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BREAKING: Supreme Court Seeks Phone Records in Leak Probe

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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May 31, 2022 3:15 pm

BREAKING: Supreme Court Seeks Phone Records in Leak Probe

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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May 31, 2022 3:15 pm

A month ago the draft of opinion from U.S. Supreme Court Justice Alito that would overturn of Roe v. Wade was leaked. Now the marshal service within the Supreme Court is seeking phone records in a leak probe. Jay, Jordan, and the rest of the Sekulow team discuss. This and more today on Sekulow.

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Breaking news today secures the Supreme Court seeks records in the living room now back from the Memorial Day holiday 100 3110 at 2064 3110. Hope you enjoyed the holiday. If you did not have to work also remembered why we have that holiday of for the brave admitted women who have given their life to protect our freedoms as they served our country home and abroad so I can folks a important day but I we are back. There's a lot of news to get to because they give you of the holiday week is a lot piles up so what we have learned.

This is been a real increase because people have wondered why have we figured out who the leaker was which was so impressive to see elite draft, but in the almost final form draft Supreme Court opinion on one of the biggest case of the Supreme Court in decades at least socially. That, of course, this is the draft leak opinion in the Dobbs case that would overturn Roe versus Wade.

And that's with the opinion by Justice Alito expressly does overturn Roe versus Wade can return the issue of abortion to the states and people wonder cake. There was a leak. The FBI did not get involved know that the US court has tried to keep this involved keep it within their own legal, no law enforcement, which is not does not have the same kind of power that is IBM ER. The DOJ been on subpoena power, but there there are ways for them the information.

So let's talk about what's happened. This was the draft opinion of Justice Alito that did explicitly in the draft at least overturn this when court's decision in Roe versus Wade and Planned Parenthood versus Casey. It's unprecedented.

This is never happened in Supreme Court history. What I think is really the most telling are most fascinating aspect of this is John Roberts.

The Chief Justice of the United States decided not to have the FBI do the investigation and that's in part because of separation of powers.

In other words, the judicial branch is separate from the executive branch, separate from the legislative branch. There is a Marshall service that exists within the Supreme Court they normally don't do investigations but they're capable of doing it but on law enforcement is your doorknob is right across treatable Police Department and of course so that aspect is is not shocking that he would have the Marshall service we give some breaking news that is breaking this kind of news we expected. I know we did get a lot of predicting juries, but this was our news out of that that durum trial which again I think sheds light on where durum what where the mindset is they did not have a good good jury pool late that they had issues with the judge had connections to the FBI and Sussman is been found not guilty.

The clinical enterprise not does not mean he didn't do what he did, it would likely prove to be under anything that I could couldn't prove that was criminal in nature. That was and what that means that when they look a criminal matrix was it substantial did that change knowing intent, but I have the expense. It's called the mens rea the.

The specific intent to commit the crime.

The crime there also was a process claim with be clear. It was false statements to the FBI and frankly those cases are we to begin with. I'm not shocked at this at all.

But you know you got asked yourself this question. 2 1/2 years on the stairs. I think I think durum is now operating longer.

If I'm not mistaken the durum pro we could check this out will is been operating longer than the molar investigation. So the investigation of the investigators has lasted longer than the investigation using an anti-nothing. I don't know but maybe it decorated.

Having this is been a long time confer there for this. The first trial because the other person played out. That was pursue change the email. Remember, so I get what we get this we come back. This is breaking now, but again a DC jury that was allotted to Hillary Clinton noticeably did the analysis of it it a judge who had direct contact with the FBI recently again, it's not shut none of us are surprised that way. Never surprised there's a very high bar for criminal you know is not big on the civil case. The criminal case doesn't really change the facts does dispute the fact that they didn't happen is that jury decided they don't believe he rose to the level of terminal that conduct is report that was very process oriented did you do it intentionally glowingly the field to ensure everything is right now I we just got to the last. If you're just joining us, so this is breaking news out of the trial of the Clinton campaign attorney Sussman.

He's been found not guilty by jury in Washington DC in federal court is really not that surprising. We it would such a way that would set some we were.

You try to pick and choose juries, but we did say the very difficult juries in DC. There a lot of Clinton supporters on the jury. There are some iffy issues it with the judge at some connection to the FBI for his wife working at the FBI at so with all that said that they did allow some of the evidence, and on fusion GPS. It's a private was a process crime is did you intentionally lied to the FBI. That was the key part is, did you go in there intentionally and he got to witness it.

