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BREAKING: Anti-Trump Judge SIGNED Warrant on Mar-a-Lago Raid

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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August 11, 2022 5:06 pm

BREAKING: Anti-Trump Judge SIGNED Warrant on Mar-a-Lago Raid

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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August 11, 2022 5:06 pm

We just learned that U.S. Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart signed the search warrant for President Donald Trump's Mar-A-Lago residence. Jay, Jordan, Logan, and the Sekulow team break down this Judge Reinhart's past including a very interesting recusal from a case just months ago. This and more today on Sekulow.

Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
Sekulow Radio Show
Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

Breaking news George was the one who executed a warrant on my disclosing land of can't make this stuff up so that you US magistrate Bruce Reinhart who issued or executed sign code search more from our logo on the former presence property actually recused himself from the previous case involving Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton. I got a copy of the notice of refusal and putting it on the stand August to feel like I'm doing to cross-examine something on the screen. The undersigned magistrate judge to whom the above styled case is been assigned hereby recuse themselves and refers the case to the clerk of the court for reassignment. Pursuant to 28 USC 455 to look up 28 USC 450 by Mandy and what we find. What's the basis upon which this judge you signed a warrant to search Donald Trump's residence recused himself from a civil case just a couple years ago months ago in June 2022. You're right couple months ago. Case had been around for a couple your answer but the judicial proceeding starting and you asked yourself what's the basis of use work usually cites the code section besides the code section was is any justice, judge or magistrate judge of the United States is what is shall disqualify himself in any proceeding in which his impartiality might reasonably be questioned where he might have might have a personal bias or prejudice concerning a party yet clearly he said he admitted in his notice of recusal that he did in Trump versus Hillary Clinton in a case pending in the Southern District of Florida and said I'm adamant the spouse sign another magistrate judge doing this was in June 2022 in August 2022 he signs a search warrant from a lot of folks this is you can. This goes into the category. You can't make this up now.

The judge posted doing the post. The Facebook posting. We put up on the screen so this other judge post and on his Facebook page.

In 2017 is a little bit before he was appointed magistrate judge. I said, I generally ignore President-elect tweets, but not this when they talk about John Lewis at the enemy says I want to avoid getting too caught on the ice is or as John well said to Joseph McCarthy at long last, have you left no sense of you left no sense of decency, which is been with the course the famous quote from Welch to McCarthy you have no sense of decency is talking about Trump now would you agree with what Trump was saying in what Trump was saying at that time or not. This is the judge that executed the warrant signed the warrant on Donald Trump's residence. He recused his himself in June 2022 and he executes the warrant signs. It is the magistrate judge grimacing out the two other guys were talking about here is 2022.

Sure a lot of you have a lot to say about this gives a call 1-800-684-3110. That's what hundred 684-3110 will be a pretty interesting show today rejoined by a lot of guests to be made here in studio, but will have Rick Grenell on excitement coming up will also have on Jimmy Petronas was the CFO of arms it is happened in his home state Valley. Pretty interesting here from him and also I wrapping up the shall be Tulsa Gabbert so it's good to be a intense very interesting shows of your question or comment. Now is the time to do that. Give us a call 1-800-684-3110 guy without a lot of experience actually with recusal as I had a case went to the 10th circuit Court of Appeals on the issue of refusal to judge in a polite case in Wichita Kansas in the 90s. I know the Lord. Recusal and which shocks me here and it is three shot is that this judge recused himself properly, so any from the proceedings. Just couple months ago but then had the nerve to sign a search warrant based on FBI affidavits.

Think about that for a moment as we go to break and you call us if you're concerned about this 1-800-684-3110 800-684-3110. This is why you support the work of the ACLJ we get behind that line give you the analysis that matters matching talents campaign This is unbelief. I think I need to reset the whole program. This is so as as happens once the rate of some buddies house or were they like to say it once there has been a search warrant executed is what they said how you fight start finding out things when things is without the magistrate judge was Bruce Reinhart judge Reinhart recused himself and would put the order on the on the screen. Therefore, you are TV audiences.

People watching our social media platforms. Here's what he said. He said the undersigned magistrate, to whom the above styled cause been signed.

