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Judge Sets Hearing on Unsealing Trump Raid Documents

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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August 17, 2022 1:10 pm

Judge Sets Hearing on Unsealing Trump Raid Documents

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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August 17, 2022 1:10 pm

A federal judge has set a hearing for tomorrow on the potential unsealing of the affidavit used to obtain a search warrant ahead of the FBI raid on President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago home. Biden's Department of Justice is desperate to stop the unsealing, supposedly due to an "ongoing criminal investigation" that could be compromised by its unsealing. Is that really the reason? Jordan and the rest of the Sekulow team discuss the latest developments on the unprecedented raid on President Trump's home. This and more today on Sekulow.

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Secular judge since the hearing on ceiling documents and baby what to expect when you see the likelihood of anything we really talk a little today more secular human form. Now this is what I hear from you because I we judge the magistrate judge you like should be recused about is going to hold a hearing tomorrow and actually hearing on unsealing the affidavit and some other documents related to the Marlborough search ward materials, including attachments.

The documents unique here as well. Present from is publicly said you release everything for the filings.

Right now it's intervenors yelling media outlets outside groups asking for this documents really get into the source of that excitement abroad has a break you down again. Setting expectations.

What's a realistic expectation of a hearing like this in the outcome of the hearing like this and what is not, and if it if you do get that this chance that this does get released.

What would you learn and how it read, so I think you're getting all educated about that before that hearing tomorrow if you would give us a call. You got questions about this year we would take question at this process because been helping people. The every time one of you asked the question gets all the air that's helping thousands of people probably have the exact same question were thinking the same thought and just what response to it, to know that something they should continue to share or if they're sharing the right information so one 800 684 31 to if you want to join us on air. That's what hundred 684-3110. Read the politics later to course know everyone saw the trouncing of Liz Cheney can applaud that. I think anybody terms like that again against their party for their own game that understood political game is lost a seat but to get this national profile and of course to beat up.

Whether it's to become common liberal commentator or we'll talk about this later a spoiler doesn't take a ton doesn't take a lot doubt it takes you to keep your momentum up to be a spoiler.

You have to get fight some constituency and if your Democrat, you still are the supporter of the Cheney's nose.

Bottom line for lotteries a lot of Republicans to who did like the way the decisions were made about the Iraq war and it issues like that.

So what is your constituent base. This because you're being praised for being on the January 6 committee 8/10 of the people who Republicans voted for impeachment.

God now so be that clear message from Pres. Trump but for the actual voters in Wyoming.

The people she supposed to represent you think that's of the biggest takeaways she wasn't and is not by sitting on the generous extreme just like kids injure is not representing their constituents and their constituents are sick. Hey, this is what I like to do for this that who I liked it. So there got the election process working the primary process working the correct way to get rid of people who are not your weather that they got there they yearn for the day of this part Republican Party. Well, you be when your dad was a church of things. That's what you wish it was like that except faith never going back to that a lot of new people. The party a lot of new it's a lot broader part but party and a lot of new ideas about how we should engage the world and how how we should engage the world and what resources all those kind of issues, I think, again, the it's not that she's she is she somehow that where the Republican Party is a public party left these people behind a long time and is only a couple left the both of the January 6 committee. I just tried to stir up trouble and make it all about Donald Trump keeper by Jesse's vote was as much about Liz Cheney not representing her constituents. They did support impeachment.

They did support the January 6 partisan committee in a way that voice latter claim is like 7030 save somewhere between there is a trouncing fishing is open primary Democrats get involved relevant to your question about this. The affidavit the hearing tomorrow one 800 684 31 to the 2064 3110 support the work encourages share this broadcast with your friends and family.

I would try to educate you throughout all these different steps in your calls? Help us to that process at one 800 683110B partnership or 31 to about this hearing tomorrow.

I know everybody would like to see good fodder. It would be interesting but I think what we want to talk about right now is one what it would be written like what you would be fighting and and also who you would be giving kind of ammo to this situation of you have cosmetic question about it when he hundred 64 3110 to Andy, so Andy at you but this process a number of times that you got intervenors here. But let's start off with the process of likely or not.

Right there it going into this hearing.

