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Border “Cleaned Up” Ahead of Biden Visit

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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January 9, 2023 1:07 pm

Border “Cleaned Up” Ahead of Biden Visit

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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January 9, 2023 1:07 pm

Yesterday, President Biden visited the border for the first time since taking office. The problem: President Biden chose to visit a very different, sanitized stretch of El Paso, which was cleaned up in advance, as opposed to witnessing the horrific crisis that is overwhelming our border patrol on a day-to-day basis. Is the Biden Administration finally taking the border crisis seriously, or was this just another Biden photo-op? Jay, Jordan, and the Sekulow team discuss this and more today on Sekulow.


Today on Sekulow, the border was cleaned up ahead of Joe Biden's visit. We'll talk about that more today on Sekulow. Keeping you informed and engaged. Now more than ever, this is Sekulow.

We want to hear from you. Share and post your comments or call 1-800-684-3110. And now your host, Jordan Sekulow. Hey, welcome to Sekulow. We are taking your phone calls to 1-800-684-3110.

That's 1-800-684-3110. So President Biden makes the trip, the first, we believe, since even when he was vice President under President Obama, that he had not yet made that trip. So the first time since then, maybe sometime as senator, though we're not sure, it was a different border situation at that point. So he makes the trip, he goes to El Paso. We've got images, I want to start putting those up on the screen right now, of what El Paso looked like on the day before his arrival. There's all the people in the streets. And then the day before his arrival.

So two days before his arrival and then the day before. So they cleaned up the streets, so it didn't look like the chaos that it actually looks like every day. We can continue on with these photos as we're talking here. I mean, yeah, I mean, look at that center.

Look at all of those people. And now look, it looks like the US has full control in that photo. This again is one of the issues people have is that he did not actually see the border as it is, but instead, as Governor Greg Abbott of Texas said, went down for a photo op, but not a photo op to show how bad things are at the border, a photo op that made it look like things are stable. Now he has issued policies and Greg Abbott has also, he delivered a letter to President Biden. He said, this is what you've got to do to really secure the border and help us here in Texas. Yeah, this is, it's interesting because he said, here's the five things. We have a copy of that. We'll put it up on the screen.

There it is for those that are watching it. Number one, he said, you must comply with many statutes mandating the various categories of aliens shall be detained. This is again, the unlawful entrance that are in the United States, their ability to be detained under existing statutes and end the practice of unlawfully paroling aliens en masse. He uses the phrase aliens, which is the legal term I use to front unlawful entrance.

That's the term I use. You must stop sandbagging the implementation of the remain in Mexico policy, which now it looks like they're, at least according to his plan, they're going to be reinstituting that and Title 42 expulsions and fully enforce those measures as federal courts have ordered you to do. Now what's interesting on Title 42, which is a temporary measure, and that is currently before the Supreme Court of the United States on the question of whether the States could intervene in this.

And I think the answer is going to be the States probably can, although I think it's be a very close case. I mean, I think five, four, we'll be filing a brief on that, just that issue of standing to intervene in the proceeding. But if the President puts forward these plans that he's talking about, the need for Title 42 is going to dissipate significantly because under Title 8 with enforcement mechanisms, you could do the same thing, which is expulsion. In other words, if you come here lawfully, you're not an unlawful entrant. You're not an illegal immigrant, as some use that phrase. You're going through the legal immigration process. But if you're here unlawfully, if you're an unlawful entrant, well, then you get removed, which is the way it should be. And then Greg Abbott also said you must resume the construction of the border wall. And I noticed in some of the pictures that they had in some of the video coming out of El Paso, they had them next to the wall, the border wall, which looked clean and protective. But of course, there it is.

I mean, look at that. The border wall he opposed. He opposes that, but that's what's working.

That's what's working. Greg Abbott says that's what needs to be finished. And the billions of dollars to finish it have already been appropriated. That money is already available to the federal government. It's just the executive branch has not authorized the use of those funds to be used to finish the wall. And again, Texas is one of the biggest problems. I mean, there's Arizona, but Texas had the biggest border, that's for sure. Yeah.

And it's got the most areas that are vulnerable to the cartels, to the traffickers, to these massive amounts of migrants. So the first question is, was all of this just a photo op and a talking point? Because he's about to announce his Presidential campaign in a month. Yeah. And we're getting so much black on the border.

That's, I think, part of it. And we're going to have to track very closely, does he ever go in to implement these policies? Because the left is threatening lawsuits and they're threatening again to even put up more liberal candidates if he takes these immigration moves.

So what's interesting here to me is if the left files lawsuits against President Biden's immigration plans, we would be filing a lawsuit supporting the administration saying, if those plans are lawful, that they're lawful. If they are, and I'm assuming they will be. And if they're being implemented.

And if they're being implemented. Very interesting dynamic. We'll take your calls.

800-684-3110. So one thing in our new world with the way you capture media so quickly, whether it's on your phone or any other device you've got, is that you can't really get away with these cleanups, scams, where you got a President who's going to finally go to the border. Oh, let's clean up all the streets. Let's disappear all the migrants.

