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You Won’t Believe What Biden Called YOU!

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow
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May 5, 2022 1:19 pm

You Won’t Believe What Biden Called YOU!

Sekulow Radio Show / Jay Sekulow & Jordan Sekulow

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May 5, 2022 1:19 pm

President Joe Biden just called the 74 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump in the 2020 election, "the most extreme political organization that's existed in American history, in recent American history." Jay, Jordan, and the rest of the Sekulow team break down the President's comments today and provide updates on the leaked Supreme Court draft opinion that has sent shockwaves through the country this week. This and more today on Sekulow.

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You will call you by caring about American values liberty, free speech ability for people to share different opinions. The present Bible considers you the mega crowd as really this is exact words really the most extreme political organization that existed in American history that I guess he caught himself because you had some fairly extreme political movements are history. There were not they said in recent American history because he was friends with guys where the KKK in the U.S. Senate. A grand wizards of the KKK so I don't know how far back his recent history goes.

This is again followed Upper River Hill includes deplorable's again, this goes to that idea. You are awful you your awful but lawful speech you are at you I get you the most extreme in our country and this was a course about the, the, the Roe versus Wade leaks draft opinion of the court which is not the final opinion of the court say that over and over.

It was a response to that. This dig there.

Try to broad out past abortion they know that issues not working right now so try to make about other rights of the other things in order to be effective you yet let me play the body. Here it is.

What happens if you have stage change the law, saying that the children who are LGBT to camping classrooms with other children present of the present religion under the weight of the decisions written.

What are the next things that are going to be attacked because this mega crowd is really the most extreme political excess organization. This existed in history.

Okay so personal. The same eight megatrends. The most extreme, the most dangerous political crowd that existed in the political history and unites states by the by his men's ministry of misinformation and disinformation. I guess that's where they'll be looking which means all of you. That's number one number two. Let me just say this this argument that all these other rights like the right to same-sex marriage, that these are the right to privacy contraceptives that are that they're now getting this all up. Here is what Justice Alito's draft opinion again_draft which sharply distinguishes the abortion cases from the rights, recognizing cases on which Roe and Casey rely is something that both of these decisions, and knowledge abortion distraught destroys what those decisions call potential life and what the law at issue in this case regards the life of an unborn human being. None of the other decision cited by Roe and Casey, which were all these other cases they are involved. That kind of critical moral question. They do not support the right to obtain an abortion. Any goes on and on and on he went out of his way, in the opinion state will not affect these other rights that have come to into existence by because it does not involve the life of another person being destroyed It's a pretty easy distinction for people understand adults making decisions not discriminating against kids who go to school which public schools is not the case law that discriminate against kids going to public school on sexual orientation before any of these decisions yeah I'm into this again.

They are all it is all disinformation and misinformation to make it more about abortion, then want to debate abortion debate debate killing a child in the womb. They're losing the science on that they don't want to start The timing of when is it right was a rockfish try to shift and and mislead the public into thinking that this parade of horrible is going to happen that isn't going to happen because the court said it very clearly in all those situations do not talk about another human life being destroyed. That's what distinguishes this all of those other cases is there is another life here, but to believe that in Joe Biden's America in 2022 is to be the you are the most extreme people in America.

The most extreme political organization and management, music, language there, and after you. That's exactly once I have a green light to all the government agencies to say target these groups. That's why were already fighting back on the disinformation board to join with us in because this is this is the what the lowest letters of the world are looking for. They look for this language to justify targeting you only want a society can agree that the most vulnerable invoice is, is there any hope for that culture to survive. And that's exactly what you are saying when you stand with the American Center for Law and Justice, defendant the right to life. We've created a three hour publication offering a panoramic view of the ACLJ's battle for the unborn Gold mission life will show you how you are personally sealed, shamefully/secular to your phone calls at one 800 684 31 two that's what hundred 684-3110. The idea of the present United States is labeling of the 76 million Americans voted for Pres. trumpet and many Americans who are still that would consider themselves part of the that mega crowd if you will, or at least the America first idea admitted that they were trump supporters labeling them as the most extreme political movement in American history and the caveats within recent American history. But again, what happens here. The present United States makes this statement.

