talking about? Though I drove through the desert. I was reading them some of our government projects and I have to say they were trying to do that a lot here in this country and I feel like we were just like, wow, we got some better places. Let's just let the desert be its thing. We don't need to farm this land. So if you ever make the drive from California to Las Vegas, Nevada, like I did a few weeks ago. Before it turns desert. Oh, there's a ton of different climates and things you go through.

I mean, right there is also where we're getting a lot of our fruits and vegetables. But you're right, there are a lot of that, but we're going to keep this conversation going. Give us a call.

1-800-684-3110 to be on the air. Also, as Jordan said, we're in the middle of a matching challenge and coming up in the next segment, we're going to talk a little bit more about the work that we're doing with the ACLJ. You know, this is sort of fun, first two segments we're talking about, the sort of horrible rhetoric coming out of our vice President.

That's not fun, but it's interesting entertainment. Now about the work we're going to get to. We're going to talk about that coming up.

Support the work at We'll be right back. Welcome back to Sekulow.

We're going to take your calls to 1-800-684-3110. This idea of Kamala Harris just jokingly demonizing half the country. She asked her mom one day, Mom, why are conservatives bad? I thought it was good to conserve things. Yeah, it sounds like you've been telling your child that half the country is bad.

And then she said she finally did realize what her mom was saying about all those bad conservatives. Bad, bad. You know, what do you do with bad people when you're a kid? What are you usually told? Stay away from them. Don't talk to them. There's something wrong with them. That's how, it's just a good insight into what they think of you and me. Yeah, I think that you're right. That to me is the most telling part of this.

We're bad. Yeah, and I think that there is a sect of conservatives that do the same, that do the opposite as well and do demonize an entire, well, that do demonize a portion of humans. And I think there is a complete different line between saying, I disagree with your point of view. I think you're wrong.

I actually think what you're doing is wrong, maybe evil. That's different than saying you as a person are. You as 50% of the country are. That's not the kind of rhetoric I want out of any of my politicians, because at the end of the day, if you are supposed to be representing the entire country, both sides, which we know is sadly not really the case anymore, but in theory, that is what the idea is, then you can't talk about half the country this way. And again, I feel like that from both sides, but maybe it's never, you know, like you said, basket of deplorables was less hardcore than this. In many ways.

Because one, at least you had a ring to it. At least it was interesting. And she said 50, like she's like, I think 50% of Trump supporters are this. What this is saying is conservatives, which is a very wide descriptor. It is not saying the ultra MAGA that they like to use. It's not saying Trump supporters. It's not even saying Republicans. It's saying conservatives and that bleeds into libertarians.

That just means anyone who doesn't fall in line exactly how they believe is in this, you know, evil catch-all. We have filed, I just want to let people know through ACLJ, we filed a new FOIA with the United States Department of State, specifically on records pertaining to the creation of, remember, of the new position entitled Special Representative for Palestinian Affairs within the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs. So we're asking the scope of duty to that new position and whose orders or request that new position was created, the appointment specifically of Hadi Amir to that new position and any steps taken in the process to ensure the new position does not hurt the interest of the United States' key ally, Israel. So you can understand there, again, by reopening and starting this new office, our concern is that the Biden administration going around the sovereign state of Israel to then get into negotiations, putting these special envoys for territories that lack a unified leadership that are being run by terrorist organizations. So that is work the ACLJ is doing right now. ACLJ Action also, if you're on our ACLJ Action email list, and I think our broader list got this as well, or they will be getting it. We are launching a new campaign on ACLJ Action because the Biden administration is trying to take away a Trump administration rule, Logan, that ensured that religious student groups receive the same rights, benefits, and privileges as other groups on campus.

So we've been fighting for that for years. What Trump did was say, let's put this into an actual order so it's clear for judges. Well, the Biden administration is saying, hey, you don't need this because you've got a First Amendment right to free speech and the free exercise of religion. We know, Logan, that they, one, aren't so sure about free speech anymore, but two, have never believed that the free exercise of religion means anything.

