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SHOCKING: Wasteful Govt Spending Exposed

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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December 29, 2022 1:21 pm

SHOCKING: Wasteful Govt Spending Exposed

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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December 29, 2022 1:21 pm

As we end the year, we look at government waste. Senator Rand Paul issued his "Festivus Report" for 2022 where he lays out some of the most ridiculous uses of taxpayer funds of the year. Jay, Logan, and the Sekulow team react to Sen. Paul's report. This and more today on Sekulow.


This is Jay Sekulow. In a shocking report, wasteful government spending exposed.

Wait until you hear where your taxpayer dollars are going. Keeping you informed and engaged, now more than ever, this is Sekulow. We want to hear from you.

Share and post your comments. Recall 1-800-684-3110. And now, your host, Jay Sekulow. Jay Sekulow Alright, so folks, as we end the year, we look at government waste, of which there's much, and we're going to get into the particulars. But let me tell you one reason we have our Office of Government Accountability. It's for things like this.

I mean, you can't make this stuff up where your taxpayer dollars are going. Our friend Rand Paul, the senator from Kentucky, we've worked with on a number of issues. Issues, an annual, Logan has called a Festivus report.

Logan Moore Thanos big purple villain he snaps with this big gold glove and in that eradicates half of the the universe so one of the things that was studied here was whether in that metal glove the metal gauntlet the Infinity Gauntlet could Thanos actually snap the professor whoever was saw it said maybe could and they got $118,000 in federal funding to determine this. Now obviously they come up with reasons of why this could be useful in the future but it was very much a what's happening in the future. Some other studies include the fact they were injecting beagles young beagles like six month beagles with cocaine aggressive amounts to see one if there was negative impact and two to maybe come up with some sort of treatment plans. Now obviously the human rights activists animal rights activists are not thrilled with this that by the way I have to find the actual number for that one that was 2.3 million dollar study there was 1.1 million dollars for training mice to binge drink alcohol to check again the effects of that if it's negative there was even a what is our kids better off having pets study that happened was it good for a kid is it good for comfort of course we find out of course it is of course you find out giving cocaine to beagles not a good thing common sense things that happen and it may be the one that it's kind of slipping under the radar but I think this is how we're stuck in such old-school mind thinking is 2.5 million dollars was spent on a Super Bowl commercial just telling you to fill out the census. Yeah this is absurd first of all you could do that with direct social media easily. Yeah exactly it's it's you could use cell phones I mean when you add it all up it becomes tens of millions of dollars of our taxpayer dollars which here's what I say take all the excess stop the crazy spending and send it down to the border. Well there's so many things are people who are you can't afford to pay the rent or go hungry there's a lot of things in America we could really use this money for and when you see this list it does make you feel like you're living in sort of a failed state when this this stuff gets approved and it gets approved at this level like we said hundreds of thousands of dollars on espresso machines at the Pentagon understand they need hundreds of employees. Yeah it's like Patrick Leahy.

Yeah go ahead on the expression. No it's like if you need that I understand you need those kind of amenities but when you see those numbers you go okay well certainly we could be using it more effectively. So Patrick Leahy I think asked for almost three million dollars millions of dollars for a center that's called the Patrick Leahy Center I mean this is when you think okay that they think no one's gonna follow this but as Logan mentioned you got a homelessness crisis in the United States you got a drug pandemic in the United States. But don't worry three million dollars went to the Mahatma Gandhi Museum in Houston. And why Houston?

Because they have a Mahatma Gandhi Museum. Right exactly. And this is just it makes look I understand individual congressman are bringing back the the pork so to speak that's what they called it to their constituents but in an economic time like this this is not the way it should be and we're pointing it out because I'm very tempted to have our government affairs office send out a FOIA request to the agencies involved in every one of these that actually are spending this because I'd like to know where these requests came from I don't know if I'm gonna do that cuz I'll be time-consuming and we've got Supreme Court cases ahead but it's very very tempting. Yeah absolutely we'll go over some more of those if you have any questions or comments related to this I'd love to hear from you 1-800-684-3110 we'll be right back.

Welcome back to Succulo taking your calls at 1-800-684-3110 going through sort of the waste of 2022. Festivus report that Senator Rand Paul put out and again just shows you where spending is happening some of it is comical some of it not so comical there's even things on here like boosting tourism to Tunisia that's happening. That should be on the top of everybody's list. Yes so that 50 million dollars went to that.

How much? 50 million. I want everybody to hear that again 50 million dollars. Went to boosting the travel sector during COVID of Tunisia. Why in the world would we do that? Just keeping up federal housing that is no longer used.

