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White House: We are Cleaning Up Trump’s Mess

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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August 1, 2022 3:28 pm

White House: We are Cleaning Up Trump’s Mess

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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August 1, 2022 3:28 pm

The Biden Administration quickly reversed as many Trump-era policies as possible once taking office. Biden even claimed not one more foot of Trump's border wall would be constructed once he took office. Yet now, the Biden Administration IS building more of the border wall. But instead of admitting they were wrong in waiting a year and a half to do anything, they're blaming President Trump. Jordan, Logan, and the rest of the Sekulow team discuss this and more today on Sekulow.


White House Press Secretary cleaning trumps mass more sections of the trunk will talk about that more today on sexual now, what to pack show recruit L Jordan is the first half-hour Mike Pompeo second half hour got this information from the White House or the White House's quote is approved construction all the US-Mexico border, specifically on the wall near Yuma Arizona. This is initially under Homeland security, 20, 21 budget that was planted to be initially funded by the Defense Department for major gaps in the wall will be fixed but flashback to Joe Biden during his campaign because he said no notability or will ever campaigned on build that wall.

Are you willing to tear that wall down there will not be another foot of wall constructed in my administration so loaded. They're going to have to play wargames which they already started to play more from that we come back to the first breakout with the White House press secretary.

What's how she's tried to act like a love that wall is still bad. So we'll get into that, but the idea here that you you make these bold claims never to do that another foot and now here you go you fill in gaps in one spot of the wall that's had some significant problems since January hundred 60,000 people have illegally crossed.

We see this on repeat.

If it had a trump name on it just if he was a truck project, it was immediately deemed poor or bad or a bad decision. What is that what happened with that it had to reverse that over and over again. They had to go back and go. We were wrong yet. We left things unfinished and maybe that was the best bet.

May we should've at least wrapped up these projects because you have situations like this were certainly a play more and you're not going to miss some of these clips came out front again that press briefing is it again it's it's all word games is almost comedy. When you listen to it because it sounds so ridiculous when you know what they're doing right now is going to fix this big problem with happening, but courses that were not finishing it without fixing it were not just again just trying to use their spin as the Press Secretary look probably has to do at this point to try to make it seem like they're still betting on their campaign promises units right in their spokespeople.

It's like they're not even up to speed on the decisions being made on this wall so when they get asked about it they downplay the effectiveness of the wall. What if it's not effective. Why fill in the gaps may be because in Yuma, Arizona. Specifically, that is the most active area of illegal immigration when there's an area of active illegal immigration is also an area active, more criminal activity, not just the illegal crossing drugs, human trafficking, subtract few minors sex trafficking.

The at least all the illicit activities that come along with porous borders.

The whole idea the trump administration in their first four years was trying to get a grasp on for our country so that we can effectively have a border on the south that we could hide that we could contain it with you, control. No, that's not again acceptable except when it is for Democrats reads that reuse of that mansion news today a lot of politics. Of course, of the Pelosi trip to Taiwan will get into that as well with that secretary Pompeo up the politicization of the FBI Law enforcement would you record now on that so gives her call you believe this is again that Joe Biden tried to hide the fact that he is actually re-implementing a trump policy within a like doing that one 800 684 31 today especially like admitting that the first day in office. They covered everything related Mexico operation towns all gone. Donald Trump did his administration was occult 164 3110. A big thank you to all of our supporters. We hit our goals in our July matching challenge and that is because so many of you answer that call from us to support the work financial ACLJ so a huge thank you so so that being tallied up to the mail, but a huge thank you for helping us get to our goal at a time of than some economic uncertainty. We really appreciate that. Thank you.

All of our donors. Be right back on secular and another for the wall. We no doubt the bite administration is in fact a putting in more wall there.

Calling it major gaps in the wall courses. Gaps exist because they stopped construction of the wall you will see the images before like the metal that was left back by the bite administration on site but we don't believe that this works except for that fill the gaps where does work because this is the this the highest area of illegal immigration. Arizona that part of the southern border so again, the parties said that they will be doing this they were there asked about it. Specifically, they did this break the Biden pledge of no no more wall, take a listen to White House Press Secretary Kareem John Pierre and on another subject, why is dividing ministration building overall Arizona so we are not clear, not finishing we are cleaning up the mess the prior administration left behind in their shooting a failed attempt to build a wall okay. I just wish it was that for second so are you building a border while in Arizona were not finishing the law is how she starts cleaning up the mess.

The wall was being built.