This is absolutely used to just be able to continue these debates and these discussions, these frivolous lawsuits that come up. This is another one of those instances where the conversation can't just become clear. We can't put it in paper. We can't put it in writing.

Why? Because they don't want it to happen. They're not going to go out front and say, we don't want this to happen because we don't want to give the religious groups their fair share, but they're going to do is tie it all up as much as they can. And what you need to do, you go to and we are putting in comments because this is the proposed rule change away from the Trump administration protections going back to just, well, the constitution does it. We've been litigating these cases for 30 years. Yes, you can win under the constitution, but you have to go to court. There's a federal rule out there that makes it very easy for everyone to follow, which there is right now.

You don't have to then find yourself in those situations. So if you make a comment and we've got it preset for you at, we encourage you to add a couple of your own sentences though. They have to actually read and respond to every single comment that is submitted when they make a proposed rule change. So let's make them overwhelmed with those opposing this dangerous anti-religious, anti-Christian rule change by the Biden administration. You can do it at

It does not cost a thing and we've got great grassroots tools to make it very easy for you there. There's a lot of people watching right now who are commenting. They've signed that petition. Also, this is what I told you in the last segment. I wanted to share with you more of the great work that we're doing here beyond just a broadcast. You hear this radio show, this television show, however you want to ingest this, whether that is on live streaming, whether that's through rumble with thousands of you watch or whether it's on YouTube or Facebook. Whenever you ingest this, you may hear us and a lot of other what you put, quote unquote commentators, a lot of them do a great job. However, a lot of them don't do the work. A lot of them sell gimmicks and have really fun content and talk about a lot of similar topics, but what they're not out there doing is the actual work to make change and give you hope in society. That's what we do here. We actually do the work and you need to help support that work. It's great to be involved. It's great to be educated, to be entertained. I want to provide that great content more for you, but a lot of these people don't go out there. A lot of these great organizations, great entertainment companies, if you will, just put out talking heads saying the same stuff you've heard a million times, but they're not going out there and filing for you. It's not going out there filing lawsuits, not going out there waiting for you to say, hey, I've had my rights infringed on and I need help, but we do that here at the ACLJ and we can use your support right now and we are in the middle of what is called our matching challenge. We have thousands of you watching. I know from new platforms like rumble who maybe didn't hear the last 25 years of us doing this plus 30 plus years, 25 years just doing the broadcast, 30 plus years, 40 plus years of doing the work.

You may not have heard it before, so that's why I try to explain it here. We've had a lot of great free resources over at We're talking about great new videos. We're talking about blogs, articles for people like Mike Pompeo and Rick Grinnell and our entire amazing team.

We couldn't do that without you and right now we're in the middle of a matching challenge and it's very easy. So what you can do, you go on there and go to You make a donation of any kind. That could be $5. It could be $10. It could be $500. It could be $5,000.

It doesn't matter. We have a group of amazing donors who are ready right now to match those donations. So if you give $100, it becomes $200. So on and so on, upwards and upwards, and we can't do the work that we're doing without your support and we really appreciate it. If you're brand new and you're getting this content, you're getting this content right now for free and that's fantastic. What I'm going to ask you to do, but it's not free to produce as you can imagine. I'm going to ask you, when you're done doing that, to just, if you're watching on Rumble right now, click that follow.

That is valuable as well. If you're watching on YouTube, hit the subscribe, comment, like, share if you're on Facebook because these kind of broadcasts don't get out to the world without you. This is a grassroots broadcast.

It doesn't happen without you spreading the word. And you know, the FOIA that I talked about as well, this we had to take into court, if you see it in my hands, because we filed the initial FOIL and surprise, surprise, the State Department would not respond on time. So what do we say when they don't respond? Do we give them time? We say, nope, we're taking you to court. We want these documents on your new Palestinian envoy. We come back, we're going to take more of your calls.

Second half hour coming up. 1-800-684-3110 to talk to us on the air. We're going to get into some of that Antifa attack in Atlanta. Yeah, as well. We're going to talk a little bit more about the potential change in the immigration policies. A little bit more about maybe the disinformation czar. Yeah, we'll talk a ton about that.

