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Texas Tragedy: Real Solutions Needed Now

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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May 25, 2022 3:24 pm

Texas Tragedy: Real Solutions Needed Now

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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May 25, 2022 3:24 pm

Yesterday, we witnessed another school shooting that left 21 dead, 19 of them being children. With heavy hearts, Jay, Jordan, and the Sekulow team discuss this latest tragedy and what needs to be done to help stop this type of senseless violence.


Massacre Texas we need real solutions now. What happened involving is a horrific tragedy that cannot be tolerated, but instead Texas and there is swift action taken by local law enforcement as well as the Texas Department of Public Safety want to hear from you Sharon.

Most common call one 800 683110 Paris drop their kids off to school to have every expectation to know their child up when the school day ends and door families who work in the morning right now in the state of Texas is an morning with the reality of these parents, children, and J tragic day to come will not issue any public statements at the American Center for Law and Justice. We wanted to address this with our audience on our radio broadcast or social media broadcast on word and focus broadcast today on what we do in the situation I just came from a few minutes ago my my grandkids school where they had and works are more and I think the police officer who is protecting my grandkids for the work he did this year and I was thinking about the situation in Texas and we have to stop saying things like, there's no solution to this, there are solutions to this for you to get into our building. You have to go through it with a calm and trap and is it doors don't just open people Logan can even get into the studio that work here. There's technology we have to start you and this is the require putting America's interest verse. I don't mean that in the political way.

I mean it this way, you do have to evaluate when used when Congress is working to send you know $80 billion over to Ukraine would be better to spend on school security in the United States. I mean we start we have to start asking those hard questions.

I think it's prioritizing what's happening in this country beyond the beyond politics just beyond what's happening in society. We discussed this earlier, there is a lot of technology we can get into some of it would not be that difficult technology is been around for decades and brand-new technologies happen right now. The global conversation in the in the country.

Conversation is mass shootings, but maybe our first should be school shootings and actually say okay we made a bill of right now solve everything in terms of mass shootings is as horrible as it is, but maybe we can focus on the most vulnerable being our kids if we can do that, then at least there's a small wind there and say okay we know there are certain things that can be done if we are going to have our tax dollars spent somewhere if we're to have that happen.

I don't think you could have a lot of people upset you spending it spending on music during school step.

You can have it being spent on thousands of things, which is being spent on. I'm sure some of it is, but mass level that could be taken or you have to say your government doesn't care if people got to step up and start doing it themselves and you have to have organizations that are going to step in and we have to try to solve the problems. Actually, it's the political mainstream moves that restaurant during go-ahead doors on location but go ahead. To me it's just as our parents saying that news is incredibly troubling. We talked about the idea of thoughts and prayers, and that this is not enough course prayer is powerful and that it's important to do that somehow we can answer all these problems that God gave us a brain to come up with solutions. We see that there's a pattern here and as a father with three kids in school this as you can understand it shakes everybody to their core to their core because it is always one of these kids or few of these kids in the school will in the classroom were a little scary to see the little dangerous and a little off, and it seems like no one is because this may be that culture were afraid to speak up about the stories they like during the breaker because I wanted some conversation going to cause 100 684-3110 will be back in the car.

Social media platforms were to stay logs I want to follow up on those points is really important everybody.

We are to be talking about what we think are solutions that could be implemented and in the strategy were facing to say our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Texas those parents.

Of course they are.

But you can keep saying this, that God knows that you can keep saying that is not answering the question were taking your calls at 800-684-3110 not but I want to start with this, an 18-year-old gunman goes into a elementary school goes into a classroom and kills 19 students into teachers and minutes. Initial reports are from the Associated Press that a loan initially customs and border patrol agent have been maligned in the press arrived on the scene and went inside the building without backup, another stall being verified that appears they were shot at and was injured is okay is happened in a matter of minutes was not a security officer that was not police officer on site.

There was not a locked door situation and work and be talking about this from how do we fix this and I think is the American people. This is not we have not cannot let this become a political issue, it can't be about gun control or about more guns. It's none of that is relevant to this okay and it isn't that people say you know you could pass laws.

