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Manchin Confession: Inflation Reduction Act Won’t Help

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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August 18, 2022 1:16 pm

Manchin Confession: Inflation Reduction Act Won’t Help

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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August 18, 2022 1:16 pm

Senator Joe Manchin the architect behind the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) just responded to a question as to how the IRA will reduce costs for American consumers with "why would it?" Jordan, Logan, and the Sekulow team discuss the latest news around the radical Left's latest statements about their IRA bill. This and more today on Sekulow.

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Inflation moved inflation talk about that today.

Now you misleading as to not go visit politicians continue to mislead usually aftereffects even when you know is Bill about inflation reduction act douses likely throwing the what was the biggest issue we had to deal with. Call it that.

All of our crap.

Agree new deal put in this putting that putting this this tax hike and 87,000 viruses, but they usually stay on message, so they still try to be selling you even that place they signed especially with the midterm coming up that this will actually do more for inflation. It will help but take a look. Joe manages the reason we we have this behemoth I hope people are clear on him. Now I we been preaching that the caution Joe mansion on this broadcast forever. I don't know if you have regular not, but people should remember this and remember this moment when he is asked about his bill on inflation reduction.

What happens, why would I want well merely is not turn the switch on and off meatless Joe mansion again.

He shows his true colors.

She's these Democrat tried and true big spender big tax or big federal bureaucracy with the fact Logan that he literally said why would it was the initial response to how the inflation reduction act, help, inflation, why would it like you said it's now there are spinning there changing it.

It's no longer the inflation reduction. I start to hear that. So the press or start calling it a things to do with the environment and things to do with energy or hearing those turn things around. You're not hearing inflation reduction act very much anymore, but it's hilarious and sad at the same time because it's what we said it was we say these things, like people you laugh and how could you say that Weitzen called inflation reduction act up, but that is just a tradition another bite here. I think will display the chat was replayed a bite.

Let's hear this.

This is a Fox News or from CNET that was a montage, a montage of all of the news organizations talking about this now inflation reduction act of quote help inflation. They called it the inflation reduction act as a marketing device.

In part two by lockdown the vote of Joe mansion, the inflation reduction act. Basically he see what everybody's concerned with right now kitchen table. This is marketing ranging yes, this is as a literacy to work better and that's coming from everywhere you do that on Fox, CNN, MSNBC multiple times and say all this was just a marketing tool. This is just a game to make your normal narrative is now better so people that like go back better because that was immediately seen as just a huge gigantic government spending bill at a time when no one wanted that. So they just renamed it and tried to name it something that everybody would like which is less inflation which again preying on the fact that most people aren't turned in the broadcast, like ours, most complete and most voters going.

How dare they, so that the end but there what they're hoping is that okay you guys get educated about it maybe, but most voters well and they'll still see the name and I like the name and they will actually mind agree new deal that would people learn the inflation reduction act means that there's 80,000 more IRS agents at polls of shown organs that we come back from break will take your calls to one 800 684 31 to the polls to show that people do not like more than half of likely voters to the less likely to vote for a member of Congress voted for this when they learn what's it.

Bernie Sanders was like it's going to do nothing as they do nothing but hurt people in the new people like that on both sides got you know this is ridiculous even called this the inflation reduction act Ricky playing clips and really exposing the hypocrisy that is not only now speculative. It is admitted it is confess to rethink your calls right now how do you feel about it. 1-800-684-3110. That's what 100 684-3110 secular. We are to your phone calls to on this at 1-800-684-3110 more on the rate is well and present tromp.

I wouldn't talk to Mike Pompeo but we ratchet should talk to our senior counsel for global affairs.

ACLJ, former secretary of state Mike Pompeii was very joyous second half hour. The broadcast live at talk through these also have new piece You should check out because he's a unique insight is on the Benghazi committee and asked about that investigating Hillary Clinton and then after that you and the bleach bit that that special the phones, no raid on on any Clinton homes which is it so it is a shocking that the cleanser got through most of life without it. Without a rates considering what's happening around them. Having people around them up and rated including that their top aides but you got that aspect of it to her. Then also he was in it, the highest level security right in CA so what's going on in these law enforcement agencies like the FBI I think will be a unique insight into today. Remember, the trial is going on that later in section on just the hearing on releasing the affidavits of the other documents.

