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HOURS AWAY: Senate Votes To Codify Roe v. Wade

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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May 11, 2022 1:31 pm

HOURS AWAY: Senate Votes To Codify Roe v. Wade

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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May 11, 2022 1:31 pm

Senate Majority Leader Schumer is forcing a vote in just hours on an unconstitutional bill that would expand abortion and make Roe permanent. This vote comes on the heels of a leaked draft opinion by the Supreme Court that, if it were the final version, would overturn Roe. Jay, Jordan, and the rest of the Sekulow team give the latest details and provide their expert insight and analysis ahead of the vote. This and more today on Sekulow.

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Just a few hours this to try Roe versus Wade all enjoyed Marsha Blackburn now your phone calls to 100 continue to weave a matching moment until midnight tonight and people have responded. We have had our initial goal of two or $50,000 after we had set aside in matching funds. We've raised that we got additional hundred thousand dollars in matching funds available up to $350,000 because your response.

You can still be part of this matching because of all these fights were working on the legislative battle we now know today around 3 PM Eastern time that courses votes are always a little a little off, but that's around the time to sit it will be voting to attempt to codify Roe versus Wade. Actually, more extreme version of the Roe versus Wade. But the right to abortion on demand. Basically, with no restrictions into federal law, and we talked about the scenarios the left really playing down the likelihood of this succeeding. What were concerned about is if you put a couple of scenarios together and suddenly all you could beat you know would be caught off guard. So were not going to be caught off guard. The ACLJ were ready to go. Even if we have to take this audit legally. We got that ready to go if they were to would actually codify Roe versus Wade. We've of course got the larger strategy ready to go if Roe versus Wade is indeed overturned to fight it out in the states were to be talking about that more next month.

But right now we know this is this is a live battle occurring and I will tell you that up until that vote, there's going to be tremendous pressure on a few senators sinners like Susan Collins of Maine like a Lisa Murkowski of Alaska like Joe mansion like Kristin Cinema from the Planned Parenthood lobbying abortion industry world and that it's a billion-dollar lobbying group know that wasn't enough to stop.

Please work where I see we are. I would I talk to Ben Ben will be with us in a moment, but we've had these at meetings with 30 Republican legislative staff's on Monday. Yesterday, another 15 that he met with we distributed our legal memorandum on why the codification of Roe is not constitutional to all 100 Senate offices so everyone has it.

But you're right is going to come down to a really last-minute issue when I say last-minute because you just don't know what they're gonna try to pull out. For instance, were concerned but they they use their the Murkowski language and putting them puts Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins are very odd spot so all this is in play and working very hard if you're watching on Facebook go over the rumble because some zone on Facebook we could tell, and so just gone over the rumble. You can just go to break up you go to on their own page. I believe were should be momentarily to go to live broadcast will be in there, but focuses his door and said we've got the legislative analysis that we actually expanded because there is a possibility we got him a much longer memo that we now prepared for.

Are you sure the ACLJ because it is possible. During the next week they try this again.

Yeah I don't think this this this is getting the final day.

I think this is a very important because they're trying to use the all the momentum they have from this leaked draft opinion, energetically twisting his many arms as possible. This is going to give it a minimum. Chuck Schumer is going to know what is got to work with on the straight of vote on their more extreme pro-abortion piece of legislation.

There's no talk yet publicly by Schumer about slipping in the more similar to Roe versus Wade language of Murkowski and Collins then trying to get them to then okay a vote on limiting the filibuster or limiting the filibuster for this issue. So you take your statement should be very carefully read between the lines of what could happen again.

Then I can estop these efforts.

I think this will be a continual push and this is a big first step and so we need everybody's pro-life US into step up, we need you to step up and be part of our matching moment we have until midnight tonight.

We've added an additional hundred thousand dollars in matching funds of the gold out $350,000.

Donate today and or we can hit that goal will be right back in verse 24 hours of the matching moment we hit our initial goal of $250,000 in matching sets a $500,000 for the ACLJ effectively.

We were able to add additional hundred thousand dollars matching funds available for this final day of this matching moment so you have until midnight tonight to still double the impact your donation and be part of this fight for life. This is an unprecedented fight we knew it case opinion was coming this summer and we've been prepared for that.