This guy would've gotten if you had background checks and more background checks you want to qualify now. There were a lot of red flags on his social media. A lot of red flags to figure out a can that be done better, but I think that the start with the target. Unfortunately, the target is America's public schools and private schools. It's America's schools. And this is this is the target to spend $1 billion to do it so very brilliant having them in. It's not that difficult, as you said both universities. Now, most private businesses think about going on vacation to go to.

I will return to this deal go to Walt Disney World you wear a wristband that a track, everywhere you are and you scanning is not allowed in everywhere it doesn't exit like the access point get you everywhere. That's all it needs to be these be situations like that work. Your kid is a wristband, or some kind of card that gets them into the rooms that they need to be able to get into and not other places because sometimes this does happen Obstet happen, but I did some of these others where its students within the school. So you have to have other points as well yet to be able to stop the exit.

Whether it's this new kind of metal detectors. We walk through electric Cove. It gives a walk-through detector.

As we all live now watch the security do it live to check your temperature as you walked in there so someone sitting there with a little get out the monitor.

This was active live checking your your temperature as you walk through an archway. You know you're walking through. If we have that kind of technology. We certainly have the technology to secure the yeah the entry points to the schools and secure exit in the next step.

Then secure the individual classrooms who and what good does anyone have who is not meant to be a classroom who can't knock and go we'll go into such a flock you think about that way like what bad would that be if your kid had a wristband that could get them into their their classroom and they can get to the bathroom and they can walk the halls and the need to do the dinner kid from another class or honestly another staff member could even necessary access that they could knock on the door. The teacher could come talk to the these are your people regarding same Too far. It doesn't hurt the police, police states Like a prison is Sue Selby you know if this is a situation where you only come up with their environment you not complaining about it, like the people coming to our offices and complain they go through a security checkpoint which have in our offices on both levels of our office and you do a lot of different places in the new get like you said, we've doors within doors within doors, some for safety some for a lot of different expensive equipment is not all just letters I can get into her worry. All right, now that's 80% of them cannot write the people who work on their show And that's okay.

Let's wait should be yeah I think that you don't look at as a police state that that's that's different when you look at his head and protect people in vulnerable situations.

We know the people in airports when they're standing in line or horrible situation. So if our regards while they're going through security because they're in a vulnerable situation because her standing in line had crammed together. I we also know that most office buildings, and most people are talking to right now. The work in the big office building. You got the security.

Why should your kids while you're at work have had similar or even more security because they are children and again I think that there are there are ways to do this using local law enforcement using retired veterans we can get into the into the specifics of this but the truth is displayed on our country and I want to send this out because I am a supporter of the Second Amendment and I know our listeners are, but these go on too many times were to be on the losing side of that issue.

So let's make sure.

Let's make sure we do support common sense legislation to secure our schools so that we are able to protect our constitutionally given rights.

There's no nothing. The second movement, and said, you simply can't be everywhere and you can have any security you can have as much security as a school could afford and listen I think about it every single day. Even before these incidents because of previous incidents of what would happen in the schools walking through the school my kids go to walk the character about how they lock down this section and lockdown that section so I was up. I mean I saw last night we were nearly in tears were traveling right now and an insulin in tears just see this news because you look at your own kids. You look how helpless they are in those kind of situations and and you and you realize there were not enough people there to help me. You know that I'm taking one step further on that. I want you put yourself in the position of a 79-year-old who's going to drills on what to do and the bad person comes to the classroom and and I want to say let's not let the bad person come to the classroom and I don't think that's wishful thinking. We are the United States of America. We send money all over the globe, aliens, and billions and trillions of dollars all over the globe. Leave a comment for Erica probably says with all the money that the government surpassing out of the last few years feels like this could happen with the stroke of literally stroke a pennant but I think there's resources already available is going take a call.

This is an interesting one line 5 guttering day in North Carolina line 5 John the hell I thank you for all your day I heard an interview with Texas Atty. Gen. Ken Paxton, barely an hour ago. He stated that in 2013, Texas had passed law and status crowdfunding to allow local school districts Qubec that and train volunteers, and school staff to conceal carry on school grounds that the children could be protected in the local school districts had failed to take advantage of the funding and the law.

