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What the Left Wants You To Think About America

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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June 29, 2022 3:33 pm

What the Left Wants You To Think About America

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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June 29, 2022 3:33 pm

Thirty-one years ago Jay Sekulow appeared on the cover of The American Lawyer magazine for his work defending Operation Rescue and their constitutional right to protest against the abortion industry. Also on the cover were Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and then-Congressman Joe Biden. Not much has changed in 31 years. And with the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, Justice Thomas and Joe Biden are still either the proverbial hero or villain depending on which side of the abortion argument you fall on. Jay, Logan and the rest of the Sekulow team take a look back today at how the Left would like the American people to view their country. What's changed in the last thirty-one years and what hasn't. This and more today on Sekulow.

The Christian Perspective
Chris Hughes
The Christian Perspective
Chris Hughes
The Christian Perspective
Chris Hughes

Broncos really talking about think about America now wanted to today is a bit of a chance to reflect I think is is a way to say it.

Logan on lobby boards are walking around like we don't have hope you have this great week at the Supreme Court last week. People are discouraged and I will Logan's idea to give a little bit of a history lesson because I think it's important for people to understand. We have been through this literally as people say this is not my first rodeo.

Yet, it almost feels ridiculous when you look at. I was looking at article that you are on the cover of of the American lawyer from 1991 an hour talking about 31 years ago.

It was on the cover of MC. There she was Randall Terry.

Once the belts are protesting for. I gets are against abortion at different abortion clinics in the look at the bottom of this and the two people on the bottom again 31 years ago are Joe Biden and Clarence Thomas. Currently, the heroes and villains to the prospective right and left and still did you think this article could been written today right or this badging would come out today because of who you see most on social media or on the news as again either hero or villain would be President Biden sprinkler Justice Thomas and it just shows you that now is history repeating itself, but nothing is new and certainly nothing is new in politics. Maybe that needs to change, sometimes you look at it go one we been in this fight for incredibly long time but so have most of the main characters in this so for them any 11 says that Biden spineless again. 31 years ago already saying that they managed it. That's just ridiculous. Mom hold unlikely holding a magazine in my handyman another showing on the car but I got in my hand to for use magazine.

It was it American lawyers by a beam mortgage magazine still around. It's now more online digital everything. But what's interesting about this to me is your right you look at the cover evidence when I was defending Operation Rescue, which in the case actually became the predicate for overturning Roe versus Wade.

So it was a great decision that came out of this case have this was at, which topples Wichita, New York and in Alexandria in Virginia, but my think is really like Logan said his encouraging is this is not the first time we been through this I been doing this for 43 years and then your real estate state and doing those things like exit and entrance wasn't around to do now it is it is nothing changed. I mean, but it is important to note that besides me that this main players in all his issues. It's the same group inside you.

I don't want a light beam glowed bright and double the same topic, same topic same people so you know Jay Sekulow the lawyer advocating for the pro-life position. Clarence Thomas, the justice with artists calling like it. In this significance of things about him. I'm sure that I face from Wichita to the Supreme Court.

Jay Sekulow fight for Operation Rescue's right to protest against abortion when the town certainly changed in America.

The essence of that would not be the half-light know they were never designed the new civil disobedience at the headline would be a documentary that movement. Jamie done a secular devil.

It was what we would not be fighting to get civil disobedience. That is where exchanges that people's tone has changed. The people are still the same. But sometimes, why people get mad. It feels like Biden is on the cover 31 years and is relevant enough 31 years ago to be the covers. Garment district is just wild. Think about but there's Clarence Thomas, who you understand.

Assign the opinion to Alito Chris Clarence Thomas is a senior. Justice Roberts wasn't assign the majority opinion to want to Clarence Thomas Clarence Thomas assigned it to Sam Alito to its folks.

We had and we know how to do this were getting into great detail is a little site you look younger. Now the no mustache, no mustache help help to that just 31 years that you needed to look old. I would like to select segment wear glasses that I contact maybe want to hear about here said I forgot that WIC no way to say that social media not to reverse a wig that her grandfather had dark hair until the moment before he passed stemming that's way design we find today were to be uplifting will be back will take your calls and hundred 684-3110 back with more in just a moment secular take your calls right now. One 800-6831 10 kind of resetting your mind as we have your roughly a week since arose overturned lesson we can feels like a bug.

I know it feels like it's been a month to do much with people, what have short attention spans. That is sort of the good and the bad with America right now is when there is something that people get up in arms about.