Let's put them in a camp, you know, miles away. Let's take them to the Bridge of Americas, which is, by the way, a commercial bridge. That's the crossing point for the trucks that are doing business between Mexico. Sometimes those are being used for bad things.

Yeah, but most of the time it's the legal point of entry for goods and services between Mexico and the United States. Trade. That's not the thousands of people.

It's trade. That's not the people coming across in the groups. It's not, again, thousands of people sleeping on the street. He went to go see migrant centers that were empty, and they were empty because they were emptied out. I mean, so again, you can't pull these stunts anymore on people.

Because people have them on their phones. Take a listen to Greg Abbott. This is the governor of Texas. Now, yes, he's a Republican. He's been critical of Joe Biden, but he is the governor. He's been asking him to come there. Just talk about how little notice they had to ask Greg Abbott to show up.

Take a listen. During this entire time, Joe Biden has not called me. He did not call me. Nor his staff called and let us know either about his visit or to invite us.

Until last night, we got a random email to one of my staff members asking if I would be there to meet him on the tarmac. And so they have failed to communicate. And listen, this visit is about two years too late and about $20 billion short of what needs to be done. All he's going to do down there is rearrange the chairs on the deck of the Titanic. He's not going to achieve any solutions that will make the border safer, more secure, and stop illegal immigration.

It's interesting because Governor Abbott has said in a letter to President Biden that he hand-delivered on the tarmac that we was talking about. He said, you must comply with the statutes mandating various categories of individuals should be detained in the end the practice of this en masse parole, which they've been doing. You must stop sandbagging the implementation of remain in Mexico, which was very effective under the previous administration.

Also utilize Title 42. You must aggressively prosecute illegal entrants. And that's it. I am using the term unlawful entrants. That's what they are. They're people that have unlawfully entered and also immediately resume construction of the border wall, which was so ironic that that's where he's getting his picture taken next to the border wall.

So you have all of that. And then the question you ask yourself is the administration says they're going to do all these enforcement measures, which the left is now threatening to sue if they do it. And we said, if those measures by President Biden are legitimate, if they're being enforced, if they are protecting our border and they need to be defended, we'll jump in and defend it as well if they're being enforced. The fifth point that Governor Abbott made, which I thought was interesting, and we've seen a lot of people call for is to designate these drug cartels as foreign terrorist organizations. And if you see the response by the Sonella Cartel to the arrest of El Chapo Jr., and he was once arrested and they had to release him because of the violence, they are aiming at civilian aircraft. I mean, they've got helicopters firing down the city.

And they have the capability to do it. They're now blowing up the city as we speak. So I don't know how many people have been killed. We know 29 were killed just in the attempt to capture him.

That's war. That's not capturing like a mob boss. That's like capturing Osama bin Laden.

I mean, more casualties in capturing El Chapo's son than that. So these organizations are killing Americans. They are terrorizing Mexican cities and towns.

And so why don't we designate them as foreign terrorist organizations so that we can utilize more effective law enforcement and military against them? And it's interesting because with the new Congress coming in, one of the first things they're going to do, we're going to talk about this tomorrow, is stop the funding of the 87,000 IRS agents that was going ahead in these appropriations bill. And they could stop it because the money hasn't been appropriated. Wouldn't it be great to take some of that money and say, you know what we will do though?

We'll redeploy for law enforcement on the border where we need it actually, which will protect all Americans. We're taking your calls, 800-684-3110. Let's go ahead and take a call. Yeah. Tim's calling from California, online one. Hey, Tim. Thank you for taking my call.

Sure. How do we get the Biden administration to see the way the border really is instead of doing the cleanup job as a done? They know what it really is. They see the images on TV.

That's why I say you can't escape reality. Now they can clean it up for him so he doesn't have to walk by it in person. But all those images are on television all the time. In fact, all the media is showing the before and after photos of just this visit. He's seen the crisis.

I don't think he'd be willing to go there or talk about implementing plans the ACLU might file lawsuits against if he didn't realize and his team just how bad it is. Well, Mayorkas said we've got... He finally made it.

Do we have that sound? Well, Mayorkas said, I think it was last week, he said... I think it was one of the Sunday shows, one of their news shows saying basically acknowledging finally, yeah, there's a real problem that the system's overwhelmed. We can't cope with the numbers and it's going to get worse. We haven't? We're looking for it. Okay.

Yes, that's the reality. We want to talk to you too, 1-800-684-31, especially if you're in areas that have been affected. I mean, listen, you could be in a town way off, way outside where the border is, but maybe you've had a busload of migrants or two dropped off. Now it's interesting, the governor of Colorado is now not sending the... He was going to send the people that were sent to him, to his city, he was going to send to New York and Chicago. He canceled that because the mayors of those two cities who are Democrats said, don't do that to us. Well, they said they can't handle it. That's wild that New York is saying, if they can't handle 15 to 30,000 people in a city that large, that they don't have the resources, but they've got their own crime problems going on right now, drug problems going on, this adds to it.