You stopped construction. Thus, you created the mess you left it there half built in some areas were more built than others. This is a big project was a can be completed in 3 1/2 years by the new administration's. It's just absurd. And again, the administration industry because it's a failed attempt to build a wall so they tried to to fix that and actually build a wall that take us the longer discontinuation of this back-and-forth word and were garbage Peter Ducey and cutting grilling the white as preceptor by finishing the law. Is this clear by filling in finishing by filling is racist, so why not instead of filling in the gaps. Logan and I shoot this post 164, 31 to if they really believe it's an effective if there's gaps of this wall are want to take a wall of why fill in the gaps in filling the exit effective and racist.

I feel like having a crew, the bulldozer, probably a little simpler than the construction of a accused. I was a kind of complex lather building a lot Just like the night area visually see through it to protect yourself yet they're not scaling.

Watching you can't scale up and also the our border patrol and Ice Age could see through it still so that you could have people like throwing over things and also shooting and that there's all sorts of laws or three set up that way. They are think they are finishing parts of the wall. That's the truth they are.

I don't think that they are going it again at another hundred miles and not try to say that what they are doing is what fights back against their narrative. Logan is, she tries to say over and over its ineffective use of taxpayer dollars and yet obviously that wallet Yuma was working enough to where they said you would, let's fix the gaps that the that were that were not yet done because this is working and there's too much illegal immigration here hundred 60,000 encounters since January that it's absurd. I can hear these comments really does bring to light not only the you you doublespeak that's coming out of this White House it's it's disturbing that it's like you're treating you like you're stupid. You can't listen, you can't understand words. This always what happens with Democrats to see it. Even with the way that, hair speaks of the way that the present buying space. They speak in a way that's almost trying to oversimplify things or make it make it seem like you where people can't fully understand and thinking mounts about the border wall. We don't want to proceed with the project. However, there are some we decided to finish up these areas due to X, Y, and Z. Instead it's it's doublespeak instead saying were not finishing the wall not doing this were not to come out here and do this it still a crisis ineffective use of taxpayer dollars. We are going fix the problems that we made and again no taking no blame himself nothing that they fit they had anything to do with the problems they don't answer any questions is a it's absurd.

It's disturbing and it's guilt, because I said to hear it because you we can all decipher what she's trying to say we cannot decipher what the White House really means any pretend like we can't that's really the most frustrating part as an American. Listening to this is they treat you like you're a baby they can understand why things have to happen or that when mistakes are made and how you feel. I would like to hear from you.

One 800 684 31 to feel talk down upon.

We are by this Press Secretary by this administration. I do, I feel like you're trying to trick everyone against call 1-800-684-3110 and then it gets worse. This is one more question, like loosing these oversimplified answers that are even about the question. Take a listen by 23 Pres. candidate.

He said there will be another wall constructed in my administration. We are not finishing was that his question is questions that another foot. Her answers were not finishing the entire wall. None of us think that Joe Biden's had to go in there with Sec. Merrick's and finish the entire wall that would be way too much rightly that you like going back to remain in Mexico or going back with operation talented. It has to be Joe Biden's wife, so her response is not in fixing this fixing means working you fix things that were working and that you want to work again. If something is broken that you think was ineffective. You'll fix it. You thrown into the group the trash you take it down. Like I said if they thought that there were problems with the wall, the gaps, but that the wall was ineffective totally my dentist Dr. that will bulldoze let's see that image on Tuesday, make it easier for people to cross right into Yuma Arizona for the residence there be excited about that.

At least it would play to their rhetoric at least placement, you wouldn't be shocked if you told me there gonna tear down all the wall.

The belt know I would be disappointed but will not be shocked again. At least I be a visual that they can like using campaigns and look we did. Instead, it's the exact opposite. Because what happens is when people get the power they can to the White House. They see the actual problems that are there and realize that most people are trying to do the right thing and whether you disagree with the policy or not the end of the day. A lot of people are trying to do what's best for the American people with the Republican orderly or Democrat, but this instance they can't admit defeat. They can admit when there's a problem and they have to come up some Spence specifically if it is something that has a trump tie to it and that is been the that maybe the biggest a problem with this ministration is you can take anything that came from administration that was good. You couldn't even take a program on understand that this was controversial because the wall was such a you associate Donald Trump when you associate with the border wall but everything is been little things here and there that again if if the trouble to strange and had anything to do with it.