Often it disappears very quickly and not that Roe has disappeared, but certainly it's not as massive protests right now that are happening that had people thought it was and I Debbie it over the weekend, but we wanted to do is come here today in order to talk a lot about the history and future of the pro-life movement. Some other topics that he and Indecon was with this, of course, her senior counseling. I been practicing altogether since the mid-1980s and all of these cases we talk by including the one on the front cover. I was in Wichita and he wasn't planning in Atlanta getting the briefs ready and we been doing this for a long time and I do think it's for those that are just going in there. We always get people joining on the cover of this magazine are people that are still the main players in all this, go ahead. One person did this and you to business bring up the question. Should there be term limits and part of you goes all he does feel crazy that these the people, but especially for Supreme Court Justice. I think it's kind of like the lifetime appointments when four justices can't have this big sway no way to political so you have on the cover of the magazine Clarence Thomas.

Justice Clarence Thomas.

Pres. Joe Biden was in Sen. Biden and advocate Jay Sekulow so any wheat we tried to literally hundreds of these cases around the country. It looks like that's what's gonna be happening now in the postwar world we got lawyers today are Frank and Jeff are in contorting Frank is in Kentucky at the court bears that argument is going forward and working on that Utah and Louisiana already put stays in place in Texas put a stay in place as well so we expected this know and like I said any.

This is not our first rodeo by any stretch of imagination and it's the same players you know the amazing thing J is the French have an expression Bruce Sean said a man as much as things change as much. They stay the same. And that's exactly the same here. We have been fighting this battle for over four decades, as you pointed out. Sen. Biden then Sen. Biden, chairman of the judiciary committee, Justice Clarence Thomas, who concurred and joined the opinion of the court, written by Justice Lehto, you as the lead advocate and you haven't changed that much except for the mustache. I may say, and I believe that's Randall Terry on the gutters along their with us, but we continue now. The battle then we thought in state courts around the country. Operation Rescue I represented concerned women of America in those battles we now move to the state. This forum around the country, Kentucky, Utah, Texas other states for the laws are going to be contact so it's really the same thing. New wine in old bottles old wine in new bottles but nothing really changes, even though it appears to we still fight for life. We still fight against the killers we still fight against the abortion industry. Planned Parenthood we've done this today. We did it yesterday and were going to be doing it tomorrow.

Exactly right so you always hope for the win yet so the overturn of Roe, but there was times of the last 30 years what felt like mainly due to some Presidential pics and whom it right right right now it just wasn't going to happen.

But here's what happened. We talked I talked about this with a friend of mine a couple days ago so you have no George H.

W. Bush made two pics one really good Clarence Thomas was David Souter who became a member of the left immediately immediately went to the left was always a concern that you not getting Ronald Reagan Sandra Day O'Connor and Anthony Kennedy moderates the best then you had Donald Trump me of George W. Bush is another example. Okay Polito we got we got Sam Alito and John Roberts who did join the opinion but concurred in judgment then Donald Trump comes in and you get the course which Cavanaugh and Barrett that I don't think anybody questions whether there conservatives at this point is that I probably Feria so but like Logan said the reason we show the American lawyer magazine is and when and use as we been through this before and were totally prepared for the state court litigation.

I do think it's interesting that still though, even though there is your conservative justices and more liberally justices there are still cases that this would obviously go 900 yeah, there still case I think deeply love that the Supreme Court is not this like it's not like an election where it's almost always know at this point, 52% to 48. There are times this time where he was 8181 or 90.

This case was 63 and there were conservative, liberal, just that went with us by swinging right now. Even the court right now we have the last case is unanimous.

It is not always politicized, and sometimes alone there was a Kate son on Native Americans and jurisdiction today which everybody thought was can actually be an opinion written by Justice corsets, who wrote the dissent right in the book. I think that when there is a lot I listen to select what you think. It's a crumbling system is isn't so many of our cases have been 9090 and cast, including justices that a lot of people on the right will probably be like there's no way you can get Justice Ginsburg is 72% of the time by Justice Breyer think 81% of the time, but we had a lot of unanimous cake milk in any will tell you this one of the things I do is very careful what we take free speech advocates.