This was a case Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton and dancing and others hereby recuse themselves and refers the case to the clerk of the court for reassignment. Pursuant to 28 USC section 455 Mrs. dated at West Palm Beach, Florida the 22nd day of June, 20, 22 this year. He also had post a list with this on the screen from Facebook a a negative statement regarding Pres. Trump. He said at long last, have you left no sense of decency that was in reference to a statement Donald Trump made the government getting into the merchant statement undersigned okay. The judge wisely recused himself when this proceeding with Hillary Clinton was sent before him, he recused himself, but then he executes as the judge a search warrant of Donald Trump's principal residence, so I want you to think about this for a minute. He goes ahead and recuse himself any from a civil case but on a criminal matter involving the former President of the United States. He signs the warrant. This is unbelievable I'm aghast I'm aghast at this.

I practice law 47 years, most of which is been has a state or federal prosecutor and when a magistrate judge says I am too biased to proceed as a magistrate judge in a civil case involving Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and therefore I recuse myself I get out of the case and the end of two months later the FBI comes to him and says executed. Please judge a search warrant on monologue of the present former President's residence.

Even though you have said in social media.quote Donald Trump doesn't have the moral stature to kiss John Lewis's feet.

You said that and that is what we call in the lawn for surely a stronger case if you can't be a judge in a civil case you surely can't sign a criminal arrest will search warrant almost slip their house for his house in a criminal case like this judge had to know that this kind of blowback was coming clearly two months ago. He said to himself I can't be impartial. Maybe do the right thing in this I connected. I think so. What could possibly James not to be a conspiracy theorist there will possibly change it to months to make ago but this when I went to do selling it will be public.

Knowing you really get blowback from pride both sides now because you probably made the statements you publicly recuse yourself say I am condemned to biased thrill to do this, but for this one may be the most egregious of all sign off on it. This could kill your career, which it should. First of all I going to challenge that.

Here's what I would do. I immediately a challenge. The search warrant immediately and then I would argue that the documents that were taken whatever information, whatever else they took under the doctrine of the fruit of the poisonous tree. Under those series of cases I would then argue that I'm sorry all of that evidence has to be suppressed yet because it was the fruit of the poisonous tree eating of the authority to do this in the first place as number one, number two. I would also I think this is where comes in in Logan. You're right, he had to know this was coming, but you know this reminds me of the molar stuff with Peter Strachan and Bruce work. You cannot make this stuff up, but they consistently do it. You wonder why people don't trust the FBI. You wonder why people don't trust the Treasury Department, which is advertising today that they knew me, knew special agents for the IRS, but you have to be willing to those exact phrase that use will use deadly force. But this is your with your Montag Mike Mayers bears money going to and then this judge recused himself in a civil case, but then signed a criminal search warrant. There is no justification for this. This widening do this like you said Logan ahead and know the blowback was abuse was going to take your calls on this by the way, get your reaction. 800-684-3110 Elder admin is calling Texas online one euro. There than here on which I rented a toy which final note he just has to cite the code section which he did. 28 USC 455 which we said it's when you have your impartiality might be question which clearly it he thought it would be.

We have the Facebook post from him criticizing then candidate Donald from playing at long last, have you left no sense of decency, the famous Welch to McCarthy comment to have all of that and then the judge instead of saying you have to go to another magistrate for this ending which would be the protocol he willingly signed I put him under oath. I want to know what he was thinking.

I like to know your honor, here's what I like to know you recuse yourself from a civil case, seven weeks before this that you signed a search warrant on the former President's house if their trust if the Democrats are trying to make Donald Trump the nominee for the Republican Party to do a really good job if I hear she's President-elect.

This was two days before the inauguration.

Just to clarify what running this was already is a done deal yet he wasn't sworn in yet, but it was the President like United States.

Bruce probably didn't think was Reiner did not think it was good to become the probably magistrate at that point, probably not.

He was appointed in 2018.