He is signaling to all these government agencies that had jeopardized if we I we have lived that through the IRS and they were getting a lot of pressure from Congress to go to the tea party groups you got the present United States demonizing at the half of the country. Politically, that said this, we have the country by numbers, but the people who actually vote. The people who are involved in politics on a more daily, more regular basis. People listen. This broadcast the report of this extreme movement. Thus, that justifies the government investigating you and coming after you and that is what I guarantee this is what they look for these liberal bureaucrats look for some kind of signal. This was the signal. Any earlier. He did it at a smaller event to get as much attention because it was really the Roe versus Wade to take a listen to this 1 x 24 this mega party. Now this you know you got to the center from Texas another say these these guys are a different breed of cat. They're not like quote my server for so many years and the people who know better are afraid to whack correctly because Enola be primary and here's the problem with Job binds logic on all this. Meanwhile, apparently someone on the left of the central essay has leaked a opinion by Justice of the Supreme Court unites states. It's only happened never in US history. Try to attack the institution of the Supreme Court then using that as a three-pronged attack. We know this to try to either get adjusted to change her position get Congress what may happen next week to try to move to federalize the right to abortion as recognizing grow or use this as a justification for Joe Biden to propose packing the court adding numbers to the justices. I currently serve so you got this three-pronged attack going on then what you do. The next day what your pivot the pivot the next day is let's go after the group but when not talk about the Supreme Court opinion like that anymore. You want these other issues which the supreme court specifically says don't apply, but Beverly to say it's the mega group. If these people are these conservative Americans and by the way, we now let out of the bag that we have a ministry of disinformation or a board of governments for misinformation and disinformation is trampling on your First Amendment rights at the American Center for Law and Justice, by the way has already sent out a freedom of information demand, and we were looking in the lawsuit. Possibly their start to backpedal on this, but what Jordan said I want_here when Joe Biden is present.

United States says this mega crowd is the most dangerous political organizations that existed in American history. He has weapon ionized the Department of Justice. The Department of Homeland Security already webinars with their board that they put up. He has weapon eyes the Department of the Treasury, which includes the Internal Revenue Service.

He's represent weapon eyes the FBI to start looking at these people and how do we know because when we sued the FBI. I should be the IRS, we should be up the idea but we sued the IRS and beat them back.

We got the emails where they said hey what we need to do is get the FEC and DOJ involved in this and then will shut this political movement down so as soon as they get back in power. They tried the same things, but this time I think more diversely and more dangerously by setting up this panel and by the President signaling this message in the language he uses what he was talking about the other senators how in Washington DC said there quote afraid to act correctly as if he is the arbiter of what is correct or that the US government should be the arbiter of how we should politically act that is not the role of the agencies of the US government or the present, he can try to persuade you to vote for him and support his policies. But to say that people are the way that they're there acting is incorrect. The you are the most extreme. It's a justification to use the levers of power to target you but we weave. We see this time and time again, he is just I think he's not as he just lets it out and it in a more direct way. There may be the Obama years. Where was somewhat more sophisticated the way they were going about the targeting until he got uncovered. Ultimately it wasn't was at the present stuff. Was it was Lois Lerner making the statement about going after the tea party.

What that there's so many Lois learners and the government of more than they care that the President believes this K that he believes this mega movement so extreme as a threat to America that people are acting correctly, disinformation, misinformation, you gotta do something about it right if you're the government. If your government you work for the government, you got it.

Protect the government to protect the country from these so-called extremists. So what do they do they start targeting your speech and so they set up the disinformation board.

They weapon eyes, already so many agencies of the federal government whose job is to do one thing. In fact, they're doing another which is interesting because most of the time they're spending their time creating missing disinformation. So whether it's me or kiss or what whose jobs at the border protecting us from terrorism. They are now labeled you your the threat at an end and they've already done this to some extent. I think were a very dangerous point that because if we seek new agencies weapon isolate not only new agencies weapon eyes but new agencies. This was really on what you said so important that it signal from the top and likely Iris got the signal to that weapon eyes is agencies that are law enforcement agencies so these are agencies that job is law enforcement so what is that mean that means they have the power to investigate and impanel grand juries and issue subpoenas and and move in a way that could expose people potentially paid if the government so thanks to criminal exposure. Another reality to all of this is that we don't think they have the authority to do this and they backpedaled a little bit on this misinformation port, but the day they do that and then you have the present in the United States, saying the mega group is the most dangerous political movement in American history.