Again we we went through all that detail. Yes, this will wait to see what happens in court at present tromp has talked about potentially Logan releasing the video the rain that is a cameras on like security cameras on but then the government is gone. There is also a conflict to that the government is that there's bit of news that possibly the reason why they rated was because of something they came upon the security cameras that was leaked to them from inside the truck were like somebody outside of the blocked area gate access or they just didn't like the amount of people I don't even know we don't know if that's correct, but it's interesting to see because it was a long rate was nine hours in their sociometric specific documents and it says open ended so it calls question about that you were taking those as well. I do. We got to his knees and could yesterday that if you have calls that the affidavit hearing today what to expect which a little bit went with him to present tromp in this group expect the unexpected and the realities kind of changed. Maybe nothing is shocking anymore to it to lobby but I think again what we should, we will get likely decision on that today and it usually doesn't happen usually don't get these documents will cease to be a question about that, to give us a call would help everybody understand these processes that are going on is 100-684-3110 would like to mention that because this is what you are up against in in midterm elections, especially when people are quads.

I turned in but also try to make the decision about like that day if they did during early voting in states that have that answer, not necessarily as up to speed like what people are doing and and so when you get past a piece of legislation that is so misleading in its title at a time when people are looking for any kind of relief.

Possible automatic that's at the if people just leave the title or if they felt they think the Democrats exactly M) why would you want it Is what they ought to inflation. Why would you want to play 300. Everyone wants inflation reduction is usually there is that portion of the bill and then it's packed with a bunch of stuff you don't want and then they make Republicans look fresh versus well sometimes the good, the bad guy. Could you you voted against absent this past with over Democrat Ellie Democrats, including the ones who are supposed to be the lead they are your friends good. Joe mentioned the new look at the situation here where they are not only going out there and talk about this.

They are changing the verbiage they are changing the tone and the words being spread there so no longer saying is that as often as a kid there not saying inflation reduction nursing energy there saying it out all these different things that are. They are environmental it and it changes the terms of the change the terms.

It's okay that they're spending a bunch of money and it's okay that it doesn't help the actual cause of the bill.

The name they put out there. It's to trick people. It's to trick Americans.

And that's just fact in there now saying it out loud. That's always the part that drives me insane now is now. It is no longer this in a thought process that's in there and weird. It is they are actually saying things like, Joe mentioned coming out saying specifically notes that can help inflation. It is not a detractor.

That's the guy who pretty much made it happen.

Yet the person in yet chicken was the director of the National economic Council, that's inside the White House, Brian Deese and 14 timing will serve as the original record and how really immediately the provisions that gives consumers based on coming out and buying more energy efficient heaters to efficient appliances as. The flashback here but you. The only thing he could point to in getting inflation reduces you going and spending more money on items that are overpriced right now and you kick it anyways so he went to go this high tech models for any kind of video heater systems that LSU lucked out and somebody bought one and returned it back from like that building site is that it needed was the right model they needed to be like Alyssa maybe will come in them a year so the way to induce. I love that the Democrat way to reduce inflation is go out spend money on overpriced goods right now and then you might get a tax rebate that this is us this. This is like sending the coupon to look at from yet from your cereal box and you might get a toy building a pyramid scheme. You have deals like this if you you get some of the side up and then they get someone aside up in the day, it's up on the side up with the guess what you want to do that instead of rent if we need you to abide overnight by the pack you get by the intro pack does exist because that's it's back and it's it's stuck in Indochina somewhere and at what or in said boat at edit unit on transport. So take your call to 164 30 were to call Adam. I want to do the flashback, but we do have a call from West Virginia Reese in West Virginia online to pay Reese how are you good. You know the funny thing can I go ahead getting on their okay I get the funny thing we called Sen. Manson's office before the bed and I had a real good conversation with a staff member and she was so convinced that this thing is going to reduce inflation. This is the end all this is the answer to everything that could not answer for anything. So while it may be a good marketing ploy.

I'm not so sure they don't think they didn't truly believe.

