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URGENT ACTION NEEDED: Radical Left Voting to Make Roe Permanent

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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May 10, 2022 1:12 pm

URGENT ACTION NEEDED: Radical Left Voting to Make Roe Permanent

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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May 10, 2022 1:12 pm

Senator Schumer is using the stolen, leaked draft Supreme Court opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade to force a vote tomorrow on an unconstitutional bill that would expand abortion and make Roe permanent, even if the Supreme Court officially strikes down Roe. Jay, Jordan, and the rest of the Sekulow team break down exactly what's happening on Capitol Hill in this fight - the biggest fight of our generation. This and more today on Sekulow.

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Stops you from trying to make group tomorrow.

Congress versus the Democrats along with a couple particular Republicans who tried codify Roe versus Wade. You'll see it downplayed a lot of so it's a political vote, even the Washington Post had headlined what Democrats will be able to cook codify Roe versus Wade into law. Don't believe it, forbid it. There is a process for them to get this vote done they could get the votes to codify Roe and they could get the votes to did the legislative filibuster. Remember they get to set the rules on the legislative filibuster if they get 51 votes to change that rule. Guess what, the legislative filibuster and we we believe they've got the votes to codify Roe to some extent it's Artie past the house. A very extreme version numbers that would get rid of informed consent version that would get rid of any kind of waiting periods version that would get rid of any restrictions really at all on abortion. All those restrictions. We fought for over decades. We tried to wipe those out, but there is a less radical proposition put forward by two Republican Senators Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collett.

There could be a deal made to put their legislation in if they support ending the legislative filibuster. So in this 24 hours. Folks do not count what the mainstream media saying is just a political vote. I just don't think they want to set the bar too high because they can't guarantee that they got the vote yet that to in the filibuster were archivist heightened alert or launching a matching moment right now because you gotta fight this at all yet be ready to fight. Once the decision comes after the court. We also were ready to fight. Even if Congress were to codify Roe, but here's the thing we got the boat looked like it was only about ones that you could go either way I'm in anybody that's assuming that this is not going to pass. It's very dangerous when you do that you shipped your Republicans are putting a bill forward as Jordan said, that in fact codify a portion of Roe now, we've already deployed our government affairs teams. They've already been to the house to the Senate working with the house now to work with both and Ben will be joining us in the next thing the broadcast at the same time our legal team has prepared what will be legal position papers had been distributed but folks we also had we prepared for litigation if they do this now.

This is all coming because someone leaked the opinion from the Supreme Court on the Dobbs case, which, as everyone knows now was was about to turn over turn red versus Wade being fundamentally flawed from the outset.

You are there people that were pro-abortion that acknowledge that Miller versus Wade was not on a firm legal footing including Lawrence tribe from Harvard and we better Ginsberg yeah I think what we have to understand here's word about it. If you play down this idea while we look like we got a good draft opinion, it leaked, it looks like it's could overturn Roe versus Wade. They are trying to preemptively prevent that from ever really taking place because they're trying to put it into law. And I think I give them the liberal media is playing down the expectations gave for their own base. They also don't want you paying attention. This is one of those mostly what to say don't pay too much attention to its uphill it's really difficult for them to do we just laid out in 30 seconds how they could do it really get into more detail with admitted our director of government affairs but to take this. Would like that when you when you are the cost of a huge victory for the life of a huge victory to protect children's life. You don't take any of these votes like that when they got a path it might be a narrow path, but they have a path to codify Roe. We have a legal argument about why that's a constitutional that would require going back into federal court not being able to then have this debate in the state legislatures, which is the idea. If we do with this case we want to be part of this matching moment. You have until midnight tomorrow night. We freed up $250,000 in matching funds. That's our goal is to raise $250,000 by midnight tomorrow night to protect life donate today that's we have got to take this seriously and not not be like that. There's a real challenge here is to understand what's happening tomorrow in Washington DC. There's two pieces of legislation.

One is a more extreme codification of Roe really admits abortion up until birth.

No state restrictions no informed consent. All the other issues we fought on for life for decades to get into place would be wiped out, even conscience clause protections wiped out, that we believe they still J we Artie put out that the shorter bimbo that we released last week, that would be unconstitutional based off the Supreme Court draft leaked opinion because the constitutional arguments of their relying on provisions the relied on would not give them any where to rely on if those provisions don't. It contained in them, and the court says clearly this right to privacy, so I can't rely on that so but we would still be fighting in federal court is all this devil even heard if you watch the broadcast.