All those people yes traditional real free speech advocate when you had a free speech case, we always work for reaching all of the court if possible. Any well I have a vague recollection of a case called Jews for Jesus versus the board of Airport commissioners of Los Angeles. Your first case you what was the decision in that case, J900 right on the basis of overbreadth which is a doctrine that said your covering both protected speech and speech. They can be regulated and that is not protected. So to say that things have changed drastically in these years is not an accurate statement. I'm a historian I'm a trained historian I go back and I look at things that happen before and I look in change through time and I can tell you that things have not changed that radically through time. It is, as Logan said at the beginning of the program. The tone, the tenor civility or the lack of civility is what has changed and made things differently and that is a terrible thing to be able to say because in the profession of law. We need to be civil unto exercised civility and to say respectfully.

We had when we say that into say sincerely.

We believe that and not to have these rabid raging tenors of violence. We didn't have this in the past but unfortunately the tenor has changed in the present. You know it's interesting looking you talk about 90, something just clicked off my list of Americans versus Board of Education prayer clubs and Bible clubs in school you would think how much more controversial can you get to that decision H1 in our favor about this church using school facilities for its services for film series for community outreach 920 in our favor.

About this more recent election law, minors, participating political campaigns. 920, so that now never fighting a state government would take. Let's take this call from Bill were fighting in the state courts on the exactly what was in Rome returned to the states. We had to know. And of course we did that the states where the battle was going to be there were just as I okay that's it were done in those first cases were still Thurgood Marshall and people who are thought of as these like you like nonliberal icons are gone or why Brendan Justice Brennan Justice John Paul Stevens. These were not just as you normally think you would reach.

We had great success by God's grace. In doing that's that's why we are prepared for the next phases of these battles, we got a great team in place.

Artman by the weight we did have the capability to do or doing today. In 1991 when I did this, we were relying on you know TBN help us a lot. If CBN helped us a lot. That was about it.

If it were our cupboards and that in the ABCs NBC and CBS is of the world were hostile was the scene and was, not much was happening.

There is no Fox no rock.

There was no options for it was as hyper politicized on those it was to politicize a people to do whatever is on.

I was on Nightline on the frightening people are watching the time I was really called ticket.

I let's go to Bill his calling and organ billing on their ability. There bills are not there valence of their your belt. Go ahead and I was just contemplating that you know the next step in this victory handed visiting. And what about the children's rights, unborn children, but children's rights and offering them protection equal protection under the law under the God of the senses. He said that because we had the bite available. Justice Alito we played it.

I think in the opening during one of our breaks. Justice Alito said that he knew what about the right of the child and ended in that language made its way into the opinion here so you look good next step in this battle may well be the personhood issue on the state level is not to be federalize me on the state level, but which we prepared for that we should be optimistic about that. I am I think were to do the folks I'm not surprising. A couple of temporary restraining orders 83 seconds are not shocked that this this is what we expect no, no, we expect these expect things that haven't because this is the give-and-take of the function and shove of litigation so it's you know what, up, down, but we always come up standing up to exactly right. I folks will be back in the moment a more calls to your house 100-684-3110 of your choice on the year 2000 684-3110 check L JCL J.R mission following a slow, social platforms will dictate 431 said by legal and data.

Many topics were calling okay Google has come under fire because it's algorithm apparently unfairly targeted conservative content across all of its services and its Gmail service filters more Republican fundraising campaign emails.

It is spam. Yes, this is a report that came out that earlier this year, nonpartisan study found that Google's algorithm mark nearly 70% of emails from Republican campaigns during the 2020 election as spam. Compared to only 8% of emails from Democrat campaigns is a lot to be said about that is a lot to think about other shock.

I'm not shocked, but it also will talk to the thing about this says a couple different things. One, are they censoring conservative messages. It's hard to really argue with 70% to seven or 8% when does it also made that we gotta do better and that the conservative figure of the games better figure out what they're doing is what it also means is that the Democrats not only are getting it served better. The gates are better because they also know how to work the system. They know the look.

We have to deal with it here.

Every day we the team of people to decide what the title is good to be for social media for Facebook for YouTube for all different outlets rumbles the only one that we know it's a spring would say for whatever but as we know now with our analytical data are social media team breaking down each time we go live Easter we put out a video instrument that a title company built Facebook will tell you there's many people got it served we know if there's a word the now we strike the list we can use that word anymore ridiculous time limit, but they have people who are doing that we need for as conservatives need to make sure that we are doing the same thing. However, it is a large margin. A larger margin that may be.

