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VP Harris Lies During Interview: “We Have A Secure Border”

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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September 12, 2022 1:29 pm

VP Harris Lies During Interview: “We Have A Secure Border”

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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September 12, 2022 1:29 pm

VP Harris Lies During Interview: “We Have A Secure Border”

Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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Rich Eisen
Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen
The Rich Eisen Show
Rich Eisen

Today on Sekulow, Vice President Harris lies during interview. She says, quote, we have a secure border.

What country is she living in? We'll talk about that more today on Sekulow. Keeping you informed and engaged. Now more than ever, this is Sekulow.

We want to hear from you. Share and post your comments or call 1-800-684-3110. And now your host, Jordan Sekulow. Hey, welcome to Sekulow.

We are taking your calls to 1-800-684-3110. Vice President Harris, you know, oftentimes you only get a little bit of a clip here or there from her, not a full sit down interview. And when you do, you know, there's going to be some news made and definitely some head scratching along the way. But you do wonder if there's going to be outright lies, just statements that are so untrue when you look at the reality of the situation on the ground. We can start with the border, where, as I said in the tease of the broadcast, she gets to ask the question about border security. It says we have a secure border.

And you wonder, I mean, I asked you folks, if you want to weigh in 1-800-684-3110, I don't think it really matters what side of the aisle you're on. You know that the border is not secure. You might have different policy solutions, but to claim that it's secure is just outright wrong.

Take a listen. Would you call the border secure? I think that there is no question that we have to do what the President and I asked Congress to do is the first request we make, pass a bill to create a pathway to citizenship. The border is secure.

First of all, so painful to get to there. You mean by secure, it's not secure. We all know it's not secure. Yeah, no.

I mean, look, this is a ridiculous response. What she needed is, and she's in charge of the border. Remember the President put her in charge of the border. What she needs to be saying is, look, the situation at the border is difficult. And if she should be honest in saying we have a disaster at the southern border and it's causing problems both for the states that border, the border region of our country, but also for every state where illegal migration is happening and it's affecting every community throughout the United States. But she's not going to say that. And they're not going to ask her to say that. So, you know, Chuck Todd presses her, but not very much if you really look at it. No, I think the idea that the border is secure, we know that there's not a secure border in the United States of America. I want to take your calls on this 1-800-684-3110.

That's 1-800-684-3110. She gets into also, we're going to get into this later in the next segment of the broadcast, the Supreme Court. She attacks the Supreme Court.

She also talks about the semi-fascist comment, tries to define that, has a tough time there. And I think all of this, again, I want you to put it into context because this is the message they're taking to people in the midterm elections. Who cares what the truth is? Who cares the imagery that you see of the southern border? Who cares about the drug crisis, the crime crisis, the homelessness crisis, the cities receiving these illegal immigrants in busloads? And in this statement, it's a secure border. I don't think most of us would not want to be at that border dealing with the crime that you're dealing with. You see the border patrol agents trying to deal with what they're dealing with. It's very dangerous.

No, I think we have to be clear. First of all, to say the border is secure is a falsehood. That's a false statement. It's not secure. So that's nonsense, number one. Number two, to make it secure, you have to take definitive action. They're not doing that.

And number three, ask the governors, not just of those states on the border, but the states that are receiving a large influx of illegal immigration, ask them how secure the border is. And the answer is it's not. But you've got a big announcement today too with the new podcast launch.

That's right. The Secular Brothers podcast, that first episode will launch this afternoon. So if you want to check that out,, you can subscribe there either on Apple iTunes or Spotify. And again, we'll also be broadcasting the podcast later on this afternoon as well.

So to check that out. I'll be co-hosting that with my brother, Logan, and it will be different. It's a different show than this broadcast.

We of course get into news, but a lot more pop culture and a little bit different pace as well. 1-800-684-3110. If you want to talk to us on air, that's 1-800-684-3110. If you live near the border, if you're experiencing this, do you agree with Kamala Harris? Do you agree with your vice President that the border is secure?

1-800-684-3110. Be right back on Secular. All right, welcome back to Secular. And just to set the stage for you again, you have the statement by the vice President, who remember is the border czar. That was one of the first jobs she was given as vice President of the United States.

And she was asked to actually do a sit down interview of substance on Meet the Press. So they talk about all of these issues. And I want to start with the border again because, and play a little bit more of it from vice President Harris.