In other words these are it's subsidized housing yeah that has been taken off the rolls because it's not suitable to live in and rather than demolishing it like everybody else would do if you were in business they keep them going even though they're uninhabitable. Including maintaining 77,000 empty federal buildings at 1.7 billion dollars. This is where we keep going this is the comedy ones are funny the Thanos and all that I feel a little silly ridiculous but these are where the numbers start getting out of hand oh there's there's a lot maybe nice I guess it maintaining those 77,000 buildings basic education programs in Jordan to the tune of 210 million dollars and we will not take money camouflage uniforms that do not fit the environment in Afghanistan. Can we add up just 28 million right now I just want to add up what Logan's gone through right now the ones he's listed and you'll give me the number in a moment keep going but just sure there's a total on here somewhere.

Well now I just keep going. I mean there's a there's a lot on here I'm just trying to go through all of them let's see unused hotel rooms 17 million dollars that's for the illegal immigrants coming over the board full entrance in love what I'm reading what he said it's not mine again we said constructed the Mahatma Gandhi Museum for 3 million watching hamsters fight on steroids 3 million the Super Bowl commercial telling you to fill out the census inject that was two and a half million. There was $200,000 to stop at railroad crossings when you're driving. Yes.

Which isn't that the question in every driving test in the country? Redeveloping the hard cider market in the United States I don't know what that one's about but it's on there for 491 thousand dollars and again it said verifying the kids love their pets at 187,000 of course the Thanos one at 118 one of the lower ones actually was that one and let's see try to see what else there's so many different do we have a total yet for me using COVID relief funds to construct 11,000 square foot spa 140 million dollars again who knows what the details are on some of these because I'm very tempted to find out by you can find out the agency reports they don't making this stuff up well yeah list everything exactly what it is later on this is just sort of the highlights but it does show the deep concern we should have over how your money is being spent and I have a question for those who are listening what would you think some of this money could be spent on these hundreds of millions of dollars I'm curious what you guys think would be a better use of the money maybe than the steroid mice or the cocaine beagles I'd love to hear from you 1-800-684-3110 let's go to a call though real quick let's go to Bill in Wyoming you're on the air. Hi Bill. All right great thanks for taking my call and appreciate your program because you do tend to answer some of these questions that we have on air and right now my question is concerning the pets and animals I mean why wait why can't we hear anything from the animal rights groups? I think you will. I think you will Bill we actually did early on though they were doing some of these tests on beagles earlier in the year because it's a lot of started earlier or late last year or this year there was some outcry I forget why they were testing what the original thing was and they do actually speak out on them and say this is ridiculous it's not it look some of this by the way it's not just Democrats there's funding coming from everybody here yeah this is the government in action Republicans and Democrats who are going out there and spending and wasting so much money I'm sure there are animal rights groups that are going after this because they don't believe in animal testing at all. I do think you asked the right question where should the money be if you could listen if you could go up to Washington today and say this is where I want my tax dollars spent what's priority one for you I'd like to know what that is I think we all would we're gonna open our phone lines one eight hundred six eight four three one one zero eight hundred six eight four thirty one ten I'd like to know what your priorities would be give me your you can give us your top two yeah sure let's uh well it's kind of Nancy who's calling in the state of Washington I believe you're on the air yeah hello thank you for taking my call sure I live on a little island which is served by a little ferry which holds 20 cars we have a year-round population of less than 2,000 people we just received the government grant for 50 million dollars for an electric ferry now this is really problematic because after receiving this grant part of our ferry landing has been expanded to accommodate this new ferry now we have environmental regulations on one side which have eelgrass you know problems so we can't continue I won't go into all the details but 50 million dollars for a little tiny community of people with a diesel ferry which works beautifully anyway this is just another example now we cannot renege on that contract somehow where they're saying we can't get out of it yeah now that we have problems with the actual use of that you know expanding 50 million dollars on a ferry that you can't now use because other environmental impacts and concerns this is the government at work when it doesn't think that when you do something there's a consequence or an action yeah none of these when you really look at it are or most of these are not humanitarian if you will and in that instance I think a lot of people would go well I don't agree with the spending but at least the cause is good a lot of these causes are inconsequential are not important they certainly are not important to what's going on in the world right now it look you look at some of these buildings I know from from personal experience and family who have been contracted to build some of these federal buildings is they it's never about you know pinching pennies and figuring out oh can you do this because it's always about spending the most using the most getting the best materials even if those materials are not even seen or used or needed and then of course you have to me I don't know why the one that sticks out to me is that Super Bowl ad about filling out the census ridiculous it just feels like they were like here's three million dollars because how