We can get more into that coming up. Second half hour coming up on all your favorite platforms. If you don't get us, find us broadcasting live right now at We started with, and we got calls on this, which is Vice President Harris demeaning and calling all conservatives bad.

I do want to play it for everybody who might just be joining the broadcast. We got calls about it, and we're going to go to those in just a minute. So here it is. Yesterday she had a climate change forum, but she needed to tell a story that finally got around to the point being that one day in life she realized that, like her mom told her, all Republicans are bad people. Take a listen. I'm going to share with you a very simple story, which is that I went home one day and I said, well, why are conservatives bad, Mommy? Because I thought we were supposed to conserve things. I couldn't reconcile it.

Now I can. Now she can reconcile why she has such disdain for half the country. That's why she doesn't really go to the border, doesn't go to East Palestine either. Really just hangs out amongst groups that support her. Yeah, laugh at her jokes.

That laugh along with her cackling. I want to go to Ann in North Carolina online too. Hey, Ann.

Ann, you're on the air. Yeah. Okay. Can you hear me?

Yes, we can. Okay. I'm a staunch supporter of ACLJ, have been for years, and it's so ironic to me that Vice President Harris, of all people, should use all the words that she does, pulling down conservatives. So I started thinking of some interesting words for her, not to be nasty, but they're honest and they're true. She's raucous, hysterical, giddy, meaningless, laughs, fingernails on a blackboard.

The fact that she is Vice President of this United States, and I had pilgrims' relatives that came over on the Mayflower. So I so love your show, and I wasn't paid to say this, and I will continue to support it forever. Thank you.

Thank you so much, Ann. And you know what? I think you're right. The toad is just grating on people. It's the words so simple, the laughter so off-putting. I think that there's a reason that at 80-plus years old, no one is talking about if Joe Biden doesn't run, that she's the presumptive nominee.

Yeah. You know, it's not like she is the one that they're all pushing forward. It's who are we going to replace Joe Biden with? And very rarely do you hear it's Harris. Now, I've been always the person who thinks still when we get around to next election cycle of 2024, there's a good chance she's the President. But that is just the nature of the beast, because I think that it is. But that doesn't mean she's going to run.

You know, it could very well be a situation where she is not that, but you never hear her specifically even being talked about because of these moments like this that feel for the entire country feel wrong. You want to keep going on the calls? Yeah. Let's take LaDesa, Georgia online for Hey, LaDesa.

Hi there. Thanks for taking my call. When I heard Kamala Harris' clip and you think about Proverbs 24 through 32 and how you walk past the field of a slugger, you gain information from what you observe and you learn lessons. But what you learn is that she feels like she's not well prepared. But then it makes me think about myself.

You know, if I'm prepared, you know, when I go out and speak to people and she's just not ready. We have core leadership, but it's very instructive to our own personal lives and professionals and how we are to be knowledgeable. I got you. Yeah. And I think that that's the part that is kind of upsetting is that she goes out and she's our vice President. Right.

And this is how she talks to Americans. Yeah. It's really upset. It's upsetting. It's sad.

It sounds ridiculous. But it's why we continue to work here. We continue to spread this information and we have a lot coming up in the next segment as well. We're going to talk, as you said, what's going on in Atlanta, Georgia.

We haven't really spent a lot of time on this. We're born and raised. Yeah.

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. And it has been taken over and you have this situation where, of course, not only was there these Antifa style riots that were happening, start to find out who some of the players are in it. You know what?

They're the ones that call you bad as well. So give us a call if you know about this 1-800-684-3110 or support the work of the ACLJ at We're going to talk about that coming up in the next segment of the broadcast.

Again, support the work matching challenger right now. Surprise, surprise. We've seen an act of domestic violent extremism and it wasn't by the right.

No. It was by the group that's continued to carry out domestic violent extremism in the country for years. Antifa, who does not like a particular new center being built in Atlanta for police and fire fire trading. They call it nastily cop city.

