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Biden Signs Off On Massive Democrat Wish List

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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December 30, 2022 1:15 pm

Biden Signs Off On Massive Democrat Wish List

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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December 30, 2022 1:15 pm

Yesterday, President Joe Biden signed Congress' $1.7 trillion spending bill into law. Jay and the Sekulow team discuss the bill which ensures funding for the radical Left's wish list for the majority of next year. This and more today on Sekulow.


This is Jay Sekulow.

President Biden signs off on a massive Democrat wish list for 2023. What we can do to stop it. Keeping you informed and engaged. Now more than ever, this is Sekulow. We want to hear from you. Share and post your comments or call 1-800-684-3110.

Sekulow. Hey everybody welcome to the broadcast. Well the 1.7 trillion dollar government spending bill has been signed. We're going to talk about all of this today.

What it means to you and your family. What we can do to stop some of this. I mean like the IRS issue, everybody knows the 87,000 IRS agents. Not a very popular move I might add among Republicans and Democrats quite frankly.

And the idea that this has become a focal point of government spending at a time when the border's out of control shows you that where these interests are. But my favorite quote since the President signed it yesterday, the 1.7 trillion dollar spending bill. The White House issues this statement.

Professor Harry Hutchinson's in here with me. The White House said that the bill quote caps off a year of historic bipartisan progress for the American people. And I'm thinking what bipartisan progress? Most of these bills were passed by I mean this particular bill, the spending bill, the omnibus bill was passed with a lot of compromise. But it wasn't like people went to it thinking this is great bipartisan relations. There's a lot in there that conservatives don't like.

Absolutely. So implicit in the White House statement are two massive lies. First that the bill was indeed bipartisan. That's untrue. Number two the White House suggests that the bill contains or promotes progress for the American people.

Again that's untrue. Instead the bill promotes special interest groups. So for instance there are billions certainly hundreds of millions of dollars in the bill for so-called green energy that virtually no one wants. There's no money in the bill for instance to protect the U.S. border while we are indeed protecting Jordan, Tunisia and other countries. In fact to the contrary there's language in the bill that says do not use this money that goes to custom and border patrol for border protection.

Now we're going to talk about all this. You know we had on Congressman Tenney when we hosted Sean Hannity's broadcast last week there's going to be legislative moves coming up in 2023 is going to be better than 2022. And we're going to see with the divided government then you're able to stop things. Doesn't mean you could get things new things done but you can stop things.

You're kind of in a it's like you've been empowered defensively. So I think you're going to see some of that happen. I think for instance the 87,000 IRS agents probably doesn't happen if we if our government affairs teams and the American people speak out enough about this. So there's going to be spending issues that go forward. And Harry as you said during the break before we went on air rather there also could be legislation that the White House really needs and then conservatives can tack on something they really want. Precisely and hopefully the House of Representatives led by Republicans will act strategically and they will actually try to push their own initiatives through when the President needs some help.

Unfortunately the Senate led by Mitch McConnell has not done in my opinion a great job in pushing forward the priorities of the American people. I want to hear from you. We're going to be joined by Rick Grenell coming up. We've got Mike Pompeo in the broadcast today and this is the last day of radio for the year. And this is a big day for us.

The next two days are our biggest. So we want you to support the work of the ACLJ. We're in a matching challenge campaign and any amount you donate we get a matching gift for. I'm going to encourage you to do that today and tomorrow. that's It's really important that we hear from you on this I also have a question whether it's this broadcast that you appreciate whether it's our work at the Supreme Court, our work for pro-life crisis pregnancy centers, our work for the persecuted church. We want to hear from you as to what you think and what you appreciate about the work of the American Center for Law and Justice.

Like I said it could be this broadcast, it could be our international work, our Supreme Court work, whatever it might be, fighting in Congress. 1-800-684-3110. We're going to take your calls at 800-684-3110. What do you appreciate about the work of the ACLJ? We'll take those calls when we come back again.

800-684-3110. 1.7 trillion dollar government spending bill signed by the President in St. Croix to keep the government going. All kinds of stuff in there you don't want. Although the report we just showed on our social media, if you're watching on rumble or Facebook or YouTube, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame did get a million dollars and frankly I mean I know that's pork but I'm a Rock and Roll guy so it's kind of like you know it's I feel like I got something out of this spending. But Rick they're promoting this, Rick Grinnell our senior advisor for international security and national affairs, Rick they're promoting this as quote, capping off a year of historic bipartisan progress for the American people. And I'm thinking what world are why would you even say that when you know you're barely getting these bills through with a lot of compromise and a lot of consternation by conservatives?