I don't remember when he was appointed. I think he was a plan to magistrate if one is doing is right. But the point of the matter is that this is unheard of to me. I can't. I just insert when I heard about this and I saw the recusal order and then I see them signing a search warrant to execute on doldrums by a private residence and he says I have impartiality that might question my judgment in the civil case, but it's okay in a criminal case. I have no problem going and having a squad of FBI agents go through monologue go you know, and in it, and every nook and cranny in corner. I can understand it. I can't believe it is very hard to swallow this to seeing these people show up at a lot of times there looking for their 15 minutes of fame baby what's happening with this judge is that he wants to be the hero in this story and this is what happens with the rats to become the hero by violating the law and violated God because guess what a book deal could come something could happen all the southern commentating amendment to be safe and this guy was never heard of this, all of a sudden, a household name. You really do think that is a big part of this right now, which is unique to become as little media heroes for a moment it happened during the committee's last few months it's happened so many times with random people who barely had any connection other than present. The other than being your one where the other all of a sudden become these commonly known. Everyone hears and they show up on Saturday Night Live.

They become these characters with in this whole political narrative and that's my only way to look at this and say that's what this guy was doing is wildly do it less.

He was looking for is 50 minutes because he could blow his book.

I had a major case involving recusal okay against sitting federal court judge. We play a little bit of that will leave the building or were we to play permanent and that when we play next next segment in the paper to play that if you're watching if you're watching out. Let me explain it but I had on so we had a judge and was a pro-life protest case in which each case on the summer Mercer, Wichita, Kansas, but the judge went on TV while I was on TV and says I can get this order turn around and tell his client to stop violating the law.

The my ethical obligation is that my client what the what the consequences are of violating a court order which I did and that we would recommend you not violate a court order that they made their decision. Then he went on television with me so you know what I filed the next day a motion to recuse the judge. He denied it. I took it to the 10th circuit which is in the same building run upstairs and ultimately they granted I know a little bit about recusal and there is no doubt that Judge Reinhardt was correct when he recused himself from the trunk. The clip matter. But let me tell you where he made a gargantuan giant mistake when he signed the arrest what they saw search warrant for Donald Trump property in Florida. The mistake was if you recuse yourself in June 2022 weeks ago, not even six weeks ago. This was June 22. What in the world were you thinking like Logan said, when you signed a search warrant for that same individual's property. You don't think your bias is now EE cited the section that says impartiality diminishes. This is Andy, this is really this is Third World country makes like a kangaroo court.

I mean, I forget-I don't feel like I'm in the United States judicial system. This is that's the system that is supposed to protect us from the government. Most of all the cleanliness the purity of the federal judiciary has been be spotted by this action, and J something that I think is very important that you pointed out. I wonder now how good that evidence that was taken from monologue go is and if I was a an a in a proceeding representing the President. I was over President I would live to suppress every bit of that on the basis of written and the want to and that it was those were the poisonous tree under long son that's exactly right. And so here folks, but we want you to do. Go ahead and if you're not listening to us on social media applications run public works Facebook, YouTube, Sherwood differently a lot more coming up and coming up in the next segment working to get into this with our senior advisor on national intelligence director, El Greco L. Godwin is investing is not happy about this secular joy. Now my record L Senior advisor, financial security, here the ACLJ in foreign policy to discuss. I know some some things are happening right now that you so Rick I've been for the last 20 minutes because I had when the major cases on judicial recusal in the country. Back in the 19 most people remember this because of the delivered very, very young, but during the Operation Rescue days really meet you early 90s, late 80s, a judge was preaching, saying the Giants are going to be found guilty when I'm at a hearing yet and that he shows up on Nightline while arguing in the case and on the other guests on Nightline, but I got them recusal into the 10th circuit Court of Appeals on recuse this judge and this was unbelievable to me Rick. This judge recuse himself from the trunk versus clip matter six weeks ago. But then signs and sayings because of his impartiality could be question. That's the code section excited but yet signs a search warrant. Six weeks later on the property owned by the very same person gets impartiality. He acknowledged himself would be question on an issue, J very clear on an issue that was very similar to Hillary Clinton in terms in classified information. Look at said this before, I think it's worth repeating Hillary Clinton's excuses that she didn't really know that she in classified information and she blamed Jake Sullivan for sending it to her and Jake Sullivan and get rain in claims and didn't get rated Jake Sullivan actually got a promotion to the national security advisor. This thing stinks and it's outrageous that what they're doing to downtown we have to say it if they can do this to downtown they can do this to any American and that's what they want political prosecutions unit Rick Tabor.