It's very unlikely that you win on on these issues that just think that's just going way to start. This is an unprecedented situation so it's a necessary following normal playbook and involves a former presence of his other issues at play, but in a normal case this would be an uphill battle during you're absolutely correct in the normal case when the defendant prior to trial. Of course, the affidavit would have to be disclosed if charges were brought and there was a trial but were a person, or whether they are in intervener or whether it's the actual subject of the search.

In this case. Pres. Trump seems to have the affidavit in support of the search warrant disclosed and unsealed, then it is very unlikely that that is going to happen. So those who are thinking that there's going to be a great revelation of the affidavit and all the facts that the FBI agents Ward 2 and the identity of the confidential informant.

If there was one, and where the documents were and where they were located.

If you're rooting for that you're going to be disappointed because the likelihood is that the magistrate water recused himself is not going to disclose that detailed information today. The affidavit was released or so people were friendless and I got it are some version of it can be very negative in the sense that it can be written in a sense of this is how we what crime we believe Donald Trump, committed, or aided the source or find out if those other people that they believe commit a crime since I just of the witnesses and that info that we can have. It's good to be written that way.

They think that there was criminal conduct by these individuals. At least enough to get a search warrant in a raid on a residence.

That's exactly correct Jordan this is a nonadversarial proceeding when you going to get a search warrant. You don't have the other side with you telling the judge don't grant the warrant judge. There is no basis to do it. The only person that the judge hears from is the government or in my case when I was with the government over the state and then they we make it obviously as dark and black and terrible as we possibly can. In terms of what the facts are that how serious the crime is and how important the documents are and how they're going to be secreted in stolen and dissipated and squandered. If you don't grant that is judged and so it's going to be a very dark picture pointed painted by the government and not at all pleasing to the President or favorable to his side because he didn't get to be heard. The only person who gets to speak at a search warrant application hearing is the government and it's going to. As I've heard the term used cherry pick the worst of the worst to convince that judge that there is probable cause to believe that alleged crimes have been committed to your call yellow calls, if you would be on the are also 100 684 31 two that's 100-684-3110 air it's calling in California on line 1 Aaron was in the broadcast on the air and for taking my call. I just want to make a point. Jay made a good point on the previous broadcast. He asked why didn't the FBI and DOJ asked for a special master.

In this case if they had found out that Trump had incriminating documents relating to the Pfizer warrants during rush again, etc. could the FBI and DOJ tie up those documents in a quote unquote ongoing investigation and therefore make them inadmissible in a criminal case. If Trump wanted to bring that forward to get this close to Karen gets the point of a lot of people think this is a thing to do was basic just classified documents it's not really about the fight between the national archives and the back-and-forth there and did about what documents they want what I was that they shouldn't have, but because of the passports and because of just that the broad nature of what has been described so far is that they were looking for a other information. I mean, I don't know how he would prevent them again because you're going if the US government here so it's pretty heavily weighted everything procedurally barely waited in their favor right now at this part of because they have not brought criminal charges against individuals. Yet, that student credit terms, and there's more pressure on them to dictate to you, and I was making this case it's not as tough a case to get a search warrant and and what what you like you said what you put. The affidavit wasn't being tested in court the same way it would if you exit try to be charged get someone so II think that's what you actually what were actually looking at hears. Does it have to do anything. The actual archives or is is really about. Just what could we find about dollars and that we can use against what I think that's true Jordan, this is not mean the whole idea of there was a dispute between Trump and the archives as to what should be in the archives and what the President can keep things President can keep in his house I think was just a rooster and just that I a have fabrication in order to justify what was a political raid on a person that they're trying to kill off as a candidate for reelection to the office of Pres. and it is heavily weighted in the government's favor here, look at. They took his passport passports, even though one was inspired. How in the world can that be proofing anyway of secretion of documents of mutilation of documents of violation of the espionage act of doing anything. That was the fact of the legal bases, presumably for which they got the search warrant that shows that belies the fact that this was just a general search and that they wanted to give a veneer of authority so they go to a very cooperative magistrate and they come out with what is really a general search warrant taking the President's passport.

