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What Will Biden Change? “Nothing!”

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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November 11, 2022 3:25 pm

What Will Biden Change? “Nothing!”

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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November 11, 2022 3:25 pm

President Biden held a news conference yesterday following Tuesday's midterm elections. He bragged about Democrat candidates' surprising performance and also stated he's "not going to change." Jay, Jordan, Logan, and the Sekulow team break down the President's comments in his post-election press conference. This and more today on Sekulow.


Today on Sekulow, in Biden's speech following the midterm elections, he was asked, what will he change?

His answer, nothing. We'll talk about that and the outstanding races today on Sekulow. All right, welcome to Sekulow. We are taking your phone calls at 1-800-684-3110.

That's 1-800-684-3110. Later in the broadcast, we'll get to some breakdown on where these outstanding votes in Arizona, Nevada. It is interesting, I will note that MSNBC and NBC's political group is predicting that the House now has turned to Republicans by 222 votes.

They're the only network to do it so far. It's a mix of called races and predicted out races, but that would again turn the speakership again over to the leadership of the entire House of Representatives, the chairmanships of the committees, to the Republican Party. It's expected, that was actually a little bit better number that people have been talking about.

Some we're talking about is small, the majority is 219. So we have that. I want to play this from President Biden. So he addresses the nation following the midterm elections, he takes some questions, and this was one of the questions about, okay, you're going to have to work more closely with Republicans. What's going to be different?

What in the next two years do you intend to do differently to change people's opinion of the direction of the country, particularly as you contemplate a run for President in 2024? Nothing, because they're just finding out what we're doing. The more they know about what we're doing, the more support there is. What exactly does that mean? The Republicans don't support what he's doing. Half the country doesn't support what he's doing, let's be honest.

The country is very equally divided. What does that even mean though? I understand that he doesn't want to pin himself down, but you've got to ask yourself, what does that actually mean?

That's what I can't figure out. And when he said, what are you going to do? You know what he should have said? We need it and try to encourage bipartisan solution solving. A typical political politician's response, but he doesn't even do that.

He doubles down on, I'm not changing anything. Yeah. I think not having a wave one way or the other, kind of what they've said, as strong as you'd expect, actually shows a little bit of where the American people are. It shows that there are a large group of people that are kind of voting with malaise. They're sort of voting just to vote.

They're voting for their party and it's kind of moving on. But to activate a base, I think he definitely has to come out with a stronger point of view. And I think now it's a pretty strong indication that he'll be the 2024. They're not going to replace him unless something catastrophic was to happen.

Right. They can't really do that politically because of the outcome of the midterms. And most people predict it. Better than most people predicted and better than historically is what happens. I think it's important to point that although there are still key, I mean, there's a possibility that Republicans can get the Senate. It's very tight. Very tight. We're going to get to it later in the show.

We'll take your calls at 1-800-684-3110. I mean, what's clear is that we should not have elections that draw out for weeks. Not even days. It should be that night. It's fine if Arizona was early morning hours for those of us on the East Coast. We're even late for there. But by the time you wake up the next day, wherever you are in the United States, you should be able to know who won. And we don't have that system yet.

They're producing some of these maybe still another week. What's a December? What are the counts that Arizona said? Because if it gets too close, then they have to recount. So it could be December.

But you could literally be, like they were talking about working through Thanksgiving. So this is just not acceptable in the world's leading. I don't understand how Florida could get their votes in literally in hours. Georgia, let's face it, hours this time. I mean, by the night we knew the results. And Arizona runs into the problem, the issue with the tabulation. And I'm not alleging any kind of... Listen, I think Arizona could go Republican.

I don't think there's a fraud thing here. I think it's a system that's ridiculous. But you know, the states under the Constitution are the ones that set the rules on all of this. The problem is where people get questioned by the Secretary of State is the Democratic candidate for governor. Would not recuse herself. And that includes this now very controversial hand recount where they're throwing out ballots. If your signature doesn't match, whose ballots are they throwing out? And the Secretary of State happens to be on the ballot for governor against someone, you know, against Carrie Lake.

Would not recuse herself. So that makes people very, very nervous. Call us 1-800-684-3110. Welcome back to second hill. We know, based off the election, the top issue to Americans and top issue likely to most of you listening to this broadcast. We know a lot of us is the direction of our country. And when you look at the direction of the country, it's economics and inflation because that affects our global security. It affects our national security. It affects what happens at home with pocketbook, kids, meals, gas, everything.

Whether or not you take a vacation, whether or not you keep your job. And we're starting to see massive layoffs from big companies like Facebook, like Amazon, like we already saw from Twitter. Tried to, again, reassess these bloated companies. I mean, they had more employees than a lot of people thought. I mean, they lay off tens of thousands in an email. So I want to, because it's a big algorithm, I want those guys' truth is their employees are part of an algorithm.

I want to play, we just played it for our audience that was watching online, watching us on social media platforms. We have that bite, Will, about the President saying oil companies are doing a disservice. I want to discuss that with Harry. The oil companies are really doing the nation a real disservice. They've made, six of them, made over $100 billion in the last quarter in profit. $100 billion. Okay. Well, of course, it's called private enterprise, number one. Number two, this is coming from Harry, the President that said, I am going to close down the oil companies.

You've got five years. And then he's saying they should lower their profit margins, even though he's trying to put them out of business in the next five years. Absolutely. So I think the President has a distinguished commitment to incoherence and no one has done the American people a disservice more than he has. So he's basically shrunk the supply of energy in the United States, and then he blames rising prices of energy on the gas companies, the oil and gas companies.

