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MSNBC: Democracy Falls if GOP Wins

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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November 4, 2022 4:15 pm

MSNBC: Democracy Falls if GOP Wins

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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November 4, 2022 4:15 pm

The fear-mongering Left is at it again. Michael Beschloss, a presidential historian, just claimed on MSNBC that "50 years from now... a historian will say what was at stake tonight and this week was the fact whether we will be a democracy in the future, whether our children will be arrested and conceivably killed. We’re on the edge of a brutal authoritarian system, and it could be a week away." Jay, Jordan, and the Sekulow team break down Beschloss' comments and provide updates on the Midterm Elections just days away. This and more today on Sekulow.


Today on Sekulow, a historian on MSNBC claims that democracy will fall if Republicans win in the midterm elections. We're going to talk about that and a lot more today about politics on Sekulow. Keeping you informed and engaged, now more than ever, this is Sekulow. We want to hear from you, share and post your comments, or call 1-800-684-3110.

And now your host, Jordan Sekulow. Hey welcome to Sekulow, we are going to take your phone calls too, we want you to call in today. You know, if you're in battleground states, there's a sudden, battleground congressional districts even, and there's so many new ones on the map that we see the Democrats feel like at least their back is up against the wall. They haven't given up yet, by the way, so do not think for a second that they've given up on this election. In the House, I mean, it's more about the numbers, they've already played a game like, well if we only lose this many seats and that many seats, but the Senate, they are not giving up on this, they're not giving up on gubernatorial races. And remember, if they don't give up on the Senate and gubernatorial races, which they're not, the money's still flowing to them, the Democrat donors. Those down ballot races that are getting tight, like those House races, get that much tougher to win, especially those districts that were more heavily in support of Biden in the last election cycle. But the rhetoric, I mean, this is just Friday before Tuesday. I can't even imagine what we might be hearing on Monday because this was yesterday on MSNBC. It's a historian.

His name is Michael Beschloss. He's a well-known Presidential historian, a writer, obviously a liberal. And he takes this, this is, to put into context, just remember, this is him talking about the outcome of a midterm election, not who's the President of the United States, not who's in charge of the military, not the executive branch, not who's in charge of even foreign policy. Literally, it's the midterm election, which at the federal level is mostly about stopping bad policy, like for instance, being able to stop the appropriations of funds to increase the IRS by 80,000 new agents with $87 billion.

Take a listen to his outrageous rhetoric. A historian 50 years from now, if historians are allowed to write in this country and if there are still free publishing houses and a free press, which I'm not certain of. But if that is true, a historian will say, what was at stake tonight and this week was the fact, whether we will be a democracy in the future, whether our children will be arrested and conceivably killed, we're on the edge of a brutal authoritarian system and it could be a week away.

Okay. I, I've got to say something on this because I think this is the outrage of what they're doing. If 50% of the country is divided with the countries divided. So 50% of the country are conservatives. Is this guy really believing that if conservatives get power again, as I have in the past, that this is the end of democracy? I mean, I seriously, that this is the end of democracy as we know it. We are no longer a constitutional republic because people are pro-life, which is really what they're saying at the end of the day. And that, that means everything's off and we're authoritarian because we want lower taxes or we want to produce more fossil fuel, less government involvement in your daily life.

Yeah. That's the, that's the opposite of authoritative, but it's also this idea. He forgets as a historian, you would think, he knows what knows too that because we set up a democratic republic, we have this big check on all the branches of government that prevent any of these atrocities that he's talking about. We're not a, we're not a democracy. We're a constitutional republic. We're a constitutional republic. And because of that, the government's checked not just by the co-equal branches of government, but by a constitution that the military makes sure is enforced.

Which in these people. They take the oath to defend the constitution of the United States. They don't take an oath to defend Congress and to defend, you know, or just the President or just Congress or just the judiciary. At the end of the day, their oath is to protect all of our rights by defending the rights given to us in the constitution.

Here's what we have to realize, and I mean this very seriously, if we want to maintain a constitutional republic, we have to engage the process. We've been engaging the process at the ACLJ for 40 years. We had all of our lawyers in yesterday and laid out a new framework of how we're moving forward. And we got to be aggressive on the life issue in the courts.

It's going to be a have to. We are in a matching challenge campaign for November and December, and you know, those are our two biggest months of the year. It sets the entire budget for the organization. We have so many opportunities right now for acquisitions of projects, for property to expand our reach in Washington and other states. It's unprecedented, but we need your support. I'm going to ask for it right now. If you're watching this broadcast on Facebook, or more importantly, Rumble, or YouTube, or, and you're able to do this, make a gift to the American Center for Law and Justice today, We're going to have that gift match any amount,

Welcome back to Secular. We're joined by former Secretary of State, our Senior Counsel for Global Affairs, Mike Pompeo. He's been on the campaign for this entire election cycle and has been giving us updates from on the ground. He's also writing for our website, exclusivecontent at And Secretary, you tweeted yesterday that leaders should defend the Constitution, not attack half the country as a threat to democracy, as Biden did last night, talking about the speech.