Let's play by 23. We also have a broken immigration system in particular over the last four years before we came in. And it needs to be fixed. We're going to have 2 million people cross this border for the first time ever. You're confident this border is secure? We have a secure border in that that is a priority for any nation, including ours in our administration. Okay, that is absolute nonsense. We have a secure border in that it's a priority for any nation, including ours in our administration.

Well, that's saying it's a priority. That's not saying it's a secure border. Like I said earlier, we have a secure border if your definition of secure border is you have an open border with no security because that's what we have.

And here's the problem. The agents, border patrol agents cannot handle this. Chuck Todd was right in pointing out that 2 million people have come through the border for the first time ever. And you've got the vice President of the United States saying that the border is secure.

Well, it's not. And we've got calls already coming in on this at 1-800-684-3110. She also got into the whole, you know, semi-fascist conversation when Chuck Todd raised that. But let's take this call first. Yeah, we'll go to Dee in Colorado if you want to talk to us on air. 1-800-684-3110. I'd love to hear from folks too who are dealing with that border crisis every day and seeing the impacts on their communities. 1-800-684-3110. Hey, Dee, welcome to Secular.

Thank you for taking my call. I was just wondering if she thinks that our border is secure, why did the mayor of Washington DC call for a state of emergency because of illegal immigrants? Yeah, well, I think you're exactly right. This idea is that even Democrat politicians are declaring the state of emergencies. I know, I think Chicago has thought about it. Washington DC has thought about it.

In fact, we have the sound. This is the mayor of DC in the press conference about, again, they are dealing with a tiny fraction. And these are big cities that can take in thousands of people a day and not even know the difference. But they are dealing with a tiny fraction compared to what you heard from Chuck Todd. 2 million people are going to illegally cross our southern border this year. 2 million people. And these places like Washington DC, they can't handle the small groups that are showing up there.

Take a listen. Unknowns are bad. And what we're dealing with is a big unknown. And it's an unknown that's being imposed on us. And it is an unknown that there are, we're going to do our best to prepare for to make sure that we have an infrastructure that we didn't have. We're not a border town.

I think that was your article, right? We're not a border town. And so basically what we're doing today is a new normal for us. We have to have an infrastructure in place that allows us to deal with the border crisis here in Washington, now that has visited us in Washington DC. Breaking news alert to the mayor of the District of Columbia. You are a border town because every city in the United States is now a border town. Because the migration flow is throughout the United States. And the impact of having so many people coming in to a system that's not prepared, as DC isn't, I ain't totally sympathetic there, but that is reality. Every town, every city is now a border town.

Yeah. Again, you're talking about 2 million people a year and they're not all in Texas and they're not going to stay in Texas. And they don't necessarily have jobs. These are people too, they're not coming necessarily with, they spent all this money to be trafficked to get across the border. When they get here, unless the few that do have relatives or family, most don't.

Most are just end up in a city trying to find a job there in hotels, they're on the street. I mean, it's a horrible humanitarian situation because we encourage this with our lax border policies. It's also very dangerous. We're the number one killer of adults age 18 to 45 for drugs coming across the Southern border. That's the number one cause of death. That's a big age group too, 18 to 45.

That's from adult to, again, middle age. It's the number one killer is coming across with these folks because we get 2 billion people coming across. Guess who's able to use that situation to their advantage? Drug cartels. They're working with the Chinese as well. So they're producing these drugs in China, getting them to the cartels in Mexico.

And now they've got rainbow versions of it, rainbow fit and all that they're getting out to kids and into places like middle schools. And it's happening across the country. Again, we asked for phone calls. A lot of people have been calling in.

We'll get to more of those calls in a minute. It's not all she talked about. No, she did talk about the semi-fascist line when Joe Biden labeled half of the country is following semi-fascism.

That issue came up as well. Listen to Chuck Todd's question and then her answer. What is a semi-fascist?

Listen, I think that when we, let's not get caught up in politicizing the fact that most people in America know that it is not helpful to our country when we have people who are denying elections or trying to obstruct the outcome of an election where the largest number of people in our country voted for the President of the United States. She never would define the term semi-fascist. And that's because it was tested by Joe Biden and the pushback even from the left was so great labeling your political enemies semi-fascist. It was so great that the backfired on them.

And so she could not answer the question. Yeah, they don't have a working definition to even quickly say this is what it means. And so they get into the election and they get into this and that and kind of reliving 2020 over again because they don't want to focus on what their own statements are. I think what they played was they went, that was like one step too far, many steps too far into the lead up into trying to again divide America, divide the country and also scare suburban voters in the midterms.