Didn't do this rice level. This person being cha-cha in charge and convicted of a crime not a civil matter, not did not even did they just lie but did they lie with the intent to do something, spouse, specific, and it was it specifically to shield the campaign and the jury died. I did not believe that was done intentionally.

At least it did not rise to level no criminal conduct. So I called this last week I said that I thought that he would be found not guilty because I don't think that the government was able to establish beyond reasonable doubt. This the mens rea, the specific intent for this process. Crime and all this was as a process, crime, and that the problem is 2 1/2 years of litigation or through half years almost 3 years of investigation. The investigation of the investigators has lasted longer than the molar probe and so far all we got to show for it is one guilty plea by the Lord to change the email that went to the Pfizer court not insignificant but want and then Andy now not guilty.

Yeah, I've tried prosecuting the thousand and one cases by that I mean, title 18 USC section 1001 cases false statements to the government to FBI agents and to US postal inspectors and their very hard cases to prosecute.

You have to show knowing and willful intent.

You gotta show materiality. In other words, that what was, not said was important or significant to the investigation and particularly as though Jordan alluded to, you're in the District of Columbia, and you've got a very tough jury there very slanted that the judge made some rulings that were not favorable to the government and it was a difficult case. I you know you as a prosecutor you think all yes we've got it. He made a false statement is clearly came in and said he didn't have another client will you know there's two sides to every story and I was in the government was unable to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. The culpability just took too long. I think you get it is too far away from a very so much info to get out that the Russian bank allegations. You have the dossier of God. This all have to remember back in 2016, 26 delete up to Jenny sleeping and and so when you put that before jury had to put all these facts together and be every time we go back through it reads pages to presented today back to today you still have Robbie move testifying. Hillary Clinton greenlighted Sherry with the press sheet so that he under oath. It's no there's no debate about that totally clear about that. It's kind of like art, how much, how how dirty can your politics is the political campaign be how much dirty wheel abalone crumbs in light of criminality. In America we allow a pretty nasty stuff to be said about you. You could basis it with everyone about your political opponent deformations heart defamation cases are hard is another high-profile were those Johnny Depp and ember of you people tune into that others defamation Senate civil that's an easier bar yet, but in this matter. When you have the criminal and it's at and get again like more I think that what you saw here was the frustration we all had which was durum took away long and it may be, will come out one day and say the reason why took size because he got no cooperation from the FBI, DOJ. We don't know. That would just be speculation though. I would imagine that the Biden DOJ loves handing over these documents to him, but but he's had significant amount of time and what you have to now I think prepare for is possibly this coming to a close. I think that's maybe we don't have a note that I am it's it's getting old. I was about to go back to this situation is been Corbett's the leak of the opinion in Dobbs Assisi house joining us a note. We got up back in context cc that what what was leak here was not just any opinion. It was, I will call it the opinion of the decade, at least. I mean it's the opinion of 40 years right and then if the draft opinion homes and now they say. We therefore hold that the Constitution does not confer a right to abortion.

Railing KC must be overruled any authority to regulate abortion must be returned to the people and their elected representatives sell.

If this is the draft opinion and it holds over this time it out as well is overruled and that's that that's a big deal, it returns to the states. The issue of abortion returns to the stable. What's so fascinating. Here's the sleep now. The opinion should be out by the end of June so probably a month away could come out earlier yes but you know there's distance being written and who knows if that opinion held.

Hopefully you did but the point is, there is now a criminal. It will pay Marshall's investigation.

I should be clear. The Marshall is investigating whether in fact what happened here and now Andy it's been escalated by Chief Justice Roberts or the investigation. On May 3 and now the Marshall. Marshall currently a lawyer for me on Col. who oversees the police officers at the building we we know about the debate patrolled the area behind our offices as well. She has now asked for the individual cell phone data of the law clerks of the Supreme Court of the United States is a big move is a very big move for the Marshall for any matter to be inquiring into the personal law records of the telephones of the law clerks on the court, but that would've been one mechanism by which the opinion could have been leaked. I think they're also asking for affidavits with respect to the law clerks and what they did.

Now the Marshall does not have criminal investigative powers.

The Marshall person cannot issue a subpoena record not issue a subpoena cannot compel the production of the grand jury can or as a United States attorney can. I'm not sure what the federal offense is here.

If there is one or if it's just an ethics violation, but people's jobs are particularly poor.