Seems like it could even be at all fair and balanced okay so Republican leadership is now introduced a bill fan that would require platforms to share how their filtering techniques work and make it illegal to put campaign emails into spam a lesser user asked what what is the status of this and how serious of a problem is it well first of all J Pl. so directly into the conversation Girardi having with Logan because this debate over the issue of life where his neck in a take place of the most frequently going forward.

In addition to the court of law like you been talking about that debate in the public space. Gates can take place online for this discrepancy that Logan is talking about that in C state. You're not exactly a conservative outfit found this vast discrepancy that is going to be very very important the bill. Tim Scott and John Thune and by the way, J is cosponsored by every member of the Republican leadership in the United States Senate so very significant. It would do two main things. Number one, it would require big tech companies to transparently show how their filtering techniques work.

So, how they were filtering emails out and putting them into people spam accounts. The other thing Jake it would actually make it illegal to put campaign emails into a spam folder unless the user proactively asked for it, so that's the status of the legislation and J we can maybe get into this if you want to, but it's interesting. The legislation drops what happens. Google runs to Washington DC and says oh, wait a minute, let us do something voluntarily to try to fix this, they're asking for a pilot program to be approved so Google's response. The fan for my understanding is only because the pressure started getting on them so it's not like Google was dying for legislation here or that the dust it was interesting that they asked the FTC to bring green like that probably were just talking about you and only because of pressure J net and that's really the point, how many times we talk about this. This is why we engage in FOIA.

This is why we engage in public advocacy because sometimes you just have to sign a spotlight at to get a company to do the right thing that the pilot program that Google is now asking the FTC to to greenlight and implement it falls well short of the legislation that put forward.

It basically says that it meant wants to make campaign emails exempted from their spam filter is long as they meet certain certain policies and then it it does say we want to give the users the receivers of those emails, a very prominent notification.

The first time they receive it and give them the option for the how they want to handle that going forward J that's a step in the right direction because of course you want the receiver of the email to be the one that is directing whether or not it's something they want to receive the look we got we had a call like it is. This is also big tech trying to keep the hand of regulation from Washington DC out and is not like they came forward with this on their own. J this is from the NC state study. This is quote I we further observed that the percentage of emails marked by Gmail as spam from the right-wing candidates grew steadily as election date approached, while the percentage of emails marked as spam from the left-wing candidates remained about the same grace. And that's not just an algorithm word thing that's insane.

So here's the here's the thing we got understand when it comes to these major platforms that were dealing with. We have to understand that we gotta be if what you said really creative on this really on top of this and we kill it.

Should there be here right Gmail is a a free service they offer no place for Gmail unless you like the premium packages and equipment. So is it within their purview to say you're using our free service preemptive play devils advocate user will tell you what you will give you what you what you can go to someone else if you don't like that we felt throughout conservative that's the argument you're making.

And I've been one that's one. Keep hands off. I think they will probably say with her not doing that this is just a not getting out right but I think the problem is this, they've almost become like a utility there so big in the control so much data that there by doing this they might be with her do is begging for regulation didn't want it, but that they're trying to preemptive measures. But their actions begged for regulation. That's what they might like regulation. I do not like that I like so and I will check it been sent free speech is unlikely. I think all three of us would probably agree on that. I mean, we don't probably want to trust the federal government to make decisions for consumers but you don't want big tech companies to make decisions for consumers either. I think you got a look for a solution where it's the end user is the person receiving the emails the person using the platform. The person receiving the service that has an option to make a choice and so I love dry dry trust Washington DC to come up with that solution know about being a Logan. I think it is up to all of us to say we want a product that looks like this and and letting the competitive marketplace provide that product force at this point it's very difficult to do that because you don't have a whole lot of transparency into what services are actually being blocked before they get into your inbox, you find them aware that you have because you run the department that whole aspect of JC object is to be creative and not get spam to block all his heart very difficult. You have to make a look some of it is pursuing campaigns can ramp you know how many emails you get every text message I get it. There is a point where even me who someone who wants to stay abreast of what's happening goes I can't take it anymore. You sent me.

40 emails today and they're all the same, and there what there is that point where that's just knowing your base and understanding how it works and why they're there email you at a certain frequency allowed set it's frequency. It's title. It's what images are in there you'll see a lot of our emails, just text sometimes there's an image of the format. Why because we've learned over time.

If we sin, certain things like an image or a video and not necessarily this modestly apolitical portion of this or so that we do worry about like saying the word abortion.