We absolutely have to do is get new school boards that's that's I get to politically but I know that does happen and states have done that my the way you got you got retired police officers you've retired military that had been trained that can be retrained or have retraining going on and it could not be an option. As a man is as if object like it. We state needs a patent on the dozens that we are funding available, says we are requiring that and we've allocated the funds for that every school in Texas, Tennessee, wherever it is utilized these funds to hire this many secured resort security resource officers trained this many volunteers that can carry weapons to secure the campus and to put the technology in place. Not saying we have it available if you like it you have to do it.

I don't know if that's too much to ask at all and it so that we can get done.

Hopefully your rather quickly, maybe try to come up with some of these things again the magic I get to step up and do stuff yourself. I which the fortunate that's is all of this becomes politicized immediately from both sides of the aisle immediately jumped to their two separate sides and start arguing with stead. We need we put our biases aside, you put your Coppola politics aside and say okay.know it's in favor of mass shootings. There was in favor of school shootings so we can all agree on that. Maybe that's the first step is one thing we can agree as a nation politically, privately, really nobody wants this to happen. Though nobody wants this to happen.

There has to be solutions and people. Similar solutions are so hard, but the reality solutions aren't that hard, even if they are hard because we don't try. It may not prevent everyone. By the way right so I may not permit everyone but but we should. She states available.

It should be. This is required during what I think. Here's the issue. We support this right seems common sense. The teachers union. So the same manner school band and weapons and Cecil right after Logan's point of the one part of unity that we get is that we don't want to have this in our countries unacceptable. The second point can have a conversation yet. Unfortunately, we can have it thrown broadcast. We cannot have this conversation yet with the other side they got to catch up and realize there is a Second Amendment it's not going away. You try to take away courts. The courts of said no not just this recent Supreme Court previous Supreme Court, so that's not going anywhere to you got it you got to talk to us to get a talk to both sides of the issue to come up with the solutions that we all agree on. But we gotta get past the unions got get past the interest groups eventually going to make the state you the mandate that states laws replace the states epic by the comment on YouTube, occurrences, visit the school board meetings now have more security than the schools themselves while they do everything has more security than schools themselves, I'm stuck. Let's start with annexing the thing about that from needing a place that has less security than school. Maybe a grocery store.

Maybe that's what you think about an art was in your kit.

We met with Montague because of 864 30 the horror of this is just so unspeakable to pay parents to bring in DNA material because the way which this crazed gunman did this crime and horrific act made some of the kids unrecognizable and it's this is just that this is just what we want to do in this broadcast is a talk about. I only got design. I'm sick of hearing the three things I'm sick of hearing there's no solution to this because there are additional prevent a solution from an everyone but there are solutions number two.

Make it a priority like Logan set out let's start with the schools and in we have the resources meant to reallocate those resources.

Mother places that mean please number two and number three. If there are red flags with somebody you got a spate speak up and say something Assisi house joining us now. I want to get date cc your reaction to this.

I think now as it is apparent.

This is every parent's worst nightmare on my children are in college now, but I spent the whole time when they are in school elementary school just worrying about their safety.

You do you worry about safety and I can think you know what I might my issues was always can have locked doors just something simple as as making sure that every door is locked and the people can't get in on it to school and Cheney's children without being having to go through some process of being vetted it before they can come in and so I think there are some practical things that it could happen and I don't know all the specifics yet of what happened here. I think they're still trying to determine how he got in school but a lot of times I will just walk and one that is not acceptable to me as a painter and evidently he was engaged in a car accident and there were some maybe some police engagement. There were they walked into the school.

There's video them walking into the school.

Apparently, the door was open. They walked in and it was just you know and and eat you gotta harden the target since it's all it's is is old-fashioned is that and I think that's what we gotta recognize your living use of the technology has really improved drastically in the last three years yeah tracking technology security technology detectors.