He should be ashamed of himself. We're just days now away from the midterms. The rhetoric, the apocalyptic style messages. We have a historian that was on MSNBC. We're playing the first segment, Michael Beschloss, and he's talking about children being killed by an authoritarian government if Republicans win the midterm elections. We all know Secretary Pompeo midterm elections are very important.

These gubernatorial races, AG races, down ballot races, of course, they're important. But the fact that they're saying if Republicans win the midterms, we've lost democracy. This is their closing message. What's your take on that closing message to the American people? Oh, goodness, several things.

First, it sounds desperate to me. When you only have a nail, everything's a hammer and you can't talk about people's lives. You can't talk about energy prices.

You can't talk about schools. All of those things are things the American people know that the Democrat Party and President Biden have made worse for them. You have to go with this apocalyptic language, you have to try and panic people into going out and voting. I don't think it'll work.

As a practical matter, I don't think it will convince people that what is real for them, what they can see with their own eyes and is impacting them, their children, their grandkids, I think people can just see it. Finally, it's just indecent for the President of the United States to go and say that someone like you, me, people who are Republicans, who've been part of the conservative movement for a long time to say somehow that we're trying to destroy our republic and our democracy, he's got campaigned on uniting America and he has taken at least half of the United States, I think more than that, and told them that they are not patriots, not American patriots. And that's just, it's wrong, it's indecent and I hope that when this is over, President Biden will come back and apologize to those Americans who are just trying to take care of themselves, their communities, their churches and synagogues and their families. You know, Mike, this is, we live in a constitutional republic and we have a country that's deeply divided politically and that's okay. A lot of countries are deeply divided politically. But for one party to say, if you vote for the other party, it's the end of democracy as we know it, is such an, not only an overreach, but it's so disparaging to half the populace as if their way is the only way. So you know, with all their liberal talk, they're not very liberal in their ideas of inclusive, of thinking about other people's ideas. So now you got the leader of the Democratic Party who happens to be the President of the United States saying, if you're a Republican and you're going to vote pro-life, you are destroying democracy.

Because they really believe that abortion issues will destroy a democracy. Well, first of all, it's important to remember that we're right. And when you ought to first win the argument, and they've completely abandoned winning the argument because they can't win the argument, they can see that the American people have walked away from their big government, radical abortion set of understandings of the things that matter most. And then I think too, I think when you do this, when you're the President of the United States and you engage in this behavior, you are in some sense thrown in the towel.

You are acknowledging that your ideas have been rejected. And I remember when President Obama said that it was Republicans and conservatives who were clinging to their guns and their Bibles, I remember that moment too as demonstrating that their ideas had just lost any relevance for the American people, and the American people ultimately rejected them for that reason. I think that's going to happen again in a handful of days here.

Can I ask one of the questions, Jordan, as a follow up? Mike, this is something I read last night. We had a meeting with all of our lawyers from around the country. We knew you're coming. We're going to actually see you next week. But this is a very, I'm very concerned about this article that I've read, and I've done some research last night and this morning, where the largest hedge fund in England, the Elliott Group, has warning that hyperinflation could lead to, quote, global societal collapse.

And this is not a fly by night firm. They are worried that the hyperinflation going on in Europe and some that's going on in the United States could literally put us back to how the economy felt in World War II. It already feels like how we did in 1979 with Jimmy Carter. What's your thoughts on this? You dealt with these groups and these governments. What's your thought on this? I mean, England's got a mess. Yeah, they have a mess. In the Elliott Group, these are serious people, thoughtful people, not prone to crazy, fanciful thinking. So we ought to read it.

They take it seriously. Look, Europe has to get serious, too. It has to stop living in the fantasy land that it had, which said, don't worry, we can do deals, we can do deals that put us dependent on Russia. Don't deal, we can shut in our own energy.

We can have ever bigger government spending. They've lost that central set of understandings that made Europe the place that it was with the rule of law and human dignity. America is not far behind. The work ethic is something that matters an awful lot. We have to teach our kids the right things in the schools, and I'm counting on all of us in the West, those of us, the things, the very things that the ACLJ has been working on for the last decade. Those are the things that built the greatness of our country, the Judeo-Christian heritage of our founding. Those are the things that work, and when you hear someone like the Elliott Group talk about hyperinflation driving civilizational collapse, it is partly financial, but I think it is deeply about decency and respect for families and respect for life that puts the civilization that we know and love.

If you said, what's really risking it, it is that, not just the fact that inflation is high. You have a new piece up at today. The title is a new report, came from Senator Burr, confirms that COVID likely came from a CCP, the Chinese Communist Party-run lab. What will people learn if they check out your piece, which is, again, this exclusive to the us at

Try not to say I told you so very often in life, and if you read this piece, I try to avoid it too. But in the end, we've known for quite some time that the far and away most likely source of the virus that killed millions of people around the world and destroyed so much of our economy here at home was this laboratory in China, and it matters, A, for accountability. The Chinese Communist Party unleashed that on the world.