During the break. About this vote in the extreme Schumer language, never seeing the light of day. And there's a legislative filibuster, but I would like to fair bit Washington DC then we watched a matching moment this morning to raise $250,000 because were ready to fight this if Congress gets out ahead of the Supreme Court and codifies Roe and way too many commentators this I hope they're all right. I hope this totally fails to borrow but it's Artie past the house and way too many people are putting this this effort and I think you're underestimating fan. The power of the abortion industry lobbyists way votes up to to try to either eliminate the legislative filibuster, or at least eliminate the legislative filibuster for this issue. They set their own rules that it only takes 51 so I wanted to explain the people stop listening to the mainstream media is playing this down so they don't oversell it for Democrats during their is just absolutely no question that they are fundamentally incorrect about the fact that this is a foregone conclusion and here's why leaders Schumer filed cloture on that bill that you're describing. That would essentially outlaw any state-based restriction would codify Roe would be very very extremely file cloture. Last night Jordan, which means tomorrow.

He can call that cloture vote up for a vote and and technically Jordan. Yes, it takes 60 votes. According to current precedent for that cloture vote to pass and for them to get on this bill, but Jordan we all know this if they can come up with 50 votes in order to begin debate on the bill. They can do anything they want with that amendment with that language that you talked about the two Republicans who put foreign language to codify Roe Jordan. If they can get on the bill. They could then put that language into the substance of the bill and then you have two Republicans willing to get over the line so it would be a dramatic mistake Jordan to overlook this moment in the United States Senate tomorrow. Remember, they took this vote on cloture on this bill J in February and Jordan.

They had 49 members of the U.S. Senate that were willing to go along with it a couple of them missed the boat but they were only one vote short Jordan. There is a maneuver they can make to try to get around that we can't look past that I look at the bill and look at the legislation so Sen. Schumer's and it exempts out folks, this is how serious this is not only as a go beyond it frankly goes beyond what would that Lindsey Graham said to get its is basically an abortion on demand whenever but also exempts out the religious Freedom restoration act which gives the conscience protections to those individuals that do not want to participate in the abortion procedure. That bill that Sen. Schumer's footboard under section 5, which called applicable in the and preemption preamps. The religious freedom restoration act, which is where a lot of these, about statutory protections come for healthcare workers who don't will perform abortion procedures. We handled dozens of those cases every year oftentimes settled without court. Many times go up to go to court, but that's how extreme this legislation is and that's why we really have a 24 hour window here to defeat this related jamming. This is probably the most extreme piece of legislation on this issue that I've ever seen. In addition to trampling the religious freedom rights that you mentioned section 3 of the bill J which starts on fallen on page 4 goes through a number of laws and Jordan alluded to this.

There would also be wiped off the books just limited to just one example. Informed consent law.

So even if you think abortion should be legal.

Don't you believe that a mother should have the ability to access the most up-to-date technology about what that procedure would involve a lot of states have enacted those laws. This legislation would wipe that off the books from the federal level and J just one other point I wanted to mention how you talk about the analysis that we did that we think this bill is unconstitutional. Every single office of the United States Senate has that analysis in front of them as they prepare for this vote tomorrow but we can't wait rest on that.

Yes, that's an argument to make. Yes, that's an argument will make in court in the United States Senate should consider it.

But Jake there is going to be a lots of pressure in Washington DC tomorrow on Republicans and Democrats when they go to the floor of the Senate to cast this about to see how serious this thing was what Le Nancy Pelosi said just yesterday that a person earns info unlike happening in the election tomorrow at one or two more senators could slip back in our filibuster rules for this purpose and handling would have a right to change understatement. She just said one or two more senators then sweep back remove the filibuster and then a day of 50 boats yeah this is why I think you've got to take this urgently is why we have launched this matching moment. It's not a monologue it's which literally. It's a little bit longer than 24 hours. It ends at midnight tomorrow night and again that you may seen in your email this morning. We gotta be ready. Here they are getting work. You cannot just wait for the Supreme Court decision. They are trying everything they can. And I think you got to understand the lobbying that we are up against here with Planned Parenthood and the movement were up against with a guard. He got two Republican senators on their side either that they don't go as extreme as may be played. I would like but then that's where I think this gets very sticky, very fast. Everybody keeps talking about cinema and mansion and people are ignoring Collins and Murkowski and how this again. You can have a couple votes to in the filibuster, and a couple different votes to actually legislate their version of putting these abortion protections back into law exactly correct Jordan, I think that's the point that people are missing. This is exactly what a concern about yes they do have to clear 50 votes twice, but you don't have to use the same 50 senators to do it.

So Jordan and I can totally see leaders Schumer going to Joe mansion and same look you even acknowledge no one in the legislative bill filibuster.

But what about a carveout for an issue of this magnitude. What about if we only require 50 votes to begin debate on an issue of this magnitude will you give me your vote for that and then you can oppose the final bill. I can see Joe mansion saying yes for that.