Then when you make a statement like that and those suburban voters have plenty of friends and family who voted Republican who voted for Donald Trump, they may have voted for Donald Trump once or twice. They don't consider themselves a fascist or a semi-fascist. Whatever that is. Whatever it means to be a halfway fascist. But again we'll start taking more of your phone calls 1-800-684-3110. That's 1-800-684-3110. And it kept going.

Yep. Then she hit the U.S. Supreme Court as well. That's probably, of these two statements, there's no border crisis which I still think is the most outrageous statement saying that the border is secure.

It's just not factually true. Then you can't define semi-fascist and then of course the swipe at the Supreme Court of the United States. How much confidence do you have in the Supreme Court? I think this is an activist court.

What does that mean? It means that we had an established right for almost half a century which is the right of women to make decisions about their own body as an extension of what we have decided to be the privacy rights to which all people are entitled. And this court took that constitutional right away.

And we are suffering as a nation because of it. You know here's the problem with their activist court definition. Their activist court definition is if the Supreme Court ruled against me they're activists. That's what their definition of an activist court is. Because let's think about what, let's break down what she actually said. So here's what she actually said. Chuck Todd asked the question do you believe we have an activist court? Put the limitations on abortion.

And what is her answer to that? Well we had this established constitutional right for a long time and that right is gone. Well you know we had separate but equal too. It's called Plessy versus Ferguson. We had Karamatsu which was the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II.

So we had Dred Scott. They were wrong. So the court eventually corrected their historically wrong mistake. What did the decision in Dobbs do? It simply returned the issue of abortion to the states and the states are now dealing with it. But to them it's an activist court if they disagree with you. Yeah I mean this to me is the problem with the left is they have no problem with an activist court when it's their side making up rights that don't exist in the Constitution. Making, reading into statutes, provisions that aren't there, protections that aren't there, legislation that it doesn't exist. It goes back to me when they were they didn't have a problem with John Roberts calling something they argued in court saying it wasn't a tax. A tax. Because they won.

Because they won. And that's the very difference between the liberal and conservative viewpoint when it comes to how you are supposed to be a judge or a justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. What your starting point is. Starting point shouldn't be you know I want to get this done so let me figure out a way where I can write an opinion that will get to my outcome. Starting point should be starting point should be you know what does the Constitution say about this? What does legislation say about this?

What does our suppressant say about this? And then coming up with a decision based off of that. Theirs is they already know what their decision is they just have to figure out a way to try and justify it. So everybody needs to know that your podcast is launching today.