But second, we have to make sure it doesn't happen again, and that lab is still open. And I think Senator Burr's report, the minority report, lays that out pretty clearly. He doesn't rule out the possibility there might have been another origin, but he confirms what I've believed at least since March of 2020, which was this was an accidental release from a Chinese laboratory. And then the Chinese Communist Party chose to permit it to travel all around the world and decimate the global economy and so many human lives.

You know, Mike, our millions of listeners around the country and many hundreds of thousands on our social media applications know this, and I lost a brother to COVID early on in the COVID issue and young, 51 years old, and died leaving his wife and my niece and my sister-in-law, obviously, and I want to know not just where it came from. I want to know how to hold these people accountable. And I know for a fact under the previous administration, we were going to hold them accountable. There was a plan in place to hold the Chinese accountable. And this what they unleashed on the world and also in the United States has not only ruined economies, ruined job prospects, it's destroyed families. I mean, this has destroyed families and the Chinese cannot get away with this.

I know they're huge. I know they got a big army and I'm not saying for war, I'm just saying they have to be held accountable in international forums, international forums I have been involved in for three decades. I just cannot see letting them just get away with this and move on to something else. We were determined to do this in the Trump administration. We were absolutely determined. And your point is well taken. There are many places you've litigated and the ACLJ has been an important part of holding violators of this nature, not just human rights. This was a knowing release of a relatively lethal, highly contagious virus.

And they said, fine, get on airplanes, travel the world. That is a knowing act, an intentional act, and accountability can be had. It's going to take American leadership to do it. It's going to take it from both the government and folks like the ACLJ. And I am confident that this report will be another pillar, another leg in the stool that will give us the opportunity to do that. I hope the Biden administration will take this on board and begin to support those very efforts that we had begun at the final months of the Trump administration. Folks, I want you to go to to read the new piece up by Secretary Pompeo. Again, that is unique to our website at, to our organization as Senior Counsel for Global Affairs with the ACLJ. The title, New Report Confirms that COVID Likely Came from the CCP Run Lab, so you know where to find it, at There's always Secretary Pompeo. We appreciate you joining us here inside.

I will get you on next week too with the elections. I want just people to understand this too, that COVID issue, which it doesn't always pull because people, I think, kind of also they're trying to get out of it and move forward in life. But the origins, the idea, we know that the Democrats will just continue more January 6th hearings if they keep control of Congress. That's what they want to focus on. They don't want to hear it. They don't want to talk about China. Well, we're going to talk about China.

Because Hunter, all the Biden families, the money, the this, the that, they have to like, it's like kid gloves when it comes to China. I think January 4th is going to be as third as a new day. If the election goes, I mean, listen, if you show up and vote and the conservatives get in power, it could be a new day. Just think about all this different things. If you know, it's going to be the same old, same old. Yeah.

Yeah. So, you know what you need to do now? Let me tell you what we did. We had all of our lawyers in here yesterday, and Mike's coming in next week, and we talked to Rick Grinnell by phone last night. We've got our team. We are ready and willing and able to engage this at the highest levels. And we are gearing up for that.

That includes not just our staff, that includes acquisition of property so that we could expand our work. I need you to support the work. We need you, Jordan. I need you to support. Logan wants you to do this too. The whole secular family saying support the work of the ACLJ. You keep this broadcast on the air. All our social medias, Logan said yesterday, a lot of our social media posts are in the top 10 of shared posts on all these Facebook and social media applications. Support the way ACLJ and our matching challenge campaign, Do it today. All right. Welcome back to secular. We do want to hear from you today on the show, you know, the insight, everybody's on the ground in a different district, in a different race, in a different state. And we want to hear what you're hearing and also what you're seeing on the ground. What's it look like at your polling place?

What are your friends saying? The ads, again, there's a lot of misleading info that comes out in political ads. Crazy statements as we play from that historian that MSNBC is putting out. We're going to play more later the broadcast comparing one group of voters to roaches. Could you imagine by the, we'll get into it in a bit, but like it was about white women. Even if you like change the word white and put anybody else's race involved in that and then call them cockroaches, it sounds like the language that comes out of people like Hitler. I mean, only, that's all I can think of as authoritarians. I think Putin uses that similar language to describe some Ukrainians and that, that is to dehumanize your enemy. That's usually done so that you don't feel bad about killing them. You know, don't feel bad. They're not really people.

They're, they're just the cockroaches, the scum of the earth. So we'll get into that. This is the scary part. You were talking about the economic collapse. This is what gets scary. So Karine Jean-Pierre gets the question on MSNBC, because listen, even those networks know that the number one issue to voters is the economy and they're trying to tee up actually kind of softball questions like, Hey, we know the economy is going this way. Are you preparing for, you know, what if it turns even worse? That's all it was.