It's you admit use understanding that it may not get as delivered. If there's a graphic that's 8 MB go there or we better things. You have to learn as someone who's in this industry to go. What is it, how we use and how to best use it. Maybe that means again sometimes notice are the best people up for the job and in some of these positions but it also means that this wider margin. It seemed that it's real work is present it to every day multi person department notes that her email is not an email look real restless bells with a viewer email is one of the best ways to reach people still actually it's our number one way to reach people.

Upcoming business broadcast those kind of things as well but you talk about. You can go directly to somebody opposed having Facebook or any of these that are secure, sometimes serving, sometimes in 18 compared Google to Outlook and Yahoo. Of course, Google's blocking and spamming of Republican fundraising emails and other emails was much higher than Outlook and Yahoo which means it's more than just random. I would get a lot more ahead states and give us recall the time of writing. Subjects 800-684-3110 back to normal.

Keeping you informed and now this is now J is the cover of American were mags we did this when the commandment in the jobs which overturn Roe, but we put the cover-up because it shows that everything changes, nothing changes on the cover is Clarence Thomas, Supreme Court Justice Sen. Biden, now President Jay Sekulow then Supreme Court advocate or advocate the pro-life movement. Not a lot is changed but were prepared to move forward and were excited to move forward regarding our calls coming in and were taken because they hundred 684-3110 so let's let's do that. Let's take some called Rick Cornell coming up in the next of April in Pennsylvania. On line 3, April the-are everything I like women I've been at the corridor protecting great thing and I never probably would that day that relegate over Karen, but if it hadn't been for you guys. Being that people like behind Molly get Kathy, I'm the President contest.

He got those conservative Catholics confirmed this would've never happened, so I gave you guys great. As for everything you've done and may God bless you because you have certainly done a wonderful want to help people appreciate your kind words only say this though the select of that spring were nominees was the presence we were honored to work alongside them and let me say this, I will say this, I think this is fair to say Brett Cavanaugh came under unrelenting attack morning Clarence Thomas in one sense of the allegations were very aggressive. A lot of Presidents would've pulled the nomination.

The 45th President of the United States did not in Brett Cavanaugh's proved to be a very good Justice. I think the allegations against him were not fair and wasn't fairly adjudicated.

We got confirmed and is on for the life appointment but I appreciate it. You know, we work closely with former President.

We got great results, but he made the pics and an instant with these nominees when things got got very aggressive and they've all think it's a totally different court now a lot of people say John Roberts is lost control of the court. I don't think that part's true John takes always is looking for a minute were a listener you devoted to a formal law is not the Mississippi law was constitutional and viability wasn't the option he just didn't think you had overcome or I think it's totally wrong on that, but I'm use my cocounsel in the case that serve as the basis for overturning Roe government ended yet exactly these, but he's been in it as long as a lot of people. In fact, if we can find on the website.

I think Lori is one of those and just get the clip it's as Mr. Roberts will not hear from you. It was after I finished taking Mr. secular. Mr. Roberts will not hear from you of all of them, though his other situations that where you put in someone we advocate for them. You think it's can be great but it wasn't what you thought it really wasn't much thought you could look a lot more cases he's been good and some not so good and having the good Obama care is the one that everyone I think it was totally wrong on that he turn it into attack coming they were denying was actually made one but it was another one of those like you figured out a way to vote for the kind of concert like you did with this, you know, it's kind like you said it was good be an umpire call balls and strikes with any kind of become a cheerleader for the other team, or code for the other team come up with new place.

But having said that I work with them for a long time. We don't always agree, obviously, but he also got a lifetime appointment so there is you gotta work with the bench and got it should do your time think this culture is relative to the Todd Atlanta Tiger on the gentleman now that road and overturned it to God. 1989 dictate determine when life began. Now that is gone back to the state by going to be over whether or not abortion is an act of murder and violent act of murder and how it can befall. I don't think so. I don't think that's how we thought it's can be thought that the unborn child's life is worthy of protection now under state constitutions state to get us a certain week, seconds, etc. say all or nothing is on the heartbeat summer. I don't see a lot of states doing the outright banning me, and I think there's more Genesis pretty close heartbeat is instead of facing the heartbeat. I think those are good actually.

I may look, I believe, what sorts of conception that's I also impractical what can happen. It's not.

It's good, it returns the states that were already waiting for Frank Manion but believes in court right now must and will stymie must still be in court right now is using to try to call is made to step away and calls but probably not. To find out what's going on in Kentucky.

I will take calls we come back 800-684-3110 Rick Cornell joining us next kilo. We are joined by Rick Grenell today on that work which it topics. We talk a lot about life issues.