So the answer is that even Democrat to Democrat, it's not working. And what they were saying is a lot of these people are naming those cities as the places to go. And then the New York mayor Adams came back and said, they may be telling you they got family here, but when they get off the bus and we ask them, where do you want to go? They don't have anywhere to go. They just know those cities in the United States.

So they think that's a better place to be to potentially find work or find some kind of safe haven, but that they don't have the contacts. I think we do have the sound from Mayorkas. Yeah, let's take a listen. Would you, Secretary, qualify what is happening on the border right now as a crisis? You know, we have seen the situation of the border managed in an orderly way. We have seen it in extraordinarily challenging circumstances as well. You can rest assured, Poppy, that we're doing everything that we possibly can to build a system that provides humanitarian relief in a safe and orderly way while trying to persuade Congress to fix what is a broken system.

In other words, it's a disaster. Now, was he down there with the President? He did.

He was. Yeah. So, okay. So they are seeing the sanitized version, but as Jordan said, they know exactly what's at stake here. They know exactly what's wrong. The numbers. They know the, you know, X amount of hundreds of thousands of illegal entrants, unlawful entrants came into the United States. They know that, for instance, right now in El Paso, they're having a tremendous amount of problem with, getting ready for this, increased crimes on people breaking into cars, primarily the people being apprehended, Venezuelan. Yeah. And what they're doing is because they got moved and they have no shelter. So they're looking for the vehicles as a place to shelter. Yeah.

Local shelters were unable to accept the individuals. And Customs and Border Patrol said, we have cleaned out these areas this week. They said that. Oh yeah.

It all happened this week. 1-800-684-3110 to talk to us on air. That's 1-800-684-3110 to talk to us on Sekulow. Continue to take your phone calls. Whitney called in from Texas online too.

Hey, Whitney. Hi, thanks so much for taking my call. So I'm calling from the Dallas area. That means I'm closer to Oklahoma than the Southern border, but we are very aware of what's happening. It is a legitimate crisis. We're seeing the crime impacts daily. And my question is, where did the resources come from? I mean, the manpower and the money to do this kind of Herculean cleanup in basically 24 hours is- Your tax dollars.

... significant. You, me, and every other American paid for that one. Yeah.

Whitney, great question. We paid for that. You know, if I was President and, you know, and again, like President Trump went right, remember when like there during the hurricane hit Houston, he went right to the facilities to see how many people were suffering. You know, he was helping to give out supplies. They didn't like try to whitewash that for him. Here, I mean, this was that total whitewashing of a situation.

And it was so he could take photos where the streets didn't have human excrement and needles on them. You realize that? Of course, because they don't want to show what's actually going on down there.

But the thing that you said is right. Everybody knows what's going on there. The mayors know, the governor knows.

Republican and Democrat. Republicans and Democrats are saying this is out of control now. If the President puts forward these policies that he implements these policies he's put forward, the ACLU and these groups have already said we're suing them to stop the enforcement.

Now, understand what that means. If we think those policies are legitimate and I mean, the way they read, they appear to be, and they're being implemented and they will protect citizens of the United States, we would file a brief, yes, on behalf of the Biden administration on those issues, if in fact they're doing enforcement with laws that make sense. Yeah. Because, you know, the ACLU is challenging them that the government has the right to protect its citizens. Period. You know, the court has hampered a lot of what states could do.

Yeah. So it's really, I mean, they've said in most recent Supreme Court opinions, this is the federal government. It is up to the feds. They've got to handle this situation on when it comes to specifically to the border and then how to utilize the immigration courts and systems after people already enter the US.

So again, that's one of the biggest problems. When people are apprehended by regular law enforcement, they're handed over to federal agents. The federal agents oftentimes are under orders to just release people. Correct. And that's the catch and release program.

That's what that was all about. So we'll see what happens here, but there needs to be something and we're on, ACLJ is on top of it. Our government affairs office is on top of it. Our litigators are already looking at the issue. And again, that's where your support of the ACLJ makes a huge difference because we can bring you this information and litigate the case at

Your support makes a huge difference. We encourage you to support the work of the ACLJ. And update on Supreme Court case.

Welcome back to SECIO. We will continue to take your calls. Get those coming in 1-800-684-3110 on the border crisis. I mean, we'll talk a little McCarthy too, because we were not on the air once that came to a close. We'll do that a little bit later in the broadcast.

We take calls on that as well at 1-800-684-3110. But we have an ACLJ victory and we always want to utilize this broadcast when we can to update you on the work of the ACLJ as well directly and when we've got victories to announce to make sure you know about them. Yeah. So, you know, for 40 years, we've been fighting over the issue of public recognition of prayer or students wanting to pray or individuals wanting to pray. We've got a case of the Supreme Court we'll talk about in a moment, but sometimes these are just cases at a local level, but you need to know what's happening because we talk about, you know, border crisis and going to court on that or the Supreme Court of the United States and dealing with that on the overturning of Roe. But a lot of these cases are individuals in a small community or a larger community that need help. And we've got a victory report that we've put in our email today to put out because it's going to show you that whether it is at the Supreme Court in the United States or in a local school board, ACLJ lawyers were there.