Possibly at stake here, but it's a major investigation and it should be done because leaking an opinion. Whatever the opinion may be, but particularly this opinion, in order to mold and shape public opinion.

His ejaculate, which is exactly what it was all about. It was say it was done. Still, in order to do that, sure, and then we had a vote in the Senate, which didn't prevail on the part of the abortionist. We know that so it failed.

But it was a was done in and undermining the, the integrity of an institution that has never J as far as I know never had a leak happened before and I remember when you when we first heard about this. You said can't be.

That doesn't happen at the Supreme Court of the Niles days and lewdly elevated an opinion like as well.

Evidently that was it at will or no question is was leaked and they acknowledged it was late. The court has acknowledged that it was the actual draft event. Yes, I should we not mean that it may look like it wasn't even that was like a Word document. It was Artie set up like the opinion would be released electronically. I think that the big questions had to be there when people hear this news because I don't have the sick, the same kind of power they have their reasons for not one the F to get this internal but also is DR a bunch of law clerks about to lawyer up at what is the area in the content and if they do that they don't have the same kind of authority. A delay ultimately then have to go to if they want to figure this out of who was responsibly. FBI yeah I mean severely. I mean if the if the clerks refused to give their phones record Because I guess as I guess I can have the right of organizing without reason or there or any of the CT President. Houses don't like that. This is going on that I don't think you think that would nothing so you know, the Marshall wants Marshall to do question the justices of what we have to remember here is why was this leak in the reason this was leaked was to put pressure on justices to create public outcry to try to get an opinion right I legislation, all of which failed. But the justices are still under tight security envelope right now, so it was, that's what was done right.

The Supreme Court is completely secured and and it's absolutely it was trying to influence the justices opinions which is funny because in the draft opinion.

Alito actually addresses that and specifically says that political or public response can't influence our decision is exactly what they were trying to do now have 12 police officers around their house 24 hours a day to be sitting in the yard literally, they've got barriers around the Supreme Court said what you do something what Supreme Court lodges looks like it looks like a mini version of the capital after jet after January 6. I put that same fencing that it really scale a lot more police on the street in preparation for whatever this opinion comes out because again, that was the whole idea part of the idea was that pressure campaign. Maybe you can get some of the flip. There might because you think I want to live like this. The rest of my I don't want to have 12 police officers and secure help FBI are ordered or DO to whoever or Marshall's in my yard for the rest of my life were with my kids. Rest my life because this decision.

I don't think that will work.

That was part of the tactic. Singapore intact was legislation that didn't go anywhere. So I think you put it all together at serious pressure campaign. It's not going to let up were prepared to ACLJ for what happens next to you what happens next cases that is dependent fund.

If this draft opinion. Let's say it holds very similar to how was draft clear overturning of Roe versus Wade goes back states, it does just that.

You have 50 battles 50 new battles. The battle has been one place since 1973.

It's been in the federal courts. It is been Washington DC in Congress and the Supreme Court. And there's a little space you will hear there that putting restrictions we had to protect right Pro), and there's issues like that now. If this holds in the abortionist revealed the true were set it up for the ACLJ support working ACLJ that are state challenge figure out exactly how the world is tenaciously covered assessment is will people get back that folks do I know. That's a lot of breaking news right now. People share their phones.

People sing it on the TV as well. So would get back into if you do question about give us a call one 800 684 31 to our phone lines are open, 1-800-684-3110 or go to Jeff Powell about accounts with ACLJ who is in Israel. Now in our office and in Israel is been work on issues there. Of course, ACLJ Jerusalem and port issues and and Jeff.

I think one of the issues that we been working on very closely with the Israeli officials is also what goes on in Judea and Samaria explained that the people just that term Sinemet may know about biblically, but I think it's always important when we go back to it to explain to people what were talking about doing important. Because after the Arab world declared they would never Any Jewish state, and remember: if you don't notice, but originally the land that was a Jewish homeland was divided and the vast majority was given to create an Arab state, now known as York. The remaining part very small gang part was once again divided if it will have a Jewish homeland in error only to the rejected it and launched an all out war on the dating very tiny little nation stated Israel. Israel and God won the war. Miraculously the only fish line not order not to go. The on line became known as the greenline the end of the war in 1948, but at that point Jerusalem and Samaria only strike for the Jewish people obviously throughout the Bible. Despite the forefathers of patriarch Tara were were under our control. Opinion illegal controlled energy integrated and took it and had no right to it and they held and occupied it until 1957 and we here in Jerusalem just celebrated the anniversary of the 1957 war, the Six-Day War were famously miraculously the state of Israel was able to overcome many many followed and we unify the city of Jerusalem to been divided and also capture-recapture Judea and Samaria from the Jordanian and other territories. Jeff and Lisa were concerned about the course is the report the present by will be heading to Israel.