This is nonsense. And so as the results of Tuesday's midterm elections dribbled in, President Biden and the Democrats have likely been lulled into a false sense of security because we will experience continued strong inflation and we will continue to experience layoffs. Keep in mind that the economy was in a recession for six months this year already. Now he is saying that we are going to control inflation. There's no evidence. Well, he's saying, I think I can control inflation.

I can't say I can get rid of it, but he thinks he can control it. He does, but he also seems oblivious to the fact that inflation in Germany is 10.4%, inflation in Great Britain is 10.1%, that there is a 25 to 30 day supply of diesel in the United States. Why is diesel crucial? It's crucial for food, shelter, clothing, you name it.

Everything basically runs on diesel, including trains and trucks, and so prices are likely to continue to rise, notwithstanding the reaction of the stock market to the President's remarks today. Let's listen to what he also said. I mean, this is, Jordan, you talk about, you know, the politics of like not listening to the American people.

Take a listen to this one. No more drilling. There is no more drilling.

I haven't formed any new drilling. Well, there you go. Yeah, this takes me to what we're going to be talking about later, though, with the early voting. Too many people cast their votes before hearing that, and that's a reality that we just have to deal with. You cannot rely on these last minute statements like that to persuade a lot of Democrat voters to say, suddenly, I'm going to vote Republican. Obviously, Republican voters that already know that they're going to vote that way. They already know he feels that way. But Democrats who might be put off by where the economy is likely didn't hear that because 70% of their votes were in before Election Day. Think about that. They had already bagged 70% of their votes like two and three weeks out before Election Day.

Now, there's two questions to ask. One, does early voting really fit the Constitution? And they announced that. I mean, because it does say states, but it also talks about Election Day, not weeks. And it doesn't do actually a disservice to voters. But second is, we got to deal with reality. The reality is, those are going to be the laws, and we've got to start matching that so we've got 70 plus percent of our vote in before because our people do go to the polls.

We know that. So get them to the polls two weeks before. Stop this whole—it's kind of reeducation about it because we cannot be worried that your vote is not going to be counted because you use the same system to early vote. I am not talking about absentee mail.

That's always a little bit more of a risk because you're all on paper. You've got to date it exactly right. There's some human error on your part. There's human error on the USPS part. That's why they have to extend it for weeks plus to count those kind of votes. I'm talking about going to a polling place early and using the same exact system, and it's counted the same exact way as if you went on Election Day, except for you've got a couple weeks to do it. So if it didn't work for that one day, you go the next day because of something popped up in your life. You don't have to worry if the machines aren't working great that day. You know what? They'll fix it by the next day.

Yeah, I think that's right. We have to start embracing this technology because it's not going back, and this is what's going to happen is you have situations, even here in Tennessee, a historically red area, gigantic lines on Election Day, bad weather, rain, and a pretty contested close election. So if you're in an area that's even closer, then that's a big problem. All night in close states, in close races, Republicans are playing catch-up because it's same-day voting. It's not necessarily that they're losing, but we start so far down that people start going, Republicans, they're not going to win this race.

And then you start looking and you go, oh, wait. Suddenly they've added 500,000 votes to their total, and that's because we don't have a good mix. We need to at least get close to where they are, which is about 70% of their votes are in, which means all those debates they can do because they know it won't matter.

Well, that's exactly, I think that's what happened. That's why they could do the federal debate, because he already knew 70% of his vote was in. And he won handily, actually, almost 3%.

But he knew he could then come out, tell people the truth about his medical condition. And it won't matter. And it wouldn't matter then because so many had already voted for him.

And I don't think it would have mattered anyways. I think the electorate is that. I want to ask another economic question, and that is this. When you have inflation, those double digits, which is what's going on in Europe right now, we're a little less than that.

We're about 8%. So President Biden's using the fact that we're not as bad as Europe's inflation, 2% less, that that's a victory. Is that a victory?

It's not a victory to working Americans. They are falling further and further behind. Keep in mind that over the last 20 years or thereabouts, we've seen the greatest transfer in wealth from the middle and working class to the upper middle class and the wealthy in human history. And that will continue.

Why? Because the elites are basically taking care of their own. And so if you look at the Biden administration, you have a huge explosion, if you will, in bureaucrats who are well paid, who do not necessarily rely on cars. So therefore, they're less reliant on gasoline prices. They really don't care what's happening to middle America, in addition to which the Biden administration is prepared to double down on climate change. Well, what is the climate change agenda? How does it affect middle Americans? Well, the United Nations has announced that they are prepared to redistribute $2 trillion annually from Western wealthy countries to poor countries. Where is that coming from?

It's coming from Great Britain, Western Europe, and the United States. And tax rates will have to rise or otherwise inflation will explode. Yeah, I mean, this again, we have to deal with reality. We've already got some predictions coming out that Republicans have taken back the House.

And I would like more confirmation of that before totally celebrating that. But I think we're on track for that to hold this administration accountable. And again, Joe Biden acted like he had that speech yesterday that he's going to be able to get these Green New Deal pieces of legislation done.

He's not. That's done for the radar of his first term. And we're going to get into what happens at the Senate. No, please, last term. Let me say this as we're about to go into a break, and that is your support of the ACLJ right now is critical. And look, I want to say this at the outset. We've been talking about inflation. We've been talking about economic hardship. So we realize what's going on to the American people.

No one's immune to this. But if you're able, if you're in a position to donate to the ACLJ, the months of November and December are how we set our budgets for the next year. So it is really critical that we know where we are and can make the appropriate plan. We've got a lot of big projects ahead, including some educational projects on election integrity and election voting, because this is, folks, this is a fundamental constitutional issue.