Then they get on the bill and Jordan. What if leaders Schumer takes the Collins Murkowski language, and amends the underlying bill with that language in them when you get to a final vote you really think Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski are in a vote against their own bill, even if they opposed nuking the filibuster earlier Jordan, I think that is a pathway that they have. I think Senate Republicans need to have their eyes wide open to it. I think Joe mansion needs to have his eyes wide open to it. We just have to shoot our listeners straight. Yes, they have to get to 50 votes twice, but Jordan they don't have to use the same 50 senators to do it once in a 50 and in a different set of 50 it's the job done only say something our sides highly motivated so as there's a mere saying that the streets in Washington DC where these justices live this elite opinion, the design of it was to do exactly what is happening and that was to push through legislation to intimidate the judiciary and then maybe pack the court if necessary.

So at the ACLJ what were doing. We immediately responded and we are going to immediately respond when I think because things can be changing aggressively over the next 2448 hrs. So what were doing today with this matching moment because it's just this is a moment in time, a moment in history were suggesting is that we approach it legislatively, which stands opposite already doing and will continue to do over the next 24 hours are lit litigation teams are already most I've got the memos we already have memos and in hand legal memos that are being done on this. We are going to be ready for litigation.

If necessary, and it legislation passed will be, you realize, though, folks. The opinion hasn't even come out yet. That was just a draft that was leaked so these individuals are that vent on getting their way. So your putting the abortion lobby you got understand what you're fighting and when you weave an email that's out today when just read two lines. The bomb solely from the Supreme Court is unleashed a firestorm. Boyd, that's all. It's an understatement. We only have about 24 hours to debate the radical left's attempt to make Roe V Wade permanent and let me tell you, the legislation actually goes beyond Roe versus Wade. So what we're doing is we got a matching moment here. We've freed up $250,000 of her matching funds for the in 24 hours working at the expend the resources folks to witness to go to for the matching moment or respond to the email that is Artie been sent to you may be getting a text as well. We encourage you to do that very, very important, and Jordan. I think what people need to understand is this is moving very quickly and we are on top of this is why there for us it's a little more than 24 hours. The matching moment I've never done this before the something brand-new because we grab the fight on so many angles we gotta educate the Senators on why we believe this is unconstitutional. Maybe try to persuade couple senators are what they are even trying to do here, even if their pro-abortion. It will not withstand legal challenge.

Gotta be ready.

Of course, what's the decision comes out from the court to fight the battle in the states, but folks, that's the battle we want to have imagined. We get stuck back in federal court for another decade fighting over whether or not Congress has a role here and whether they are able to legislate that will be decided. These next 24 hours, so we gotta be ready. Gotta be pushing and we cannot take this for granted to the people I see the light both sides just ignore this on no big deal.

Planned Parenthood's lobbyist are working this right now as we speak.

They were $1 billion a year.

Let me repeat that billion dollars a year business who donate lots of money and all the sitters you don't think they're twisting arms as we speak. They are, we gotta fight back. Stay with us this matching over the secularity or cause to worry hundred 684 31 two that's 1-800-684-3110 we wants what is called recalling her matching moment. This is first time at the ACLJ were taking very seriously. This attempt by the US and its Artie passed the U.S. House to to get ahead of the Supreme Court decision because they think of course with the leaked opinion draft they are going to lose that over the Roe versus Wade is this this entire legal structure will be overturned. So they're going to get try to get out ahead of it and legislate abortion as a right codified into federal law that we have already put out a legal memo about why we believe that's unconstitutional because a good be relying on constitutional provisions that the court is likely to say, does not protect or give a right to abortion.

But that second to stop them from having the boat tomorrow and we got to Republican senators with their own pro-abortion legislation and we got a fight over list abatement getting rid of the filibuster left and right wheezing Democrats doing Republicans were nominees and Republicans do it for Supreme Court nominees. There's also talked if they know what people to understand this because that they're getting a lot of pressure over 113 of the members the house.

I have asked the Senate to get rid of the legislative filibuster.

There's talk about doing it specifically and maybe try to stay over only getting rid of the legislative filibuster for abortion rights.

He talked about this for voting rights to is that a possibility that they try having they set their own rules. Can they can they do something narrow while still keeping the broader legislative filibuster intact Ernest Dorn I mean.

In essence they can do whatever they want on this. They can define what it has to exceed cloture 60 votes for cloture and what doesn't. So they can say you know something that's considered a fundamental right, or something that is of imminent importance really whatever they want to set the standard at Jordan that they can get 50 votes for they can do it. The other thing that's important to remember here is this is already past the house at least be the Schumer version of this legislation. The cultures been filed on this and it's already past the house last February and so if it clears the Senate, it would go straight to the President's desk for a signature.