How ridiculous was that what evidence is that of the commission of any crime cognizable against his former President. None are continuing to some phone calls and its comments on some operative comments are coming through on rumble on YouTube. Allow these counts are related to the elections adolescent takes a little bit later. There are some to keep coming specifically about this situation as this one came in from Joe on rubble. He said the judge will let you think the judge will never release the affidavit, the judge signed off on the shady documents would be shamed or how absurd their allegations are yeah I relisted it. Is this this judge and a lot of pressure because of the refusal issue but he recused himself from the earlier case involving helical adults other than did recuse himself of the search warrant now having said that they hear your microscope now he's under me and he's under microscope and removing make that's like an expectation level it's very tough to predict because this is unprecedented. It was normal like we laid out his uphill battle to get this released at this point in Italy that if you if he gets released by the anything to say this could be a be like likely like a redacted for you not to get like everybody who's been a witness of everybody who's God's people may be turned inside Donald Trump's world as so that kind of information is good to be taken out would be. I don't think we get that regardless of if there's anything released. I think you're right, Jordan. If anything is relieved it's going to be a piece of paper with black magic marker all over redacting everything that is juicy and good and interesting, and that would be helpful to the former President, the names of the CI would be redacted. The allegations of details with respect to the investigation would be redacted. You're going to get what we get what we do FOIA request a bunch of black pieces of paper with everything redacted so don't expect some great revelation coming to the general public or to the former President out of this hearing today is just not gonna happen.

Yeah, I think what you know and again this expectation level whenever they do release you not understand the President favor by just want you to be prepared if it if anything does he release it's going to be nasty and it's good to be accusing him of a crime or other people around him of of crimes that you right off the bat.

This is what they were used to arrest you. So it's good to be like. We try to do this is to be as as a set as scary and as incriminating as possible because this is their opportunity to do it without without the pushback, then you simply the pushback of an obviously everything changes but I just would say expectation that a people to rubble comments about Alaska. Their voting system. All that related the broadcast, as were quick to review the politics of why we vote obviously very clear list treaty is God as the congressional member is a house and of reliably but is she actually gone from the political process and get don't write off these spoilers who are just angry at the world and what they could cost the trouble they could cause issues to customer now that the data research committee try to make it look bipartisan as a fanatic is a Jew who is eating to try to get this is primary. He knew he was definitely database 1/2 a year left to try to disrupt many things possible. Plus what her future could hold look she's already teasing it herself. I think that's a lease. It is a spoiler break that down a little more.

What that means and what that could look like you have a lot comments clue for my friends in Wyoming. Last I think the lines were insane to vote people were excited to get out and have their voice heard.

But what does that mean for the future. What does it mean in two years were talk about that you can get your calls are competent right now this couple lines (1-800-684-3110 because of your water of social media.

Make sure you share this post. Share with your friends were alive right now and you can also put in your comments or your questions will take some of those on the air as well support work ACLJ and hey Jordan I have a big exciting announcement tomorrow subtleties to 100 to set that you want to read to take your calls on that affidavit vegetable to walk through get you up to speed is not moving parts to this continuous story and I don't have that information if that with the legal process but also I don't say like if you were betting and usually this would be a night at a dinner more than that by 99% that this gets denied, but this is not a normal case we've already had Justice Department early success is a list of receipt listed things like that so I get I don't think you expect. What may be expect the unexpected is a good way to say wit with this work, but also understand your best case here.

If you want these documents you will see these documents will how they would read a watch and occupancy and I like what you're unlikely to see is the information that you really want, which is who's who's who there's informants like where they base this info had to get from June to August and in the two years in between that way. What was so urgent here to it.

At this point say okay. After two years we now need to go in with a search warrant. We had to go in with a raid at six in the morning. We didn't need to go in on Friday when we got it we need to go in. Six months ago or 18 months ago. But today and so I don't think we were given learn that because I think they would end up redacting even if there is a weenie but expected expected this role because it's it's not normal except precedents never happened before in our history.

So this can be some different pressure and weight for Shiva judge who is getting pressure and weight is a magistrate judge to the medical used to be so a forefront in the news who's got no issues about his former clients issues about his decision to refuse himself, what issues about the decision to approve the search warrant and get the issue of should he release the document that he signed off on. So that puts a lot of pressure on him. If it's not a well done affidavit now remember in these in those verses, I will take calls will be up to get more than information out of this.