Do you think about some of these dangerous goods we had in American history, Communist Party, and in the United States, and that this crowd is the most dangerous will that single still all federal bureaucracy taken out with a truck.

The IRS tried and failed to do, but they did try to do it.

Let's not kid ourselves.

They did try to do it this idea again the freedom loving flag-waving Americans who consider themselves patriots who say you put America's interests first, that that is somehow a threat to our homeland.

That is, that is the most extreme political ideologies and ideology should be celebrated.

If you want to be get you have to be Republican to to even be part of that idea. I think that's what they know is the bigger threat to them politically as Democrats is that it brings in so many more people. That's why the same.

The mega crowd and actress Republicans because Republicans a lot of mega people sat in this Republic is at allegro time at Michalski and Collins was trying to codify Roe versus Wade into law the two Republican senators, so he knows you getting a broader than that. And then if you think start thinking twice. This is how they start getting you you think twice about going to the rally.

Think twice about speaking out there think twice about going to the school board meeting. Think twice about going to the rally you think twice about putting the yard sign up think twice about put the bumper sticker on you start thinking maybe I should even tell my friends it's certainly not people I work with my political views because the present United States just labeled them the most extreme in history listener Tulsa Gabbert was a friend of our broadcast and some with no well for a number of years.

This what she said on Fox News yesterday when you look at the President of the United States of America calling millions of Americans essentially terrorist.

People who politically oppose him or voted against me calling them terrorists in an attempt to intimidate them into silence. And we know this is because we've heard this before from both him and his attorney generally remember when Atty. Gen. said you know anyone who holds extremist or anti-authority views will be targeted for investigation and potential prosecution by their domestic terrorist units is essentially saying that this quote unquote Monica crowd are worse than terrorists. This is this is she's right, but this is signaling and will be joined by Mike Pompeo next part of my crappy apartment in the maceration Secretary of State was the director of the Central intelligence agency working at his impact on the table were doing. We will and and and this goes to Obama later.

The broadcast about Supreme Court opinion week. We are multi-multi-fronting these things. We got a team that is looking at the spot potential of codifying Rose a federal right legislation without a team only an initial report from our lawyers on that on tomorrow will get the first draft of what we think will be a potential attack if in fact it goes that way.

So as we know what they're doing on that will get into that later in the second half hour. We also have a team that is looking at this information to disinformation board why because we think it's a restriction on speech and the President is clearly signaling who he wants to target regardless of what may or process secondary pulmonary they put in charge of partisan actor so their justification for the disinformation board doesn't add up safely, came back and said okay this is a put out there to pager audit what they used examples you would not play someone who was a partisan actor involved. It was about political speech to get the put it someone who was only jobs, but political speech has been cartels has been about immigration order or Russian cyber attacks honors our systems. 3 to 60 Pompeo Wachusett were working will be right back secular. We are to your focus to 164 31 two will get to those in a bit, but we are joined right now by RRs. The senior counsel for global affairs for Secretary of State NCA director Mike Pompeo would simply Pompeo. I would go first on this leak out of the Supreme Court and the unprecedented to see a leak like this of Justice Alito's draft opinion just your initial reaction when this news broke at me you were in charge of two government agencies, and there certainly an issue in it with with leaking in the government, but we haven't seen it in the judicial branch Jordan. It broke my heart suffered from the government directive suburb from actively confide of the organizations we were running almost always with a political agenda. This certainly looks like what happened here as well to say this is a very small, close, tightknit group that is never had this before I release something that was clearly attempting to impact decision-making at the court or to at least get public opinion inflamed, accidentally disheartening.

It is tragic.

This is not this person is not a hero. This person is someone who clearly violated the rules of the core problem with the laws well and to be prosecuted to the full extent possible. I've litigated for that course of four decades of recently is about 18 months ago that it got father Brief in case that just couple weeks back I have been doing this for a long time. I have studied Supreme Court history. I did my PhD doctorate of net there's never been a leak in US history of an opinion of the Supreme Court opinion on a case that hasn't been decided yet. Yet they didn't hear. Now we talk about yet you had leaks. We had leaks when I was represent the present.