could that have done any good it's not like an ad for a product it says well the census they follow up on it 9,000 times right when you don't fill out the census so I mean it's a total waste just three million dollars going yeah sorry or let's just throw that out the door some of these other ones I'm sure at least there's some scientists going we need to learn about these beagles and we need to figure out your career and look again this may not be the exactly the right years to be doing this time some of these things I understand you do need to do testing you need to be able to come up with treatment plants this is not it let's go right back to the phones eight hundred six eight four thirty one ten bill is calling on line three hi bill hi thank you for taking my call I would like to know how much government money is going to these NGOs that are taking care of the illegal immigrants okay so we don't know that number because that's probably a current expenditure that's not listed because they're probably coming out of HHS or these other agencies Health and Human Services Department of Homeland Security but we're looking at all of that you could rest assured and this isn't a good thing that whatever they're giving it's not working and and here's the product and I'm not using the phrase illegal immigrants anymore it's unlawful entrance because I don't think you should tarnish the legitimate immigration system this way these are unlawful entrance these are people coming into the United States unlawfully the problem here is the NGOs are saying Catholic Charities was a perfect example I think was yesterday or the day before was it will I mean less to 24 hours they said we're basically out of money we're basically out of we can't control this and that's why this whole title 42 as we talked about yesterday is staying I think in place right now I think everybody's trying to figure out what to do and when the thing to do is have border security that's meaningful and then people can't just come in here it's not open entry and that's where people think that the removal of title 42 means come on into the United States and it's just not the way it works we have an immigration system you're either here legally as a lawful immigrant to the United States like my grandparents or you are an unlawful entrant and that's that's the two options you're either here and then those that are trying to get in on an emergency basis which would be for asylum there's specific asylum law but if they're going through Mexico they can't come to the United States if they're coming from Venezuela up through Mexico to get to the United States and they're claiming asylum supposed to say claim asylum in the first country you set foot in that would alleviate that problem you're facing so that would have been Mexico but I think what Mexico is doing is saying just come on through there's not a remain in Mexico policy really anymore all that's happened there was some information they were able to our team was able to get it looks like there was a grant for 168 million to the Vera Institute of Justice and 186 or 168 million with a one-year contract to provide free legal services to help essentially legal immigrants avoid deportation so these are people that are lawfully in the United States are facing a deportation proceeding in the United States taxpayers are paying for their lawyers the hundreds at the tune of 168 million I do we know anything about the Vera Institute of Justice well there you go I'm there a lot to exist yeah exactly I mean they're necessarily wrong it's that two hundred million dollars your tax but I'd like to spend that on agents that patrol the border that might be good all right I'll tell you what we would like you to support the work of the ACLJ you could do that in our matching challenge campaign folks we're down the last three days tomorrow Saturday that's it Saturday night we have a concert for the J secular band that's gonna be at 8 o'clock Eastern Time it'll be on rumble Facebook and YouTube we encourage you to listen to that that'll be we're really excited about that but also your support of the ACLJ is critical we're in a matching challenge campaign any amount you donate to the ACLJ we're getting a matching gift for so that's ACLJ org ACLJ org and again if you donate $50 we have someone that's matching it for another 50 so again ACLJ org if you're watching on our social media we encourage you to share it if you're watching on rumble which a lot of you are hit plus and that'll get it in more feeds we encourage you to do that we'll be back with more including your calls at eight hundred six eight four thirty one ten in a moment people method broadcast everyone we are taking your calls on government spending and a host of other issues one eight hundred six eight four thirty one ten but I wanted to mention that we are in federal court American Center for Law and Justice put it up on the screen versus the Federal Bureau of Investigation the case involves a situation and then we filed the lawsuit yesterday about the FBI's non-compliance with section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act let me tell you what it is the government surveyed searched you search terms of about two million search terms that resulted in three million four hundred thousand Americans being checked out by the FBI the FBI has now admitted that for those individuals and I'm sure that's at least for those individuals were reviewed and they should have obtained a FISA warrant first which means they should have gone to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court before they did this this is again another example of the FBI out of control professor Hutchinson where first of all you're using two million search terms let me tell you something that's gonna put a lot of people in that net that's number one go ahead Harry it's clear beyond question that in addition to interfering with American elections and providing cover for various actors on social media platforms that the FBI has performed potentially millions of searches of Americans electronic data without obtaining a search warrant and without complying with applicable law in response to a report first mooted by the Wall Street Journal the ACLJ has filed a FOIA request it appears that the FBI has failed to comply with section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act