Well I think this is the issue with Sen. Manson and I know people West Virginia Reese. They like him. He syringe this worst member of Congress because he lies to his constituents and he lies the American people and he just this may be his biggest lie of his career. Just think, just wing of the state do not think that they don't know what to do finally hit his junior staff in the Senate were on the phone you still know that is really about. The green of the they still know it's really about spending more on green energy and tax hikes on the rich, which means everybody because it's good to be more agents out there but don't worry summer just filling in for others. You're the it's getting flag on Facebook now and other other social media to say that there's going to be 80's 87,000 new IRS agents know there are in the budget for 87,000 new agents, what they're saying is this a ridiculous factor. He's had some people to quit and so some will just be replacements.

Yes, but 87,000 people are not quitting the IRS tomorrow so it's true some people question to be filling out the symbiotic people that are retiring the people that that that had moving on in their careers but most of most of this is for new agents to get Emily told us this is why cabling is being flagged because they said they're going to look for new revenue if they had the people to do that they would need this money to get the revenue so they need people to go out who our new so that such as feeling old spots so II think again. But it's being flagged because they know it's one of the most vulnerable issues they have in the election.

People don't like the IRS even before they were targeting you because your political beliefs if they like it sweep all people, and yes you tell this this is how they get vulnerable and the Democrats right now are experiencing, bump in the polls so they are very nervous that this becomes a narrative I think it is that they don't want them there to be about the IRS. They want the narrative to be in a world gone after rich people and gas was five dollars now is for now it's just underfloor be in the World War II years ago, gas was a buck 50, but were still you know they're taking the high road their second look at time of the taking. Although the winds inside look we brought it down. We brought down to gas price.

Naturally, 200% higher than it was just a couple years ago does not feel good. Does that make you feel better about it. We'll we all lived through what that looks like it's it's a ridiculous win that seems to be the continual probably create the problem and then just solve 10% of it, which makes them look good which then Bob's numbers up a little bit like you said this a little bit of resurgence right now. That's of the, we gotta talk about we get a minute left ear is what this looks like in the next few months are going into the midterms going into election season for conservatives is not a good time to have a bump because this is what starts getting very real. Yeah you know what the Democrats peeking your public speaking when you're getting very close that it's too early because couple months.

A lot can happen like a thing like a raid on four presence home to change a lot of things to learn more about the act they realized the front of the IRS will get a little more honest. The over inflation goes but independently things like that go and you want to be rooting for your country to recover, regardless of who's in a politics, but the same time they they can mess with that to buy spending more and getting things down like a cucumbers sticker folk a lot of calls coming in 164 30 was also we get back to making a big announcements even want to stay tune for that new project, you like it. Talk about.

We can just second 160 lines open most on the inflation reduction act, IRS size and were to be attended, but we have been asked is it is public now the release has gone out in the press release has gone out. Jordan and I have a brand-new project that is coming September 12, but you can go ahead and subscribe right now it is the secular brothers podcast on the sale of podcast network is maybe three days a week. Brand-new content not we do here here a much different casual interesting conversations but really about. We dive way deeper into politics live way deeper into culture our own lives. I it's good to be a really interesting and unique perspective and I hope you will join us.

You can subscribe right now on Apple podcast on spot.

If I there's a trailer you're committed trailer and come September 12, and from then on, three days a week you get a brand-new episode of the secular brothers podcast again. We are thrilled to join Salem of this the sale of podcast network you are familiar with a lot of the shows that are already on that network, and were just happy to be a part of it be to join. Right now the easiest way is go secular the picture to a just delete page you can go straight to the spot a five-page scrape go straight to the Apple podcast page will also the video component will have a lot of different things be rolling out over the next few weeks, but the press release without want to make sure we tell told all of you that this is, that it could be completely different things can be not only relieves the blood fun for people. Yeah, I think the difference will be in on the shower.