But do this with the leak of the opinion there's been now this move to legislate and actually codify Roe versus Wade are much more extreme version of oversaturated women more about abortion on demand basically into law with no restrictions and this movement this boat is happening today around 3 PM Eastern time and there's two ways to look at it I will go to San Bennett, then the Democrats are positioning this is a vote of let's see where everybody is. We want to see where the cinders are make them cast a vote on it. I put the pressure on, but that they don't think they'll actually succeed in getting it done. There's a 60 vote threshold that it will get past that vote of the filibuster. But then there's a second issue that that we are bringing people's attention to which is that there is a another piece of legislation out there that is co-authored by two Republican senators who right now say they will not vote yes on this piece of the Schumer codification and that they wouldn't vote yes then to eradicate the filibuster for this vote. There could be something happening very different. If you slip their language instead. Yeah, they're doing it intentionally. Jordan they're doing it so that their opponents us won't I have our best foot forward will be prepared to defend our not to do that, Jordan, and when you're in a legislative posture like the one where in today. You always have to expect the worst case scenario to roll forward in all this just briefly explain when this vote happens. The one you're talking about is can be a motion to invoke cloture on a motion to proceed. That sounds very complicated. It's not. It's simply a vote that says we are going to start debate on this codification of Roe and as you said during the bill actually goes much further than that. The other side is saying that will fail because they can't get to 60 vote that part is true Jordan. However, as we've said repeatedly on this broadcast if they can get to 50 votes if they decide they want to change the legislative filibuster they are in control of the chamber. They can do that in turn I will just tell you as we talk today, right now, this moment, Joe mansion hasn't said whether or not he is willing to vote for cloture on this bill. So theoretically, Jordan if he would give them that 50th vote they could change the rules of the filibuster as we speak and they could put that language that you're talking about the one authored by Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski they could put forward as an amendment that can be that the language that goes forward and Jordan they would have 51 votes on substance to pass, that builds a look, you're right, they might try this again next week in week down the road, but you know when you focus on today today because there is a scenario in which they can move that language forward and what's interesting here to me and it's it's what I want to really reiterate this for audience.

This goes beyond Roe the building, the Schumer bill removes the conscience rights of healthcare professionals so another words to be clear, you could be compelled to participate in abortion, even if it violates religious beliefs or your conscience and we have one those cases, but they are specifically saying that the religious Freedom restoration act will not apply to the context of abortion been an important carveout for the religious freedom protection act. That's how extreme this legislation is and that's why we have to fight aggressively and pans team is doing a great job on Capitol Hill for all of you that are members of the ACLJ are watching it for now, and it's also why okay our legal team has expanded our memos and are prepared to do that again in case we do have to let really go after this legally.

There's the expanded version of it right now and I think again folks will we are not going to do like they have said is take anything for granted. Here we know that the left is because of the power of the abortion industry that you can't just take for granted. Of the and I couldn't get their votes, but this would actually get past the filibuster's ability cloture and so no big deal here. We have to take every action they take as a big deal. They're doing it on purpose. They have scheduled the vote on purpose.

Are there so that this is part of a plan for the left and for the pro-abortion Democrats. They didn't have to have this vote today that there is a would say you must vote on this today to codify Roe and they are seizing on the momentum that their side is feeling because of the draft opinion that was leaked out from the Supreme Court in the winter.

Remember this. That is what this this why this became so urgent so quickly. We were all prepared for from the Supreme Court. And were ready to go there at the ACLJ we have do very quickly was pivot to be ready to defeat this vote today and do everything we could possible even getting to the senators who might be pro-abortion essay.

You know what you think you could do this is actually won't survive legal challenge your your tip to codify abortion and utilize constitutional provisions as the reason why is a justification for their power to do so. So this is very serious. We've got this matching moment and we hit our initial goal of $250,000 and enter think all of you for who is participating in that we've added an additional hundred thousand dollars to the match that we could now match up to $350,000. This could be like $700,000 for the ACLJ so I encourage you if you've not yet given in your inner put up financial position to do so.