I'm really I'm really incensed on this as you can tell and that is because the bastion of liberty has to be the judicial branch should be all branches of government that that's like the last resort right and the problem here is this judge acknowledged the violation of the perceived impartiality would be a significant enough issue that he invoked on his own in the trunk. The clip matter. As you said about similar kind of facts 28 US code section 455 and that code section says any judge of the United States shall disqualify himself in a proceeding which is impartiality might be reasonably question, so he acknowledges that in a civil case it in a criminal matter with a search warrant. The same judge who six weeks ago said he could be impartial and and challenge Donald Trump on Facebook tree three years ago now signed eight arrests of a search warrant and I keep almost looking like you to say arrest Mark could you imagine if this judge executed arrest warrants for people involved in this already just happened to be in Quito so lack of impartiality that he recuse himself from another case involving the same parties. This is what I don't believe or what restaurants are coming, but I do believe this that I would immediately going to court. I would squash this warrant, I would suppress the evidence, I would move to suppress the evidence on a a a motion to to suppress that evidence Andy and then I would say that the evidence can't be used now, having said all that, I think this is just the beginning of forcing Rick, the political environment a date up the ante on this thing. The department justice so significantly today not think there was to be repercussions and as Logan said earlier today not do this judge.

I think this stuff was going to come out while you no shame on our media for once again not highlighting this. This is obviously something that should have been known immediately and maybe if there is a little more pressure on him or a little more attention on the fact that he's Artie recuse himself, even before this that he would have had the public pressure that he needs to recuse himself again. But shame on the media and again I'll say thank God for ACLJ were not were finding these types of recusal this important information were out front and we are able to highlight it but I do think that every single reporter in Washington DC should know about this. I didn't even know about this until this morning and I'm somebody who gobbles avenues constantly, but this is unacceptable and finished with this is that if you're listening to us. You can get out and vote. No more excuses. I am in the fact that we don't have people voting as our country is slipping away as political prosecutions grow as 87,000 IRS employees are hired to go after us. This is getting crazy so that IRS hiring the this is where you can again you can't make this stuff up so 87,000 new IRS agents nothing but trouble into an institution that's incapable self-correcting. I work for treasury when I was at a loss to what was a long time ago is a very different agency now to make that matter.

Worse, they now advertising for special agents at the criminal investigation division.

The IRS them but one of the qualifications are duties to be expected and I would have will read it exactly as they have it in their publication.

This is exactly what they're saying. Major duties carry a firearm and be willing to use deadly force if necessary on a criminal tax case. Okay, I me think about that when folks for a moment on a criminal tax case.

Andy prepared to use as a qualification, be prepared to use deadly force.

The it's it's beyond belief. Were not talking about ATF are not talking about the FBI or the Bureau of narcotics and dangerous drugs are the ODU there and what is known as DEA and which are facing the possibility of gangs and drugs were talking about somebody who you alleged not to have properly reported his or her income and you're going to be will cling to use.

You gotta be willing to use deadly force and carry a gun yet. This is so Rick would now go into the land of the absurd. I bring this. It was like all the FBI conflicts with the during the mullah from and I feel like I'm reliving history here that going to the skin, but it's almost worse because now you got a judge in a bombing benefit was the FBI agents and Bob Muller and his team doing double deals and erasing their own evidence. This is worse. This is a judge involved in this put aside the idea that the federal government is now our main accountants right well it Maureen school administrators being armed while they are trying to protect our kids in public schools put a sign that and just realize that one Washington DC in the lives of the last is doing is literally arming and equipping and web and Nicene government agencies government is becoming so they and crushing and controlling that they want to literally take your entire life and control it and we got to fight back and I'm starting to blame. We need Republicans for not seeing the growing signs and saying enough is enough to vote, working to get involved. You can't expect somebody else to do something. You've got to do something. This is out of control and this is a crisis regular know it is red alert and I'll tell you something I am I am when you have judges starting to act like this that is a danger sign for your constitutional Republic, folks regret things are always good being with assigned again this is what were on unprecedented times Rick that last comment mean how does this play a politically new thing just really quickly go ahead and leave people and some good news in a new house and they get involved and I would just say support ACLJ league maybe run for school board may write a bigger check to places like ACLJ or or local politicians to get involved. You have a voice and you have to step up. At this point. I appreciate Rick and folks works right where the matching challenge campaign and look at the analysis we got people would recommend no on our team to look at the malls were able to be here and you, former US attorney Mrs. folks this is analysis not getting anywhere and some of recusal astride the front of the big one the biggest refusal facing the country so support the work of the ACLJ Logan let you know how to do it will be back tomorrow moment. That's right kids worth working ACLJ it's very simple.