Take a listen by 11. So Karine, we just talked about how the federal reserve raising interest rates again to try to cool off inflation, but that has sparked real fears that the nation could be teetering on the edge of a recession. How will the white house prepare for that? So want to be clear there is, we are not, there are no meetings or anything happening like that in preparing for a recession. No meetings preparing for a recession. When the headline Drudge had this yesterday, a hedge fund in England, one of the largest, the Elliott group warns looming hyperinflation, Harry could lead to global societal collapse or talking about an economy similar to what was taking place in world war two, which was rationing. So they're not preparing for a recession and the big hedge funds and money houses, funding houses are saying we are headed down a very dangerous past. That was specifically Europe.

But of course what happens in Europe will impact us in the United States. You are absolutely correct. Are they correct that we could be heading for a hyperinflation that could lead to societal collapse? Or is that an overstatement? Absolutely. So in my judgment, you could have hyperinflation and a recession simultaneously and that could lead to a societal collapse.

Why? Largely because of US energy policy, the Ukrainian war and Europe's increasing dependence on Russian oil, which has been going on for the last 15 or 20 years. So you've got the confluence, if you will, of a large number of circumstances. But the primary cause of all of this in my judgment has been the fact that European governments and the American government have flooded the market with cheap money for so long. This has spurred inflation. And simultaneously, these governments have cut back on fossil fuel independence.

And so now these economic chickens are coming home to roost and the Biden administration is either unprepared for this or they've already decided to engineer an economic collapse in order to move us toward green energy, and I would say green energy lunacy. I just got some breaking news. There's a major trial going on in the US District Court in New York, the southern district involving Tom Barrack, who is a financier, major fundraiser for President Trump, Middle Eastern origin himself, a self-made guy.

I mean, I knew Tom, very, very well-respected businessman, acquitted on all charges brought by the United States Department of Justice under Merrick Hartland, acquitted in the southern district of New York. Tells you a lot. So when all this talk, we'll get into this a little bit later in the broadcast, about a special counsel be appointing. That's why they're doing this.

I will get into that later. But it goes back, it does affect the inflation thing. The country is, we're looking like Jimmy Carter, 1978, 79, and that was before Jordan, you were born, but mom and I lived through that, and let me tell you something. It was not pleasant. I will tell you how bad it was in the schools, that I had to take excess government paper that we had at the Treasury that they were going to throw away, and I would bring it to mom's school so they could use it for mimeograph paper on the other side.

You want to go back to that? The United States of America, the answer needs to be no. So Harry, the interest rates went up, the market stabilized a little bit today, not a lot. What's the next move that, what do they do here? Well right now, the Federal Reserve is planning to raise interest rates even further, which fuels the possibility, long term I think, of a recession. In addition, the Federal Reserve's policy, at least to this point, have not slowed inflation. So again, we come back to the looming possibility of stagflation, and the Biden administration continues to try to distract the American people from the reality which is right in front of their own eyes. A few years ago, the Temptations issued a song entitled Ball of Confusion stating that the sale of pills are at an all-time high, young folks walking around with their heads in the sky, cities are ablaze in the summertime, fear and tension everywhere, unemployment rising fast, and the ban played on. This is exactly what the Biden administration is doing. It's basically created a ban that is prepared to ignore the evidence right in front of their own eyes, and then they play a game. They try to distract the American people from the impending reality. That was a 1970s by the way, hit tune by the, they were great.

It was a great tune, but it was because we were in already in a rising inflationary environment in the 1970s that Nixon was trying to control, you know, it started putting in whip inflation now, that's what it was called, to try to get it under control. But this is what happens when you get into these situations, Jordan, it's very, you haven't lived through one of these, you lived through the 2008 one, but this is at a whole different level when it gets to this. Yeah, when it gets to a desperate point where people start to talk about the society falling out. These are not joke groups.

These are groups of people that hold extremely wealthy people, that are investing extremely wealthy people, successful people's money. So when they're talking about these doomsday type scenarios, and it's, again, it has nothing to do with if Republicans win or Democrats, it's not even about that. It's literally about the policies that are in place. And the idea, what's sick about this whole thing is we're sitting on a gold mine here in the United States of America, the economic gold mine is under all of our feet. Republicans are willing to utilize it and Democrats aren't.

That really could be the only thing you talk about because it handles every one of these issues. We're stronger in the world because we start exporting energy. It gets us energy independent. Our prices come down, inflation comes down, gas prices come down, natural gas heating or your home, all of this, and we can be the power player. They're unwilling to do it. This is the first chance we have in this election cycle to start holding their feet to the fire on the issues that are real. Not January 6th, not Donald Trump, but COVID origins that impacts our economy. Inflation. Spit out of control spending. Like maybe it's not the right time to spend $87 billion for the IRS.

This is not the time to start going after Americans who are just trying to pay their bills. And energy independence. We're going to do all of this. We're going to fight on all of those fronts. Yeah, they're going to be hauled before committees. Yep. And maybe we get to ask the questions.

The good thing is we can chew gum and walk at the same time. I'm like, Democrats, it's not going to be one issue. It's going to be 10 or 20. Keeping you informed and engaged. Now more than ever, this is Sekulow. And now your host, Jordan Sekulow. All right, welcome back to Sekulow. We are taking your phone calls, too.