How do they get information? I know Logan's going to join us in the next segment. Easiest place to go S-E-K-U-L-O-W Because right there you can subscribe to the podcast wherever if you want to go to Apple iTunes if you want to go to Spotify we will also be doing a live the video stream of the of the show later on today this is our first day it launches this afternoon so if you follow the Jay Sekulow page the ACLJ page on places like Facebook on Rumble as well we will get that out as well so you'll be able to get those links if you want to watch the first the inaugural episode of the podcast this afternoon and of course support the work of the ACLJ at all right welcome back to Sekulow we are taking your phone calls to 1-800-684-3110 there were more about this on the Supreme Court issue too with Kamala Harris but when it comes to the abortion issue specifically which is definitely what she was getting at which said you know she thinks now it's an activist court which is like the decision and I think to play the bite that asked straight up you know do you think there should be any limit on abortion at all by 21 do you believe there's government should put any limit on abortion I believe government should not be telling women what to do with their bodies I believe government should not be telling women how to plan their families I believe government should not be criminalizing health care providers I believe government should not be saying no exception for rape or incest as a prosecutor former prosecutor who specialized in child sexual assault cases understanding the violence that occurs against women and children and then to further subject them to those kind of inhumane conditions that's what I believe I mean she believes no no except no no rules at all on abortion and no limits to abortion the thing is there's there's limits on everything in the United I mean there aren't in the United States government has to make rules and limits and decision making and they talked about not legislating morality but they they love legislating what you have to do and mandates and issues like that unless they don't I mean that this is when their philosophy is so much more like we said it's about outcomes it's not about process so you've got a big announcement and Logan's joining us in the studio today because you've got a big announcement and that announcement is the podcast for the secular brothers which is Jordan and Logan launches today that's right launch us today go to a lot of you have already and subscribed but this afternoon what's going to happen we're going to finish this show then we're going to go have lunch we're going to reconvene see what's going on in the news see what's going on in the world and also just in our own lives reconvene a couple hours later you're gonna have a new show to listen to Mondays different than the radio yep Mondays Tuesdays and Thursdays and more if needed and we're going to be really discussing a lot of great content we're discussing a lot of big stories but also again diving in definitely more casual vibe I hope you really enjoy it I encourage you today to please listen it's very important just like we tell you on YouTube to hit the thumbs up and we tell you to do all those things to really go on apple podcasts subscribe write a review give us a five stars it really does help us and you can also subscribe on some of your other platforms we're gonna have video as well you'll be able to find that we'll be promoting it all over the place so you shouldn't have a problem finding it but it's available right now to subscribe to kind of pre-subscribe on I can tell you some of the content that we already have pulled for today there's some really interesting pieces of information that are coming out of twitter and some of what happened last week involving not only the sort of bot scenario that a lot of people been talking about what's been going on with how many percentage of bots I know that's something that came up with Elon Musk was trying to to purchase it it's also happened again now with some some kind of details that came out from Disney when they tried to purchase it as well is how that's played in how the bots have played in really significantly to the Russia-Ukrainian war discussion and we're going to discuss that pretty at length but we're also going to break down a lot of of interesting and look at we had college football this weekend we had NFL watching really last night so we got a lot to talk about and what this all means because we've kind of talked about Jordan and I that that the world of of culture pop culture and politics and news and faith and everything has sort of all uh it did encapsulated into one now in our society you can't really have one without the other so what does that look like what does that mean as we continue to uh fight a culture war uh from all you know all sides and again that's available on again a much more casual listen for your way home or you can you know check it out the next morning notified of so if you subscribe you're notified yeah if you subscribe it'll just it'll download to whatever your favorite podcast app is uh or you can listen to it straight from there or from again we're part of the Salem podcast network so a lot of great shows on there as well so we're we're happy to be part of that family of shows uh so if you've listened to any of those you'll you'll notice and we have great if you watch the video version which is going to be available on a lot of different platforms it's a cool set it's going to look really nice i hope you enjoy it so again that's launching today and then from here on out mondays tuesdays and thursdays and special shows i'm sure like when there's the midterms we'll probably do a wednesday or when there's an election you know those kind of things will pop in and it really does give us that freedom this show uh as great as it is it's been on for almost 30 years we have a set one hour clock you know that's all we can talk and we also have our commercial breaks that are you know hard times we have to get in and out so you hear us kind of uh yeah i don't want to say we're yelling at you but we're trying to get as much information to you as possible all the time this lets us take a step back breathe a little and discuss these uh important topics and we're monitoring uh sources that are coming from all over the planet and i think that's important too is to kind of be on the front lines of issues that are going to be coming not just issues that are here you know it's interesting i'm glad you all are doing this and look logan's right and jordan's right i mean you can in this one hour we do we give you a lot of content but it's an hour and having 40 minutes additional or so whatever it's going to be uninterrupted i think is just great secular brother and you get it to your favorite podcast like for instance i'm going to touch this really briefly the motions were filed in the response to the uh situation with President trump and the mara lager uh search warrant and it was the over the issue of