Jay you know the answer. The reason they can say that is because there's no media pushback and so their lies and distortions are getting completely more blatant. They're telling us that the border is closed. They're telling us that the economy is doing well and when you don't have a media that's willing to push back on politicians who lie then the lies get more blatant and the American people outside of Washington DC see this and they laugh. It's that whole cabal inside Washington DC of lobbyists and politicians and media people who all just sit around, they go to church together, they go to school, their kids go to school together, they socialize together, they work together and they are completely in the dark. They don't understand what's going on.

Rick 98% of what Democratic members requested, 98% they got. The conservatives were saying you know one thing we don't want 87,000 new IRS agents. We'd like 87,000 new border patrol agents but the legislation actually says hey none of this money can be used for securing the border. It could be used for processing unlawful entrance but not securing the border.

So that's where the priorities are here. Yeah and look we have to go back and say elections have consequences. People have to get much more involved because the Democrats control the House, the Senate and the White House. They get to say anything they want. The idea that there are moderate Democrats pushing back is a joke.

I just have to say Mark Kelly who ran a whole race last year pretending like he was a voice of reason and a moderate has totally duped the people of Arizona. It is not true. He votes with Biden all of the time. Case in point. So does Joe Manchin. I mean let's be honest. I mean most of the time Joe Manchin, Senator Manchin is voting with the Biden administration.

So yeah they try to play this independent thing but it's not really true. Interesting here we've asked people to call in if you're a supporter of the ACLJ what is it that you really appreciate about what we're doing and we're taking those calls at 1-800-684-3110. That's 1-800-684-3110. Dan is calling on line one.

Dan go ahead you're on the air. Yeah I just wanted to say what I appreciate about Jay Sekulow and Jay Sekulow's team is the fact that you show it's right and good to fight for what is right not necessarily what is popular. From the grassroots all the way up to the Supreme Court it works if you stick with it. We're not alone we have a voice. You know Dan I appreciate that Rick when we started this work almost 40 years ago that was really the goal of what Dan said was to be a voice for those that you know collectively you can speak much louder than you can individually. And in the courts it was getting our viewpoint across and like I said we're going to talk about this in the next segment. We've got a major case at the Supreme Court in the United States on the religion clause. I mean could be Harry and I are going to explain I mean it could have dramatic dramatic consequences but Rick when you look at the issues and you've said this about the work of the ACLJ and your involvement with it now that is we are able to whether it's government affairs team in Washington whether it's filing what we did yesterday a FOIA lawsuit against the FBI for survey using two then you were the director of national intelligence. Two million search terms on three million Americans and the government comes out and says oh by the way oops at least four of those Americans should not have had their access taken or the information taken unless the government that was them the Department of Justice got a FISA warrant which means you have to go the foreign intelligence surveillance court.