Go to out right away. Make that donation be part of this effort to defend life. This vote is happening today right so the bill today that looks like scum. Exactly the second time is to be voted on in March, a Senate vote on the abortion-rights build failed 46 to 48 but obviously with the leak of the Supreme Court decision. Things have changed drastically the bill in addition to, as I mentioned restricting religious freedom conscience right also codifies Roe versus Wade and actually goes further. It also stops states listen to what's key here the reacting because of the draft Supreme Court opinion which would give the state authority to restrict abortions procedures in place what what this does, it takes it completely out of the states and federalize his the right now we don't think they have the constitutional authority to do it so we have to be prepared on a three-pronged approach right now. This is number one. Let's defeat this again for the second time. Number two. Prepare for incredible ports when that opinion comes out both as it relates to the judicial intimidation which is going on as we speak protesting from the judges. As with by the way is Supreme Court said in the cut by we Freud protesters were protesting abortion doctrine is up home in this report, said an ordinance prohibiting residential picketing, targeting was constitutional abortion, the pro-life side lost like case now supports the left. They don't care even though they were the other side. Another saying oh it's great and then number three they'll use it as an attempt for court packing. So plan all of these issues are front and center is not just legislation but it's the fallout from the ledge. Listen if they know they're not going today. That's what happens.

You know they have a plan B. You gotta be prepared and ready to fight on all fronts again.

You gotta do it simultaneously.

Like Ike I can just tell you in this town right now the pressure is immense on especially the three senators that Jordan mentioned Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins and Joe mansion. It's basically like all of the pressure on this issue has descended on them in the legislative sense. I know there's the pressure on the justices as well and you mentioned the February vote J you know if everybody had voted that day. There would've been 49 votes in favor of advancing this bill and again we've explained this before but once you're on the bill. Don't let them confuse you with all the procedure once they're on the bill. J they have the substance to approve codification of row so the procedural vote is really the important one here so you gotta describe it this way, you are within one vote in the United States Senate of then being willing to codify Roe V Wade and send it to Pres. Biden for his signature. You know that leader Schumer's list looking for that vote.

And by the way he's got one of those votes inside his own caucus.

So don't don't discount the fact that he is looking to cut a deal right now and there is immense pressure on those three senators that would do would deliver that 50th vote so that's that's were refocused like a razor today J but the legal teams are preparing for a number of scenarios are coming out of this vote. Yet, when the church if you are watching on Facebook were to relaunch on Facebook during the breakthrough that expresses the minute so I get real refreshed at her head over to rubble or YouTube. You can go there as well as we got that sitter Marcia Blackford to be joining us live in the next segment of the broadcaster's use of force could be voting today but should be able to give assistance to where her colleagues are on this vote because again it this was not about they have to take to get to think about it get big picture take a step back. Why are they deciding right now to do it there using momentum from the leaked draft opinion from the Supreme Court that overturns Roe versus Wade. That's not the final opinion. We don't know what the final opinion of the court will be yet, but there try to use that in the abortion industry try to use that to get ahead of this by the way, the law that they want to pass says you abortion would stop at viability or 24 weeks, but has approved that has an exception for help. So in health means whatever I think that's the way that the fight is so broad. This would be abortion on demand to the entire pregnancy.

So what we talked about that this is going much further. The Roe versus Wade and the existing laws in many states are on the books that that the pro-life community is fought for so we what we need to support we've added an additional hundred thousand dollars to our matching moment a matching moment so you can continue to double the impact of your donation right and you have until midnight tonight to do so to get that in your senior email see it online.

Of course you're hearing about it from us. A big thank you to everybody. We hit that initial goal of $250,000 right back was to reflect back to secular witness did it go today around 3 PM Eastern time. We are joined by a great friend of our broadcast of the ACLJ US sitter Marcia Blackford of Tennessee who is a strong advocate for life at the on board consider Blackford I want to go first to you right away on on this vote today. We know this again was not about the Democrats had to schedule but they are trying to use this momentum from the leaked Supreme Court draft opinion and I will work and serve the ACLJ about the arm-twisting that could be going on by the abortion industry as we speak to even you try to do away with the legislative filibuster to try and enshrine abortion into federal law word where you think things stand right now your colleagues here.

Why delay becoming more like a Democrat activates to delete that I can do immediately electrical by death had moved forward immediately, but cost event here think I need hiking fight they can adapt to pro-Catholic trinket signs and they were prepared to let my HP statement coming from colitis Ian Kumar and others that didn't get my crap I tell I think this is all part of the planning morning news that can push for banking get this going to motivate and help them.