Just go there we click here to donate and every donation is matched, as were in matching challenge here of August 2 power, not special. Yesterday Petronas and Tulsa gap, the American Center for on critical issues at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate will be now.

$10 becomes $20, $50 gift becomes 100 checking the constitutional and religious freedoms most to you and your family. You forgive today online keeping you informed and now is now J secular is supportive.

You're just doing as I want. I will update you on the so the search warrant that was executed by the FBI and signed by Magistrate Judge Judge Reinhardt in Florida, US district magistrate judge, and that is with these magistrate judge do.

This was for the search warrant. He recused himself. In the case back in June, 22nd of 2022. Just a couple more weeks ago involving Pres. Trump and former secretary state Bill Clinton by Hillary Clinton. So you got for the present United States so the former Secretary of State. He gets the case.

He recused himself because he said he cites a code section that talks about lack of impartiality the same judge in this what folks you got understand the same judge at recused himself in a civil case six weeks ago. Not even executes and signs a search warrant on Donald Trump's property home so let me tell you this is unprecedented outrageousness judge needs to be recused again motions need to be probably need to suppress that evidence. This is absurd that this judge would do it. CC housing accounts for the ACLJ were going to talk about some of her other cases I want to stay on this topic because it's easy been practicing law long time to I frankly this is what I am among them the most contentious cases involving recusal in the country for the pro-life movement back in the late 80s early 90s. This one is right up there with the maybe greater of of a threat to democracy judge that Rick uses himself in a civil case because he is that he cannot make an impartial decision that he is biased and then to turn around just a couple months later. Like you said, I think six weeks later, Shereen & mean a criminal warrant that just blows my mind because you can't say will in the six weeks I'm not biased anymore. It's ridiculous.

You're probably been more piously listed Kohler Co. from 11 Tennessee line when you're on the go ahead is not there any I want to follow up on this.

I interviewed few are recusing yourself from a civil case. How do you not recuse yourself from a search warrant in a criminal matter what you don't do if you're recused because one of the parties or the parties before you yourself have an impartial mind said then your recused from dealing with that person in all manner of cases, civil or criminal.

Look what happened was simply this, they there's a civil case from Sue's Clinton. He says I can't be a part of this I got a recuse myself because I am not impartial. As I made statements on social media right up against that then President-elect arrived. I said size I things about them, and in those statements now the FBI comes to me. Six weeks later and says judge. I want you to sign a search warrant for Mara Lago. You should have said wait a minute, just six weeks ago I recuse myself from dealing with Donald Trump because I can be impartial. Take this to another magistrate judge.

I want to hear any evidence of defense is no defense lawyers in these proceedings.

By the way when they go get these warrants to the judge.

CC had to do this on his own and here's not like the judge that all I forgot about that impartiality issue that I just signed on June 22, six weeks ago. It was seven weeks ago I forgot about that. No, he and forget about it, but this is a criminal matter and he doesn't recuse himself, and you know my gut reaction be. That's exactly why they went to this magistrate is because they knew he would sign it because they knew he has a biased against Pres. Trump. He said likely he's recused himself in a civil case publicly and signs a criminal warrant. Six weeks later he should've recused himself. It seems like they went to him specifically because they knew he when doing peers with the here's what that's a very interesting point. Here's the question.

The question would be to file a motion to set to suppress the evidence. Yes, you file a motion to quash that search warrant.

Yes, you say that the evidence taken cannot be used for the poisonous tree. Yes, all that has to happen. I like I said I'm a little bit of an expert on recusal motion that a big case involving recusal spoke. This is a huge development. We got a lot of guest coming up to do coming up in the next segment, CFO of Florida to be Petronas, followed by Tulsa Gabbard later in the broadcaster you want to miss that. That's coming up in just a couple minutes you're watching on social media very short break that would be right back with the CFO of Florida to be Petronas secular continue to show great guests and were joined now by Jimmy Petronas who is the CFO the state of Florida. Honestly, this news coming out of Florida data so that it's been waking the last few days we thought be great to have someone who represents the state of Florida. What you know Jimmy Petronas and of the Petronas family a bit of Florida law long time and Juniper folds great having you on here and thanks for making time. I just want to start. I got a lot of questions that you could shoot in your position is she about you and a lot of the financial stuff and I want to get into this IRS situation in the moment, but I want to start with this raid that took place in your state, and now we know that the judge that sign the search warrant recused himself from a civil case involving former Pres. Trump and former Secretary of State Clinton, but he didn't and recuse himself from a criminal search warrant, and if this is as mind-boggling and human very strong on this.