He plan specifically to visit East Jerusalem a lot of people and I'm one of those are concerned that this is a calculated move intended to signal support for Toronto divided Jerusalem because of the Palestinians continued assistance now for more than 30 years, the ACLJ has fought against this we defended Israel but also Israel's right to have a united capital in Jerusalem, not divided how big of an issue is this cooperate. All the power to every man in the street people don't know what I do, what they hear the German-American cabdriver number 150 no. Under the Obama by white out under the Obama administration. My family beginning to think here in two years we were criminals wanted to eat out at her bedroom floor house because God could, you should add a better death in Jerusalem right in the home and in our homeland, but now that Donald Trump's event was here now were able to live freely in our land again. Well, the feeling is that we turn back the clock to the terrible days under Obama and Biden where recorded by then VP made a trip very very harshly condemned Israel for doing what building an initial decision to allow Jews to build more homes in Jerusalem. There's a lot of beer there to go back to once again trying to be stricken hair clicked off to get into a war zone centricity and because we've been over you, and I've been over on work-related matters for decades now believe in, over, under the Bush administration we been over there under the Obama administration was over there under the Trump administration, and you saw the progress that was made in the peace that ensued in Israel right with the Abraham accords all of that seems to be now the plan is to pretty much undo all of that when that's exactly right right back and you start dividing time and we were to move her back. If he is if Pres. Biden goes to use Jerusalem's symbolism is very important not just in the Middle East but everywhere when he goes there. He legitimizes these people.

I remember going into East Jerusalem with a Greek Orthodox priest and it was a terrible place and as we went back.

He said to me in Greek. We have now read left the Barbary barbarian part and were back in civilization again is what he told me as we went into what we call was Jerusalem. Again, Pres. Biden is on doing what is and what the President prompted and is undermining the legitimacy of the state of Israel and giving aid and comfort to Israeli enemies J. I really believe that to be the case of Jeff were working on. You know in international tribunals redundant at the international criminal Court are also working on international tribunals but also domestically in the United States to not allow for this divided Jerusalem, and in fact, under present from the embassy for the United States was moved to Jerusalem and told corner K-1 the President of United States, here where he goes quickly go. What he does. Perhaps powerful impact around the region around the world and trumpeting the Wailing Wall here in the heart of Jerusalem of the Holy Spirit. The old city and he made it very clear that the speech was always right.

Well as you know, the work we do at the UN trying to do 9000 of your shift reader trying to deny every temple to the chart dictate the American Jerusalem built everything but Jewish well that bike does this is a the implication are too rigid in here and it seemed intent is also news just that I think that this is interesting because there used to be a consulate in Jerusalem from the United States. It was prior. It was 100% of us were Palestinians and if that was also shut down when our embassy was officially moved from Tel Aviv to the that the capital of Israel. Jerusalem by the Trump ministration, but now you have Joe Biden is elevating a deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Israeli and housing affairs body, a mere to be the now a special envoy to the Palestinians and that units which got consumed by the Israel.

The new US Embassy in Jerusalem is now again going to be operating independently outside inside the old consulate outfit that it's not a been declared a consulate yet they will not be reporting to our US ambassador to Israel. They'll be reporting directly to Washington DC so they're already making that move the Biden administration to it looks like re-open that that whatever name you want to call it this inside Jerusalem is so disconsolate for Palestinians only rarely, when you're here on the ground together and I'm here now nearing the grandchildren United city. Some sections are more Jewish confections are more complex and one for one government and what they're doing here is literally trying to change the fact of the ground, it will affect our unity growing in unity but when the extent disruption vacancy called and basically it is a call to violence that's really what's going to ensue right out his key training is going to be violent if they do this and yes that consulate I use for humanity to go there. 130 American I would direct the conflict and it is famous for people who man the conflict absolutely anti-Semitic.