Nondefendant they think I'm getting the women to vent their problem when women rail why not man abortion as it would go back to the mean cluster Supreme Court adding the regulations and restrictions on abortion when the ring in each row and like all different things that we handle on a state by state date go the support they thought they were going to get from when women are very concerned about inflation. They're concerned about crime industry. Open border know that Democrat found in the patient may forward and they're going to make to get rid of the filibuster making maintenance that will not support removing alabaster J let me ask you this. This is an unprecedented situation with different litigating the spring court for four decades. There's never been a leak of a draft opinion from the Supreme Court ever its history. Never.

So obviously the motivation here was to get a reaction is to a dinner legislation introduced forcing that now be intimate the justices by going to their houses and doing all the public protest that they're doing and see you was wearing back your mind again use this is an attempt to justify court packing. But on the legislative front. Here is what were trying to talk to your audience about what is actually going to take place. So if in fact the boat takes place today and were successful in defeating this.

I can't believe that that's can be the end of the Democrats trying legislative fixes here. I think they're going to continue to push on this but obviously you're closer to it than I am, what your thoughts right action and reaction. I'm cracked again D Democrat legislation have pushing forward today. I read the way they're staying there like it so I can have pushing forward to blaming health protection act one right in late term abortion would make our abortion law more than other countries like brilliance or Italy or Germany are handling an outline member abortion is not good for that helped her when I did not help the children out court and not what we know that people the American people do not favor late term abortion. They did not want their tax dollars for abortion. It would allow all of that Democrats are going to try to bail at a federal level.

Look, I think they know they cannot control because I just like to use this because I don't want to be dealing with issues that are really on front and center to so many Americans in this important issue to our audience to a lot of people but fighting for life and are to you young people are still try to pay their bills.

Right now we've got this record inflation.

It doesn't seem like there's an end in sight. And this to me as it started off by this is that they are trying to use this as a political motivator to a base of their party.

Which is it so motivated right now especially trying to get those independent voters the moms out there that mom vote as they talk about all the time and try to figure out how to get that vote out with things are tough in the pocketbook right to restore the land to the grocery store are used for delivery got 93rd and fourth items that are not they are or constantly to people are concerned about getting baby formula unique to your children to make their lunch back to school is something that you're looking at you you if grant and you know in your community are being are dying barely injured are getting addicted to all and other drugs that are coming across the border border secure your top of mind tricks considered.

Thanks for being with us. We really appreciate this and thank you for working this and we look forward to an afternoon success, but we are to stay on guard think is in her black folks. I just encourage you, I consider Blackford about the politics of this again. They scheduled the vote, that there try to put the pressure campaign on right now it looks like the Democratic Party, its mansion and sit them as it were brought up by sitter blackbird and she knows him well court who would be who are not in favor of getting rid of the filibuster, but you got this other legislation out there.

It's not the legislation. We focused on right there, which is the women's health protection act weight which does away with paisley all restrictions at all on abortion but what we we there's another piece of legislation is less extreme if you if you will in any case it's it's hard to say that we type up the taking of a human life, but a less extreme version supported by two Republican senators. She got a watch that carefully. Both Lisa Murkowski and Susan Hauser said they don't support the women's health protection act, but they have their own bill.

So I again you have to be concerned at how dedicated is this all politics for the Democrats because of it's all politics were there with this vote today, so it's not all politics and it's it's actually about trying to get protection of abortion. There could be more creative. So then Venice would be rejoining us in the next half hour. The broadcast because what God looks like some breaking news on this that will breakdown in the next segment so of folks if you're watching the neighbor social media platforms share with your friends, your listening on radio. Let your friends that we got some breaking news on this support.

The matching moment we were successful. Yesterday we met our goal exceeded our goal got another hundred thousand dollars over today to respond to the email that you already received response that email or text messaging. You may be getting today as well. state that some breaking news coming. Your help in the moment is now the leak of this report draft opinion would overturn Roe versus Wade proportions forcible to codify row this Wednesday, May 11 we believe in training row in federal law simply unconstitutional will stand for and we need your help through this matching moment donation is effectively doubled and you only have until midnight to make it happen.

Visit right now keeping you informed and now is a secular for some breaking news report.