Now what's interesting about that if they're saying there's four I assume there's four thousand. I mean I just don't take them at their word on this but the ability to fight this back for people in you know we got calls coming in from Nevada, Michigan, New England wherever it might be the fact of the matter is being able to fight back being able to speak out being able to address the issues on the broadcast really makes a difference in Washington but also around the globe and you do deal with issues around the globe. Well look it's not just complaining and I know a lot of us are are in the business of complaining and trying to make policies better but but what I love about ACLJ is is that we're actually taking action and this is something that we do Monday through Friday every single day and and I know at the end of the year especially there are a whole bunch of charities and and good organizations that are asking for money I get that but one of the reasons why I joined ACLJ is is specifically because of the action that we take not just getting on here and complaining but but using the courts using public disclosures with very smart lawyers knowing how to push back and get this information holding the government to account taking action not just sitting here complaining and I know a lot of organizations like to highlight the problems but we're trying to go after the solutions and I think that's a huge difference I hope people will support us here at the end of the year and that we we rise to the priority list of what people need to do. Well and we want that's why we want to hear from you folks we want to know what your priorities too and what you appreciate about what we're doing at the ACLJ 1-800-684-3110 but to follow up Rick said the fact of the matter is this you whether it is a complex issue of national security which we handle lots of or whether it's a crisis pregnancy center trying to operate in Colorado and the officials in Colorado will not even let the pro-life side make an appearance at a city council meeting we deployed lawyers and they were able to make their the pro-life side got their view in. I don't guarantee results you can never guarantee results but you know I can't guarantee we're going to be there for the I call it the ministry of presence lots of times you just have to be there and we deploy lawyers and government affairs officials around the globe literally around the globe we've got a we got a case right now in Pakistan folks a 16 year old kid becomes a Christian this is the lowest rung of society in the way that it's set up in Pakistan and he gets arrested because he was in a discussion with a 27 year old or 30 year old Muslim man that where he worked he's a janitor our client he's given the death sentence the death sentence for this now we're taking you through the Pakistan court systems but Rick you were at the UN for a long time 10 years we've got the committee on arbitrary detention looking at it right now if they take the case I'll tell you our experience has been as much as the UN is dysfunctional when the the committee on arbitrary detention takes a case generally the person's not going to be put to death I mean that's been our experience so being able to fight in environments that may not be so friendly Rick are also very important you've been into the UN for like I said a decade well well here's the thing that I love about ACLJ as well is that we stick to our lane if you believe in action and court action in defending religious liberties around the world then we're the organization for you you know I grew up evangelical Christian and one of the great things that I love about ACLJ is you know recently as you know Jay my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer and immediately I had a team of people who contacted me and said we're praying for your mom well this is the organization that I'm a part of and I couldn't be more proud because we we stick to our lane we look for religious liberties cases it's not just Christian it's Christian Jewish Muslim it is religious liberty cases around the world and we take action and we're holding the Biden administration to account so those are the lanes that I believe in I know our listeners believe in those lanes that's the focus if you believe in in that focus for an organization then we should be the ones that you support and I hope that people will I know personally I can tell you the action that we're taking the work that we're doing is noble I'm gonna take David's call quickly on line three David go ahead you're on the air hey Jay thanks so much I've been a broad supporter for you going back to the late 80s thank you I just want to thank you for all your work thank you for the petitions that we can be involved in thank you for being on the front line of all the things that you from plan taking care of Planned Parenthood stuff and pro-life stuff and and just giving the opportunity to show my kids your legacy and and Christian legacy that goes with that so thank you so much for all that you do I appreciate you calling in and it follows up exactly on Rick said I only got a minute here folks and I'm glad I was able to take David's call this is a team effort we've got a big team here at the ACLJ you see Jay you see Harry you see you know Jordan and Logan but there there's a lot of people working here and of course Rick is on the broadcast and others I mean we got a we've got a big team behind the cameras in front of the cameras around the globe this is where you come in folks and Rick just said it I want to thank you for saying this Rick your support this your support this is the most critical two days of the ACLJ's year I mean Rick when I look we only got 40 seconds here this is when it counts right now and you said there are a lot of worthy organizations but we're not afraid Rick's not afraid I'm not afraid to ask you for the support for the ACLJ I hope that people recognize that the work that we're doing needs to continue and the only way it continues is through their support that's exactly right we're in a matching challenge campaign this means any amount we've got a group of donors that agree to match whatever you donate so I want to encourage you to go to that's and make an online gift to the ACLJ these are the most important two days of our year financially thanks Rick we appreciate it have a good new year we're praying for your mom folks we're gonna be right back in just a moment. Hey welcome back by the way tomorrow night New Year's Eve at I made a joke about the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame getting a million dollars which that one I didn't kind of object to because I like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but to tie that in the Jay Sekula Band is doing what we do have done for the last oh six or seven years and that is we do a New Year's Eve concert it's at eight o'clock it will be on Facebook, Rumble, YouTube we encourage you eight o'clock eastern time to tune in and listen we've got a great new set of songs we have a live studio audience there'll be of course all of you participating too so it's gonna be a lot of fun tomorrow night at eight o'clock I want to take a call from Rebecca in New Hampshire on line one we're taking your calls at 800-684-3110 Rebecca go ahead. Thank you for taking my call I really especially three things that you do but actually everything you guys do but I really appreciate your work on the abortion issue I'm hoping this yeah the babies will someday have always a choice to live and never succumb to someone else's choice and then on the border I really appreciate you guys doing the FOIA request because we you know the attention all needs to stop coming through.