a special master and each side had to put up who their special master was going to be and shockingly nobody agreed to the same special master yeah and you've got an end the government said hey listen for those 100 documents that are highly classified we don't even trust a former judge to go through those yeah three out of four that's what they are it's former judges another was a former government attorney and so i mean it's uh if you just look at the list and and straight up i mean it's not necessarily that they were going in the different directions it's just uh it'll be interesting to see because remember while the judge will make the ultimate determination here if the parties can't come to an agreement the department of justice is also appealing the whole appointment of a special master at the same time yeah they're pointing the whole order and even though they said they warned the judge if you didn't do it by september 15th we're going to appeal and of course as we pointed out they already had appealed i want to go back to the podcast for a moment here because this is really the i mean we have a podcast version of this show but it's basically this show yeah it's just this show this is this is totally new so people need to understand this is brand new content across the board yeah and i think you'll notice the way the style of the show is that it feels very different and uh even if you like this show a lot this is kind of going to give you a little bit more of a personal point of view and also uh we also because we're podcasts we're not restricted uh to some of the rules that are on over the air radio broadcast whether that's on christian radio or mainstream radio there are rules uh whether those the way the guests have to come on or the breaks or the content you can talk about now this isn't going to be you know some extreme uh you know profanity-laced podcast but we do have the option to really talk about whatever we want and i think that's important i think there's a lot of issues that maybe we don't talk about on the air that we'll be able to make their way into this podcast so if you're looking for a kind of a slightly different point of view but with some similar you know guests and topics you should check it out it's going to be very interesting different show again hosted by jordan and i we're going to sit down and chat for about an hour uh you know three times a week and really break down everything that's happening not just in the news but in life and what's going on and sort of again culture i think culture is an important part of this puzzle that we don't really necessarily always break into and i don't mean like just like celebrity news i mean what's happening uh in in the world and how we can impact change how we can do great work and support still the work of the aclj but also showcase some of the other projects that we work on each and every day i think there's a lot going on that people don't 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charts really appreciate it we'll be right back where you can learn more about our life-changing work become a member today keeping you informed and engaged now more than ever this is secular and now your host jordan secular all right welcome back to secular we are taking phone calls to 1-800-684-3110 rick reynolds is going to be joining us next segment of the broadcast talking about some of the security issues around the country of the world of course politics as well here at home but i do and we take calls with rick so if you want to get your calls in now 1-800-684-3110 that's 1-800-684-3110 been focusing on this kind of three parts of this interview that the vice President did with meet the press now i wish chuck todd followed up a lot harder because you know he says well there's two million people illegally crossing and then she says the border's secure and it's just kind of like okay where's that second part there what's a semi-fascist never defined it what and he doesn't follow up on it say okay so what is the definition of an actual semi-fascist what does that mean what american would meet that criteria that joe biden used of course this idea that where it's an activist supreme court no restrictions on abortion whatsoever uh which again that play is interesting too because that is not where most of the country is either even people who are not wouldn't consider themselves pro-life do not believe there should be no restrictions at all the board the three takeaways from the and you said it right the three takeaways from that interview was and you're right to start with on the border so she says the border is secure and again as i said earlier that's if your definition of a secure border is a border that's free and open and not secure and then we played you the bite from the the mayor of washington saying we can't handle the migration flow here we're not used to this we're not a border city well guess what every city is now a border city because this is the way it's going so that was number one two on the supreme court i disagree with their opinion this is pretty much what the vice President said thus they're thus they are an activist court that's basically her definition of activist court and of course i would think that the most activist court would be one that said no restrictions on abortion ever and that's kind of where she was going with that i mean that would became clear and then the semi-fascist one i find particularly interesting because i believe no evidence of that i mean i can't prove it was that they put this information out there and the President of the united states labeled half the political opponents i mean half of the country as semi-fascist if you supported the former administration what's interesting to me is when reporters two weeks later are drilling down on that which chuck todd sort of did i mean like you said didn't ask the follow-up question they have no response for this and my view jordan is that they have no response for this because that issue the way they put it out there failed 100 percent yeah we went too far the american people just don't want to define their fellow americans in that way is because first of all we know that there's plenty of people in who serve our country whether that's in our military law enforcement who voted for President trump so this idea to call them semi-fascist people who volunteer to serve our communities our country put their lives on the line for our country that those people because of who they happen to vote for politically are now in this class when we use that term you're basically just calling someone a quasi-nazi a semi-nazi and that that's what it means in in culture where that's where people take the word fascist so this idea too now there were some interesting parts as well she's she gets asked about uh the vice if she would run again as vice President and now that's you know we're still a couple months out from the midterm election and she's talking about uh whether or not you know she'd support uh running as vice President do we do we