This is going to be like a militarized zone. When in fact, the city of Atlanta is trying to better trade police officers and firefighters so that those who are apprehended by police or in police custody or find themselves in situations with police are actually better trained so that we don't see these national tragedies where there's police overreaction or riots in the streets. But yet this group, they don't want police to be fixed, Andy. They want police to be defunded. They want community activists to be in the cities, in the communities. They don't want actual police there.

So even if this would improve policing relations with communities who feel like they have been unfairly targeted by police, no, no, they've got to burn it down. That's the irony, Jordan, is the fact that here we are attempting in the state of Georgia, and this is in DeKalb County, which is the Atlanta police department and it's county just next to Fulton County where Atlanta is located. And that's where the Atlanta police department wants to put this $90 million training center. But the irony is that we are attempting, as you say, to do something right, to teach police how not to overreact to situations, to teach law enforcement officers generally, it would include paramedics, it would include first responders, it would include a broad panoply of people who are in law enforcement.

We have a training center like that in Forsyth, Georgia, just down the way. So to teach them to be better law enforcement officers. And yet the hard left, the ANTIFA, the Southern Poverty Law Center that's always been leftist in its orientation, doesn't want that. They are prepared to use violence to prevent that from happening, saying not only is that just a cop city where you're just training people to persecute the population, but you're also knocking down a forest area there that's preserved. For all the right leftist talking point reasons, they go and engage in acts of domestic terrorism, and that's exactly what this is, domestic terrorism, and they need to be prosecuted for it. The fact it's not lost on me that you've got this highly educated Southern Poverty Law Center attorney, they are claiming he was there just to watch. That is obviously the police thought that he was not just caught up in it, but was doing something and taking part. He looks like a protester.

He does not look like someone who has tried to look different. Yeah, you understand people like press, if you will, that are going to want to go down and cover it, or people that just feel like they need to see... Oh, I know, acts of not this violent, but civil disobedience. My dad would certainly accompany protesters.

Yeah. But you know what he'd be doing? He'd usually wear a suit. He would identify himself as, I am not the protester. I am their lawyer. I am their lawyer.

You can talk to me. But this is violence. So he was just going down to observe Molotov cocktails being blown up. Well, guess what happens?

Police are going to come in and use violence to stop it because you started destroying property with handmade explosives. Yeah, everyone in that area is going to probably get arrested, and he was one of them. And you're right.

He should be. Yeah, in an organization that is one of the most controversial, I feel like, in the sense of somehow they've been able to weave this web of being this not... of labeling a lot of hate groups. That's sort of their whole thing is who's on their hate list and who's not.

And really, they've become this really... It sounds nice. The Southern Poverty Law, it sounds like a nice institute.

It sounds like someone's doing good stuff. But what we know is really they're just a radicalized organization to a pretty far extreme. Yeah, but mostly their hate group list is conservative organizations. It's all politics. Yeah. But, again, I think it was interesting. I mean, there were activists from as far away as France, Canada. Oh, yeah.

That was a weird part, too. They said, now Atlanta's an international city. We know that it's easy to get in and out of Atlanta and get overseas. Right. So that makes sense. But also, you're right. These weren't Georgia protesters.

Right. And Georgia responded pretty strongly, said, this isn't Portland, and we're not going to take it like this. No, because that's the state doing something about it. Would the federal government do anything about this? I mean, I think what Georgia needs to do is – even though you probably could have federal issues here in Antifa, you know, the federal movement, I think if you're the state of Georgia, you'd rather prosecute it.

Yeah. I mean, this is something that really is within the purview of the district attorney for DeKalb County, Georgia, who is a prosecutor elected by the people to keep law and order in the county. And I think what Logan said is really important, and that is the Southern Poverty Law Center. Because people who listen to this program know I live in Atlanta, and I've known about the Southern Poverty Law Center all my life growing up. They're not what they purport to be. They're the people who claim that the Latin mass in the Catholic Church is somehow an oppressive thing that has to be stopped.