100%. Hey Rebecca I appreciate you calling and you know talking about cases coming up we've got a huge one Rebecca and for all of our listeners and that is a week from today our case we represent the city of Ocala it's a religious liberty case big case involved a prayer vigil that the city put in place because there was a crime spree going out through the city and they the police and others met with leadership of the community the NAACP I mean just a broad variety of folks pastors say what do we need to do and people suggested a prayer vigil and a group of people that didn't want that prayer vigil because they might be offended filed a federal lawsuit and they won and we've now taken the case to the Supreme Court of the United States and it's I would say Harry and that case by the way is going to be in conference a week from today one week from today that case is in conference that means the Supreme Court justices will decide whether they will grant it or not they could also postpone it they could review it and say they need more information they could ask for a brief from the United States there's a lot of things they could do but we know what will be before the Supreme Court next week it's already been what they call placed out to the justices distributed as the technical term but Harry it's this idea that if you're offended at something you can then file a lawsuit which applies to no other area of the law you've got to have a real injury not oh I don't like what I heard but in the religion cases it's all different I think that's correct so at least historically the Supreme Court has taken the position that religious liberty and the free exercise of religion can be shrunk if you will by virtue of plaintiffs who claim an establishment clause violation and in this particular case you have two individuals Lucinda Hale and Art Rojas who basically sought to be offended so they attended an event where city leaders the city of Ocala's leaders participated in a prayer uh Virgil however I think at the end of the day they don't have a basis for bringing a claim on establishment clause uh grounds because they sought to be offended they weren't really saying that by the way they said they went there they were going to it was like they sought out the offense absolutely and so I think the Supreme Court has an opportunity to destroy the offended observer of doctrine once and for all which applies in no other area of the law in every other area of the law if you're going to go to federal court you've got to have what's called a cognizable real injury not boy this is offensive to me which is you know you live in a free country guess what sometimes you're going to be offended and so what the plaintiffs are attempting to do in this particular case is they're trying to bootstrap their standing claim so as to constrain the free exercise of religion by citizens of the city of Ocala and the ACLJ is fighting back and hopefully the Supreme Court will take this case hopefully we will be able to argue against the offended observer doctrine and hopefully we will prevail in the end I will tell you this we've done a lot of Supreme Court's cases I have argued cases in the 1980s 90s 2000 2010s and 2020s and let me tell you something when you get a Supreme Court case your organization a little bit turns upside down for you know three or four months because it's all hands on deck we're prepared for that right now we're prepared for that because people like you support the work of the ACLJ like I said whether it's a city council meeting for a crisis pregnancy center or the Supreme Court of the United States or a case in Pakistan ACLJ is there because of your support for our work at the American Center for Law and Justice but that is where you come in so I encourage you to go to we're in that matching challenge campaign it's like a Supreme Court case we could know as early as next Friday it'll be after we're on air but we'll send out a notice if we get word that it is in fact going to be heard again I'm going to go to Ryan who's calling the bottom we want to take your calls at 800-684-3110 what are the issues that you most appreciate about the work of the ACLJ Ryan go ahead you're on the air yeah what happens if Kevin McCarthy doesn't get the 218 votes next Tuesday? Boy what a mess I mean you're talking about the Speaker of the House so first of all we're looking at the House now as a blocking mechanism to legislation that we think is not in the best interest of the American people that's a free country the the Republicans have right now 221 seats roughly you got a seat in who knows what's going to happen with that Santos matter up in New York and Kevin McCarthy right now hasn't gotten a 218 well let me tell you what you don't want you don't want a Democrat becoming the Speaker of the House but everybody votes folks it's not like an automatic thing and just a conference decides so my view is I understand why there's you know some discontent the fact of the matter is Kevin McCarthy should be put in place at this point and I just don't think the risk is worth the the risk factor here is just too high and he's got to negotiate that with his his his party and the members of Congress but the risk factor is just too high Harry to go in a weeks with no speaker would be a disaster I think that is precisely correct but we also must keep in mind the threat the threat comes from the Biden administration the threat comes from the United States Senate that they will try to push through legislation rules executive orders that are against the interest of the American people if the Republicans take full control of the house with a with a Republican speaker they can hold hearings they can expose the misconduct of the Biden administration and there's plenty of misconduct to go around I believe that the Republicans basically could launch investigations on January the 3rd which could last for the next 10 years if they can maintain control of the house and so we need the Republicans to investigate the Biden administration the Biden administration continues to fail to act in the best interest of the American people in other words get on with the business of the American people in governing and get through this procedural decision right now and who's going to be your speaker it's going to be Kevin McCarthy at the end of the day this is I understand the exercise here but you know I don't get it at this point so I you know my encouragement is you know get in there and start working and get this part done now folks this is where you come in we have an office of government affairs we've got a team at the Supreme Court we've got teams deployed throughout the world we have offices in Pakistan your support for the ACLJ makes all of this happen so I want to encourage you to go to and support our work this is the two most important days today and tomorrow remember tomorrow at eight o'clock eastern the J secular band concert for new year's eve we're excited about what's ahead in 2023 but your support right now is really critical at we encourage you to do that in the matching challenge if you want to talk to us in the next half hour and tell us what the ACLJ means to you and what you appreciate call us at 1-800-684-3110 that's 800-684-3110. Keeping you informed and engaged now more than ever this is secular and now your host Jay Sekulow. Hey welcome to the second half hour of the broadcast we just were talking about the fact that a week from today the Supreme Court of the United States will be taking up our case for religious freedom free speech huge case involving a prayer vigil in Florida but it affects the entire country it's this offended observer standing rule which is technical but it allows somebody I see a 10 commandments monument thus I can file the lawsuit in no other area of the law is that allowed except in the religion cases we're trying to end that at the Supreme Court in the United States at the same time we were just defending pro-life speakers in Kentucky and won at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit just a week and a half ago at the same time two days later one of our lawyers was at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit again on another case involving the same kind of issue of religious freedom on that one so on and on it goes but let me tell you what's also if you go to the ACLJ right now the we've got an overview a 50-state overview of what the laws are in the pro-life fight and we're engaged in all of these we have information on what we're doing for these pregnancy resource centers that are being really restricted by a lot of hostile states we just launched a new page on called knowing your rights which gives you information about what your rights are in various topics as I mentioned we got a Supreme Court case in conference next Friday we have just won the Court of Appeals of the Sixth Circuit we had another argument in the Sixth Circuit and in two weeks we have one at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit and we just filed a lawsuit yesterday and this is a big one against the FBI for surveilling three million Americans some of which they've already admitted oh we shouldn't have just done that without a FISA warrant we should have gone to court and gotten a warrant we didn't we're sorry about that and they you know they get away with this so we're going to find out exactly what happened we'll find out of course there's more than four people we're also taking your phone calls at 1-800-684-3110 Chuck is calling from California Chuck go ahead you're on the air. Hey Jay just thank you for taking my call sure I just want to say thank you for all the work that you do you know you thank you for the facts that you give us you know it's it's always you know very informative on the the information that you give us we're able to understand what's really going on in Washington D.C. we and you can't get that nowhere else but through your program and I just wanted to say thank you Chuck I appreciate you saying that you know this broadcast is a big part of what we do at the ACLJ but as Rick said we don't just talk about the issues here we're actually doing things about it this broadcast is on broadcast over a thousand radio stations around the country we're on all the social media platforms as well it's streamed I mean there's a lot of different ways to get it you see the people here you see the folks of us on camera Logan Jay Jordan Harry C.C. Hiles on a lot Rick Mike Pompeo I mean on and on it goes but there's a lot of people behind that glass and in the offices to the left of that glass that are working on and make sure this happens and none of this happens without your support so I want to say a huge thank you to those of you that are standing with the ACLJ now today and tomorrow are the two most important days for fundraising of the year for us for the entire year we will base our 2023 budget in large measure on what what happens in the next 48 hours so I want to encourage you if you haven't done so to go to we have a matching challenge going on and what that means is any amount you donate if it's $50 we get another 50 so your 50 really becomes 100 for us $10 is 20 whatever the amount is if you're able to do it I encourage you to do it you know obviously this organization is a lot bigger than a Jay Sekulow or Jordan Sekulow or Harry Hutchison there's a lot of people a lot of them you know a lot of them you don't know that are working on issues around the globe but again none of this happens without you and that's where you come in I want to encourage you if you haven't done so to go to and support the work of the ACLJ and our matching challenge campaign this is the month workouts let me also say this if you have supported the work of the ACLJ thank you we can't do this without you we can't deploy lawyers to do Supreme Court cases or handle cases in Colorado or Pakistan or deal with Washington DC without your support so I want to encourage you to go to and support the work of the American Center for Law and Justice your work your support you're part of this team when you when you support the work of the ACLJ you are part of our team I encourage you to go to that's Mike Pompeo again there's another example we have a cabinet member former Secretary of State as part of the ACLJ team that happens because of you he'll be our next one up we'll be back with more in a moment.