Right now we get in Washington DC. If there we got verification on exactly where Sen. mansion, West Virginia. This key Democrat swing vote is on the vote today specific to the women's health protection act tell people what we've learned during this is one of those moments where you serve heat to be right. You hate to say this is what we are warning about, but literally just now the reporting from the hill is that Joe mansion has there's two parts to this. The first part is good Joe mansion has said that he will vote no on the abortion procedural vote today. He said I've made a decision. I know where I've always stood it's not Roe V Wade caught a codification it's an expansion.

It wipes 500 state laws off the books and expands abortion so he can vote no on that but Jordan, the next part is literally what we've been talking about on the broadcast. He says I would vote for Roe V Wade codification if it was today. I was hopeful for that. But I found out yesterday and caucus that it wasn't going to be.

I've been pro-life all my life. You're not just a bit to break it down really simply. That means if he were presented with the Collins Murkowski language that we've been talking about that would codify row which they can do later today or next week Jordan he would be in favor of that and that would give them the 50 votes that they would need to clear close out everybody's understands exactly what we are kind of predicted is happening and we got plans for all of these troubling part of the it's good that will get it bit on the boat today. The problem is the Murkowski language is more of a codification of Roe versus Wade and got Joe mansion said she's pro-life but in favor of abortion on demand, which is Roe versus Wade. This is what this is.

The irony of all of this but this is not unexpected, so this is why we have got to keep the momentum up in the pressure up on this as we defeat one to come back with the next that was the whole purpose of leaking that opinion was to build a groundswell of support from these pro-abortion groups were spending millions of dollars on this, raising $350,000 in spending millions of dollars on these things, but were to be affected with what we are given by our donors, but I'm telling you folks exactly what we thought might happen is happy as we had be really unguarded. Yeah, I think that I again you always legislatively you go for the backs. That's with the additional votes could be on today. The most extreme pro-abortion bill they can. They could put forward would eliminate all restrictions on abortion is Joe mansion said a full 500 state laws have been held constitutional under the Roe versus Wade framework have been Hallock have been held constitutional was all be wiped out so would be much more extreme than what's what is the current law of the land and so you say okay maybe they don't have the votes for that.

So they go back to the abortion industry. They say, but we can get you back to Roe versus Wade think we can get you to their work and have to pull some legislative moves there. Are you going to back us up there because that's what they'll need to know is from the abortion industry.

Are you going to back is NARAL is is all that Planned Parenthood an elder group Center for reproductive rights, are they going to give them the green light to move forward with that secondary legislation is proposed by Murkowski Collins exactly correct and that's why they start with the extreme vote today and by the way, during the second reason they start with the extreme vote today, but both of these are extreme, the most extreme vote today. They start with this so that he can get everybody on the pro-left us for a radical left vote on it and then they use that as a negotiating posture to come back to Joe mansion and say okay you oppose that bill will move to the bill you like. Now you gotta give us the 50th vote to clear cloture and ultimately bring Collins Murkowski onto Claritin final adjourn again. You hate to say it. This is exactly what we said the United States Senate needed to be voted on guard for I'm glad that it looks like there to win that procedural vote today. Although who knows any Joe mansion could move again, but Jordan it's teed up exactly according to their plan to then moved to the Collins Murkowski language and try to get Joe mansion on board with his giving of that option is that it does not indicate ship they got the green light for the abortion industry on that piece of legislation, but they certainly are.

Given that option. That is why this this matching moment that we have the we've added an additional hundred hundred thousand dollars to the batch is so critical right now support the work of ACLJ part of this matching moment it is it what were predicting a story to play out in the statements from the Senators themselves support the work of ACLJ today. Part of this matching moment donate now.

Secular, so we just got an update we we just went through for you but we got more clarity from Sen. Joe bad should a key Democrat for this issue when he says that after he learned what this women's health protection act is that it's not just a codification of Roe versus Wade is much more extreme as we talked about. This would allow abortion on demand the full pregnancy full died once it opens the door to that gets rid of it.