Give me your reaction when you first heard this writer talk about that when I call it the more that I don't have make your all the documented beginning to become top of a unit of social media, and I started seeing more and more of the facts come out about this I mean this is incredibly troubling to me. This is the same Department of Justice deal with the same judge recused himself when Hillary Clinton but not okay for him to sign the search for the gun in the dark of morning to go write the President's residence recuse yourself in a civil case and as I said to her audience.

He said he cited in his order 28 US C4 5580, which is the impartiality section right that is correct. That is the perception that says that a magistrate that might be impartial or impartiality might be question shall disqualify himself and he did Jimmy.

He did disqualify himself, yet no place he did it he disqualifies up right thing to do. What was he thinking that six weeks later I could sign a search warrant on the same party that I just I can be impartial to this what so outrageous, but you you sent out a great tweet that said, this administration is lost its mind its corrupt its political only a dictatorship that use the power of government to eliminate their enemies and were pouring into the IRS nationalistic on this for another moment Jimmy and that is this your right I said just said this to our art in a previous segment to Rick Cornell this idea that a federal judge now has shown his bias when he knew he could not be impartial and signs a search morning a criminal case recuse himself from a civil case puts the entire judicial branch of our government kind of the guardian rail here of a constitutional republic. In jeopardy what your thoughts well you know the Lord when he was on the mat out needed a new take on the intelligence community.

Six ways from Sunday to get you back so they went and found a friendly judge who already have a sympathy toward the Democrat or Obama writing thousands of dollars in campaign contributions never stop to the right hand. Who they went to get a search warrant for doing about it. Well to the Southern District of Florida where it was and she said you brought that up and I don't know the procedure and how to get them. I do know this. This judge knew he shouldn't of done absolutely and that's what makes it so suspect that it looks like they were handy shopping who they could get to sign this warrant a criminal warrant was just the magistrate, biased, biased against Pres. Jimmy's like somebody's making a motion about. You should maybe have recuse yourself the question, partially made this motion with a culturally smart thing on his own.

He did life. I can't do it you I want to ask you this question. And when we get in this IRS matter and that is this how important do you think it is right now for concerns. I mean this is I think we've reached a tape tipping point here. How important is it, do you think for concerns at this point to start pushing back on these abuses and calling it for what it is, partly, feel like really knows their data number be a revolution in the House of Representatives God is leading the effort to make the revolution a reality in the Senate and try to run the table as much. They can while they have theirs there right margin that they got so hopefully this power only members of the house can get a six member red poinsettia members because this is incredibly overreach of power. I get the status of the United States, you are the chief financial officer for the state of Florida. You are a course partner in your families well known business Financing, which is been around for a very long time. I think, specifically from the comfortable say that but you also responsible in your in your public life for the finances of the state of Florida and we are now seeing the got this inflation reduction act that the administration put forward and then you have this funding within it of the IRS who is an institution that I sued a map of conservative organizations as they were targeted by the IRS as Inc. is usually incapable of correcting itself. Your finance guy mere business guy this IRS move and this move with the inflation reduction act I think is another attack on civil liberties and doesn't also make financial sense. Well Bill I think you are correct.