And I'll just ask you this. You know what? Do you believe the polls? Do you think the polling is correct?

The races are this tight? Do you think it's all about turnout? What do you think we're going to wake up to Wednesday, even Thursday, after all the votes are counted? Remember, I say that not because again, election integrity, because in Georgia, we know that there's been a lot of new election integrity put in place. In fact, we have Stacey Abrams bragging to MSNBC about black voter turnout now in Georgia.

I want you to take a list of this, but then I'm going to explain why I asked you that question. I want you to call in at 1-800-684-3110, because remember, some of these races, it's not just about who wins or lose. In Georgia, you have to get to a certain percent. That means literally every vote could be, may have to be counted before you know who's actually won or else there's a runoff a month later.

So give us a call about that, 1-800-684-3110. Do you think we'll wake up Wednesday and know where the balance of power is? Again, 1-800-684-3110, but listen to Stacey Abrams, because all this time you hear this voter denial, they're suppressing voters, they're racist, they're horrible, they put laws in place that actually make sure that voters can have faith in elections. And guess what happened when Governor Kim said, we're going to make it easier to vote and harder to cheat?

Take a list of Stacey Abrams. What is your expectation for black voter turnout in this election by election day? We know early voting has started. How do you see the numbers? Where do you see- The numbers- Go ahead. The numbers are extraordinary. We have seen black men participate at 91.8% of their 2020 general election turnout. We have seen black women participate at 90%. These are the two highest concentrations of voters.

Okay. Now, how can she say then that the law that was put in place by Georgia is voter suppress voters, when in fact, these are the highest numbers I've ever seen before in history. It actually shows you Republicans play fair. When they put these laws in place, they're not racist, they're not to suppress voters. They are, as they said, to make it easier to vote, but also harder to cheat.

And guess what? When it becomes easier to vote, turnout amongst everybody goes up, and that's great. Turnouts should go up. We want Americans to vote. What's interesting about this is that at the same time, she will say that this is the most repressive regime of voting in the state of Georgia ever.

Meanwhile, it's at the highest. Well, like three jobs here, so you can have high turnout and voter suppression at the same time. When you get the specific numbers on high black voter turnout, you can't.

That just doesn't add up. We're taking your calls. We're just days away from the election here.

We want to know what you think, what's going on in your community, what you're thinking on the voting. 1-800-684-3110, 800-684-3110. Let's go to Randy in Tennessee on line one. Hey, Randy.

Hey, thank you for taking my call. One of the things that I've noticed, everything in the economy is costing us more, and voting right now is so important. One of the things that's happening here is health insurance now is skyrocketing. We're going through open enrollment right now, and our health insurance has gone up 38%.

For a family of three, which is what I am, it's going to cost me $4,000 this coming year on top of what else we pay. And I have a special needs child and a wife with health needs, and on top of what the economy is doing, it's so important to get out and vote and get this current administration out. It is important to get out and vote. It is important that we have policy changes. We met with our staff yesterday, Randy, from all over the country, including our government affairs team, which we bolstered significantly and are continuing to do so. And we're going to be your voice. We are already in Washington, but we're going to expand it. Jordan is committed to this.

I think it's the right move. We're going to expand this outreach. We're going to get involved in economic, we're going to have an economic policy team based in multiple major cities.

I can't give you the details of it. I'm just telling you, we are prepared to make a bold move to defend families because the economic impact, these are all issues now that affect the family. Say you're a pro-family organization, then I don't want you having to worry about, do I have enough, can I make the payments for my insurance for my special needs child and my wife who has health needs? This is America.

These should not be issues. So these policies have real direct consequences for real people. And I'm telling you, we are committed at the American Center for Law and Justice to getting this fixed.

Litigation, legislation, public policy, state, federal, local, wherever it needs. That's why your support of the ACLJ is important. If you're able, and only if you're able, we're in a matching challenge campaign,

That's Your gift will be matched. We'll be back with more in a moment.

All right, welcome back to Secchia. So a new report's been put out by the Republicans on the House this year. It can be, this is kind of a preview. Like I said, that's a thousand page report.

So it's a comprehensive preview. But as the minority party right now in the House, they only have so much power, so much ability to do their own investigation. But what they've been relying on is whistleblowers coming to them directly. So not again, not so much their committee power as a sense of a place to go where people can tell them, this is what's happening specifically at the Department of Justice and the FBI. So the report is released. It's a thousand plus pages. And it has all, and again, it's still a preview, like I said, it's a preview to investigations because there's different places to go in this report.

But to kind of sum it up for people, the term is used in the report directly. The problem, the rot within the FBI festers in and proceeds from Washington. The FBI and its parent agency, the Justice Department, have become political institutions.

That is the one thing they're never supposed to be. So Andy, you were a U.S. attorney in charge of the criminal division in Atlanta for the U.S. Attorney's Office, one of the biggest offices in the country. I was with Treasury. And so we were government attorneys in our backgrounds here. The idea that you've got a weaponized Department of Justice, they attempted to weaponize the IRS. We shut that down through litigation. But a weaponized Department of Justice and a weaponized FBI, to the point that whistleblowers are coming forward and saying, this has to stop, we can't keep happening. How dangerous is this, Andy, that we've reached this level?