It was immediately pulled we saw that even day one when he took office. The outing this is to me it just shows you why this administration fees been so ineffective in so many different areas because they bash and bash and bash up policy program like the wall that might be working because the member in the wall was strategically built. It was for certain segments of the border where it would actually be effective. The trumpeter's face was clear about that from the beginning was a new way of the wall and there were also areas that used to have more than seeing that had been that needed to be repaired so that was part of the trump administration to go to your heirs.

A top concern get those filled in and start filling in the gaps realize what the Biden administration is now doing filling in the gaps if they believe the wall was racist and an effective would not fill in the gaps you would knock the wall down but could you imagine the images in November and election say lead up to your primary primary Tuesday to it as a primaries. This week she passed. I get to the general election.

These last two months right in every Democrats cut a deal with and add of Joe Biden's bulldozers to the southern border.

While Fitton was killing so many Americans while we see those images and of 50 dead in the back of a semitruck because they were trying to cross with coyotes when we know we are bailing out drug cartels with a new $13 billion a year business, and human smuggling. There could have images know bulldozing that wall. They were taken. Now that trump all they try to always fool people try to for people who are not as informed that we were about the press conference. They're worried about is saying. Well, we can tell the tree voters were actually repair that will and logo. I think that's their talking point to their non-out-of-control liberal base is a weird spot because at one point sank look at the crisis. The tapping were all saying that we sing.

I said these truckloads of people that are dying like well if the board was open. How would this be the case of the border is open so then there's this big mix of conversation that I think is mainly just use to get you in sort of a repetitive nature where you can't really find your way out of the Senate and that's what it feels like comes out of the this Press Secretary is out of the one before it is well within the whole administration. It seems like they can't get themselves out of one Senate without it being this weird confusing doublespeak that means nothing and everything all at the same time.

All right, folks, we come back recruit now is joining us. RC provides for foreign policy and national security on the politics that the FBI will get into us in Taiwan as well with Rick Ed's policy so you don't want to miss this again calls into your eclectic your questions to 100 684 31 to the boardwalk to 100-684-3110 to huge thank you to our daughters. We hit our goals for July's matching child because of back to secular with the doubletalk of the wall we back in December that we hundred 684-3110 record now supervisor for policy national security is joining us now and I want to follow up on the story it was last week started with Congressman Jim Jordan, would he send a letter into the FBI director Christopher Ray and he said we got whistleblowers they are they are saying that they are feeling pressure to reclassify criminal acts as quote domestic violent extremism to meet the Biden claim that domestic violent extremism is the most dangerous threat to our country.fentanyl.our poor southern border, not the current Chinese copies party.Russian aggression but no it's it's get domestic violent extremism about tri-state is not of it exists, but they're being told hey you better pad. Those numbers try to find some connection to sub I said the tweet outside the Republican also. Okay, we can reclassify as domestic violent extremism on top of that the whistleblowers of said there is a purge Rick going on inside the FBI of anyone who happens to be conservative now. Sen. Grassley has followed up with Chris to raise get to testify before him in a few days with the same information, so there all all these whistleblowers Rick good people inside the FBI Law enforcement sank bad things are happening because you politicize law enforcement.

You are in a danger zone know where to begin Jordan, this is like so full of hypocrisy all the way around, you know, the median DC constantly said that the trump administration was politicizing DOJ and the FBI.

But what is it Lewdly clear is that the Biden team and Democrats weapon. I government when they have whether the IRS the FBI DOJ we see political prosecutions we see with the Third World does is when they don't want. When the ruling party doesn't want someone to run against them, they put together SJM investigation, like January 6 where there's not a single dissenting voice on the committee.

This is not an investigation.

Now what were seeing it.

Sen. Grassley really getting aggressive about getting rid of politics at the FBI.

I know Sen. Grassley personally and he has been very, very concerned about the politics inside the FBI. He and I have talked about the politics inside the FBI reality is is and I should make very clear that the rank and file FBI agents are good people working for truth justice and the American way and they know that their bosses are politicizing every issue, whether it's Russian collusion are now what we see is that Democrats talking point of domestic terrorism becoming overplayed using the FBI and phony numbers to pretend like it's a bigger problem than what it is and let me just finish by saying that when you pretend something is a bigger problem that means the actual large problem are not being confronted and that's what's scary going to play. What's interesting to say about these whistleblowers because what Rick said is so importantly, always since the FBI's the rank-and-file are the ones coming for bravely as whistleblowers to members of Congress to say this is going on and they know they're all pointing to the same FBI Special Agent, take a listen. By 11 whistleblowers coming to me and idleness of the latter whistleblowers because they know where the bodies are buried and where the evidence that a special agent in charge by the name of Timo was making decisions of what investigation should go ahead and which one should be stopped and we know by his social media, man's that he is very very liberal very very partisan. We know also that he was Rick involved with the Russian hoax, so he was part of that team that was pushing that he was also part of the Hunter by laptop. This is disinformation media can't touch this. Now he is leading a purge of a God good folks at the FBI because you that if you need a balance in the country there should be people there of all political stripes and backgrounds so that there's a total balance and no bias and you have to always fight against political bias like I get that by human nature but especially law enforcement when they have the ability to ruin your life well what what is really frustrating and that is that this individual has been at the center for everything will partisan fight and we know a progressive Democrat.