You had leaks when you were dealing with the State Department or or or the CIA. That difference here is not that was expected in those agencies that you ran but it was unfortunately caught fairly common, it is not common in the inlet Supreme Court workings of that branch of government and is used it is a very tight group is a very close knit community. Even the justices that disagree have a very collegial relationship. This is doing tremendous damage and it was done to inflame three things we think one to try to get adjusted. Maybe the waiver often make that majority opinion a dissent to God to get the Congress were to talk about during next week to try to federalize the right to abortion is as recognized in row, or three. Give a justification for present bind to say we got back to court.

We need more people look with the radical judges are doing all of this, though cuts undercuts completely the integrity and independence of the judiciary, and I scalded an institutional insurrection. How do you react to the fact of of what's actually going on here, and the pressure that's now being placed on the justices burial at South morning report that there is no security that can be made up of adamant that his family but this work that was all part of the plan elected by demonstration. Respond with an hour to which they responded that way to protect the Ukrainian people ever clearly something here that is a nefarious regard. At about that and get your point about you litigating that before think that this is not just the Supreme Court. Now every Circuit Court America. I don't have to worry about that that will be at all the all the ways that these folks communicatively delegate have to be a change will be left in writing to be more done on the fly. That will be institutional responses to this that they courts less capable less independent and this was a sacred institution and it's not been violated by the mellow and to watch the progressive collapse of write that off as heroic or appropriate or useful or constructive or necessary that those about the things that run so counter to the American way, which is not acceptable and I pray that this turned out to be 150 years that we say well it happened.

What everybody got their act together.

I imagine that will not be the case nobody will behavioral change on the part of justices and judges all across America as a researcher to see the politicians way in and they just don't care. On the left the truck to try and normalize this like we were just tired at how that's it normal to see leaks at other branches of government so let's normalize leaks out of courts, like you said this can expand the Adam Schiff literally said, quote I don't care how the draft leaked.

That's a sideshow. What I care about is a small number of conservative justices who lied about their plans to the Senate intent to deprive millions of women of reproductive care codifying row isn't enough. We must in here we go expand the court at this is Adam Schiff present problems with his staff and him leaking out documents is about putting a documents are totally incorrect as a leak, but the idea that they're saying that's a sideshow. We don't even care that this this happened. This leak out of the court happened at a gang of eight member group out of the House intelligence committee definitively care about proprietary information from the Supreme Court article. Most senior job just it's so disheartening and it is not unique it is that it is their view, they are about using whatever tools available to achieve there and that it is not only unacceptable, it is evil and here can't just say that doesn't surprise me. I saw him like when Secretary of State director watch things going. The committee and wander into the press updated.

It is so disturbing and you know I think the America people get old people at the hold leaders accountable who refused to do the basic thing to protect an institution like our Supreme Court.

You know BP look at the comments, Mike from cleavage and sake to bring us part spokesperson says I don't have a particular view on that talking about the leak, other than to say, we note the unprecedented nature of it.

But then they get into the real friction is the decision itself. So there. Glad it was late, let's be honest, the left is glad it was leaking that thousands of people protesting in front of the Supreme Court and by the way, you know this a very dangerous time for the sprinklers of the protesters need to be civil. They're not there.

That fact is there letting the pro-choice protest is not this the situation were looking at right protect choice protests are getting guess what favored status as far as where they can be posted versus the pro-life protesters take a look at that one right now present that that might argue those cases up there for 30 years. Again, the viewpoint discrimination where people are having said all of that. The fact is this is a pressure campaign on the justices on the legislature and frankly on the White House to take action. How do you see the combat we think we what we're doing is a three prong attack here. We are going to bolster the this situation it comes to Congress were already working with at the stop the legislation, working to get information out on all this.

Mubarak sent it. We women got into this disinformation, but the President labels mega supporters as the most dangerous political party in our political group in American history.

Clearly orchestrated A public THING the altar of active limited to the extremist group while you know, I guess. I guess I'm not extremist now idea I will say this, we believe that those of us who believe in the sanctity of life and that life begins at conception of a real responsibility to engage just the way the ACLJ date somebody years like this bill with more clarity, deal with joy at our heart make the case for why this is so important to our political leaders who could have done some ability to impact others move and make sure that the justices also understand that they should they should do the right thing and make their break their render their judgment delighted with what they believe about the political pressure infected one iota. That is the key and we appreciate your Junior Sec. Pompeo part of our team existing accounts for global affairs at the American Center for Law and Justice, and in that's identification of over 50,000 feet of sign that patients who want to get that 200,000. What is to executive Sec. Pompeo says to make sure these justices I can can add perform their job without fear that rent from your see the threat of the other branches of government. We don't care about the leak. We don't even have an opinion on the leak.