Hey welcome back to the broadcast everyone we're taking your calls at 1-800-684-3110 joining us now is our Senior Counsel for Global Affairs former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Mr. Secretary as we approach the end of the year hostilities in the China Taiwan are high there was a report this morning that Chinese aircraft were within 20 feet in doing invasive maneuvers of American aircraft there's also a report that the State Department has approved the sale of anti-tanks to Taiwan and we're seeing this kind of threat escalation you've been consistent in being concerned about the whole situation with China how do you see it right now where are we? Well first happy new year to you and the folks that are folks that are listening today the ACLJ had a great year did important work you know as for China what I fear is that what we're doing is piecemeal I think the sale of this equipment to Taiwan makes sense Taiwanese need this exact type of defensive capability so I think that's really good but it appears piecemeal right you you talked about the threat the increasing threats they sailed the ship not too far from Guam they came into 20 feet 20 feet fighter jets Jay that's close unlikely to be pilot air I suppose it's possible they are they are sending a message about their intentions and Xi Jinping's made it pretty clear and so our task is the one that we failed is with respect to Russia we failed to deter Vladimir Putin and so as we turn towards 2023 we need to make sure that we're doing all the right things sending all the right messages to the Chinese Communist Party to deter them from ever thinking it possible that they can threaten America or threaten the people of Taiwan.