This is something that's been going on since the Middle Ages. So I mean, they're not what they purport themselves and represent themselves to be, nor is they're a lawyer. As I pointed out, if he goes out there as a lawyer, he goes out there as a lawyer. This guy went out there as a terrorist, helping with the Molotov cocktails. I think he had some kind of a disguise on as well. And he supposedly is a member of the Florida bar and the Georgia bar from what I saw.

But you know, if he's not acting as a lawyer and he's acting as a terrorist, he needs to be treated like one and locked up. You know, we have a good call coming. Let me go to Lynn in Washington State on line one. Hey, Lynn, welcome to Secular. You're on the air. Hi.

Thank you, guys. I was just wondering, why wasn't the National Guard called out in Atlanta? I can't understand it. I mean, do you have to have, is it only, who calls the National Guard? I mean, the governor could call them out. It wasn't necessary here.

No, it was not. The police did a great job in shutting this down, an arrest. Listen, would the police do a good job? It was a mixture of police and SWAT. Would they do a good job? Yes, there was destruction, but they apprehended 23 of these terrorists and they were able to get the situation solved, so they didn't need to bring in the National Guard. This was 23 bad actors, but they didn't let them just run off and get away with it. No, that's true. The governor invokes the National Guard.

It was not necessary in this place. I saw pictures of what was going on. The Atlanta Police Department, the DeKalb County Police Department, the Georgia State Patrol, the troopers were out there. They took it in hand and they handled the situation admirably and correctly. They arrested the people who were engaging in domestic terrorism, and I hope they prosecute them, and I think that they will.

We don't need the National Guard in a case where law enforcement that exists already is doing the job. They're doing it. Yeah.

It's 1-800-634-3110 to talk to us today on this, 1-800-634-3110. Do you want to talk about it a little bit, Dina? Oh, yeah. There was some more news coming out. We talked about yesterday the GoFundMe from Nina Jankowicz, who was the head of the disinformation organization. She was trying to sue Fox News. Well, it seems like her bad luck turned worse when you had Jim Jordan make a pretty big statement and respond.

That's right. So Congressman Jordan has subpoenaed the former disinformation government's board czar, Nina Jankowicz, to testify concerning her official duties as a Department of Homeland Security employee and former executive director of the board, including how the board intended to define disinformation and how it proposed to protect, for instance, First Amendment rights. The House Judiciary Committee has conducted the oversight of this now disbanded disinformation government's board, but it was operated under DHS, and we have said they will try to bring it back. We talked about that DHS entity yesterday, Logan, on the broadcast, which is allowed to question Americans at all so long as it's voluntary so they get around the subpoena rules, they get around having to go to a court or a judge to be able to talk to people. They never are really going to give up on this disinformation misinformation.

They're just going to keep relabeling. And I think this will be really interesting. It's one of those that I feel like is an important thing to cover, the fact that we're going to have, you know, under oath, hopefully, in some ways, a conversation that could be had. I look forward to this. These are the kind of things I was hoping would actually be the leading topics that come up.

And Jim Jordan seems to be the guy who will do that. He will bring the topics up and continue to bring them up until we have real answers, because these are the ones that I feel like are, though this one didn't last very long, as you said, it's always still happening behind the scenes. We're going to learn more about what actually went down and what the situation was.

Hopefully we learn, hey, maybe it wasn't as bad as we thought, but I have a feeling that's not the case. No, she's the one complaining about the First Amendment and how troubling it is to have a First Amendment in our country because it makes censorship very difficult because, you know, awful but lawful speech, you know, it's lawful. Still should be removed, but who gets to define what's awful?

Because I just heard Vice President Harris call all of us bad for being Republicans. Just having Southern Poverty Law Center lawyer getting, you know, he's firebombing or being part of that. He'll be praised.

Yeah, exactly. Well, I, you know, I don't know if, yeah, I guess by the radical left, possibly. Oh yeah, Southern Poverty Law's already protecting him. Oh, we're going to wear some shirts with him printed on it now. That guy?

They probably will. He'll probably go on hunger strike. He looks like that type. Yeah.