As Joe mansion said 500 state restrictions on abortion which have survived the constitutional scrutiny under Roe versus Wade. So it would wipe all those also says I don't support that. But I would support codify. Basically Roe versus Wade. As things stand right now. That legislation does exist is not the legislation to be voted on scheduled to be voted on today at 3 o'clock and it exist not from Democrats, but from two Republican senators, so if you can get Joe mansion plus Murkowski and Collins and you get the abortion industry to say okay we know we can't get the full most extreme bill that we like. But hey, if we can get things to be status quo. Even with the Supreme Court opinion that comes out overturning Roe versus Wade.

That's pretty good for our industry.

So that's why think I get this two-part statement is very important. Yes, offend God and watch it. What's reaction right now that your hearing from some of the Senate offices, obviously this is you know that it's concern because you know what the second phase of this legislative attack would be yeah she's breaking haven't seen reaction to but I can tell you what it's can a DJ. I mean, they're gonna be passing this is Joe mansion all over again. I mean that this is what he does. J. It is very clear that he was trying to get to a yes on this piece of legislation he wanted to get to a yes, they did not give him what he wanted.

This time around it. I really think it's because of what Jordan said previously, and that is that they had to give this votes in the abortion industry and when it's clear to the abortion industry. They can't get their topline bill then what will they accept while I would think that codification of Roe would be something they would expect, except in so J just just one way this can play out.

There are number of them but one way can play out is the vote could fail today and then next week they can vote for cloture to bring up the suit that the Collins Murkowski bill and use Joe mansion's vote to change the legislative filibuster and send that bill over the house.

Went to the house.

It would certainly pass there and would be on the President's desk in a matter of days.

And remember, folks, this is exactly their plan so we know what the plan is the leak of the opinion was to generate all of this. So what we have done this is a draft opinion but they have used this moment on their side to gin up the support for multiple legislative attacks that we have looked at that legally. Let's assume worst-case scenario that's valuable horses lifted witness room. Worst-case scenarios. What if the Senate were to pass the Murkowski version of the bill are the position of the American Center for Law and Justice is that based on constitutional law that would be void to be unconstitutional. Any that's correct. Congress lacks the authority to enact either of the bills that are pending before the Senate and the bills encroach upon that is, they on lawfully enter into the pain states constitutional authority and violate the 10th amendment of the Constitution. None of the constitutional provisions cited in those two bills. I'm talking about the Democrats bill in the Murkowski Collins Bill, the necessary and proper clause or the 14th amendment, or the commerce clause.

None of those provides authority for enactment of these bills be prepared for that. Jordan yet because you still get good after the battle.

If that if they ever were to occur, and then what's unfortunate about that that we wouldn't battle it out. We see we can with weekly we do with that in court ultimately is it stalls the bigger fight which is actually returning to the states and letting states decide how they want to regulate abortion and allow a group like ours to go into each state make the case about what we support.

And so I again it would do what it would accomplish. Also with the abortion if you want to just keep this in the federal court as long as possible.

Here is the ridiculous nature of this and got Chuck Schumer saying that he supports the these protests at the justices house, which by the way this federal statute that says if you're doing this to intimidate adjusters in an opinion you can't do it, and there is I don't know what the ordinances are and where these particular justices live, but there's a lot of warnings that prohibit targeted picketing like this are root canals joining us and Rick obviously here. We know that from a political standpoint that the leak of that a draft opinion, it's just a draft. Hopefully that sleeping is a great opinion if it is, but the leak of that opinion was done to exactly ascertain the kind of temperature of the of the pro-abortion movement where they see all this, but also to start the process of either codifying row intimidating the judges or packing the court. What I'm really concerned about the pattern that we keep seeing from bureaucrats and people in Washington when they don't like something they they immediately go to partisan one sided leaks of half the story. And then we we have the entire media that just goes along and trumpets. What the ruling party is saying this is really dangerous for our country and I'm so thankful that ACL days on top of this and able to immediately assemble a team to get ready and fight back again. You know, we can talk about this on social media. We can complain about this on to our neighbors that unless we take legal action and filed in court and file in a freedom of information requests were just not to get anywhere you we got this matching moment right now, which because we we reported prepared for the decision in the summer of multiple ways.

If you come out we were prepared to launch new at Fred new thinks of the ACLJ next month superiority prepared for that battle. This leak they try to catch everybody off guard, simply catch up a little bit what we did. The ACLJ was a real play catch up very quickly without legislative team in order to put together this matching moment for 24 hours of Artie exceeded the goal put another hundred grand into the match. People could be part of the Lincoln noted till midnight tonight because Rick that is the. The tips of these leaks that delete that this targeted leaking. We see down Washington DC to try and change policy quickly and also to try to change the political discussion instead of talking about inflation they want to be talking about they think is better to be talking about abortion.