Basically, it all boils down to this Jordan. They have 51 votes on substance in favor of at least the codification part so they just have to figure out a way procedurally to get to that final vote on codification and then get those 51 votes. Whatever it takes as far as defining what requires culture and what doesn't Jordan. They can do they control the chamber in the review the opinion yesterday of abuse. Of course, legal memos that we put together the opinion that Justice Alito. The draft is very clear and very precise. So I think it's important for people understand what it actually does okay I think that's an important point to J. I read this opinion is one of the best drafting opinions I have ever read. It starts with historical context. It talks about the Constitution. It talks about the traditions it talks about English law. It talks about antiquity. It goes right through and finds unequivocally that there is no constitutional right under the federal Constitution to abortion. It doesn't exist it's not there. It's never been there. It never was there. The states have that right to determine and the I think the hero of the opinion comes out to be just as Byron Wyatt who dissented in 1973 a Kennedy appointee who said that the row at that time was an exercise of what I quote as raw judicial power. What Justice Alito said in this draft opinion is and this is important and I'm quoting the court usurped the power to address a question of profound moral and social importance that the Constitution unequivocally leaves for the people meeting the state but now we know that Congress is trying to say no, wait a minute, we wanted to be the people. The federal government making that decision and so you got the car and this is just a draft.

We note the final opinion looks like until it comes out what they are reacting to the strap and the light we understand this is plan folks they are doing this on purpose. They leaked the opinion to get exactly what's happening with Chuck Schumer. Right now we have to combat it in the house if that opinion becomes the law it that's what the lawyers were now got this challenge and that's why we literally have 24 hours to get the quarry where you can't live down here just say okay I think we can win this one and will have the battle of the states that you're starting this summer is about, but who you're up against.

So maybe they may not of gotten the grassroots intensity if they wanted out of this politically that that the charge they give it that like people are so outrageous and was taking to the streets is not happy in this protest going on course and is just as house was a very plan by the abortion industry but you cannot say well because of inflation and because of war in Ukraine and all these other issues were facing that this industry which is so tied to so many of these politicians in the U.S. Senate is just going to say yeah okay will Google spend billions and billions of dollars fighting it out the states to keep our right to perform these gruesome procedure so we can make money off of it. They are going to do that make their last ditch effort to keep this in Washington DC there.

This is the story here that I think so important that is. That's where they're the strongest the abortion lobby is the strongest in Washington DC and Capitol Hill in inside the federal government. The a lot weaker when you got to states and and and there are these politicians who state legislators who gotta be really responsive to their own constituents and they get up so they can keep this federal I guarantee you they got everybody on the phone they care right now.

Twisting the senators arms yet sort of sickly, ironic is in a Jordan. Even if you go to blue states and you go to pro-choice Americans who call themselves pro-choice.

They would find themselves in a situation if that draft opinion becomes the holding of the court order. Not a whole lot would change for them and I don't think they would actually be that animated about it that is not how I would describe things in Washington DC I would describe things in Washington DC just as you just did the stranglehold here is held at the industry level tell by Planned Parenthood. It's held by NARAL is held by the activist that are picketing in front of the front of the court and for the justices house of Jordan, I think it's actually dramatically out of step with their voters, even in blue states, but that's the reality. And that's where this vote is taking place tomorrow though senators burgundy casting votes. They're not back in those blue states right now they're here where the abortion lobby is the media try to say that this is just a show vote SOI Chuck Schumer saying listen to his own words by 27 vote on this legislation is not an abstract exercise. This is as a urgent and real as it gets. We will vote to protect a woman's right to choose, and every American is going to see on which side every senator stands I want I want to say this in a week really quickly here. That's why we have to have a multipronged attack the law and the legislation that's exactly right. We have to attack the legislation and then we are doing then end the law which I am focused on very much so right now the love the losses which is very clear that the Constitution does not confer a right to an abortion.

Any codification of this would be unconstitutional under the draft of the opinion that I have read and that do Roe and Casey must be overruled and the authority to regulate abortion return to the people and their elected representatives the states.

That's what Justice Alito said in this draft opinion and that's with allies yet but what the thing is they're trying to usurp it before the opinions even an opinion right and that's why were this matching moment door to let you know what to do. Folks, but wait, would this is a 24 hour variable H $250,000 to expend the resources necessary to get the job done, which is defeat this legislation tomorrow release $250,000 in matching funds so we can ultimately raise $500,000 here because if you we hit that goal. Your $25 donation to psychometric sales but is like $50.

We release this $250,000 matching moment goal until midnight tomorrow night.