There was nothing out there after that. So when you think of the inflation reduction act would add to the inflation crisis world add 87,000 new IRS agents to do the job all to go out there and harvest dollars on the citizen of the United States and the target Florida there's $23 billion in new wage growth that the state of gotten over the last year California lost $18 billion in the same. So prosperity is become the jealousy of the federal government provide the same as a living rent for you and Joe Bob and Ted and I think this is all part of a scheme to grow government. While they have the ability to influence the agenda. This is a likely text. Talk to you converse a few times on social media but is very interesting to see this coming. Especially since Florida and how Fort has thrived using some people moved to Florida property owner and state of Florida proud property hundredth in Florida. We've also done some really interesting things, even for the support of Israel that we talked over the scrutinize companies list. I think you seen Florida move forward. We are actual people want to go where they want to see whether it's Ben & Jerry's or whoever it was a few weeks ago. You're dealing with in and seeing those kind of mainstream ideas. The people want to hear. The media wants to pretend don't exist, but the state of Florida has proven now that this is really the mainstream little and latitude always been another rough will and monitored until after your event is to take care of our constituents, to find somebody else that will what we have we have very little patience for given status of the state of Florida. The runaround worked very hard to get them responsible members are responsible. You need to their services.

So I'm very proud of the Jadwiga Florida very proud of government, and I'm very proud of our public and members of Congress and the fight there there there keeping up with right now and I'm a devoted a bright new day in November. He said that despite the look I deal with this people know I do with the courtside and represent a present from some of the most contentious matters in their nation's history and then to have this happen.

This is so incredible and I I just want what you hearing from you constituents in the state of Florida because my phone is exploding. I can imagine that yours is anything less than that was a large group, general outline, not all in the Bible talk about with our right of how our federal government has crossed the line and and all they look to the hypocrisy that existed in the decision-making and the administration of the ax to grind with the Department of Justice towards maybe, but trust Call amount accuracy. I mean you your your your gender politically motivated 51% of the of the general folks. Paul said this is politically motivated, that trumps opponents by the beautiful regular 81% of the problems that this chart is about to go about this November, which I'm very unfortunately maybe the thing to happen to Billy Dick Baxter making a super majority in Congress Petronas to financial officer of Florida. Thanks again for having you back great insight things will be with us will do that. Rest assured on that. Let's take Glenn's call really quick log. I give Glenn an Arizona online for your they're going to have real quickly run out and I had an inherent right with notified by the FBI. We noted government had a pattern of colluding national reports are that they only received notice 45 minutes before and their job is to protect the, the protective the President and his property because from potential threats so 45 minutes before is what we heard technically they do have to get any advance notice. Right now they can go there were things are worn and then show the want to whomever and then just go ahead and execute it then have to give notice to anybody. No lawyers have the right to be there. Nobody had a right to question at the magistrate said no to it. They could've this judge had no excuse to not recuse himself see not only not he's biased he himself is so he should've been recused on this one as well, for the next segment wrap up show we have Tulsa Gabbard of sure she's got a lot to say about all of this order to have that discussion, the last second call to try get through 100 684 31 tickets for the work of the ACLJ during this matching Make sure you follow all of us on social media, but again we come back we join by tossing the secular to wrap up today's jampacked show we are joined by former Congressman from Hawaii Tulsa Gabbard know you all know you've seen her on a lot of our content for last year was in our documentary series of edge the Taliban that I hosted and it is been about a year since then and that hasn't slowed know it sure has and I am thrilled to have volatility back on with us and until see I've known for a long time. I knew you in Congress and before Congress and in your activities and your families work in Hawaii, but I gotta start with but is to meet mind numbing that we now have learned that the judge that issued the search warrant signed the search warrant at the former President's home recused himself from a civil matter involving a lawsuit with Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton because, as he acknowledged this came out of his own motion that he was not capable of being impartial six weeks, six weeks and then six weeks later every recuse himself from a civil case. He has no problem signing a search warrant in a criminal matter against the same parties heard that clear clear conflict of interest and and further goes to the root of the problem about working with all of that, you know so many people in the in this country have lost faith and trust in the Department of Justice and the institutions that are that literally exist to serve the American people and just the level of corruption that increasing the weaponization of you know whether it Department of Justice Department of Homeland Security, the IRS to go after political opponent in broad daylight is just shocking and incredibly dangerous. Top of the said you tweeted about this centered democracies in grave danger.

Government institutions is a deal dear Jade, just homeland security. The IRS are blatantly being weapon is not literally they are blatantly being weapon I so and I think this is important for people to understand our audience, but those you talked about this you're concerned about this matter, Congress, Congress has passed legislation that adds 87,000 IRS agents to IRS an institution that I sued on behalf of conservative organizations were being unlawfully and illegally targeted by the IRS and the court agreed with us and the agency was forced to change its ways, now that was the whole Lois Lerner matter, we now put on fast forward to basically doubling the number of agents and then they said and I will.