We have an opinion on the water pressure justices to act in a certain way want to sign this petition to protect life also to protect the art. The third branch of government, a coequal branch of government, the judiciary of sign the petition for decades. ACLJ is been on the frontlines protecting your freedom is defending your rights in court in Congress and in the public arena. The American Center for Law and Justice is on your side, you're already a member. Thank you. If you're not well this is the perfect time to stand with us,, where you can learn more about our life-changing work become a member today ACLJ keeping you informed and now is Jordan secular feeling was this broadcast voted for Pres. Trump twice for Prez United States will guess what if you did, if use supported any of his candidates.

He's endorsed, or if you even like his judicial nominees were now the US Supreme Court.

Pres. Biden believes that you are part of the most extreme political organization that's existed in American history. The most extreme political organization that's existed in American history when the Prez United States take out these politician also. But when the President of the United States makes that comment about so many millions of Americans. He is telling his government to target them because if you if he honestly believes that what it's about politics or not. If there that extreme will certainly you don't, you got eradicate that yet eradicate that political movement. You gotta make it where people are afraid to say that they support Donald Trump are they support America first or they support these other candidates that he's endorsed you say again you start people is that whole idea of how you chillout speech, what is to force moderate on the content taken down, but the other is just silence story Juergen have to make decisions like do I want to say this or will my job in jeopardy. Or if I post this is the FBI coming after me or the IRS. That's their idea and single by the present signal by the United as telling these agencies and with the disinformation board is just the latest example of how they are putting people in place to put that pressure on that board what it appears to be doing. It appears its purpose will be is to pressure social media and content platforms to limit or remove conservative speech and they just using magna to describe Americans who say America first is a good idea. Maybe I don't support Joe Biden's inflation America this idea again to demonize your political opponents this way and that is what they're doing.

It's not to say don't vote for them because I'd strongly disagree with their views is the demonization that we see the weaponization of these various agencies of our government.

And I want to hear from folks, how concerned are you about this because were getting into.

We are an election season right now in the midterms. This is all in prep for the big election. This is their testing different messages now because he's got a run for reelection. Ultimately, once those elections are over, but they think they maybe they've got this moment to reverse course and how bad things are looking for Democrats in the November elections. So what you think 164 3110 does language like this from Biden make you think twice not because you got a patriot because you put food on the table yet keep your job, you will lose your employment or have your social media accounts shut down because you happen to be someone who supports the America first agenda that's somehow dangerous in our country. I would hear from you. 1-800-684-3110 let's some joints in early in the broadcast. And it's gotta be repeated and that is this issue is being signal from the top of the presently unsafe with the short bite of that, I would play it six seconds.

This mega grout is really the most extreme political exam organization that's existed in American history. And then he's and four days before that, we find out that the President of the homeland security department, security has put together a board of governance for information of misinformation and disinformation were already on top of that, if the ACLJ's. We will let you know were working on it right now will take or cause 800 684 30 went to limitation felt another project we want to educate your kids.

We continue to do that. We have our bald Beagle project without a lot of great success with that. May 5 is an important milestone date in American history because it marks the anniversary restaurant. Alan Shepard journey into space. In 1961 at front Shepard became the first American to leave Earth and explore space historic day. We got up video it's up there on the screen and that talks about this is a great way to educate your kids on the greatness of America.

That's how America was made great to what you want. Take a look at that picture that with your family will be back with more moment especially runnable and Facebook we displayed a two minute version of a brand-new piece from our team here at all. Beagle that is the programming that we do aimed for kids to understand America's history and America's greatness.

This was about Alan Shepard the first American in space. I know it's rolled out now you can go to bald the and it's on YouTube. It should also be I think Simeon rumbles well, and a number of the other social media platforms is a great piece we displayed a two minute version of a trailer, but want to encourage you to do that at bald be about Alan Shepard today was the day he went into space on behalf of the United States to talk about real disinformation reach her focus to what 100 684-3110 Sec. America's was back for the city yesterday and any got to this exchange with Sen. Paul.