Go to to Stacy you'll see it on the homepage share with your friends and family.

Don't take this victory lying down. It's not over yet.

The fight is really just beginning. We don't even have an opinion for the court.

We need your help in the moment is now the leak of the Supreme Court draft opinion that would overturn Roe versus Wade has triggered the pro-abortion Senate to force a vote to codify rope this Wednesday, May 11 we believe in training growing federal law is simply unconstitutional will stand for and we need your help as we speak.

We are in the process of delivering our legal analysis to Congress can't stop there. And that's what we are calling for special matching moment we have donors ready to step up to match any donation help us reach our $250,000 goal. We need you to help give us a fighting chance.

The AC LJ will fight to support the Supreme Court's draft opinion support the lives of the unborn and let everyone Capitol Hill know where patriotic Americans stand through this matching moment donation is effectively double and you only have until midnight this Wednesday to make it happen. Visit right now keeping you informed any day now, this is Jordan secular what you take very seriously. These next 24 hours we are faced LJ the draft Supreme Court opinion leaks.

It looks like Roe versus Wade is going to be overturned. You got the left. We don't hundred percent know that by the way. Because of that official printed out by the court is a pressure campaign on the justices tried to get them to change their votes as we speak right now. There's also something even I think more dangerous is being kind of just not taken seriously by the mainstream media because if they know it's it's a little bit uphill and they don't want to. I think set the bar so high for Democrats that if they don't get this done tomorrow. They somehow lost the issue but they are going to take a vote on codify. That means making federal the right to abortion.

A federal loss of the not reliant on judicial created rights, which is what Roe versus Wade of the for the follow-up cases are but they would actually put in the federal law were ready to fight that out.

By the way, we have already ready to take that to court but we don't want to have to fight there. We want to have the fight in the state. State-by-state state-by-state that the media say well they really can't get this vote. They don't have enough votes on which action really broke down here for the first half-hour multiple ways it's already passed the House of Representatives Joe by this study will side.

So instead said Chuck Schumer just has to figure out how to get to 51 twice, once auditing the legislative filibuster and the second time on codify one of the two bills.

It's out there to codify abortion as a federal right.

This is all happening tomorrow and one of the one of the bills out there proposed piece of legislation is by two Republicans, Michalski from Alaskan college for made now the pressure for it for them if they were to adopt their bore. I guess restrained language. If you will.

It's it's not as extreme issuers.

It basically follow a dead follows Roe versus Wade. Could you do get them to get their votes. Auditing the filibuster.

Could you do it narrow ending of the filibuster.

They have said yes you can. This is down to just a handful of votes on the right to Washington DC with David because they up be literally this is going to turn on two or three votes. That's how thin the barges here.

So for the media and all these people are commenting to say all this is just a political vote was not yet. I would be a big mistake to assume that your naming a very big mistake. Let's work backwards for a minute if he gets to a final vote on substance. We know as we sit here today, there 51 US Senators including two Republicans that would agree with that as long as the language is what they prefer. Which leader Schumer can accomplish Jordan. Once he gets on the bill.

He can make it that language so he can enact the bill so the really the vote that we need to be looking at is this vote on this cloture vote in the filibuster Jordan money put this is simply as I can meet one vote. There he needs one vote as we sit here today, there are 49 US Senators in favor of circumventing the filibuster getting around the filibuster in order to enact this legislation. Only Joe mansion from the Democrat side of the ledger is not willing to go there Jordan, we are within a single vote and we should not assume that leader Schumer is not trying to get that vote you do realize everybody appeared to try to get that part that Susan Collins owes Planned Parenthood because they support a reelection.

So Perkowski also these are these again. They get support, even though the Republicans from Planned Parenthood to their go to the right outside. Can you be that 50th boat tipped in the legislative filibuster here realized that the leaker of this opinion got the reaction exactly what he wanted with our slanted islands of melanoma, but it was it was planned. It was planned and it was orchestrated and they thought out is exactly I they wanted to get a Celexa leak though opinion the greatest legislation yet against the public all roused up in the abortion industry all riled up and out in the in force and then we can get this legislation and we can enact them and we can overturn what the Supreme Court has said this is orchestrated plan and and completely thought out.