I want to get the language exactly right. Was I want to come from takes to respond to this that a major duty of the special agents now this is in their publication totally is to carry a firearm and be willing to use deadly force if necessary.

That's how there that's as part of their job responsibilities for a criminal tax case, which is what they would be involved in so this is why the American people are really getting nervous related government out of control, and again when you look at it.

On it faith you gotta wonder like Bo Wyatt.

Why does the IRS need armed agent to conduct their business. We have many other federal law enforcement agencies who are trained and capable of being able to go after criminals. The IRS isn't even doing a very good job at their most basic responsibility why they're trying to get into why they are they are deeply into this.

This law enforcement function should be concerning, but then you take it to the next step and then you look at as you mentioned how this entity the IRS is going after political opponent and then you add the fourth of the gun behind that this is not this is why said it might take. Democracy is in grave danger because this sort of thing is what we expect to see from authoritarian government dictatorships who openly turn these these entities and their their goon squad their mercenaries to go after people who dare to dissent. People who dare to challenge them, and how we are seeing this now happening before our very eyes.

In the United States of America, which is celebrated in around the world is the business example of democracy cannot. It's not so you know I was like to give people hope to and that is we do live in the greatest country in the world with our constitutional Republic is close just sits in danger. I want ask you about this because when you see this happening it so obviously political and you had a very interesting tweet that you said regardless of how you feel about former President from this FBI raid froze fuel on the fire of this crossed in court sets a dangerous precedent. I think we've reached a point policy where the disc trust level is palpable. And then this judge adds more fuel to that fire. The judge that recuse himself in a civil case involving trumpeting signs and search warrant in a criminal case just adds to this, but how do we still restore hope for the American people and you're right, you know, we daren't help, and that hope lies in the hands of the American people.

We cannot live in a fantasy that somehow these corrupt politicians are going to police themselves or willingly give up their power, they won't. That's been proven time and time again so it then it in our hand that we talk about democracy and how we have to exercise our voices in throwing out these leaders who are corrupt, using our voices exercising our right to free speech. Our right to peacefully protest and don't let them off the hook. We have to continue to hold them accountable.

You and your team to such tremendous work throughout the legal system and making that happen at the rear shell and in other mean every one of us.

I have to do our part. If we hope to make things better. It's something I experienced and I was running for President as I was traveling around the country. I met Great American every single day from across the political spectrum who love America and who want us to see a brighter future.

We have to stand together. Now all of us. We have, and together and make that happen. We appreciated member of Congress Tulsa Gabbard brilliant analysis and also did a tremendous service for country and you continue to do that in the military, which we appreciate. Thanks for being with us. As always was good talking to you. Thank you magistrate have a great day Jim all right saw Andy this week as we wrap this up and CC let Put this in context, if you join this program might leave an unprecedented move here, a sitting magistrate who recuse himself from a civil suit involving Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton because, as he sat on his own. He filed a notice of recusal because he and he cited the statute any unimportant lack of impartiality then assigns a criminal search search warrant in a criminal case involving one of those parties. Donald Trump absolutely should never have done so. If you can't touch a civil case you surely can't touch a criminal case cease CC this judges use it. He had to know Logan said this, they had to know this was coming out absolutely pointing the matter is he himself admitted his bias he was.

I can't rule in a civil case because I'm biased against Pres. Trump but six weeks later heat his bias did not just disappear in six weeks.

It's probably gotten even worse. And he's willing to sign this warrants and it's ridiculous in a criminal case, it is absolutely should not have happened if you can't do it in a civil case and he did it knowledge that he should be doing and you certainly can't do it in the criminal matter, folks, you heard a lot of people talk about the work of the ACL date they were able to give you this analysis. You see us on the camera. There a lot of people behind the scenes putting the sour together every day, five days a week, two weeks will encourage you to support the work of the ACLJ were not first 10 days are matching challenge here support the work any magic donate to the ACLJ working in a matching gift will encourage people Logan to do it. You tell him how that's right you do right now matching Chowdhury's alternations are effectively doubled. Pretty simple don't it also just a quick little form your information, your payment information goes right to us. We really appreciate that.

That's it. can also download the ACLJ up sign petitions get involved that way as well, which are following us on all social media platforms.

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