Talk a lot about Google Google move forward today or did I Rick. Rick thinks and what narratives are right Rick think commitment is so turkey agrees to lift its opposition to sweet and feminine valences, Sweden and Finland are to join NATO lease. The process is now well underway. What what you thought about where this is and what this means.

What will I think we have to remember that he had a condition which was individuals today find the opposing their government need to be sent back from Finland and Sweden certainly for prosecution and so people need to understand what that means is that Turkey has said unequivocally. We want certain individuals back to prosecute and in order to get into NATO. Finland and Sweden said yes sir, we will do it and that's very troublesome to me. I've been very clear. We don't need to be adding countries to the umbrella. The security umbrella that American taxpayers pay for because the current members are paying their obligations.

Why are we allowing members who are not in good standing at NATO to vote for the American taxpayers to to pay more and expand the safety net. I just don't think we should be talking about expanding NATO in the current members are paying their bills back to the company makes things very important about the requirement of the condition of membership being sending individuals back for prosecution. You and I have personal experience with this because you work very closely with us when you're the ambassador United States to Germany and we had Andrew Bronson, an American citizen in jail this were people makes understand when when they talk about prosecution and Rick and I can attest to this.

It not playing games.

I mean this pastor of a small church was sentenced to multiple year prison terms for being an enemy of the state congregation. I think of 35 people in and it's mere and it took Pres. Trump Amb. Grenell Secretary of State Pompeo Jay Sekulow American Center for Law and Justice to get this over with, and they were still pushing us until the very end out the President Lorna Hammer with sanctions and that sprung these people lose but we are talking about Finland being required in sweetness and people back Rick that Matt subject we know what that fork you met Bronson at the airport when he flew. This is this is not you know going to club fed is people like to call minimum-security. These were real jails and turkey for people that were engaged in speech activities person I want to say. Really thank God for our ACLJ supporters for allowing ACLJ to fight the pastor Bronson five. Thank God for Jay Sekulow. Thank God for Donald Trump. Those are really the two entities. The two individuals that really deserve all of the credit for this, but you're exactly right. We know the ways of turkey and very concerned about the individuals that will be sent back. It's just, you know, we have very few reporters I actually haven't even seen a single reporter talk about the individuals that are going to get sent back and Stoltenberg. They had a NATO just did a press conference and celebrated the idea that Finland and Sweden are going to join because Turkey dropped their opposition, but the details are troublesome turkey only drops their opposition if they can get individuals back to prosecute. We should not gloss over this.

This is something very concerning and more attention needs to be given to this only is this Rick because we we had them relating to this that the Andrew Bronson thinks we direct dealings with Turkey for so long that was in the White House when calls were made.

I mean I know what happened here turkey wasn't a NATO member true.

I mean, you know they were on paper NATO member but they don't act like a NATO member in their buying their buying missile-defense systems from Russia clearly not part of NATO vitamin E enemy of NATO so turkey in and of itself is been very difficult. As a partner and I wonder, and I don't know you know there was talk that her lungs losing political grip and power. I don't really buy that, but I want to get your sense and that they've always been a very tepid partner at best.

Oh, I think two things can be sure I think Turkey is very troublesome on their airline work were seen signs of rolling back certainly their relations with Israel are not great been very difficult on a lot of issues, but I am the second thing I want to be very clear. I'm somebody who believes that Turkey should be a part of NATO other than a member of NATO since 1949.

It's very important that usually have been a very good member of NATO.

It's important to this part of the world.

They had turkey as a member of NATO. It's just under airline when seen some concerning rollbacks and I have to say them down from was very direct and had the situation under control. Joe Biden does not.

And so we've seen kind of class back from the Turks. I finished by next J all of the offices in Brussels at NATO will tell you that the Turks the military and Turkish individuals assigned Brussels assigned to NATO have been very good and helpful that there are park their problem is more in Ankara. Alright, so switching topics.

The manual McCrone tells President buying yesterday on a hot Mike that the UAE and Saudis are at or near capacity on oil production right now and he's about to go over there to talk to them about oil production and capacity while our gas prices continue to go up was that a was that it is hard to read their minds, but they need reporters around what he what he thinks going on here. First of all, the scenic route have to school Joe Biden, and then you know really, as he's talking he's looking at Jake Sullivan. The whole time.