let me tell you what the FBI did they acknowledged they got our letter and that was it then they the communication stopped because obviously we struck a nerve so that's why we're in federal court you are precisely correct but this is par for FBI territory they have routinely ignored the law in order to basically advance objectives that are outside of their purview keep in mind the left hates the surveillance state unless they're in charge of it and so in the United States we've heard from various actors particularly on the left who are claiming that they are acting to do what to save our democracy in reality they are cooperating with the surveillance state to destroy our democracy so it's very very important for the ACLJ to pursue this FOIA request and to not let up because at the end of the day unless we gain a court order more likely than not the FBI will not comply either with the Constitution or with the law let me give everybody a time frame on July 18th the FBI acknowledged receipt of our FOIA request letter so on July 18th they acknowledge that they got it they then send on another communication that says this acknowledges receipt of your Freedom of Information Act request dated July 5th that's when we sent it ours it says it also stated at future correspondence about your FOIA Freedom of Information Act request will be provided in an email link unless the records file type is not supported by the e-system since July 18th the FBI has neither sent a determination nor produced any documents we're talking about six months here on December 27 2022 the system update said the FBI's FOIA program is searching the FBI's indices for potentially responsive documents you may be contacted by a formal letter for all fees under negotiations none of this is even in the correct order this stuff had been pending for months we've already laid out the issue of how we don't under the law what we have to do and not we've litigated dozens these cases so we're in federal court I'm saying this to show you folks that we're just not taking this I mean two million search terms three and a half million Americans four of which are acknowledged which is could be 400 for all we know that should have been subject to a FISA warrant you know what that means the government got information when they got it it should have gone to a taint team that means sent to another group and said hey I don't even know if we should have gotten this in our search of these terms which means their search terms were too broad the FISA Court is a star chamber it's the way it works is you go in no lawyers for the other side if you're the person that they're about to spy on or get information on you don't get notification of it but the government here acknowledges that four of these yeah we should have gotten FISA warrants which means they had to go to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court and actually get a court-ordered warrant and they didn't get it that's four and this is just not a personal two million I mean can you think I asked in our premium I said well what are the search terms look like and then they said there's two million of them what does it look like everything you could think of absolutely and it's also important to keep in mind if the FBI's past performance within this arena it has basically lied to the FISA Court in previous years so we should not trust the FBI the FBI is no longer trustworthy and you can also see evidence of the FBI's untrustworthiness with respect to their interference in Twitter and with other social media enterprises basically that information that has been disclosed over the last several weeks and then the FBI basically says well no big deal yeah well it's a big deal now because we're in federal court and we'll get answers to this as we always do we got a lot of calls coming in on government spending take some calls on that or in look if you're on hold we'll take a lot of these coming up in the second half hour which is starts in two minutes so just stay on hold we'll get to you let's go to Rhonda who is calling in Ohio on line six you're on the air hi my question short you know I thought that back in the old days when we gave money to other countries it was because we had it so good how much homelessness and people in poverty here in America do we have to be before we stop our government from giving our money to other countries look this is and then they even stuff they're giving to it in our country you got a question the the need of it and and the utilization of it when you got all these other issues we're facing in the United States I have trouble dealing with a lot of this and I'm glad the senator Paul brings us out because we got a fentanyl crisis in this country that is is killing was a 250,000 people you can mostly 18 to 40 year olds a year it's coming in through our southern border we have no real security operation down there I mean I think our Border Patrol agents are doing the best they can under a very difficult circumstance but when you look at all this you say to yourself I mean there's got to be a better way to do this instead we're spending money on you know two and a half million dollars Logan on an ad to run during the Super Bowl on filling out your census form right in 2022 this is not exactly the right 22 agents on the border that's what it would be at least for a 30-second ad probably yes that nobody that made no difference and did not move the needle anyway I watch the Super Bowl I have no recollection of this ad I do not remember the sense that I don't remember that because you probably didn't even think it was a paid ad but I thought this was sort of PSA they threw in there but of course they bought the time look we heard a lot of that during COVID we heard a lot of those ads being run on the radio stations don't pretend those radio stations a lot of them weren't getting funding to do that and look I don't blame them at all the radio stations are taking the money why wouldn't you but in terms of the way we spent the money it's ridiculous hey we got a second half-hour coming up you don't get it on your local station find us broadcasting live on social media and at make your donation today as well because part of our matching challenge and it's the most important time of the year to do that last three days of the month folks this is it I mean