He is a vocal, partisan, and proud partisan and that alone should tell the Senators that you know looking if that's the precedent somehow you get to be a partisan political investigation arm when you take power. That's a terrible precedent and don't teach Republicans when they take over. To do that. I'm 100% against politics in any of these arms like DLJ IRS, FBI, but this is permeated and exploded under the Democrats and yet the Democrats look the other way. Where are senators and congressmen who are supposed to be monitoring these committees and these investigative bodies and the cabinet officials they need to start speaking up, and Sen. Grassley needs a little help is a lot of damage because you oversell the intently diseases acting DNI with the American people start seeing the stories about law enforcement is reserved if whether it's the FBI or DOJ, or if it felt like it was the Intel community widths of the laptops at work how the work you if we lose faith in those institutions. They don't work because I I think we American people of Artie automate these institutions I die with that.

At DNI I kept saying to all of the intelligences you've got a big problem. You gotta convince the American people that your fair they don't think your fair and let me just say it finished by saying where's Adam Schiff.

He was so jumpy about politics permeating the intelligence agencies that he would constantly saying that I was being political. When I was just trying to get rid of the politics but what they don't like is when you get rid of the liberal progressive politics.

They then think that your playing politics when you're actually just trying to play fair and get rid of those individuals who are putting their dominance Final thoughts. Nancy Pelosi is now this is as of now is decide to go to. I will forward the trip to Taiwan. CCP is put out a statement that was threading up the Twitter actually did take it that was flagged by Twitter because they threatened to shoot her plane down and or Agnes have her. I think the exact words were, have her removed the dispel her plane.

What are your thoughts and find her moving forward.

Look at I concerned that this is played out publicly.

She should have just gone to Taiwan worried about what she's saying publicly, but playing this out with the Chinese in such vocal and and big way I think is is a mistake. Just go show that we have allies, and that were not going to be beholden to what the Chinese tell us to do that can lead to our foreign policy, rich as always we appreciate all your insight. There is, we cannot have these institutions, we have to somehow they have huge problems we talked, we talked that the significant for years DOJ at the FBI present trump process in the process of writing this month and to drain it. You know he had also deal with what They with which was special counsel hiring the FBI director find where it all starts with the top who setting the tone for the Special Agent with their politics into their law enforcement job. It is wrong is not strong enough word really un-American have these institutions partisan positions second half hour, not alert about all these issues little bit more to China with Sec. Pompeo as well. The second half hour don't want to miss it will be right back where considerable injustice will engage in critical issues at home and abroad for limited time you can participate in the ACLJ matching challenge for every dollar you donate $10 gift becomes $20 $50 gift becomes 100 rejecting the constitutional and religious freedoms most important to you and your family. You forgive today online keeping you informed and now is Jordan secular to secular. The same power the broadcast related to a lot more here with the China trip because the rent made by trying to to Nancy Pelosi going at which such a Rick a little bit about him or talk a lot more about it with former secretary state my Pompeo because the Rick is ready to be better. She's wit it had been this whole public seated and see kind of what would the Chinese response be now try to say if she goes in and she's got fighter jets whether working to take that as an active military situation and in the quote from their tweet that they put out think it was actually flagged by Twitter which was surprising to all of us. They would forcibly dispel Pelosi's plate is the language used. If the if she was all escorted by fighter jets to protect her from exactly that threat.

So I get week that this trip is supposed to be moving forward, and I'm sure that you know, until exactly happens. Continue the threats will talk about that with Sec. Pompeo.