They treat you terribly and the notion that one, one office with the temperature conflict can serve Jews and Arabs together talking about and after the chart. If it's either forgetting Abraham accords to a schedule is sent from Israel in our office ACLJ Jerusalem. There is a forgetting that there's been so much progress made in the Muslim world, with the relationship with Israel which is relations would use and Arabs and they want to deny that progress and it stir up the violence in godless people to divide instead of unites us will be back for decades ACLJ has been on the frontline protecting your freedom is defending your rights in court in Congress and in the public arena. The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side, you're already a member thinking. If you're not well this is the perfect time to stand with us,, where you can learn more about our life-changing work become a member today ACLJ keeping you informed and now is Jordan secular secular, so it was a lot of break with the breaking music you're saying. Of course I know the people to talk about 164 3110.

We just had a live update from our senior counsel in Jerusalem.

So we would want to miss that we will take your calls and assessments assessment was that when the lead Clinton campaign outside councils.

I went to the FBI.

This is disputed by the way, about the FBI.

She said she chief counsel testified this is Fran, but this is what his friend said, which is that he's not there on mafic and of anybody just want to give this information over and it was about this opposing connection between Donald Trump and the alpha Russian bank in the secret server they would like communicating back and forth with all all internal. The FBI testified to that they figure out this was all baloney in a day and a day. But remember, we still had crossfire razor crossfire hurricane. So the FBI seizing on this bad information, but the jury came back today and found Sussman not guilty of the crime. I think what's important that to Leah for people is the crime that the facts are the facts and people testified to this being true to know what is the saying whether or not this was true or not it was just there will not be able to prove criminal noted Hillary Clinton said release it to the media with they didn't stay did not testify in the record that she said no to the FBI. No one had that information without people asked about that but it's kind like how much the dirty tricks and campaigns do we allow in the last before it's it's really considered criminal.

In this I think case underscores it that we we a lot of flexibility when it comes to writing a national campaign. You said something earlier things very important_here and that is this is these are old cases. So these activities took place in 2015 and 2016. We are in 2022 so very fact heavy three years worth of a Derm investigation to come up with one. One lawyer that admittedly make it a terrible thing he he. Dr. altered evidence that was submitted to the foreign intelligence surveillance Court to get a warrant on an American citizen. Carter page that prosecution resulted in in that particular case.

What happened was the prosecution resulted in a plea and he was in obviously found guilty, making plea, pled guilty, then the Sussman matter comes up which is a process crime Mandy lying to a federal agent and the problem areas. They weren't able to establish beyond a reasonable doubt criminal intent.

Like Jordan said, is not that what they said didn't happen was lack of criminal intent was, as I've said, I prosecuted a lot of cases under title 18, United States code 1001 which says you shall not knowingly and willfully lied to an agent of the federal government, which would include the FBI all right those are not easy cases to prove. You have to prove willfulness and 10 knowing you've got to show criminality on the part of the speaker and you have to also show that it is material that something significant other than just a false statement was made, this case did not get any better with age drum, I think, made a tactical mistake by dragging this out for years and years and years and he brings one count of false statement to the federal government. In this case, the FBI before a jury in the District of Columbia with which clearly wasn't in communion, though not good conviction, Brown and what you think the results going to be a mute you don't have to be a genius to know you just have to be an experienced prosecutor to understand this is setting it up for a not guilty verdict.

That's what got you thought you I don't know if there's anything left in Derm. I don't know if there's an B report. I have no idea.

The fact is, it's eight years old when you think about yeah I think this further.

You got away from it, the harder it is for juries and remember your very informative post is that the jury they are supposed to people who don't have a lot of opinions on on this and there hearing all this information either based in Washington DC so primarily there there to be Democrat. That's the truth if they look that up there and live a lot of business owners on on the jury, at least not just voters that were likely Democratic people. It actually give money to two Democrat politicians. Specifically, the one with issue in this case, we learned some new information learned Hillary Clinton, okay releasing this to the media. That's one thing that's very different building towards the FBI and not telling them why you're there, but the jury did not believe that Rose I criminality to something he should be punished as a crime is a federal crime and I had_that's that's happened that's the bar they had me with your guilty of a federal crime to secularity her focus to what hundred 684-3150 got more question about the customer matter how we will answer your questions, but pretty clear from the jury. They didn't believe that the prosecution did not prove their case to the jury, certainly.

And so he's been found not guilty.

There is important when it comes to Iran in our national security record now as supervisor for national security and foreign policy is joyous down Rick Israelis have released a document. These have a pile on because is been the by the ministrations that a very tough time and that's a good thing. Getting back into what they want is the Iran nuclear deal.