Yeah. And here it was just an elementary school in Iowa. There was a little boy in an elementary school in Iowa that had been told that he could not bring his Christian reading material or talk about the Bible due to separation of church and state. And he was told this on multiple occasions. So, of course, we were contacted by his parents and we immediately jumped in and sent a letter to the school just telling the school of this little boy's rights that he has the right to have a conversation at school about the Bible or to bring his Bible or to even hand out religious material. And so once the school got the information, got the relevant legal information, they changed their policy and this little boy has been able to bring his Christian material and talk about the Bible because we stepped in and provided the right information. You know what's interesting to these... We've been litigating these cases, folks, for decades.

I mean, literally four decades. And the reason I wanted to talk to you about it today was because you know why that's going on? Let me tell you what else is going on. We're at the Supreme Court of the United States. We represent the city of Ocala on a huge case involving prayer.

And the big part of the case is whether somebody that's just offended because someone who prays has the right to then go to federal court and seek injunctions to stop the prayer activity, which so far the court of appeals and the district court said they could. So we took the case up to the Supreme Court of the United States and we briefed it in September and again in November and the other side responded in October. And then it was Christmas and then it was set for conference originally on January 6th. So we were supposed to have it last Friday. We got an order about two days before that said being reconferenced. Didn't say when, just pulled the file.

It's very hard to read into what that means. We did get word today that at least as of right now the case is scheduled to be discussed in conference on, there's actually there's the docket sheet. We're putting it up right there from the Supreme Court website this Friday.

Now what does that mean? If the court decides they're going to grant it on Friday, they will usually issue the order that afternoon. They meet, the justices meet all nine of them at approximately 10 o'clock in the morning.

It's usually about a two-hour conference. They go around the table and decide you've got to have four votes for a Supreme Court case to be heard. So it's called the rule of four. So when four justices say we want to hear it then they decide they're going to hear it or not hear it. Now if they have four that say they want to hear it, it gets heard.

Now here's what's interesting on this one. Justices Alito and Gorsuch do not participate in what's called the cert pool. It's a little bit in the weeds but I think it's important for people to understand this. What that means is the other chambers including conservatives and liberals their clerks look at the certiorari petitions and they decide we recommend this case, we don't recommend this case, here's what the issue is. They do a little memo. Alito and Gorsuch do not do that. So they have they review them prior to that. Of course all the justices get the memos before. So my guess is the memos have been circulated. That's like guess number one here. And again this is a little bit of speculation but I've been doing this since the 1980s. And then if there's a grant of review I think we would find out Friday afternoon.

Be after Jordan after we're off the air but we would no problem we would send out an email alert or maybe come on live if we find out. It's also possible that they before then they pull it off for another conference date. That happens too. Yeah I think what's important here is that this is a lot of those cases we've talked about for years with like the angry upset atheist, my stomach hurts when I walk by and see a nativity scene or you know. Yeah they said they went to get offended. They knew they'd be offended that's why they went.

Yeah I get a headache if I see a Christmas display or if there's a Christmas song and it always happens around this time of year. Yeah. These seasons so we've seen we've seen that a lot. We beat it back a lot in court ultimately on different issues. Usually the court doesn't address directly the the offended observer issue.

They find other issues about why these lawsuits are frivolous. Right yeah but the offended observer has been the avenue that you mentioned the nativity scenes. Which is so weird in the United States of America that we have an ability to sue because I'm offended. Only when it comes to the establishment clause that is the only area. Absolutely and that and that's the reason that like Jordan was saying walking by a nativity scene and saying oh my stomach's hurt.

In any other case you have to actually plead a harm. You have to actually be harmed in some really legitimate way not just oh I was offended and especially in this case that we have going in Ocala they specifically went there because they were trying to be offended by this prayer that was happening in a community which is our nation's history. When bad things happen in a community leaders get together and pray that has happened since the founding of our nation. But these people said hey we know we'll get offended if we go to this but we're going anyways and that's when the Congress adjourned for more votes on the speaker.