this is like we set the budget based on this week so your support for the ACLJ is critical I want to encourage you if you enjoyed this broadcast if you appreciate the work we're doing in Washington or in around the globe literally around the globe support the work of the ACLJ and our matching challenge campaign for this month that's we'll be back with more in the next half hour keeping you informed and engaged now more than ever this is secular and now your host Jay Sekulow everybody welcome back to the broadcast well we've talked about going after the FBI in federal court which we are follow that lawsuit yesterday we're we talked about government waste and spending we Logan can hit some of the highlights of this folks this is your taxpayer dollars at work and a time where I'd like to do we ever get the total of what them we did a rough calculation of what I would call the most obvious offenders of this and will did the number what's the number will how much so it's about over seven billion dollars when you take out some of the interest payments that he had in there as well I want you to I want you to um take seven billion dollars and I want you to divide it by seventy five thousand and there's a reason I'm gonna do this but this is a Logan tell people what these if they're just joining us for the second half hour so these expenditures ran Paul put out this list it's just all the crazy expenditures some are the more egregious ones the ones that people been kind of comedically talking about are things like hey they've spent over $100,000 trying to side of Thanos from the Avengers films could actually snap in his metal gauntlet there was let's see here three million dollars from Mahatma Gandhi Museum in Houston two and a half million dollars for a Super Bowl commercial telling you to fill out the census $200,000 spent on a Department of Transportation radio campaign reminding you to stop at railroad crossings so many more that were listed here obviously we obviously talked about the animal abuse ones which were injecting beagles with cocaine to you know they have a lot of reasons why they did that but they were doing to spend two point three million dollars on that one point one on training mice to binge drink alcohol three million dollar study at Northeastern University involved watching hamsters fight on steroids okay absolutely ridiculous amount of things and we asked our listeners well what do you think this money should be spent on we got a lot of feedback yeah we're gonna take some calls on that at eight hundred six eight four thirty one ten the number is ninety seven thousand is that correct well so I just asked if you took the seven billion dollars and it's more than that that's just the top that's the ones we just listed wrap the top clues no interest and you divided it by seventy five thousand dollars how many Border Patrol agents would you be able to hire you know what the answer to that is this is where you got to make it real ninety seven thousand now think about that for a moment if we would have taken that money and put ninety seven thousand Border Patrol agents on our border you think we would have a fentanyl crisis in the United States you think we would have a humanitarian crisis on our southern border you think we would have unlawful entrance doing sex trafficking drug trafficking the answer is no so let's take this why we're doing this program we're doing this program today ninety seven thousand new agents and then if you want to take them money that was going to go to the IRS pretty 87,000 agents and add that to the border we'd have a hundred and sixty thousand agents that's the reality of this folks and that's why we're pointing this out you want to grab one call before the break here yeah a lot of people have a lot of ideas let's go first to Jerry in Pennsylvania you're on the air hey Jerry hey thank you for taking my call my question is why don't they put that money back in their Social Security system that they've been rating for years that's a great point also I mean to instead of depleting the Social Security system which we've all paid into how about you know getting some of the money I think there's a lot of things you could do with and I use the example of the Border Patrol agents because I think that's the most pressing concern on the minds of a lot of people right now with the title 42 issues and all that that's going on yeah a lot of individual things we'll take some of these calls today look you're on hold right now I'm gonna take your call coming up in the next segment or two so make sure you stay on hold cuz some people some very creative ideas of where this money could be going and it's not that far to just think about oh yeah this could have solved a lot of problems if you're talking about billions of dollars yeah no we I want to get into this folks this is for real this is how and then we'll take this information and we're gonna use it in Washington so you give us a call that 1-800-684-3110 we have a couple lines open 800-684-3110 as we get ready to take a break if you're able let me encourage you to do this support the work of the American Center for Law and Justice at any amount you donate we're getting a matching gift for and I want to encourage you if you're able to do so to participate in our matching challenge you know this program is on five days a week an hour on radio TV social media platforms you see us here you know we've got other studios as well you don't see all the folks behind the glass but there's a lot of people going into the production of this that alone in my mind is justification for your support of the American Center for Law and Justice then add the legal work on top of it whether it's our Office of Government Affairs whether it's a Supreme Court of the United States or a City Council hearing in Colorado your aclj is there support our work matching challenge campaign any amount you donate we're getting a matching gift for it if you've got ideas on spending where you'd like to see the money go give us a call at 1-800-684-3110 back with more in a moment and by the way the White House has notified and this no shock notified the Congress that these investigations that they've requested information on and remember it was the minority party it was the Republicans then requesting information about specific areas that they wanted to investigate