If it were broadcasting on all the networks and there's limits on that because you're on broadcasting also. We have very limited time of this broadcast is for the ACLJ's in the work they were doing on this and we'll get a lot of personal life. The best first as he gets is that you were related on here. You don't really get it put past that. Sometimes a reference. Kids will really get into that and I realize families interest not something we we had spent a lot of time on here because we were breaking down huge important issues of the moment, breaking news, things like that. This again else to be very Tyler accident three days a week, but in a more discussion format that the same public breaks going back and forth so it is again. If you're in the podcast love people listen to this like a podcast rate. This could be more net format more at the end of the talk about things we will never talk about this broadcast is a serious of limitations run Christian broadcasting on your PI. This year we have to do you maintain a reserve about who else were playing sound right. This will not be that it Salem is really good about allowing us to kinda talk about things we really want to talk about. You look at the other list of shows there on their network.

It's people like Dinesh Desousa, Jeanette Ellison, Charlie, Kirk, and there's a huge list of guys that Gorka in which you edited Eric with taxes a Dennis Prager so we are happy to join that lineup of of really a list podcast be a part of that whole community secular by organ to talk about it for now until we launch I'm sure we'll keep talking about it but today the press release without we wanted to share that with you. They were excited about starting something new. People are actually going to watch a rumble. Yes, there will be a rumble in the presence we will tell you exactly where to go. As time was right, as well.

Yes, there will be video in it, except as may be clips maybe full brackets were still working all of you out there will likely be a video there will be a video component but encourage you right now what you can do right now you sign up for the audio feeds and subscribe on Apple podcast and on spot on my to do that for us. I would really appreciate it doesn't cost a thing secular totally free and sign up again to get the podcast on September 12 through start to build up the that the listener base and again I like this broadcast that we do have the video component, but not it's not gonna be like I missed it all and because the we were doing the shows we might have a life component of something like that because of the video, but it's can be something so it's not as again. You can listen to it throughout the week that one up to how your schedule works exactly 3 days week and he will be released on the day record. Also there with her and Oliver back logging. These are for the most part it will be. We put out a record or court after the show. So after the show is live will probably go have lunch will come back redo another half hour in the shortly after that, that is your insured on our middle schools we can go as long as we want at least 1/2 an hour.

Probably 45 hour and will get to talk about whatever is happening that afternoon or we talk about other topics really does be a part of that lineup is going be completely different because there is not that we don't have freedom but we are all set on trust radio were on Christian radio and in not that there's anything wrong I love our Christian radio partners and actually think we need to have more faith content, but we can do that. Plus be unabashedly considered. Talk about politics and culture what's going on torts with exports yeah whatever is happening right now and will do that you support live golf that that's a big debate and is a that's again secular it out and and we get September 12 is when is logic.

So under a month, but are network you would really appreciate if you went ahead and subscribe because that goes and tells Bella people about it.

Start spread the word even before were launched and go you go ahead and get a five star rating. If you want to eat and we know that also helps promote so if you if you subscribe now on. Either stratify or or throughout iTunes and secular and if you scrub, you can Artie leave a comment she did five star. Can't wait to hear yeah can't wait for this to come out and that we will appreciate it does help and again, the more people subscribing.

The more bits promoted in the more this message gets out, doesn't cost anybody anything.

But it's more people people would initially turn this show on and in there. Same messaging same year the same core beliefs and values, but maybe few topics that they pulls them in and also something different for us to talk that we talk she likes it back in our chairs like we have a conversation with a little bit different pace. That's looking forward to look for to have a little more interesting conversations and bring another. These are interesting places we know we have in our on here. We have 57 minutes or whatever it is to get our content out. We have to make sure we get you all that message that we need to get out in that hour to the mast. The masses. This is a different vibe in a different, your whole outlook on the way that we talk about the issues they said was still that same core is that's really great.

We have a ton of calls were to get you guys, probably in the next half-hour because we did run out of time for the segment eight book discipline told him to say that but tell you this now. If you are listening on terrestrial radio right you don't get the second half-hour to some of the networks carry half an hour some bouquet of flowers can first ask Jay Sekulow if we are broadcasting live right now on Facebook on YouTube on it rumble on all platforms. We can be on. We are on that's been one of the things we've always maintained that cyber happy to join another sailor podcast network which is get available on your favorite podcast players, but to be in that network is also pretty industry the emails of Artie gotten a part of that network is get open up a lot of doors to really connect us with a totally different world, and I'm looking forward to it. Yes a chance secular I could shoot you to set up of stratify. You can cite it through Apple podcast at but either way, or you both and doesn't cost a thing so if totally free and if you do sign up today.