And I thought Jim Jordan did an excellent job of laying it out. You look at 2016, look at all these elections and what they did. Well, Jay, I'm a historian.

I don't want to be a prophet of doom, but I also have a perspective of a thousand years of history behind me to look at. And when an investigative agency, which is supposed to investigate the commissions of crimes against people by foreign entities and so forth, turns into a political tool of the administration, in this case, the Justice Department, this is a prelude to the kind of oppression that we saw in countries that crumbled in Eastern Europe and in Western Europe as well and around the world. And this is what I'm afraid the FBI has done and what has occurred to this agency that I worked with for many years in the United States Attorney's Office and had a great deal of respect for and still for the line agents do.

But the rot, and it is rot that comes out of Washington, the lack of leadership, the lack of objectivity, the utilization of the FBI for political purposes and as a political weapon to do the bidding of the corrupt, manipulative and abusive Merrick Garland that woke administration. I had an attorney general, Griffin Bell, who was a man of integrity, Jay, you know, he was a Democrat. He was on the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. He was a man of great integrity. I'm proud that his name, on my certificate, my commission, I've got the names of two attorneys. Griffin Bell and Benjamin Civiletti, both Democrats, but committed to the fact that the FBI was neutral in its analysis of crimes and was never ever political. I never ever had the United States Attorney, Bill Harper, who I served under before becoming acting U.S. Attorney, come to me and say, Andy, is this a good political case for me? Is it going to be good for the Democrats? Because I served under Democrats, Jay.

In the beginning I did, and then it was Ronald Reagan, but I will tell you this, I never had a, did I have a political conversation with Preston White, the District Counselor, Jack Yarbrough, the Regional Counsel of Treasury, and the answer was no, but that is not the way it is now. No, and Norm is calling for Maryland on line three, and I think it ties into this question. Hey, Norm, welcome to Sekulow, you're on the air.

Thank you, and thanks for taking my call. Hey, in your opening mineral log, you mentioned societal collapse, and I don't know that I really know exactly what that is, and was wondering if you could define it for us. So Andy, we were just kind of mentioning how some of it starts. It's the collapse of trusted institutions, basically leading to anarchy, so that the people have such lack of faith in institutions that are supposed to treat everyone equally. That doesn't mean, again, that you have to love the IRS, doesn't mean you have to always love the DOJ and FBI, but they, at least you're supposed to believe and have this faith that they're not coming to prosecute someone because their political views on Twitter, that they're coming to prosecute them because they committed a crime. That's true, Jordan. When I call the Atlanta Police Department or I call the FBI or the Secret Service in a counterfeit case or something like that, I don't expect them to come in there with a political agenda.

I expect them there to come in there and to look and determine whether a crime has been committed and the law has been violated. Societal collapse means the collapse of confidence and faith of the common individual in institutions that society has created, in our courts, in our schools, in our healthcare providing institutions, in our government. That's what societal collapse means, a falling together and a part of all these things that have held the fabric of society together for so long.

Well, I've got six grandkids, and let me tell you what I don't want. Societal collapse or Jimmy Carter politics of 1979, and we're seeing that replayed right now, except now it's on an even hyper level. Now, I find it interesting today, and I'm glad that Tom Barrack was found not guilty. The idea that he was prosecuted for this show shows the outrageous nature. Now, they are talking, there was a leak yesterday in the press, but I think this is probably what they're thinking. That Merrick Garland is, are you ready for this?

Talk about deja vu, folks. Here we go again. Talking about appointing, you guessed it, a special counsel to put all of the Trump investigations under one special counsel, Bob Mueller was the former one who knows who they'll use this time, to organize it all. I look at that and say they will not even stand on their own independent grand jury investigations individually. They have to have a special counsel because the Justice Department is not capable of handling this. Yeah.

Which you know what that means? Target again. Yeah, again. In the same nonsense of doing it, they're not going to rely on regular US attorney line attorneys to handle it, even though they have these grand juries going on. They need a special counsel.

You know why? Politically, that goes on and on and on. Two and a half years with Bob Mueller? That there's been any criminal conduct? No, they could. That they could prosecute successfully.

Doesn't matter. And that's what they're doing, Andy. Or at least, that's what's being reported right now. It's dragging you through the mud for months or years. Or what you're running for office, maybe. Well, this is what mud sounds like. I mean, now that's leaking too. I like the... So no secrets.

It's just that they say it's... I think the outcomes of midterms will be important here. So I don't think it's 100% till we know that, but we're talking about likely knowing the first Republican confirmed Presidential candidate being Donald Trump in like the next week or two. Yep. And again, he might make a different decision if things go south for Republicans. Yes. But I think if they go the way people are talking, the way Democrats are freaking out, there he goes. And then they come back with a special counsel.

It's like, we are... Again, this idea that they want to drag our country through that again, but this is their only issue. Yes. This is it.