They just try to come to an agreement on what is actually disinformation can we even agree on not just the the the what the word should be defined as with the so broad that everything could be all that. But what is actually the actual disinformation.

Take a listen by 13 to think the steel dossier included Russian disinformation Sen. that that's not a question that I'm equipped at ANSI I was in the public news it was that you may have heard of it. The molar investigation is a $32 million investigation whenever couple of years of Horwitz was an investigator general. He looked at the FBI's activity in the beginning of this and what the FBI concluded was that there were FBI agents throughout this period of time, who concluded that yes the dossier was full of Russian disinformation goes on outer directed by 15 because that gets America's, the idea that we cannot agree on even because involves Donald Trump. That's why so if we're the only people I can put out disinformation misinformation. The, the extremist political organization like the background. Not that people who oppose the mega grout. That's not really disinformation just try to save America right so that by 15 the problem you have is your writing won't admit I mean we can have an agreement on what the FBI said was disinformation. How do you propose that you're going to have an office of disinformation governance.

If you see the problem and even determining what is disinformation Sen. because our work is not focused on disinformation writ large, where we the Department of Homeland Security become involved is when there's a connectivity between disinformation and threats to the security of the homeland play what the six seconds bite, what the President of the United States said about the mega crowd. This mega grout is really the most extreme political exam organization that's existed in American history.

The American people lately don't get this. They put the governing board of governors or misinformation, disinformation, the President labeled the greatest threat that the political threat is this mega crowd and one of the things can happen that then I can use the board of governors of misinformation and disinformation electric and service yet again very I think you're precisely correct and so one of the things to keep in mind here is that the Democrats the left-wingers believe that they are supremely gifted with self righteousness, and so only they are entitled to define disinformation. The American people. However, no better. Who can forget the breathless reporting about the Trump Russia collusion narrative. Who can forget the claim that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction who can forget Pres. Biden's claim that we will not leave Afghanistan until all Americans get out, who said inflation is temporary, who said inflation is Putin's fault. This is all government misinformation and so DHS Sec. while your case is right not to engage with Sen. Paul in defining misinformation because that would implicate the Biden administration writ large and real disinformation campaign which is a threat which is infected with our major political party candidates and while they were in office's alleged investigation in Memphis and what their job is to to investigate threats to the security of the homeland would not be a threat to security, no because it was Donald Trump but it was if it was Joe Biden and there's others disinformation going on about them, they would've lost investigation, they would have the disinformation governance or just commencing on the step true. Don't you need you need to look there to look that way the laptops not real. Remember that's how they handle things and they got the government buy-in so they don't see a threat to a commander-in-chief, that's Pres. Trump as a security threat worth being involved in his department, homeland security, so they they are already treating you like Harry strike that they are deciding who to protect who is worth fighting for, whose speech should be protected whose speech should not be protected.

I will go right to the phones Melissa a call for South Carolina online for hey Melissa, I'm aware that Biden strong indication for me to be careful that he would destroy my conservative boy and the potential to destroy my life, but I have to stand against that no matter what and I won't back down on what I believe that if he destroys me so be it. I have faith in God that God will take care of me but I'm not back down from my conservative boy and his nonpayment as we all take that position. Melissa we don't back down. There is strength in numbers.

Their strength and never saw that when they try to go to the tea party groups when they all came together. There was more strength.

What did just like you were being isolated.

The targeted and and so there is strength in our voice.

We just have to continue to fight back is a good to do everything possible to silence the voices that unify soap broadcast like ours, they bring all of you together to get information to learn to discuss to have opinions to have views they think they wanted the throttle that they wanted the age limit that is much as possible, because again there belief is were part of the most extreme political movement in American history that something you would need your Department of Homeland Security to look after exactly and it also raises Harry very serious First Amendment issues and out of the present is stating it, stating what he wants to go after it makes it very clear work by the worry on top of this, wherever freedom of information act request that we had a team of lawyers right now that are looking at ways to attack this board were we looked at their fax sheet which really Harry told us nothing to me for being really honest about how you see this movie.