And frankly, the other side is way advanced on all of this. As those numbers came out, I was talking to our government affairs team in D.C., all with political and campaign experience. And I said, we've got to launch an education campaign on early voting. I think we pooh-poohed it. I mean, I think we just kind of said, oh, don't do it.

That was kind of Donald Trump's position. We didn't. We didn't.

Don't say we. As campaigns, you always wanted that. I've always been an early voter because you want to make those votes so that you could go spend your time in the last couple weeks. The previous President was not big on that. It became a narrative.

Yes. It became a narrative that your votes will be stolen if you vote early. That is not true. It is not the same as absentee voting, which, by the way, works as well. But I don't want mass absentee.

That's not what I'm talking about. I want mass Republican voting. Why? Early voting.

Why? So on election night, we're matching their immediate numbers. Those are the first numbers you see that come in. Yeah. So that we're not always just feeling like we're playing catch up. Which we do feel like.

And it does feel that way, even if it's not, because that's what gets reported first. We're talking about how to launch that campaign at a nationwide level. All right, folks, that's why your support of the ACLJ is so vital and so critical.

I'm going to encourage you to go to Any amount you donate, we're going to get a matching gift for. So if you can donate $5, we're getting $10. If you donate $10, we're going to get $20.

You know how it works. So That's And we're going to be taking your calls.

1-800-684-3110, 800-684-3110. And we're continuing to take your phone calls, too. We'll update you about some ACLJ work that we haven't had time to update you about because it's been so focused on election coverage.

And we still are. Listen, our teams, I got texts coming in nonstop, tracking the numbers in Arizona, tracking Nevada. And then, of course, there will be a whole move towards Georgia to see what that race is all about. So if you want to talk to us on there, 1-800-684-3110.

Also, you know, some of this, too, while we talk about the early voting stuff later in the broadcast, I would like to hear from people who did early vote. So maybe they can tell people their positive stories that, hey, it is the same system. It's the same machine. It's the same place oftentimes. And you actually, you know, you don't have to plan it so much. Like, I decided to do it – there was one year where I dropped off my second drop-off for school for my kids. And I was watching the line.

So one day I did the drop. I said, okay, it's too long. I got to get to work. Too long. Next day, there was, like, no line I could see right in. So I walked in.

It took me two minutes. Got my vote done. And I've done that for the Presidential. I've done that for, you know, for the general. And for that, it just takes a lot of stress off not having to figure out election day voting. I got three kids at home.

And if somebody gets sick or if something happens at work – Or weather. Yeah. Had to stand out and board. We saw Nevada was – parts of Nevada were coming up with snow.

Yeah, Reno was dumping snow in November. Yeah. So, you know, again, I'd love to hear from people about that. Because I think, you know, activists, they know we try to get this done. It has just been uphill to try to convince conservatives.

Total education. Let's take Jeff's call. Then we're going to give a report on one of our cases. Hey, Jeff.

Call in for North Carolina on Line 3. Hey, I want to thank you all for your service. Thanks. And the work that you do.

You put your hands to the plow and that's just a great thing. My comment is I'm just mind-boggled how we're going to accept election results. And we already know there's massive voter fraud again.

Where, Jeff? Where's the – you had a really good result in North Carolina. Where are you seeing voter fraud?

Well, I would just – I happened to be in the hospital during the whole election call. But I was reading Arizona's got problems. Arizona did have a problem.

They did have. But it's not a voter fraud problem. But a big embarrassment. But a big embarrassment. Jeff, you're right about that.

There's been no allegation of fraud yet. No. Where you get in a mess, Jeff, and I think where you're reading, is that this is – the first thing they had to do was they had to take all these ones that they couldn't go through the machine. They have to verify the signatures.

And then you had to put them in this little thing that Will and I call a strutter. That's one count. Joking. Then they're not – when they do that, they take them via secure trucks to this central location. It sounds ridiculous. It is a lot of stuff. And it's a lot of – You know, like, we've – a lot of boxes and a lot of this – Chain of title.

Yes. And then it gets to a new center. For that part, Jeff, you're right. And in that center, they're actually going to count the votes that have been verified as – But there's no evidence of – The only reason there's that many to do is because their machines didn't work. And that company that makes those machines, who will go unnamed, again, is a disaster. It was something with the printer ink. Some ran out of actual paper. Printer setting. It somehow made it to where the right ink did not – It just never worked.

We should just give up on the printer. I know. I think that's a – Everybody – I mean, there's a reason why Shaq does those commercials, where they feel like you could get, like, the giant fills of the ink now, because they never work at home. I relate to that dad in that commercial where Shaq is in for this new printer because he's, like, trying to print the form for the – what is it that day?

They're going on a field trip. Yeah. And you've got to get the form that morning. Yeah.

You've got to get it all the time. You've got to get, like, FedEx Chicos to print a one-pager. But it's good to also have the paper bow back up, just in case something like this does happen. The backup is fine.

There's no evidence of fraud, though, at this point. But, Jeff, I understand what you're concerned about. Yeah. And no one's allowed you that.

Let me change subjects for a minute here. Because the ink wasn't dark enough. Okay. So it couldn't read it. Right.

So the machines – I mean, there are things that – I mean, some of this is – I mean, now we're going to get to you, Stacey. It is antiquated still. It is antiquated.

I'll tell you where it's antiquated. I go into the booth, okay, I know I'm now a senior citizen, but I go in and the person goes in with me to the booth. And I'm thinking – Acting like he doesn't know how to use it.