Yes prayer prayer with a point sometimes twice a day. Yeah and and this has been part of our history as a country but the idea here is understand what they're doing and this is if we win this case or if they take it first of all number one if they take it here's what happens we have 30 days to write our main brief then they have 30 days to write their brief and then we have about two weeks to get the reply and which would put us still in this term so it would be heard this term. However and this is the big the big however here is if it goes you know into February probably goes to the next term although the briefing will be this summer so we could have a very very busy Supreme Court term spring-wise this spring getting this ready. Having said that let me let me say this I wanted to bring the point of whether it is at the Supreme Court of the United States or whether it is a local school board that ACLJ lawyers were there. Absolutely like we started out talking we were talking about a little boy in an elementary school in Iowa that's where we fought for religious liberty and we won there or we can take it to the Supreme Court and that's how vast our practice and protection of religious liberties and rights are from again an elementary school in Iowa to the Supreme Court of the United States. And then of course we're able to broadcast to you each and you know five days a week on this broadcast to get you all this information and we want to encourage you this is a good example of the the breadth and the scope of the ACLJ we're talking about a border crisis where the ACLJ is engaged both in our government affairs office but also in potentially in court if this moves forward. Supreme Court of the United States on prayer local school district on prayer all happen simultaneously. Yeah that's right and again and you know all week working with our congressional colleagues and allies on the speaker vote keeping you updated on that throughout the week utilizing our resources our government affairs team there in Washington DC all put together when you put that all together it's because of your support for the ACLJ we have a matching challenge right now where again you go to you can double the impact your donations and again I just encourage folks to support our work at the American Center for Law and Justice because it's a critical time to do so with all of the different again issues like I'd ask you this at 1-800-684-3110 to give us a call do you think this is all talk from Joe Biden or do you think we'll actually start seeing the administration implement tough border security because the talk is only going to go so far if he's running for re-election and there's nothing changes at the border so will he actually implement the policies that the left is threatening to file lawsuits on 1-800-684-3110 if you have questions about that second questions you have questions about how McCarthy's speaker vote came to an end and what concessions were made you can give us a call about that as well Rick and Raoul's going to be joining us in the second half hour 1-800-684-3110 support the work of ACLJ at keeping you informed and engaged now more than ever this is Sekulow and now your host Jordan Sekulow we're going to talk more about uh board uh Biden's border visit with uh Rick Ranallo in just a minute uh when he joins a broadcast we're going to get into issues involving again uh a little bit with McCarthy too uh with him about how that kind of came to a close if you got questions about the final concessions and rules and votes that were ultimately agreed to and how the super PAC can act and not act uh we'd be happy to take those so you might be fully up to speed on that after a week about seven days of coverage of that it's over now and that's a good thing now they gotta get the they gotta get the rules passed tonight which could be a process yeah it'll be interesting i don't think as many people are going to be we have the college football national championship tonight what team are you i'm representing as i am right now the georgia bulldogs uh which uh again it's interesting because texas christian i mean this is their first time i have nothing against them other than i'd like to stop them tonight uh but uh it was interesting because they they took out a you know much bigger program michigan to get to this game huge i mean everybody thought michigan was going to be in it and Ohio state georgia was very close it was off a missed field goal at the end of the game yeah so georgia needs to play better than they did against ohio state yeah it's out in la uh and it's uh that's at uh 7 30 p.m eastern time yeah it's gonna be it's gonna be a great it'll be a great big for georgia if they join the the three club national championship back to back is uh a bit too much you also saw the recruiting class is number two this year so i mean that's it's only to of course number one alabama that's interesting all right we're taking your calls also at 800-684-3110 1-800-684-3110 on the immigration issue do you think that the President is going to do implementation he's look the policies are putting forward if these are actually the policies that get implemented are serious they're very similar to the previous administrations quite frankly i have not seen a which governor abbott's calling for anything about the border wall yes and although the pictures of joe biden of course let's put them up on the screen were at the border wall he wasn't tearing them down he was not tearing them they shouldn't you know i'm saying though he wasn't there to like deconstruct them no so why not finish and their answer to the answer to that is the left yeah they gotta they gotta placate aoc and company but you know if he wants to win and get his present you gotta kind of kind of forget about aoc and company when do you think he's announcing i think next month next month is what we're hearing so a lot of he's going to announce right you don't think he's not going to no and so i think you're going to hear a very different joe biden over the next month and you don't want to be fooled by it that's why i said we got to see if they actually implement these policies and make sure it's not just words and photo ops we're not going to be you know fooled by that you really start tracking if they're doing anything about it but i think he's going to move try and move way to the center because uh uh that's how he that's how he wins and so he's not going to be as worried about the aoc he's not going to be as worried about the acl in fact the acl you suing him he might campaign on yeah but understand if we think these policies are are good and they're protecting the country we don't hesitate to file a brief even on behalf of the biden administration if it's protecting americans but we got to make sure it's real laws real regulations and real implementation because words are cheap yeah there's a rumble coming came and says there's is there a foyer potential to find out exactly if they directed for cleanup before biden's visit i mean we know they directed the cleanup no question i guess the question would be is who directed would it be the white house would it have been white house to homeland security hard to get things out of the white house because they're not subject to it it would be very interesting to know because it was done in 24 hours i mean those pictures