I think this is one of the greatest threats on free speech that we seen in the present signaling that the mega grout is the danger I think really and set up another degree. I think that's correct and he's also signaling the deep state that is the bureaucrats that are deep in the bowels of the Washington DC to go after conservatives just like the IRS targeted tea party advocates just like the CDC targeted coded 19 patients with respect to their compliance to come coded 19 directives so I think at the end of the day. This is a very serious threat to freedom of speech, but equally clear. It's a very clear and present danger with respect to the United States Constitution and to the constitutional republic which we both support so here's what we have in this with a simple get to major issues that the ACLJ has to focus on. Sometimes events dictate what you have to do next. We get that there's a leak of the opinion on the Roe versus Wade overturned in the in the Dobbs case which we filed multiple bracing with the litigating this case for decades. If that opinion is correct. Two of our cases art are cited in that opinion.

Let me say this, we know that the left is utilizing this to motivate their base.

There are thousands of people in front of the spring court spoke to one of our clients yesterday who is being discriminated against on his ability to speak out. By the way early the pro-choice crowds get more access in the pro-life reservoir looking at that are also looking at how to fight back in the halls of legislature against the codification of rope work were making sure to the best of our ability.

I biked talking about this that justices don't get intimidated and change the beauty because they're scared because security threats on these justices are not real that's been reported in number three. Don't let Joe Biden use this as an excuse to pack the courts we ever transform them at all that's going in place at the same time looking at challenges that a freedom of information act request out on this board governance for misinformation to disinformation while the President says here's the crowd you need to be concerned about the most he's directing every ABC News this is the ABC news headline and so, again, not conservative media mainstream media outlet ABC News the DHS disinformation boards work and plans remain a mystery. A newly formed disinformation governance board remain shrouded in secrecy.

A week after the Biden administration's announcement of the new effort was met with widespread criticism. So even in mainstream media has to admit because they were there up to something no good and when he uses that language about you being the extremist that we we seen this playbook time and time again, he is from the Obama administration, Joe Biden. He seemed he saw how do you try to shut down the movement when you're getting into a midterm election. It's the same playbook from the tea party. That was a midterm election and they try to get other agencies involve her. We got less than a minute.

But that's why we have have a coordinated effort to fight back aggressively. I think that is true, and I also think we have to be resolute in this and I think we need to encourage our audience to support us strongly in this effort because we are truly fighting for the American people. In this particular issue, folks. You can set up to speed with all this in that's we come back to glory phone calls they labeled extremist like this by the commander-in-chief by the present United States such as the politicians because that's the member the house again.

He is signaling to his agencies exactly what to do silence you scare you into silence and take your phone calls 100 684 30 would think that if there is not picklist is broadcast will be scared in silence. Severe phone calls at 1-800-684-3110. If you would be with us on the broadcast Laura Scully from Washington state online. Three a pro-life leader and actually arm of the pro-life organization here in Washington and we went down and find that the local Planned Parenthood in the last 15 years and myself only will act on but I want to let you know that we are standing for our rights for predicament speech, freedom of religion.

The company will find that they prayed and abortion every day.

They actually house across the street we can post the signs and think that offer help to you is what I observed on Monday before it became news about the leak. The Planned Parenthood share the parking lot suddenly filled out, and a very odd hour and it was a patron with all kinds of cars affiliate mentioned in Seattle. Our building chair across the street, and the most beautiful in the state that is certainly in Seattle and in Olympia.

The preprinted kind showed up that day. Now I'm not chilling and that I think the Planned Parenthood no work to tell you this Laura litigator Planned Parenthood Jordan SEC house with us. He has there always to prepare for these moments when that decision was leaked. They were in front of the Supreme Court thousands of people. I know that is lifting him like this that they don't happen in one day. This was a planned story. So the White House knew this was the talk at SPF so they were caught off guard and let me tell you something Planned Parenthood so entrenched inside the Democrat party rightly so there's a new and we talked to one of pro-life pro-life protesters say half that night. It was all the pro-abortion protesters were preplanned ready to go in for the US Supreme Court by the next day was pro-life.

It was more of a balance, if not even favoring the pro-life protesters so it was obvious that they knew because the mainstream media was political but it all starts spreading around because there entrenched inside the Democrat party and the fact of the matter is they are trying to get this opinion modified by threat mean I do say that bluntly, but that's what it is. This is an intimidation campaign targeting in my view, the Supreme Court of the United States as well.