A lot of that is change magnetic locks is a lot that's gone into a trust me I know we we built this facility worked a lot on it and that was 5+ years ago and I'll probably update attends documents validated, but there's certainly more came out of covert a lot of of security protocols is kind of things you said those all got implemented all of the covert protocols that have omitted very quickly in the school to get keep kids back in a lot of places, like I know a lot of places they didn't but they did states I griped they were a permitted fairly fast even with very strict, so we know that technology can get there and that we can move to the next spot you had it out when you think about the images and temperature checks that were happening at one point in our schools with a first direct every kid in the carpool line door was open.

Temperature was checked that I got to go, and by the time we got sort of to midway through the pandemic. They had these incredible technology cameras that were built on sensors and by the time you walked in the door.

Everyone who walked in there temperature is being taken leave no that exists on for other things that exist for infrared scanning selected for magnetic locks at 5D and mainly for I sent them the main thing feels like the most simple is if some sort of badge or pass. You have a good I had a college 20 years ago which says that door you get that door you can't and someone decides that's it.

So it's not that hard and I was 20-year-old technology oriented economy. But Jordan, the fact the matter also is what were really saying. Make it a priority. Harden the target and don't make this optional was schools don't say these resources are available site.

You gotta use these resources in Tulsa got Gavin's a good friend of ours, a Democrat from Hawaii and a special forces member of our US Armed Forces. She wrote we grieve for the 21 who were killed in Texas today for grieving is not enough. You could have and must now take commonsense actions to prevent these tragedies like exhibit talk about today establishing single points of entry into schools are guards trained staff and mental health services. So again this multipronged approach, but you look at it you can you can you get your school down to a single entry, especially once the school day begins you. I know that's how I think that works it in my kids school is that there might be multiple points of entry during drop-off and pickup because you get different age groups coming out, but during the school day. There is one door that's it and that's where the security officer is all the other doors are already locked study right away there. That's something that the schools can make sure is that initially there huge schools or done at least a multiple entry level in each of those entries you have armed guards and I think the second point, as you might have to look at morbid Israel model where the gods are showing the gods are drawn and I know that's a different situation were used to.

But, but, honestly, handguns are tough to fight against assault weapons and if you're someone who wants to keep your second movement rights, including assault weapons, then you might realize that it might be. We want law enforcement officials like likely soccer 9/11 of the streets of Yorkshire Windows weapons like we see outside our office right now in Washington DC in preparation for the Roe versus Wade decision with with not just handguns at the ready, but assault weapons at the ready when you get it. It's a change for the country, but we should. We have to change the country were growing as a contributor. Keep getting bigger.

As a country and we know this is a play on our country and it is scaring parents across the country.

It is, it is very scary to to go to bed to this news to wake up to the students to think about all the moments of the day your kid is in a similar situation. I want to go: number one exam answers the question I Tony's calling Texas a line 120. Welcome good. I think we got about target, which is on par and not backtracking like you're listening to Dukas is making itself everybody your guy think you're hearing your radio until you hold check backup on a basis to go and get back on the minutes of the next segment.

Okay a part of this is CC what I'm saying Logan ensuring everybody. This can just beat we can't make this optional for school board right it has to be the states and the federal government working together think. Here are the resources put them they have to be put in place that needs to be a priority house next need that's exactly right. We act at the same safety measures and protections in place to protect our children when they are at school we have a transportation safety ministration US at last night Logan we sent the TSA to secure the airports we need to do the same kind of thing. Maybe in the state level for the school's state level I matter how that all works and how we lay that out, but I only have so many issues in terms of school boards in the situations there that maybe these restatement meetings, the federal babies. The private I don't know the needs to be someone stepping up and saying that that this can be done in most schools. Hopefully your school system will say yes if the resources were available we would take it for those that won't. As you said it needs to be mandatory is to be in.

I don't think the optional thing works this you know what is it not were quite invited schools. Why would they say no well what Jordan said could be teachers unions to be saying we don't want that in schools week they think it it creates the risk the truth of the matter is that people can get weapons as much as you'd like to say that doesn't happen.