we show you are from tuesday you know it was done a few days and he's being called out on it yes because it was done a few days before he got there so it gave the media plenty of time to see you know it wasn't like they did it the night before they did it it's tuesday wednesday right or wednesday thursday yeah so a few days before so it goes from a street of just chaos of people to a street of nothing very interesting when you look at the picture and we're put for those that are listening to us on radio we have on the one side of the screen is what it was like on wednesday and it was a homeless encampment i mean terribly terrible to walk by that and thursday nothing totally the same street same spot on the street exactly and nothing so it kind of tells you what the politics of what's going on here all right rick ronell is joining us we're taking your calls you can talk to rick as well at 800-684-3110 and we mentioned the last segment we've got a case at the supreme court now looks like it's going to be decided on whether they're going to hear the case on friday it was originally last friday got pulled that happens it could get pulled again too but possibly friday and we would know if it's granted probably friday afternoon but they again they could pull it and we just want a case for a student uh on the same kind of issues so whether it's the supreme court of the united states aclj is there that's support the work of the aclj back with more in a moment all right welcome back to secular we're joined by rick ronell as our senior advisor for foreign policy national security he's been in politics for a long time as well and in communications for a long time as well i think that first question i have for rick because it really is about how this was communicated to the american people it was joe biden's first visit to the border uh rick if in again he walked by the wall that was built by President trump and the administration you served in uh the wall that he will not yet agree to finish being built even though the money is already appropriated the billions of dollars are already in the federal in the federal budget ready to be spent and he walked on clean streets that the media all was able to capture were cleaned up within you know 24 48 hours before his visit look i'm based in southern california and this is like a movie set where we should be jealous of what's happening down there at the border uh everybody knows this is phony everybody knows that he didn't want to go to the border and he went through very quickly and they cleaned it up and he'll now tell all of the newsrooms in dc that things are going well and that this is a complicated issue and that it's not his fault and sadly jordan that we will see all of the newsrooms in dc swallow that line and accept it but everybody outside of washington dc knows that this border crisis was created by joe biden this border crisis was created because the current biden team didn't want to give donald trump credit so they tried to change the policy they tried to do something different and and it was a disaster we we see what's happened and i'll finish with this i think it's really important that americans every single person that's listening to us understand that we are the most generous nation in the world when it comes to immigration we allow almost a million people a year to become u.s citizens unfortunately we have about a hundred million that want to come in so we have to have rules you know it's interesting you said that rick because as i said earlier governor abbott met with the President on the tarmac when he came in on air force one and he gave a letter to uh the President that said mr President uh your visit to the southern border with mexico today is 20 billion dollars too late and two years too late and your visit avoids the sites where mass illegal immigration occurs and sidesteps the thousands of angry texas property owners whose lives have been destroyed by your border policies even the city you visit has been sanitized of the migrant camps which had overrun downtown al Paso because your administration wants to shield you from the chaos the texans experience on a daily life and then he listed five specific things what's interesting to me rick is the administration is now talking about putting in place various measures that read an awful lot like the measures you were doing when you were in the administration in the previous administration you know i was glad to see the texas governor uh really be bold and what what greg abbott decided to do was to confront the situation and confront really the the sham the lies that were being told by all these newsrooms and for governor abbott to to you know push back against this narrative in a way that obviously was very respectful and was in person and and kudos to him for doing it i think he's right i think that uh the people of texas have been experiencing this crisis the people of arizona have been experiencing this crisis um you know we have a wall in california one of the reasons why gavin newsome and nancy pelosi when she was speaker didn't really want to move forward on the border crisis issue is because there is a wall in california all the way up to the very end and so they they see that you know we've kind of stopped the inflow at least over the border from in california and it wasn't an emergency for them but you're right President trump really had that border secured and the media didn't like it and so now they're trying to support joe biden and this you know incredible uh faux story of the border being more complicated and not his fault do you think there's any chance rick that they actually implement these policies i mean he's going to announce a Presidential campaign it looks like next month they say he might want to move to the center and in fact he might want to be sued by the aclu at this point if he's going to play that centrist role up again and try to fool the american people then we'd actually see any of these policies especially the ones that like greg abbott laid out some that even the biden administration has laid out actually implemented because we've said the aclj if they're actually implemented and they get sued by the aclu we'd be happy to fit them if they're actually going to do this look i think that right now if the border starts to get a little bit cleaned up if more money goes if we start to implement some of these policies then thank god we got a republican congress because it's the house that is doing this joe biden isn't doing this on his own he's a politician who uh literally needs to have a republican house and senate otherwise he is going to go as far left as possible i think it's an argument to change the senate and make sure that the senate is republican because now we're starting to see progress on some of these serious policies thanks to a republican house so following up on the report so we have a republican house we now have a speaker of the house uh today we should have rules of the congress put in place one of the first issues and you were the director of national intelligence so you know one of the big issues is the 87,000 irs agents that or the administration wanted to hire the this congress kevin mccarthy saying that's one of the first things we're doing that's going to we're not implement we're not going to provide the funding for that