the border which is obviously a big one the Afghanistan withdrawal the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Department of Justice when it went to a slew of documents from DOJ alleging targeting of Project Veritas group that's uncovered so much of the information we've seen on the life issue the Hunter Biden investigation all of that the White House has said hey look you're gonna have to reissue your subpoenas truth of the matter is it makes sense that they will because they're now the majority party and they have subpoena enforcement powers one of the things that backfired on the on the Democrats here was they went into court to increase the subpoena capacity of the government and their enforcement mechanisms and some of the cases they won well guess what guess who gets to use that now Jim Jordan the probably is not exactly as they planned it to be all right we're taking your calls a lot of calls coming in on government waste 1-800-684-3110 I want to say it again we looked at around seven billion dollars on the top of our list at stuff if it was gone you would never notice it seven billion dollars if I took $75,000 a year as a salary for a Border Patrol agent and put the seven billion dollars in that you know how many agents we get on the border additional 97,000 then if you add the IRS money there's no longer gonna go to the IRS and put it down there you'd have 150,000 agents that would solve your problem that's how we need to be thinking about this real solutions for real people because this is a real crisis in America let's go ahead and take calls yeah let's go let's just go in order as they come in as much as we can let's go to Steve in North Carolina online for a whole about a half hour appreciate it Steve hey Steve sorry it took so long to get to you but go ahead no thank you very much for taking my call I'm a regular donation provider to ACLJ because I believe that you all get the most results for where I could send a donation we appreciate that I really appreciate what you all do thank God for ACLJ and all the people that work there and and the things that you have done like overturning Roe v. Wade but what I'm calling about today is you asked the question where should the money be spent I believe that we really shouldn't spend that money at all the national debt is out of control and Democrats and Republicans are both guilty of taking taxpayer money and spending it on frivolous things that we're not even going to know about I can't believe that the national debt is already approaching what 30 trillion dollars yep I have no idea can't fathom what that is going to be like in terms of amount of money I'm just one person no you you've raised some really great issues and Steve let me ask you this because this is an interesting question you're talking about the national debt which is as you said 30 trillion dollars you thought of that I mean that's the thing that's bothering you what is it about that is it leaving that debt to the next generation is bothering you or just the whole way our government's functioning both and if you go back and listen to what Ted Cruz outlined in October in front of the Senate he lays it all out very clearly it was very well done and you know it's just that our company our country is bankrupt Americans are in deep financial trouble because of the the irresponsibility of the both sides of the aisle I think this is a Republican and Democrat problem I don't think you can blame one party but we need to start calling it like we see it and I'm glad Steve you called in I appreciate that and Logan these are creative you know these look this is what's concerning the American people I get it one of the things that was in the list one of things we should check out just cuz it was interest but Rand Pollock should point out that the last year just the interest on the debt so just interest on the debt we owed is 475 billion so that's just the interest kind of pointing to what he was talking about and by the way who owns our debt mostly China yeah so just think that you're taking your taxpayer dollars to pay interest on our debt that's mostly controlled or owned by the Chinese who we should we should nullify that debt out in light of the coven pandemic they put on the world that should be their liquidated damage that's what we should do they say you know what China we owe you 475 billion dollars in interest payments we're not paying it why we're not paying it because you released a pandemic on the world the problem is the United States is dependent upon so much that comes out of China so it's easy to say that he's harder to do we'll take your calls at eight hundred six eight four thirty one ten let's go to Edward who's calling in Ohio on line five Edward you're on the air but also we now have opened up a few lines if you want to call in one eight hundred six eight four thirty one ten Edward go ahead yeah thanks for taking my call sure my question is on this border issue why can't each state with the taxpayer of money that they get build their own wall they can call it federal land but why is the federal government is not doing anything to protect us when we have all these different nationalities coming from all these different countries coming into our country well here's the problem the the wall building was on land that the federal government said they controlled at the borders on some of this in Texas and Arizona in particularly and what that meant was if the states were to build on it they'd be building on land that wasn't theirs we almost like a trespass action so this is the complicated nature of the whole border situation and the complicated nature of title 42 as we said on yesterday's broadcast title 42 was a temporary order put in place because of the corona virus because of kovat that allowed the federal government to say we will immediately expel unlawful entrance into the United States and we will do that because of the increased uncontamination of the spread of the disease what Justice Gorsuch said in his dissenting opinion and we'll see what happens now that they're granted review is you know that problem fortunately is passed by to the extent that it was at before and that's not really so they can't have these things ad infinitum they can't just keep going which means you have to have actual concrete fixes to these serious problems and you are