Bad people can get weapons bad people get weapons you have to meet that with the security threat like you would at the airport like you would at our studios like you would at the courthouse with other people that are trained that have weapons to protect those that are inside and you don't stated that the airport is not an option. Okay, it's not an option that you have security protocols at the airport. It's not enough for courthouses that you have armed, but usually share personnel protecting the courthouse is not an option. That's the law and I think that's would gotta get back to write Willie back for the second half hour of secular.

If you don't get this on your local radio station for listening over there are broadcasting live right now on all social media platforms Facebook, YouTube, rumble. You can also find us on go live and on the ACLJ ACLJ's been on the frontline protecting your freedom is defending your rights in court in Congress and in the public arena. The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side, you're already a member thinking. If you're not well this is the perfect time to stand with us,, where you can learn more about our life-changing work become a member today ACLJ form is now rearing in the end of the school year with his regularly celebrate the beginning of summer vacation. We never have another mass shooting on and on and elementary school with the 19 dead fourth-graders by an 18-year-old with a weapon and most media broadcast hearing debates about the Second Amendment during debates about what we're giving it you know what they're debating. Let's talk about reality then there's three realities here. Second limits in the Constitution so that summer. It's there so it's not going away to not everybody should have guns. Okay, you got it usually requirements. We know that three bad people.

It should have guns can still get a that's just reality. So then what do you do what's the practical solution of what you do when our airplanes and airports were under attack after 9/11, we harden the target.

So what we need to do here is harden the target that I was at my grandkids school today and I'm thinking the same thing that everybody on our broadcast is thinking right now and that is what's the protection like what is it on think that Mike, what would it be like as you will gin you think about that Alaris most people. Most parents think about that every day you think about that. Once we go there for grandparents the day or whatever is most of us drop our kids off at school and think of it every morning and it is the first thing in the lasting as they get the car it crosses your mind, it has now for people by the last 20 years.

30 years and is now since Columbine really, but as a become a regular Parkland and with Sadie Huck.

Those things start happening and it's hard to not think about that every single day and truthfully they're my kids are in elevators school when picking out a school may be the number one thing we looked at was how will security be here beyond how the athletics and how is this department it's is will I feel comfortable letting my kid got a car going into this building for after date when I'm not there and I can letting your telly right. My children are older than college, but I can I'm exactly right there with you every day that they were in a school. I worried about their safety and and you do you wonder what's can happen in and help them pray that their protecting. I think parents really just need to get involved and engaged talk got your school board meetings. Ask what the safety policies are and if they don't have ones that are sufficient and push push for that for the efforts to protect your check during my I think we needed. I think it has to be.

Here are the safety efforts not not let them start thinking of them.

I mean I think you gotta put them in place during the gotta be mandatory just like we are in the airports we can do the same thing at school. We have unintended Virginia online six is a former police officer. I think he agrees a lot of over talking is utilizing four police officers offering tax credits and incidents like that to volunteer once a week with your weapon to protect the school hated that I have ever heard and to hear you're right we do have a right to Second Amendment and I heard a guy on the radio last night you said that guns have killed 40,000 people blob Loblaw. We've got to stop my questionnaires to the boat. She said their shops. Then there are Starbucks copy shop question.

Folks respectfully are you an extra shot of your right to your cells. To be honest, a lot of people see what happens in the mind does jump jump jump to welcome and unprotected now in the Morgans get in the system and become slow another problem and that is it a a solution think about. I don't think anyone logically went through through any of these things it doesn't. The graphic they're not going to gun owner go will do I need to be now reliving the society where it's a necessity Sabbath. Sadly that's how it feels pretty marginal importance of the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with an in the school of initial admin windows. This was a good guy with a gun stop is unfortunately better security .5 yes's and technologies and really get into all that will take your calls as well. At 1-800-684-3110 more.

Is everyone look we got a harden the target. That's the ACLJ's position. You gotta make the schools safe. It can't be an option we needed utilize in my mind there's three or four things that can be done number one technology to control the doorways. The entry points. We have been called mantra you open one door unless you gotta pass that's electronically done. You open one door. You can even get into the second door to let the doors close. You'll get into that door until you're cleared and and then your met by armed Sheriff's that get take your information before you go forward.