Mike what is the message that should be given from the Secretary of State your predecessor here your successor rather and and the President what message should be sent to the Chinese Communist Party right now because they're running the show obviously what is the message well there's two pieces to one is what's the message the message itself is that we're going to defend the things that matter to the American people American intellectual property American workers Americans who are being spied on through TikTok in our on our phones we're going to protect the homeland from the Chinese Communist Party and we're going to defend our economic interests throughout the world and throughout the Pacific the method of communicating that message Jay is just as important as the actual message that message is actually pretty simple you can't just do it by sending to marshes or having meetings and taking pictures you have to send it by actual concrete actions that demonstrate your willingness to accept a level of risk connected to protecting the things that matter we did that with Russia for four years Jay four years with the simple things we we made sure we provided defensive weapon systems Ukraine we told the Russians uh we're you're not going to drop chemical weapons in Syria when they did we actually responded we acted in a way consistent with the statements we've made about American deterrence and from from Reagan through the time of the Trump administrations we demonstrated that if you do those things if you do those simple things well you can prevent these wars from breaking out and no one needs a war in the Pacific to add on top of the misery that has resulted from the war that's taking place in Europe today yeah and I want to talk to you about Ukraine so we're approaching 2023 in literally in 48 hours last winter the Russians made their advances militarily Ukrainians fought a lot of it off there seems to be Harry you were saying that it looks like professor Hutchinson that there's that Putin may be making a change of strategy yes I think so I think Putin initially when he invaded Ukraine was trying to keep much of the Ukrainian economy intact and just win on the battlefield now he seems bent on destroying the Ukrainian economy their infrastructure electricity water you name it and so I think the Ukrainians face a a renewed challenge so Mike in that regard how do you see the situation in Ukraine and what should we be doing there any differently than what we are I know it's a it's there's a lot to balance in the situation there is but I think the professor has it right and the key takeaway from that is Putin was was beaten on the battlefield in 2022 he is not likely to remain static he's not going to say well goodness gracious that went badly never mind he is almost certain to continue his effort he believed deeply that Ukraine is a fundamental part of Russia and he's going to take whatever actions are necessary so shutting off Ukraine and energy he thought he could do it and keep the economy and keep the energy from Ukraine turns out that didn't work he's going to do everything he can now to break the will of Ukrainian people and continue his onslaught on Europe I don't think there's any any doubt about his intentions our our mission set is again provide the Ukrainians with the tools that they need to continue to defend themselves from whatever the nature of the attack is I saw now a couple weeks back we've said we're going to send Patriot missile batteries we need to get them on the ground as quickly as we can and get the training completed as quickly as we can we need to actually deliver real deeds that convince Putin that the west is not going to walk away from this and when we do Putin will re-evaluate and he will have to make very difficult decisions about how to proceed the Russian people are going to suffer this winter as well and it presents a complicated problem set for Putin inside making sure that he continues to maintain the control that at the end is the thing that matters to him the most. Exactly 2023 48 hours away is going to be a big year for the American Center for Law and Justice we're going to be announcing some major projects expansion projects but I think Mike it would be important I mean we worked with you when you were secretary of state you were so helpful especially when we're trying to get Christians and others that were in prison in in these countries released and I I can I can rattle lost a list of them we were so helpful in getting that resolved but the ACLJ is increasing its global impact as well domestically and globally and I think it'd be good for people to hear from you as you know someone that's now worked with us for a while year and a half almost two years really what your assessment of this is and what we and there's going to be challenges in 2023 no doubt. Let me first say thank you to you and Jordan and the whole team you all do important work for the American people and those of us who believe in the central pieces of America as an exceptional nation founded on the Judeo-Christian tradition bless you for that and to all those folks who are listening who have contributed given their time their resources to the ACLJ bless you for that.