have time to play that sound quickly yeah we can play it 2024 uh should we expect some form of announcement from the President and yourself after the midterms right after the midterms in a tradition sort of that traditional time frame you're talking about the election the election yeah uh listen the President has been very clear um that uh he intends to run again tends to run again and if he does i will be running with him proudly why do you say probably i said proudly oh proudly i'm sorry i thought i i thought i heard probably you know i don't want to get that that would create proudly proudly probably i'm very proud to be as vice President so there you go the bizarre part is even questioning you usually that would not be even questioned is that being done because the pressure from the left was so strong on him not running until recently that they had to address it yeah i mean i think listen for joe biden the midterms are very important so like if they were democrats could hold on to the senate for instance he then has a bit you know something he can show and say listen we might have lost the house we lost it by a fewer votes uh and we've kept control of the senate so it makes it tougher for the hard left to try and push him out they were hoping you know you get shellacked and then you can say see he's just not a good leader he's not convincing people this whole idea of playing up is a you know he wants to be a moderate is not working be right back all right welcome back to second we're taking your phone calls as well 1-800-684-3110 we want to keep those calls coming in at 1-800-684-31. Especially the border issue i i'd love to hear from people and now i could say the borders cities are every city what's your reaction in your community to this 1-800-684-3110 that's 800-684-3110 yeah i want to play it for everybody again because rick ronell's joining us our senior advisor for foreign policy national security but you know and obviously this is a huge national security issue for the country and and it plays an important role too in the upcoming midterm election this is vice President harris talking about the security at the southern border she don't beat the press yesterday take a listen would you call the border secure i think that there is no question that we have to do what the President and i asked congress to do is the first request we make pass a bill to create a pathway to citizenship the border is secure okay rick ronell's joining us who is former director of national intelligence and senior advisor for national international matters and security rick the border is secure i i made the statement it's secure if your definition of border security is an open border with no security that's how it's secure what's your reaction to the vice President's comments i mean i gotta tell you my first reaction was shame on the sacramento media that allowed this woman to climb the political ladder to the position of vice President that statement that was a joke i mean where is the actual media that critique people who say stupid things i mean she's bumbled through something to pass a bill and didn't take a even iota of a second to talk about the border crisis sentinel drugs pouring in uh crime uh look i want to say this because i think it's real important every time i talk about the border we are the most generous nation when it comes to immigration we give roughly a million people a year get to become u.s citizens unfortunately we have a hundred million people that are trying to become citizens so we have to have rules and laws don't ever let anyone tell us that we are not being super generous and helping immigrants we have to have rules otherwise we're going to end up you know like europe and there's going to be a brexit situation because that's exactly what transpired in europe when merkel couldn't get the rules right on immigration yeah i mean to me it's just the outright statement and rick like you know a lot of people talk about it first year with california and arizona texas now every community is dealing with it everybody's dealing with the drugs that come with it and the number one cause of death for people ages 18 to 45 in our country a pretty big swath the country uh and a very important block in the country that's you're working you know that's kind of like the backbone of your country is fitna and that's coming through a porous southern border that is not secure look let me let me be really clear when she answers the question about a porous border with what we want you know she stumbles through this answer but she basically is saying we want an immigration bill to give more people uh citizenship that is a call to open the border even more do you think that every single person who wants to cut the line just heard i better race them because they're not thinking about stopping us they're thinking about giving citizenship and her priority is to give more citizenship and not to stop the the poorest border so i think she gave a green light to having more line jumpers more people breaking the law to cut in line and that doesn't bode well for all the people who have been waiting in line and following the rules to become citizens rick you spend obviously a lot of time you're a citizen of california you've been involved in california politics too and you follow it closely and and you've been concerned about your state how bad is the border situation for californians well let's be honest for california it's not it's not uh the poorest border problem because we have a wall that's why nancy pelosi and gavin newson they've all moved on you know we we have a wall in california the problem is arizona the problem is the other parts of texas that um that have an open border system and they just didn't get the wall built there you know frankly because the speaker of the house is from california so they've already moved on they don't care so much we do have an illegal immigration problem in california uh just like every other state our problem is is that we have far left progressive giving uh more benefits and enticing people to come because you can get a driver's license without asking you probably are voting because you can get on a voter roll and we don't ask for id and we don't ask for signature verification uh so we have no idea who is actually a a registered resident uh we're not checking we're not checking voter roles and then on top of that there there is a lot of um benefits financial benefits housing benefits that you can get uh no questions asked in california so we are enticing people to come to california and it's a real strain on our system you know rick the second she was also asked to define semi-fascist which she refused to do and it was kind of a term thrown out by President bide of course in the the famous now the red and black speech uh and they backed away he started backing away from it immediately within you know 24 hours but she she got asked about it she also i mean she went through a long statement i'm going to play it again for people but she would not define it uh this