Like, do we have the cockroaches bite? Okay. When this statement comes out, the only people who empower, who use terminology like this, Putin has translated some similar things to describe Nazis in Ukraine. Okay? And I think the only time this is allowable is if you're talking about someone as reprehensible as a Nazi, and he shouldn't be using that terminology to describe all Ukrainians.

And the way Hitler described you is to try to dehumanize people and your enemy so that if anything happens to them bad, it doesn't matter because they're not really human. Take a listen. This is Sonny Holston. This is The View, which I know has gotten lost a lot of viewers, but still has millions every single day, bite 17. I read a poll just yesterday that white Republican suburban women are now going to vote Republican.

Why? It's almost like Roach's voting for raid, right? It's like they're voting against their own self-interest. So they're voting to kill themselves. They're voting to have themselves extinct.

No, you know what they're voting on? They don't want your crazy crap in schools. They want to be able to pay their bills.

They want to go on a vacation because their husband and maybe them too are both working two job homes and they're trying to figure out how to make ends meet. They don't want their kids to be killed from fiddle. They don't want their neighborhoods to be dangerous. They don't want to have to go to the school board meeting, but they will if they have to. It's not like that's on the top of their priority. It's good when they do it, but they don't want to have to be doing all of this.

They want to put good leaders in place so that they can live their lives, work hard, pay their bills, give their kids a decent future, and take a vacation. But they left this idea to demonize this group as cockroaches. That is what you do to your enemy before you kill them because you have to teach your public. They are such an enemy.

They are so harmful that they have lost their humanity. The basket of deplorables of Hillary Clinton was bad enough, but calling white suburban women was huge. Why isn't she canceled? That's when someone should be taken off the air probably.

Yeah, roaches vote for raid is too much. But she did and got applause. Right. But if a real conservative got on there and just was talking about issues, that's too much for the viewers' audience. They got to go. Oh, Don Lemon talked about issues with Hussle from New York.

She wasn't too happy about it. We'll talk about that when we come back from the break. I want to talk more about this Justice Department 2 thing, folks. This is serious stuff.

We're taking your calls at 800-684-3110-1800-684-3110. I'm going to get more into this DOJ special counsel thing. Andy, me and Jordan have a little expertise in this, okay? We know what this is. Make no mistake about what this is. To drag the country through this for another two years.

This is what you're talking about. Can't rely on the Justice Department to do it. We got to bring in a special counsel. Maybe they'll appoint Andrew Weissman as the special counsel.

Great person. Yeah, there you go. We're going to take your calls at 800-684-3110, folks. We are gearing up for a lot of fights. Support the work of the ACLJ at We're in a matching challenge campaign just from the beginning of it here in November. Any amount you donate, we get a matching gift for Welcome back.

I'll answer a second. I want to play this one, too. This is a cover of The View.

I play this again. It's not to amplify their message, but I think that most of you have tuned out of those kind of shows. But you need to know this is that the audience that they're going for there is the audience that probably is not like hard partisan, but doesn't know that they're getting such partisan talking points.

So they're trying to get them out to vote. So they're saying horrible things about Republicans. So we've already been called cockroaches.

Pretty horrible. Someone put in the chat, it's deplorable, and then we're anti-democratic, we're insurrectionists. Now we are cockroaches as conservatives.

But listen to this one, too, because they go further with Joy Behar. We're not even Republicans anymore. It's not just a political party. It's bigger than that. Take a listen. No, you're not voting for Republicans, you're voting for a cult.

Remember that. It's a cult. It's not Republicans anymore. Most of the people in cults come out of Hollywood. This is funny because that world, they're the ones drawn into that cult because cults praise them as these unbelievable human beings because they're on television. The truth is that the Republican Party has never been more diverse in its history. It was not always the Big Ten Party, but they don't like what it's become.

It's not a cult. They don't know what to define it as because they don't know why is there Maya Flores in South Texas? Why is there Tulsi Gabbard leaving the Democrat Party? Why and then going out on the campaign trail? At the same time, why are people responding so much to Kerry Lake? Why are they also responding to Dr. Ross, who was like their friend on all of that? J.D. Vance coming out of the tech world. And then Ron DeSantis of the world. All of these different races, the Herschel Walk, think about how different all of those people's backgrounds are. They could not be more different, but they all share the same ideology, the same goal, which is to make America strong, safe, and secure.

And energy independent, none of which we are right now. Then you've gone on top of it. Let's go ahead and take a call. That's what Republicans are. We got to get to that point.

And then we have debates, even internally amongst ourselves as conservatives, but we got to get back to those core points before we can have those debates. 100%. Let's go ahead and take a call. Let's go to Rod at Oregon online too. Hey, Rod. Hey, Rod. Hi. Thanks for taking my call. Sure.

Yeah. Well, I'm excited. Here in Oregon, we might actually- Yeah. ... develop the Republican to governor, which hasn't happened for 36 years, and we might send two Republicans to the House, which hasn't happened, maybe, but longer than that. I think it's awesome, Rod.