He looks like already. Yeah. Well, he's probably a vegan. Yeah.

Can't eat a whole lot. Yeah. Not for allergies or any sort of other reasons. No. He still wears leather, you know, for his protesting and Molotov. For his big hats. Yeah. Well, also when he's got to like, you know, break chains and blow up, but you got to have some straw.

Doesn't care about the environment. No. All right. Give us a call. We have one more segment coming up.

We'd love to hear from you. 1-800-684-3110. That's 1-800.

How many times do you think he's been vaccinated? 1-800-684-3110. Have your voice heard on the air and you can also stay tuned because we have an interesting conversation coming up about what's happening at the border. A bit more information to that coming up, but I'd love to hear from you on all the topics that we discussed. Support the work of the ACLJ.

Go to And not only that, check out the incredible content that we produce. I know I don't just say that. Go watch it. Subscribe. Do all those things.

All right, welcome back to Secular. We are taking your calls, 1-800-684-3110. We do encourage you, if you're watching on Rumble, will you subscribe and there what you do is follow. It's right under the video. You'll see it on the right-hand side and just click the follow button there.

We really appreciate for all of you who are in the chat, you can do it immediately because you're already logged in, but to set up an account, it's really important for us as well and allows you to also interact with the broadcast. Do the same at Facebook and YouTube and share it with your friends and family because each of these segments today has been kind of unique. We're going to the border right now because there's been an interesting move. Of course, they don't want to talk about it, but the New York Times is reporting and bringing Wes Smith that the U.S., that would be the Biden administration, is considering reinstating the detention of migrant families. I thought that's the kids in cages, kids in cages is back.

Yes, it is. You know, George W. Bush and President Obama both use family detention during their administrations. Trump expanded it and became the devil incarnate to the left. So what Biden did, he completely stopped family detention. He would release them into the United States with a cell phone to track them and then give them a notice to appear at an immigration hearing later on. Many of them do not appear later on.

They toss the cell phone. So we have no idea where they are. And so all of this is being complicated by the fact that the border continues to spiral out of control. And President Biden has taken some political hits on this. Over two million people have been detained since he became President. There's about six hundred thousand plus getaways.

It is literally out of control. And the other thing the Biden administration realizes is that on May 11th, Title 42 goes away. They've been using Title 42 to send not only individuals, but some family units back to Mexico while their asylum claim is adjudicated.

They can't do that after May 11th. Thus, Jordan, Logan, they're thinking about going back to the Trump policy of family detention. Conversations at least happening. It was coming out of The New York Times. You're not talking about coming from some conservative rags trying to say this is what it is. This was coming out of sort of the quote unquote mainstream media, if you will. And people don't know Title 42.

It's supposed to expire because really it was just put in place for covid and it just keeps getting extended because, again, like you said, they don't want the floodgates already open. Now, let's make it even harder. And I think everyone knows that that can't be the case. It is pretty interesting to see what the next process could be if they go back to this. Is it coming up with a way?

I don't know. That feels more humane. There may be a way to humanely do this where people can usually get out of control. Right.

It does. But I'm saying maybe there's some sort of process, maybe with the United States of America and figure out a way where it doesn't have to look like the way that we've presented this for the last three administrations, if you will. What I think is interesting is that it's gotten so bad that they're now, they at least consider it. And I mean, if I think if they're this far into considering it, they're probably planning to do it because the summer is about to hit with the warm weather comes and it's predictable, which it's really a couple of weeks away.

Actually, if you're in southern Texas right now, it's pretty predictable now. I mean, the waves start coming. We know that's the uptick. And so the Biden administration going into election season yet again, he's about to declare needs to do something to slow, even if it doesn't end them. But something where he could go out there and say, we've stopped this much, would be a big point for him to be able to make.

So I think, Wes, they're willing to take the hit from their far left to appeal more to middle mainstream Americans to make it look like, see, even we've reconsidered something we thought was wrong because it's going to help Americans. Yeah. Of course, there is this complicating factor, Jordan, that is under the floor resettlement agreement for Reno versus Flores, 1993, and then a settlement agreement that followed in 1997. You cannot hold children for more than 20 days.