term do you think they finally realized that maybe defining half the country is somehow nazis uh wasn't the way to go but it went too far i mean they were they were kind of on this like upswing a little bit politically we're honest and fair about that and then you you make a statement like that and suddenly you're you are isolating a lot you're just a lot of the country look i try to be an honest uh person and be very nice as well but i think it's really important in today's age that we are really honest uh she doesn't know what that means she she doesn't have the capacity to understand and and i say this because i've watched her for years and she stumbles and bumbles and doesn't have a coherent strategy she's not a big thinker she memorizes lines and throws it out there so if she didn't have a memorized line and let's be honest even let's be honest even then she she can't remember the lines enough so i can't say enough terrible things about the capacity of the vice President um she she literally was rewarded because of being a woman of color and and that's been stated openly in california um she did not arrive in the position because she's a great thinker or a policy strategist um this is what the left does is they reward identity politics they're they're characteristics that should not matter i want to go next one to albania again uh because again your expertise there but it's directly should nato member has now reported a second cyber attack by iran why are the iranians and this kind of our first picking on albania while they know it's also picking on nato is it just because of the nato countries that's an easier mark for them and they're kind of get to make their statement and see how nato responds is there something directly involving albania that doesn't get make it into the story about these attacks i i think that's a very smart analysis jordan because i do believe that they're looking for kind of the weakest link within nato and uh edi rama the prime minister of albania i think made it clear he's not the weakest link he was strong he was decisive he called on nato to do more we do need nato to confront today's crises and threats and that means cyber and what we're what i think the albanians are uh really helping the rest of nato to understand that we as a collective military organization a very successful organization nato needs to be able to adjust our policies so that we're at the forefront of today's threat and thank god that the albanians are being very clear about this and they're challenging the biden administration to do more rick we appreciate it thank you as always um i got one last question here we're getting we're weeks out from the midterms i mean it's down to where it counts what's your take on house and senate at this point you know i think that we're in good shape on the house uh and i'm encouraged on the senate and one of the reasons i'm encouraged on the senate is because the collectiveness of the media is that we're going to lose the senate which which to me means they're really scared and that means we're making progress so i i like our odds i think uh odds has really changed the calculus over the last two weeks he's on the attack uh we see fetterman falling i i think adam laxolt has demonstrated he knows how to run a great aggressive campaign and he's going to pull it out and and those are the two keys for me i think we win ohio we win north carolina we win we hold pennsylvania and get a pick up in nevada then republicans win the senate how do you feel about georgia i'm feeling better about georgia they spent a lot of money uh warner uh spent a lot of money against perfor walker throughout the summer so did kathleen cortez masto in nevada and it didn't work they only moved the needle a little bit with a ton of money yeah and so i think herschel and uh laxolt are looking at uh wins now that they can start spending all right we appreciate it rick here you go we keep asking that question too as you get closer to see how these impact voters minds what could be on the minds you think about the queen and how that could take over the media cycle so unless it's a very extreme story it doesn't really break through right now there's been big movement on the trump litigation even this afternoon this morning and this afternoon and it's not getting covered i'm gonna mention some of it because they just filed a pleading just a few moments ago we're taking your calls also at 1-800-684-3110 that's 800-684-3110 and we'll take your calls on that we'll update you on a couple of issues if you're in the border areas we want which is the entire country now 1-800-684-3110 subscribe to the secular brothers podcast that's logan and jordan's podcast all right welcome back to secular we'll take your phone calls 1-800-684-3110 to talk to us on the air that's 1-800-684-3110 if you call that you still have time to go on the show you know i want to i want to follow up on this and we got questions coming in on this border issue and we'll go to pat's call in california but as we as we go to pat i want to say this is a ridiculous statement that the vice President made the borders are secure again what is your definition of secure they are anything but secure ask the border patrol if they're secure anyways pat's calling from california on line two we'll take your calls as well 1-800-684-3110 pat go ahead yeah this is pat from california and i just want to say every time i hear the leaders democratic leaders like the vice President say the border is secure i feel like i'm watching princess bride when vicini comes up to inigo montoya and says inconceivable and he says you keep using this word i do not think it means what you think it means well i think listen they they will throw out terminology and if it hits to their base their base who is not as interested in the issue so they know we care i say we conservatives care about this idea of border security the far on the far left they don't care so she can make a statement which is totally untrue but to their base that it doesn't even register i think they'd watch that and say i'm not even you know paying attention because they think that when you use the term border security that's also racist that's also some anti-immigrant and rick was just talking about we're the most welcoming country in the world to immigrants what do you say to all those immigrants who are waiting in line the and now we're going to be waiting like five and ten years longer because of the 2 million estimated illegal immigrants that are going to be coming across our southern border this year this is the problem when you have a you know and it was also interesting she blamed the previous administration and then the fact of the matter is we do have a broken immigration system i mean who's not going to acknowledge that but fixing it is not saying everybody gets citizenship fixing it is securing the border limiting admissions to people that actually qualify under the law and then figuring out what to do with people that are here illegally you're not shipping them back