The JC POA part that tough times because the Russians are directly involved with it. They don't want us to give the US or the by the ministration of women. They were also the go-between between the US and Iran. So there's issues there by the Israel wants to pile on and make sure what you got this moment that you don't have some data know where they announce all we've rejoined this deal so they've released this new cachet of documents going back to 2003 and 2004 that's a decade more than a decade before the deal ever came together Rick where the Iranians now art art that's took IAEA documents to figure out how they could cover up their covert nuclear operations. So as a little reminder and remember I was the American spokesman at the UN for the UN Security Council issues that the US was facing during that time. In 2003 and 2004. We knew this at the time this was information that we obviously didn't want anyone to know publicly but we knew to be true. We knew the Israelis found a whole bunch of information in a storage locker that was from the Iranians.

This information was a treasure trove of really smoking guidance, showing how the Iranian regime was lying and invading the IAEA. Now the interesting part is that we totally IAEA at the time and it was really hard to get them to understand the political implications of what they were seeing. Remember that the inspectors are scientists. They don't carry guns.

They're not people that go into rooms when they're not allowed to go into rooms.

They are literally scientists that are looking for scientific evidence of what the Iranian regime is up to.

When it comes to the nuclear weapons programs so you don't have people with political skills trying to understand the implications, but it is clearly known for a long time.

The Iranian regime has been lying to the UN and the UN is done virtually nothing. So I ran you stolen documents to deceive the international atomic energy agency, Rick. The Israelis get hold of it.

As you said they the whole purpose of it was to build this false narrative that they would use as a cover story, so when the nonexistent inspections would take place. They had reasons why certain things were happening. And yet at the same time the by demonstration. I would take it knows all this right there national security team knows all this mean my goodness not followed Bennett's broadcasting this you don't live so I asked the question why in the world would we be even in the same vicinity of the Iranians trying to get a negotiated deal here when we know that they were deceiving as early as this period of time and it continue to do so. Why in the world would we sit down with them to try to work this group makes absolutely zero sense to me.

None we arrived. And remember, we knew that the Iranians have lied to the UN into the IAEA back in the voice of ministration and many people were raising the red flags say they lied about enrichment programs they lied about heavy water amount state. We knew all of the different areas that they were lying in by John Kerry during the lame ministration Coming up with excuses to say well you put pressure on the Iranians departments will corner and you know they they they have to react and so during the Obama years. We knew the Iranians had already been lying about where they were when we started the number of centrifuges. All of this information was alive.

John Kerry. Neil was alive. Barack Obama knew it was aligned VP Joe Biden then knew it was alive that this is a team of people that literally just wants a deal. They don't care what the deal is they just deal and I have to say the recommendation of Ukraine has saved us on the Iranian issue because there's a hesitancy now from the Europeans to believe or work with the Russians and won't play this strategically being released. The diversity of the US government knew about this 2003, 2004, but then it was more active fresh intelligence not getting out decade plus from that 16 years from that 70 is that and now you're the Israel of putting out that by the way, the hope we all knew this. Our allies knew this, the IAEA knew this is Rick said I would take us here is the prime Minster of Israel Naftali Bennett talking about even what they found on these documents in handwritten notes by five here it is in the Persian language hundreds of pages marked with the stamp of Iran's Ministry of intelligence. There's even some handwritten notes on the documents by senior raining officials like this one written by thin defense minister is a day he writes sooner or later they referring to the atomic agency. They will ask us and will need to have a comprehensive cover story for them. She's talking about a cover story and here's that cover story. Iran light to the world.

Iran is lying to the world again. Right now in the world must make sure that Ron doesn't get away Scott free. JM Rick knew what they were getting into. If they allowed any inspectors in say they got these documents this okay, how do we fool you pointed out your scientist are not going in there with weapons and echo. There were gods are not going there with politics or even necessarily a belief strong where the other just going there do the research on this atomic energy and sumps from 2003. Iran was already planning a campaign of if we do finally get to this deal, which at that point was probably not even something they were thinking about was even on a Nestl on the table yet under the Bush ministration, certainly not, that if we get there we gotta have a long cover story.

They play long games and that part of the world. Rick and this just underscores people like a nuclear deal. That's just pop up in 2015 they had a 10 year plan to get there. Yeah, I will make it pretty simple and oversimplified so that people understand. But the reality is that the IAEA inspectors who are scientists will only go in rooms that they are ushered into by the Iranian regime. No one else is opening doors and putting them in rooms unless the Iranian regime demands. It was one of the issues that we had back in the Bush administration say wait a minute. If the Iranians don't come clean and show rooms and let the inspectors go anywhere any time.