Go to David is going to line 1 deems the question that a lot of people have a statement. Go ahead and critic Michael we want affidavit because every government proceeding against Pres. Trump so far that either altered or made up evidence, and importantly, it would show or shed light if this was a fishing expedition or worse in the future. Correct list. The affidavit itself will Oliver if you got the full FTB supply figure that out heavily redacted. It might be tough or it might actually speak is a triplet that this is the truth that assume that's what they're trying to do right. They don't make it easy for you to show this officially expedition what they have done it intentionally is taking things. It was so unrelated to anything that they were saying they were really concerned about classified information and national security threat and like the passports so they were the closet said that things places that questionable about why they were there why it took so long white not so long just to hear Stephen get to this process. That's a big huge question you think about the justice system in America. Part of that your constitutional rights is the speed is that you don't just have things that will hang over criminal investigation over your head if if they would recharge.

They do bring charges but think about what that every this President and this is been hanging out. Something's been hanging over his head.

Since becoming President of the United States and after being President safe.

It's never stopped so I get I think you assume the worst about this way, you assume the FBI's bad faith bad actors. Why because every college pointed out they were history with Donald Trump of getting caught altering evidence, getting caught lying to Pfizer court review. If you will delight the Pfizer court relied on magistrate judge in South Florida.

You think you bring up an interesting point. In a lot of people want a lot of these things released and I think their minds are hoping that it clears the date you convinced speculated that no if these things released it's not to be what you hope it's good to be actually probably to be a lot worse than you think it's going to be whether it's accurate or not you will note that statute, you're letting them see eye to the narrative right and so if if I just ask you a fraud post. Would you like the FBI releasing doctors they write on their own about how bad they think out of Trump's right now and how much with radius without anybody pushing back against the right is not a friendly what he reported aliens headlines get a B or MSNBC or mainstream media outlets.

Even your local news is going to be whatever the FBI said about Donald Trump. It was unchallenging court.

Remember that like any Say this. Those are not adversarial proceeding, so no one is there. The other side door that's wrong that's not right click clear that out.

Take that out. That person did know they were due there that day. None of that's happened yet because there have been charges filed and so it's it's it's at. I get I I understood were present Trump resources schedule after this point, people become a made up their mind about him, you know, to some extent, but in the meeting. The media will try to use their trying to spin. We know whatever elections could include the midterms to be very close they get one or 2% of people to question things I could shift the entire control of who's got the houses at the Senate and ultimately we all know how close they can get these present selections in it which were arty that feels regarding that cycle because even on the other side of the aisle every day to ask about Joe Biden running well here because so me a lesson with midterms midterm primary.

How often do you remember the new spending this much time on midterm primary. So what they wanted was Dallas rental back at what also trivia. They always will love them but also they want his kidneys to fail that they got to the first test.

95% of the people he endorsed. He endorsed what their primaries that's insane to have that kind of a politically just, it's to put it just shows you where the Republican party voters are. Does that mean all those candidates when in the fall.

No, a Seville be a second test at first it was they wanted the candidates to fill the primary shutdown Trump as he can control opposing party really is okay Abby that everybody was involved in concert politics. What about what could've told you that but you know that's not who's on MSNBC or CNN and estimate they hope they want him to fail at every point. Now the church saying all these people get very attacking them for you for things they said 10 years ago 15 years ago. He was a pull anything I think of its abundance is one of his endorsed candidates there gonna try to find stuff or the really use things to use people who lost like a Liz Cheney or Kissinger to go up there and say I don't look where the Republican Party is God, and they get educated. That's what kept saying over and over last night. I look at her.

She brings back to her aging father and Abby that video status in a little sad and everybody's, you know who, what, is she resurrecting nothing anybody wants the Democrats to want Cheney's to be involved in any politics any that were first get their money comes from oil and Halliburton and there's a war in between to me that there's a lot of controversy I get. That's how they'll you rebuild the former because like the way this part is God, but this is I want you to Alaska. I want to do in one minute. The second affairs, not because I will explain how that process were thinking we were going to that today is Wells right choice states.

I think for those you who I get what is he Lisa Murkowski got this helps and comforts with this multicandidate sin makes it tougher to get rid of Murkowski-that being said is Sarah Palin about to be sorted to Congress like it. Today's I would think it is voting that that's a possibility to so walk through that where that process is we can back in second.

If our secular ticket calls to 164 30 with figure because of what the future of Liz Cheney really go over that is a pretty interesting statement says we can teased earlier may not be the last you see of her and her attempts to make sure Donald Trump is not President of the United States.