They are not just a grassroots movement. Billion-dollar your business billion-dollar your businesses don't take a draft with opinionated salads and light out with a hand up millions and millions of dollars to all these politicians if they can keep this in Washington DC. That's where they were to keep this battle is more cost-effective for them they can keep their bit. This issue in Washington did not have to fight state-by-state by state they gave one. Essentially, even by losing in the court they lose of the speak with way this matching moment till midnight tomorrow night stand with us or try to reach $250,000 in about 24 hours building today asserting severe phone calls to 100 684 31 two that's what hundred 684-3110 at first to say you if you if you're financially able to be part of this matching moment right now. We got it right for life we got this issue coming up before the incident tomorrow. Artie passed the house the present would cited that would effectively try to at least make whatever decision the Supreme Court holds on Roe versus Wade were that draft opinion holds her.or something similar to nullify because they want to codify that means federally legislate abortion as a right that we believe that's not going to withstand legal constitutional scrutiny long-term in court, but that is again keeps the battle in federal court in Washington DC. Instead of winning hearts and minds in state legislatures across the country, so it that be a victory the a huge victory for the abortion industry.

The vote is tomorrow so works.

We have got a matching moment never does the fourth ACLJ. Our goal is to raise $250,000 so we can combat all this and every front.

The legislative front, the legal front. This is all before the case even comes out. We gotta be. This battle is now ongoing.

This is a battle for the summer. This is a battle for the fall. This is a battle happening tomorrow on Capitol Hill and I think it will continue even if they but don't get all the way to borrow there could have way too much pressure for this industry to billion-dollar your business that I could just go to at the one vote short. That's what they had said one vote short to get work this at work this a work this overtime to bars, a key day. That's what we would be ready with the resources yet so we got this maximum rate of $250,000 or matching funds for this moment because we haven't were operating legally legislatively. Of course over the airways and you got understand something the left has gotten the reaction they wanted to get here.

Now Harry Hutchinson joining us, our director of policy.

There's also there's three things going on here. One is the opinion gets leaked, which is unheard of a draft opinion. They want a legislative fix there fighting on that right now were dealing with. That is the real battle they want a intimidation factor campaign which is happening to say hey this is just a draft opinion.

Maybe we can get these judges to change their opinion I think that is correct. It's also important though to look at history. Many on the left saw Roe V Wade as a legislative enactment by the United States Supreme Court. In other words, it was a raw exercise of judicial power unmoored to any tax or any principle within the Constitution. So in some respects it's important to keep in mind that Roe V Wade itself were fat reflects mob action and a mob of fact, if you will, the United States Supreme Court. Now the leak of the draft opinion in Dobbs versus Jackson women's health, which was written by Justice Alito has spurred the left to follow Saul Lewinsky's rules for radicals. It's also unleashed Pres. Biden and Jim Saki to become extreme abortion supporters and it echoes what Sen. Schumer attempted to do with respect to justice course which in other words, Schumer said, you will reap a whirlwind.

And I think this campaign of intimidation. In essence, is part of that world where what he said I wanted tell you is I want you to know you really hello when I tell you Sen. Schumer that someone leaked an opinion from the Supreme Court of the United States. It's never happened. This report history.

It's a horrible horrible day number one number two were not to take this intimidation, the opinion if that becomes the opinion was well reasoned is correct under the law, but you gotta listen what Sen. Schumer said he's not playing games on this legislation, Jordan fan, he is taking this very seriously. Yeah, I think that this is what we got_the people will take some phone calls.

A second we got underscores what you said. I want to go through to get his what he's looking for one vote right down the US at one vote and and he could codify abortion as a federal right tomorrow.

Jordan is looking for one vote, because the only vote that is having a hard time getting the votes necessary is for that vote to invoke cloture to neutrophil of us filibuster and proceed to the bill with just 50 votes during he knows he's got 49 votes as of now he does not have Joe mansion from inside his own caucus. He does not have Susan Collins or Lisa Murkowski to Republican centers to support the underlying bill at least the narrower one, but they do not support circumventing the filibuster, but Jordan to go back to the conversation you just had with your dad. They've accomplished a scenario now where all of the legislative pressure in town I meet all of it is on those three senators. Maybe Kiersten cinema a little bit as well, but I think she's probably already there. So you've got a scenario where he only needs one of those three votes, Jordan and all of the pressure in town. It's on those three if you can get over that hurdle. Jordan he's got 51 votes on substance. Let's go to the phones 164 3110 folks. We were matching moment. Don't forget, whatever you doing were matching up to $250,000 in the next 24 hours Judas had made online.


Hey Judith over the San Diego airport, the unborn.

At least at this time changing uncle Arielle is alike evident, yet so you know, if you look at depleted the draft opinion and he that Justice Alito wrote it doesn't go that far but doesn't say person talks about the abortion right not being recognized. But the premise of that of course is it's not recognize because there is a competing life and he does say this when he talks about all these are the right hearing everybody's on the way to put this abortion right goes all these other things are happening all these other rights or to fail and he says no in this work comes very close to that, he said, because those situations are distinct any because they don't involve another life right.

He made it very very clear that this opinion cannot and will not be cited ever on anything other than abortion is the taking of a human life because it is essentially a homicide.