We come back, but I want to go to the phones at 100-684-3110 out expensive parts of the border as well as were just tired of the FBI will start of the border with Lee in New Mexico on my wantonly like all I know that they're doing are doing a lot of thinking little thing and try to sway the vote and so I can link them border things that they're doing the little fixative down there is nothing of any consequence. By the way some people to say all they finally got it what it has to do with the border idiot. It's a twofold situation. On the one hand, they would like the uninformed voter so people who might show up for the midterms. But you know again that's that that's usually a little bit more for voter clearly not as it is they're doing because it's the others lot oppression letter campaign activities if they just here in a headline on CNN or these other news outlets always fixing up the portable that's what Job I would like those voters to know that to his own base.

He's gotta stick with like his press secretary says which is not billing anymore wall on the walls. Effective if it wasn't effective and you have gaps you would take down the wall you would fix something that you thought was totally effective or you fix things are broken that you want to work again because you if you want them to work you'll fix things that your that are ineffective and or enclave. You're not building any wall we'll back the phones over time screenshot into the sea online to hotshot. I think my cooperative efforts perspective on all of that.

I think this is obvious to all of us that there are likely but that the Democrats are using and we we as you listen to them talk about it and hiding it in their language anymore. The previous color time at the FBI we weapon eyes, one of the federal law enforcement branches of government that is supposed to be completely bought nonpartisan, completely neutral and there's the it it it seems to me that it did come to another playbook, with the border with immigration issues. All of the issues that they are going down the list and checking all the boxes including filibuster packing the Supreme Court. They are anti-American in the playbook is driving us in that direction.

Hiding director comments on that stance I desist what the American people see is acceptable in a different country. They want to shift this idea that it's acceptable to politically target those that ask is because all the support of Donald Trump so it's okay to have FBI rates at their house. It's okay to have FBI agents pressuring other agents. Front-line employees, law enforcement agency reclassify real crimes for political purposes to reclassify what kind of crime. They were or to try and purge out the conservatives inside the FBI so that what it's a Democrat, while liberal law enforcement that is totally anti-American as you said, we have to fight that we know the bureaucracy that's exactly what they want.

Again, let me just take everybody victorious for the second are the broadcast donated during our July matching challenge we reached our goal past our goal because of you. So a huge thank you for all of us at the ACLJ will be right back to kill. This is the statement from the Chinese Communist Party if US fighter jets escort Pelosi's plate into Taiwan is invasion. The PLA has the right to forcibly dispel Pelosi's plate in the US, fighter jets, including including firing warning shots and making tactical movements of obstruction, if ineffective, then shoot them down. That is the official message of the Chinese governments I want to go right to a forward Secretary of State CA Dir. Mike Pompei, our senior counselor global affairs Johnny center Pompeo doesn't like the trip is moving forward as we speak. That threat was put forward by China on Twitter they actually did flag it on to other social media because is calling for the chili potentially of the third ranking US elected official in our country but are you surprised that after all the pressure, not just from China but from the White House, Sec. Pompeo that she's going forward with this. As of now. Well, I'm not right, but I am pleased that I get the right answer. It would be. Under the yellow suite will reconnect will reconnect the center. Pompeo just a minute, maybe just a cell phone connection issue and folks, this is you know this is what I want you to understand that they are threatening us, it's a very specific threat. It's a if you are escorted by military fighter jets that that will allow us to take that both the fighter jets and if we can't obstruct that Morgan actually tried to we would dispel Pelosi's plate. We take out all the politics of this bivalent to go back to using your surprised, but that of the White House.

I have a feeling up until this may happen on Wednesday. I think the pressure campaign is to continue and so is the Chinese Cobbs parties likely true, but I don't think that Baker had any choice but to continue with program kid made a promise he would get there and to walk away from that now would be that kind of feckless weak leadership that America can't afford it would've created an enormous risk. Jenny would've thought that was a victory that they had convinced the third ranking American that she couldn't go to an independent sovereign state that make no mistake about your and it would be the right. It would be a big mistake if you were to About trip.

As you sit there in Asia today. What about the writer's dispel of your plane.

If you are if you taken in by protection by US jets and that it just it looks like there cut income if it is it what how could they possibly get into something with the United States and that they're going pretty far and pretty specific on what they would do if you do this, but do you think either way they're going to try the change may trample some kind a show of force that is so shooting down planes, but somehow to show force Jordan, I didn't think that they will and they conducted a live fire Bob on the back 48 hours. I'm certain will continue that kind of blocks about the rat be very surprised that they did anything remotely close to what was in that we will within that statement I made it almost looks a little bit desperate to make that they put that out in advance. Trying to basically Provide administration, the if they push forward with this kind of support. Support that everybody is listening to know that effort, something that could benefit they have the right to do that that spot fundamentally fall.