You're not supposed to. So yeah, the family, if they have children, what are you going to do after 20 days? And before they had expanded facilities for family units to be detained when President Biden ended family detention while their asylum claim was looked at, he took all of these facilities and made them for single adult males. So now if they do this, they're going to have to go back in and put nurseries and playgrounds and things for families instead of single males. That will cost lots of money. And I've read this morning, ICE is now hundreds of millions of dollars over budget. So this is complicated. The best way to handle this, at least one of the ways to handle this, would be to secure the border and have legal ports of entry and not so much open border. And that's not going to happen.

Well, but you know, it may not happen, but I didn't think that this could potentially be one of those things. Anything stamped with Trump, even if it didn't come from the Trump era, even if we know, we know that he got stuck with it in terms of the way that it was worded and the way that if you think of kids in cages, you think of how they treated it in the, in the prior administration. Yeah. And then the Obama administration. Now we're at the point where they're saying, we have to figure out a way around it.

We have to figure out a way to, to parse this back. And when you do that, it's becoming very hypocritical because it's very hypocritical for the Democrats. However, it's also the nature of politics. And maybe, maybe we can finally get back to the point where you realize before you're the President, you don't know how this stuff actually runs. There was a time where sure there were campaign promises that had to be removed. Why?

Because when you got in the office, you realized that there were certain things that were there for a reason. So what happened with the Biden administration is anything that had Trump, you know, stamped on it, it had to go, it had to go, even if it was stating him as they go, right. I mean, we see this with other policies, even with some of the title 42 stuff, when they tried to remove that at the border, when it was still declaring a national emergency. This is at a time too, where Mexico has become very dangerous, unfortunately, at a wider scale where it just seems like tourist places it used to be and no brainers to go to on vacation. We just saw this horrible event, Wes, with kidnapped Americans. They were, there were four kidnapped, two have been found alive, but two dead, likely by cartels.

Right. Went down for medical procedures and attacked two of them, killed by cartels. This is a horrible situation. I've been saying for months, and I'm glad to see, say this tongue in cheek, that Lindsey Graham and Bob Barr are agreeing with me now, we should consider designating the, the terrorists, the drug cartels as international terrorist organizations, because it would give us some more options to counter this. Of course, the big way to stop the fentanyl coming into America would be to have a wall completely along the border, because a lot of the drugs that get into the country come across open borders. The cartels are not only murdering American tourists, and they've been doing that for a while and doing kidnappings, but just last week, we discovered that the fentanyl that's coming across, of course, if you have Narcan close by, you can revive the person who is overdosing with fentanyl. If you get to them in time, now the drug cartels are lacing the fentanyl with a horse tranquilizer that is impervious to Narcan so that if they take those pills, you literally cannot revive them. They will die. This is a terrorist act. Then ISIS, most people don't realize this, killed less than 100 Americans. We are losing 200,000 Americans a year from fentanyl and other drugs.

We've got to look at this more seriously. There's two groups responsible, the Chinese Communist Party, who manufactures the fentanyl, and the cartels in Mexico, who then mix it with other drugs and deliver it to the United States. So you've got two actors, one who is supposed to be a much better ally, Mexico, but has a very tough time cutting down on their drug, the drug trade, because of how prevalent and cheap this is to make. But the Chinese Communist Party, back again, killing Americans. Think about if they were waging war in their mind, and you could take out one to 200,000 Americans a year off a cheap drug, you're weakening the country, and you certainly are. You're killing young people. You're killing the next generation of people. It is, again, I don't know what has to give for the Democrats to care more about the American people, the American kids, teenagers and college students who are dying because of this fentanyl being produced. Ultimately, the first stop is the Chinese Communist Party in China, then to Mexico, and then it kills our kids. And why does that have to be partisan?

It should never be. Support the work of the ACLJ at We've got that matching challenge month. You've doubled the impact, your donation. It's a really important month for us financially, donate today at
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