Like, I don't know how to put the piece of paper into the thing that shows your ballot. So I said politely – And you don't know how to use a touch screen, right? She said, well, I'll stay here while you do this in the beginning to – I said, I'm perfectly capable.

I appreciate it. But, like, get out of my space. Now, you guys here at Williamson, you touch the screen. Yes.

It's kind of disgusting. And David said we get a little poker. No, yeah. I touch the screen. I'm not touching it.

We get a coffee – We get a coffee – Coffee stirrer. I will say this. It went very smooth. All right.

Let's go to – Too smooth. Let's go from the United States to Pakistan, because this tells you the scope and nature of the work of the ACLJ. Yeah, and I liked – again, you know, we don't try to focus on these stories when we're in the midst of a midterm election here in our country.

But I do want you to know what we're doing, the serious work that we're doing. We had lawyers from the United States in Pakistan. Our U.S.-based attorney who oversees that entire operation, which is seven employees plus outside counsels, was just in Pakistan. He brought back amazing footage. I can't wait for you all to see this. But I wanted to update you on just some of the cases and what our cases are like in Pakistan working through that judicial system.

And Cece, how's joining us? Right. So our office in Pakistan, the Organization for Legal Aid, basically does what we do here in the United States. We represent people. Of course, Pakistan cases, you have religious liberties being absolutely just desecrated all the time. So you can imagine the types of cases that we have. We had two scheduled today, and they're both criminal cases. And Pakistan's just a little bit different, where the victim, we represent the victims in both of these cases, and the victim actually gets an attorney, and the attorney helps prosecute. So we're actually helping to prosecute in these cases. One of the cases was a little three-year-old Christian girl that was raped by a Muslim man. And we have helped prosecute that case and actually got a conviction. The defendant got 25 years in prison, but he has appealed. So we are still following that case and helping with that prosecution.

The next one was a 20... But I want to say something. We had an American-based lawyer who oversees this operation in Pakistan for this trial. So this tells you kind of the scope and nature of what we're doing here. This is serious work, and it's complicated. Interestingly, Pakistan's legal system is not horrible.

It's not fantastic, but it's not bad. Go ahead. Yeah. So we had then... The second one that was scheduled for today was a 24-year-old Christian young man who was actually protecting some Christian girls that were being harassed by two Muslim men. And the next day, those Muslim men went to his house and shot him dead. And so those were the two cases that were scheduled for today. And then two weeks ago, where we did have... That's where Shaheri Argyll from our office was actually there for the final argument.

This is a 17-year-old Christian boy who was falsely accused of blasphemy, and he's been sitting in jail for five years. And we have helped with his defense. We have been his defense this whole time. We just did the final argument two weeks ago, and we were there. Shaheri Argyll was sitting in the courtroom there for that case.

When this shows you... I mean, I think this is... We've got offices all over the globe. We got places we don't even talk about. And to dispatch lawyers from the United States to Pakistan, you can imagine the logistics of all of this. But we're committed to do this because we wanna stand... These people have no other hope in the legal sense. I mean, it's fair to say.

No, not like this. Your daughter has been raped, and that causes lifelong issues, which by the way, we also... We follow up on that? We also work on that, that office. On the humanitarian side. There's a more holistic approach because these are like criminal...

They are criminal cases. And so we bring in a psychiatrist. Most families can't afford that to help get to that next step. We've handled, even talked about... There's one of our clients who was shot and paralyzed and talked...

There's a medical procedure where they may actually be able to reverse that, but the family just doesn't have the money, and it's a few thousand dollars, and it could potentially you could walk again, which could then brings income into the family. I mean, this is somebody who can't go and run his store. It is a holistic approach to this. So it's not just the legal, it's the humanitarian side. And it's picking on... What we're starting to see, which is good, is because we've been there for a while now, we're able to work with Muslim attorneys who care about human rights.

Yes. And they care about the direction of their country. They want radicals in charge.

They want mullahs in charge. That's what I'm saying. The legal system, we're getting results. We are putting people in life in prison for raping that girl.

We put someone away for 25 years for shooting that shopkeeper. So you can imagine the stress our staff is under because they're putting people away for life in prison in Pakistani prisons, and they appeal, of course, because it's a life in prison sentence. We're in a system, of course. Yes.

So, yes. All right, folks, this is why supporting the work of the ACLJ and our global affiliates is so critical. We encourage you to go to, that's, and any amount of donation you make is going to be doubled.

It's gonna be matched. So do that today, More ahead. Keeping you informed and engaged, now more than ever, this is Sekulow. And now your host, Jordan Sekulow. All right, welcome to Sekulow, and we are taking your phone calls to 1-800-684-3110.

That's 1-800-684-3110. So we're getting more into the election. We know that out in Maricopa County, there's at least 400,000 votes to be counted.

This is unbelievable, really. We will get another dump today at 6.30 p.m. their time, so that's mountain time now. So again, we'll get some more numbers. It was interesting, last night Carrie Lake was on Tucker Carlson, and her vote total was always like a couple thousand behind. And this is when you ask about the question, we gotta call it about the Secretary of State, we'll take a second. And then right after her interview, they released like 10,000 votes that put her behind by five thousand votes.

Right. And this is when you say, and then she went back on Tucker. Now, she didn't allege fraud, but it was like selective release of, it was like the registrars went and said, let's release those votes from that Democrat area. Because they couldn't release 10,000 more than counted it. They have that, I mean, when you have 400,000 plus votes, we're talking about almost half the votes still is out. It hasn't been counted in that county.