Taiwan is not part of China. It has never been part of China for them to say that they can expel an American leader from Taiwan when she chose to go there is just not true until we should not permit them to get away with that kind of propaganda kind of thought that that we should reward this kind of bellicose belligerent behavior. One has to try to rescan this now. They wishing she does move forward in order to have because every door this point are they the ones who look foolish. The dances moves forward and she's able to make the trip safely. You know, they'll try.

I'm sure Jordan as they have tried so often in the end of the President public statement saying that he developed. I didn't think that was why the statement that everyone will know what strip that they were discouraging speak ability to make this trip so I buy gas that that that that they will continue to look blankly weaker than the speaker herself.I hope that were taking all the repercussions. I hope that were proceeding just as we would've proceeded at that statement not been made so we have all kinds of security protocols we should follow them. We shouldn't do anything that is exceed that we shouldn't do anything less than that we should treat this as we deal with all senior leader Of American Regulators You Treated This Morning. This, since We Would Look into Assisting ACLJ NACLJ Action Is That That That CCP the Chinese Commerce Party Controlled Entities Buying up American Farmland near US Military Bases to Get to Issue Their Control of Our Food Sources and Spying on a Military Basis and You Talk about How Your Secretary of State Are Diplomats in China Can Even Go to the Grocery Store without Someone Following Them.

You Think That There Are so Many Ways Systems in Our Government That Are Supposed to Check on This Kind of Foreign Investment and We Have Ford Investment Waifs. If This Memo Is Different Ways to Really Look into Who Is Investing in What and Why. And It Just Seems like They Have Been Totally Asleep at the Wheel When It Comes to China.

It's like, Well, Just Look the Other Way about Courtyard Language, the Rhetoric of Rhetoric Is Not Being Delivered upon Actual Execution to Allow Project to Move Forward Is Really Bad for Every America Not North Dakota.

Not Just Epic but but for All of and It Is Disconnected from the Tissue with Taiwan about America Foster the World.

Our Ability to Deter the Chinese Comic Party from Its Continued Aggression in the Point I Made This Morning Was That the Simple Fact That It's Not Reciprocal.

That the Chinese Can Move about the Cabot Here at United Agricultural Land. There Are Military Base and an American Candidate Tried to Do the Same Thing American Diplomat We've Tried to Travel to a Place like That Would Be Denied the Ability That That's Foolish and Nave Bike within America Policy for 40 Years and We We Got a Turnaround Week, We Began to Do That When We Were on Watch.

I Pray That Every Administration after Arsenal Do the Same and Just Demonstrate American Results Protect the American People. The Site Is Looking for a Reason to Start the Site and Trying to Pick the Family at This Point Is If It Is Accurately Because Chinese Really Want to Get into It or or Test. I Guess What the US Would Do If They Did If They Did Something with Taiwan and I Think the Problem I Think You're Got It Exactly Right. I Think the Testing We Will Bend to Mere Words or If We Will Bend to Ship Sailing. A Place Is Not Supposed Do What Whatever It Is I Think They Will Continue to Press the Gate until They Meet Deal to Limit Resolved, We Saw This with the Iranians We Saw This with the North Korean They Would They Would Blaster. They Were Sitting at the Moment America Should Result Demonstrated It Would Protect America, We Want to Send 82nd Airborne Hundred Vertical Will Get You Things That Would Impose Costs on Them Once They Saw That They Began to Respect American Must Belligerent Behavior by Administration Need to Do the Same Thing with Respect to China and If We Do They'll Begin to Behave in a Way That's More Consistently What We Want Them to Related, but Tomorrow the Last Final Season in Kansas I Your Home State and Where He References a Member of Congress That the Individual Is Not the Legislative Individuals Can Go Vote and Vote Yes on the Value Them Both to Mimic Their First State in the Country Were Such As Legislators or Courts Are Our Elected Officials Having a Say on This Post. Real World, but in Kansas and Can Lead the Way on Who's More Engaged Athletes Can Be Very Close Vote. We Don't Tomorrow and I Know Your Encouraging People to Get out the Vote. There Are No Beverage Can't and Will Hear You Got a Mailing Dollop from Someplace. Please Vote about This Is a Simple Piece of the Language That Allows That People Kansas to Make Decisions about What Restrictions Will Be Put in Place with Respect to Abortion. We Don't Hand It off to Our Elite That We Let People Make the Choice What or Overturning Roe a Permitted and I Hope Everyone Will Get out Tomorrow and Support This Amendment Which Gives the People Kansas the Right to Make Decisions about How They're Going to Protect the Unborn. That's Really Important We Precede Your Basic Tape That Something Secure in Kansas Family and Friends in Kansas Occurs and Began Vote Yes Tomorrow on the Value Them Both to Mimic What It Really Lasting to Pipetting Pompeo Said That Allows the the Lawmakers at the State Level to Finally Legislate Restrictions on Abortion, so It Takes It Out Of the Court System and It Takes at Night, Clears the Way and Then Again Your Direct Representatives in Kansas Will Be a Go through That Restriction Process. This Is Point A and I Will Tell You, Folks, We Been Pouring in Ads As Much As We Can Do through ACLJ Action but Planned Parenthood with Their Missing Disinformation. It Is out There in the Extreme.