That's what it is that homicide and he said do not think that this means that all the other lines of cases that have relied on the necessary and proper clause. The commerce clause of the 14th amendment are going to be cited as being President. This is simply an abortion case.

It was a legislative act by a court, the raw exercise of judicial power.

It was wrong when it was decided in 1973 is wrong in 2022 but Harry did. The fact is, the left is getting exactly what they wanted here inspires reaction we can defeat them tomorrow, but we gotta work to do it. I think that's correct. So the left is exercise for two basic reasons.

First, they seek to overturn Roe V Wade. But secondly, beasts are attempting to cast this particular decision as a political wedge and so in this particular maneuver. They are following Saul Wolinsky's approach would says pick up a target, freeze it, personalize it and polarize it. And so thus far, that's precisely what the left has done. They have suggested, among other things, that we ought to burn the Supreme Court down. They are now attempting to intimidate justices, perhaps in terms of changing their mind, but at the end of the day. This is a political wedge issue among alienated people.

The mayor of Chicago. Lori Lightfoot tweeted at this a call to arms as us that the city plagued by gun violence and she said she quietly put the treat upon her spirit as she could see it having this nodded this is a call to arms that think about everything the taiga January 6 not getting it into all that right now and all the insurrection talk the talk about litter would use a call to arms.

That's what you're talking about so I didn't think they believe it that is causing who they are right, especially the Democrats. It's the politicians themselves. That is, that all Democrats is that all people who vote Democrat.

It's the politicians were owned by Planned Parenthood.

It we've heard that from so many former Democrats or people from the party. You walk the Planned Parenthood line, not inside the party Tim Ryan who is running for U.S. Senate in Ohio. He's running as this ultramodern Democrat.

He's name is on the letter to in the filibuster to the Senate so he's he he's writing, it's JD Vance in Ohio.

He's running as almost a maggot Democrat as he caught kind of referred to himself.

He is calling on the Senate to in the filibuster judo. Why his campaign is funded by the abortion industry so he could play up as modern as he wants but his names on the letter, he signed it. Get rid of the filibuster for abortion was with Cheryl in Pennsylvania real quick call that point I went like that.

And like any other Courtney 98, and one of their primary duty and makes you I didn't like it they can impact by the conduit again contact microelectronic patient care at the legislature and get the right is dedicated Supreme Court and youth that the power is not federal legislation that had been challenged here to this. The state legislation is how this came up that was challenged by the pro-abortion groups. So now they want to federalize the right. They haven't done that before state recognized and they recognize the right to abortion under the Constitution is part of the numbers of liberty and now the Supreme Court if that opinion becomes the law, but just Leo said becomes the actual law that opinion on dues undoes that and that's why they're fighting so hard and that's why there to try to cram this legislation through, and that's why were the matching moment today is 24 hours post.

We will lease 2200 $50,000 of our matching funds to be met for this. Your support will make a huge difference but ACLJ or respond to the email that you already received secular joint by our senior counsel for global affairs for Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Sec. Pompeo I we steadily between the about talking about as you travel the country. We saw the leak of the Justice Alito's draft opinion see the protest in front of his houses, but we now know that Chuck Schumer is pushing for vote tomorrow.

The U.S. Senate on it's called the women's health protection act.

It's very radical Bill goes way beyond Roe versus Wade but would codify abortion as a federal right into law.

Lot of the media player get down but as we vandalize that he's got he's missing one vote. Basically that he needs to get rid of the legislative filibuster and suddenly were they got out ahead of the Supreme Court opinion at this battle is stuck in federal court to be people I think need to take this varies seriously. Sec. Pompeo because the abortion industry has got a serious hold allow these politicians any doubt about that. I hope that everybody who cares about protecting the important one for the basic right of that child to be born so fundamental and who has seen growth or goodness since 1973 right now 50 years of all things seen how badly decided that was that the damage is done. Not only the life of the unborn, but the women who aborted that Charlotte I hope I hope everyone could see that this is a real about the liquid potential.

It was designed to create exactly the public pressure that you're seeing with the protest that the homes of Supreme Court justices against the law.

The I think I think you can see, this is precisely the energy they were trying to stir and to those of us who believed in this this basic idea. Basic idea that life begins at conception and that the United States has a responsibility to protect each of those five need to make sure we communicate with our elected officials at every level at the state level, or that could ultimately be decided put in the hours in front of us at the federal level to make sure that they don't break the filibuster in a way that would permit the codification of Roe V Wade, it would be bad for the unborn and would be bad for America so and it would be bad for American politics as well. This issue should be fought out democratically in the way that it was our first 200 years.