Remember that was the phrase used anywhere, anytime. Inspections then the whole thing is for show. We were bringing back in 2003 we were bringing evidence back to the Security Council to say they're not being upfront. They're not allowing the inspectors to say hey I think something in that room needs to be inspected and the Iranians are centered on going around and then the UN inspectors just said okay we won't go in the room they would come back to New York, they would tell the Security Council.

We didn't make it into all of the rooms that we in areas that we wanted and then there would be a vote of the Security Council and what you think what happened. The Russians and the Chinese live let it go and so you are in this problem area where we knew they were lying that they were allowed to by the UN rules and system go back to the same thing. The ministration knows this. They know that this history blindly notice history of cover-up now enough solid Bennett. As I said is laying it out there. Despite all of that. They're desperate for an arrangement that they may not be able to get it because what's happening Rossi in Ukraine, but the fact of the matter is, until then, they were desperate through these third-party intermediaries governments to get this resolved.

Even though they know all of this is fake knew it.

And the worst part about this is the dangerous aspect of allowing the Iranian regime to get weapons now what what the Obama team and now the Biden team are trying to say is, but if were all united against them.

Then we can stop them going into the rooms and I say no because the UN is not an agency that is ever going to have guns and force their way into areas to inspect and that's why Holly Bennetts find where he shows that the Iranians knew where the IAEA wanted to go with so valuable because they knew what they were up against and they disclose areas, we had one point in 2003 when they brought in dump trucks and literally convert over an area that would have shown a weapons great program but they covered it up with dirt and we saw that meant we had all the evidence and nobody here that's exactly why we found the freedom of information act request on the meeting with Sheriff and former Biden administration officials during the trumpet ministration we want to know. That's why we were headed shows how committed they are, there's the document. This is the readout from the meeting to show that even when they were out of government. They were so committed after present trumpet removing the steel US two. These US officials were back in office now are committed to getting back to this deal, their obsessed obsessive over the deal. I actually went to go meet behind the back of the trumpet ministration will meet with the Iranian ambassador at his residence in New York as it says in 2018 to talk through these issues in case they come back to power the Rick I appreciate you joining us as always, I hope support the work of ACLJ we are uncovering this information because of our legal work we play the long game to an AC of support our work today will be right back to security or focus or one 800 684 31 two that's 100-6431 10 were not ignored course news it's breaking in and we talked about Susser but if you're just joining us how you call coming about that Michael. Subsequently, he was a top outside counsel to the Clinton campaign provided this info to the FBI. The issue was did he lie intentionally to the FBI did rise to criminal conduct when he when he didn't disclose that he was there on behalf of the Clinton campaign, which even they had evidently build the Clinton campaign for the time he was at that FBI meeting, but said he was just there as a concerned citizen to his friends who was the General Counsel of the effort at the time James Baker. He also testified today. This, my friend, but this is what he said so I get a lot information Reese found not guilty.

People are not happy about this. I will tell you again when this is that the only charged if she was these 1001 charges it's it's a pretty access to a high bar as a criminal matter.

Also, I think it just taken way too long a lot of lot of issues here which are problematic. We did learn from this trial that Hillary Clinton okayed this being released to the media did not. They didn't know and testify that she okay to be going to the FBI.

Those that can. It ended there, but I want to take Terry's call Terry Cullen from California online to hey Terry verdict compared to the whole Michael Flynn situation. Yeah, I mean there was Michael Flynn's case had a bayberry initially entered a plea then the plea which withdrawn the end and I went to him, which is different reality. If you are not yet the FBI went to him, so it said it was a different situation.

Same allegation any thousand one by same allegation thousand one violation exactly what exact making a false statement willfully and knowingly making a false statement to a government agent what happened in the assessment case. A jury found that there was no criminal intent and Michael Flynn's he had. He pled out so before J present before the jury.

He actually pled in with live writing his kid and never letting his kids.