That would never happen under Trump administration when you're standing with the present United States head of state talking to a staffer it would be very concerning the President, Joe and I just stood there and really McCrone had the tutorial and the finger wagging for Jake Sullivan and they both just look like students of the crowd.

I have to say though, as he was an answer to Germany I was struck by the Germans not being a part of that conversation at all. The French are really controlling what's happening. McCrone is flexing his muscle. I got I think that if that situation was going on in Chancellor Merkel was in power. She would've been right there making sure that Ron didn't get the full year and the full attention of Pres. Pineview Jake Sullivan actually say that we take this inside yes I said that you so he actually said I would take this inside which tells you that that number one how to control totally out-of-control but out-of-control something that really Rick, I say this, it's really impacting the American guy know you're out of and be like we are is really impacting the American people by said right now, open up the phone lines and said our phone lines were open at 800-684-3110 houses energy crisis in oil and gas prices affecting Vacaville right now I'm opening up the phone is 800-684-3110. How was the gas situation impacting you and your business. The bones in light up there in about 20 or 30 seconds is a little bit of a delay from when we broadcast glad I would say this is that I was pleased that his conversation was out in public because within the foreign policy world. We've seen very concerning signs we seen the trouble but now that it's out in the open with McCrone doing this it publicly.

I think the world is beginning to see that Joe Biden is not in charge. Lastly, you want to talk about and that is as it relates to.

Now the United States is negotiating, not Indiana but now in Delhi Cutter with the Iranians again through intermediaries Cutter being the intermediary UAE was. I got much was UAE.

It was UAE. What's your thought on that I cannot even believe her back at the table with the Iranians in any capacity with the table you're sitting while the russians are the ones who are really leading us in pushing the iranians and pushing everybody else to sit down and talk. you gotta think you know if you're the iranian President you just had to deal with these trying to bomb your country which is directly delaying the iranians or directly to blame for that. but now they're being forced to sit down and have a discussion about this.

this is an upside down world and i gotta think that joe mine is getting an ear full from the saudi's on this issue.

the saudi's no of what the iranians are up to. they know the terrorist organizations that had trouble with their own terrorist organizations within their borders, they they know that this is a complicated issue. they know countries can't look the other way. but also i think the russians would like some help in syria so there pressuring the iranians to do something more. it's clear to me that the russians are saying we can do syria and ukraine. we need a little help. you were overextended. i think you're absolutely right. i really appreciate is always by laser predictive phone started liking up to the senate this energy thing is a huge is a huge issue for the american people. really, everything from him with us. thanks for your insights and information you folks.

i keep saying this, we get rick cornell was a member. the cabinet director of national intelligence, former ambassador jeremy mike pompeo, former secretary of state because your support of the ACLJust want to say thank you doll absolutely retakes these calls in the next segment and couple installed 100-684-3110, 1-800-684-3110 we get back again when i take as many calls as we can to wrap up today's show again if you want to be on the air. 1-800-684-3110 support the work of the ACLJ will also have use of additional content available throughout the day when you get that additional content all your favorite social media platforms through facebook, twitter, truth, we are everywhere, trouble obviously broadcast the show each and every great continuity but still amazing content. sometimes you may think just the hour know we put a great stuff all day long, seven days a week so make sure you supporting work ACLJ write back to him calls to take some your phone calls. we have a 684-3110 you will get on the air, but was something for fun. we said this week that is all flashbacks, but the american lawyer back on the this is to encourage you, the american lawyer magazine back on our our people are watching me up socially platforms to say we been through this before on the state challenges on row when all of this and it's the same players. clarence thomas is on the cover. sen. joe biden now present turbines on the cover, and yours truly this equipment through this rodeo before. but i also mentioned to you that the case it served as a basis for the overturning of roe, one of the basis was brave versus alexandria women's health clinic space. i argued in 1991 and again the 92 my cocounsel representing united states government was as the deputy solicitor gen. united states, with none of the men, john roberts. he was on the same side as we were. i just ascertain finding little audio when i'm done with my segment you'll hear this is going take 10 seconds, but will trip down memory lane here just a select reserve the rest of my time for a bottle very well, mr. sacco, mr. roberts will hear from you. thank you, mr. chief justice, in may please the court. we do all sound a little different. i will say 32 years later i was with is with us and i want to get your comments first on the nato we went and it was well because we go to the nato comment quickly conversation with rick is very concerned before salting turkey should still be pardoning a but is very concerned about this condition they put on about sending back these individuals for trial in turkey that spoke out against the government. that was the most troubling part of it for me and we don't really know the details that that condition this agreement they signed after three hour meeting with turkey is pretty vague. we don't know all this. in it, but on the other hand can tell you a a trial in turkey will not be good for those people, absolutely not. ebenezer, there's a strategic reason for have sweden and finland and the other really is at this point, you know, we've got to worry about not not provoking betterment. and that placating vladimir putin and finland, which is an 830 mile border with russia really feels the threat, but finland has the largest and most modern military in europe and they they just increase their military budget by 70% after the invasion.