Go ahead. I figured out months ago that when they say the end of democracy, what they really mean is the end of dominance by the Democratic Party, and that's what they're really afraid of, but that's not- Yeah. That's what it is. They're used to, like us, and I see us, we have Republicans in conservatives, we went a little here, we come back in Congress, then we go away. They then build up their institutions bigger. So even when we do take power, we're fighting against the federal government the whole time that it's- And their NGOs build. Yeah. Those go out of power when they're in power, they build those up getting ready for the next fight.

Yeah, they just fill the coffers. But when you start talking and you said, as a student in history, an end of democracy statement, which was what President Biden said the other day, which they're parroting now because the abortion issue is not working for them like they thought it would. This is scare tactic, scare mongering, you want to see the end of democracy? Let me read you the headline from one of the largest hedge funds in the country. Health management funds in the world, they're talking about global collapse, societal collapse because of hyperinflation. That's like when Biden said to you yesterday, oh, your Social Security check is going up, you can thank me for that in a tweet that his people put out.

It only went up because inflation is an automatic kick or adjustment, signed into law by guess who, a Republican, Richard Nixon. But societal collapse. Well, this idea of scaring people about the end of democracy really is abhorrent to me. Democracy was a concept founded by my ancestors, the ancient Greeks, it lasted for 2,000 years. Why are you saying these ridiculous things that democracy is going to come to the end? First of all, the United States is a constitutional republic. So Mr. President, learn to use words accurately, learn to use words in the proper fashion and in the proper way. And democracy, which is the concept that we take and that we fashioned in the constitutional republic, if we can keep it, Benjamin Franklin, is an entity that is designed to let people express their ideas within the concept of legislatures and delegates that they send to Congress and a constitutional process that is enacted.

But just because a political party has really taken the lead in things like family values and things like against inflation and things like against abortion and things of that nature does not make conservatives and Republicans either roaches nor the Republican Party a cult nor does it portend the end of democracy. And to say that is abhorrent. I want to play, this is the New York governor, now she's on with Don Lemon during this, we'll play bite two.

This is, and I want to put up on the screen. What was next to her while she was talking to Don Lemon, take a listen, bite two. Violent crime is up 7.8% in the state, I mean, it is down a point from 20 and 20 and 21, but it is up 7.8%. That is concerning. And especially if you look in New York City and we look at the news and we see this randomly, what is happening in our subways and on our streets, people are really nervous about it. I know you're saying they're being disingenuous about it, but that is a real, real factor, governor.

You can't deny that. And I do think that there's anxiety out there, you know, you're talking about the economy a lot and we understand that. We understand that.

I think it's a combination of coming off a tough couple of years with the pandemic, people feeling anxious about the price of everything going up, all their groceries and their rent. And it's a frustrating time and I understand that, but we want them to know that Democrats actually have real results as opposed to just the Republican rhetoric. And that's really what our campaign is coming down to. Okay. So that whole time next to her, she's talking about, I don't really want to address those problems.

All that'll handle itself. That societal collapse is when burglary is up 30% in one city, when grand larceny is up 40% in one city, when total crime, crime is up 31% in a year, when murder 14%, rape 11%. You look at those numbers, felony assault up 14%. This is one of the tougher cities in the country and the crime, but again, when you have crime numbers like that, you get to, again, to talk about the societal collapse, it's pretty close.

No, of course. Well, we're coming off a pandemic, therefore it's okay for robberies to go up 34%. Because people are back on the street. Because they're back on the street, so they want to rob, you know, and they do that too. And they want to commit rapes like it was committed in New York City this very morning and grand larceny and auto theft is up because we're, you know, coming off a pandemic and that's understandable. Of course it's not. It's because you don't support your police department because a police officer is afraid to make an arrest because he may get sued or worse may get indicted.

If you see a police officer trying to get lunch, buy that police officer lunch, go up and say, I support you, I'm for you, I am behind you 100%. They're not demons. They are your friends.

They were our friends in the beginning. Yes, there's a few bad ones, but the reality is that law enforcement is the only entity that we have between civilization and savagery. Listen, folks, we are in a fight.

They're right. We are in a fight for our country. And I want to go back to just for a moment, this idea of appointing, I am so aggravated over this, that Merrick Garland, according to the New York Times and all these other reports is considering appointing a special counsel for these multiple investigations involving the former President, a special counsel. The justice department can't handle it themselves. No, no, no. We got to appoint another Robert Mueller type and drag this thing on for two and a half years.

You know what you feel like telling him, you got a case, put it up and join issue in court and do it. But they don't want to do that. You know why they don't want to do that? Because they're a big case against Tom Merrick came back in an acquittal in the Eastern District of New York.

That's why. I feel like saying, just say, you want to go, just indict me. Try.

That's what happened with Merrick. And let's go to court. By the way, I'm glad he won. Let's go to a real court with a real jury trial. Of course. Instead of politics. No, no. But this is exactly why they want to have a special counsel because you just drag it on and write a report that's meaningless. Work the work of the ACLJ,
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