So she went back on Tucker to call it out. Not to call out fraud, and I want to make that clear to people, but let me take David's call coming in from Arkansas online for, hey, David. Hey. I'm sorry.

I actually, I'm in Arizona. Okay. All right. Sorry.

Had the wrong initials. No worries. Go ahead. Yeah.

No worries. Anyway. Yeah. I'm just wondering if there's any legal thing that can be done to get Katie Hobbs to recuse herself.

That really bothers me. I know that the RNLA, which is the Republican National Law Association, their attorney out there did put in a request for her to recuse. She said no.

Yes. She said no under the state constitution to oversee the votes. I don't know that a court would weigh in. I don't know if a court would weigh in because of separation of powers under their state constitution. Right.

So it makes it difficult. On the other hand, if it gets that close and it's outcome determinative- I think there should be higher political pressure. There will be other checks and balances if it's going to be that close, and it's going to be close. Yeah. I mean, there's no question it's going to be close.

Maybe. I mean, Carrie Lakes for the gubernatorial race says once these are all counted, it's not going to be that close. That's what she keeps saying. I mean, which is interesting, but Adam Laxall said that too, and his numbers have tightened up.

I mean, this is working, but the fact that we're talking about it three days later and don't have results- Not even close. We're not even close. I mean, maybe it's looking down like definitely next week.

Yeah. I think every sign is pointing to that. All the media is starting to say it and they're starting to do it. Look, I think when we talked earlier about NBC actually reporting more seats picks up.

Yeah, 222. I think that is because the media, I mean, they want this to go on forever. They really do. They changed it from election night to election night continues.

That's what it's called now. It's too early to call. Not too close, too early to call. But with MSNBC going to 222, I think that's NBC actually saying, look, you know what? We're going to start making predictions. We're going to start really trying to close this thing down because look, inevitably, and I think we can see it even today, ratings start to drop. People start to go, I'm no longer just going to leave this on because nothing's going to happen.

At some point, someone will tell me when there's an answer. I'm not waiting there for breaking news anymore. They need to move back to, Gutfield needs to come back and all those shows need to come back. I think they're doing that today. I think today is when they return because people are done with the election night in America that lasts a month. I think last night. They didn't go back last night. Yeah, yeah.

Cause I watched Jesse Waters, Tucker. But what I'm saying is like most house races, I don't know if it's Senate or statewide races, house races though, if 99% is in and you have a thousand vote lead, you're winning. It might have to go to recount, maybe like technically your opponent might have a within point might be able to request it or it might be automatic, but again, those can happen very quick too. There's run it through the machine again, just we're talking about congressional districts. So you can start calling these. And I think that's why NBC, interestingly enough of all the networks has said Republicans have taken back the house with, you know, four, four extra that's not what they were saying two days ago.

Nope. If it was, if it was if, and now it's two 22 folks, we want to hear from you and the next two segments of our broadcast, your experience on voting at Georgia. Hey, we love to hear from Georgia 1-800-684-3110, 800-684-3110 campaigning's already started. Will Rhonda Santas go to Georgia to campaign? Governor Kemp said he's all in. He's going to put his people.

I think Rhonda Santas has to be all in if he wants to be a leader of the party, especially if it's out an outcome, determinative race, we want to hear from you on all of this. In your opinion, 1-800-684-3110, that's 800-684-3110. We've opened up the phone lines.

Welcome back to Sec Hill, we are taking your phone calls to 1-800-684-3110. For our people watching, they saw this, which is always very impressive with the Maricopa County Board of Elections and their registrar hangs out there. I think one guy's having a pants problem during the video. They're nervous.

We do have a clip from them. This is from Bill Gates. That's not the Bill Gates. He should be going by Williams. That's why I said come on, William Gates, just to shut people up, because this is not good.

Because it plays into all the space. I know, everything. Let's listen to Bill Gates. Hear what he says about corruption. My name is George Soros. George Soros. Right, right, exactly. Not the George Soros you're thinking of.

Here's Bill Gates. First of all, I do not believe that what happened yesterday can fairly be called incompetence or corruption in any way. Did we have some issues? Yes, we did have issues with people trying to put ballots into the tabulators yesterday in about 20 percent, at the high point, about 20 percent of our vote centers. That's incompetence. 20 percent of the vote centers, not 20 percent of, you know, in an area 20 percent of the machines weren't working, let's say, in your, in your vote center. Precinct. Right. You didn't go in, of the 10 machines, eight were working, you know, no. You're talking about 20 percent of precincts that were essentially down.

Down. That's pretty much bad. That's definitely incompetence. But he tries to say incompetence and corruption are the same.

Those are different things. They are incompetent. Whoever put this plan in, they did not test the ink or whatever it was. I can't believe you're talking ink again. Remember the Sharp, Sharp again? All these things like flashback to me. But it's always these kind of ridiculous things.

Well, you said, well, we went from hanging chads to... The ink is not dark enough for the computer to read, which is like, you can put a check in on your phone. You can literally take a picture of a check and deposit it on your phone, but they did not figure out the ink color. Yeah. And that's something, when you think about that, you can deposit a check on your phone to your bank account. Which is very secure. But you cannot register your, your ballot because the system... And it verifies your signature. Yes.

Well, you're like, whatever bank you use to do that is doing signature verification. That's why it sometimes takes a second. It's AI, but yes. Yeah. Yeah.

To make sure it matches the other checks you've deposited. All right. Let's go ahead. We're taking calls at 800-684-30... Do you do that a lot?