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Next thing the broadcast is his.

You should share the security for want to the broadcast share with you for the family now because we haven't talked to secretary pump as part of our team at the ACLJ is a senior counsel, global affairs, we haven't talked on this publicly on the broadcast about the rate he's got a new piece on it. Anything about the unique position to been in which reductase Benghazi committee. When is in the house, then CIA director, the Secretary of State subject he understands running these departments. The issues within the departments what you know some real talk to all of that in the next segment live with the Sec. Pompeo. We are to take your calls at one 800 684 31 to visit Myrna in Florida online. Five say that right learn what to say. Failure on the back begging for help. Where did they think they're gonna get 87,000 IRS agent. Their finding of already college campuses.

You know when economies are great newsletter like jobs available of the buses under the service industry.

If you looking for careers. They will go to college campuses looking for people you know they can care the Gothic and they think it is a certain takes on that off the website now, but I that's who they're going to, as they didn't put together an entire new Army of these woke young people to come after you with the text of answer they want actually going into liberal college campus. Let's let's get it. It is so bad so yet still be able find them, take people want federal government jobs and when you come right out of college. If you look you like law enforcement anything like that and you have any kindly accounting background. They can recruit heavily because he got $87 billion to spend. Myrna and so you can hire a lot of people. I resent Ed and Dave talked to it's good to be 80,000 new people somehow. This is being flagged on on Facebook because some of those people.

Some people at the IRS will retire and this is their argument. That's not what the bill is about the bills not so we can recruit these 87,000 new ages because we need to find new money not do things the same. So the reason why it's getting flagged does it make sense because then it does in the eyes of the replacement staff bill. It's the we need to go and find missing revenue which means knocking on your door going after farmers going after small businesses we know where this goes. So for folks hanging on the phone lines we will get you. We have final say with him after Sec. Pompeo.

So hang on the lines will get your calls if you got questions and comments I get them in now.

One 864 3110 luggage like we said secular it's it's a lot nicer to hoping she can go subscribe to the podcast, which launches September 12 first episode three episodes a week will be unique ways you can interact with it, but we want to subscribe if you go to secular he could do it through the heights Apple podcasts iTunes a set up. Or you could do with your spot. If I you can also do both.

You can leave a five star rating.

We would appreciate that enough. Maybe a little message.

Can't wait for this. Can't wait to hear first show at something like that. So we get out to more people were doing it through the same immediate yet the sale podcast networker just joined them I had made the announcement working on this for the number of months now getting everything ready so it's excited to finally get close and be there. Bill to talk about this new project and course you were the bill of matching challenge we would you support the work of the ACLJ is without that none of this could be possible. Like our site. I wish you could see beyond these four walls see what's happening beyond.

Here you can see the incredible media team the Thierry could seek the credible legal team that works around the world at the ACLJ can't do that without your support. That's it. and we cannot great people like Sen. my pump architecture my Pompeo is coming up in the next segment Jordan were asked questions for him really can write all this down re-into the trap issuer into the IRS agents. All that was Sec. Pompeo that will take morning calls at one 800 684 31 to let me encouragement as well over the matching challenge monthly support the work of ACLJ double the impact your donation to our matching challenge.

You know what you know the deal. You take the action to make the donation we have noticeable match. You take the initial actions important us the ACLJ. Our team and again to check out the new podcast to be launches September 20 subscribe now is totally free to secular and choose where you like to list your podcast.

There secular is mixing the broadcast or 31 to talk to us on the air right to a former secretary state my Pompeo or senior counsel, global affairs because we haven't had a chance to talk to them yet on the broadcast is a new piece as well. The pieces is titled Atty. Gen. garlands raid on mar Lago is a lot is about more than documents so secretary pump that we had heard lots of different people's opinion of this but one here years on what you think this is all about. At the end of the day, will forgive me for that walk everyone through this together elective sake, but no one to book a lot at the true statement, but this has all the hallmarks of a political action in our history has been very different from that when I was on the Benghazi committee with a former Secretary of State who clearly had classified information on her server.