I mean that's just how weak that's how we do it and so schools could be told, that sounds good be to allocate the resources to do that but we can't make it optional I mean there is this probably going out with the with the school with the unions on some of this but what they want unions don't want this kind of tragedy either so that there's common sense here Harry Hutchinson is doing is area wanted to get your kind in your director policy year gets your oversight of the situation is tragic is horrible as it is. Thanks, Jack, first I would say this shouldn't have to be sad some people are simply evil. That said, there are a number of commonsense measures that we can and we should take to protect society's most vulnerable and we should do it quickly.

We should not wait. If we can find resources to send abroad we should begin to reallocate those resources to our most vulnerable population. And so I think hopefully we can reach common ground on at least that particular point.

So yes we should harden the target we should control entry doors we should require armed and trained guards and I agree we should not make these measures optionally with school board right and we should make it a priority.

And I think the big problem with respect to all of the mass shooting since her society is that we don't make this a priority.

It becomes basically a news story for 24 hours 48 hours. 72 hours after and then virtually nothing happens and I also think society should have a deeper conversation conversation about how our society has been destabilized, particularly the family structure and how we have failed young males in our society, but that is secondary to the I would call it the emergency situation of protecting our most vulnerable right here right now. Let's go the files it had to give away a long time to talk and not caring on the airline for kids here. There my career with psychologist fire ground children in my mind were controlled fires and tornadoes that my darling Ricky stopped needs to be a member of the current probably regularly scheduled learning curve here and her children should be common ground for any conversation about our school children. Concurrent teacher union and I questioned and carried as to plaintiff stating I have to different age children are safe. Two sets of twins and I have an older son. When my son started. They kind of started to implement ease now is getting close to 10 they started to implement. Maybe it is kindergarten and first grade so great these drills drills about how get Evelyn triggered Kendra and they were very careful with it but it became a topic of discussion very quickly. Now my daughters who came in three years later, it is very commonplace for them.

They don't even tell us if it happens, school is a test will tell you what school often say, hey were doing this today actually usual site after the fact that Watkins be even aware beforehand. They'll let you know after it's happened, but my daughters are kind of numb to it because it's just like a tornado drill. It's just like a fire drill. It's just that so that was yes you are right, but sadly you got also have a whole generation of kids to grow up with. That's normal. The inevitability of something like this happening just like the availability of a bad storm we you know what word where she's actually right.

We can't stop a tornado right but you know what and journey talked about this earlier can't stop a tornado. We can secure the facility. That's right, we need to make these highly secure facilities not treating kids like prisoners, but this mostly in the school during a certain period of time and also be outside the school, so making where there is a single entry point. If a parent needs to count the schools that my kids attend. That's how it works. If you need to come you got a ring the bell will talk to you confirm your identity then you go into an entryway where their security. That's well before you got anywhere in your classrooms I'm talking about preschool and kindergarten here so I mean Talk about that. The base schools but that they've already done that and so I think that what all these other schools need to do is realize this if you got someone who is really motivated by evil to kill it might not be that one security officers enough schools may be too large for one person and in this case that security officer I was was taken out immediately by the shooter. So it it to me. It is a plague on the nation and is a plague on her children because they need to learn for us to compete as a society, our kids must be educated in it and on the top of their mind is will I survive the day. They're not going to be able to compete with kids in other countries of the world, education wise, you're right, commonsense measures charting what you said and just making sure it's not so easy to get in school that's only been talking about all day. No searches, commonsense simple measures that can be implemented immediately and then NJ here right to. This should not be an option children. She had priority in their protection should be a priority and it should be mandatory that our children are protected ashe comments it on social media follow all the people back and forth and some people are have their own conversations and nothing to do with this, but you have a lot of people who are saying you were going too far maybe as a leader you need to be doing this in the schools when you are making it a jail for them in your you're not letting Natalie. These freedoms meet the on the other side gets a people out of their sight yellow you build a wall and and maintain our argument protect the country well again. Sure, but let's take that step one more insight let's first start will protect you just our kids. Beyond that, then you can take that broader to other things to figure out the loss because having security at the door and having the magnetic door lock and hearing person also yeah it's it's not exactly the same as large office here and we've got all the security measures in place and it's appropriate protocols in place here with all the protocols and like you said the nurses sit systemic problems that are also wood and symptomatic problems here, but there is the basic of you got a target that is pierced easily protected that's not hard. I don't think it's hard but I think what makes it difficult is. Everything gets politicized so quickly in our society so that we virtually solve nothing and leave then are back to square one. Everyone is scoring points against the other side, and I think at the end of the day.