everybody gets that we certainly should have them paying taxes i mean that should be part of this but again you have to acknowledge you cannot fix a problem if you don't acknowledge that problem exists and the problem does exist at our borders and as i said border cities are now everywhere every city's a border city i don't care if you're in the in in in tennessee i don't care if you're in in texas of course it's right on the border but it affects tennessee it affects washington dc it affects illinois everywhere is a border city right now and we got to be cognizant of the fact that you've got to call a problem a problem and address it as a problem before you can actually fix it but you've got to acknowledge it exists so when you say oh the border's secure well then you're saying the problem doesn't exist and the vice President has been charged with by the President securing the border all right let's go to another let's take another phone call yeah steven in new york online three hey steven hello yes my name is steven and i'm from upstate new york you were just discussing the election the midterms how can we be assured based on the past 2020 election that we're going to be um that these the election process is going to be safe and secure because it seemed like it was anything but that um on the 2020 election so i mean many states have addressed this uh it's something they went to court over it uh because of the changes that were made so that we don't have happen again a time when because of covid because of some we're not prepared for we just start changing the rules without going through the actual process to change the rules so that the at least you know and this is what a fair election a core of a fair election is that every candidate and every politician and campaign knows what the rules are and how you go about whether it's uh absentee ballots early voting uh mail about you know drop boxes all of that everybody has to play and should be playing by the same rules the second part is you take advantage of the laws that are there poll watching putting in place people that that that makes a difference the third part i would say is you show up in mass and when you have massive turnout events again this idea too you can you can overcome a lot of these issues of of feeling like hey that that wasn't right because you know and you see the actual votes get counted so i think that's what you have to do and uh and some states have made that change uh some states have already made updates to their laws uh so that we don't see that again i don't think there's going to be the excuse this time around to say well we have to throw all the rules out the door and just randomly throw everybody ballots so that should not be the same uh this november look i mean the the the problem on the on the election front was ended up being that look rules were changed pennsylvania allowed votes to come in after their deadlines and rather than being changed by the legislature a court authorized it now some of that was set aside you've had other states george has done some election reform so that drop boxes are just not randomly placed and not monitored so having said all of that it's going to be turnout folks at the end of the day and i like george said i don't think you're going to have we don't have the the same level of pandemic in the united states now that justifies or was used to just i'm not saying it justified it the the removal of safeguards that were in place within the election system but let me tell you what it's going to be at the end of the name we'll go ahead and take joe's call from new hanshers turnout people who's going to get the most candidates out and you're rick and i and jordan went through a list i think you know i feel pretty confident about the house i'm not as confident as the senate as rick is i don't know jordan what's your thought on that yeah i mean rick is out in the states even more than us and working with those campaigns more directly so i think he's seeing you know internal pulling the polling is definitely tightened up again in some of those states and so turnout becomes the key and obviously there will be issues that pop up along the way from now until november and then we can't even predict but what you do have to know is if you're keeping things close so no one's running away with it then it comes it really is about turnout and that's going to be more about campaign infrastructure amount of money you've got to spend in the last few days and being able to pick and choose your most important key states as well let's go take joe and new hampshire online too hey joe yeah thanks for taking my call this illegal alien thing has hit kind of close to home we had some friends visit us just last week from an area near colorado springs colorado they moved to a small town there and unbeknownst to them they it was very shocking they have a house in their neighborhood that's run by the cartel and their neighborhood is being overrun by these illegal aliens to the point where they're both getting a license to carry in colorado just to protect themselves when they're in their home it's ridiculous you know we've had andy econimo of course senior council for the aclj has been on this broadcast many many times talking about this issue because he was a former assistant district attorney i've been a special da um so i know what the issue is and here's the problem these drug cartels are not just drugs also sex trafficking so when you talk about a cartel house across the street from somebody that's the reality in a lot of places in the in the country and it's not just drugs it's drugs end and the end usually is sex trafficking and the sex trafficking uh epidemic throughout the united states mostly coming out of the coming through mexico not necessarily people of mexican origin but coming through mexico is unbelievable and the laws have been antiquated on how to deal with and that's we worked on a project several years ago to change the laws in all 50 states and have had great success on that but the fact is this is where and this impacts your schools and jordan said they're using fentanyl like it's candy now this is serious stuff and you got the vice President of the united states saying the border's fine well it's not but you know what's going to happen this afternoon jordan and logan are going to be in another studio doing a brand new podcast called secular brothers you're going to want to sign up for that uh to listen to that podcast yeah and it's it's going to be a different show so and i encourage you go there if you go to you can either subscribe on apple you can subscribe on spotify also you'll be able to watch the show so if you follow someplace like facebook and rumble you'll be able to find it today and of course we'll get it shared out with social media as well so this is the inaugural episode out this afternoon we haven't even taped it i would say do you know the topic yet it will be different topics and and get check it out
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