We didn't quit NASA just carburetor home Wheatley didn't send agents in Tennessee that we began a conversation about how to make sure we protected the information and delivered against the constitutional process that we all doubt there's been none of that and enter this all to comes across the backdrop of this is why this is bigger than about any one individual, including even Pres., we watched Peter Rosa Quill watched him go after with the Russian Oaks. We watched former director called me in and former deputy director became Wheatley know they lied with watched the FBI behave in ways that are deeply political and they do a disservice not only to the people whose actions are on the other end.

The receiving end of them, but they also do it in normative services. The FBI agents in the field or tried to keep people safe to drive and keep drugs off our strict color thing. This is when the political leadership of the FBI behave in ways that are inconsistent with the constitutional foundation.

It puts so much at risk. Jordan is like to a lot of conservatives sick to Pompeo that this is like the it's been westernized to point like a hit squad for the Democrats. And that's Heather utilizing as I would for sure that there's plenty ages out there feel frustrated.

We also have seen congressional reports from whistleblowers who said they're being purchased. The people that the conservative views site it interests it feels that way. Having to talk through them to the American people as a CIA director working with the FBI and on the Benghazi committee when in the house that's that's how it feels to folks out there is that this leadership cannot be trusted. Right now I thought director called me with the director of the FBI.

When I became a director so you with that office. I watched what you did in the opening month with the. The Russian report that they did that they knew the dossier which is not something that they wanted to rec.but the use that at the linchpin delete clock and conduct all kinds of two years of court against the administration. This is your viewpoint and character are there rank-and-file members of the FBI who I know I first met Steve that leadership behave in a way that are inconsistent with their values that have just the fact that just the law and it put enormous risk to our country to have its federal law enforcement, a toothy baking data that goes to codifies the team an important process that buys the press great. We thought we saw this when they began to use the rest and wait there political this is that Mayor Garland Atty. Gen. has given the American people. No reason to believe that he is running a straight up organization. The article outbreak director give about why he did what he did and lay out his case for why it was so important, so urgent that they had to go bust into the former President home and raped these documents because it is the former director of the CIA is classified documents. It is a simple risk to the American with the paper that's out there that usually take two years to figure out though all the and all the things indicate right. I have actually read.

I don't know that that they actually received permission to conduct a search on Thursday or Friday and did you do the rate for 72 hours. Okay. Explain that I'm open to hearing a rational explanation for this, but there has been none against the backdrop of all that has been done. All of the misstatements all the lies all the improper use of these law enforcement tools of intelligence collection tools by political leadership. Starting back with the Klapper and Brennan and call me Atty. Gen. garlands not to get the benefit of doubt on this need to explain the American people what was so darn urgent, well presented national security risk that they had to do something that's never been done before. Use the FBI against the former President United States and invade his place of residence to take a week and still distiller this Saturday and Sunday, at which it's very bizarre every every national security attorneys waiting on this from DOJ or former deities.

See if you got that search when someone like this kind of profiling have an example to use because this is unprecedented.

You executed immediately because if you believe this is a threat to our national security. You don't wait the week you hold onto the weekend and the you go so again another and it's not like they tried to put out a sensor to pet Pompeo. They have not tried to put out an explanation they've not tried to say this is why we had to wait see of 72 hours that that's not the is a legal requirement that the league you get that search where you can executed, but that is not what they decided to do which, again, it just puts makes people think.

This is not on the up and up to be lied to by former FBI directors and it's like what's going on now with the DOJ. I do want to go to the inflation reduction act as well because were getting honest reports that even from center mansion that it has nothing to do with inflation. In this kind of re-calculating what it's all about but were also seen Sec. Pompeo is social media company starting to flag people for saying there's going to be new IRS agents temperature door because her say while some will be a replacement. So I think it understands that their retirements of these federal agencies and people eventually do leave, but ultimately here at you been through it with that the targeting and we been through over the targeting of tea party groups helping Marissa to get is that when that when they take when they go increase in size 80+ thousand new agents and their recruiting rate for college campuses as we speak.