where people need to understand our audience needs to understand that appropriation control funding of money for specific projects is one of the best defensive moves that the the conservatives in congress have right now because you still don't have the senate but at least you have the ability to say no on the funding i love the left pushing back on this story because they say no it's not 87,000 irs agents it's 87,000 irs staffers which i'm not sure what the difference is right uh but but the reality is is that we don't need to be having uh more staff at the irs um we we need to be able to get to a system that's more simpler and everybody knows that uh only really wealthy people right now get to manipulate through hiring experts uh manipulate so that they don't uh they take advantage of every single rule and they don't just uh you know pay like the rest of us do and i i think that it's really important for the republican congress to now keep their word not only on the irs staffers and that and put them at the border but also on dr fauci um let's talk about chris ray um there is a long list of issues that that have been ignored for the past two years that we need to get to work on i'd sure like to know and i could speak to this because it personally impacted our family uh what china's culpability was which we know is going to be extensive on the virus because the pandemic because i think it was this was like an act of war the way they did this and i lost a brother to to covid and the fact of the matter is that i still cannot believe that the chinese government has gotten away with this to me it's mind-boggling rick that two years in to this administration china held to account on nothing related to this lives were lost billions of dollars were lost businesses were lost education was destroyed for kids our children it's really honestly um something that we can't let go the secretive nature of the communist party of china caused this problem and uh we we need to be able to talk about it certainly at the un certainly in the international community but of course in america and through the u.s government rick as always we appreciate your commentary your insight through last week with the speakers battle uh now with uh the border security the immigration is always rick ronell who is again our senior advisor foreign policy national security former acting director of national intelligence and ambassador jeremy thanks rick you know it's very interesting that it was you watch the other media right now we just got the house situation confirmed with a speaker that was a week long event it's done we'll talk about that but then you have now the media is already saying hey look in 2024 uh the senate doesn't look so good for the democrats yeah that fills up that false expectation for conservatives though that's what look folks we got hoodwinked this last time the Presidential year of course it's gonna be a big turnout it's very i mean you don't really even you gotta look at the top of the ticket that drives so much of the turn i mean it doesn't again you still have to have good candidates we saw in georgia people who were voting for kimp and didn't vote for herse walker so you don't want those situations again but when you get Presidential campaigns and the billions and billions spent there it's a totally different election year midterm elections which are becoming more and more expensive yes and feeling more and more like regular general elections are still not your elections way more people vote uh way more money is spent and you've got you will have ultimately two figures one likely joe biden one likely republican uh or definitely a republican who are the leaders of their party yep fighting it out to become President united states and everything else takes a lot of backs and we see kind of a secondary role to that because you can usually see you know the coattails there and the coattails are big so coming up on the next segment the broadcast so the january 6 committee wrapped up they put all their information online because to have it there for history uh they wrapped up they put the uh hundreds of records online including interview transcripts audio recordings and text messages oh by the way buried in this massive number is 2 000 social security numbers i'm not talking about the last four digits of your social security number i'm talking about their entire social security number who are those people i don't know three members of the united states cabinet two governors agencies are saying oh yeah that does put people's uh protection and privacy at risk no kidding that's what the january 6 committee can do their response has been an unnamed staffer says it was an inadvertent era this is the nonsense of what's going on in washington we're going to talk about that coming back from the break here support the break here support the work of the aclj at back with more in a moment all right welcome back to secular so covered a lot uh some different topics last week was so dominated by uh the speakers uh uh race if you will and the votes and ultimately it ended the way we thought it went in which was kevin mccarthy as speaker and i still feel like you know if this rules uh vote goes the right way if it doesn't we get into that tomorrow on the show if it does i think a lot of what happened last week will not be no people forget you know it's not gonna be that it's not like people say oh this is embarrassing people will forget move on talking about embarrassing let me tell you something's embarrassing january 6 committee the select committee on january 6 publishes in their final week they get all their information out they posted the records online they posted transcripts audio recordings text messages and ready for this two thousand social security numbers that were associated with visitors to the white house they did not redact them in december of 2020 including at least three members of the former President's cabinet andy yeah this is an interesting uh thing and the question that of course comes to my mind is whether or not this was uh just a negligent act unintentional or whether this was a determined and uh plotted out act of deliberation of a social security not just the last four digits of the entire social security i mean it opens up your entire everything your bank accounts your personal life uh your social security status your uh investments your property everything everything is linked to your medical records for example when you go in for an operation the first thing they want to know is what is your social security number so it is it is the identity your personality you are your social security number it is your alter ego and basically it's now exposed to the entire world and someone at least governor christian gnome is doing something about it who were the ones that were actually hit with i mean there's two thousand people but who else was it was interesting i want to point out too these were all people who visit the white house yes so i mean if you want to say is it intentional or unintentional these were only people that were going to visit President trump or staff so of course it was intentional yeah yeah it was intentional and governor gnome it was her husband two daughters her son and her son-in-law and the information was put on the log the interesting question isn't also ben carson and