I think they're doing absolutely. Planned Parenthood always have. It has a plan they're not planning parent head but they're planning attacking anybody he stands for the right to life, and they're worried about this draft opinion because it's incredibly strong and it upholds the right to life and the unborn baby and they can't tolerate that the kid tolerated and its extensive it's a 68 page opinion repudiating the false basis upon which Rose decided which even liberal commentators, just as legal sexy liberal commentators says was wrong from the it was wrong from the start, but because it's abortion.

And then what happened was, which was so interesting. It didn't really get them the kind of rally they thought they would get. And now, what are they doing LGBT kids can't go to school under this opinion which is the exact opposite.

Will get in that moment, the exact opposite of what a leader says interracial marriages is going to be bad as NSA hires Thomas is literally that I want to go to Bob's column. Alex is a really good call because as part of that, the Democrats plan a Bob earlier. Hello break, I presume. If Congress succeeds in codifying Roe V Wade, their legislation will be carefully crafted to align with our court precedent regarding federal privacy and I'm wondering if Justice Alito's draft opinion gives more grounds to fight that on the basis of you know, deferring to the states and the fact that powers that are not explicitly granted to the federal government belong to the state's clash between the 10th amendment and the supremacy clause, and work believing where researching all that right now I don't politically we got was in our government affairs team is already working on this so we got a team working on this legally were also working on with forcing action. Your first draft, the kind where we think he could be Friday is I think tomorrow Franklin right yes and and and the issue is, if that the Supreme Court is saying there is not a constitutional protection for abortion.

There is no right to abortion found in the Constitution, and are specifically saying this is an authority and a right because back to the states.

There is an argument to be made that that it's not an issue that can be decided at the federal level, but it will be litigation in its articles. We need to stop it at the at the legislative state.

That's right because that what they know is that if they can do this at the federal level keeps the battle and stuck in federal courts the provincial states are moving forward with putting the restrictions that their state legislatures what to do because of everything we could stall them to be you who has the rightmost date that they've got a strategy in place, but it can be defeated. It's a political strategy.

So it's not automatic but it is they are moving quickly like as soon as next week yet so you know here with her talk another time. It is a three-pronged attack and were fighting back on all three problems with our recent appointment information out requests on the other on the misinformation, disinformation, governance committee on this one. What were doing is addressing a three ways our government affairs team is already pushing on Capitol Hill to have the pro-life centers in conference stand firm here were encouraging.

Of course by broadcasting for the Supreme Court to stand firm. If in fact that's their decision to not be intimidated by an unbelievable breach and institutional internal insurrection that is taken place inside the Supreme Court and then third, this important don't allow this to be court packing, but Chuck Schumer just what 40 hours ago.

Here's what he said 28 but we all seem to have that one so I'm looking at it right there is number 28. I will get it. Basically here's what he said look at the bottom line is our first step is to have the boat that were going to have next week that he's talking about on the issue of yet in the issue as it relates to codifying Roe. Then he says the bottom line is we cannot look to these elections are number I think it's going to the American people are going to speak loudly and clearly that we need some change in the report was asking questions about court expansion. So there you have it yet they they did demonizing the judicial branch and and and what I think what you got understand is that this is not happening without waiting till November the starting next week, and it's not all just Democrats. There's a couple Republicans at a play here to with Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski. They got a whole playfully without we broken down initially with family to break down again and in future broadcast.

But we gotta be ready for is the that that to fight that back legally because they are principally River.

There's an opinion that there is no official opinion out yet. If understand there's no official opinion out yet. There's trying to rush through a federal codification of the right to an abortion in the Congressional law try to use a couple Republicans to get it done it, but we should make no mistake about it, they will do everything look. They note that we know that this is authentic and independent so there think it is what may well be it, and there may be modifications to it probably happened, but there thing and this is for real.

They are not Planned Parenthood is not stopping now. They'll do anything to undermine this draft opinion if it is real and I mean it is a real draft opinion benefit remains the same. They are running scared and should be because it's a very strong for life and they will do anything in their power to undermine process why we want to stay with America surfline just to get a brand-new petition up over 50,000 people signed this leads I get that strength in numbers standing up together letting the government know that no they are not the majority view and would have to be demonized for the shut up Rex to sit by and let them do whatever they want to update or to intimidate justices to stand up and fight back do so by signing a Everybody does it. What can I do, they do so without working at those to the Health and the next week. That battle begins. Artie begun start legislatively so you think you may have won the judicial battle baby since 1973.

You go right back and were ready to Congress next week.

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