And they've given them the job of finding new money. You know for sure is that 87,000 new agents are what is authorized not be summer tire that will replace that one to the task that they're actually going to avoid small bed with the people making less than $400,000 still achieve the outcome. The faith that there is is is is fraudulent as the title of the legislation thing it was actually going to reduce inflation that can withdraw such confidence in the capacity Internal Revenue Service to do its job. This is what the ACLJ that's great work on right with the lowest Florida case and the data proving to the American people that she was behaving in a way that were deeply inconsistent with just making sure that everybody who pay taxes didn't matter if your level concert but she used it to weapon eyes the IRS against conservative Internet doubled the size IRS 87,000 new IRS agents. It is seems like the American people know that this will end up hurting small businesses and ordinary families and they will end up as a political tool, there's no need for it. It was a poor decision and I still regret that we didn't have a 54 Sen. to prevent this from happening on this. Take the importance of mentors we know see the polling is it if you tell people inflation reduction act and that's really taken it is wonderful that sounds nice but if you tell them what's in it, especially on the IRS provision becomes very unpopular with likely voters, not just Republican voters, voters on both sides of the aisle don't trust these institutions do like the idea that that's what they're to be paying for with her tax-free dollars doing it. Some foreign policy just for a minute here because we sought more news on the US and Taiwan starting formal talks on economic and trade initiative Chinese commerce party there arty voice their opposition to it by ministration of the topic. Sometimes it's hot studs there cold when it comes to Taiwan which you can't take on this. The economic is also salsa more military action by the Chinese commerce party. I think engaging in trade.

What I wanted to abide ministration is serious about putting together a formal trade agreement with the freedom loving people, Taiwan, and this will increase commerce between our two countries. I think that is all to the good. I applaud them for that.

I hope it's real hope to follow through on not just the press release that know no one can argue with the fact that the people of Taiwan deserve to have the capacity trade engage in commerce with whoever they want, that'll make Americans wealthier to make the people Taiwan wealthier and that Western while those of us who love freedom will be more secure as well. As I appreciate you joining the broadcast Secretary of State, former CIA director, former house of her on the Benghazi committee's again taking all that information. As we left on this broadcast for you A's get the info from from the best people possible who understand running a giant federal agency like the State Department or CIA to understand that nuances of the bureaucratic bureaucracy and the political appointments that obviously honestly very similar to the CIA, the FBI has very few political appointees would sing tape I paid for that position. So you're dealing mostly with bureaucracy when when you are the director and I think that insight on makes it almost impossible for the good people there do their job, which means they leave Friday whistleblower ports on your only left with the lowest learners in the Peter strives so again I think very vigilant is even there are ways in order to because of this, to prevent some of this from moving forward to Sen. Graham about that before I will come back rooting for your consequences. In one 800 684 31 to if you're on the line. Roger Phil built will start with you, but there if you want to be on the rocky sensing called one segment coming up remaining 1-800-684-3110 will be right secular service calls right away that we got into everything want to cover that. Just so you know the trial on the affidavit it's about to start after broadcast so watch for that is later in the day again. 9/10 times, or maybe even 99/100 times. You actually get the affidavit released. This is a different situation so you know the be redaction. Remember that whatever, if anything is released, repainting Donald Trump in the worst light possible. That's there is an affidavit they can write their mean nasty stuff that's their case and they have to say that this person is been a criminal and don't think you're going to get out of that document some sort of redemption. Sorry. You might find some goofiness that may be silly. You might get some hints at where there's their starting point. Like we've all said like we just I was Sec. Pompeo. The timeline doesn't work.

I've said I've heard Brett bear said you just heard former Secretary of State. Say it and see a director, say it that you don't wait even to nice so it took two years to figure out that day that there was something so urgently needed search warrant raid.

She had put in the affidavit you go through that process and then you got it on Friday afternoon, but we work weekends now does and so will come back and will do it Monday, which was dated and so again if there's nuclear code CL surfacing around in the Fiori. You are just a Saturday is apposite to take phone calls. Yeah, we a lot of online. We want to call in by the way was be a last chance 100-684-3110 so you can hold on for 40 minutes. We appreciate the Pasha Rogers calling and you saw online one Robert a Roger welcome. Thank you for taking my call but I wanted to know when the Republicans get control of the house is something that the Republicans could choose not to find to limit the IRS and the other think I have in there with the sound from accident Graham. He was on the broadcast and he talked about if they take back Congress they can they can put through legislation to prevent funding so it right you, Congress has to appropriate the funds he'd walk through that process in a broadcast, but that means not just take back the house that is taking that Senate and basically pushing going back and forth with Pres. Biden.