The words, 1-800-684-3110 have your voice heard on the air right now. One 800 684 30 with 10 second, you don't get is under local broadcaster find a streaming like right now and all of our social media platforms YouTube rubble will be right back.

The American Center for Law and justice were engaged. Solutions at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge constitutional and religious freedoms are most important to you and your family. You forgive today online keeping you informed anything now is Jordan secular secure sewer finish of the discussion you want to politics so Charlie Wyoming paid on his Wyoming play a big role, but I want to take John's Culbreth about California so we know about his hearing tomorrow and unsealed affidavit and some other doctors related to the search report.

Tomorrow I go. It is unique you would to get that that the actual argument in person like an actual argument where you are to have people on both sides, it is unlikely these get released if they do their usually heavily redacted. And remember who authored the succubus sound nice day so it can give us more information we can start building the info you could start with the severity tied it that the FBI want to see FBI peoples or the people.

It was linked to this botched fake kidnapping of the Michigan governor that he keeps failing up which is what happens you show the FBI that your your politically motivated them keep moving you up, but I want to go to.

It was for the John First Amendment or is it John averted Glenn Clint to rent out their anklet all good though. I read everything about the pipe record. People remember videogame the FBI working with the PIA at nine my questionnaire hello how is it likely now. The DOJ and FBI are working with the Secret Service that killed Secret Service agents gained and he believed that there were security. My questioning how likely it could be like doing the fight the courts with the Guild obviating unverified information so are they doing the same thing now litigated of by the court usual on government agencies in my collection would be there using the PIA who were there critical Trump who built who and how Trump believed that there there for security, but there there is actual mold big government that there using.

I do know that's what I did. Secret Service agent box as we seek Secret Service agents over time. Turning on the right foot that their humans and so right there job is to be above and beyond all politics are conservative jobs to protect the commander-in-chief, their families and and or even the proposed presidency as well and that that's normal but we have seen Secret Service agents turn turning into a Clinton certainly contrary to Gestapo Trump ended. There were already reports about that. I think that's different. Turning one agent is different than making up information so that stick that's different step and our lying in a court document. I think what what here doesn't make any sense is he has been at office for almost 2 years. Why now is a surgeon, isn't this something that would've been urgent for six months at least. Like you would figure this out like in six months or so and why the weird June start and then stop to it.

So we will learn all this information over time, especially now, you will learn more information if they try to rest of was a heavenly. The President states present from his at all did all the stock that they had to put all this out, but I think that there's a huge?

About. The closer to the elections of that starts violating their own policies. There one day away for violating their own policy on rating even because he's involved in the political process, and it was 61 days from from that process and it 60 days usually stop that's rep out from a primary than the general effect of acute that you're getting closer close that as well so 164 30 what to we come back for you to politics will give you more of, especially about we know Wyoming will place it was shaded gets calls from about that also.

Alaska Alecia Congresswoman Palin soon not to into the room for that potentially what's happening there wise, we don't know yet and as well as Liz Cheney's threat to Donald from you be one of the top things right now trending on social media is the words of Ross Perot.

There is a reason for that. And whether that is Liz Cheney. Whether that is Andrew Yang. There are people out there ready to disrupt their people out there ready to do some damage.

Like it or not, it could be very interesting time of what the future may hold. These previously failed candidates, but what they could do to disrupt the future. Princely which is a putrid Republican President not even dismissively. Donald Trump gives a call right now. One 800 684 30 went to Blessed by two plates of about come right back 164 31 secular 100-684-3110. I would take Charlie's Culbreth are trying to hang on in Wyoming so Charlie, what I want you to insert I was sure you voted yesterday. Maybe whatever was it like yesterday when you voted in while it was really busy appear vulnerable, shy, and I would vote just to keep Cheney out. That was my old you know I think more of us need to stand up and get out there and vote against these evildoer left America when you get beat 7030 or however it will finish out figure 40 3040 points it. It is your will, your Wyoming assistant since the Wyoming Wyoming voter.

She was not representing where the majority of violent death of people from Wyoming are politically, not just Republicans but the entire state correct.