ukraine so will be at the 2% minimum. sweden is promised to be there soon there about 1.5%. think enlarging nato now as opposed to waiting to want one of these countries or the former soviet republics gets invaded is a good thing. although there are concerns and you know i understand rick's point of view as well i think looks worse, given you multiple points of view. you got a piece up wes on nine this is present binds long list of self-inflicted wounds to his legacy into the american people and you said there's been this whole comment about flipping a switch and explain what you mean would work, but they're trying to say and what you actually arise and write you know the war on energy. the first shot in that war was felt far from the oval office on his first day in office when he not only canceled the keystone xl pipeline, but he put all these restrictions on any oil exploration or production on federal lands and waters and so now what we are witnessing is literally the highest pricing gasoline ever in the highest inflation in 40 years and earlier this week pres. biden was talking about this and he said ike i cannot flip a switch to lower gas prices and the cost of food and it did not begin with him flipping the switch.

it began with his pen sitting at his desk in the oval office and so this article this up on is basically assessing his leadership style and some of the mistakes and missteps that he continues to make any makes them j apparently with not a lot of self-awareness left with that for the american people ever getting calls at 800 684 30 more showing was correct to the yellowstone order they came in. scott angus is coming on line 1 euro near hi hello yes you are lying about that no right to have asked to do abortion and to do it even up to about nine months but let me had been in the news for over 4050 years and out. was it a painter first female justice to get her name is spring court held that there is not a federal constitutional right to abortion. that was the hold syndrome is wrong is reversed.

planned parenthood and casey versus casey's wrong.

it is reversed and there is no federal constitutional right to abortion, but it does return the issue of abortion to the states. so that's where the challenge will now be but having said that, in which i really haven't had much of a chance to talk about this. that was a monumental decision. d federal lysing that constitutional purported constitutional right, that was a big deal yes so many on the left side they really really believe in democracy but whenever we take this issue and we send it back to the states of the people can vote with their elected representatives at the state level to decide this issue.

suddenly the left. they're not so keen on democracy.

after all, this was a good decision. it was constitutional decision, and it puts the issue back where it should've been all along.

for the last 50 or less compelling instead of mary and ali and online to your on their car people and white teacher and at the masters degree in comp. i'm not going to court and actually commute about half an hour to work every morning how i want to read every day and and struggle with concord are here in louisiana. what is it costing per gallon roughly about five, we yesterday i noticed went down to 397. it is like i don't like war, but it is now going to say my children have tutoring to go to is typically our tutor goes especially during school year goes a house to house because of people despise your this year. she actually rented out a space for the summer so she didn't have to pay for gas prices that become business on the so that your shoes like the little things that you think of because it's not like that again is a very high paying position just doing summer tutoring for for kids who needed but it's cheaper for her to rent out in office. it's really silly kids to go to paris at the pickup habit which understandably rapid, then to no place to play this the practical consequences of this is people literally are having to decide, okay, i need gas to drive to work if i go to work to make money to buy the gas. i won't have enough money to buy groceries for my family trips which were america should not be the case.

i think the last call betty online three north dakota on their great 2025 and right coming out of which we had like in 2010, there whatever it done because the President has attacked the oil and gas production companies and by the way, that doesn't just mean shell and exxon. it stood it's the independence and that's what you're talking about betty and betty since his nasty letter to the big oil and gas company saying you gotta produce mourners and women use poser closing is now shut your small-company it's even harder because you know you not to be in business a wagon open up that well, we've got to get energy independence back ACLJackson is working on that are our 501(c) four organization will be more about that in the days ahead is a great program for got to look back and folks given yourself where going to do fine. we just gotta keep persevering absolutely can support the work of a not only support the work there. Check out the amazing concert but I don't say that a lot, which is true. This incredible content, blogs and articles written every day's lesson here for there to go out for the other comes up on our YouTube and honorable channels. You take a look at all and really see the concert will provide you all the available

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