I've done it, but I don't know the ins and outs of the technical side of how the mail cable works. Now, you voted day of. I did. I voted day of.

I tried to vote early vote. And to be honest, the lines were gigantic. The same way. I probably still would have saved time if I had just gone ahead and did it. Mainly because it was understaffed, you know, in the early...

Yes. That's the biggest problem. But I went at a time in about 20 minutes difference.

My wife went, same location, and it was triple the amount of weight on voting day because it went a little early. And when I went, it was fine. And then it did get to the point where it became an hour, I believe Will waited an hour and a half. When people are done with work.

And that's tough for people. Will had an hour and a half. Will set aside an hour and a half, two hours of their day. This is very contested.

In winter? I want people to stay in line for elections because I don't think it's going to be fixed in one cycle. But vote early is fine. But vote early. We're going to do education. We're going to launch a big education campaign. And I think this is one of the reasons we're losing races.

And also these counts is that you turn on the TV and you stay up maybe till midnight. All you've gotten is the early vote. And so all of our candidates appear to be having to play catch up, but that's not actually the case. Yeah, because the states also control the timing when they get counted and when they get released. So we're going to get into, like Jordan said, we're going to get into a whole voting early campaign. And it was really downplayed two years ago in the Presidential election.

That was a big mistake in my view. Let's go ahead and take calls. 800-684-3110. Well, we know in Nevada with a very close race, Patrick is calling in from Nevada online too. Hey, Patrick.

You're on the air. Yeah, it's good. Yeah, I voted the very first day of early voting in Washoe. And it was incredibly easy. I literally walked right in, waited for the table, gave them my information, and got to vote. It was that easy. Yeah, I mean, this is, that's why, and again, you used the same system. I want you, you know, Patrick, the same way you voted is the same way people voted on election day.

It was just, it was just incredibly easy. The funny thing, though, believe it or not, is I live in a state where we give everybody a ballot, which I believe is wrong, but my daughter is also a registered Republican. We received our sample ballots, but we never received our ballots to send in. Yeah, that's interesting.

I mean, it could be, I don't want to, you could speculate, it could be you moved recently or she moved from a different location, you know, or she's, I don't know how old she is or where she lives, but that's, they kind of like do a dual system. I don't love that because they also think I had, I think there were almost 300,000 people there who came in and dropped off those ballots on election day. So the system, it didn't work. Like they're supposed to come in so that they can get those ready to go to be counted. Arizona needs to look at the whole way they're doing it.

It's a very weird system to have everybody get a ballot. But under the constitution, the states decide, it's not the federal government. Yes, but it's been a big, states I think are sick of being embarrassed. So we saw about 15 states fix their problems. Yeah, Georgia. Pennsylvania, a lot of states. Florida came in quick.

Yep. But Arizona. Pennsylvania did. Nevada obviously need to fix things. Yeah. Specifically Maricopa County, which is always the problem. It used to be we were joking about it before it even happened. Yeah, before it happened, I said the one thing I never want to hear, I don't want to hear is Maricopa County.

And here we are once again. Yeah. And I think that Arizona honestly is saying, you know, later this week, potentially a week, and those numbers are moving so slow. You're talking about from, I mean, I don't know if it's moved from what, 65% on election night to 70% now? Yeah, like 72.

I mean, here's the problem. They only released it the whole day yesterday, Maricopa County. Was it like 60,000 votes? Well, they can keep getting votes until Saturday, right? In the mail? Technically there's mail everywhere.

Yeah. But I'm saying that they have so many still in the county, they said, well, you have no idea how many people did that. When you have no idea, it starts to, let's think it's these, even these percentages are not necessary. I mean, you can do an estimate based on how many people voted already. But do they send out the mass ballot or you have to request the ballot? Not in Arizona, I don't think. Well, whatever it is, they have, there's not, there's an estimate, but the estimate is very vague because they just don't know how many have been dropped off, how many were picked up, how many are in the mail, how many are still waiting to be in the mail.

These percentages now are actually very misleading, I think, because those numbers are unclear. Let's go to Luke in Minnesota online for Hey, Luke. Yeah. Hi, thanks for taking my call.

Sure. I have a question, does anybody physically count these ballots or is it just up to the machines? In Arizona, it's being hand count, I mean, which again, and matched. So first they have to match that your signature matches and a Republican and a Democrat do that together. And then they put it in a box. That box gets taken to, I think they call it central there.

And central is where they actually count votes. I actually think the hand counting at this point is meaningless. I think that actually involves more human error than a machine. If a machine works. And you always have the backup.

So personally, I think a backup is good if the machines don't work. I mean, Florida's was great. Great.

And if anybody wants to- Georgia's was good. It was also a very large victory. But it was also a very large turnout. It was a lot to process. Yeah.

They process it all. Yeah. I mean- It's just some of these states that are much smaller populations just need to look at the big states and say, okay, we're all using basically the same machines. So what are we doing wrong here?

Yeah. And a lot of it's not the machine. It's the system which they have to tabulate it.

Like what time we can start counting, what time we can start opening and all this and that. But how do you do the whole day yesterday and only have 60,000 votes? Because if that was the case, you'd be doing that for the 450,000 votes, that would be another week. It's the DMV. I think it very well could be another week.

It is the DMV. You're right. No, they said it could go past Thanksgiving. Right.

I know. Did they really say that? For Georgia, I know technically going into the runoff, they said they're going to have to continue working through Thanksgiving to certify that vote to then get to the runoff. I want to talk about the runoff in the next segment. Let's take another call. 800-684-3110.