Jay we've known each other since I was a member of congress guys with that now 10 plus 12 years ago where we were I was a back bench member of congress and we were working on religious freedom issues and then I became secretary of state and we worked to free pastor Brunson and Christians in Nigeria we worked on problems that's all across the world the ACLJ was an important part of that work we protected the people and the relationship with the United States and Israel too when the international criminal court was coming after both American soldiers and Israeli soldiers really important work that you all did at the ACLJ and it was a as the secretary of state it was of a great benefit to me to know that I could pick up the phone call you and you could help me think about it and then we could begin to act in a way that was consistent with America's greatness. Mike I appreciate that I appreciate your efforts I want to wish you and your family a great new year and appreciate your work this year in the last two years and look forward to many more years ahead thank you. Folks it happens because as the former secretary of state just said because of your support I want to go ahead and take Carol's call a la Colorado on line four. Carol go ahead you're on the air. Thank you for all you do Jay and your staff and thank you for telling us the truth that we can just turn our radios on and say this is the truth from from Jay and the staff and I get so excited when you do do you go to court and you're on the television and we can root for you and pray for you and we can watch when you're you're in the court session and it just blesses our heart and we're just in our homes praying and shouting for you go Jay go Jay go Jay. Well thank Carol I appreciate that and it's a lot more than Jay as we've said and you know you see us on of course on media but there's a lot of people listen those four cases I rattled off we have lawyers that have been with us for decades that have been working on these cases and they're doing a great job and they don't stop and as Mike Pompeo just said none of this happens without your support and and I just want to thank you for standing with the American Center for Law and Justice we're taking your calls at 800-684-3110 I want to take I'm going to take Julie's call in California Julie go ahead you're on the air. Hi Jay I've been listening to ACLJ for years what I appreciate about you is your dedication no matter if it's Thanksgiving Christmas here you are working away while the rest of the world is taking off from the homeless beginnings trying to help people like Pastor Brunson brought you to the highest leader of the free world and I love the people you have Mike Pompeo, Rick Brinnell, Terry Hutchinson, all the people you have working with you and my challenge to other listeners is where are the you don't have advertisers you are accountable to us your listeners and that's why I love that you asked us for money because you're accountable to us and we love giving to you because we're all for the same goal and god bless you. Well Julie we appreciate that and and thank you so much and the fact is folks and we're going to take more of your calls in the last segment it's very encouraging to us I really believe 2023 is going to be a great year there's a lot of challenges I don't want to I don't want to you know underestimate those like I said we get the Supreme Court grant our world turns upside down for three or four months that's fine we've been through as I said we've been through that rodeo a lot a lot of times since the 1980s so we know what to do and we've got the team ready to go and that team's ready to go because you support the work of the ACLJ and the next 40 hours are the most important in our entire year financially for the American Center for Law and Justice and any amount you donate we're going to get a matching gift for so I want to encourage you to go to that's and have your voice added to tens of thousands hundreds of other thousands of folks around the country supporting the work of the ACLJ any amount you donate we're getting a matching gift for so let me encourage you to go to that's and support the work of your American Center for Law and Justice fighting for freedom look I'm happy that I could say a former President's lawyer also representing folks in Colorado that's pretty good back with more in a moment. Hey folks welcome back to the broadcast 1-800-684-3110 we're taking your calls this is obviously as I said folks we're in the last 40 hours or so of the year big concert tomorrow night eight o'clock eastern time the Jay secular man we celebrate new year's eve and we'll also ask for your support of the ACLJ and we're in that matching challenge campaign but let's go right back to the phones Felicia is on the call she's on line three from New York Felicia welcome to the broadcast you're on the air. Hi I just want to say that you guys would definitely call for such a time as this the sacrifices you all make is greatly appreciated and I want to tell you all that God bless you thank you for the information because it's empowering it's enlightening and I wish unfortunately because I live in the state of New York and we lost my husband and I lost our job over a year ago but I promised you on on religious reasons on medical they just would not accept it but I promise you that as soon as we get jobs I will be supporting you 100 percent monetarily but right now the only thing I can do for you guys is I'm on my knees. Yeah Felicia that's not only when you say that by the way that's priority one Rick Rinnell said that just a couple segments back the prayers of of people of faith that have supported the work of the ACLJ that is supporting the work of the ACLJ I mean I'll give you a specific prayer request we're going to find out next Friday if a case is being heard by the Supreme Court I'd like it to be heard now I don't get you know it happens what happens God's in control of it but I'm not afraid to ask you to pray that it gets granted review I think it would be a major sea change in in the law but your support both financially when you can for people that can if you can't a lot of people can't your prayer support is very very important to us but you also said something interesting Felicia that is straight shooters and and Harry Hutchinson our director of policy and I'll tell you something folks when we before we go in the air we have