there was another cabinet member i think great uh alex azar alex azar governor abbott from texas and governor mcmaster's from south carolina of course that was not intentional on the part of uh for governor abbott was it no of course not but i mean what's their what's the dandy their explanation for this oh there is no explanation i as i say i cannot say that it was and no one can say that it was just negligence oh we're sorry we didn't do it you don't just accidentally disclose social security numbers that is not done and governor uh gnome's uh lawyers are going to get to the bar intended to get to the bottom of it their letter goes to the white house council the government publishing office the national archivist and representative thompson of the uh january 6 committee chairman we want to find out who of you dropped the ball or did you do it intentionally that committee's gone now though the committee itself has no effective power no but they're lingering online and that's where this is becomes dangerous but could you imagine if another administration had done this what the reaction would be i mean just i'm not even going to name names of other administrations but just think about it for a moment folks what would what would cnn be covering right now okay that's what you got to ask yourself two thousand social security and like i said that's the last four digits which the opponents of the administration of course not just random folks but um and these are high profile people like you said i mean ben carson uh governor abbott governor mcmaster governors alex azar yeah yeah these i mean this is this is this is high ranking people and their families and their families it's not insignificant for other people too i don't know what's up because i think anybody is significant too that's not just them but their kids their husbands their wives identity theft is a huge criminal issue it's a criminal enterprise of course it is identity theft is something that i mean you can't turn on the television today without running into some entity some company who says we can protect you against identity identity theft it's a big thing it's done it's happened in my family uh in terms of identity theft and hacking into accounts everybody has experienced it or knows someone who has now the government is basically promoting it by saying here are the social security numbers of 2,000 people including all these high public officials when you ask how did these and by the way these people that are involved in identity theft are like cartels i mean this isn't just like one-off guy in in in somewhere in africa on the continent of africa that's not the way it works these are well they may be operating out of there but they are organized efforts so now you just gave 2,000 people jordan this information and say here it is yeah to the dark web i mean it doesn't matter that now that's been cleaned up and off it was on there long enough to where the bad actors who they don't necessarily care that these are but what they do know is that these are a lot of successful people who have lots of bank accounts and lots of ways to to go at them and also to uh harass so you've got two issues you've got one i bet in that 1900 a lot of business people ceos company executives so you got those who they would love to get access to to their social security numbers the bad actors and then second uh when you when you look at the politicians not only is it about identity theft but it's around harassment because of the personal information you can get this the danger of all this is so the january 6 committee putting more people in danger than than not yeah so here's what's interesting about this that's the legacy now of the january 6 committee is by the way at the end of the game we released 2,000 social security numbers of american citizens and you wonder why people are like worried about their government or the fbi or these agencies we've talked about this for months on this broadcast and congress getting people's personal info yeah i mean because what do they you know first of all why they have to release any of that they want to release who went there okay i mean that whole column should have been removed but they didn't redact they redact some of them they did not redact all of them right which tells you they knew they were in there yeah and then they didn't do it this is not you know the governor gnome has done what she's what is she asking for uh governor gnome wants to know through her lawyers exactly who it was uh how did the breach of the privacy occur who was responsible what steps have you taken to remedy the breach what measures will be taken to protect governor gnome and her family i'm reading from the lawyer's letter in light of the public dissemination of her private information and the heightened risk for identity theft of course it is a heightened risk for another future privacy violations in other words who did it why they do it what are you doing about it this is the this is the problem with unaccountable government now new congress is in they're going to pass the rules hopefully today you know what i'd like them to pass tomorrow no 87,000 agents uh to the internal revenue service that should be job one here what how do you see it going down what's our team saying the government you gotta have an appropriate you gotta have a fight on appropriations and and you fight with the city you fight with the white house and at best if you can't get that money for to the border at least you keep it out of the irs's hands how do you think that's going to go what's your i mean our team's working on it yeah i think as long as the house doesn't acquiesce uh again that you can at least keep the money out of the irs you might not be able to get the the biden administration to redirect it to uh to the border which we would all like to see but you could certainly if republicans remain strong and together uh keep uh keep this to you know keep it in a situation where it doesn't get deployed ever goes to the irs yeah so here's the thing that we're telling you whether it's the supreme court of the united states local city council supreme court case on abortion local city of pueblo colorado hearing okay now we're talking about an issue of border security our aclj team and aclj action teams are engaged in all these issues and your support of the aclj makes that all happen you supported us in 2022 just want to encourage you to do that in 2023 go to and donate online that's the easiest way to do it if you appreciate this broadcast appreciate the work we do also make sure you're following us at jordan secular at j secular at logan secular and at aclj that's on rumble facebook youtube twitter truth am i leaving anything out probably but that gives you the list instagram and get our email alerts go to for that as well great way to stay engaged that's right so support the work of the aclj we'll follow that rules committee vote uh at tonight uh to see if you know college can get you know fully back on track but we have a sporting house where do you think they start movement on the not funding the agent irs i think again we're just going to talk about that tomorrow with the congresswoman so i think we get a good idea because these committees are just now in formation after the rules uh passes go dogs
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