Happy Thanksgiving. Yeah. Louette in Alabama on line one. Alabama didn't take long for Katie Britt. No, seconds. Louette. Hey, yes.

We know how to do it here, but thanks for taking my call. So my question is, who in Arizona, what kind of poll watchers, what kind of accountability do we have to make sure that they're not miscounting or just, you know, just in the same state? I will say, Carrie Lake knew this was going to be close. Lawyers were out there.

Blake Masters, who was going to be close. She's been someone who's been very critical of the way that the elections go in Arizona. People call it election dire. What she was talking about is exactly what happened to her.

What's happened to her race as we speak. It's embarrassing and it's not right and it causes people to question the system. But we know there are a lot more election lawyers on the ground and poll watchers. And I think there's a special way that works at that central location, which also has cameras. You can actually, I think, tune it. You can actually go online and watch. But it is very slow. Yeah, they cut to the feed a few times.

Yeah. What did it look like? It does look incredibly slow. Slowly picking up a piece of paper, moving it out. It's a mix of the DMV and like a slot, like the sloth DMV in Zootopia. It's a mix of that and the post office. That's the problem.

Yeah. I didn't like when the person came, I didn't like when the person came into my booth area. Get out of my space.

I think the post office has gotten better lately because there's not as much mail going out. Is she staying there with you or he? Hubbard, you're young. They put the... Yeah, because you're not capable of what you need. They fed it into the machine for me.

They took it out of your head? Mm-hmm. That's fine.

Not in the... I fed it for the final thing. Yeah, you do feed the final thing. Oh, okay.

That's okay. Just to put it into the machine to print onto. Because I'm sure people get that wrong.

That's before you cut it. Then they don't leave. In my case, because I'm a senior senior. Did they bring up a little stool also for you? They offered me a stool if I needed it.

Did they? Okay. Is that the first time or... Yeah, I've never had that before.

Yeah. A stool? They did offer me a place to sit. They're not very... It was not the stool, she said, do you need assistance?

Okay. They may just have to ask that. We're taking your calls. Hey, George, we want to hear from you.

And you can have a little run off going on down there in our home state. 1-800-684-3110. They say Ron DeSantis may make a number of appearances.

We'll see. 800-684-3110. Support the work of the ACLJ at That's But we do want to hear from you in, I think, Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia would be great right now.

But if you're in other states you can too. 800-684-3110. We're going to let everybody know how they can support the ACLJ.

Yeah. At we've got our matching challenge. You can double the impact to your donation.

We know people are economically hurting. So if you've got to cut back on your donation, this is actually a great time to donate. Because we have a donor who will match that donation so you can make the same impact. Donate today if you can at We'll be right back. Take it more. This is an interesting bite, just on Maricopa County, this also came from our good friend Bill Gates.

No relation. The other Bill Gates. And the guy with the pants, again. If you didn't watch our broadcast today, go back just to watch the guy who put the pants. I don't know if it was the hands shaking, which I get the nervousness on TV, but it was... Well, because there's got to be these guys... It's just not giving a lot of confidence. This does have to be their worst case scenario somewhat. Not their worst case, but they thought we're going to... This is the guy who ran for county registrar. Well, as soon as you know that machine stopped working, they went, oh no. Now we're going to have Maricopa County back in the news for election issues and we have to go on TV and do this.

Sure it is very nerve-wracking and very, very embarrassing. So take a listen, Bite 14. Right now we are laser focused on getting through this count and doing it in an accurate way. In fact, we anticipate 95 to 99% of the votes will be counted in Maricopa County by the end of the day this Friday. Okay.

Now that's a big difference if 95% are in and it races this close and 99 and what about that other... What are we going to be able to say? Thanks, Jimmy. Yeah. And by the end of the day this Friday.

Yeah. That's also... Third night. Because that was last night. On Arizona Strange, no time zone, time zone, no daylight savings time. So you never know what time... Oh, I may like to prefer it.

I think that I would... It's one reason that Arizona's probably a good place to live. But it is confusing for the rest of the country to have to deal with. All right. We're taking your calls at 1-800-684-3110. Who's next? Daniel in Texas online three. Hey, Daniel. Hey, how y'all doing? Good. I appreciate you guys. I'm actually a truck driver and I'm in Wyoming, but I am from Texas.

Yes, sir. Y'all said y'all didn't have any voter fraud, but on, they showed a graph when Warnock and Walker got close together, there was a 100,000 vote spike that went up. And then... This is because of the way the system is set up though, Dave. I mean, a lot of... Because it... Listen, if Herschel Walker's campaign thought that that was illegitimate, they would have said it.

They would have said something. We know that that's gonna happen in Arizona. We're hoping that happens for Carrie Lake.

We hope that we wake up and she gets... So out of these 400,000 votes, she gets 300,000 or 250,000 of them. So some of this is because the way that votes come in, and that's the early voting that we're talking about, and that is not fraudulent, that is just how it dumps in, and it does change the races very quickly. We had a race here for Congress. The district... We're now all in the same district. We used to be. I used to be in the last Middle Tennessee Democrat district.

There's not only one Democrat district in the state, maybe we can do something about that next time we do a census. But anyway, it was close for a little bit, and then it dumped, and it was not... It was 20 points. Victory for the Republican. Yeah. The initial overnights were not looking great, and then all of a sudden it took a giant lead, and you're right, it's because of the early voting.