I do think it does show you this bottom-line difference between Democrats and Republicans. I get treated specially Washington DC's federal court system. I mean, I don't think that's a controversial statement to make a roux and try to ruin Michael Flynn's life and career and family right. The member that was Jim Toby say we just sent them in the FBI we just sit and wait until he got weakness with notifying the first day there were a couple of days so in his right hand out of the set up the meeting and in Michael Flynn's is okay I afterwards coming to that show. By the shirt. So there you go and see very different wrong. If you disagree, but this the jury. This was a very Mike Flynn had initialed that did not go before the jury right and so again I think it does show the distant despairs of the different treatment.

I believe we know that we talked about the weaponization of these agencies all the time to pray after the fact. That's the problem. Now these cases, you can't let me change focus a little bit here. We've got an issue at the United Nations, international matters that we are very very concerned about RCC reviewing some drafts of Bob documents were preparing right now what what is exactly going on here. So where were discussing the issue of Nigeria and how the Secretary of State's and took Nigeria off the list of the countries of particular concern and I'll just get a little significant is significant because the International religious Freedom act of 1998 established the international religious freedom office within the State Department. They do annual reports and if the country is designated as a country of particular concern. That list goes over to Congress, and Congress can do take some actions either policy actions at to stop the persecution and if the policy actions don't take effect and don't actually stop the persecution I can actually deed and economic actions against countries so remaining Nigerian. What's funny is on the course trumpet administration had them as a country of particular concern and blinking removed my day before he went in and visited Nigeria and Nigeria and what's amazing about Nigeria secretion is killed for their faith every two hours and 2021 more Christians were murdered than any other country, and the Christians murdered their accounted for 80% of Christian deaths worldwide. So you tell me why we would live Nigeria; in these other and the government and the government is a 20-year-old girl just earlier this month Christian girl that was brutally murdered by think is 180 Muslims and there were people there were security near their police. They did not do anything. This is why the ACLJ when these things happen on here. The United States government and is taken the wrong action we respond to our government saying you know basically you're wrong here and lay out the case on why the wrong that's exactly right. And that's what were doing. We are looking at this horrible situation and Nigeria. Lincoln made a terrible mistake by taking them off the list of countries of particular concern. SEC just pointed out, Christians are being persecuted.

Their villages are burned are being murdered their being destroyed left and right all over the Nigerian Republic. Why in the world with the Biden administration through the Secretary of State remove them from a country of particular concern. We want to find out why you did this gotta be up at the study purpose behind it. So whether it's it's that Nigerian government but again it was a statement, it was saying that your income you need to do more. The USA get this is a problem you have. Protect your own citizens checked your own people and say this thing is is an economic issue as it is or something. Something going on that but that's what are our our work is about, but is an interesting one because it just like the Iran when uncovered is the getting this information, it is possible to get this information when you when you go for then I can give it. You can only voluntarily but I think this one to the group like the ACL trading be paying attention to what Iran is one thing Ron makes front pages of the time Nigeria does not right and so we we have been very we are very focus there because you have this massive Christian population. A big Muslim population used to live in relative peace and it had a system of government that shared power between the religious group is kind of gotten murky thereto about about the with the way that was supposed to run silently. It is very important to know why was it such an early action. Why would the body restrict this so early in the administration make a foreign policy decision like this easy and that's what we have we have a letter going to sect.

I blinking asking requesting to redesignate Nigeria is a country of particular concern and we also are preparing a FOIA request to find out just why it was removed and it is very important and it is interesting that they were removed a day before Sec. blinking visited Nigeria so you know what the purpose was.

I don't now, but nothing has changed in Nigeria for nothing for the better. That's right, nothing for the better. So why would they be removed from that.

It was interesting. My Pompeii when he was on the broadcaster couple weeks back said that he remembered as a secretary, said he said that the work of the ACLJ was helpful in getting the designation of the country, particularly of particular concern for Nigeria that was coming from the Secretary of State who they knew of our work.

You know, as a secretary state Nyquist Parmer team and so now we have to go back and figure out what happened, why because the Christian persecution going on there is significant we may take action at the United Nations as welders. There's ways to do that to bring these issues up and whip up all these periodic reports so were fully engaged in this function were last day of the month. Here we encourage and support the work of the ACLJ that's right you do that it adultery today all this work that we do all that we talked about today were involved in all is with that to so all all of this is something you know that he was ACLJ engagingly encourages sport work is why were able to continue our work expand our work. It's because your financial support good today.

It would launch new initiatives to revise AC objection great support there for that but ACLJ is still the main organization behind all of this work and we need your support as we plan for the for the future as we continue to work today as we have to also be ready for these massive battles in the postop era for life donate today?

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