I pray that we get back to that place, Chuck Schumer, Sen. Schumer has his way, that won't be so play Mike just played it before, but I want to play again for you to hear this was this was when this case was argued.

This is what Sen. Schumer argued he screamed actually answers a argued screamed in front of the Supreme Court in United States.

I want to tell you is I want you to know you will.

So exactly what he said he would do.

They got there they got the help here of the leak you tweeted out. Make no mistake abroad was overturned, the pressure to abandon our principles will be staggeringly immense.

Those using the pro-life movement for political gain will surrender those who believe every light bears the image of our creator will persevere. I will persevere, will you, there is this concern that you know the probably most examples overturned.

That's it were done began with the overturned arrived right equipment back to the place we were in 72 and 1952 in 1952 and I think both science and faith call very clearly for a been prepared to defend the unborn. They will that that the amount of money flowing to the abortion industry will drive this. The politics of this, it will drive the radicalization of this you can see it, you can feel it. You can watch it on your keyboard and MSNBC net so that like to have a child so that we can we can aborted these ideas that are so deeply antagonistic to our understanding of who we are as human beings. And certainly, as we are who we are as Americans.

I pray that those of us who just simply want row overturned so that these unborn children can find their life there opportunities that may we keep at it that we won't abandon the plank of the pressure will be enormous on those folks who sit in states which are a contested state.

The pressure on the leaders will be enormous. I just that every everybody who's thinking about this issue. I was voting on this issue are who hold elected offices making decisions about issue to be true to the things they know, because when you pointed to the things you know you know these are lives you know that they are precious you. You know that that families that are created result of the big born alive will be glorious families and we need to make sure that we do everything we can to make sure that the pressure that is that floats as a result of the sleek and potential as a result of the decision that will be rendered for the Supreme Court to overturn Roe. The campaign that will be waged against the unborn will be as I said, will be immense and staggering and we need to stay in the fight and continue to get it right and deliver a reason compassionate message and I think the American people what is not. The message comes in the proportion industry and their paid for politician. We socks the mayor of Chicago Mayor Lightfoot Sec. Pompeo tweeted out that this is a call to arms this to still exist if the draft opinion is the actual opinion of the court. A call to arms, tweeted Abia city plagued by gun violence in their mayor, but using that kind of language it in that I think the people you understand it may not be resting as much in their towns and cities right now, but it is very much it is Washington DC knows the influence of this industry. A nuclear apart. Three times Secretary of State said director but in Congress as well. Those Planned Parenthood lobbyists that work in the phone right now to try to find that one vote in the legislative filibuster tomorrow and they know the likelihood of those people who they have people born in the face of pressure from Planned Parenthood in the broader abortion industry and urge people to continue to work to continue to pray when I hear they are likely to use language like that you know you all AC okay and I we've all been steadfast know riots don't know Violet, this is this is about.

This is about returning the opportunity for voters to make good decisions for their own state about how to treat this contentious issue that this is this is a dangerous time in the physical sense, we need to pull back from that space doesn't mean you ever have to give an inch decision about standing upright that the ethical principles you dependent. It is about fighting it in the space that we all know to be consistent with who we are as Americans.

That's exactly with the exactly what were trying to do much we appreciate. I want to say this to our audience. I just heard from the former Secretary of State. You've heard from our lawyers for from a government affairs team and Bennett was on this broadcast just moments ago is now in a meeting in her office with members of the House and Senate staffs on this. This is a big big issue and moving very, very quickly and aggressively. We call this a moment because exactly what they wanted to happen has happened. They leak an opinion they see the overturning of Roe versus Wade might actually happen against elite opinion, but that that may be the opinion and then they immediately move for legislation. This is happened in a week less than a week there trying to intimidate judges trying to see if they can get one judge to peel off. Maybe try to get this legislation through, or maybe pack the court but we know they're trying to get the legislation through, and we are working on it and were working on litigation, if necessary, and this is a moment in time and it's just 24 hours. It's this legislation issue is over with tomorrow. That's the what we expect mean anything to change but right now it set for tomorrow.

You think tomorrow is a big day that we got to get the waited there one vote short because we don't give up, but we will have a much better idea of what that would where we need to fight how we need to fight. That's why we need the resources now.

We can't wait for this battle to be after the court opinion were prepared for that we would prepare them for over a year to prepare to fight this battle in the states, but now that this opinion will eat.

We gotta be ready to fight it Capitol Hill right now were doing that as we speak. We got a $250,000 matching low bit goal that's until midnight tomorrow night so we need your support of ACLJ good you donate today and it goes to midnight tonight double the impact your donations assist right like these funds are being used, to stand up for the life of the unborn in the United States of America go to part of this match over this time in history

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