I Am so Contact Even If You Think You Got Friends and Family Who Would Be Voting Yes I Would Call That and Make Sure They Haven't Fallen Victim to the Missing Disinformation out There by the Abortion Industry Because All This Does Is Allow the Legislature to Begin Enacting Restrictions on Abortion, Just like Sec. Pompeo Said That's the Whole Point of Fighting and Getting out Roe Versus Wade Overturned to Return This Back to the States. This Is That First Vote so That the States Elected Legislators in Kansas Can Take Them Both Remember This Information. Disinformation Is out. The Savior outside Kansas, Their Friends and Family Were Voters in Kansas That We Call That Is the Big Once Big Test of the Grassroots. I Think in Going the Way at This Point, so Make Sure I Get You Got Your Family Voting Are the Right Way They Know That There's Not What Is the Wrong Info the End She Always Go Teleported ACLJ Because We Got the Fact Sheet on That There As Well.

So I Encourage You Again to Get Your Family Life.

His First Test Meal Became a Huge Deal of It, Especially Proportions That Have the Right Democrats Deal with the Public Is Diligences This Joe Mansion Power Focus That He Has At Least through A Few More Months Because I'm Hoping He Doesn't Discover the Power after the Midterm Elections Was to Say This. So after the Senate Moves Forward with the Chips Act, Which We Talked on the Air. There Were People That Had Issues with It. There Are People like Sec. Pompeo Supported the This and and You Know It's out past the House, but It Really Took Something That Was Getting Bipartisan Support and There Was Some Republicans Did like You. That Was Five into Just Purely a Very Political Issue.

Unfortunately, That Because of the Chips Act Itself. There Were Issues in That Because Immediately upon Passage in the Senate of the Chips Act Joe Mansion Came out with a Mini Bill Back Better.

Mini Bill Back Better.

That Includes Tax Increases by More Than 326 Billion. This Is during What under Most Definitions People Said You Would Would Count As a Recession Because of Two Quarters of Negative GDP Growth Always Abide Administration Won't Accept That That Has Tax Increases. At This Tax Break Supports to the Richest Americans Price Controls on Pharmaceuticals. They Think Will Actually Go so Far As to Hurt the Research and Development Rates, and I Know That That's I Get It It's It Is a Balance There. Pharmaceutical Companies Need to Make Money so That They Can Research and Develop Better Pharmaceuticals and Better Cures for Disease That Can Hit Any of Us in All of Us so so I Did. You Understand When You Start Saying We Put Price Controls on Them. You Might like the Way That Sounds, but How Does That Impact to 50 Years down the Road with Our Research and Development Capabilities, and of Course It's Got Almost $400 Billion for the Agreed New Deal Now. This Is Not yet 100%. Given That Because of Any Republicans, but Because a Christian Sentiment Would Be Necessary to Get This to the 50 Votes Now. Right Now, VP Harris Would Not Have To Be the Tiebreaker This Week Because City Recorded Unfortunately Is out with a Republican Is out with a Covert so They Could Do It with 50 Votes.

I Would Go to Harry Hutchison on the Economics of This Chris Herrick. To Me It Is a What's It's It Is Joe Mansion Showing His True Colors Once Again, Big Spending, Tax Increases, and of Course Even Taxes on Coal, Which Impacts on His History West Virginia State He Represents. Which, but It Is a Typical Idea and It's Got Three New Deal and and This Is My to Be Quite As Expensive Is Bill Back Better but Is Pretty Darn Close. I Think You're Precisely Correct. So I Think As You've Outlined This So-Called Inflation Reduction Act Made Possible by Joe Mansion's Craven Capitulation to the Left Wing of His Party, Provides Tax Cuts That Benefit the Rich and in Short This Bill Is Nothing Less Than a Disaster. Second, University Of Pennsylvania Study Points out That the Mansion Bill Which Highlights His Commitment to Inconsistency Will Raise Inflation through 2024 so We Are Already in a Hyperinflation Situation and Joe Mansion Wants to Add Jet Fuel to the Fire Served. The Bill Raises Taxes on Corporations.