serious discussions about what the policy position of the ACLJ will be because that impacts all of you and that preparation sometimes it may be 10 minutes of a discussion in the in our pre-meeting but it may be three days of research before we get there Harry precisely and and so Felicia we sincerely appreciate your prayers but with respect to Jay's question one of the things that I think motivates the ACLJ the most is respect for the truth and we recognize that when we tell the truth that the truth is not necessarily a defense against individuals who believe a lie but nonetheless we are going to persist in telling the truth and I think that resonates with our listeners and so we appreciate your support no doubt about it we're taking your calls at 800-684-3110 this is encouraging to us too let's go to Mary who's calling from Maryland on line one Mary go ahead you're on the air yes thank you for taking my call and I thank you for all that you do the fun several things that I really appreciate but I think one of the greatest to me is the way you explain how bills work because a lot of times I hear things on the radio and on the news media and they're just like headlines or something and they don't really tell you what the what's involved and I think of those cases where Roe vs Wade overcame the abortion deal and then they started with these bills in different states that were worded so confusedly that we couldn't understand what went on so you help us to understand that and give us some guidance to know what we're supposed to be doing I appreciate that Mary knowing that you talk about the life issue so there's a case I argue in 1992 I actually had to argue it twice the first time we didn't get a decision they said re-argue it my co-counsel on the case was John Roberts he was then the deputy solicitor general of the United States he's now the chief justice of the United States I mean his life and my life have intersected on some major major things over four decades I will tell you that and interestingly in that case Justice Scalia wrote that opposition to abortion was not class base animus not discrimination against women and that was used then by Justice Alito in the Dobbs opinion to say quite clearly that there was no equal protection clause violation in finding no constitutional right to Roe to abortion because he said as we said in Bray versus Alexandria women's health clinic opposition to abortions not discrimination against women that case I agree in 1992 is it cited 30 years later I mean I think about that also I mean it seems like yesterday that I argued that Bray case it was 1992 and here we are in 2022 30 years later I mean this is the nature of the practice of law in this kind of context you've got to be thinking long game here and I think that's part of the other aspect of this Harry is we do take a long view but short-term success but long-term ramifications I think that's correct and so one of the things that you should keep in mind listeners should keep in mind is that the ACLJ believes in persistence and it believes in pursuing an objective from a long-term perspective and so the ACLJ has been engaged in the pro-life fight for over 40 years and finally we've seen real fruition with respect to the Dobbs decision so I think listeners should keep in mind that what is required with respect to all of the fights that we are engaged in is persistence and that the ACLJ will maintain its persistent approach favoring the American people favoring the Constitution favoring the rule of law from now hopefully until eternity yeah there you go Richard's calling from California California by the way our most listened to state and some of our biggest supporters are out of California Richard go ahead you're on the air yes sir I just want to say that God bless to the ACLJ and the whole crew you know I believe God has an agenda and you guys are part of that agenda and I just want to say one word will describe exactly how I feel about a ACLJ is trust I trust you guys you know I appreciate you saying that and we try to earn your trust and like I said when we make policy decisions folks there's a lot of discussion that's going into it we talked about on the title 42 we gave we gave you an honest analysis of the whole immigration border situation she had Justice Gorsuch doing a dissent and you know we thought you know it's what he was saying was not wrong I mean it was a temporary fix I mean I understand why they're extending it but these are close questions we give you real analysis which comes to this today and tomorrow are our two biggest days of the year financially it's the financial aspect of the ACLJ in the next 40 hours or 38 hours whatever's left we're gonna have a concert tomorrow night for New Year's at eight o'clock eastern time Logan laughs that's New Year's for people my age but a lot of you are and we we appreciate you listening into that we'll also be to help raise funds for the ACLJ it's available on rumble facebook youtube wherever you get your social media that's where it'll be broadcasting we encourage you to do that and let me also say your support of the ACLJ right now is critical we are in that matching challenge campaign today and tomorrow I can't come to you on air tomorrow because we're not on air we do some replay Saturday but we're not on live but we are live today and I want to encourage you to support the work of the ACLJ if you're able to do it folks first of all it's the caller Felicia said she's praying for us they're not in the financial situation hey pray for us I really appreciate it our entire team really appreciates it that's number one number two if you are able financially support the work of the ACLJ and as Rick said there's a lot of great organizations to support I'd encourage you to support the work of the ACLJ we are trying and I think we've been successful in impacting globally justice scripture says justice justice shall you pursue so you inherit the land and that's what we've always tried to do at the ACLJ is pursue justice so I want to encourage you to support our work it's the best way to do it is just go to and any amount you donate we're getting a matching gift for so if you donate fifty dollars we're getting another fifty effectively we get a hundred ten is twenty have a great new year make sure you watch the concert tomorrow night we'll talk to you in 2023
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