calling with great questions I mean and great ideas and we want to continue taking your calls at 1-800-684-3110 let's go to Josh who's calling it or get online to you're on the air hey Josh oh hello thank you for taking my call today this one is kind of interesting it's basically currently schools today receive about 10 to 15 grand per student and I was just thinking yeah yeah I was just thinking what if there was actually a study into home education funding you know what effect would this have on abortion rates jobs employment how many jobs would that actually bring in and you know you could have national quota testing and stuff like that but that would take you know mothers in a situation where they don't know what to do you know they can't foresee any future to now all of a sudden be able to be a work-at-home mother and actually you know raise a family in a more traditional manner you know it's interesting to me that's a very interesting idea Josh I've thought about this if they took the amount of money spent per child which I think is a lot averages a closer to 20,000 per student and said you know we're just gonna give that money to the parents here's $20,000 educate and put you want to put your kid in private school private school you want to go to public school public school if you want to go to home schooling it's your $20,000 how much different would the system be if we allowed that to happen and that's what really school we've been big on the school choice issue we continue to believe it's a civil rights issue education is a civil rights issue in this country it's tough to sort of fix these big institutions once they've been established but there are ways we can do it there's ways we fight you got to deal with the labor unions and that's the problem here I mean I'm not I'm not naive I mean I know what you're up against you're up against a behemoth with these labor unions that are tough so that's where you got to be aggressive and we're pointing out the expenditures because we're gonna try to get to the bottom of some of these and that's why I use the number of the on the border issue I mean if you just took the seven billion and by the way it's a lot more than probably ten times that you could hire every border agent you would need and that's the reality now the political will to do it not there that's where elections have consequences too it's like how bad will it have to get before people realize this isn't self correcting and it's not self correcting period we are going to be taking a lot more phone calls and comments coming up at 1-800-684-3110 that's right yeah we hear you'll hear it on the air so it's okay but once a week or so during the air never note really noticed it before oh I do every show because there's moments where you go what's happening outside our studio walls but now it's a train that runs that's fine all right folks what I want to encourage you to do is give us a call we're in the last thing when the program coming up at 1-800-684 the money could go to fixing our rail gosh you're talking about a system that's archaic I mean there's one but we will take your calls at 800-684-3110 800-684-3110 and if you're watching on any of our social media apps whether it's Facebook rumble which is our pervert provider or YouTube or wherever else you might be getting us let me encourage you to stay on for this break because I want to talk to you during the break those of you that are watching the broadcast so we encourage you to do that we will take your calls at 800-684-3110 you all come up with great ideas we're gonna use these for our Office of Government Affairs in Washington DC so the first a year we're gonna get to work on that 1-800-684-3110 if you want to talk to us on air now let me encourage you to do this support the work of the ACLJ how do you do it you just go to and when you're there you donate any amount of money that you're able to donate it's tax-deductible and any amount you donate we're getting a matching gift for that's and that is a great way to support the work of the ACLJ also don't forget on Saturday night New Year's Eve at 8 o'clock Logan laughs that we do a New Year's Eve party at 8 o'clock but you know I know my audience our band the J secular band is going we like to call JSB because everybody in that band has got an initial JRS in their name we encourage you to go ahead and mark your calendar 8 o'clock Eastern Time on rumble Facebook YouTube to participate in our year-end concert we encourage you I'll give you some updates as well back with more more in a moment all right welcome back to secular last segment of the day taking your phone calls we do have a couple lines open 1-800-684-3110 let's go to David who's calling in Virginia on line six now thank you for taking my call Jay hey three quick points one about the border and two others the number one power over the border this course is the cartels and internationally and domestically we laundered their drug moneys the banks get DPAs as you know deferred prosecution agreements number two he's absolutely right David's absolutely right there are deferred prosecution agreements there are no process agreements there's a whole whole source of this so you know getting these cartels it's like the beginning of the problem not the end of it but go ahead David right well you got to get their money number two why nationally there's a national bill the fair act a Rand Paul it has to be passed it's not going to get done nationally due process it's got to be passed by basically all the states and number three everybody should know this nobody's discussed it BSA 1970 the banking secrecy act which clogs us up at the banks reporting 10,000 cash is related to the airports that's never been inflation adjusted since 1970 these things are frozen in time you're right David from the 1970s then 1970s I mean it's like nothing's updated since 1970 and that's because you have to get the federal rules and regulations you got to pass new laws and it's just not happening and this is the dysfunction of government it's like Southwest Airlines just never updated boy by the way proud a lister so you know just let me that means I could get on the plane before a lot of people evidently not well not right now no even if you're an a-list so let's take another call let's go let's go to Bob in New York online three Bob you're on the air hey