But Guess What Corporations Will of Course Raise Prices. This Means That the Corporate Tax Will Be Paid by Consumers and so a Corporate Tax Hike Hike Will Raise the Inflation Rate. Still Further, for the Bottom Line Is That Joe Mansion's Inflation Reduction Bill Is Simply a Twisty Road to Where Nowhere Raising Spending during a Period of Hyperinflation Only Makes Sense in a World and Allison Wonderland World of Make-Believe Jordan.

This Make-Believe World of Raising Spending during Hyperinflation Suggests That Politicians Inhabit a Strange World That Is Very, Very Similar to the World Inhabited by Opioid Addicts.

Debbie Let Me Go to Pres. Obama. Because This What He Had to Say about What What You Do in a Recession. What You Don't Do a Recession.

You Would Think Maybe the Biden Team Has Listened and Learned Take Alyssa by Three Last Thing You Want to Do Is to Raise Taxes in the Middle of a Recession Because That Would Just Suck up Take More Demand of the Economy and Businesses, and Further's Belief See the Shift from the Days of Rack Mounted in the Democrat Party Where They Were Very Liberal, Pretty Progressive for the Time but Reasonable to the Point of of I Want to Say I Don't under My Watch. I Don't Need the Economy Getting Worse and It Is Getting Better and Not to Run for Reelection Present United States. That's All Gone out the Window Because Exit Site Feels to Me That the People Advising President by Their Just the Hat That They Don't They like on Real-World Experience.

I Think That Is Correct so That It Tastes, Democrat, Republican, You Got Have Real Workspace Understand What It's like to Pay a Mortgage, Pay Your Bills. Your Kids to School You All the Cost That When Inflation Goes up. What Is like to Make a Budget I'm Not Sure That Any of Them Ever Experience That I Think That Is Correct. So I Think Democrats by and Large Have Been Captured by Ideology and They Have Fled the World of Reality. And so Here We Have a Situation Where the Democrats Are Not Content Merely to Raise Prices Not Merely Content to Raise the Corporate Tax Not Content to Spend More Money on IRS Tax Audits and Are Not Content with Subsidizing China through the So-Called Renewables Such As Solar and Wind.

Instead, They Now Want to Tax Coal Production and They Plan on Raising Taxes Essentially on Anyone Who Makes More Than $30,000 a Year. So When They Tell You That They Are Trying to Quote Unquote Tax the Rich Don't Believe Them. They Are Telling Another Reveler Relatively Large Fig Euros Was Helping with the Unit That Gets to Be $400,000 and on Uppers. A Lot Of People out There That's That's for A Lot Of That Innovate That Much Money so Different. But If Your Small Business Owner You Work for Small Business. That's Who It's Targeted and That's Not Targeted Some Major Executive a Huge Company They Can Deal with It but a Small Business Owner Who Might Be Right in That Range That's Really Start Deciding Whether or Not They Can't Take on a New Employer Have To Drop Employees Is Precisely Correct and It's Important to Note That the Employment Rate. The Unemployment Rate in the United States Is Fairly Low, but the Actual Number of People Employed in the United States Who Are in the Workforce Is Still Not at the Level We Were in February 2020. So Keep in Mind Yesterday on the Unemployment Rate Has Come down, but the Overall Employment of Americans Has Actually Shrunk under This Particular President Is Joe Biden's Dear Mother Used To Say Out Of Every Lousy Thing.

Something Good Will Happen If You Look Hard Enough at the End of the Day, the Democrats Have Decided to Essentially in My Opinion, Attempt to Destroy the US Economy in Order to Satisfy Their Ideologues and Their Base. The Question Is Folks on This One Said It Is Where Will Set or Set of the Stuff to Get the 50th out, I Think That 49 As of Right Now, As of the Show. She Has Not Shifted Silent by the Lobby Very Hard, by Referencing a Mansion Keep You Updated on This.

You Have To Have the Vote. Kansas Bar, Make Sure If You Live in Kansas Plaintiff.

Oh Yes, for Life.

There Will Talk You Tomorrow

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