No one alleged any problem. No. So don't... The way these numbers come in, again, if we saw mass Maricopa's happening all over the country, that is disastrous. The fact that it's happening in one county, we can focus on and say, if Carrie Lake becomes the governor, she knows that's a priority to get it fixed. All right. We gotta do it. Take another call.

Yeah. Let's go to Gwen in Georgia on line one. So Gwen, I wanna ask you first, how did you vote in Georgia? Was it early voting or was it election day? Election day. How was it for you? How long did it take?

What part of the stadium? Oh, I'm in Auburn. Okay. And so how long did it take for you when you showed up to the polling place? It was a good line. It came outside the building, but it didn't take about 15 minutes. That's great.

And then you got... The votes are, again, we know it's gonna be a runoff. The votes come in a little late there.

But go ahead. I wanted to get back to your comment then on DeSantis and Kemp and Walker, and you know you're gonna have to be dealing with a lot of political ads and a lot of money being spent the next month. Yeah.

And I'd love to see DeSantis and Kemp get behind Walker and help him win. How critical do you... Thanks for calling in, Gwen. How critical do you think that... I mean, I think it's very important.

Well, I think it's very critical. Kemp kept... Because he got closer. Kemp kept a little distance. He did. From Walker.

Yeah. When the allegations started coming out. Remember his first statement was, I'm focused on Georgia.

He didn't say, I stand with Hersh like everybody else. Then he moved more supportive. He did over time. Well, it was a rough few days there. But his events were very different. Yeah, absolutely. And definitely appealing to... Look, the numbers wise...

They didn't do a bit together. The numbers wise show he was appealing to a significant different voter base. Kemp ran away with it in hours we knew that he had won by a significant margin against Stacey Abrams.

It wasn't the same for Hersh Walker. Now, when you look at the way that DeSantis will have to come in, I think it'd be cool for him to come in. We will see if he does.

He's obviously dealing with a hurricane right now. So it does give him a little bit of distance because, you know, for a couple of days you gotta survey that. Yeah. And then we'll see how things go. I think if he wants to go national, I mean, he's already a national figure, but if he wants to take that next step for the President, you better show up in Georgia.

If he wants to show up and be the leader of the Republican party, then you gotta stop for everyone who needs it. And we're gonna need it. Yeah. If Laxall wins in Nevada, then Georgia's outcome is determinative.

If Laxall wins, then we're right? Yes. Yeah.

Yes. It's outcome determinative. Even if Arizona doesn't.

So it's outcome determinative. How can DeSantis not, and Kemp not, go out and help a guy when it literally is the control of the United States Senate? I think Kemp will. DeSantis different calculation? DeSantis is a totally different politician, I mean, than Kemp. Kemp is a local state politician. He's not a national figure.

Yeah. DeSantis is a national figure. Became a little bit more of a national figure on election night because of how bad he beat Stacey Abrams.

So he got more attention. But he hasn't tried to play as nationally because he was focused on not getting beat by Stacey Abrams. Yeah.

Because he almost did the first time he ran. Yeah. Stacey Abrams is a national figure. Right.

So that's kind of flip-flop. DeSantis, if he wants to stay on that path. And as of right now, I'd say he is the presumptive, is on that path. He's the guy of the moment. The guy of the moment.

It's him and Trump. It's two years away still, but he's the guy of the moment. A lot of things have happened in two years.

A lot. But if you're gonna start that path, and this is the outcome of the US Senate's power. You gotta do it. You have to.

You have to be patient. Be like, but what if Herschel loses? Does that hurt you? Politics is a gamble. You gotta say, I tried.

Politics is a gamble. Yeah. And you put it all on the field. And then you can say that.

We put it all on the field. It's not his state. Yeah. True. He won his state. Trump doesn't help. I think so. Because Trump in Georgia is not popular. Yeah.

I think Herschel's a great guy. How he does it is different. Is it rallies or is it videos?

We don't know. But you don't want to pull out all stops. At this point you activate everyone. Really you gotta find every voter you can. Which means the Georgia people are in for a rough 30 days. Because Herschel was down on election day. 100,000 votes.

Plus. You said yesterday that this could be hundreds of millions of dollars spent in the next three weeks, four weeks. It's not even four weeks anymore. There will be hundreds of millions of dollars spent. Which means our friends in Georgia that are listening to us on a radio station. Get ready.

Yeah. You're gonna be inundated. If you thought the last two months of this would be like a Presidential election but just a new state. Because all funds from all over the country now. I'm already getting the fundraisers.

Are coming in. And Lindsey Graham was on with Jesse Watters last night and it wasn't about. He always goes on with someone else's website. And he made a good comment. He said incumbent senators trust me we have a hundred million dollar war chest it's hard to beat us. And he smiled when he said that. Talking about himself.

Because there was a time when Republicans were trying to take him out anymore because they had just given up trying to take him out. And he was out with his team Like nonstop. Every time he ended the sentence he was making sure you remembered if you were watching Jesse Watters. So Lindsey's friends of ours. He's been on this broadcast a lot and we were good friends.

We worked together closely. He is going to be a major player in the United States Senate. He could end up with the Judiciary Committee. Oh yeah. That'd be great. So there you have it.

All right folks. Do you think we'll know anything tonight? We're gonna get a dump at it's 6 30 Mountain Time. So for our podcast purposes probably not doing a new one today. Maybe. They do tomorrow if we've got enough. If there's enough change.

And if more places call this house. Yeah. Go to You can get the podcast right there or just find out all your favorite podcast players. We're also big on Rumble and you can find us on YouTube. You can find us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify. Directly though. Easy. Go to for all the links and we'll be back tomorrow with more on secular.
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