Will you hear somebody bashing Donald Trump. You lost my boat ride up that that I don't want to hear young people. Donald, not even in the presidency right now. I think I speak for hundreds of thousands of us across the United States, but tired at the dirty politics the monkey shines and everything to everyone that hears Liz say it's specific to her two baby deserts consider the people wanted her dad to go to jail for war crimes in East because he was the heaven oil company is start a war in Iraq and the oil company got involved in Iraq and their citizens. Blood for what they were all of that these the same people. I think she forgets the short memory and no use. You further political politics, though usually to be the Ross Perot, that doesn't mean that I could dump on you at the end of the day and ultimately think that's what you have to be concerned as it Liz Cheney is no longer operating in reality, take a listen.she's good when you get beat 7030 for a house that you don't usually sink my next move is going to be dicey, hard over the entire country since I came to get my own constituents to reelect me take a listen by 25 Cheryl running for President yourself, I will do whatever it takes him down time had available. I will decision I'm making that in the coming months and I'm not making announcements here this morning that it is something that I am thinking about and I'll make a decision now in the coming so here's where it gets though your to be realistic to you could dump on the sale, you will understand why I but doesn't take a lot of votes even if you say what is her profile was to protest votes, swing elections right now. She says her goal is to do a root take whatever tapes President Trump from big seeking office once again being reelected and that is interesting. She's not even say she be very upfront if you like the look I know that no chance I'm gonna win. She's not to get a Democrat to vote for Liz Cheney. That's not can happen unless somehow she is elected to help elect a Democrat if she pulls us off in any kind of big way which still remains to be seen yet but like you said mean people have it or maybe don't even remember the Ross Perot situation which is Ross Perot came.

It is independent. George H. W. Bush was running at the time against Bill Clinton. What happened a very small is a larger percentage than people expected voted for Ross Perot opposed to George H. W.

Bush, what happened you have Bill Clinton become President if it wasn't for that few percent. Whatever it was, the final number is likely those women Republican voters and likely would've had George W. Bush reelected, you would not of had the Clinton office yet. I get cute. I think her statements in this why should it obsessive and fully thought out from her or whatever. Never Trump her team. She's a part of is Donald Trump is that Maggie at Mac heat heat create this movement right but the other cases that he did did decide not to pay the likely next candidate is a very trophy and candidate issue got a beat because she had also taught at the Republican Party that you need to take back the party because I don't think anybody anybody who wins the primary take algebra out of it is somewhere the mag world you look at who are the likely let's even top 10 right now there are people who we are. We been affiliated with PP of her dinner and those list those names that come up now No one has announced yet that is a bit of a concern. He said because is this is can be someone comes in just like to give Andrew Yang situation right now a lot of people that were ousted.

He was ousted from being a Democrat. She's essentially ousted from being a Republican there stuck in the mid and then stuck in the middle there stuck in a weird spot where you know, maybe they have more moderate views, or maybe would list Jamie. She just specifically has a vendetta against President Trump of that puts them in a really odd spot. I had friends in Wyoming as well. That said that you there's no with the lives where they live, and it was packed to vote at 6 o'clock in the morning just to get in line to to make it again make a statement in the primaries were talking about. We look at some of like a Ben O'Rourke whose run for President before, or who wants to mention Rod who lost you lost a very highly contested race at the time he at least was the credit nominee that is not the situation would list Jamie, she gets destroyed in the primary because her old people say this is not what we want it. We did not elect you to be this moderately out this this this barter of truth in to become this big character that's exactly what she has what my prediction is as you have a few months of her on MSNBC six months maybe a year, making the rounds besides you deal maybe even having a shown on NBC this morning right and then you have her move specifically to running for President.

Look at the scene. They set last night they knew they were to get destroyed. They still had all of these people out there, they still had a beautiful camera shot. They still had Dick Cheney out there. They had everything set up. Why specifically to set up the future and your right you go. It's easy to laugh that a lot of people text to be say bye-bye goodbye think they got the but you're right. The future is not very far away and that could mean a lot of disruption. If I we can do something about for yet let me walk to Alaska for for folks that we have a lot of focus will get your calls at all this on Cheney on the DOJ will get to everything, but I was present have Alaska what happened there. So why let's focus on the Palin ratio, a special election cards for young passed away.