Bob thank you much for taking my car um I I completely agree with Steve a couple calls ago but if I were to have to spend that money I would spend it on finishing the wall number one yep number two highway number three the veterans right our veterans deserve better those are easy three easy things that you could see the money go well let's take a look at him I mean the highways are look we need work on the highways the interstate system was put in place by Dwight T Eisenhower in the 1950s and some of these roads looks like they haven't been updated since the 1970s like Southwest Airlines yeah all right and that's number that's number one number two the VA if we cannot take care of our veterans we're not taking care of America so we need to take care of our veterans and yes the money could be used there and you know the not building the border wall was amongst the most ridiculous things this current administration did why do you not want a security fence you build fences you know what fences good fences make good neighbors and that's the reason you have them all right we're gonna take the rest of these calls all right yeah we got a couple more in some lines to read right now 1-800-684-3110 we got about five minutes we can take some more let's go to Les who's calling in Virginia on line one hey Les hey how you doing good one of the things I think the problem is the fact that they do these ominous bills which is no human being can understand everything it's anything they call them on the senator the congressman's desk maybe on a wee hours the morning and basically I don't think they care they just the whoever leadership is once that crap pass they throw it on it and they pass it make act like they're going to do something with it later but I think you need to make a dollar amount it's 4187 pages so let me tell you who's reading it nobody and if to read it by the way then you have to go back to these other pages so the spending is out of control the numbers are just out of whack and and you and it's just it they pass it because that's how they can get out of town you realize that's why they're doing this right so they can get out of town and get on vacation so start holding them accountable is why we have an office of government affairs in Washington DC all right thank you very much for your call a couple more Larry in Oklahoma on line four welcome hey Larry thank you for taking my call my mind is on the national debt yep and with recently turning 63 it's also on the Social Security system we need to pay back to national into the Social Security system the fact of the matter is it would be if you took out the actual money that's coming out of it would be negative and you know I'm of the Social Security age too we all paid into it you want to see that for yourselves and your family but the truth of the matter is all of these kind of spending issues across the board are where I think the rubber meets the road and one of the things we're gonna have our office of government affairs concentrate on in starting in January we've increased that staff drastically double the staff basically we're gonna be on top of these spending issues because you know what spending directly impacts you and your family you and your kids you and your grandkids you and your local community all all impacted by national expenditures and what we have to do is have real transparency we had JB McCuskey the auditor from the state of West Virginia on the broadcast last week who in West Virginia he did a is as the auditor a totally transparent system so not only do they know where their money's going but when they give a tax incentive to a company they know what the return on that investment is what is West Virginia getting out of that fact that the local business is paying for a tax but a big national corporations not but maybe it does introduce a lot of revenue into the tax system for other ways that's fine if it does but he's actually finding out if it does or doesn't and I think that's where we need to be going on a federal level too and I think Rand Paul is doing a great job on that we look forward to continuing to work with his office on that because this is where it really counts and this is where the real problems are that's right that's why we believe a couple minutes left here but we want to tell you to support the work of the ACLJ it is again sort of the end of our matching challenge end of our yearly and you had can be a part of it for a couple more days we encourage you to do it today when you have New Year's Eve over a weekend that kind of impacts your last day of fundraising is a lot of people do they're there the very last second they do it though your gifts but a lot of people be out a lot of people gonna be with their families because it's vacation time and also because it's over a weekend so if you have a minute now it's time to do it yeah I encourage you if you're able to do it this is a great day to do it we only have today Friday and Saturday and that's it now Saturday at 8 o'clock we're gonna do our band concert and that's gonna be on Rumble Facebook and YouTube or wherever you get your social media feeds and we encourage you to join us for that it's always a great time we do it at 8 o'clock Eastern time even though Logan makes 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responded we filed our reply brief the court then circulated in conference will know on next Friday whether or not we could know as early as next Friday they could they can extend that that can happen rolls over but we're gonna know real soon that's where your support comes in whether it is this broadcast the Supreme Court of the United States or as you know sending lawyers out to a Colorado City of Pueblo meeting to make sure at least the pro-life message could be heard the ACLJ there in the forefront and we've doubled the size of our office in Washington DC we're expanding that entire operation we'll tell you more about that in the year ahead coming up in 2023 it's gonna be a phenomenal announcement we're very excited about your support is critical it's a matching challenge campaign the best way to do it if you're able to go to ACLJ org that's ACLJ org and any amount you give we're getting a matching gift for so that makes a huge difference for us as Logan said tomorrow is Friday 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