That's the political calculation will I say Jordan.

I'm reminded of what Ronald Reagan told us is that every generation has to fight for their freedom and now is the timing gone is the deity to listen to this great radio show and sit there and say God I hope someone else is doing something you actually have to participate with us you have to do something to go to social media to talk about your hearing talk about the facts, share information, and if you can. You need to give a little money so that organizations like ACLJ can take the fight that I have seen a lot of organizations and a lot of them just sit on the sidelines and complain the thing on the team that assembles and and uses the tools of government against them uses every possible angle in the court and I thank God for ACLJackson Hole people understand that you have to play a role in this, and you have to be a partner, you know it's good to meet. I appreciate that Rick and Andy. Also, this leak got the desired result with the left wanted you yeah the whole idea of the leak was to galvanize the homicide industry.

Okay, it's the killing industry. Let's say it's the industries it kills and it galvanize them and it did what Saul Dolinsky said are calling Gary Hutchison the leader that alluded to yesterday get in their face pick at them, fight them do everything that you can do, scream, yell, holler, listen to the mayor of Chicago. This is what did she say I believe in yesterday. She said a call to all arms in a city like Chicago (cage like they were saying in the French Revolution go to war but this was calculated specifically designed to have the result that it did today and he elicited Janet yell at me start about this with with sitter Tim Scott take a listen by 42 many cases abortions are of teenage women particularly low income and often black who aren't in a position to be able to care for children have unexpected pregnancies and it deprives to move to the ability often to continue their education to later participate in the workforce so their various spillover into labor force participation but and it means the children will grow up in poverty and to do worse themselves in the same markup is true. Now to simply say that as a guide raised by a black woman in abject poverty. I'm thankful to be here fact sheets would say I Rick just tells you everything that she's that's her answer to the African-American US senator raised by single mom is. It would be better to report you financially for the US economy is so noxious. It is literally crazy talk.

I spent the next argument to me that spoon's fault or some sort of covert response. I mean, these people have one answer for everything and it's disgusting and we need to be able to say very clearly is that it has nothing to do with the economy. It has everything to do with your heart exactly right. So folks.

We want you to participate. Thank you Rick we want you to participate with us. We met our goal in a day and now we've increase that goal because this is a multifaceted battle respond to the email you received a text message go to right now the matching moment secular so I that sitter Blackford Oliver L was part of our team to understand this fight. There is a vote occurring today at scheduled for 3 PM Eastern time. It looks right now I get that vote will be successful on its face on the piece of legislation. Specific in that vote.

As of this moment which is the women's health protection act, which is the extreme abortion on demand, no restrictions at all ports read to the codification of Roe versus Wade. But there's a second piece of legislation available to Democrats 4 x 2 Republican Senators Murkowski College.

It is a codification of Roe versus Wade that would wipe out all of the state restrictions would wipe out the riff for protection in the conscious protections. But what in fact basically keep things as if there is no Supreme Court opinion coming and we don't know what that final opinion is going to look like, but if it looks like the draft what it would do is, it was try to override that there's a lot of legal issues with that we've reported out but override that preemptively what were concerned about will following closely is what you see a statement from Job. It should say a document for this would, but I would vote for that Roe versus Wade codification it's it's singling at least for Chuck Schumer to go to the pro-abortion groups in that industry and say was you back.

I saw this when you Bacchus on the the the codification of Roe which allows civil state restrictions. We know you don't like it, we know you. This is perfect for you. But hey, put you in a better situation did it all be overturned to butts.

Let's go ahead and take Sharon's cold calling Arkansas Sherry, go ahead, you're on their fairway. Okay what cream court came out instead of waiting until June with their final decision.

Assuming that what literally is what is going to be the final that not all the crap going on and it rained down, it would not because they used the leak of the opinion and thus assume that is the opinion for a moment.

They've already by doing this they have galvanize release attempted to galvanize their legislative support. Their intimidation factor. The potential for court packing at me. They permit they made undertaking the attention. As we said away from other economic issues. So what you have to understand, and I think Harry been the reality. This is we have to be prepared for.