That's for very short period of time a few months that election we will have results for Sue. Now the reason why we can't say yet who wins is that technically the Democrat is rename AC stretches and how is it possible it's a rate choice voting system so you have the Democrat got 30% of the vote. Esther Paley got 32% in the next Republican down 29 so you then will move forward and to the top two there and you search and who's your second choice. Likely if you are a Palin notice she's ahead of the other Republican if it was normal. She would've been your second choice is not your first so she should prevail if if it wasn't like root Democrats crossing over. These are open primaries.

Why does Alaska have his resale is pretty.

It's a very conservative state is to protect Lisa Halsey change party rules as it makes a lot tougher to take out Lisa Murkowski because she might be your first choice, but likely. She's one of only two or three Republicans running gets to be your second choice. Maybe you pick the name you know it. So if your kid is a win or even for Democrats. Their second choice and that it becomes much tougher for her Republican opponent who got the second most votes and only by a few percent. So it's deafly not over, but when he was a wise it's a tough to get rid of these people like Murkowski, they put in voting systems that really protect incumbents since not as much a play in the Palin risk that was an open seat. I would love to see Sarah Palin back to Washington.

I donated their campaign. I think and beats you because you never in Washington DC if she was ran for office. Had the profile I think that kind of leadership I think would be good to allow the younger a Republicans coming up were very vocal. The habits of electors bid through it personal tax politics.

It may be harder than essential campaigns. Yes, good guidance to and again I think that most Republicans would welcome some like that Washington DC and looks at the last was. That's why we don't know yet they to tally up those votes tally up your second choice. It's a goofier way that some people like it's real. I think what it is I think it's a copy protection program at because you go with people you've heard of it least on your second choice and how much a bag and we would say yet, I have three candidates right that's a lot to ask of people to put their votes is the primary that is where it stands in Alaska. It looks like Sarah Palin will will move. I this could move on like I will. Are they selling housing big Monday swearing-in it once he figured out.

Yeah, that is soon as they they they could schedule it does this where you would ended get there will be another election so people will be voting again in November and should be back on the about their and of course to watch the Murkowski see if there was anything getting hit which takes a lot of voter education to want take out incumbent and then to say that your first, second, but also who's your first choice down so that if your first choice that he does it when your second, third, so that Murkowski and and again I would like to see change their but we tell you the truth on this broadcast. What's likely to see. Looks like Sarah Palin should remove it. Taking the oath of office soon learn later that her again is a futilely a few percentage points that will depend on how people voted their second choice. Cassie more difficult.

Being honest doesn't mean it's over 164 30 went to the greatest file save the broadcast answer. I believe a couple more lines open 164 3110 will a lot of calls we get to stay on hold. If you're on hold right now.

You will support the work of the ACL to go to and just like you said big announcement coming tomorrow to borrower talk it out this file save the broadcast. 11 were coded to become so shallow that election will go back and forth little Jack Claude in Ohio alone. Three. Jack earlier. Thanks for taking the call are two quick things. One is that no one is getting sworn in in Alaska anytime soon because this was just a primary and at the crazy primary because for candidates are going to go forward and you can in theory have four Republicans or three Republicans and a Democrat right now it's at least two Republicans and one Democrat, and it's very possible because this crazy jungle primary that no one no Republicans going to get the congressional seats on Democrat will take the whole thing because the Republicans are split so consistently that he's kinda goofy set my favorite. I know their picture to it's it's it's lettuce states with smaller populations doing this in the special election is still the Republican votes get tallied in your second choice. So the Democrat is kinda stalled out at 30 something percent Republican. If you're Palin. You got another 20% to be over or the other candidate other bouquet alone is not spent time on him is still a lot about what is a few points behind it. He's also people signatures to put all of those together, they will outweigh the Republican same goes for in November. I think the only place that gets goofy as it is taught of crossover and I don't think we can see that that's not usually the issue is raised voting is that you get it a party. You wouldn't want instant put helps protect incumbents and because your ticket gets to forget about AO because they don't have to come in first. They come in first and second base to keep their seat, but in the Palin case take leave if you're like is not done because you have to go to the second votes so it's it is if you know you wrap your head around it is an article that should enter primary issues on two different you're voting for the final three months of a congressional term and a primary interest to the professor if she was to win but let's are confusing right choice. Even the primaries open so telling her Republican only primary think that's where it gets confusing to folks and understandably is in most of our states.