The most vulnerable citizens in our country. They suffer again and again and one wonders how to cut through this political maze where one side is attacking the other side and the mass shooters are escaping our scrutiny as a society, it's got to be multiple layers and there's reports now that there was a school security guard that may have been actually shot yeah this is where the composition of the lower part of the broke out. Vince you get that is necessary at the door.

You don't get in the facility.

This is what's been reported as what is that there's a lot of things being reported on this including that there was multiple engagements with this perpetrator of this crime outside the school at the car wreck with multiple police officer, but he got away. None of this makes sense to me. By the way I say something else.

How is it you know. 18 hours later we don't know that what happened from the police officers that were on the scene. This is what you know, I know it's a small police to the Texas Rangers are there all this is that you would think they could do a Jordan go and we are less than a minute. Yeah I just think that as a nation. This is a time we can't let these moments pass and we might as the conservatives have to fight really, really tough here because we are against unions whose whole idea is very politicized of their life love of an assault rifles hundred percent that were not good at what I do have a conversation with you. That's the problem in America right now is it those Americans who support the Second Amendment understand the rights in our Constitution need to be able to have discussions about school security with people who may disagree. We can't just start off I say what we disagree on that sort of talk about it all. That's not very American.

This about protecting kids, not Republicans or Democrats case that should be our number one priority.

Americans protecting our children to make the break we can take your calls 864 3110 normal phone calls in order of how you called only a first looking to the program. Col. West Smith was also a Episcopal priest, and westward as we do, which is one of our panels they will want to get your kind. Your thoughts upfront and heartbreaking. I think all of us felt deep, deep, heartbreaking emotion when this came across the news yesterday us so much so much. I think that there are number of things we can do sometimes with all due respect to our elected political leaders. They want a quick answer that doesn't cost much that it does require sacrifice addressing this problem as you mentioned today Jay is going to require intentional action and some sacrifice. I agree with you that schools need to have the same set kind of security that we have at courthouses in the airport and all the other places I meet every level, elementary, middle school, high school, the whole thing. The other thing I think is not being addressed. It does not apply in this case, but it did in Buffalo is the home mental health issues and mental illness and domestic violence undoing the military. If any soldier was convicted EBV and minor domestic violence, they were forbidden to be issued a military weapon and therefore their career was over, we need to take that kind of approach in society with people who are violently mentally ill or who are convicted of domestic violence that they can't legally get away that will not keep them from getting one illegally. Of course, but you and I were talking before radio today.

I still think, and this is the long fix this.

Probably there is no fix, but I think as American society. We have a spiritual societal cultural problem. We allow so much hate fuel speech and things to go unchecked, we are often especially with the advent of social media unkind to each other in in our education system nihilism. It is impacting us. This idea that we live in a value neutral culture that there are no moral absolutes, and of no objective truth.

I think even though that's not directly related to gun violence. It impacts who we are people so that the fix is to this other than I think we can quickly will be expensive but we need to spend the money.

The quick fix right now is to harden our school make him hard target. But beyond that, I think we need to address some of the other wider issues in our culture.

I was fixing phone call and I will scar the order that they called and let's go Mike in Kentucky on line 5 Mike got there, Mike, and beat my brains out for shooting into the school about putting that to door system. It works longer but what about the $40 billion.