He might veto it. We pushed back again used the fight on the appropriation side so the battle against this is what you want to continue to expose it. One, it only helps us in the midterm elections to tell people the truth about what to this day, and so weight when they find out about the IRS increase they find out about this really green new deal and it's not about reducing inflation and you can go to Joe mansion and author of the bill himself and inhale say it like we played earlier broadcast this seductive impact inflation why what is elusive but I would maybe because it's what he called.

That's why people would think that, but such part one is you want get people educated on what's really in there that the title and then later on through the appropriations process.

You can try to stop the funding. That's give-and-take, not just take the house Senate to an attic continual fight for two years is the buy my house and skip going try to do more calls Caerphilly, New York online to fill my cool genuine people pay their fair here.

The tools they need another computer and a knowledge of accounting they donated. They don't need the threat of lethal force. Those things are associated with the Appalachian IRS agent. There's something ominous about this. Thank you, is trying to banish success immediately know what you think they know in the polls. It shows that likely voters is not Republican likely was at all likely voters when they hear about the IRS expansion are more likely to say that they will vote against the person who voted for it. That's Democrat and some of the closest races in the country and in the house race in the country, so don't even talking about it, but like like you said, they have the FBI to utilize with a needle law enforcement capability with ghetto guns out and they didn't write it in the way of like it's to protect yourself. You just keep the audios.

It was are you comfortable killing some using deadly force.

And that's what they said that's different then maybe having a weapon to protect because no one against the IRS they not liked you notes hesitates or knocking. But if they need that insistence, they can bring the corrupt FBI don't worry if IRS saves you can bring in your corrupt FBI agent and I don't know why my parents said don't talk about this. I think I get another political miscalculation by him because he saw Tony. I striving try to make the distinction between him and every all his other Republican over all the other republics have lived so I don't know why he saying don't criticize the FBI.

This America. These agents all work for us.

We pay their bills. We pay their salaries and because of that we should go hold them accountable for bad actions, questionable actions, unexplainable like getting the warrant on a Friday on a national security crisis and saying you know what you and I gotta go fishing tomorrow. I got kids soccer game will go handle it Monday said that big of a deal but it was a big deal to put an affidavit for the first time ever ready for the presence of it seems like a constant thing you find with present troubles.

It's always the first time ever, or the second time ever, the first time at 200 years that we heard that Senate over and over and over again with good Bill Wyoming line 3 Wyoming I'm see in the news this week.

Billy on the air might agree with quote mansion and the supporting and listening you guys think I listened with these guys say and and actually doesn't help the inflation I say it does help make the inflation exactly and that's why I am on other people call this inflation production back as opposed to inflation reduction in action. We use these receipts that we that's we call it an ACLJ action is RC for organizations more politically involved runs ads advertising campaigns work with lobbyist and state level federal level and so that's we thought it was the inflation production act in James officer Martin there leads up the ACLJ action force. Washington DC colleges that an listened matches that arguably now it now that it's pasties like you know if I can do anything with inflation. It's it's literally written likely sailing inflation reduction act of 2022 is like it could impact in 2022 and they all know it's not because it's probably because more inflation like like you said, because that's when the government spends more, and also increases in size with new staff as possible is been more if possible final confidence try with Johnny on the air in my call and thank you for you on is very different between a jugular mouse has a straight yes I mean that was in your state may have different terms for all this so that we talking federal so federal magistrate is limited limited duties. They can perform unlimited hearings, they can hear there also not appointed by the President United States so member the President nominates the article 3 judge positions in the Senate confirms magistrates are are are appointed at the county level or or district level and so they assist in the legal process. The appointed nominated judges and even justices. If you need also to the District Court level trial court level, but more and more I will say this while they have limited powers increasingly like you might even notice likely a doctor's office were like a physicians assistant is doing more than the doctor start to see more more because of the overload of cases, especially in the covert overload cases. They're doing more and more work. They are not appointed by the President of the United States secular is her want you to go there and subscribe right now to radio podcast is love you wanted on social media, secular in September

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