We don't have this art. Let's move on just such a mess and apologized to the people of Alaska. Let's move on.

Let's go to John calling California John Scott expect our earlier topic will make sure you hold for long time we get to John welcome. Thank you for taking my call to those on Fox News and he said publicly that he was there with Donald Trump when ED classified all those documents so that should not cut all this talk that's going on about this and that. On trumpets is declassified is an accident the other thing is like does not Though the truth tell us tax record as part of our team.

He started to he did a lot of big declassification when he was acting Dir., National intelligence, Casper tells deputy therefore Rick said he's been involved in ash. Visit DOJ. He is very familiar with this and I think he's telling the truth that's never been tested in court is broad power that the President can declassified by going up on stage while the President and reading it to you. They could read out whatever secret they wanted and it's declassified whether or not you could do that in from your staff just hasn't been tested in court. So if you know what she was again declassified all this information in court.

Are they will are they can be willing to try mechanistic should say you must have this process even though that's not mandated by the law like laws.

There are processes to go through the declassified. If you're not the President but the President can has brought declassification about it has been tested court doesn't even be the court initially want to get involved yet and print jobs he had a lot of people who don't like present drumming to say Lillian, then you have all whole thing back and forth to your seat on your from the Democrats registers will take that the court's move on Sycamore calls, we wrap up Lawrence calling on line 5 Lawrence in Nebraska here on the thank you for taking my call. My question is downloadable, 20, 2451 of your comes in the office. He won the election and he come back on Pelosi for the two bolts target she had for impeachment from the LCA Lusitania fork screaming on TV acting like a total maniac screen on TV Pelosi was not the FBI prefer the dossier's I do think that is a retribution. You're not really supposed this is not the way were supposed to have politics.

The United States, I think that that the Democrats have opened up a dangerous new world that's were I believe that know you too far to say like you are coming to get a date. I don't think that's how you should run, but that's certainly how their running live DAs a guy Leticia James New York literally ran on Anna got down from heaven, especially for the it's like with really necessary what the he's criminally scribble. What do you do that was criminal. The committee start looking very parliamentary then start looking like the UK are people yelling and screaming, but in an American way, which is a nastier way.

If you want be on the leaderboard with front right were litigious as country, we can because were much more fair and equal country as European countries that made it more difficult for the common man normal person to bring a lawsuit to challenge were country makes it very easy unit that will allow you to represent yourself in court.

You have to go to barristers and solicitors is over. They have a brochure. Boris Johnson is gone you inventive really know who's who's currently the language and they were gestating and fix it but it's a crazy system to wear that is a different way to do politics but starts becoming this almost becomes a show and becomes less of a year with respects that when that was Boris. It becomes this way I feel it would take in some of the elements of that maybe the worst elements of that and incorporated that into our own Congress and Senate Delta hearing and it becomes this showpiece which could lead to more destruction because were not used to this is a nation like you said American politics wasn't like it was always nasty. I think we are under some false doubt.

You hope that it wasn't nasty.

It's been nasty since the founder of the country hypothesis that is not always like this, but it is a bit different now to see these kind of things happen within Capitol Hill escort Robin in New York be her last call the day I Robin you're on the good afternoon. Thank you for taking my call on the former police officer long retired. It seems to me that at least on the federal other levels or treatment to be the division between and boundaries between law enforcement, prosecution, and the judiciary exchange of the veneration. It's almost like it's become its own branch of government date. Do you see this is happening these deep state. This was about the bureaucratic state that is become self to government and you elect politicians they come in as long as you play their game to let you do what you want suddenly start questioning them and you got Jim Coakley we can document you give special counsel. You get to impeachments you get your house rated yes they've entrenched himself as a as ace as a their own government entity and its like the politicians member Chuck Schumer statement, don't you take on the CA only request of the said FBI will take you out. That is not American is not right, but we also exempt to deal reality is reality there so entrenched in Washington throughout the federal government we just gave him 80,000 to 87,000 new employees tire just to the IRS about the 87,000 new officials after you so it is getting bigger and bigger, which is makes it more urgent to have bold leaders willing to take the bond but look at the price you must pay take on the entrenched bureaucracy support worker ACLJ ACLJ.Horton because the getting all this information to help you processor you have the right of Tony today with

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