We sent overseas that we could accused here in our own country to protect our kids. Mike I said the same thing this morning is not to denigrate know the situation in Ukraine, but we got have priorities and then by the way, 40 billion.we've got. I mean, there's $102 billion of coven money for schools. That's not been utilized. There's lots of billions of dollars we join that's putting up part of the Washington problem here is you know is getting allocated but then it's got to be.

I really think we have to make this not optional. I think we have to set it whether it state legislation federal legislation we need to be thinking about that from a legal standpoint, but it's got me. Here's what you have to do schools to be built.

This is the safety and security requirements that will be required free to operate just like we have a TSA for the airport. Yes, I think there could be protocols put in place for new schools. I have talked about for any new schools are going to be built and how to retrofit the old wheel schools and that's what you call a retrofitting so that they meet the standards of the new schools. That's where cost more money. That is, we know were spending billions and billions of dollars in war in Eastern Europe when we passed these massive spending bills with lots of pork added week and I actually probably right now we could find this money without having to pass the legislation we have to have it redirected, we can probably find this money in the federal budget right now that would secure our schools. What it would take is Republicans and Democrats, putting aside the gun debate issue in the Second Amendment issue which a constitutional right. Put that aside and let's start with is low into securing our schools and if they are unwilling to have that conversation that shame on the left. Shame on the left is getting is called the bride is calling Missouri.

My one year there are a bright good demand for everything you do, the top military in the world and there's a lot of men and women that lambasted all across this nation that are not busy and they needed to avoid into the school to protect my drink is your great grandkids in a way that we can stop this mess benefiting is were going to break the story but we deftly know we need to change the laws so the younger people who turn 18 think they get an AR is not possible yet and you know I totally totally get that enlistment on that. So they, retired military, retired police current military and that's an issue of policing policy, some of the Odyssey establishes that there are there tens if not hundreds of thousands of veterans who are trained in weapons we can give them refresher courses and I think many veterans would volunteer usually have to pay them. They will volunteer to provide security schools as a service as a community and I do agree with the caller. If you're if you can't buy beer should be able to buy a rifle at 18 years old. That's not a popular thing to say. That is how I feel in the counter. That is our military men and women are a team and in the military in a given weapon. Yes and later controlled access right and there are some states that will allow them to buy beer because her in the military to and that's okay maybe if you join the military you can buy beer and again, maybe. But you know what the problem is the problem is we cannot. This cannot be Sandy Hook and we don't do anything for the next 10 years exactly okay or Parkland. And we do nothing for 10 years with which we can't do this. This is this is a terrific fragilis running a medical IL strike in Alaska because Jack in Texas, there are called. I just wanted to share with you. I'm actually probably comfort, which is just a little bit north of Dallas and I just wanted to share that our school district actually has security cameras and went on already in place but they have the ability the local police department has the ability to have a dedicated team Oceanside that monitors all schools were to happen they can dial in really quick and see what going on to, but I quickly get the police there in a timely manner is the thing. I think that's that's great to be part of the system, but you know that lag time between when the incident happens and when the shooter shooting it can be seconds, minutes, you gotta prevent them getting it like we do at the airport you don't get past the terminal right on and on air.

Then a whole classroom can be done exactly what happened. We have to make it difficult to get into the gym, so I mean I think all the security monitors are great and the research opposite are great but you got.

You can't ignore these to be sorry you can't just walk into the school. There's gotta be like we have the traps become the door tracks decant into the schools.

I don't overtime his eyes, because we try we did energize that when Sylvania very quickly so I row time right up quick testing 13 year yes I'm not a paramedic tonight hi biology and country felt when I hear it that year that I taught wine active shooter training class and you know we want to focus on education, but we help teachers applied what they told that they need to feel and hear something out here, even a doctor believed in the classroom OR first class. Something that we need a lot of these can be taken care of.

You're absolutely right to comprehensive exam be comprehensive, and it can't be just a discussant. We have to take action when we didn't say anything yesterday other than grieving with the rest of the country on this and wanted to save it for today. So we have an hour-long intelligent conversation on a tragic situation. Let's take action on this work and was talking

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