We were looking at legislative, we may get a win today, but they get they could come right back. We know you got Murkowski Collins and Joe mentioned saying the Murkowski built they would vote for. That's a very troubling development because that means they've got the votes to federalize Roe versus Wade which then means even if the opinion comes out in our favor. We have to go to federal court to say that in the constitutional authority. I think that is correct and I think if you look at the memo we put together a couple of days ago.

I think it's also clear, though, that there would be a number of constitutional hurdles that the Senate would have to face with respect to either the legislation that they will vote on today or the legislation as they may vote on next week and so if you look at those hurdles specifically the Senate would have to deal with. I think the necessary and proper clause section 5 of the 14th amendment and the commerce clause. If you look at all of those particular provisions to collectively and together.

It's difficult if you have a reasonable court.

Of course it's difficult to see the Supreme Court accepting what the Senate is trying to do. Having said that, however, it's very very important to note that what the Senate is trying to do is they're trying to model this particular victory for pro-life folks and they're also trying to raise money on this and I suspect they will continue to beat the drum on this particular issue, irrespective of whether or not they succeed this week or next week or in November because for them. They see this as a wedge issue which may drive out voters. However, it's also important to keep in mind that this particular issue takes place against a backdrop in which mothers are having difficulty finding baby formula.

Gas prices are skyrocketing and there are other problems which occupy the American people that would to play. This is Job action that we get sound on where he stands right now that the current vote and what he would vote for ticketless bill we have today to vote on women's health, protection, and I respect people who support and make no mistake, it is not Roe V Wade codification is an expansion wipes 500, 500 state laws off the books. It expands abortion and with that, that's not we should not be dividing this computer for the property divided and it's it's really the politics of the Congress of surviving the countries not to people telling us what they want and is just disappointed piece of legislation which I will not go for today so that's fair. That's good for today but it tells it does not protect number 10. Well for what could happen tomorrow get to. To be honest with you it's cover.

JI me because he went on to say that I would vote for Roe V Wade codification if that were on the floor today so look then that the pro-life car. The pro-abortion caucus in the United States Senate and Jake they got what they needed from Joe mandated despite what he said about how we can about today hundred percent. They got what they wanted and they did that this was done as you said this is the this is the killing industry. That's what this is and they're getting a name that's why nothing was leaked someone inside the Supreme Court. The states leak that opinion. For this reason yeah the salt River Hill get to vote no on a very bunch where he's right about to have its more extreme. It's More St., Roe versus Wade are the current as the current law stands right now the country I somehow get to vote no on that allow other senators to vote no audit as well. Democrats and Republicans and it'll get to come back with what he says what the American people really want what he say the American people what is the just what things stay as they were more like a codification of Roe versus Wade. Did you covered there and what I think that Schumer and the Democrats want to do is get a green light from the abortion industry that there could they would actually support this move was the pit. If you compare it to that address record.

I don't know why the abortion industry would support it.

If they know that's as far as they can get because it still for that would be much better to have the fight in federal court in half the sky remain the same. If Roe versus Wade gets overturned to butts that they know that's exactly right in the immediate that this is following the playbook of the reason the person leaked the draft opinion. Oh yeah happy yeah I mean I am still not out over the leak of the opinion that I'm still not over the line. I get it in the history of the annals of the Supreme Court of the United States, there has never been a leak of an opinion before that opinion has been published in this came out but what were you doing you were looking at an abortion industry are killing industry that's making billions of dollars and you were jeopardizing them.

There were going to do anything to stop that they get they find someone and I'm not going to say what is because I don't know. But again, the leak in opinion so that they can then get a militarize the nation behind abortion when they have done folks we are and we are fighting on multiple levels here legislatively multiple legislative levels. Multiple litigation levels and we were not putting were not taken anything for granted. We got this matching moment got another hundred thousand dollars added to it today. Let me encourage you to go to and make that online get any amount you don't donate in this moment will be met.

Also, if you getting your emails or text messages.

You can respond to those as well. It will all be part of the matching moment for doing this is the time for people to react.

Is this match will be given to midnight tonight I added an additional hundred thousand dollars available to fax this to be like $700,000. The ACL tape 24 hours building today midnight tonight

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